All My Children Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on AMC

Mateo told a sleeping Hayley that he loved her. Adam urged Hayley to move on. Gillian told Hayley about Raquel's deception. Erica told David that she wanted to keep their romance a secret. David agreed to do an autopsy on Dimitri's body, but when the coffin was opened, Dimitri's body was not inside.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 30, 1999 on AMC
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Monday August 30, 1999

"I never took a meeting in a mausoleum before," commented David as Edmund escorted him into the crypt. Edmund didn't waste any time in getting the reason for summoning David to Wildwind. He wanted to know more about Alexandra. Of primary concern was Alexandra's claim that she was no longer practicing medicine but somehow had managed to treat Dimitri. In typical David style, David asked Edmund to give him a reason why he should help him out. He then remarked that it might not be wise to discuss things in the mausoleum because Dimitri's "spirit might not like us talking about his bride." Edmund admitted that he doesn't particularly trust David, but he trusted Alex even less. David told Edmund that a group of medical students in San Francisco used to have a nickname for Alex---the Cleopatra of Harley Street. "On the surface, she's cool and aloof but just underneath the surface she exudes a powerful sexuality," explained David. Edmund crooked his head to the side and said that he hadn't noticed. Edmund informed David that he wanted to talk to one of Alex's former patients. "Good luck," responded the doctor. "I doubt you'll find any of them who have survived." Edmund decided to take a different approach. He relayed everything that Alex had told him about Dimitri's illness with the hope that David might be able to find a flaw in her story. Of course David was a cardiologist, but he claimed to be up to speed on many neurological diseases and disorders. There was something, though, that David found peculiar. He knew of no new breakthroughs in treating the ailment that had afflicted Dimitri. Moreover, he said that it was hard to believe that Alexandra had been able to treat Dimitri or that Dimitri's illness had gone into remission. On his way out of the crypt, David sarcastically said that this was a conversation that they could have had in his office. Once David was gone, Edmund picked up his phone and placed an urgent call to Jack. "I need to make arrangements to have Dimitri's boy exhumed," Edmund said intensely.

Hayley awoke in her hospital bed and was surprised to see her father by her side. Adam informed his daughter that she would be allowed to return home later in the day. When asked where "home" was, Adam smiled broadly and informed Hayley that she would be staying at Chandler Mansion. Hayley didn't seem thrilled by the accommodations and looked for excuses to get out of staying with her father. She suggested that Adam ask Liza before offering her an invitation. Again Adam smiled as he told Hayley that it was Liza's idea for her to stay with them. Adam filed out of the room. In the hallway, he reminded the makeshift guard not to let Mateo anywhere near Hayley's room. Across the corridor, Mateo looked on in concern. For the moment he had gone unnoticed, due mostly to the fact that he had donned scrubs to hide his identity. Mateo scurried around the corner where he bumped into Gillian. Gillian was overjoyed that her disguise had worked for Mateo. Mateo, however, was worried that the guard would prevent him from seeing Hayley. Gillian winked and told Matt that she would take care of the problem. Gillian swished over to the guard and asked him for directions to the radiology department. Since the guard was actually a hospital worker, he'd seen Gillian at the hospital before. When questioned why she still hadn't memorized the layout of the hospital, Gillian smiled bashfully and claimed that she was forgetful. The guard gave her directions, but Gillian still wasn't sure that she'd find her way. She offered to get a drink with the young man after hours and the guard agreed to walk her to radiology. That allowed Mateo the opening he needed to sneak into Hayley's room. By this time, though, Hayley was fast asleep. He paced back and forth as he tried to figure out what to say to the woman he loved. "I hope you can hear me," he said softly. "I know you're here because of me. I used Raquel to hurt you." Mateo pledged that he would never do anything to hurt Hayley again. He followed it up with an admission that he still loves Hayley. "You're my life. In my eyes you'll always be my wife," he concluded. He gently placed a pink rose in Hayley's hand and kissed her on the forehead. Before he could leave, Adam returned to the room. Seeing only Mateo's back, Adam mistook him for a doctor. Rather than playing it off, Mateo turned and showed Adam that he was not a doctor. "You creep!" Adam growled. Mateo held up his hands and told Adam that it wouldn't be necessary to call his goons because he was on his way out. Hayley rolled over in bed and the rose Mateo had given her tumbled to the ground. By the time Hayley was fully awake, Mateo was long gone. Hayley rubbed her eyes and called out for Mateo. Adam smiled warmly and told Hayley that she must have been dreaming because Mateo hadn't been there. Adam then discreetly pushed the rose under Hayley's bed with his foot. Liza arrived a short time later with some of Hayley's clothes. She quickly moved to ease any doubts Hayley might have about staying with them. One of Liza's biggest bargaining tools came when she offered to let Hayley move back with Trevor and Janet when the returned from their honeymoon.

One of Alexandra's bags still remained unaccounted for. She placed a phone to a messenger service that had apparently located the bag and vented her frustration about not having her belongings. When a knock sounded on the door, Alex hoped that the driver had finally arrived. When she opened the door, Erica greeted her with a civil hello. There was no need for an invitation inside because Erica squeezed past Alex and invited herself into the lodge. Alex took a deep breath, rolled her eyes, and silently vowed to do her best to be nice to Erica. Erica wasted no time in telling Alex why she'd dropped by. She felt that it was despicable for Alex to not give Maximillian to Bianca. Eric argued that Bianca was like a daughter to Dimitri. She also said that when she last spoke to her daughter she had told her that she was certain that Alex would "do the decent thing" and give Maximillian to her. Alexandra muttered that there was only one thing left for her to do---agree to Erica's request. Alexandra concocted a story about needing to wait until the weather cooled off before moving the horse because it might fall ill. In the meantime, she said that she would continue to ride the horse every day. Erica was taken aback and commented that David had been right about her. Alex's eyes bulged slightly and she demanded to know what David had said about her. Erica blinked several times and told Alex that David had simply remarked that she looked like she might like to ride horses. How could he say anything more, asked Erica? After all, Alex and David had only just met. "I've heard dreadful things about [David]," Alex remarked. Erica was upset by Alex's statement and demanded to know who she'd been talking to. In an effort to get rid of Erica, Alex told Erica that she could take Maximillian immediately. Before she could shoo Erica out the front door, another knock sounded on the door. Thankfully for Alex, this was a welcome visitor. Alex smiled warmly at Gillian and told her that Erica was just leaving. Erica stomped towards the door stopping only momentarily to praise Alex for finally doing the right thing.

Brooke entered her office with her attention focused on the day's mail. When she looked up, she screamed in fright. She hadn't expected to see someone sitting in her office---even if it was someone she knew. "You forgot our lunch date again!" Jack snarled. Brooke felt terribly, but claimed that she didn't remember that they had a date. "I was worried," Jack said about Brooke's non-appearance. "Then I was hungry. Then I was worried and hungry." Brooke puckered her lips and told Jack that she was delayed because she'd been asked to tour an alien spaceship. There was another reason that Jack had stopped by Brooke's office. "I want to move in with you," he blurted out. Brooke was unfazed. Jack followed up his seemingly stunning announcement with a disclaimer. Apparently, there was vacant office space in the building and Jack had stopped by to check it out. He explained that he didn't have enough space at his usual office because Trevor and Belinda are always "underfoot." Edmund arrived at the office and brought Jack and Brooke up to date on his newest findings. Edmund insinuated that the doctors at Seaview has been "paid off" by Alex to cover up something sinister---something like murder. Jack and Brooke were both surprised by Edmund's allegations. Jack reminded his friend that he had nothing to prove that Alex had done anything illegal. Edmund nodded and said that that was the reason he wanted to have his brother's body exhumed. If Dimitri's death was the result of foul play, as next of kin Alex would certainly not agreed to have the body exhumed. Edmund vowed to find a way around the legal technicalities. Brooke, however, remained convinced that Alex was on the up and up. She said that it was not out of the realm of possibility for Dimitri to have fallen in love with his doctor. Edmund still wanted to know why Alex had not permitted an autopsy or open casket funeral. Intent on proving that Alex was up to something sinister, Edmund headed back to Wildwind. Brooke, meanwhile, told Jack that her instincts tell her that Alex is a "decent person."

At SOS, Mateo placed a call to the hospital and, after mistakenly asking for Hayley Santos' room, learned that Hayley had been discharged. He hung up the phone and gently rolled his wedding ring between his fingers.

David returned to his hotel room and rifled through his mail. He was unaware that a scantily clad intruder was lurking in his room. Erica, wearing a black negligee and one of David's shirts, sashayed out of the bathroom and gently purred that she's been waiting for him.

Back at the hunting lodge, Alex told Gillian that she was not just Dimitri's wife, but his doctor as well. Gillian wasn't upset or concerned that Alex might be hiding something. Gillian was curious, but not in the same way as Edmund. Gillian longed to hear a truly romantic tale and asked Alex about how she and Dimitri first met. Alex smiled melancholically and told Gillian, "I tried not to fall in love with him, but he was exactly what I needed." Alex's flashback took her to a dinner date with Dimitri on the day after he'd kissed her for the first time. She warned Dimitri that it was inappropriate for a patient to kiss their doctor. Dimitri wasn't concerned in the least and told Alex that he would kiss her whenever he wanted to! Gillian became very giddy as she listened to the trip down memory lane. Alex said that the one thing that made her relationship with Dimitri was special was that they lived for the moment. "We always had that threat over our heads," she said softly. The next flashback reminded Alex of the first time that she heard Dimitri admit that he was fearful of dying. Dimitri said that he had contemplated flying to Vadzel and ending his life. It was unclear if he was being truthful or being ghoulishly humorous. "You can't," Alex pleaded. "It won't help. Don't you see? You could go to Ethiopia and I'd still stay awake at night worrying about you. I love you." Dimitri took a sobbing Alex into his arms and assured her that things weren't over. In fact, they'd only just begun. Time forwarded and Alex and Dimitri found themselves at the restaurant where they'd had their first date. This time, Alex had good news to share. The results of Dimitri's test had come back negative. Dimitri was stunned. "I had this terrible speech prepared," he chuckled. "You did it!" Alex shook her head and said that she could not take the credit for Dimitri's return to health. "He did it," she said pointing towards the heavens. "I just got lucky... really lucky." Seemingly out of nowhere, Dimitri asked Alexandra to marry him. He said that he'd wanted to ask her for quite some time, but that he was afraid that she'd say yes. Dimitri did not want Alex to agree to marry him while his future was still unclear; he worried that Alex's judgment would be impaired. The next words out of his mouth were a bit of a mystery, adding another shade of mystery to the picture. "I couldn't put you through what you went through with your father," Dimitri said. Overcome by emotion, Alex happily agreed to marry Dimitri
Back in the present, Gillian thanked Alex for sharing her memories with her. Alex smiled and told Gillian that she was "so easy to talk to." Gillian was on her way out as a deliveryman dropped by the lodge with Alex's missing bag. Gillian walked the messenger back to his car. Alex, meanwhile, hurriedly closed the door and turned her attention to the suitcase. Inside the suitcase was black medical bag. She carefully opened the bag and ogled a small vial inside the bag. Edmund peered through the window and watched curiously as Alex clutched the bottle close to her chest.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Erica woke up in David's hotel room and he wanted her to stay, but she had a breakfast meeting to go to downstairs in the dining room. David mused that Erica's need to eat was brought on by "the hypoglycemic effects of sex." They once again discussed keeping their relationship private. Erica heads downstairs to meet Opal, pretending that she drove there and arrived late because of traffic. David enters the dining room and takes a seat by himself, exchanging glances with Erica. Opal makes it clear that she doesn't care much for David and Erica keeps her feelings on the matter to herself. The Glamorama is going global, Opal informs Erica. Adrian is helping Opal set up a web site and Opal wants to promote Enchantment cosmetics on the site. Their conversation is interrupted when a busboy enters the dining room, calling out to locate "Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt." Opal doesn't respond and Erica can't understand why. She stands up and gets the busboy's attention, just as the new Mrs. Cortlandt, Vanessa, arrives to receive the message from Palmer.

Erica and David are equally stunned to learn that Palmer and Vanessa are now man and wife. David approached the table and asked to speak to his mother in private. Vanessa cast an icy glance at him and scolded him for not saying hello to his new "Step Pa-Pa." Palmer smiled slightly and told David that he looks forward to getting to know him better. In response, David remarked that he'd better hurry up and do it because "the shelf life for mother's husbands depends on how long it takes her to suck them dry." David pulls his mother aside for a private talk and warns her that he still has the tape of Donald Steele confessing to their scam. He doesn't plan to use it right now, though. He's going to sit back and see what happens, he doesn't expect this marriage to last much longer than any of her others. "One day Palmer will wake up and divorce you so fast your head will spin," he warns her. Across the room, Erica is talking to Palmer and trying to find out why on earth her would do this to Opal and marry someone as horrible as Vanessa. He did it for the companionship, he tells her. Erica informs Palmer that as long as he's married to Vanessa, neither of them are welcome in her home. Vanessa returned and caught the tale end of the conversation. "If I'm not welcome in your home," Vanessa said softly. "Then Palmer and I will build our own home!" Erica goes back to comfort Opal, who's trying to deal with the situation as best she can and not let Palmer get her down.

At the TV station, Greenlee is trying to play on Scott's sympathy, claiming that she hurt her ankle when they were playing tennis and asking him to drive her home. Becca happens to see this and remembers Myrtle's advice that she shouldn't give up on Scott and let Greenlee snare him. She walks up and reminds Scott that they're about to screen some tapes so he can't take Greenlee home. Greenlee tries to stall by knocking over a stack of tapes, but Becca jumps in to pick them up and sends Scott to the screening room to get things ready to get him away from Greenlee. Later, Scott returns to tell Becca things are all set and they head to the screening room. Greenlee tries to follow them, but Liza, clued in to Greenlee's interest in Scott by Greenlee's grandmother, stops her and sends her on an errand to bring some papers to Brooke at Tempo. Liza sees a lot of her old self in Greenlee and wants to keep history from repeating itself. After they finishing screening the tapes, Scott and Becca kiss and Greenlee walks in and sees them.

Edmund went down to the gatehouse to talk to Alex, who was still in her nightgown when he arrived. He suggested they go for a walk and get to know each other better, but when Alex went into the other room to change, he began snooping around, searching for the vial he had seen in her hand. Alex comes back into the room and the two sit down to talk instead. Edmund gets Alex to talk a bit about her past and why she became a doctor. Her father was an artist, she begins, but he had a seizure disorder and the attacks caused him such embarrassment that he and his wife and Alex lived out in the country, far away from any neighbors. Alex's mother worked to support the family, so growing up Alex spent most of her time with her father and they became very close. After she left home to go away to school, he suddenly died and she was devastated by the loss. At this point she gets so upset that she has to leave the room and as soon as she does, Edmund starts snooping again and this time finds her medical bag. He pours a little of the liquid from the vial into a container he brought with him and puts the vial away. Alex returns and apologizes and Edmund suddenly makes an excuse that he has work to do and has to go. He brings the vial to the Valley Inn where he finds David and asks him to analyze the contents to prove that Alex killed Dimitri. Back at the hunting lodge, Alex takes out the vial and realizes that some of the liquid is missing. She puts the vial in her purse and heads out the door.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Mateo placed a phone call to Raquel from the hospital. He spoke briefly to Max, but when he asked to speak to Raquel he was told that she had "just left." Gillian wandered by and smiled when she noticed that Mateo was not wearing his disguise. She mistakenly assumed that Mateo and Hayley had patched things up. In actuality, that was not the case. Mateo broke the news that Hayley had been released and is presumably staying at Chandler Mansion. Mateo knew that Adam wouldn't let him anywhere near Hayley, so he needed Gillian's help. He concocted a scenario where he would hide in the back seat of Gillian's car to gain access to the grounds. Once inside, Gillian would create a diversion thereby allowing Mateo to sneak some time alone with Hayley. Gillian was initially skeptical that Hayley would listen to her. After listen to Mateo's explanation, she decided that she could help. "It's a pie!" she chirped gleefully. "Cake," Mateo replied in correction. "It's a piece of cake."

Elsewhere at the hospital, Tad and Dixie filed into Dr. Clader's office for what Dixie claimed was a "routine exam." Dixie told Tad that he didn't have to wait around, but Tad said that he wanted to be there with her. Dixie began fidgeting in her seat and wondered if the doctor was running late. Tad took her arm gently and informed her that the doctor was probably running on time---and she was twenty minutes early. Tad wondered if Dixie was anxious because she wanted to get Dr. Clader's "green light" to start trying to have another baby. Dixie played everything very smoothly; so well, in fact, that it was difficult to tell if she was being entirely truthful. Dixie told Tad that she was in no hurry to get pregnant again. The couple shared a hug as the doctor entered the room. He was happy to see that Tad and Dixie were no longer at odds. Time passed slowly, very slowly, as Tad sat alone in the waiting room. He flipped slowly through a binder of photographs of the babies of Dr. Clader's patients. One of the final pictures was that of little Colby. As smiled warmly at the photo, Jake sauntered into the room. Of course he couldn't help but comment on the beauty of "his" daughter. Tad asked his brother to sit down for a few minutes. Tad struggled to find the words to express what he wanted to say. He asked Jake if there was any possibility that David had been right when he'd said that Dixie could carry a baby to term. Jake conceded that it was possible, but he stopped short of giving his stamp of approval on the idea. If Dixie was to try again, Jake said that Dixie would have to exhibit "one hundred percent honesty and two hundred percent compliance." What he was saying was that Dixie had to follow her doctors' orders exactly and needed to be truthful about her health. Jake continued on his rounds and Tad was once again left to wait. Some time later, Dixie and Dr. Clader exited the examining room and broke the good news: Dixie was as good as new. The doctor was paged away on other business and Tad and Dixie had some time to discuss their possible future plans. Tad wanted to get right to the heart of the issue and talk about whether or not to try to make another baby. Dixie, however, continued her calm approach to the subject by saying that she wanted to wait until the time was right. She followed it up with a mention that when the time came she would be sure to take care of herself and her baby and to maintain open communication with Tad at all times.

David and Edmund continued their conversation in the solarium at the hospital. There, Edmund told the doctor that he needed the solution he'd stolen from Alex analyzed. David wanted to know how Edmund had gotten his hands on the liquid. "I doubt that Dr. Devane was giving out free samples," he said with a wry smile. Edmund admitted that he'd been spying on his sister-in-law and that he helped himself to the sample when Alex was out of the room. For Edmund it was a forgone conclusion that David would help him. It was an assumption that he shouldn't have made so quickly. David wanted to know what he'd get in return for helping Edmund. Cash incentives wouldn't work since David was already very well off. So Edmund offered the chance to get revenge. No one had said anything, but Edmund had inferred that Alex had done something to upset David. David neither confirmed nor denied Edmund's suspicions, but he did sign on to analyze the liquid. "I like a good mystery," David remarked as he took the vial from Edmund. He unscrewed the cap and noted that the solution had a "distinctive smell."

Greenlee hobbled into Ryan's office at WRCW and immediately pressed him for details about his personal life. As Greenlee continued to dig, Scott and Becca entered the office to view their completed documentary. Greenlee looked to Ryan and asked him if he'd taped a segment in the project. Ryan shook his head, prompting Greenlee to say that Ryan was "very mysterious." Scott popped the tape into the VCR and prepared to press the play button. Before he could view the tape, a call came down from the production floor; Scott was needed to operate one of the cameras. Scott dashed off with Becca by his side to watch. Ryan told Greenlee that he had to go check on a friend and headed on his way. Greenlee was not at all happy that she'd been shunned by two men. Her nostrils flared as she made her way towards the VCR. She popped out the tape and flashed a sinister glance. When Scott and Becca returned to the office, they found Greenlee pretending to read a magazine. She hadn't been reading. In fact, she'd just got done popping a tape into the VCR. Greenlee announced that she'd leave so that Scott and Becca could view their film in private. Scott asked his friend to stick around so that she could view the film. Greenlee watched from the back of the room with an evil grin planted firmly on her face. As the film rolled it became very evident that something was not quite right. "The time codes aren't burned in!" Scott groaned. Becca put her hands over her mouth and said that she must have messed up in the editing room. "I was so careful," Becca said sadly. Greenlee raised her eyebrows and muttered that it would take hours to fix the problem. Since Becca believed that she'd caused the problem, she said that she'd fix it. She urged Scott to go ahead and do other things. Greenlee quickly stepped in and asked Scott if he'd help her review some proposal idea forms. Becca was still editing the film when Scott returned to the office. The young woman moaned that she'd still be working at the end of the next millennium. Tad arrived to screen the film and let Scott know what he could and couldn't use in the final draft. Becca bowed her head and told Tad that there was nothing for him to view because she'd made a mistake in the editing room. Scott stated that it wasn't like Becca to make mistakes because she's usually so organized. As he made mention of her little notebook, Becca's eyes lit up. She remembered that she'd made notes in her notebook to log the times of various scenes on the videotape. So while the visual cues were not on the actual tape, there was a timeline on paper that they could use. "Impressive save," Tad said in praise. Greenlee frowned in defeat. Becca and Scott went back to the editing room. Greenlee was about to leave, but Tad asked her to check his mailbox and fetch a cup of coffee for him. Again Greenlee grimaced, but she did as she was told. Tad began watching the tape and came across a startling find. The cameras had been rolling when Dixie first felt the signs that she might be miscarrying. She had stooped over to pick up some of the boys' toys when a surge of pain shot up her back. Tad entered the room and offered to give her a back massage, but Dixie came up with an excuse to put off the rub.

Hayley reclined on chair on the terrace at Chandler Mansion. Adam appeared by her side with a stack of books. Hayley asked her father to stop trying to hard to make her feel better. Adam worried that his daughter was going to get bored. "No, boredom would actually require too much thought," Hayley grumbled. On his way out, Adam grabbed the phone. Hayley asked him why he was taking the phone, to which Adam said that he was taking it because she'd asked not to be bothered. Adam got a few more steps in before Hayley asked him if Mateo called. "Would you talk to him if he did?" Adam questioned. Hayley shook her head and Adam continued on his way. Hayley dozed off, but her sleep was hardly enjoyable. She dreamt that Mateo had poured her a seemingly innocent glass of water. Hayley refused to drink it because she thought that Mateo was trying to slip her a drink. Mateo insisted that he wouldn't do that because he loves her. Ryan suddenly appeared and ordered Hayley not to drink the "water." Mateo looked at Hayley with big puppy dog eyes and assured her that he'd never do anything to hurt her. Hayley smiled and took a sip of the drink. Almost immediately she spit it out: It was vodka. "You lied to me!" Hayley screamed. From out of nowhere, Raquel, wearing a white wedding dress, breezed onto the terrace and remarked, "It wouldn't be the first time." Hayley was shocked that Mateo was turning into someone that she didn't know and couldn't trust. "You never knew him---not the way I do," Raquel chimed in. "I'm the one he loves." In the real world, Ryan sat beside Hayley and gently called to her. When she woke and saw Ryan holding a glass of water, she instinctively swatted it away. When she realized that she was no longer dreaming, Hayley apologized for her behavior and told Ryan about her dream. Ryan urged Hayley to grab a bite to eat, but Hayley claimed that she wasn't in the mood to eat. A few seconds later, Adam returned with news that Lucretia had whipped up a batch of Hayley's favorite brownies. Hayley smiled. She could never pass on Lucretia's famous brownies. After Hayley scurried off, Adam sat down with Ryan to discuss a few things. "Just what are your intentions towards my daughter?" Adam asked pointedly. Ryan blinked a few times before offering, "I'm not sure I know what you mean." Adam flashed a slight smile and told Ryan that he's noticed how he's always there for Hayley in her time of need. Ryan insisted that he and Hayley were just friends. "I would never do anything to jeopardize that friendship," Ryan said softly. On several occasions Adam tried to force a definitive answer out of Ryan; were his intentions purely platonic? Adam said that Hayley did not need to get involved with another man who would let her down. "I would never do that," Ryan replied. Adam then wanted to know if Ryan meant that he'd never get involved with Hayley or never let her down. Gillian appeared in the doorway and asked if Hayley was receiving visitors. Adam headed off to the kitchen to find Hayley. Ryan, meanwhile, asked Gillian how she'd been able to track down Hayley. Gillian explained that she'd dropped by Trevor and Janet's but found no one home. Just beyond the terrace, Mateo hid behind a shrub. Mateo wanted to slip inside the house, but he couldn't do so with Ryan standing by. Gillian slowly walked back and forth so that Ryan would remain facing in her direction. As she did so, Mateo was able to inch his way towards the door. Ryan was about to turn around and find Mateo, so Gillian had to act quickly. She lunged towards her former husband and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Ryan closed his eyes and Mateo scurried towards the door.

Alexandra's journey took her by the Marick crypt. She kneeled before her husband's vault and sighed sadly. Unbeknownst to Alex, Edmund was observing her from the doorway. "Oh, dear God," she huffed. "Have I done the right thing?"

Thursday, September 2, 1999

As Gillian held Ryan is a passionate kiss on the terrace of the Chandler mansion, Mateo sneaked past them to the house. As he opened the door however, Adam came out and told Mateo to leave or he would have him arrested for trespassing. Mateo wanted to see Hayley but Adam refused. When Mateo insisted Adam angrily told him, "She doesn't want to see you! What, you think you are so damned irresistible?" Mateo faced up to him, calling Adam "a big fat liar!" As they went at each other, Ryan pulled them apart as Hayley appeared on the terrace.

Mateo begged her to listen to him. Again he insisted he didn't sleep with Raquel. "She came on to me and I turned her down," he explained, to Hayley's evident disbelief. Gillian came to the rescue, saying that when she spoke with Raquel there was nothing said to indicate Raquel had slept with Mateo. "That's hardly a ringing endorsement," Adam commented sarcastically. Hayley reminded Mateo of his torrid dance with Raquel at SOS, he replied it was just a dance. Hayley told him she didn't believe him and that Raquel was just another of Mateo's victims - he used Raquel and hurt her as he had hurt Hayley. Mateo desperately tried to convince Hayley they should be together again. "Don't do this to us," he begged. Hayley laughed at him, reminding him that he was the one who had kept saying "there is no us any more!" and she wanted him to leave. Mateo said they had been through so much. "Exactly," Hayley sadly replied, "You've put me through too much."  Defeated, Mateo left. Gillian tried to still plead his cause, but Adam asked her, "Haven't you done enough?" She left. Hayley told Ryan to go after her, assuring him that she will be all right.

Later, as Hayley sat sadly thinking about her troubles, Stuart came with a sketchpad. He didn't want to disturb her and was just going to do some sketching. But they did get to talking and Stuart managed to get a laugh out of Hayley. After she unburdened herself about her disappointments with Mateo, Stuart gently suggested she and Mateo should talk, just the two of them. Hayley sadly wondered if she would ever be happy, and told Stuart what had just happened when Mateo was there, but Stuart reminded her that almost everyone has been hurt at some time by someone they love. He spoke of how he felt when Gloria rejected him for Adam, but that he is now totally happy with Marian.

Gillian was back at the hospital when Ryan caught up with her. He questioned her about how she could have helped Mateo to sneak into the Chandler mansion. Gillian jumped on him, asking why he always believed what Hayley believed? "Use your own brain!" she yelled at him. Ryan said that Hayley was his friend, but that he hadn't counted on having feelings for her. Gillian demanded to know what she was to him, and he told her she is his ex-wife. Gillian angrily told him she was tired of waiting for him, and she was sick of his Peter Pan/Men are from Mars syndrome! "You want someone like Hayley - because she is unavailable, or better yet someone who has so many problems that you'll never run out of ways to rescue her!" Angrily, she told him to go and not come back. A confused Jake entered and asked what was wrong. "I'm not going to be Ryan's doormat any more!" she told Jake. When he asked for how long, she flared at him, "You men all think we women can't do without a man! Men are aliens from outer space sent to torture us!"
Mateo came in and caught Gillian at the wrong moment to ask for another favor! "Forget it! Get on with your life, like I intend to do," Gillian angrily told him when he begged her to set up another meeting Hayley.

At WRCW, Tad re-ran the tape of Dixie caught wincing with pain when Scott's videocam was left running. He was shocked to see her reaction to his shoulder rub. Liza came in, took a look at the freeze frame and joked that, from the expression on Dixie's face, Tad wouldn't be giving Sven the masseur any competition any time soon! Tad explained about the video, and how he realized now that Dixie had been deceiving him about her back pains, even on the same day that she lost their baby. "She lied to me, she knew something was wrong," he told Liza. Liza tried to play devil's advocate, saying maybe Dixie didn't want him to over-react, and that she had wanted the baby so much. Marian came bouncing in, and Tad groaned, "That just makes my day," and left. Marian gushed on to Liza about her big plans to get Stuart into "society", starting with a brunch she wants to host - on the terrace of the Chandler mansion! The idea is to get super-snob Millicent Greenlee to realize what a wonderful person Stuart is, and then get him on to the Committee for the Preservation of Historical Architectural Treasures! Liza was astounded, and asked if Stuart knew of these plans. Marian admitted he didn't but would be pleased. Liza saw through the plan as a way for Marian to ingratiate herself with the Greenlee clique. Liza went on to say how Millicent's obnoxious granddaughter is an intern at WRCW who doesn't pull her weight and spends her time chasing Scott. Marian thought that was fine, and that Greenlee would be better for Scott than Becca! Finally, Liza agreed to let Marian use the terrace for her function, and Marian floated out on clouds!
Tad came back and told Liza he has a plan to turn the tables on Dixie, and asked if he could use her private plane tomorrow. Then he called Dixie and told her he has a surprise for her tomorrow!

At the Marick mausoleum, Alex was thinking back to the early days with Dimitri. She remembered sitting on a park bench with him and explaining her theory to him about how to trigger replenishment of new brain cells. His condition is very rare, she had told him. After realizing the risks and being willing to have faith, Dimitri agreed to the treatment she proposed. "Dear God, have I done the right thing?" Alex wondered aloud, as Edmund entered the mausoleum. He said they must have had the same idea - to come to the mausoleum to be close to Dimitri, and Maria for him.

Edmund talked about Maria's sensitivity to her patients, started to quiz Alex about terminal patients, and with David's hints about Alex obviously on his mind, asked her about euthanasia. Had any of her patients ever asked for help in that way? Alex realized where his questions were leading. "You're asking me if I helped your brother to die? NO!" she told him emphatically. Edmund told her what he had overheard her say about doing the right thing. "You were spying on me? she asked angrily. "You are hiding something. If it's something about my brother, I have the right to know! Tell me!"
Alex replied, "I can't! I will - but not now!" Edmund demanded to know how much longer she wanted him to suffer, but Alex replied she didn't want anyone to suffer.  At that moment, a smiling David appeared in the doorway and innocently asked, "Oh dear, did I come at a bad time?" A furious Alex as not happy at all to see him, and believed it was a set-up between him and Edmund, and accused David of putting ideas in Edmund's head that she murdered Dimitri. David admitted that he and Alex had had "a little run-in" a few years ago.

"You are so slick," Alex told David. "Like a little snake. You're just hoping I'll let my guard down long enough for you to strike!" He told them he was there to apologize to Alex for intruding on her mourning. David wanted to make amends, and held out his hand to Alex, but she ignored it and brushed past him, saying she was late for an appointment. After she had gone, Edmund asked David why he was buttering her up. Keeping her off balance, and keep your enemies close, David replied. Edmund then asked him the vital question - what was in the vial? Was it poison? "You're right, it is a poison," David told him.

Friday, September 3, 1999

With a day off of work, Becca went with Scott to the lake. After floating on the lake, Becca chased down Scott and blasted him with a watergun. Scott fell to the ground mimicking death. Becca teased him about underestimating her marksmanship. She explained that her grandfather had taught her how to shoot soda cans with a BB gun when she was just a girl. As Becca taunted her friend, Scott remained motionless on the floor of the cabin. She nudged him with her foot, but Scott still showed no signs of life. It was then that Becca feared that something was wrong. Perhaps Scott had hit his head when he fell to the ground. She dropped to her knees and checked Scott's vital signs. Scott's eyes suddenly fluttered and he planted a kiss on Becca's lips. Things got very heated very fast. Their lips once again embraced. Becca slowly pulled away and softly told Scott that they should be headed home. Scott hesitantly agreed. The pair headed out to Scott's car, buckled up, and prepared to travel back to Pine Valley. When Scott turned the key in the ignition, the engine refused to turn over. With wide eyes, Scott and Becca looked nervously at one another. Scott popped the hood and checked the engine for signs of trouble. From inside the car, Becca chirped that she already knew what was wrong: the timing belt had broken. Scott was amazed and asked Becca if she knew how to fix the problem. A broad smile on her face, Becca nodded. There was just one small problem---she didn't have a new belt or tools. All wasn't lost. Scott said that he could phone home on his cellular phone. That wasn't going to work either because the phone's battery had gone dead. Scott suggested that they spend the night in the cabin and find a way home in the morning. They headed into the cabin and once again those nervous jitters took over. Scott offered to make a fire, but before long there were sparks of another kind. Scott and Becca once again shared a passionate kiss.

The long days of summer were drawing to a close. Fresh from her honeymoon in Paris, Janet dropped by The Glamorama for a few touchups. Janet was stunned to learn from Tiffany that there was a "new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt." Millicent, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, breezed over to the manicuring station and blathered that she and her husband were thrilled that Palmer had moved on. "At last poor Palmer has a wife who is his intellectual and cultural equal," she said snootily. As Millicent chattered on about wanting to get to know Vanessa better, Janet grumbled that Millicent and Vanessa had a lot in common. Tiffany bit her lip to keep from laughing. Marian strolled into the salon and immediately dashed towards Millicent. Marian asked the woman if she had received the invitation to her brunch. Millicent's face suddenly dropped and her mind went into overdrive to come up with an excuse to get out of the party. The brunch, Marian said, would be for "all the fat women." Tiffany's ears perked up. Marian laughed gleefully and explained that she'd misunderstood her. It was actually for the PHAT women---women from the Preserving Historical Architectural Treasures organization. Still Millicent wasn't ready to sign on. Marian looked across the room and noticed that Erica was sitting at a nearby desk. Marian told Millicent that her "dear friend" Erica Kane was going to be at the event. Millicent was impressed, but she was actually more interested in learning about Erica's facial reconstruction surgery. "I read somewhere that [she's wearing] an elaborate mask," Millicent gossiped. Millicent was called away for her facial. Meanwhile, Erica left a message at The Valley Inn for David. "Tell Dr. Hayward that his evening appointment has been confirmed," she purred. Marian scurried over to Erica and begged her to attend her luncheon party. Erica wasn't sure that she could make it, but Marian pleaded and begged until Erica agreed to show up. Opal arrived in the salon and she was immediately swarmed by Janet and Erica, who both wanted to offer support to their friend. Opal insisted that she was not at all upset that Palmer had moved on with his life. She was, however, fearful that Vanessa would get her talons on little Peter. "We have a secret weapon," said Erica when Opal mentioned her fear that the newly-wed Palmer would try to get another custody hearing. Opal and Janet both looked at Erica and asked her what she was talking about. "David Hayward," Erica replied curtly. She said that she could run a guilt trip on David to make him testify against his mother in court. That way, no judge would ever allow a child anywhere near Vanessa. Erica excused herself to head off on a business trip to promote The Glamorama's new web site. Shortly after Erica left, Millicent wandered out of the back room. Marian ran over to her and again asked her if she was going to attend the luncheon. Millicent was undecided until Marian mentioned that Scott was going to be there---and urged Millicent to bring Greenlee with her. Suddenly Millicent was singing an entirely different tune. She put on a big smile and told Marian that she couldn't wait for the brunch meeting. Millicent waited until Opal had her back turned so that she wouldn't have to speak to her on the way out. She told Marian that she absolutely could not tolerate Opal. Marian had to disavow her friendship with Opal for fear of pushing Millicent away. Marian scurried off right after Millicent prompting Opal to wonder why her friend had left without saying goodbye.

Erica slipped into David's hotel room, but there was no sign of the doctor. She ducked into the bathroom and donned a sexy black negligee. She spritzed the room with perfume and anxiously waited for David's return. She dipped her hands in a beautiful box of rose petals and scattered the petals on the bed. She carefully laid across the bed and smiled sexily in anticipation of David's arrival.

At the hunting lodge, Alexandra placed an urgent call to Sean, her friend in England. "He knows, Sean," Alex groaned. "No, not about that---that I'm a doctor." As the phone call ended, Alex told her friend that they might need to prepare for a "quick escape to England."

Edmund asked David if he was positive that the mysterious liquid was, in fact, a poison. "Without a doubt," David replied. Edmund shook his head in disbelief. He had silently been hoping that the test results would show otherwise. He told Edmund that he had been hoping that Alex's story would check out and that she really did love Dimitri. David didn't want to trouble Edmund more, but he felt a need to point out that there was no proof that Alexandra had used the poison to kill Dimitri. Edmund was in complete agreement. He cited a need for "solid proof," telling David that he was going to help him get it. The only way to prove that foul play was involved was to have an autopsy performed. David was shocked when Edmund announced that he was forgoing the legal route and opting for far more drastic measures. He watched as Edmund stepped out of the crypt for a few seconds only to return with a crowbar. David's jaw dropped. He told Edmund that he could not help him because unlawful exhumation could land him in jail or result on the revocation of his medical license. Edmund promised that he would take full accountability for what they were going to do---and said that he'd never even mention David's name was questioned about his activities. The promise didn't win David over, so Edmund once again had to turn to the revenge factor. He told David that there would be no better way for him to get back at Alexandra than sending her to jail for murder. The thought of Alex spending the rest of her life behind bars obviously appealed to David because he agreed to assist Edmund. David said that they would need to be careful so as not to disturb the body. They agreed to take a sample of Dimitri's hair and fingernails. Before David would allow Edmund to use the crowbar, he warned him that the body inside the coffin would no longer look like Dimitri; it had already started to decompose. Edmund took a deep breath and apologized to his brother for disturbing him. A few minutes later, the coffin's seal was broken. Edmund slowly flipped open the lid, but he was not prepared what he found inside. David's eyes bulged and Edmund gasped loudly. "Oh my God," he panted.

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