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Monday, September 6, 1999

Scotty, Joe, and Karen
The three are sitting in Karen's apartment discussing strategies. Scotty has a plan that involves espionage tactics. He solicits Joe's help. Karen volunteers as well. Scotty is adamant that Karen stay put. He wants to keep her safe and away from DV. Joe agrees. The two head over to DV's hotel room. However, Karen has other plans. Karen disguises herself as a hotel cleaning woman and shows up just as Scotty and Joe are trying to open DV's room with a credit card. She offers to stay as watchman in case DV returns early.
As Joe and Scotty are putting the finishing touches on DV's apartment they hear Karen in the hall conversing with DV. DV approaches Karen and asks for some extra towels. Karen informed him that she would have them sent up immediately. He asks for the towels immediately since they should be on her cart. At General Hospital
Kevin, Mary, and Eve are excited to be taking Victor home again. Eve and Mary leave the room to arrange for exiting papers. Dr. Locke enters the room and asks why Victor is dressed. Kevin explains that he is taking his father home today. Dr. Locke informs Kevin that she can not allow him to leave the hospital. She claims that Victor was worse last night and she had to change his medicine. She would like to keep him under observation in case of possible side effects of the new medicine. Kevin informs her that Victor will have two doctors and a highly trained nurse to look after him 24 hours a day. Dr. Locke could not stay and fight her battle. She was needed at Julie's competency hearing.
Eve and Chris had a little argument over Julie again. However, Eve told Chris that she would work on her behavior for the sake of their friendship.

Mary needed to get Dr. Locke's signature on the release papers. She approaches Dr. Locke about signing them. Dr. Locke was very hesitant and probally would not have signed the papers if Gail Baldwin had not arrived when she did.
Mary was about to leave the hospital when Kevin asked Mary if she and Eve would be able to get Victor home without him. Thanks to Eve's little chat with Chris, Kevin now knew about Julie's competency hearing. Kevin notified Garcia, and the two of them headed towards the court house.

Meanwhile, Julie is extremely nervous. She realizes that if the judge votes in her favor, this would be the first step in getting her out of Ferncliffe. Dr. Lock persuades Julie to think confidently. After all, it was a 4 to 1 battle. It was four of them against one judge.
When Kevin and Garcia stormed in the court room, they were greeted by a very surprised Dr. Locke.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Francine Goldberg

Most of today's show is taken up with Julie's hearing, so without further ado....

Leopold complains about Garcia being there--this is a private hearing! Garcia explains that Kevin's there as an expert on Julie and their prior relationship as shrink and patient. It's Kevin's duty to testify at this hearing. He doesn't believe Julie's competent to "enter into a marriage with anyone, let alone Chris Ramsey."

Karen distracts DV in the hall while Scott and Joe continue to rig his hotel room. He starts to go into the room. His cell phone rings. It's Scott. Meet him down in the lobby, right now. DV leaves to go meet Scott. Karen continues to watch out.

Even though Leopold continues to complain about Garcia and Kevin being there, the judge thinks they should be. They "could be of help in these deliberations." Rachel agrees (which brought a look of consternation to Chris' face!). But she says they'll "be talking about a Julie Devlin that no longer exists." Kevin says she's not a new model--she still can't determine what's right for her. Kevin adds Chris to Julie's list of "abusive men." Leopold points out to the judge that it's obvious Kevin doesn't like Chris. Yes, but let's talk about you! Kevin went through the history and points out manipulation. Kevin's sincere but he wants the court to stop the marriage. Garcia points out what Rachel refers to as "her attempted escape from Ferncliff." Garcia snorts at the word "attempted". He outlines the whole criminal escapade for the judge. And then there was the baby. Rachel thinks Kevin was a good doctor, but too close to the murders. Rachel keeps talking about Kevin not approving of the marriage. Rachel points out that Julie's with people 24/7 who _are_ criminally insane! Wasn't her escape a rational response? Even the judge seems a little incredulous at that argument. But this hearing is to determine if Julie can marry Chris, not her release. Rachel points to Chris as something akin to Julie's savior.

The judge starts asking questions. Chris says he only wants to make Julie happy--by believing in her. Of course he knows that she has money, but he has a deeper connection to her. He told of their history. He "cares about Julie like I've never cared about anyone." Julie and Rachel gaze adoringly at him. Even if Julie never gets out? Yes. He wants to promise that he'll always love her as he does now.

Karen bursts into DV's room. DV's coming! Get in the laundry cart NOW! She wheels them out into the hall. DV approaches, exchanges a few words with her, and went into his room. They split. Scott "can't wait 'til Bordeso sees the little surprise they left."

Rachel encourages Julie to talk on her own behalf as the judge is obviously wrapping things up. She insists she's changed. She talks about marriage while Chris looks slightly uncomfortable. But he sees her flaws and keeps coming back. He stands by what he believes. He's been the one friend she could count on. He's her hero. Rachel asks about the money again. Julie says Chris can have the money--he doesn't have to marry her. She just wants them to be able promise they'll be in each others lives forever.

Scott, Joe and Karen congratulate each other. Scott thanks them for their help. Karen pats herself on the back. Scott calls DV to "light the fuse." Cut to DV. Scott told him to turn on the TV. Surprise! It's him. He's on Candid Camera. [I found this reference very timely since Allen Funt just died--before this was taped.] He can't find the camera. Scott points out his easy access to DV's life and then hangs up. The judge is deliberating. Rachel asks if Julie's OK. Well, she was until Garcia and Kevin walked in. No. The judge was impressed at how much Julie and Chris care about each other. It was very believable. Rachel slithers over to Kevin. She's sure the judge will approve the marriage. She never loses. Enter the judge. He's reached his decision.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Kevin was not happy when the judge granted Julie and Chris permission to marry. A determined Kevin and Garcia refused to give up and plotted to prevent Julie and Chris from obtaining a marriage license. An elated Chris and Julie prepared to wed and signed their pre-nuptial agreements. Julie and Chris each fantasized about their future and both imagined themselves staying together. Joe surprised Karen with a romantic dinner and the two later shared a steamy kiss. Meanwhile, in order to get away from things for a while, Kevin took Eve camping. When Kevin got romantic, Eve became distracted and continued to find it difficult to stop thinking about the possibility her son may still be alive.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

At GH, Karen told Joe that Neil looks good--his cough is gone and his temperature is back to normal. Joe adds that his son also finished "Swiss Family Robinson" in record time. Karen says Neil is a genius; Joe doesn't contradict her: "That's my kid." They continue exchanging compliments in what Karen calls the "Joe and Karen Mutual Admiration Society." Joe wonders, now what? Karen: "You mean, where do two people who've known each other since they were kids, fell in love, broken up, gotten back together, had one successful date, go?" After more flirting, they agree to go on a second date.

At the Scanlon house, Frank comes downstairs into the kitchen, still putting his shirt on [sigh..:)]. Courtney rags him about this being the first time he's gotten up before noon lately, and accuses him of being hungover; he denies it. Courtney is suspicious: "Well, you've been doing something with your nights. If it's not drinking, what is it?" Frank: "None of your business." A pager went off--it's Frank's. Courtney wonders "Since when did you start carrying a pager again?" Frank: "Obviously, you haven't heard about the nasty things that happened to the kitty who asked too many questions." He slams the door on his way out. She pauses for a requisite three seconds, then rushes to rifle through his jacket. To her astonishment, she pulls a huge wad of bills out of one of the pockets. Hearing him returning, she quickly covers; when he returned in having "forgotten" his jacket, he's suspicious, but she's too smooth, as always. Speaking aloud to herself, after he leaves: "Oh, what are you up to, Frank? And where did you get all that money?"

At their campsite beside the duck pond, Kevin and Eve lie in morning tranquility and talk about their mutual "dream" of staying up all night and making love under the stars. They discuss how great it's been to "get away" even though they're mere yards from the house, and are just about to resume fooling around when, bizarrely enough, Scott approaches. He had noticed their tent when he was parking his car. After some bantering, he told them "I'm going after Bordisso, and I figured you guys would want to be involved."

Back at GH, Joe gives Courtney some good news: the antibiotics that Karen put Neil on have worked--his symptoms are gone. Courtney thinks this explains Joe's good mood; he told her there's another reason. She hesitantly asks what that might be. He breaks the news that "Karen and I are working our way back." Courtney (to Joe): "That's great." He told her about their successful first date the night before. The always-cool Courtney never lets her dismay show. Frank approaches, hands Joe a wad of bills, and told him it should cover the mortgage and bills that he's overdue on. Joe wonders where Frank got so much money in cash; more brotherly sarcasm ensues. Frank leaves, and Joe and Courtney agree that it's been a day for surprises. Courtney hastens off to see Neil, and Karen approaches to do some more flirting. She's shocked when Joe shows her the wad of bills.

Kevin, Eve, and Scott are now inside the lighthouse. Scott: "You should've seen Bordisso's face when I called him and said 'Smile, you're on Candid Camera.'" Kevin: "I'm not with you--you tipped him off?" Scott: "The idea was not to keep an eye on him, but to provoke him." Eve: "And the purpose of that was what..to make a bad situation worse?" Scott: "No, to show him that he's no longer in charge--that *we're* calling the shots." Eve is confused, but Kevin understands Scott's strategy: since Bordisso is a control freak, the key to defeating him is taking control and power away from him. Eve is still doubtful, and argues with K&S about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of their plan. "Oh, man, you guys have a major case of testosteronitis." In a weird exchange, the guys gang up to hurl a few sexist zingers at Eve. She finally relents and agrees to join the "team." They agree that the first order of business is to speak to Victor and see if he can tell them whether Bordisso had anything to do with what happened in Italy, or how it relates to The Cobra. Eve is still doubtful; both guys reassure her that their plan will work. Eve: "I'm just not sure that going after D.V. so openly gives us the best edge." Scott: "What are you talking about, Eve?--he's gonna be in Sing-Sing before he even knows what hit him." Eve: "Well, maybe..but the question is: where will *we* be?"

At GH, Frank is racing through the hall pushing Neil in his wheelchair; they pull aside to rest. Neil thanks his uncle, telling him that every time he comes to see him he forgets about his leukemia and that he wishes he could stay there at the hospital all the time. Frank gives him a game that Courtney had told him was way too expensive; Frank told him nothing is too expensive when it comes to him. Neil is psyched. Frank hangs his jacket on the back of the wheelchair.

Karen and Joe are flirting again, talking about their upcoming second date. Joe spots Frank and Neil and storms over. He's suspicious when Neil shows him the game, telling Frank that it looks expensive. Courtney arrives and is also stunned to see the game. She wheels Neil off to his room, leaving the brothers for yet another bickering scene. Karen joins in the fun. "Oh, please, Frank. It's not like you're above breaking the law. Or haven't you heard--it's against the law to spy on somebody with a telescope?" Joe: "Yeah, here we go again, you doing something underhanded to get what you want." Frank (staring creepily at Karen): "You know, it's funny. I don't remember getting what I want, at all." He gets on the elevator, forgetting to take his jacket.

In Neil's room, Courtney gives him two books: "Treasure Island" and "Captains Courageous". Neil feigns enthusiasm; Courtney realizes he liked the game better. Neil wonders why Frank and Joe fight so much, and whether it's because of him. Courtney reassures him, telling him that brothers fight sometimes, and that Frank and Joe love each other and will hopefully be able to work things out. Frank's pager went off--he had left it in his jacket. Courtney checks the number on it and assures Neil that she'll get the pager back to his uncle.

At Victor and Mary's apartment, Mary greets Kevin, Eve, and Scott, and gives them a favorable progress report on Victor. Victor enters [yay!], speaking hesitantly. "Still..have a way to go..but I'm..getting there." They all congratulate him on his homecoming. Scott starts off the questioning about Italy. Victor remembers going there, but not why or what happened once he got there. He only remembers a few "flashes": "the Pantheon, the Fontana di Trivi,..walking along the Via Appia Antiqua..or is it the Antiqua Appia..I..did you know..in 312 BC it was completed by Appius Claudius?" The trio explain to Victor that K&E had followed him to Italy, were told that he died of a stroke, and had seen his body on a slab in the morgue. Victor remembers none of this, nor does he remember Zorin. He apologizes for not being able to help; they reassure him that he's still recovering and will remember everything in time. Scott has one more question: about the time he and Victor went to NYC to rescue Lucy. "You mentioned something about an undercover agent called The Cobra, and you hinted that it could be David Bordisso." Kevin: "Victor..can you..can you tell us something about The Cobra?" Victor is clearly disturbed by mention of The Cobra but can't get any more words out.

At GH, Joe offers to take Neil out onto the patio for some fresh air. Courtney says she'll go home and grab some lunch and make sure Frank gets his jacket [yeah, right]. Joe and Neil leave; Karen approaches Courtney, looking for Joe. Feigning sincerity, Courtney thanks Karen for the medical care she's given Neil, as well as her liberal attitude about her and Joe having another baby to save Neil. Courtney: "I don't know if I could be so generous." Karen: "Well, I want Neil to get well. That's why I'm supporting Joe in this decision.": "Thank you. For caring for my son. In spite of what it may cost you.." [Meeow!!] She heads for the elevator, just in time to run into Frank as the doors open. He grabs his jacket from her hands and says he'll catch the next elevator down. She's told him that his pager had gone off. She's still smirking, and he's still sweating bullets wondering how much she snooped through the jacket, as the elevator doors close.

At Victor and Mary's apartment, the gang are still trying to get Victor to remember The Cobra. Sensing that Victor is getting overly frustrated and upset, Eve gives Kevin and Scott the cue to leave. After they're gone, Victor asks Mary: "Do you think they bought it?" Mary: "For now. But if they figure out you've made a total recovery..then what?" Victor: "Well, I'll tell you one thing: Eve and Kevin are not going to learn what happened in Italy from me." Mary: "They're really safe as long as they're in the dark?" Victor: "And *only* as long as they're in the dark..which means that somehow, some way, I've got to convince them to drop this whole thing!"

In the hall outside the apartment, Kevin thinks they just need to wait until Victor's medication kicks in completely--once that happens, he should remember everything. If he can't, they'll know that he was subjected to the same memory manipulations as Kevin and Eve. Eve says that will take twice as long to unravel the whole mess. Kevin says they'll have to redouble their efforts until they have the answers. Scott reminds him that as long as Bordisso is on the street, they're all in danger. Kevin agrees that Bordisso has more of an agenda than any of them suspected. Scott (mixing metaphors): "We've gotta keep digging until we nail Bordisso, and he's out of our lives for good."

Friday, September 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Victoria Hart.

Kevin told Scott they will have to wait a little while until Victor "remembers" the Cobra. Kevin does not know that Victor is faking the amnesia. Victor than agrees with himself that he must brew up a plan to stop Kevin before he learns the truth of Eve's "dead" son.

Courtney, being the little gold digger that she is, digs information on Frank's new lifestyle. Frank wishes he just could tell Neil that he is his father. Courtney then secretly follows Frank.

Eve, who is hearing mysterious cries from a baby, wonders if her son is still alive and not deceased. Kevin offers to bring her to Philadelphia to speak to the doctor that brought her son into the world.

Scott has yet another walk in with DV. However, Rachel saves the day when she makes a timely apperance that stops Garcia from filing stalking charges against Scott who just wants DV to be over with.

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