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Passions Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on PS
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Monday, September 27, 1999

The eggs came raining down on the top of Ethan Crane's head as Theresa and Whitney looked on in fear and disbelief. Ethan was outraged at the fact that once again his "stalker" had caused another accident. He left and went to Sheridan's home to shower. He did not want his parents to question him and did not want to call the police because of upsetting Pilar. Afterwards, he did dial the police department.

Sheridan was awakened by Luis who heard her talking in her sleep about "that night" again. He came by to tell her to report to the Youth Center that afternoon and to offer an explanation of the background check he had made on her. She became alarmed at this and Luis only suspected more of her past. Sheridan is afraid that Luis will discover the truth of the blood soaked body in the Crane living room.

Kay is horrified to see Jessica and Miguel removing the headphones from Charity's head to listen to her tape. Simone offers to hum the Funeral March Theme to Kay telling her soon that is the only music she will be hearing once Miguel discovers the contents of the tape she made for Charity. Jessica is interrupted by the nurse and asked to leave. Upon returning to the room Jessica listens and is dumbfounded that the tape is legit. Kay also is astonished that nothing is unusual about the tape. We later hear the nurse inform her co-worker that she switched the tape with one of her own as the patient's tape had reached the end. She places the tape in a player and starts the tape as she is called away. A few minutes later Kay and Simone hear Kay's tape playing aloud in the nurse's station. Kay recovers the tape and destroys it before Miguel can overhear it. Jessica is determined to expose her sister to Miguel once she obtains some evidence.

Out in L.A. Mr. Harris once again looses he cool with the crocked record producer. While trying to steal back his tapes of the CD he produced, Chad is discovered by the producer and the two have a fight. Chad is run out of town on a rail and told that he will never find a job in the music business again. He looks again at the Harmony Herald newspaper article and decides that he might check out the quiet little town.

Theresa tries to tell Luis about the stalker situation and the fact that Ethan will probably have to arrest his own sister. He keeps interrupting her and finally leaves before she can tell him what's going on. He tells her that he has saved enough money to send Pilar to the old country to visit her family for Christmas. Theresa is afraid for her family's pain once she is put in jail for stalking Ethan.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Just when Theresa thought her life was over she was surprised to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whitney pleaded to Ethan not to put her friend in jail. She convinced him of Theresa's innocence by producing a video surveillance tape of the Chicken Coup. Much to Theresa's and Ethan's surprise it proved that not only was Theresa not at fault, but that Ethan himself caused the mishap. He realized that perhaps the other attacks were also mere accidents. Pilar was relieved to see her daughter no longer in fear of going to jail. It was obvious to most viewers that most of the accidents were also Ethan's fault as well. The paint for instance was spilled due to him bumping into the ladder. Anyway, Theresa became so excited she started jumping up and down and before she knew what she was doing, she planted a good one right on Ethan's unsuspecting check. I am sure that Gwen will be wondering where that bright red lipstick print came from.

Kay and Simone arrived at the Youth Center and decided to watch Miguel practice basketball. They struck up a conversation with Sheridan about her coat and jewelry and she was very popular among the young admiring teenage girls. This upset Luis as usual and he approached her and challenged her to a one-on-one game of B-ball. Sheridan was no athlete and Luis gloated big on that fact. They were going at it pretty hard when Sheridan falls right pon top of Luis and becomes face to face with him. They awkwardly remain in this rather compromising position for a few seconds and then jumped up off of one another. Later she was seen in the company of a pro ball player that she had hired to teach her the basics of basketball rules and strategy. Luis is in for a surprise when she gets a few lessons under her belt.

Grace spoke to Charity as she slept in the hospital. Charity later began to talk in her sleep saying, "Evil, Miguel, Evil" but never opened her eyes. Kay is still hoping her subliminal tape did the trick to scare Charity away from Miguel.

Timmy and Tabby are packing their worldly goods and preparing to leave town. Tabby is all ready to move when Grace appears at the door wanting to talk about her health. Tabby inquires about Charity and learns of her amnesia. She can hardly contain herself and realizes that she does not have to move after all. Now that she has no memory, she is no longer a threat to Tabby and Tim man. Tabby makes a comment about leaving Harmony with her tail tucked between her legs. Timmy quickly jumps up and takes a look at her backside and asks, "You gotta tail"? Tabby explains that it is just a figure of speech. Later Timmy bursts out in song and dance to "Charity's got amnesia." He and his Princess share a log overdue hug of victory.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Chad is rolling on the Greyhound to Harmony seated next to a guy who is blasting Chad's song on his CD player. When Chad comments that the song is one he worked on the kid searches for Chad's name in the credits prompting Chad to tell him how he got shafted. The kid tells Chad he's way to talented to let this setback keep him away from music. Chad arrives in Harmony. At the bus station he flips through the newspaper but finds nothing that relates to him. He calls Henry collect to complain. He decides to head to the flea market.

At the fall flea market TC, Eve, Grace and Sam are setting up with Simone, Miguel and Kay nearby. When Grace and Miguel mention going over to see the still sleeping Charity Eve gently reminds them that they can't do anything for her right now. Sam chimes in to say that they are all hoping and praying that Charity recovers her memory and Kay concurs (I swear I saw lightening). They sort through Tabitha's box and pull out a stuffed crow before moving on to another box in which they discover a pink evening gown. It's Ivy's box. Same sees the gown and flashes back to a memory of himself wearing a shockingly polyester blue suit picking Ivy up in front of a house. She is wearing the pink gown. He gives her a flower and they kiss and then rush off, in Ivy's words, "before anyone sees us." When Grace asks him why he's so far away he plays it off. He tells Grace how beautiful she is and how much he loves her.

As the sorting continues Kay pulls out some seventies shoes from a box and assumes that it must be Tabitha's Sam assures her that they were his, from the days he was the coolest guy in Harmony High. Kay is not impressed. Neither is Simone when TC pulls out his rainbow stripped jeans. The two Dads show off their award winning dance moves to the amusement of their daughters and wives. When TC and Sam walk off Eve shows Grace TC's leather flight jacket that she's donating behind his back. Grace comments that she hopes Ivy stops by, Eve doubts it, this isn't Ivy's scene. TC tells Sam that though he respects the fact that Sam doesn't want to talk about certain things in his past, like Ivy Crane, but he warns Sam that since he is now the Chief of police he will run into Ivy sometimes. He tells Sam if he ever needs to talk, he's there for him In the Crane living room Ivy sits thoughtful and smiling. She turns on the stereo and plays "Just the Way You Are." As she sits lost in thought Julian walks in. He comments that one would think there was no other song in the world. Ivy snaps at him about sneaking up on her. Julian asks her why she is listening to the song again, does it have some special importance to her? He wonders mockingly if it was played at their wedding. Ivy laughs at him. Julian comments that of course it couldn't be that, why would she want to listen to something that reminds her of a day she regrets. So what does the song mean? Julian presses Ivy and she changes the schedule wondering what he's doing so she can avoid him. Julian reminds her that the police benefit is tonight, not that it matters since the flea market is tres tack and it's not like Ivy is going to rub shoulders with the likes of chief Bennett's wife and the other local rabble. Ivy remarks that her life is a mess without Pilar, but Julian tells her not to worry, no one expected her to show up. When Julian is ready to leave Ivy sails down the stairs looking stunning and ready to go with him. Julian warns her that she'll be bored, but Ivy doesn't think so.

While Sam is outside fetching stuff from the car Julian and Ivy slide in to the flea market. Grace is excited to see Ivy, but Eve isn't particularly pleased. Julian tells Ivy that she needn't worry. Pilar sent some of the things Ivy had earmarked for the hospital thrift shop. Sam comes back in and spots Ivy but after a shocked pause he goes over to Grace and tries to encourage Her to leave. Ivy and Julian head over with the mayor who introduces the Cranes to the Bennett's. Ivy and Sam share a couple of meaningful looks. Ivy slips and uses Sam's first name. She clears it up by saying the familiarity was due to Sam's visit to the Crane's and his helpfulness, they should all be on first name basis. Ivy gives her condolences on the fire to Grace and asks about Charity. Sam gets nervous when Ivy walks of to get a tour from Grace. They walk over to the bake sale which is being manned by Pilar who looks worried to see Grace and Ivy together. When Sam comes to get Grace and the two leave Pilar comments that she's surprised to see Ivy at the event, she didn't think there would be anything there to interest he boss. Ivy disagrees saying that you often find that people throw away there most valuable possessions by mistake (hint, hint). I agree with Pilar's trouble is coming statement.

Julian bumps into Eve. When he apologizes and calls her by her first name she coldly informs him that it's Dr. Russell to him. Julian looks hurt. TC asks her what Julian wanted and warns her to stay far away from him. Kay continues to tell Simone that she and Miguel will be together. The more time Miguel spends away from Charity the better Kay feels her chances of snagging him are. Simone comments that if the impossible happens and Kay does land Miguel then Simone will be left without a bud to hang with, since there is man in her life. When Kay spots Miguel at the jewelry table she goes to him and gushes over a ring.

It's a ring any girl would love to have, she says. When Miguel doesn't bite and buy it for her Kay decides to up the ante. She flips through some records on sale and grabs one that she thinks will put him in a romantic mood. She places it on the handy record player. It's Don't Go Changing. Sam and Ivy both hear it and their heads come up, Sam's turns his expression bewildered towards the sound of the music and he sees Ivy. Ivy looks wistful. Julian comments to Ivy that they are playing her song. Grace smilingly comments that it's a favorite of Sam's also. Ivy and Sam can't take their eyes off of each other.

Miguel turns to Kay and asks her to give him her hand. He places the ring on her finger.

After an overly excited Theresa plants a kiss on Ethan's cheek she has to rush to explain her actions. Ethan comes up with an explanation for her. It must have been prompted by her excitement over the fact that she's no longer in trouble over the whole stalker misunderstanding. Out of Ethan's earshot Whitney warns Theresa that she can't let her overactive hormones rule with Ethan any more or she will be out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak. Pilar delivers a similar warning before leaving for the flea market. If Theresa allows herself to fall in love with Ethan again it will spell trouble for their family. After Pilar leaves Ethan remembers that the reason he came looking for Theresa in the first place was to find the file she had typed for him. He asks her to come back to the house to retrieve it off of his laptop. Though Whitney tries to intervene Theresa agrees to go leaving her worried friend no choice but to tag along to keep Theresa out of trouble.

At the Crane mansion Ethan gives Whitney and old photo album of Julian's to flip through since it has tennis clippings and things of that ilk in it. While Whitney looks at the album Theresa and Ethan settle down at the computer. Ethan comments on how attractive Theresa is sans disguise (an a crush is reborn). Theresa shyly accepts the compliment and gets a bit flustered when Ethan remarks on how all the boys must be after her. When Theresa says not really, he questions the sanity of Harmony's boys. Whitney's antenna goes up (trouble ahead) and she interrupts. Theresa pulls up the file, she saved it as EC.TLF (get it, their initials, together).

Ethan suggests that since the misunderstanding between them has been cleared up perhaps Theresa can come back to work for his mother. Whitney jumps out of her seat to tell Theresa that they have to leave and she sends the photo album spilling to the ground. When she bends over to pick up she discovers a newspaper clipping that has fallen out. To her surprise it is an article and photo on her father being in the tennis championships. She wonders what Julian would be doing with a photo of her dad.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

Chad Harris arrives in Harmony. Short on cash and hungry, he shows up at the flea market and is caught by Miguel just before he can swipe a few sandwiches. The two guys introduce themselves. Chad is surprised that there are Hispanics in New England. A laughing Miguel tells him that he must be new in town or else he would know how diverse Harmony really was. Chad confirms that he is in fact from Los Angeles and that he doesn't have any family in town.

The unexpected presence of Ivy and Julian Crane makes everyone at the flea market uncomfortable, especially T.C., Eve, and Sam. When Ivy mentions to Grace that a particular song from the first date she shared with Sam is still her favorite, Grace cheerfully points out that it is one of her favorite songs also. She seems completely unaware of the undercurrents passing between her husband and Ivy.

Kay is thrilled when Miguel places a Victorian engagement ring on her finger. It seems as if all of her dreams are finally coming true. Kay comes crashing back to reality when Miguel confesses that he has been saving up all summer to buy Charity a friendship ring. She manages to hide her hurt feelings from Miguel but her best friend Simone can tell that the young woman is devastated. Miguel wants Charity to think that all of her friends chipped in to help buy the ring. Her heart breaking, Kay pretends to support Miguel's idea.

Ivy pretends to befriend Grace but Sam is suspicious. Shaken notably by Julian's presence, Eve also wonders why Ivy is being so friendly all of a sudden. T.C. bitterly wishes that he had known in advance that the Cranes were going to show up. He would have made a point of staying at home.

An appalled Whitney objects when Ethan proposes that Theresa come back to work at the Crane mansion. Ethan is confused by Whitney's outburst. Being the Einstein that he is, Ethan figures that the reason she wouldn't want Theresa to work there is because he accused her of stalking him. A smitten Theresa blows off Ethan's apology. The two share a laugh as they remember all of the mishaps that happened. He apologizes again and urges to accept her job back. Whitney tries in vain to convince her friend that they should leave the Crane mansion.

Pilar looks on silently as a patronizing Ivy pretends to be impressed by Grace's handmade afghan. Ivy asks Mrs. Bennett to make her an afghan.

Ethan happily tells Gwen that Theresa was his stalker. Cross, she asks him why he didn't admit that before when Frank unmasked Theresa. He confesses that Pilar was his primary consideration at the time. Gwen asks her too dense boyfriend why he thinks that he flusters Theresa so much. He has no clue but Gwen seems to have an idea.

Whitney likens Theresa's feelings for Ethan to an addiction. Her attempt to get Theresa to give up on Ethan is meant with total resistance. A besotted and obsessed Theresa has no intention of giving up her connection to the Cranes. She'll cede Ethan's love to Gwen (yeah right) but she sees no reason why she can't at least make part of her dream come true by working for Ivy Crane.

Pilar makes a point of telling Ivy just how beloved Grace is. An unimpressed Mrs.Crane lets her housekeeper know that she is aware of how wonderful everyone thinks Grace Bennett is. When Pilar tactfully suggests that maybe the Cranes have put in enough of an appearance for the night, Ivy is miffed but her husband is quick to agree. Julian is not buying his wife's explanation of trying to improve the family's reputation with the other citizens of harmony as the reason why she chose to attend the flea market. Pilar and Julian wonder just what Ivy is really up to.

Despite her setback, Kay is still determined to win Miguel. She hopes that her plan to subliminally brainwash Charity will work. She warns a disgusted Simone that being in love will make you do crazy things like lying, cheating, and even betraying your family. Simone can not imagine doing any of those things just for a guy.

Chad shares a little bit about his life with Miguel and Miguel can't refrain from talking about Charity. The two guys seem to bond and as they part, each wishes the other luck. Simone takes one look at Chad and is instantly enamored.

Ivy clenches her teeth in a tight smile as she listens to Eve gush about how wonderful Sam thinks his wife Grace is. The first opportunity she gets, she corners Sam alone. He makes it clear to her that he is not interested in playing any of her mind games. Sam praises his wife for being the complete opposite of Ivy Crane in every way. He thanks Mrs.Crane for stopping by and then coldly dismisses her. It is clear that Ivy is disappointed by his reaction.

Neither Gwen nor Whitney is happy when Theresa accepts Ethan's offer of her old job back. Before she was distracted by Ethan offering Theresa her old job back, Whitney had noticed a newspaper article of her father in the Crane photo album. She can't figure out why it would be there and Ethan has no idea either. Theresa promises to keep her eyes and ears open around the Cranes for any information. Whitney isn't so sure that is such a great idea.

Ivy stuns the Russells and the Bennetts (and Julian!) by inviting them to dinner the next night. T.C., Eve, and Sam almost simultaneously shout their refusal while Grace is delighted to accept the offer.

Friday, October 1, 1999

Tabitha celebrates being safe now that Charity has amnesia Since Charity can't remember evil, and Faith is dead and Grace has no memory of the past they are no longer a threat to her. This is especially good news since Tabitha no longer has her powers. Tabitha gets freaked by Timmy asking about what happens if Charity wakes up and remembers evil. Tabitha tells Timmy that it means as much trouble for him as it does for her, if Charity destroys Tabitha then Timmy is in for it too as Tabitha gives Timmy life. Unwilling to leave he life in fates hands Tabitha heads over to the hospital to take care of Charity. She tells Timmy he can't come with her, Timmy has other ideas though. As soon as Tabitha is gone he leaves the house to run to the hospital.

At the Flea market.... Grace is delight to accept Ivy's invitation to dinner for her and her friends at the Crane mansion, but TC Sam and Eve are all quick to offer excuses as to why they can't attend. Sam grows increasingly uncomfortable at Grace's excitement over the invitation and the thought of dinner at the Cranes. Ivy offers to leave her phone with the hospital so Grace can be reached if there is any change, make it an early dinner and anything else to stop short any and all excuses that are delivered. Since Sam, Eve and TC are forced to keep their tones polite so that none of the others know what their real reasons for not going are Ivy neatly manages to side step all of their flimsy excuses. Ivy goes so far as to mention that dinner would be an excellent time to discuss the new pediatric wing to the hospital that she and Julian have just decided to donate to the hospital (This is all a surprise to Julian who is already annoyed at the prospect of having these people over to dinner.) in order to win Eve over to her side. Ivy's tactics work and Grace is even more determined to go and is lured by the thought of what the new wing would mean to the hospital Eve who backs down. Grace offers to bring her Tomato soap cake. Ivy blanches). Grace is totally one over by Ivy who she finds to be down to earth, pleasant, and charming, though she is alone in her admiration. Julian and Ivy give their farewells and leave.

TC and Sam commiserate over how much they don't want to go to dinner at the Cranes. TC tells Sam that it obvious he and Ivy have some sort of history, what's the deal? Sam tells TC he could ask him why he doesn't like the Cranes. Neither TC or Sam will admit to other exactly what the reason they have for avoiding the Cranes. Grace turns to Pilar for some advice on what to wear to dinner at the Cranes. Pilar is surprised that the Bennetts and the Russells were invited over and quickly excuses herself from Grace and Eve. Eve expresses her hesitancy to go to the event but bristles when Grace presses her to find out why they can't go.

Sam tries to get Grace to call it off. Grace wants to go and get to know the Cranes better. TC says he doesn't care either way. Finally Grace's enthusiasm over dining with the Cranes and Eve's interest in the new children's wing are enough of a force to sway their husbands into going.

Simone gazes in awe at Chad Harris. She calls to Kay and indicates her new find trying to get Kay's opinion on the newest hottie to hit Harmony. Kay approves of Simone's choice, but has better things to do than help her friend catch Chad, she has Miguel to worry about. Miguel is talking to Jessica on the phone. Jessica is at the hospital watching Charity and tells Miguel that Charity is acting restless and moving her lips. Jessica goes to check with a nurse and find out if this means her cousin is waking up. Miguel prays that when Charity wakes up she will remember him. Jessica reports back that the nurse is unsure when Charity will wake up, but she is talking in her sleep and words she's saying are confusing and no one can make them out. Miguel walks over to Simone and Kay to tell them he's going to the hospital. Kay tries to talk Miguel out of going, but he won't be swayed. After Miguel leaves Kay tells Simone that she hopes her subliminal messages on the tape worked and Charity doesn't like Miguel when she wakes up. To make sure she has her bases covered she rushes off to the hospital.

Leaving Simone to figure out how she's going to meet Chad. While Simone is practicing open lines to meet the boy of her dreams Chad walks up to her and asks if she works at the flea market and can help him find a jacket. Simone is flustered at first, but when Chad smoothly compliments her she jumps at the chance to talk to him (or gush at him depending on you perspective). At the Crane Mansion Ivy and Julian argue over her behavior at the event. Julian wants to know why Ivy was so eager to get to know the locals. He especially wants to know why Ivy invited the Russells and the Bennetts to dinner. Ivy says she wants to get to know some of the locals to make a better impression of the Cranes in Harmony. Since her beloved son Ethan will one day be the head of the family she wants to pave the way for him. Julian doesn't believe her for a minute. he tells her that she should cancel because he won't attend. Ivy pushes him into it. After Julian exits. Pilar comes over to the house to talk to Ivy. Pilar comments on how surprised she was that Ivy invited the Russells and the Bennetts to dinner. She tells Ivy to let the past rest. Ivy says she hasn't spoken to Sam in over 20 years, and it's time to wake up the past. Pilar tries to tell Ivy that nothing good will come of this, but Ivy doesn't care. Later Julian glances at the photo album still in the living room and looks pensive.

At the hospital Timmy sneaks around trying to avoid being seen. Tabitha can't get close to Charity since Jessica is hovering over her. Tabitha decides to find a needle and us it to inject one of her potions into the sleeping Charity but is thwarted by a nurse. Timmy finds some surgical scrubs and walks around the hospital happy with his new disguise. Charity begins to come to, she is calling out Miguel's name. He rushes to her side and takes her hand assuring her that he's right there for her. Finally Charity wakes up and looks into Miguel's smiling face. She screams out in terror.

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