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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on PC
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Monday, August 30, 1999

Joe and Karen
Karen arrives home to find her house ransacked. She is convinced that DV is responsible. Joe arrives to comfort her. He phones Scotty to inform him of the vandalism. Scotty decides to come home to help Karen. He told her to stay with Joe until he gets there. Joe invites her to stay at his house. She agrees, but only for the night. The police arrive to dust the house for fingerprints. Karen sees a large green stuffed frog sticking out from under the couch. She shows it to Joe. It was the same frog that Frank had tried to give to her earlier that she would not accept. Now Karen and Joe aren't too quick to blame DV.

Dr. Locke and Chris
Dr. Locke convinces Chris to help her move into her new apartment. Chris is surprised to find out that her new apartment was Ellen's old apartment. Chris asks about Ellen and he is told that Ellen accepted the position in San Francisco and had to leave immediately.

Matt and Monica
Monica informs Matt that Ellen gave her resignation and accepted the position in San Francisco. Matt can not believe that she left without saying good bye. He heads to her apartment hoping to catch her before she leaves.

At Ellen's Apartment
Matt is surprised to see Chris opening the door to Ellen's apartment. He demands to know why he is inside of Ellen's apartment. Just then Dr. Locke chose that moment to enter the room.

Kevin and Eve
Eve has created a romantic atmosphere for Kevin. She has provided poly-eurasian feast down to the drinks in the coconut shells. She slips into a Hawaiian print sarong and a clingy red shirt that exposes more flesh than it covers. After their romantic dinner, Eve and Kevin were kissing on the couch. Eve looked up into Kevin's eyes and saw DV. In her illusion, DV whispered, "I know your secret, Eve". Eve panics and told him to get away from her. A mystified Kevin asks Eve what is wrong.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Francine Goldberg

Matt's upset. Monica Quartermaine told him Ellen took the job in SF, but he didn't know she already left! His hostility towards Chris is palpable. Rachel's all innocence, of course. Matt can't believe Ellen's gone. He splits. Chris and Rachel are just hanging now. (It doesn't look like any unpacking has been done.) There's witty repartee. Chris asks about a clock Rachel has. She finally agrees to tell him about it. Love, money and power are discussed. Of course, she only gives him a little tease of the story. They talk about the engagement (Julie and Chris'). Rachel suggests they marry before the trial. If the DA calls him to testify, he won't have to if he's her husband. She doesn't think a "quickie wedding in the visitors lounge" right after he's subpoenaed will look good to the judge. Chris is worried about Julie being out and "on her own". Rachel asks if Chris is afraid of Julie. No, but there could be publicity, friends avoiding her, strangers on the street... Rachel says Julie won't be alone. She's be there for Julie and so will Chris. Rachel thinks they need to get Julie out of Ferncliff "as soon as we can make it happen."
At GH, Matt is trying to find Ellen. There's no records of her flight anywhere on any airline. Chris says Rachel is just subletting Ellen's apartment and she doesn't know anything. Matt says that's funny because her own mother didn't know about that--or her leaving Port Charles. Chris commences deep thought. Cut to Rachel fondling the clock at Ellen's apartment. RING Wrong number she says. There's no Dr. Ellen Burgess there. She calls the phone company, identifies herself as Ellen and has the number disconnected.

Courtney's trying to glue something together for Neil. Frank walks in. She's obviously been waiting for him. She asks him if he knows how to fix a broken starfighter. His response? "Joe's the official daddy. Let him do it." He thinks about it for about 10 seconds and then says he'll do it after he takes a shower. She stops him. She wants to talk about the baby but he doesn't want to hear it. He "won't be Uncle Frank again to his own kid. Forget it!"
Cut to Karen's. She told Garcia and Joe about the frog and how pissed Frank was at the hospital. Joe considers it a calling card. Garcia's more cautious. He questions Karen. Joe slams out. Karen and Garcia go after him. Karen says "If he gets a hold of Frank, it's gonna be bad." Courtney's in the living room when Frank comes down after his shower. Same old yadda yadda. She challenges him. Prove you love Neil. Give him a brother or sister. It could save Neil's life. Frank has his own challenge. Have the baby but tell everyone the truth. "Joe can't give Neil the one thing he really needs. Because he is not his father! I am!" Joe busts in. Fisticuffs ensue. Garcia and Karen are just a few seconds behind. Garcia tries to break it up and finally manages to pull Frank off Joe. Frank doesn't know what's going on. He can't believe it when they tell him. Garcia shoves the frog at him. He asks where Frank was earlier that night. None of his damn business. The usual exchange. Courtney pipes up. Frank was with her. She told them Neil was sleeping, she ran into Frank, they had dinner and came back here. Frank wasn't anywhere near Karen's apartment. Joe and Karen look suspicious but Garcia bites. Frank brought up Bordeso. Well, yes, now he's the number one suspect. Garcia told Karen she can go back to her apartment--he's got a man outside there. He leaves. The foursome have another brief exchange before Joe and Karen exit. Frank wants to know why Courtney gave Garcia a phony alibi for him. Because she thought Garcia had the wrong man. She knows what it's like to be the one people don't trust. There's a little thaw. Frank talks about what he's missing with Neil. It gets back to the challenges. More of the same old. Cut to Karen and Joe. She'll stay at her apartment since the cop's outside. They talk about the apartment. If it's Bordeso, he's been watching her! Joe offers to stay there with her. She accepts.

Eve's recoil from him has Kevin confused. She told him he "turned into David Bordeso." She's freaked that he (DV) said he knew her secret. Kevin asks her about her vision. She says it wasn't a vision. But it scared her and it made her angry. She doesn't know where it came from. Kevin compares her "real" images of DV with his of the boy. Maybe they're being controlled! [Ding! We have a winner!] They realize this is related to Italy. Kevin figures the common thread is fear. They won't know anything until they know who "they" are. Eve asks "What about Victor's warning?" She suggests (not seriously) they just run away to Micronesia. Kevin says the visions will continue until they understand where they come from and why.

Kevin's on the phone with Mary checking on Victor. Eve's bustling around with dishes. We hear a young boy's voice. "Mommy. Mommy. I'm here." She drops the plates. Kevin quickly gets off the phone. Eve looks like she's in shock.

Eve told Kevin about her vision. She finally asks "Kevin, do you think my baby could be alive?"

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Scott returned to Port Charles and assured Karen that DV would never get near her again. Scott and Joe went to confront DV, but Garcia stopped them before things got out of hand. Joe and Scott later plotted about how to put an end to DV's underhanded tactics. Julie and Chris laughed about the reaction their upcoming marriage would generate in Port Charles. Julie was intrigued when Rachel confronted her about her true feelings for Chris. Matt told Karen he felt that something was off about Ellen's sudden departure. Later, Matt received a goodbye letter from Ellen.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Scott angrily told Julie that he would take care of Christina when Julie questioned him about her safety. A surprised Kevin wondered if Ellen's connection to Rachel had anything to do with Ellen's decision to leave town so suddenly. Rachel bonded with a vulnerable Scott and got him to open up about his past with Dominique when she found him at the gazebo where Dominique had died. Rachel failed to tell Kevin and Eve that Victor had mumbled "he isn't dead" right before they walked in to his room. Kevin continued to believe that Victor held the key to what happened in Italy.

Friday, September 3, 1999

Despite some help from Matt, Kevin and Eve were unsuccessful in their efforts to learn about Ellen's association with Rachel. A wary Rachel agreed to let Scott visit with Victor. Scott told Kevin and Eve about Victor's past connection to DV and they wondered if he could be the "Cobra" that Victor had been mumbling about. Later, Kevin realized that DV might be connected to the confusing time he and Eve spent in Italy. Meanwhile, Victor mumbled something about "Cobra" to Rachel, who tried to convince him that "Cobra" didn't exist. Joe surprised Karen by showing up at her apartment and was adamant about staying the night to protect her. Joe tried to get comfortable in the chair, but Karen insisted he share the bed with her.

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