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The Coast Guard declared that Dimitri was dead. Edmund had to put Maximillian to sleep. Scott reluctantly agreed to accompany Greenlee to a party. Becca found the video of Scott and Greenlee's sexual encounter. Rae Cummings asked Adam to find her husband. Belinda got a job offer in Arizona.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on AMC
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With the start of the Greenlees' anniversary party just hours away, Scott was looking for a way to get out of going. Ryan had no sympathy for Scott's plight. "Greenlee's got it going on," he chirped. Scott didn't argue the point. Instead, he came up with a plan to make both he and Ryan's night. He suggested that Ryan put on his tux and go in his place. Ryan might have found Greenlee attractive, but he wasn't about to accompany her to the party. "I don't date man-eaters," Ryan remarked perhaps only half in jest.

At The Valley Inn, the anniversary shindig was in full swing. Erica and Palmer were the first notable guests to arrive. They made the walk towards the hosts and congratulated them on fifty years of wedded bliss. Woodruff, Millicent's husband, offered his explanation for their longevity; Millicent rules the roost and he writes the checks. Erica froze in place as David arrived at the party with Leslie Coulson on his arm. The pair strolled over to Erica and Palmer and exchanged greetings. Leslie, David's attorney, told Palmer that David had told her a lot about him. "I think you should take everything he says with a shaker of salt," Palmer chuckled. David and Leslie continued to make the rounds. Erica, though, didn't budge an inch. She repeatedly questioned what David saw in Leslie. Palmer crudely commented that it wouldn't surprise him "if Ms. Coulson is handling more than [David's] legal briefs." Greenlee fidgeted nervously in anticipation of Scott's arrival. Her grandmother scolded her for acting unlady-like. Millicent said that she was certain that Scott would attend because she'd made Marian an offer she couldn't refuse.

In the lobby, Edmund and Brooke briefly discussed all that had happened in the past few days. Brooke assured Edmund that she never once thought that Dimitri had taken his own life. Edmund nodded in agreement and stated that he was sure that the experimental medication had clouded Dimitri's perception. Jack arrived dateless a short time later and joined the discussion. Edmund was asked if he'd be holding a second memorial service for Dimitri. He shook his head and said that the public had already mourned Dimitri's death. Jake and Gillian also arrived around the same time. Jake feared that he wouldn't fit in with the bigwigs at the party. Gillian offered him three pointers to fit in, "look bored, talk about money, and drink too much."
On the dance floor, David and Leslie were all smiles. Needless to say, from her vantage point across the room Erica was less than happy. Palmer again grumbled about David's treatment of women. He told Erica that Vanessa had told him all about her son's insatiable appetite for women. When he's done using the woman of the moment, Palmer said that David simply tosses her away. Erica suggested that David might never have found a woman the he truly loved. Palmer laughed amusedly and said that David is incapable of love because he had no heart. Still smiling, David asked Leslie to make him happy. Her eyes lit up and she licked her lips. "Here? On the dance floor?" she grinned. David rolled his eyes and the attorney's sexual innuendo. He clarified that he wanted to have a chance to dance with Erica. Leslie sighed, but nevertheless agreed to help. The duo walked over to Erica and Palmer and David asked Erica to dance with him. Palmer, in turn, danced with Leslie. David asked Erica if she was enjoying herself. Erica confirmed that she was having a good time. David said that he'd heard a loud thud coming from his room when he'd left Erica there. Erica made no attempt to hide what she'd done. "That was my shoe," she noted. "I was aiming for your head." She then grumbled about how she did not like seeing David and Leslie together. David told Erica that she had only herself to blame for the way he was acting. After all, she was the one who wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

Edmund decided that he was going to cut out on the party. Before leaving, he thanked Millicent and Woodruff for inviting him. Millicent again cut off her husband before he could say anything. She told Edmund that Maria's foundation was one of her favorite charities. After Edmund walked away, David joined the Greenlees and thanked them for their generous contributions to the hospital. David asked if they had any relatives who'd attended Stanford because someone with their last name had graduated a few years ahead of him. Neither knew of any family members who went into medicine and nothing more was said.
Scott finally arrived and Greenlee couldn't have been happier. She latched onto his arm and pulled him towards her grandparents. Millicent was pleased that Greenlee had gotten what she wanted. The young couple hit the dance floor. Everyone cleared away and all eyes focused on them as they danced like a couple of professionals. Greenlee then realized that she'd forgotten her grandparents' gift in one of the suites that they'd reserved upstairs. Since the box was so big, Greenlee said that she'd need some help---from Scott, of course.

Erica saw a gentleman acquaintance and greeted him with a quick peck on the cheek. She seemed a bit miffed when she realized that David hadn't seen the exchange. What she did notice, however, was David whispering something into Leslie's ear. They both smiled and walked hand-in-hand out of the room. Erica scurried over to Palmer and asked him if she could borrow his room key. Her reason was that she needed to "freshen up."
Before leaving, Edmund stopped by to talk to Jake and Gillian. Gillian urged her cousin to stick around and enjoy himself. Edmund said that he couldn't because he didn't think it was fair to be enjoying himself so soon after his brother's death. Gillian would later agree. In private with Jake, she proposed a toast to her cousin's memory.

Brooke and Jack, now both alone, decided to couple up for the remainder of the evening. Both expressed a desire to have someone special in their lives, but neither seemed to consider the other as a possible mate.

Erica pressed her ear against the door to David's room. David quietly sneaked up behind her and asked her if there was anything he could do for her. Erica jumped and blasted David for scaring her. David accused Erica of wanting to know if he was "entertaining" Leslie. Erica flatly denied the allegation, saying that she had merely gotten lost on her way to Palmer's suite. On her way back from Palmer's room, Erica once again stopped outside of David's room. This time she heard a distinct giggle. The door suddenly swung open and David greeted Erica with a smile. "Care to join us?" he asked with a grin. Erica didn't move. David warned her that if she didn't make up her mind soon someone might see her standing outside his suite. Erica must have realized that she was right because she entered David's room. She looked around for signs of the other woman, but she was nowhere in sight. David teased Erica by saying that Leslie was hiding under the bed. He paused momentarily before asking Erica if she had exclusive rights to that hiding spot. Erica remained certain that Leslie was somewhere in the room. David informed Erica that he'd walked Leslie to her car to see her off; he had not walked her to his room. "The only woman I had eyes for was you," he said sweetly.

Greenlee's big package turned out to be barely bigger than a shoebox. Scott began to wonder if Greenlee had concocted the bogus tale to get him alone in the suite. Greenlee assured Scott that was not the case---but while they were there she said that she didn't see anything wrong with taking a few sips of the champagne. Scott didn't argue. While Greenlee was drinking she "accidentally" spilled champagne on her dress. She knew that she had to act quickly before the dress was stained. In one fell swoop, she dropped her dress. Scott turned a bit red, but he didn't turn away. As Greenlee slowly walked towards him she pointed out that her naked body was nothing new to Scott. She kissed Scott passionately on the lips. Scott initially did not respond, but it wasn't long before he was kissing her back.

Back at the loft, Becca stopped by to pick up some videotapes for the station. Ryan noticed that Becca was visibly upset and asked her if she was mad that Scott had agreed to go to the party with Greenlee. Becca tried to dodge the question, but when pressed for an answer she claimed that it didn't bother her in the least. Ryan, of course, knew better. He told Becca that Scott really didn't want to go and that he'd tried to get him to trade places. Becca thought that Ryan was trying to cover for Scott. Ryan explained that Scott had to go out of obligation to Marian. Becca said nothing more and went back on her search for the videotapes. She found a stack near the television, but none of the cassettes were labeled. She popped one into the VCR to see what it contained. She fell back onto the sofa as scenes of Greenlee's homemade sex tape played across the screen.

Alexandra returned to the beach to hold a private vigil for her husband. She kneeled on the sand and gently set down a candle. Unaware that his sister-in-law was there, Edmund slowly made his way towards the water. Upon seeing Alex, Edmund started to turn away. "No! Come back!" Alexandra called out. Edmund stopped in his tracks, but it soon became clear that Alex had not been talking to him. "Damn you, Dimitri!" she screamed. "You liar! You bloody liar!" The wind picked up and blew out candle. Alex yelled in anger over the way she'd been left alone. "You gave your word to me. Who asked you to spare me? I could have saved you!" she continued. She wondered if her husband had been taken to teach her a lesson or to put her in her place. "If I wasn't put [on Earth] to save you, why am I here?" Alex asked aloud. Alex placed a single red rose on the sand and prepared to leave. "I wish I could see you one last time," she said softly. She rose to her feet and started to walk away. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure approaching. She looked up and saw Edmund staring back at her.

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