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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on PC
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Monday, September 13, 1999

Eve and Kevin, at the Lighthouse, are discussing Eve meeting with the doctor who delivered her son. She i s worried about what she will find. Kevin sympathizes and makes her feel better. Enter Victor, singing a silly song, "I'm back!" He told them his illness is under control.

Courtney dashes in to the hospital after a call from Joe about Neil. Neil is in bad shape, all else has failed an they talk about having a new baby again. Courtney expresses concern but Joe reassures her. She tells Joe to "make the call."

In Neil's room, Neil asks Courtney where she was and told her he's had a lot of visitors. He says how different it is from the last time he was sick, having friends and family come by in droves. He enjoys it and feels like Joe has always been his dad.

Karen overhears Joe making the phone call about having a baby with Courtney. They both express concerns but agree that they will get thru it together. Scott arrives still apoplectic about DV and told Karen of DV's threat. Joe is pages and leaves. Karen discusses the baby with Scott who is supportive.

Back at the Lighthouse, Kevin is demanding answers from Victor who explains a bit about how the mind thing works. Is DV Cobra? Maybe. Kevin and Eve are beginning to "connect the dots" and Victor told them of the sequence of events (which we saw happen) in Italy. He apologizes for the whole thing but Kevin told him no apology is necessary. He just wants to know how to fight "this thing."

Frank arrives in Neil's room with a gift for Neil. Courtney told him that gifts aren't necessary, Neil knows Frank loves him. She told him Neil's condition and he wants to have another baby to save Neil. She feels another baby would be disloyal to Neil, even though it might save his life. If it doesn't save Neil, how will she feel about the baby? They discuss how they are both good parents and Frank laments having to be Neil's "uncle." He asks if it bothers Courtney to lie to Neil and insists that, if they do have another baby, it will be known that he's the father.

Scott brought Karen some dinner and the talk about the baby some more. Scott misses *his* family.

At the Lighthouse, Victor continues to fill Kevin and Eve in on the intrigue in Rome (which we've seen but they don't remember so we get to have it explained to death) He can block ESP and that's what "they" wanted to learn. He wouldn't tell them. They tell Victor about Eve's baby and that she keeps seeing a young boy in dreams and visions. Victor recalls seeing a boy while imprisoned but, as he was off his meds, can't be sure it was real. Eve begs for help and the both agree to do what she asks.

Scott reminisces about his mother and told Karen she would be proud of her granddaughter. Scott told Joe he supports him too with the baby situation. Scott replays recent scenes with DV. Joe calls him "partner" but Scott says he's doing it alone.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Francine Goldberg

Courtney's still locked in the garage and it's morning in PC. Someone's coming! She grabs a wrench but he grabs her! It's Frank. Her excitement at his "rescuing" her quickly turns as she realizes *he* locker her in. She berates him--what about Neil? He knew where she was. He's a thief, etc. She leaves for the hospital still pissed. Cut to Joe and Karen at GH. They're discussing the new baby.

Scott's at the firehouse on the phone planning more plots. We don't know who he's talking to. After he hangs up, he picks up a box of rat poison. "What better way to off a rat than a little poison?" he asks as he stares at it.

Joe's talking to Matt. He's researched Neil's leukemia extensively and still can't find help. He told Matt about the baby plan. Joe thinks Mary may have some trouble buying the baby plan. They discuss Karen. Matt, although disapproving, wishes him luck. Karen comes up and Matt leaves for surgery. Karen's not happy Joe told Matt about the baby,. Their beepers go off--it's Neil!

Cut to the Scanlon kitchen. Frank and Courtney fight. She wants to know about the office equipment in the garage. She starts again about his "high standards" as Neil's father. Frank [rightfully] points out her hypocrisy. "I love how you trip all over yourself reminding me I'm Neil's father when it suits you, yet all the rest of the time you're more than happy to let the entire world believe that Neil is Joe Jr. I love that kid and I'm sick of pretending he's not mine." She told him he should father the new kid and keep his mouth shut. Not for his ego or to stick it to Joe, but for Neil. RING Neil's getting worse. They book.

Scott's now on the phone with Lucy. She suspects something's up. His conversation certainly does nothing to allay her fears. DING DONG It's Rachel.

Courtney and Frank arrive to Joe and Karen. Neil's stable. Joe's pissed that Frank is there--Courtney says to forget that--what happened with Neil? He has an infection--not uncommon with his treatments. They discuss isolation and Neil's outlook. He'll be OK for now. Courtney went in. Frank follows. He massages Neil's arms. Whispering by the door. Joe pushes Courtney to go for the baby *now*. They'll call the doctor and move up the appointment. Scott puts Rachel off while he went back to Lucy on the phone. What does Rachel want? Lucy wants to know. But Scott doesn't know and Christina starts to cry so Lucy has to go. Rachel come because Scott left his credit card at the restaurant. Scott thanks her for the rescue. Scott has to go. She offers more assistance. No, there's nothing she can do. As she starts to leave, she notices the box of poison. "You know, there are more humane ways to control pests these days." "Well, humane is over-rated. There's only one way to get rid of a pest."

They continue to discuss this. We *know* what Scott's thinking. Especially when he says "It must be eliminated permanently." Rachel points out possible pitfalls--if the rat dies in your walls you could have more problems. She finally makes to go but as she's leaving notices a pad where Scott's written "LAKE RAINES" She offers to buy him dinner sometime and leaves.

Joe told Karen he wants to move up the baby appointment. He can't believe how supportive she is but she told him how she really feels and how hard it will be. But she wants to work things out with him. She'll wait for him. Cut to Neil's room with Frank and Courtney. She told him again--baby and keep mouth shut. He still insists he has to be public. After he leaves, she picks up a copy of the newspaper lying there. the headline screams--NO LEADS ON MILLENIUM DANIELS INSUREANCE OFFICE EQUIPMENT ROBBERY. Oh--it looks like Courtney might have an idea.

Lucy calls Scott back. Soon Scott will be kissing her in person. He'll be bringing them back. She's a little leery, but he insists everything will be OK. He picks up his black gym bag and leaves.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Frank and Courtney, in Neil's room, are about to talk when Joe rushes in to tell her the doctor must see them now or they will have to wait. She says she won't let anything stop her.

Victor arrives at the Lighthouse at Kevin and Eve's invitation. He is ready for lunch and suggests they go out. Kevin and Eve tell him they wanted to see him because they need his help to find out if Eve's son is alive.

Mary is shocked when Joe tell her about the baby he and Courtney are hoping to have and why. She told him she understand but that it went against the church.

The doctor told Courtney and Joe that they can get started. She ovulates next week and they can try then.

Karen and Mary, chatting in the hall. Karen asks how Victor is. Mary tells her she can't accept the baby although she loves Joe for wanting to do it. Karen told her it's hard for her too. Mary told Karen that Joe wants a life with her. Karen is grateful for her saying that. Mary went into Neil's room and Frank is there. Karen comes in and told Neil it's story time at the lounge. He agrees and Karen takes him to it. Mary tells Frank he can't blame Karen for not wanting to be near him. She tells him he is missed at the Recovery Room and asks if he'll come back. He says no and that he has the finances covered.

Victor is now chomping on a sandwich while Eve tries to get his help. He says he's missed her cooking and she reminds him that she's a terrible cook. (LOL) Can Victor describe the boy he might have seen? He says the memory is vague due to not having his meds. They tell him they found the death certificate on the internet but don't believe it. Can Victor help Eve try to connect to her son? He will try.

Joe and Courtney still talking about the baby (I hate it already - enough!). When to tell Neil? Karen walks up and Courtney makes an ass of herself again - "I can't WAIT till I'm carrying YOUR baby, Joe!" It's not like he's gonna touch her or anything. Karen and Joe agree to get through it together.

Frank has rescued Neil from the lounge; he was bored. Neil, in conversation, says "if" he grows up and Frank told him he will. Neil asks how he can be sure. Courtney comes in and Neil told her Frank is his hero.

Eve is trying to contact her dead kid with Victor's help. She feels nothing out there and stops. Her baby is.

Joe told Mary he wants to spend time with Neil later. Mary is sorry for how she acted earlier. Her soul can't understand it but her heart does. Karen looks on as they hug. Mary asks if Frank is still there. Joe says he hasn't seen him. They wonder where Frank's money is coming from. Courtney and Frank, in Neil's room. Courtney told Neil he has to go to bed. She takes Frank into the hall to talk. She again asks Frank to not tell anyone if they have a baby together. He told her Neil will be fine knowing Frank is his father. She holds up the newspaper and asks if the stolen goods in the headline are the things she spent the night in the storage locker with. Is that how he's getting his money? It's clear she'll blackmail him into keeping the secret if necessary.

Back at the Lighthouse, Eve waxes philosophical. She wants to get wasted (good idea) and Kevin agrees. Phone rings. It's Mac with an appointment to discuss stopping Chris and Julie's marriage license with a judge.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Rachel finds Chris at the hospital to give him his and Julie's marriage license. She says the lawyer is worth every penny after the way he handled everyone at the hearing. She told him that there's nothing more anyone can do to stop the wedding and that they can marry *today*. Chris is a bit hesitant and says he thought women likes flowers, etc. She tells him that today they just have to get things done and that it will e an advantage for him to marry Julie before her trial - so he won't have to testify. Chris calls Julie and Rachel went to call the Justice of the Peace. They agree to meet at Ferncliff later.

Eve greets Kevin at the lighthouse and notices that he's not smiling. The judge granted the license and there's nothing they can do about it. They hatch a plot to stop the wedding.

DV is at the cabin. Scott lurks outside with a hypodermic in his bag... Eve calls Chris and convince him to pick her up on the way to the wedding. She is the "best man." Meanwhile, Julie fantasizes about the wedding and going to take Christina from Lucy. Rachel walks n to find Julie cradling air (again). She has brought Julie a wedding gown. She lends Julie a pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother. Borrowed and old and a blue garter. Kevin arrives and asks to talk to Julie alone. Rachel minds!

DV, dozing on the sofa, while Scott breaks in, Syringe in hand. DV wakes up, knocks the syringe to the floor and grabs a knife. DV asks Scott, brandishing a sword what he's doing there; Scott came to kill him.

Kevin and Rachel bicker. Rachel loses her temper and demands to know where he gets off trying to control Julie's life. She says she really cares about Julie but seems to realize she's slipped. She says he can see Julie but that it won't make a difference. Julie says she is marrying Chris because she loves him and Kevin believes that but also believes that's not why she wanted to marry him initially. He told her Chris may not hold up his end of the deal. He says she wanted love but Chris wants money. He believes Chris will get what he wants and leave Julie there alone. He seems upset.

Chris arrives to pick Eve up and she's not quite ready. He says he's changed and that he really loves Julie. She almost believes it. blah, blah, blah - we've heard it all before; he's getting married.

DV told Scott (It's a poker he's holding) that, despite any diversion, the guards will be there in 10 minutes or so. Scott swings at DV, who promptly knocks him down. With DV standing on his neck, Scott grabs the syringe and sticks DV who passes out.

At Ferncliff, Julie is dressing and Rachel, Kevin and the Justice are waiting. Julie enters, looking lovely (for a mass murderer). Eve arrives and told Julie that Chris has changed his mind and is not going to marry her. Cut to the Lighthouse where we hear Chris yelling to be let out of the closet.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Victoria Hart.

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