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Monday, September 20, 1999

Jude is punching the bag at the gym and is going over figures with his Secretary and he says they should be higher, they see that they don't have them all and Meg probably has them, he says he has heard so many good things about Meg and wonders why she quit, he says he is going to pay her a visit.

Casey knocks on the door and Joan opens it, saying that Meg and Sara aren't there, he says he wanted to talk with Hank, he says he knows that they use to be friends and he wants to get that back, and that he knows that Casey isn't a bad guy. Hank says he will think about it and they shake hands.

Sara sees Meg thinking and hiding something, she sees that it's the necklace that Ben gave her and wants to know what's up, Meg says she doesn't want to talk about it, Ben just brought it over and left and that's it, Sara leaves and when she returned sees Meg looking at it again and Meg says don't say anything, Sara says she doesn't have to, that she already knows what she is thinking. Meg says she has to go to the store and get some things, after Meg leaves, Jude comes in and says Ms Cummings, she says yes, and he says you have something that belongs to me, she says oh yeah. He went on about all the good things people say about her, and she says give me the names and number of all of these people, he says you know what i am talking about Meg, and she says oh Meg, he says your not Meg, he says i asked if you were Ms Cummings, she says she is Ms. Sara Cummings, he still finds her interesting and asks her to dinner, she asks if it is a date, and Casey hears it.

The Arch Bishop told Antonio one thing, your brother and then is out cold. Antonio rides in the Ambulance with the Arch Bishop, while the cop tries to question Carmen, Ricardo says do it later. They all go to the hospital, and they are told that the Arch Bishop has died. The cop tries to question her again but she doesn't feel up to it and leaves. Gabi takes Carmen home, Gabi offers to stay with her but, she just wants to be alone, Carmen reads her cards and says no, oh no. Antonio wants to know what Ricardo was going to tell him the other day, but are interrupted by the father. Ricardo says to himself that's it's Antonio's fault for Arch Bishop's death. Gabi returned and sees Antonio with the Father. Antonio told him that the Arch Bishop wanted to transfer Antonio somewhere else and he will respect his wishes, but the Father says no lets think this through. Gabi tells Ricardo about the reporters outside and says he might have a way for them to pay after all.

Ben says he has something to tell Maria, Benjy walks in and shows her and it is his Birth Certificate, with Ben's last name as now Benjy's last name and Maria is really happy. Maria says she is happy that Tess brought there family together. Maria asks Ben if that is what he wanted to tell her of if it was something else, he says that he has something else, and says it is time for her to move in his room she is happy and Ben says he has to go out but will be back, she went upstairs to move her stuff in Ben's room and Benjy wants to help. Tess comes home and Ben says he wants to talk to her when he gets home. Maria gets a call from a Reporter asking her about the accident involving her mom, and asks if she is ok, he says yes and wants a statement, she wants to know how the Arch Bishop is, he says he is dead, she hangs up and told Tess to watch Benjy, she says there was an accident, she will be back later, Tess says good she can find out what Ben found out in Seattle.

Ben calls out to Meg, she asks what he is doing, he says he wanted to talk to her, she says they have nothing to say. He grabs her and says yes they do.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Sara and Meg's Shop:
Jude is trying to ask Sara out to dinner tonight, that is if she's free. Casey shows up and says he didn't mean to interrupt. Sara introduces Jude to Casey. Casey says he hadn't seen Jude before. Jude says that's cause he just arrived in SB and has a new position as managing director to the Liberty Corporation. Sara asks him if he's taking over Gregory's job. Jude says some of the duties. Jude really needs to get back. Sara says she'll walk him out and asks him if he hadn't stopped by for a reason. Oh yeah. Jude told Sara to tell Meg that she has some spread sheets he needs, and he told Sara she never answered his question about dinner tonight. Sara wants to know if this is an official date. Jude doesn't know what an official date is, but says he's not trying to put the make on her. He's just tired of room service and says if Sara agrees to have dinner, she just might be his first official friend in SB. Sara says she can be that. Jude says dinner at 7:30 then, at the Deep. Sara went back to Casey who says he stopped by to tell her he saw her dad earlier and they're starting to get their friendship back. He hopes she doesn't mind. Sara doesn't and asks Casey if there's anything else he wanted. No. Casey is about to leave but stops and asks Sara if she's going out with "that guy." Sara wants to know why he's concerned about her social life. Casey says he's not but says Sara doesn't know this guy and hopes she knows what she's doing. Sara thanks Casey for caring. Casey takes off. Sara has a feeling he just might be jealous.

Cummings' House:
Meg is about to open her folks door, but Ben shows up. Ben wants to talk to her but Meg doesn't want to. Meg says it's over but Ben says it isn't unless they want it to be. Meg told Ben he has to stop coming over and next time he wants her, call. By the way, she wants to know how he knew she was at her folks house. "Did you follow me?" Ben says he did see her and followed her here because he wanted to talk to her in private. They walk out to the Gazebo and Meg told Ben to get to the point as to why he's here. Ben told her he was wrong to kiss her, tell her he missed her and lean on her. Meg agrees. Ben says he's here to apologize from the bottom of his heart. He hopes Meg can forgive him, again. Meg says they can both consider it forgotten. Ben says there's just one more thing. He told her how he's changing Benjy's last name to Evans. Meg says that's the right thing to do. Ben asks her if she understands. Meg says she doesn't understand why she had to hear it. Ben says he doesn't know what to say any more. He says Meg needs to be loved unconditionally which is why he let her go. Meg says she does deserve more and glad Ben knows it. Meg has to get back to her shop. Ben says he just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding. He can't seem to let Meg go because she's so beautiful and familiar. Meg told him he made a choice to be with Maria, when he came back from Seattle. Ben says he just can't forget and a lot has happened when he was away. They hear Joan and Hank calling to Meg. Meg told Ben he better go. Joan and Hank come out to the Gazebo and wonder if something is wrong with Meg since she's out here alone. Meg says she just stopped by for her dad's tool box and sees he's holding it. Hank offers to help her out at the shop but she doesn't want any help. She says she really needs to get back now.

Antonio told the Monsignor how the AB was transferring him to a monastery and he figures he better still leave tonight. The monsignor says he can't because there are going to be lots of questions about this accident and if Antonio went away, he won't be able to speak to anyone and answer the questions so they might think they're trying to cover something up. Meanwhile, Gabi is telling Ricardo how the press is all over the place and will go over every detail to figure out what happened. Ricardo figures this is great because he now knows how to get his revenge. Gabi told Ricardo she's worried about Antonio since the media will play out his mother's involvement in the accident and Antonio could get hurt. She's afraid they'll try and dig up anything, perhaps even make up lies to make the story more interesting. Ricardo thinks this is really great. Antonio and the Monsignor come over and Antonio wants Ricardo to tell them why the AB was sending him to a monastery. Ricardo needs a drink of water. He thinks to himself that no one can know he saw the tape. He has to keep all this to himself. Gabi feeds him some water. Ricardo told Antonio it doesn't matter why he wanted to transfer him since the AB is gone now. He told Antonio to let it go. the monsignor thinks that's a good idea and told Antonio he can't go since there are no papers saying he was supposed to go. Besides he's needed in SB so he can answer any questions the media might have. Ricardo is thinking that there's going to be lots of questions, very soon. Antonio and the Monsignor walk away. Gabi told Ricardo, she'd like to know what the AB had to say to him, but Ricardo says he can't tell her encase Antonio heard.

Carmen's Shop:
Carmen is reading her cards and sees what ever was threatening her sons has gone, but something else is going to happen. Maria shows up. Carmen told her she killed the AB. A "good, holy man." Carmen explains how she saw the death card and raced to the church because she thought her sons were in trouble. Carmen says the AB walked out in the road in front of her car. Carmen wonders how Antonio will ever forgive her. Maria tries to tell her mom it was an accident. Carmen says dark energy keeps coming to their family. She says her cards say the danger that threatened her sons is gone but there's more sorrow in its place. Maria picks up the cards and says their running her mother's life. She says they drover her out of the house and into her car. Carmen figures Maria is blaming her for killing the AB, but Maria says no. Ricardo, Gabi, and Antonio show up at Carmen's place. Maria told them that Carmen keeps blaming herself for the AB's death. Carmen told Antonio she's so sorry. Antonio told her she's not responsible. Maria says she wishes there was something they could do. Ricardo is thinking how everyone is falling all over Antonio since he lost a friend, but when he lost his wife, they banned together against him. He thinks Antonio better enjoy this while he can. Gabi says that losing the AB was a tragedy for everyone. Maria wishes there was something they could do. Antonio says they can all pray as a family. He asks his mom to lead in the Lord's Prayer. While she's reciting it in Spanish, Ricardo is thinking that his mama and Maria forgave Antonio for sleeping with Gabi. Carmen finishes her prayer so Antonio says a prayer for the AB and wants God to grant his mom comfort so she knows she's innocent of wrong doings. He wants all the innocents to find peace in their hearts. Ricardo is thinking that none of them are innocent and soon he'll have his revenge. Maria says she has to go. Carmen told her to drive safely. Gabi told Ricardo they should be going. Antonio told them it means a lot that they were here. He asks his mom if she needs anything. She told him to just be careful because she fears their trouble isn't over yet.

Meg and Sara's Shop:
Meg has changed her dress, (she must have a wardrobe in the back room). And watering a plant but over flowing it since her mind is on Ben. There's a knock on the door and she figures it's Ben again, but it's Maria.

Ben's House:
Tess is trying to figure out what Ben found out when he was in Seattle. She thinks about how he said he wanted to have a long over due talk with her when he gets home. Benjy comes downstairs and asks Tess where his mama is. Tess explains that his grandma had a problem with her car and his mom went to see her to comfort her. She says probably the whole family is there. Benjy thinks it would be the perfect time to tell them all that his new name is going to be "Evans." Tess congratulates Benjy on his name change and asks him if he wants to have some cookies to celebrate. Benjy says he can't since he's still helping his mommy. Tess wants to know doing what. Benjy told him he's helping her move her things into his dad's bedroom cause she's going to be sleeping there now. Tess says how wonderful that is and Benjy is finally going to get his family. Time passes and Benjy is practicing writing his new name. The doorbell rings since arrangements must have been made to send Benjy off with his friend Tommy and his mom. Mrs. Dolan is here to pick up Benjy. Tess is thinking that everything is finally coming together and now Ben will have to change his will. Then Tess will get what she wants. She says there's only one thing she has to take care of. Tess went into Ben's bedroom and starts looking through his draws to try and figure out what he might have found in Seattle. She does find a plane ticket which confirms the fact he did go to Seattle. She also sees some receipts so sits in a chair to go through them for some clues. Ben walks in and catches her. "It's just the two of us now."

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Meg is thinking of what Ben said earlier of wanted to be around her and not being able to let her go, when there is a knock at the door. She is thinking it's Ben and saying what does he want now, I may as well get it over with. She opens the door and it's Maria. Maria said that she wants to clear the air with her, she told Meg that her mom was in a car accident and that the person she hit died, and it was Antonio's Mentor. Meg says she is sorry, Maria says thanks. Maria also says that she doesn't want them to not get along, she knows how Meg feels because for months she was with Ben and now it's the other way around, Maria told Meg that she will find someone, Meg almost rips of Maria's head, Maria apologizes and leaves. Meg says to herself that Maria has no idea, that Ben was coming on to her and decides to see Ben and settle it.

Sara told her mom that she is going on a date, and Joan says with Casey, Sara says no with a new guy name Jude who works at the Liberty Corporations. Joan is happy for her, she leaves to tend to some customers, and she has her back turned but can smell Tim's cologne, and says what do you bathe in that stuff. Tim says wow you've went from a lifeguard to a suit. She told him she is still mad at him for him breaking up her and Casey, he says that it is her fault, she needs to accept it. Sara makes Tim nervous by bringing up Tess and that she knows someone else who suspects that she is hiding something, Sara says she will help him expose Tess. He says she isn't hiding anything and tells her to leave. Tim leaves and Sara decides that she need to go see Ben to see if he really found something out about Tess in Seattle.

Tess is going through Ben's papers to see if he found anything on her in Seattle when Ben walks in, she says she didn't know, he cuts her of saying yeah he knows. She told him that there is a crisis with Maria's family, he says he isn't going anywhere till he solves this crisis. He told her he was in Seattle and he found out about her past, she asks why he went there, he says to expose her. He also told her that he told Meg and Sara that he found nothing, Tess says good that's because there is nothing to find. Ben says he lied to them and that he did find something. She says why did you lie to them, he says cause he didn't know how he was going to handle it. She says he is scaring her, and she tries to leave but he grabs her by the shoulders and won't let her.

Emily has a dream that she is with Sean and she told him she had a bad dream that he slept with Amy. He says he would never do that and they kiss, and then she wakes up. Bette comes in with flowers and says they are for her, and there is a note. She says she doesn't want them they are from Sean. Brad walks in and says they are from him, she thinks that is really sweet of him. He told her that he isn't friends with Amy anymore after the pain she caused her. He also apologizes for after her finding Amy's pregnancy test that they went over and saw Sean and she had to find out about Sean and Amy, she says she is glad she found out sooner than later. Bette told Brad that he should go so Emily can rest, he hugs her and leaves. Bette wants to know the whole story how Emily found out about Sean and Amy, she told her about the pregnancy test slipping out of her bag, and Bette says it was no accident Amy planned it the whole time.

Mrs. Moreau:
A Tenant comes over and told Mrs. Moreau that her check bounced and she better get the money before she is kicked out, she thinks back to her conversation with Amy and her knowing a rich boy and told the other lady she has to go, and she says where she says to my new bank.

Sean walks in the house and throws things around and Amy comes in and told him that everything will be all right, that they made a mistake and they should just move on with there lives. Sean says that when Olivia comes home he has to tell her that they slept together, before Bette told her. Sean thanks Amy for her support, Amy says she is going for a walk and wants him to come, he says no, but she won't take no for an answer. He says he is just going to go upstairs and change, he hugs her a couple of times and leaves. Amy says he just hugged me twice, it's a start. There is a knock on the door and it is the Voodoo Lady and she comes in.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Bette suggests to her daughter that Amy deliberately seduced Sean and then arranged for Emily to get the bad news in the most hurtful way possible. Rattled by Ben's pointed questions, Tess frantically claims she's done nothing wrong. Mrs. Moreau presses Amy to cough up five thousand dollars at once or risk having Sean know the whole sordid truth about the love potion. Sara warns an exasperated Meg that Ben probably got the goods on Tess in Seattle but is keeping the bad news to himself for some mysterious reason. Maria happily confides to her mother how she and Ben are once again a couple in every sense of the word. Ben accuses Tess of conspiring with Benjy's "kidnapper". Emily begins to think that Sean might not have strayed if she had been able to fulfill all his needs. A worried A.J. told Bette he received a garbled overseas call from Olivia concerning some problem with Cole. Carmen does a Tarot reading to learn what lies ahead for Maria. Meg struggles to put her finger on what seems so different about Ben since he returned from Seattle. Meanwhile, Ben startles Tess with a kiss.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Cole is being questioned by police officer, but not being very cooperative. He told the officers they don't have any evidence that he's a jewel thief so shouldn't be holding him. The officers seem to disagree. Cole says he wants to call his wife. The officers say he already called her. Cole says they got disconnected and unless they let him call her again, he's not saying a word.

Richards' House:
Olivia, Rose and Trey come in the door. Where's Tobias? He's looking around in awe since he can't believe this all belongs to Trey. Olivia told Rose to take Trey upstairs. Tobias says he wonders if they should have stayed at the airport to help Annie. Olivia figures she can take care of herself. Olivia tells Tobias, she wants him to meet the rest of the family, since family means so much to them. Speaking of family, Caitlin walks in asking her mom how she could do it? Leave Cole in London and just come home. Olivia says she hired the best lawyers and had to think about Tobias. Caitlin says so Trey's executor is more important then her husband. Olivia told Caitlin to just listen to her but Caitlin says she'll never listen to her mom. Caitlin figures her mom has a lot to gain by leaving Cole in London. Olivia says then why would she hire all these lawyers to sort things out. Olivia says everything is being done and Cole will be home soon. Olivia says she wants to introduce Caitlin to her Uncle Tobias, but Caitlin doesn't feel like being social with her husband in jail. She takes off. Olivia figures she should go after her but before she gets to the stairs, she's interrupted by a knock on the door. It's AJ wanting to know what happened to Cole. Olivia sees Tobias in the doorway and wants to introduce AJ to him, but AJ doesn't feel like it. (Poor Tobias. No one wants to meet him.) AJ wants to know what's wrong with Cole. Tobias says he'll look around so they can talk. Olivia told AJ she was shocked when Cole was arrested but she hired the best lawyers in London. AJ has a feeling he needs more then the best lawyers. AJ has a feeling someone betrayed Cole. Olivia says if anything happens to him, she's going to blame Annie. AJ says, nothing can happen to Cole. Upstairs, Caitlin was going to go see Trey, but her phone rings. It's Cole. Caitlin asks him if he's on his way home. Cole says no. Caitlin says she's going to fly to London then and help him. Cole told her not to come because he'll be home soon and he wants her to watch out for Trey. Caitlin says she loves him and Cole says he loves Caitlin. Caitlin tries to get a number where she can reach him but Cole has hung up. Caitlin takes out her list of reason to claim a mother is unfit. She realizes none of them apply to her mother but says she's responsible for her losing Trey and Cole being in jail. Caitlin says she lost her father and son and can't lose Cole too. She needs help. Tobias shows up and hands her a hankie.

Annie is at the police station since they want to arrest her for tying up a stewardess in this country. Annie says she has to get home and protect her husband's interest. She tries to leave but the officer says the only place she's going is to jail. There's a knock on the door and Annie figures it's her lawyer. She figured wrong because it's Jude, since her lawyer wasn't available. Jude wants a moment alone with Annie. He told her he's here for the Liberty Corporation since they don't want any more bad publicity. Annie tells him he better get her out of here. Jude decides he doesn't like her attitude and perhaps publicity is good. He starts to leave but Annie yells to him to wait. She says she didn't mean to sound like a..... Jude finishes it for her and says "a witch and spoiled brat." Annie figured she had that coming to her and shouldn't have acted nasty to him. Jude asks if this is an apology. Annie says it is since he came out here to get her out of trouble. She told Jude she'd be really grateful to him if he forgave her and got her out of here. Jude says her apology is accepted and she's free to go since he had taken care of that before he even came in the room. Annie told him she can't stand him. Jude offers to give Annie a ride home but she doesn't want to take it. She says "Drop dead loser," and leaves. Jude laughs. Annie comes back since she realized she has no money and told Jude she was thinking it was silly to waste the money on a ride and he did offer to give her one, so she'll take it. Jude just remembered he had a date so can't. He walks out calling her a "loser." Annie is sitting on a bench, perhaps waiting for a bus, but hasn't any money. She sees a coin on the ground so picks it up, even though the person sitting next to her probably dropped it. A red car pulls up with Jude driving and laughing. He told Annie to get in.

Carmen's Place:
Carmen is reading her cards to Maria so she can tell her what her future will be with Ben. Something isn't right. Carmen says something is definitely wrong and told Maria to be careful. She says something not good is going to happen and something isn't as it appears. Maria says she's not going to listen to any more of this nonsense. Carmen says it's not nonsense. She says she sees confusion and trouble. Maria told her she's wrong since she's back with her husband. Maria wishes she never let her mama read her cards. Carmen says she's sorry she upset Maria and maybe she read them wrong. Carmen will read them again but Maria says no more cards. Carmen doesn't want Maria to be angry with her. Maria says she's not but has to get home. Carmen talks to herself and says there's no mistake in what she saw. Carmen reads her cards again and says 4 great forces are about to collide, (See next section under Ben's house) and will end in disaster.

Ben's House:
Meg is on her way to Ben's house and stops and thinks about conversations with him. She figures she needs to talk to him and get some answers. Meg has second thoughts since she's not with Ben any more. She turns to walk away but walks into Vanessa. Vanessa can see she was lost in thoughts and figures she was thinking about Ben. Meg told Vanessa how Ben is back with Maria. She tells Vanessa she's moving on with her life and quit the Liberty Corporation and is opening a shop with her sister. Vanessa told her she's been on an emotional roller coaster. Meg thinks about Ben again and him kissing her. She says she has been on a roller coaster and wishes she could get off. Meg figures she won't get off until she's over Ben. Vanessa is taking off but tells Meg to call if she wants to talk. Meg decides she should go see Ben. Meg is about to ring Ben's doorbell, but Maria shows up. Meg told her she realized she forgot something and figured it's in Ben's room which is why she's here. Maria thought she got everything but Meg says she can't find one thing. It's nothing special so she'll get it another time. Maria thinks there's more to why she's here. Meg says she's not doing as well as she's pretended and can see Maria realizes it. Meg decides she should go but Maria tells her to come in since she came to get something. Maria says she wishes they could be friends again. Meg says she just wants to get her stuff. Maria says it's upstairs. Upstairs, Ben has Tess in a choke hold and told her it's time she gets what she deserves. Ben kisses her but Tess pushes him away and wants to know what that was for. DEREK, that's right, says, if she has to ask, he must be losing his touch. Tess says, "Oh my God, it's you isn't it?" Derek says, "Yeah baby," and laughs. He wants to know if Tess is happy to see him. Tess told him he scared her half to death. She thought he was Ben. That was the idea of it. Tess figures this is what Derek meant when she called him and told him Ben was coming to Seattle. She wants to know where Ben is. Derek tells her not to worry since he's no longer a threat. Tess says she's not very happy being left out in the dark. She's kept him informed of all she's done. She's really mad at Derek. Derek tries to snuggle up to her and says the kid isn't home and Maria is at her mothers. Plus it's been a along time......Tess slaps him and calls him a "bastard." Derek wants to know what that was for. Tess says he slept with Maria and is moving her into his bedroom. She wants to know if she's just supposed to sleep down the hall in the "nanny room." Derek says that's the idea. He says Ben will never go back to Maria so he had to break Ben and Meg up. Tess thinks Derek thinks he's really clever but she doesn't think so. She told Derek he shouldn't even be here since she had everything under control. Derek doesn't think so. Tess doesn't think impersonating Ben is such a good idea since that last time he did it, he was almost killed. She says if he blows this and gets caught. Derek says he won't get caught and will act like the perfect Ben. He says he's already manipulated Meg and Maria, plus Tess. Tess says he manipulated Maria into their bed. Derek figures Tess is jealous. Tess says this wasn't part of the plan or what she was expecting. Maria and Meg walk in and Maria wants to know what plan and what Tess was expecting.

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