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Passions Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on PS
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Monday, August 30, 1999

It was revealed that Pilar has two other children. Another son named Antonio,that has evidently disappeared with her husband, and a daughter who is living away with their Aunt Maria, wherever that might be.

Kay was determined to keep Miguel to herself and refused to tell her mother that Charity was at his house. Grace and Sam continued to look on the Internet for "Seeker" as Sam concluded that Charity was Grace's twin sister's daughter. Kay and Simone had also figured out the family connection. Despite Simone begging her to tell her mother Charity's whereabouts, Kay would not. Simone finally told them that Miguel had mentioned that he might take her to his house and give her a ride home on his motorcycle. Grace and Sam rushed out to find Charity. Kay became irate at her best friend delivering a tremendous slap to her face.

Timmy and Tabby were again celebrating their victory over getting rid of Charity. Timmy began by making a new concoction, Hawaiian Martimmys, complete with colorful little umbrellas. He told Tabby that she was indeed the Queen of Devious and that if there were a gold medal for such that she would hold the honor. After a while of happiness, Tabby went down into the basement where she was shown talking to the red light that fills the underworld. Timmy could hear her from inside, but was too afraid to enter. Tabitha was pleading with the unknown force not to punish her for failing to rid the world of Charity. She promised to finish the job. She was afraid of something worse than having her powers stripped from her and Timmy panicked upon hearing her cry out.

Sheridan was having more horrible flashbacks of her childhood again. Pilar came to her side and tried to comfort her. The two of them shared memories of their sorrow, Pilar for having lost her husband and son, and Sheridan for always picking the wrong men. They talked for a while and Pilar convinced Sheridan that someday she would meet the right man. Sheridan asked Pilar if perhaps she had dropped Luis on his head when he was a baby, perhaps explaining his adult behavior. Pilar laughed and told her that Luis had many good traits and that she should get to know him better. Sheridan explained to Pilar that she was stuck working with him at the youth center and that she would be spending plenty of time with him.

Meanwhile, Miguel, Charity, Luis, and Hank were all at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Miguel was trying desperately to get his motorcycle started to take Charity home. Hank was busy reminiscing with Luis of their younger days and wolfing down some of Pilar's leftovers. The two childhood friends discussed the women in their lives and Sheridan Crane. Hank is excited about his date with her at the Lobster Shack and Luis is shining his shoes to take Beth out as well. Little do the two of them know they both have the same dinner plans. Looks like Sheridan and Luis will spend the night together as well as the entire day. Looks like they're in for a night of PASSIONS...........

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

First I need to admit that yesterday I failed to mention that it was revealed that Pilar has two other children. Another son named Antonio that has evidently disappeared with her husband, and a daughter who is living away with their Aunt Maria, wherever that might be. I didn't write down her name, I am sure it will be mentioned again before long. Now, for today's recap:

Luis and Sam struggle to stop Miguel before he and Charity ride away on the motorcycle. After they leave, the brothers Bennett, Grace, Pilar and Luis discuss Charity's true identity and her connection to Grace. Sam tells them how he has figured out that Charity is Grace's niece and he and Luis try to use their position with the police department to trace down Faith's address and phone number. Hank calls Sheridan and even though she doesn't want him to pick her up at the Crane mansion, he agrees to meet her at the Lobster Shack later on that night. Grace and Pilar pray together as Hank leaves on his date with Sheridan.

Sheridan is still having flashbacks to "that night" and tells Ethan of her date with Hank. He is upset to learn that this Hank person is also a friend of Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald and immediately becomes angry. Sheridan assures him that he is not like Luis and that she is actually looking forward to going out and getting off of the Crane Estate. Before they have time to discuss much more the doorbell rings and it is none other than Mr. Hank Bennett himself. He shows up sporting a smile and a red rose on her doorstep. She is surprised to see him and he admits that he knows that she is anticipating the possibility of dumping him at dinner should things not go well. He insists on driving her to dinner and she agrees, as long as his police officer friend's name doesn't come up in conversation.

As Sheridan gets dressed for their date, Ethan and Hank have a nice little drilling conversation. Ethan gives Hank the third degree on everything from his friendship with Luis to why he is back in Harmony. Hank proves that he can hold his own in his talk with Ethan. Ethan is impressed with Hank's open-mindedness and his up-front honesty. He approves the date and Sheridan leaves with Hank as Ethan also departs to pick up Gwen. Is she still around?

Charity and Miguel do not get far when his motorcycle breaks down near a garage. He asks Charity to dance with him and she refuses. She tells him that she has never danced with a boy before and they talk about her moving away and how she will never see him or Harmony again. He tries to be positive and eventually they do share a romantic dance in the garage amongst the tools and parts. Charity called her mother, who as always, insists that she get home before dark. Faith is not impressed when Charity tells her that she spotted her twin sister on the streets of Harmony. After Tabitha's little magic trick on the computer, Faith is convinced that the person Charity saw is Tabitha in disguise, just another trick to lure her into harm. Charity does not understand her mother's lack of enthusiasm and sadly hangs up the phone. Miguel tells her that she should be positive and that it has just occurred to him who could help her find her Aunt. He says that he can find her. Evidently it has finally dawned on him that if he can see her mother, he will know who in Harmony looks exactly like her. Finally! Maybe this family will reunite before Thanksgiving!

Pilar tries to talk to Luis about Sheridan and tell him that she is not the strong, spoiled rich girl that he thinks that she is. Pilar tells him that Sheridan's life has not been easy and that she is not like the rest of the Crane family. Luis will not listen to her. He asks his mother what Sheridan meant when she said that Pilar had helped her years ago. Pilar refused to tell Luis of the incident, but asked Luis to be kinder to Sheridan during her hours of community service work with him at the youth center.

Sam's men at the police department have no luck finding the unlisted number of Faith Standish. It seems that she must be a computer whiz who has managed to block any leads to her existence. Meanwhile, Grace is at the church praying for a miracle when the angel comes to life and speaks to her. The angel/little girl tells Grace to be strong if she wants to see her sister again.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Luis and Beth arrive at the restaurant for dinner and a waiter immediately places appetizers in front of them, they complain that it isn't their order, but Luis realizes that one of the dishes is his favorite, and since Beth is also happy with hers they accept it. Sheridan and Hank come in, since there are no other tables the foursome shares at the suggestion of the waiter, after all Hank and Luis are old friends. Neither Luis nor Sheridan is happy with this arrangement. The appetizers that Luis and Beth are happily munching on turn out to be the ones Hank and Sheridan ordered, which is too bad, since the kitchen is low on grub. Also on the menu is the Magic act of the Great Misha an unwelcome addition to an already tense and irritating evening for the not so Fab Foursome. Misha enlists Sheridan's assistance in a disappearing act. Sheridan initially declines, but is goaded into it by Luis. Up on stage Sheridan stares at the dark box she is supposed to enter with growing apprehension. She has flashbacks to "that night" and another dark place and begins to panic. Hank tells her from the crowd not to do the trick if she doesn't want to, Luis reiterates that he knew she didn't have it in her to go through with it. Although she is now almost completely panicked Sheridan continues to go through with it to spite Luis and steps in the box. As she lays there seeing the top close her in, hearing the locks closed, Sheridan feels more and more trapped and begins to weakly call out to be released.

Grace paces around her home anxiously waiting for word from Hank, she's desperate to find her sister, and hopes it isn't too late. She prays for a miracle. When Jessica arrives home Grace tells her that Charity is probably her cousin to Jessica's delight. Jessica goes out to find Kay but returns empty handed. Grace feels it's okay, after all she is sure that Kay will want to do everything in her power to help them find Charity and Faith when she does get back. Jessica isn't so sure, but finds the idea worth a smirk. Miguel and Charity arrive at her house and Miguel says he will know immediately who Faith's twin is. Charity goes in first to gage her mother's mood leaving Miguel outside to the delight of Timmy and Tabitha, who are lurking in the bushes. They plan to stop Miguel from ever seeing Faith. Though Faith is resistant Charity manages to talk her mother into trusting Miguel enough to at least meet her and see if her can tell who her twin is. As Charity turns to get Miguel Tabitha uses the forces of nature to create a wind storm inside the house that leaves Faith badly frightened. She is convinced that no one can be trusted and refuses to meet Miguel no matter how hard Charity tries to convince her. Miguel and Charity share a bitter farewell and he rides off on his bike. Tabitha is thrilled. Now that Faith and Grace will stay apart she can concentrate on getting back all of her powers so that she can eliminate Faith and Charity before Charity gets too strong. The priest in Harmony touches the statue of the angel and feels tears "souls are in danger tonight," he says to himself.

When Miguel arrives back in Harmony he comes over to the Bennett house after hearing from his mother that Grace and Faith are sisters. While Miguel is there Sam calls with Faith's number. Grace rushes to call her sister, but the phone rings several times with no answer. Grace is distressed and hands the phone to Miguel. She was so close to finding her family. Miguel allows the phone to continue to ring. Charity and Grace stand outside the door with the last of their things. Charity tells her mother she feels like she has to pick up the phone, Faith tries to talk her out of it but she goes back in. She picks up just as Miguel is about to hang up. Miguel tells Grace she has gotten her miracle and then informs Charity that Grace is her aunt and Faith's twin.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

Kay is relieved when she finds Simone at the park. An angry Simone rebuffs Kay's attempts to apologize. She warns the teenager that not only has she lost Miguel to Charity but she has also lost Simone as a best friend.

Miguel tells Charity that Grace Bennett is her aunt. Grace is overjoyed at the prospect of finally being reunited with her family. When Sam notices his wife shivering, he asks what is wrong. She tells Sam of the little girl she saw while praying and how the little girl warned her of evil. Sam hugs her and promises Grace that there is nothing in Harmony to fear.

Jessica is thrilled to learn that Charity is her cousin especially since she knows how much her sister Kay will hate the news. She eagerly volunteers to be the one to share the "good" news with her big sister. In the car on their way home, Timmy asks Tabitha if she really thinks Faith and Charity are leaving town. A confident Tabitha is certain that her attempts to scare Faith were successful. She tells Timmy that creating that frightening wind did unfortunately drain her powers. Suddenly a bright light appears above the car almost blinding the two. A livid Tabitha realizes that it is her nemesis, the "angel." She explains that the "angel" (which is also the child that Grace saw) is interfering with her plans to destroy Grace, Faith, and Charity by acting as their protector. She forces a nervous Timmy to take the wheel while she tries to capture the "angel" (using a butterfly net, no less). A terrified Sheridan begs for someone to open the magician's box but no one can hear her. Beth expresses admiration for her bravery while Luis just wishes the magician could make Ms. Crane disappear. Trapped, Sheridan begins to have flashbacks of herself as a little girl staring at a coffin as a man tells her she is a wicked girl. Sheridan cries repeatedly that she "didn't mean to do it." As she begs to be let out, the applause of the oblivious audience drowns out her cries. When Hank and Luis finally hear her pleas, they demand that the magician Mischa open the box. He fumbles with the keys before finally admitting that the lock is stuck.

Kay tells Simone that Grace does not need Charity and her mother. She argues that Grace's immediate family is enough for her. Kay honestly believes that without Charity around, she could have a real chance with Miguel. She begs Simone to try to understand her point of view. Simone in turn asks her friend to acknowledge that she was wrong in trying to keep Grace from finding Charity.

Tabitha is upset when she realizes that the "angel" is trying to foil her plans. She insists to Timmy that she has driven Faith and Charity out of town. A skeptical Timmy wonders why then is the "angel" still hanging around. Tabitha reluctantly agrees with Timmy that the "angel's" presence was not a good sign.

Talking on the phone to one another, Grace confirms to Charity that she is her aunt. She tells Charity that she is the woman the young girl spotted from the bus. Faith is enraged to see her daughter still on the phone. She insists that Charity hang up the phone because they must leave town immediately. Charity refuses. She tells her mother that she found her twin sister, Grace Bennett, and was talking to her that very moment. A terrified Faith is disbelieving.

Inadvertently sobbing that she "didn't mean to do it",Sheridan pleads to be freed from the box. Hank and Luis try to comfort her by promising that she will be out soon.

Kay finally admits to Simone that she was wrong in trying to keep her mom from meeting Charity. She reminds Simone that they have been friends for a long time and she opens up to her about her true feelings for Miguel. Simone softens toward Kay and accepts her apology. The two girls happily embrace as Simone gives Kay her forgiveness. Charity convinces her mom that the phone call is not a hoax and that her twin sister is actually on the other line. Grace waits anxiously for her sister to come to the phone. Tabitha eavesdrops as the twins finally begin to talk.

Luis has to use an ax to break open the lock and free Sheridan from the magician's box. Surprisingly, a tender Luis (think Kevin Costner in the movie "The Bodyguard") carries a shaken Sheridan outside of the Lobster Shack to get some fresh air.

Kay promises Simone that once she has won Miguel's heart she will help her mom find her sister. After all, she reasons, her mom has already waited twenty years. What's a few more months going to hurt? Simone can only shake her head in exasperation.

When Faith asks for proof of her identity, Grace tells her sister that she was in a fire twenty years ago and has no memories from before that time. Just as Grace is trying to convince Faith of her sincerity, Tabitha pops into the Bennett living room.

As Sheridan continues to sob that it wasn't her fault, Luis' date Beth wonders what the other woman is referring to. Hank is angry at himself for allowing his date to participate in the stunt. A disoriented Sheridan is startled to realize what has just happened. As she comes around, she tells Hank to take her home. Luis interrupts and demands that she first tell him exactly what she was talking about when she kept saying that it wasn't her fault and that she didn't mean to do it.

Sensing an evil presence (that would be Tabitha), an agitated Faith is ready to disconnect from Grace. When a nervous Grace starts to cough uncontrollably, Faith recalls that her twin used to have the same reaction whenever she got nervous. The two women are pleased to make that connection.

As Luis badgers Sheridan to explain herself, Hank warns him to back off. A persistent Luis ignores his friend but Sheridan icily refuses to answer any of the cop's questions. A frustrated Luis watches Hank and Sheridan leave.

Grace tells Faith about the little girl who appeared to her warning her of evil and danger. A furious Tabitha listens in as the sisters make plans to meet the next day. Faith promises Grace and Charity that she won't be leaving town.

Tabitha hightails it home and tells Timmy of the latest developments. She vows to destroy Faith and Charity before dawn. Much to Timmy's dismay, Tabitha heads for the basement to strengthen up her powers. She warns a petrified Timmy not to open the door no matter what he might hear or smell.

When Beth mentions to him how awful it must be for Sheridan to be claustrophobic, Luis dismisses that notion. If that were the case, he argues, she would never have agreed to get in the box in the first place. Being the cop that he is , Luis is very much intrigued by Sheridan's words and reactions from being trapped in that box. Hank apologizes to Sheridan for Luis' grilling but Sheridan is more concerned about what she may have revealed while trapped in the box. When Hank asks for another date, a distracted Sheridan remarks that she should have never come back to Harmony.

Kay is devastated to learn from a cheerful Jessica that they have a new cousin--- Charity!

Charity cannot believe that she and her mom are really going to stay. She and Miguel are ecstatic that they will have a chance to be together. Grace tells Sam about the warnings from the little girl but he reassures her that nothing could possibly go wrong now that she has found her family. A worried Grace is not so sure.

Timmy watches in horror as Tabitha goes down into the dreaded basement. He shakes his head sadly as he thinks about what's in storefor Faith and Charity on that night.

Friday, September 3, 1999

Theresa tells Whitney that since she's convinced Ethan and Frank that the stalker has moved to South America all of their problems are solved. However, Frank doesn't believe he knows the whole story yet and plans to follow Theresa and Whitney around until he gets at the truth. Frank corners Whitney and asks her some questions, turning the conversation to Whitney's personal and romantic life. Whitney is obviously nervous in Franks presence and the situation only gets worse when Theresa shows up. Whitney tries to get Theresa's attention so she will leave before Frank spots her.

Jessica takes pleasure in informing her none too happy sister that Charity is indeed their cousin. When Kay accidentally lets it out that she know already and didn't tell Grace, Jessica let's her have it for being selfish and putting her lust for Miguel before their mother's happiness. She threatens to tell their parents and Miguel what Kay had done. During their internet reunion, Grace and Faith promise to meet face to face in the morning. Timmy is frightened by the noises he hears coming from the basement as Tabitha attempts to restore her powers. When the basement door finally opens Timmy is shocked by what he sees.

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