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Monday, August 30, 1999

The woman asks Olivia if she is Trey's grandmother. Olivia says no she is the baby's mother. The woman says that the other woman said she was the mother, Olivia says you must have misunderstood. The woman says no she told me she was his mother. Olivia says did she. The woman says that maybe she did misunderstand and she apologizes and leaves. Caitlin tries to explain when Olivia says that she doesn't have time she has to leave. Cole comes in and asks what's going on. Olivia says it's just a misunderstanding. Caitlin says no it isn't. Caitlin says she told that woman that she was his mother cause she is his mother. Caitlin says that she is Cole's wife and that she is his stepmother. they both agree. Olivia says she has to leave, she has to go to a meeting, Cole says your taking Trey with you, I am going to drop him of at home. Cole says leave him with us. Olivia says he needs his nap. Caitlin says she won't leave him because of me, she was going to earlier but not now. Cole takes Trey from Olivia and Caitlin says she can stay with Cole and Trey. When she leaves Cole says are you happy. Olivia says that she doesn't think Caitlin will ever come to terms that Cole and Olivia share a kid. Caitlin goes to talk to Antonio and he isn't there yet, so she starts talking and asks why Trey can't be hers. She has a vision, and Olivia appears holding Trey, telling her to get over it, the Olivia is the kids mother not her. Caitlin gets mad and starts yelling and throws something. Antonio comes in and asks what's wrong, she apologizes and says that everything is wrong.

Annie is asking AJ for some money from her liberty stock and Jude comes in and says no way. She went oh it's you, and thinks that AJ set her up. He says that he doesn't need to set her up, and Jude has better things to do then spy on you. Annie says that she will stand in his way of being hired as the executive, Olivia says no she won't. AJ says so you agree with Jude being hired and she says yes. Annie gets mad and runs out. Jude shakes Olivia's hand and he says AJ has told me so much about you, Olivia says anything good, Jude says it's all good. Jude says that he is going to go see to Annie. AJ says right now, yeah remember keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, AJ taught me everything he knows. He leaves. Olivia says that she is all alone and asks if he will ask her to lunch he says yes, but she can only talk about him and her.

Brad sees Sean and Emily and says that he is going to go tell Emily what happened, Amy says no you can't. Brad told Sean and Emily that he has to tell them what Amy did. Amy comes over and told them great Brad you ruined the surprise. She told them that she planned a trip for them over fall break. Emily is happy at just the thought of that, but she can't go, she and Sean are going to Hawaii. Brad says great and leaves. Emily wonders why Brad is upset. Amy went after Brad, and Sean says that he is going to stop her from going after Brad. Sean asks Amy if she told Brad that they slept together. She says of course not. He is glad she didn't. Amy comes over and asks if everything is all right, they say yes. Emily shows Amy her necklace that Sean gave her, and isn't happy and says they should just go and have fun. Amy thinks over all the events, her sleeping with Sean twice and says Sean loves me I know he does. Emily told Sean that she is glad that they are ok, and there are so many place in Hawaii, they will have so much fun. Amy runs after Brad and says he won't tell Emily that Amy made love with Sean but she has to do something for him, she says that she doesn't have any money. He says he doesn't want money. Amy says I am not having sex with you. Brad says I want your help. I really like Emily, I want you to help me get her. If you don't help me I will tell Emily.

Cole comes home and sees Sean and asks him if he told Emily. Sean says about having sex with Amy. Cole takes that as a no. Sean told him it happened again. Cole says and it just happened again. Sean says he doesn't really remember it till it's over. Cole says that Amy always has an agenda. Sean says I don't think so.

Meg and Gabi are talking about how Ricardo is doing and how Meg is going to get over Ben. When Meg sees a for lease sign and told Gabi that she has always dreamt of owning her own store. She says that Tim, Sara and her use to play store all the time. Tim use to be the stock boy. Until I fired him. They go in the store and look around and tell the old man that they want it. He says he will call his sister and tell her that she wants the building. Meg goes to leave to go get the check for a payment.

Sara gets a letter it's from the lawyer of her great aunts. Sara has inherited the whole estate. She feels kind of weird about it since Joan was her niece. Joan says you were always her favorite, you always understood her. There is a check and that she probably wanted you to use it for something that will make you happy. Sara says she knows exactly what she wants to do with it. Hank says, "You're not leaving Sunset Beach are you?" She says, "No, I don't have to leave Sunset Beach. "

Meg went back to the store and sees the woman and says she has the check for the store. The woman says it's too late. Someone already has rented it. Sara comes out and Meg is upset saying you took this away from me. You stole this right out from under my nose. Sara says I didn't know you were interested in this place and if you want to talk about stealing thing at least I didn't steal your boyfriend. Meg says so this is revenge.

Gabi comes home and sees Ricardo sleeping and Ricardo has a dream that he goes into a room pulls of the covers and Gabi gets up and starts kissing him and says that he won't ever stop loving her. He leaves the room went into another room and pulls of the covers and it's Gabi and Antonio kissing and Ricardo yells Antonio. They look up and say you know that we are in love. Gabi says he just can't get over me. Gabi says you have no one. Maria and Carmen are on there side and all he has is Gabi. Ricardo wakes up and Gabi says that she is right here.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Meg yells at Sara saying she was there first. Meg says I just left for a little while and you go in and steal it. Sara says at least I didn't steal your boyfriend. Meg says so this is revenge. Sara says you have always gotten everything you have always wanted now it's my turn. Sara told Meg that there aunt left Sara her whole estate. Sara says now it's your turn to be jealous. Meg says she isn't jealous, she always liked you better. They start to fight when Hank and Joan come in and say stop wrestling where are our daughters. They explain that they saw the store first. Joan says the only way is for them to share expenses and the store. They both say never.

Caitlin is waiting for Antonio, she asks why Trey isn't hers. When she has a vision of Olivia and Trey. Olivia says get over it Trey is mine all mine, and you will never have kids. Caitlin yells and throws something and Antonio comes in and Caitlin told him what's bothering her. Antonio told her that praying does help. She asks him if it gets rid of all of his problems. He says it does comfort you. Caitlin told Antonio he is luck he is a priest, he never has to worry about falling in love.

Brad told Amy that he won't tell Emily that she made love with Sean, if she helps him. He says he needs Emily. Emily says you do. Brad says that he needs her to cover lifeguard duty for him, she agrees and goes. Amy says Brad you do have it bad for Amy. Amy agrees to help Brad get Emily, so they both get what they want.

Sean told Cole that he slept with Amy again, Cole says and you don't know why right. He says right. He says he is attracted to Amy. Cole says Amy is up to no good. Sean says she isn't up to anything. Cole says he had some run ins with Amy. She always has an agenda and right now it's you. Amy comes in and Cole leaves to go check on Trey. Sean told Amy that he is going to move into a dorm. He leaves, Amy says that he can't and she looks at a calendar and calls Brad and says that she might have a way.

Caitlin comes home and sees Cole playing with Trey, Cole says that he has to go get a drink for Trey and asks her to hold him, she says yes. She told Trey how much she has missed him. She sees a paper about someone's baby being taken away from them, Caitlin knows how that feels her baby was taken away from her.

Michael comes home and sees a note saying he got a call from the hospital someone needs him, and it is a house call. Michael says he doesn't do house calls. and the note says she is probably already there. Vanessa comes out and she asks him if he is hot, he says yes. She told him she does need him, he gives her a backrub and they make love. They are dressed and he has to go.

Ricardo has a dream that he is going into a room, he went to the bed and pulls up the covers it's Gabi she says, I know you can't stop loving me and she kisses him. He leaves went into another room, pulls of the covers and says Antonio. Antonio says that you know we are in love. Gabi says he just can't get over me. Ricardo yells and leaves the room and sees himself and the guy says what are you gonna do about them. Ricardo wakes up and Gabi told him everything is ok. Gabi gives him a sponge bath, and told him that she will always be there for him, and that there is no place or anybody she would rather be with. She went to kiss Ricardo, but he stops her and told her it is time for her to be honest with him. Antonio shows up at the house and think of what Caitlin said about him not having to fall in love and he says he shouldn't be here and went to leave and Michael says why shouldn't you be here.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

  • Annie/Jude: Annie is talking with her lawyer, he says he can't help her until she gives him some money, 5,000 dollars. She says she can't get that kind of money. He says oh come on your Annie Douglas. She sees Jude and says she might have a way. She told him to get started on her case, he says just show me the money. She says bye, and went to see Jude, she says she is ready to talk about working for him. They go to his office and talk about what she will be doing. Annie says she has a migraine and she needs aspirin, he went to get some and she tries to open up the safe, she can't and decides to call Cole and asks for his help when she realizes that Cole wouldn't even throw water on her if she was on fire. She says I'll come back when the place is closed and look for the number to the combination. Jude returned and Annie says I need to go home aspirin won't work I need to go get my medication. Jude says maybe this would help with your migraine, she says what's that, he says it the combination number to the safe. Annie says that money is Gregory's and it all belongs to me. Jude says go ahead open it everything in it is yours. Annie says it's empty isn't it, Jude says yes.

    AJ says are you in a hurry I just want to make sure your not late getting back to work, he says he isn't. AJ wants to talk about there future, Olivia says I really should check on Trey. AJ told her to stop using Trey. AJ says he just wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Olivia says that she is a little overprotective of Trey because at one time she thought he was dead, that's why she checks on him all the time. AJ admits that when he looks at Trey he thinks of Olivia and Cole's relationship. Olivia says there never was a relationship, AJ says it's still hard though. Olivia says maybe your the one who is distancing from me. AJ says no not me you.

    Olivia walks in and says that AJ will be in shortly, Annie says who cares. Olivia says did you forget to take your medication. Jude gets up to leave, and Annie says where are you going, he says I will let you guys deal with this. AJ comes in as Annie says that she should get Gregory's money, and Olivia says your wrong Trey gets it. AJ says you both might be wrong.

    Sara is looking around at her new store, when Casey comes in and says where is Meg I thought this was her store. Sara says no it was a mistake. Sara says nice flowers. When Casey leaves Hank says you and Meg should share this place, you just need to grow up. Sara thinks about it, but Meg always gets what she wants, but she is having a bad time.

    Joan says I wish you and your sister could have shared the place. The phone rings, Joan asks Meg to answer it, it's Ben he says I didn't think you would be answering the phone. Meg says she was just visiting her mother. Ben asks her to give a message to Sara, he is in Seattle at the royal hotel, if Sara finds anything more about Tess to phone him. Ben says he is glad Sara wasn't there so he could talk to Meg. They say good-bye, Joan says I wish there was a magic wand to take away your hurt, Meg wishes the same thing.

    Meg went to see Sara and told her that Ben is in Seattle at the royal hotel and to call him if she has any news regarding Tess. Sara says that Casey stopped by with flowers. Meg apologizes Casey shouldn't have done that. They talk about what they would do to the store, Meg says good luck with the store and leaves, Sara chases after her and they decide to become partners just leave the shop objects away from inventory.

    Antonio thinks about making love to Gabi and Caitlin saying that he never has to worry about love, he says I shouldn't be here, Michael says why, Antonio says rough night at work, Michael says I think I know why you don't want to be here, you don't want Ricardo to see you upset, but you should still go in and see him.

    Antonio and Michael come in and Gabi says you want to start therapy now. Michael says he can wait if she needs more time with Ricardo, Gabi says no he can do it now, she has all the time in the world with Ricardo. She says right Ricardo, and he nods his head, they are all happy he can nod his head. Gabi says I will walk Antonio out. Michael realizes he forgot something and went to get it. Ricardo is thinking that Gabi and Antonio are outside saying, Ricardo was fishing around but he doesn't know about us. I played the loving wife. Antonio says you are so good. Ricardo needs to find someone close to him and Gabi that he can tell what Gabi and Antonio did, he looks at Michael and says I can tell him. Ricardo says Antonio and Gabi you will both pay.

    Gabi is telling Ricardo how much she loves him and never leave him, when he says it is time for her to be honest, Ricardo says that there is no us, he says he knows. Gabi says I think I know what you mean, you think your a burden but your not, I will stay with you forever, we are now married. Ricardo thinks that maybe he was wrong about Antonio. Gabi told Ricardo to squeeze her hand if he trusts her.

  • Thursday, September 2, 1999

    Olivia/AJ/Annie/Two lawyers:
    A new will was found. There were changes made to it. In the will it read that Trey is still in charge of the estates but, until he is 18 Gregory's Uncle Tobias should take care of it. Olivia almost through a fit because a strange would be in charge of her sons estate. Olivia calmed down and asked questions such as, 1. Where does Tobias live?, 2. Did they call Tobias?, and 3. Did they check out where he lives?. The answers to these questions were. 1. Tobias lives in London, 2. They wasn't any phone number. 3. They went to the address in the will and there was no answer. After discovering that Tobias lives in London. Olivia almost through another fit saying that they estate was going to be ran by someone all the way in London. The lawyer told Olivia to look through Gregory's personal things and find a phone number. Olivia agreed and every one left except for Annie. While leaving the new lawyer give the old lawyer a copy of the mew will and told him to keep it for laughs. Annie started talking about how she is still dimeless and the lawyer (her friend, the old one) told her that she will get many dimes because of the changes in the will. Annie thought that he was pulling her leg and just wanted more money that she does not have. The lawyer assured her that he was not pulling her leg. He told her that she has to do what he says.

    They are both at the Shock Wave and Amy told Brad that it order for the both of them to get what they want, he got to work some charm. She grabbed the phone and told him to call her.

    Olivia and AJ got back to the house. Olivia went to get a photo album belonging to Gregory and found a picture of Tobias. While looking at the picture of Tobias and Gregory standing together, Olivia started to wonder what kind of person is Tobias?.

    There were out on the rocks somewhere on the beach so that they could be alone. Sean told her that he wanted to go away with her and she thought that he was talking about the trip in the fall semester. He told her that he wanted to go away with her for 5 months or 6. Emily disagreed to the announcement and Sean and Sean asked why?. They went to Emily's house so that they can talk and as soon as they got in the house the phone rang. Brad was on the line asking Emily for her English notes. She told him that she was busy. He kept asking if he could come over or if she could bring it to the Shock Wave. She told him that she would bring it. Emily got off the phone and she told Sean that Brad sounded desperate for the English notes. She asked him if he wanted to go with her and Bette came in and told Emily that she needed to talk to Sean alone. So Emily left without him.

    Bette told Sean that she knew him from sense he was a baby and can tell when something is wrong. she told him that she knows about the stuff with his father and all. Sean told him that is was much more than that. She told him that she knows about their plans to go away for the semester. Sean asked if it was ok with her and Bette told him that it was ok. Bette also let him know that he better not be just trying to get her into bed. Sean assured her that he is not.

    Emily went to the Shock Wave to give Brad the notes and he told her that she was nice. Amy said that her head was hurting her and that wanted to go and home and she could come back later. Joan agreed to it and Amy stop and saw Emily was there and she was in shock. Brad went to get refills for Emily and himself. Emily asked if she was ok and she told her that she had a head ache and was going to go home and lie down. As she moved off her bag dropped and Emily went to help her and found a Home pregnancy test, so Emily asked her what she was doing with it.

    Friday, September 3, 1999

    Caitlin is reading the newspaper about an unfit mother losing her baby and Caitlin wonders if she could have the same thing done. Cole comes in and asks if she is okay, she says things are definitely better. Cole says that AJ and Olivia are downstairs and she has something to tell us. They go downstairs and Olivia says that there is another will and Caitlin asks if Sean is mentioned in this one, Olivia says sadly no. She told them that she isn't the executive of Trey's money anymore uncle Tobias is and Olivia says she is going to go to London to find him. Caitlin says she should go. Olivia realizes that she can't leave Trey and that she will take him. Caitlin says no she can leave Trey with her and Cole. Olivia says no, and Caitlin says what's the real reason why you don't want to leave Trey. Olivia says it might take weeks to find uncle Tobias. Cole decides that he will go to London instead, Cole leaves to pack. Olivia says good everything is settled, Caitlin says no it isn't and we are gonna settle it right now. Jude comes over for AJ to sign some papers and AJ introduces Cole to Jude. Jude told Cole how AJ was there for him growing up, Jude leaves and AJ apologizes for not being there for him. Cole says your here now and that's all that matters.

    Annie's lawyer told her that their is another will and that she could end up with everything. Annie decides to go to London. Annie has a fantasy that she has everything and that she is holding Trey and that Caitlin, Olivia, Cole, and Rose are in trash bags, and they say they will be nicer to her if they don't throw them out, Annie says too late. Trey whistles and Two men come in to get rid of them. she can't get a flight cause she is broke and has to find a way to get to London before Olivia can. Jude comes in and she might have a plan.

    The Arch Bishop is congratulating Antonio on his promotion at the church of a new program. Ricardo comes in and the priest says you must be proud of Antonio, Ricardo says no, and Carmen says you must have misunderstood him. Ricardo says he did understand. Michael thinks Ricardo is tired and has him go rest for a little bit. Gabi hugs Antonio on his promotion and Ricardo has a vision that they are saying they will sneak of together later and really celebrate. Ricardo says they will pay, Ricardo asks to speak with the Arch Bishop to confess. They go in a room and Ricardo says I know that Antonio didn't mean to hurt me and I want you to help me control my rage for Antonio, The Arch Bishop says what is bothering you, Ricardo says my brother slept with my wife.

    Emily asks Amy why she is surprised to see her with Brad, Brad says they are just studying, Brad gets up to go get some drinks. Emily asks Amy if she is okay. Amy says yes and her purse falls and the contents fall out Emily sees a pregnancy test and Emily asks if it is hers. Amy says no it is for a friend. Amy says she has to go cause her friend is going to be calling her. Amy has Emily promise that she won't tell anyone about the test not even Sean, Emily promises. Brad returned and Emily is out of it, Brad says so where were we. Emily says we are done. Brad asks what was up with Amy she seemed weird. Emily asks Brad how close he and Amy are, he says that he didn't sleep with Amy, that she isn't his type. Sean comes in and Brad leaves. After being reluctant Emily told Sean that Amy might be pregnant.

    Amy/Mrs. Moreau:
    Amy is at home and says that her plan is coming together beautifully. The phone rings and it's Mrs. Moreau. She asks Amy if everything went smoothly, Amy says yes it was a very passionate night. Mrs. Moreau says she doesn't need details. Mrs. Moreau says be careful cause you could get hurt, the potion won't make him fall in love with you. Mrs. Moreau says he is just a boy, Amy says he is one of the richest families in town, but that isn't why she loves Sean, Amy says ta ta. Mrs. Moreau says one of the wealthiest families to herself.

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