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Edmund followed Alex to London. Becca confronted Scott about the sex tape. Scott refused to go on another date with Greenlee. Belinda left for Arizona. Mateo reluctantly agreed to buy Hayley's shares of SOS. Hayley and Ryan kissed. David trailed Erica to New York City after they had an argument.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, October 4, 1999

Still standing nearly naked before Scott, Greenlee tried to entice Scott into bed by reminding him of all the fun they'd had together at UCLA. She slowly walked towards him and kissed him on the lips. Scott initially did not respond, but after a few seconds he began kissing her back. Then suddenly he pulled away and stated that they should get back to the party. Greenlee didn't appear to be upset about being rebuffed. In fact, she took it quite well. As Scott was leaving, she sarcastically praised him for his portrayal of a monk, an obvious reference to his celibate relationship with Becca.

Elsewhere in the hotel, David and Erica also shared a steamy kiss. David moved to lock the door to his room, but Erica informed him that that would not be necessary. "Palmer's waiting for me," she said icily. David shook his head and asked Erica to stop playing games. Erica agreed that the games were beginning to tire her. She pointed to David and Leslie's chumminess as an example of what she would no longer tolerate. David reminded Erica that she'd requested that they keep their relationship a secret. He then asked her if she was jealous by seeing him and Leslie together. Erica walked closer to David and leaned forward as though she was going to kiss him. Instead of a kiss, Erica whispered "No." She then walked to the door. Before she left, she looked at David in disdain and told him to "pull [himself] together and go back to the party."

Downstairs, Adam and Liza arrived at the party. Liza saw Jake and made Adam promise that he'd be on his best behavior. Adam promised that he not cause any friction now that he was a part of Colby's life. Next to arrive were Tad and Dixie. Dixie made a similar request of her husband. Tad said he'd try to behave and then referred to Adam as the "head chimp." He pleaded with Dixie to make their stay short, but Dixie wasn't about to cut out on a social event so quickly.
Woodruff looked high and low for his granddaughter, but couldn't find her anywhere. Millicent smiled happily and told her husband that Greenlee and Scott were probably spending some time alone.

Erica returned to the party and apologized to Palmer for keeping him waiting. Palmer smiled broadly and told Erica that she looked even more beautiful---if that was possible. David also returned to the party just as Gillian pulled up next to Erica. In a private chat, Gillian asked Erica not to be angry at Alexandra. Erica refused to let go of her belief that Alexandra was responsible for Dimitri's death. Gillian saw David out of the corner of her eye and excused herself to speak to him. David and Gillian stepped into the lobby and sat down on one of the benches. There, Gillian thanked David for having tried to help cure Dimitri. David brushed off the praise, saying that he'd done nothing more than suggest that Colby's stem cells be used in the experimental procedure. Suspicious about what Gillian and David might be discussing, Erica eavesdropped from just around the corner. When she realized that David knew that Dimitri was still alive, she became furious. Erica waited until David returned to the room before reacting. She assumed a sultry stance and purred that she'd reconsidered her decision to pass on a little private time with David. "Your room in five minutes," she grinned.

The entire Martin clan watched in pain as Millicent and Woodruff hit the dance floor. Tad said that their dancing looked "painful." Joe and Ruth decided to trip the light fantastic and Jake and Gillian followed suit. Dixie wanted to step out for a few moments and phone home to check on the boys. This was going to be the first time that the new babysitter watched Junior and Jamie. Suddenly, Palmer appeared at the table and helped himself to a seat. He told Dixie that she looked lovely and asked about the boys. Dixie rolled her eyes and Tad said nothing.

In the lobby, Junior and Jamie hid behind the front desk. Junior told Jamie that he'd come up with a plan to liven up the party. The reason, he explained, was that Tad had said that the party was going to be a bore---full of "old fogies." Jamie looked innocently at his friend and asked, "What's a fogey?" When no one was looking, the boys slipped a plastic frog into the punch bowl. That, though, was not their piéce de resistance.
Back inside, Joe and Ruth joined Millicent and Woodruff at their table. The Martins were in the process of thanking the Greenlees for their generous contributions to the hospital. Millicent giggled loudly and didn't hear a word that was being said. She looked at her husband and ribbed him about being "frisky." A glance down showed Millicent that the brush against her leg was not her husband's hand---it was a rat! "I believe it's a ferret," Joe announced. The mere mention of the word ferret prompted Tad and Dixie to assume that the boys were behind the errant critter. Tad and Jake chased the weasel-like animal around the room as partygoers screamed and dashed out of the way. Eventually, Tad managed to capture the ferret. As the crowd applauded his feat, Tad made his way to the lobby and called for the boys to come out of hiding. Adam's face turned bright red and he stormed over to the doorway. He demanded to know why Junior was at the hotel-and more importantly whether or not he had anything to do with the ferret. Tad asked to speak to Tad in private about the debacle. "You are raising him to be an idiot!" Adam fumed. Tad couldn't help but laugh at the boys' antics and informed Adam that he was not going to punish them. Junior appeared before the two men and apologized for the stunt.
Back inside, Millicent told Tad that the runaway ferret would ensure that the party was the talk of the town. "Like father like son," she laughed. "I hope not," Tad said under his breath. Brooke made Jamie promise that she'd never do anything like that again. Even she was amused by her son's shenanigans. Adam met up with Junior later and told his son that he was not mad at him. In fact, he said that he's pulled a few pranks in his day too. Junior was intrigued and was forced to agree to a day with his dad to learn more. Then with all eyes on him, Adam coerced his son into giving him a hug.

Becca reacted strongly to seeing the videotape. She popped the tape out of the VCR and tossed it on the floor. Ryan tried to minimize Becca's fears by noting that the tape was probably made during Scott and Greenlee's time at UCLA. That didn't quell Becca's anger or disgust. She wondered what type of person makes a sexual videotape. She was also still furious that Scott and told Greenlee that she was still a virgin. Becca turned to Ryan and asked him if he'd date a virgin. Ryan was caught off guard by the question and said nothing. Nervously, he told Becca that he was not the right person to ask because he's already been married. The response didn't really make any sense nor did it answer the question. Ryan told Becca that he'd give her some time alone and headed out. Alone, Becca unbuttoned her blouse. She took a deep breath and shamefully asked herself what she was doing. As she re-buttoned her shirt, Scott returned home and asked her what she was doing. Becca grumbled that she was thinking about making love to him just so that she could hang on to him. She threw her hands in the air and said that there was no way that she could go through with it. She told Scott that she's seen the explicit videotape and subsequently lost all respect for him. Scott claimed that he didn't know that he was being videotaped, but that didn't make Becca feel any better. In tears, she told Scott that she just wanted to be left alone. She raced out of the loft just as Scott's phone started ringing. From her bed at The Valley Inn, Greenlee asked Scott if he wanted to return and pick up where they'd left off. Scott angrily slammed down the receiver.

"Saying goodbye?" Edmund asked of his sister-in-law. Alex dropped her head and muttered that what she's said in private was none of Edmund's concern. It was then that Edmund revealed that he'd listened in on her entire conversation with her late husband. Nowhere in Alex's heart-wrenching discussion had she apologized to Dimitri, noted Edmund. Alex snarled that she's lost the man she loved. In fact, they both had. Edmund nodded slightly, asking Alexandra where that left them. "All we share is our love for Dimitri," responded Alex. Edmund said that he did not understand why Alex had not come to him for help. Alex groaned that Edmund wanted to have had a chance to rescue his big brother. Edmund denied that that was the case. "When did this become a contest about who loved Dimitri more?" Alex snapped. From there, the pair decided to think about their fondest memories of Dimitri. In the morning, Alex said that she'd be flying to London for the reading of Dimitri's will. Edmund shocked her by saying that he'd also be in attendance. Strangely, Alex tried to convince Edmund not to make the trip abroad. Edmund would not back down. He was insistent upon being there. He said that he wanted to hear Dimitri's final words, those he'd written at a time when death was the furthest thing from his mind. Alex demanded that she be given some time alone, but Edmund wanted to stick around. After all, Dimitri had made him promise that he'd look after Alex. Alex released Edmund from his promise and, conversely, Edmund released Alex from hers. Finally alone, Alex sat on the sand and told Dimitri that the will reading would mark a new chapter in her life. "I'm never coming back her," she said softly. "It's too painful. But wherever I am, I'll always have you here in my heart."

Back in David's hotel room, Erica awaited David's return. When he arrived, she blasted him for keeping quiet about Dimitri's health problems. David insisted that he was honoring Dimitri's family's request, but that didn't suffice. Erica was about to offer yet another comment about how she was so important to Dimitri. David, however, never let her get the words out. He berated Erica for continually talking about her relationship with Dimitri. He told Erica that there was nothing that she could have done to save him. "You may have the power over life and death," Erica snapped back. "But you don't fool yourself into thinking that you have any power over me." Erica stomped her feet and stormed towards the door. "It's over. I never want to see you again."

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

At SOS, Mateo and Tina briefly discussed the club's Halloween decorations. Neither could decide what to use or how to hang the decorations that they had. Mateo noted that Hayley usually handles the decorations. Tina headed off to the kitchen. Mateo, meanwhile, looked longingly at the club's first dollar, which had been framed along with a photo of him and Hayley at a much happier time. Mateo looked up from his downward glance and noticed Hayley entering the club. "I was just thinking about you," he smiled. "Welcome back." Hayley and Mateo sat down and reflected on their memories of Holidays. Both were saddened that their club had met such a tragic end, but Mateo saw a bright side. Mateo softly noted that sometimes one doesn't realize how precious something is until they lose it and get it back. "When and why did we stop trusting each other?" Hayley asked. Mateo shook his head and shrugged slightly. He didn't want to dwell in the past. Instead, he wanted to focus on their future. Mateo felt that Hayley's return to the club was the first step towards getting back what they'd lost. "We can't pick up where we left off," Hayley replied. "I'm not coming back to work here. I want you to buy me out." The news hit Mateo like a ton of bricks. He laughed nervously and told Hayley that he never wanted to buy her out---it was something he'd said out of anger. Hayley told Mateo that she wanted to rebuild her life. As she told Ryan previously, everything in her life was somehow tied to Mateo. Mateo tried to understand, asking Hayley if she was sure that she wanted him to buy her out. When Hayley nodded, Mateo asked her where that left their relationship. Hayley wasn't quick with an answer. "I'm afraid of making the same mistakes over and over," she explained. She followed it up with another expression of her need to have some space. Tina appeared and was introduced to Hayley. Tina then said that someone on the phone wanted to talk to Hayley about promoting a new act. Hayley offered some advice on how to handle the call, but in the end she refused to get involved in a club that soon she would not own.

In her office at WRCW, Liza met with a woman known only as "Rain." Rain, donned in black clothes, dark mascara and lipstick, was a perfect specimen of the "Goth" style trend. Ryan entered the office with some papers for Liza and unwittingly rescued his boss. Liza wasn't really enjoying the interview and was thankful that Ryan had given her an easy out. After the model left, Ryan asked Liza why she was interviewing the woman. Liza forked over a stack of papers and explained that the station was thinking about launching a new fashion and style show. Rain had been one of the candidates for the job. Ryan sensed that she wasn't going to get the job and offered the name of another candidate: Hayley. Liza was surprised that her stepdaughter's name had popped into the conversation. She assumed that Hayley wouldn't have time for the job since she was already working full-time at Sounds of Salsa. Ryan informed her that Hayley wasn't going to be going back to work at the club. In fact, he added, Hayley was looking for a new gig. Liza liked the idea, but said that she wanted to hold off until Hayley did a screen test for the job. Liza asked Ryan if Hayley's attempt to reinvent herself might somehow include him. Ryan became very quiet, perhaps worried that Liza was going to lecture him about coming between Hayley and Mateo. To his amazement, Liza vowed not to interfere. She said that both Hayley and Ryan was "consenting adults," adults that could make their own decisions in life. As she headed out the door to a luncheon date with Adam, Liza offered some parting words. "May the best man win," she smiled.

Hayley arrived at the station a little while later. She was late for lunch, but Ryan didn't seem to mind. He told Hayley that he'd mentioned her name as a candidate for the style editor position. Hayley laughed at the suggestion that she could somehow report on what's trendy. Ryan asked her not to be so hard on herself. Hayley had yet another reason why she should not take the job: Ryan also worked at the station. She apologized for sounding brash, but explained that she wanted to find her new life on her own. Ryan's help, while appreciated, wasn't the way she wanted to start anew.

Belinda phoned her landlord to inform him that she'd be moving out. She offered to part with her security deposit to make up for giving such short notice about her departure. She hung up the phone and regretfully on the key Adrian had given her. A knock sounded on her door and she hurried over to answer it. She was surprised to see Adrian at her door. Equally, Adrian was surprised to see that Belinda was packing. "It looks like you already made your decision," he said quietly. Belinda explained that she hadn't heard from Adrian in a few days and assumed that his silence meant that he was going to let her go without a fight. Adrian apologized for not getting back to her, but he said that he needed time to think about things. "I'm proud of you," Adrian said once again. Belinda confessed that it would not be easy leaving Pine Valley and her loved ones. "I don't regret a single moment," she smiled painfully. "What started out as a three-week love affair lasted an extra forty weeks." While Adrian was lugging up some baggage from the basement, Belinda cuddled his leather jacket and reflected on what might have been. Adrian returned and apologized for not being able to give Belinda what she wanted. Belinda, in turn, thanked Adrian for coming into her life. "I was sleepwalking. You woke me up," she sniffled. A single teardrop meandered down her cheek. "I will never forget you and I wish you the best." Adrian returned the troubled grin. "Wish me something else," he replied. "I've already had the best." The lovers shared a final hug before Adrian headed on his way. As the door to Belinda's apartment closed, Adrian paused momentarily. He raised his hand to his face, closed his eyes, and continued on his way. Back inside, Belinda leaned against the door and sighed deeply.

Adrian headed for SOS, where Mateo was having a similarly bad day. The two men exchanged stories of their failed loved lives and toasted to the future without the women they cared about. Tina exited the backroom and told Mateo that one of the shelves had suddenly collapsed. She flashed a grin at Adrian, recalling that she'd had trouble preparing a cappuccino for him on her first day of work. She asked Mateo if Hayley would be returning to work any time soon, offering to fill in for her until she did. Mateo informed her that Hayley would not be returning and accepted Tina's offer to become full-time help.

Lunch with his father turned out to be a less than thrilling event for Adam Junior. Junior wanted a chilidog for lunch, but his father vetoed his request and placed an order for salmon instead. Junior grumbled about the order, saying that chilidogs were his favorite food---and that Tad made them for him every weekend. Junior knew that he hadn't been invited to lunch just for the heck of it; his father wanted to talk to him about his antics at the party the night before. Adam didn't lecture his son at length, but he did let it be known that he was disappointed. "You are a Chandler," Adam bellowed. He muttered that he didn't want his son growing up to be another Tad. Junior sensed his dad's unhappiness and asked him why he dislikes Tad. Knowing that Junior does look up to Tad, Adam didn't want to alienate his son by berating Tad. So, Adam praised Tad's abilities as a talk show host, but downplayed his skills as a father. Adam then turned the subject to his son's soccer team. Adam knew nothing at all about soccer or even his son's involvement on the team. Junior reached into his knapsack for a picture Dixie had taken of him scoring a goal. As he did, Adam caught sight of one of his son's school papers. He beamed proudly as he read the "A" paper: The Most Influential Person In My Life. His face turned a shade of green when he realized that his son had dubbed Tad the most influential person in his life. Junior quickly noted that there was another paper due soon about the "World's Best Dad." He assured his father that he'd write about him. Liza arrived and took Adam by surprise. He appeared that he'd forgotten that Liza would be joining him for lunch. Junior was rushed off to school courtesy of Adam's driver. Junior had asked his dad if he'd be going with him. Adam was oblivious to what his son was really saying and brushed it off; Junior didn't want a chauffeur to take him anywhere---he wanted his dad. Liza knew that something was troubling her husband. Adam tried to tell her that nothing was wrong, but Liza knew all too well that something was wrong. "Tad Martin is trying to steal my son from me!" he groused. After hearing about the school paper, Liza attempted to minimize its importance. "He's an overgrown kid!" continued Adam. Adam complained about having to share his son with Tad also grumbling about Jake's interference in his life. Liza was beginning to understand why Adam was acting so irrationally. "You feel like you're under attack," she said softly. Liza had to get back to work and told Adam that she'd wait for him in the car. Alone, Adam picked up the phone and placed a call to one of his buddies. The man, now headmaster of an exclusive boarding school, thanked Adam for his generous contributions. He even offered to name the school's library after him. Adam chuckled and told him that the honor, while appreciated, was not necessary. There as, however, something that he could do for him. Adam knew that the school had a top-notch soccer team. He explained that he wanted his son to attend a school where he'd be free of bad influences in his life. "The sooner, the better," he said determinedly.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

At Wildwind, Alexandra sat down with Eugenia> and Gillian and divulged her plans to return to London---for good. Eugenia hoped that Alex would change her mind and return to Pine Valley. "You're the closest thing to a sister that I ever had," added Gillian sadly. Alexandra took a deep breath and assured both women that they had been taken care of in Dimitri's will. Both were pleased, but under the circumstances, they were still disappointed. Gillian and Alex hugged, but it was too much for Gillian to take. She excused herself from the room for several moments to compose herself. While she was gone, Eugenia spoke of the many losses Gillian has experienced in her young life; first her mother, then Ryan, and now Dimitri. She added that her father had been a terrible disappointment as well. Alex suggested that was one of the reasons why Dimitri had provided for Gillian in his will. Gillian returned to the room and sat back down on the sofa next to Alex. Alex told Eugenia and Gillian that they would have to visit her in London once she's settled in. Both nodded before once again trying to convince Alex to stick around. Gillian walked Alex to the door and thanked her for being "one of the kindest people" she's met. They shared another embraced before Alex scurried away.

Marian sneaked up behind Stuart and covered his eyes with her hands. He coyly pretended not to know who was behind him. Marian was in an unusually giddy mood. She drifted off for a moment and reflected upon the deal she'd made with Millicent: If Scott escorted Greenlee to the anniversary party, Stuart would be voted into the PHAT committee. Stuart showed off a painting he's was working on. Marian knew it was Adam by his "beady eyes." Marian dashed off to tend to some personal matters. Soon after she left, Alexandra arrived at the gallery. Alex wanted to thank Stuart for his kindness before leaving for Europe. Stuart knew that Alex would still be upset about losing Dimitri and then Maximillian. He stepped away for just a second, returning with a sketch he'd done of Dimitri riding his horse. Alexandra was moved to tears. "Oh, Stuart!" she gushed. "That's beautiful." Stuart apologized for making Alex cry, but she assured him that he'd done nothing wrong. The two smiled and exchanged farewells.

When Greenlee showed up at the loft looking for Scott, Ryan grumbled that he's been "seeing a lot" of her lately. Greenlee invited herself inside where she would for a paper of paper to write a note for Scott. Greenlee sat on the couch and told Ryan that he could sit beside her because she doesn't bite. "I like to distance myself from women who videotape themselves making love," Ryan replied. Greenlee seemed amused that Ryan had seen the tape, at one point asking him if he enjoyed what he saw. Ryan shook his head and explained that he and Becca had viewed the tape by accident. Knowing that Becca saw the tape only made Greenlee happier. Ryan blasted Greenlee for throwing herself at a man who wanted nothing to do with her. "I don't throw myself at men," Greenlee huffed. She stormed towards the door and ordered Ryan to "go to hell."

At The Glamorama, Tiffany asked Millicent about the anniversary party. Millicent was surprised that Tiffany, who she obviously viewed as someone beneath her, knew anything about the party. Millicent chattered at length about "the rodent" that crashed the party and her granddaughter's time alone with "that young Chandler." Becca was returning to the parlor when she overheard that Scott and Greenlee had spent time alone. She became distracted and dropped a tray of beauty supplies to the ground. "You'd think Opal could afford more competent help," Millicent groaned. Millicent headed off for her facial. Tiffany, meanwhile, helped Becca pick up the dropped items and asked her why she was so jittery. Becca, who usually speaks nicely of everyone, complained that Scott is a "jerk" and that she wants nothing to do with him. Millicent headed to Tiffany's manicure station and grumbled about the nail polish selection. Greenlee showed up and headed for her grandmother's side. Millicent asked Greenlee where she and Scott had disappeared to at the party. "I invited him upstairs," Greenlee smiled. "To a hotel room?" Millicent asked lasciviously. "Greenlee, you are a naughty girl." Millicent's mind continued to wander. Assuming that Greenlee and Scott had had sex, Millicent asked her granddaughter if she was now ready to play the field again. Greenlee sighed deeply and broke the news that Scott had walked out on her. Millicent was irked and vowed to help Greenlee have another chance with Scott. How, she wasn't quite sure. Greenlee headed off for a massage. In the meantime, Marian appeared at the salon and took up a spot across from Millicent. She beamed from ear to ear as she asked Millicent when Stuart's induction into PHAT would become official. Millicent's eyebrows raised and she quickly informed Marian that she had no idea what she was talking about. Marian reminded Millicent of their agreement. Millicent continued to distance herself from the previous promise. She said that she had no control over who was voted into the organization and who was not. She also blasted Scott for running out on Greenlee. She mentioned that Scott might be a different person if he'd been raised by Adam. Millicent then took the conversation in a different direction. She said that she could assure that Stuart's name was mentioned for membership---if Marian convinced Scott to go out on another date with Greenlee. Marian nodded and walked away. Greenlee returned from her massage and was told of the plan. Greenlee was confident with what was going down, but decided that it couldn't hurt to "blow the competition out of the water." Greenlee strolled over to Becca and told her that she wanted to talk about the tape.

Scott returned home and learned of Greenlee's visit. He crumpled up her note and tossed it into the garbage. Ryan got Scott to confess that a part of him is still attracted to Greenlee. For that, he received no pity from Ryan. Having two beautiful women fighting for him, Ryan grinned, was not the worst thing in the world. Ryan went to take a shower shortly before Marian arrived at the loft. Scott let her inside and asked her why she'd stopped by. Marian told Scott that she had another favor to ask of him---and this would be the last one. Scott smirked slightly and asked Marian to lay it on him. Marian made Scott promise that he would not tell his father about her request. She then asked Scott if he would go out with Greenlee one more time.

Jack and Edmund met at The Valley Inn to discuss business. Edmund surprised Jack by announcing that he was flying to London for the reading of Dimitri's will. Edmund said that he was certain that Alexandra was trying to pull something. Jack was troubled by the way Edmund spoke of Alex. Edmund expressed his concerns about why Alex had married his brother. "Maybe she seduced him so that she could marry him so that she could be the sole beneficiary," Edmund growled. Jack scolded Edmund for thinking the worst about Alex. Edmund became defensive and accused Jack of siding with Alex. Brooke and Phoebe appeared tableside. Jack mentioned that he'd tried phoning Brooke to invite her for dinner. Brooke thanked Jack for thinking of her, but said that she and Phoebe were having a "girls' night out." Brooke turned and pushed Phoebe to their own private table. Phoebe lashed out at Brooke for passing up the chance to dine with two eligible bachelors. "Why don't you just don the habit and join the sisters at Notre Dame," Phoebe sighed. Brooke told her aunt that she was not looking for a relationship right now. Phoebe muttered that she understood Brooke's decision, considering some of the men from her past-men like Benny Sago and Dan Kennicott. Back across the room, Jack tried to convince Edmund not to attend the will reading. He promised to get Edmund a copy of the will. Jack took a deep breath and told Edmund that Alex couldn't be hiding anything from him because even Alex didn't know what was in the will. Jack explained that Dimitri had asked for him to visit him a few days before he mysteriously vanished. At that time, Jack was there as an attorney---not a friend. Dimitri wrote a codicil to his will. Edmund asked for the details, but Jack said that he could not offer than information because it would violate the attorney-client privilege. Now Edmund was more determined than ever to attend the reading. He chuckled to himself and said that he wanted to see the look on Alex's face when her world exploded. Jack shook his head and warned Edmund that Alex wasn't going to be the one who's surprised---he would.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

Marian is still trying to convince Scott to go out with Greenlee just one more time, but he absolutely refuses. He's not interested in her and he cares about Becca. Marian puts Becca down, saying that she doesn't know what Scott sees in her and he warns her never to talk like that about Becca again. Scott leaves him apartment with Marian right behind, still trying unsuccessfully to get him to change his mind.

At the Glamorama, Greenlee kept discussing the tape that Becca had seen, even though it was obvious that Becca was embarrassed and wanted to drop the whole subject. Greenlee claimed that Scott was the one who made the tape and she was shocked when she found out. But Scott's a little "kinky" that way, she says, especially keeping the tape and watching it so long after they'd broken up. Upset, Becca insists that Greenlee leave and she heads to the front hall closet to get her coat. While she's in there, Scott shows up, so she hides and listens to his conversation with Becca. Well, actually his attempted conversation with Becca, because she doesn't think they have anything to discuss. She leaves him standing there alone in the middle of the Glamorama.

At the Valley Inn, David is in the dining room eating alone. A woman comes up from behind and puts her hands over his eyes. He thinks it's Erica, but it turns out to be Leslie. David tells her he's waiting for Erica to join him for dinner. I've got news for you then, Leslie informs him, Erica is out of town. At first he doesn't believe her, but she says she called Erica's office and was told she was out of town. Palmer and Vanessa, just back from her trip, enter the dining room and come over to say hello to David and Leslie. As usual, David doesn't hide his dislike for his mother and she and Palmer quickly retreat to their own table. After Leslie leaves to meet a client, David calls Erica's house and gets confirmation from Erica's maid, Coral, that Erica has in fact left town. Later, Leslie returns to offer David a shoulder to cry on, but he's not interested and tells her so.

At their table, Vanessa is thanking Palmer for giving her the money to help her friend, Bunny. Thanks to him she was able to have her brain tumor removed and is doing quite well. Still suspicious, Palmer tries to trip her up and asks her how the weather in Geneva was. I was in Zurich, she reminds him, and claims she was inside at her friend's bedside the whole time. Vanessa leaves to go get something for Palmer, and Palmer signals a man sitting at a nearby table to come join him. It's the private investigator who was hired to follow Vanessa. Not only was she not at a sick friend's bedside, she was traveling all over Europe. He even had pictures from Paris of Vanessa with a younger man she was very "friendly" with and bought all sort of nice things for. "With my money", Palmer grumbles, tucking the pictures into his jacket pocket. The P.I. leaves and Vanessa returns. She has a confession to make, she tells him, she wasn't in Zurich the whole time. She and her friend did go to Venice for a short time, where she bought the bracelet she's wearing. Palmer thought she left the table to get something for him. I did, she said, I put it on "for you" to admire on me. When Palmer heads upstairs, Vanessa calls someone on her cell phone and tells the person, whom she calls "darling" and "sweetheart", that they won't be able to talk for a while because Palmer is very suspicious.

Junior and Amanda are just finishing up an art lesson with Stuart at the gallery. Amanda painting is of a beautiful princess and Junior has made a painting of scary monster. Hayley arrives to pick up Amanda, they are going on a girls-night-out. When Stuart takes Amanda to go get cleaned up, Hayley realizes that Junior isn't happy and asks him what's wrong. I disappointed Adam, he says, and tells her about the ferret incident and about his paper that he wrote about Tad. Adam thinks that Tad is a bad influence on him. Hayley is trying to make him feel better when Adam arrives to pick him up. Hayley and Amanda leave and Stuart has already left to go meet Marian, so Adam and Junior are left alone. Adam shows Junior a soccer jersey from Winchester prep school, which has one of the best soccer teams in the country, and tells him that he can go there if he would like to. Junior thinks that Adam's trying to punish him by sending him away, but Adam assures him that it's not true, and it would be a great opportunity for him. Adam has one request, Junior can't discuss the idea with anyone, not even his mother.

For their girls-night-out, Hayley and Amanda have gone to Ryan's place for some pizza and some indoor basketball. They have a lot of fun, chasing each other and wrestling for the ball. Finally, Hayley and Ryan collapse on the couch together, exhausted. After teasing each other about who was the winner, the two of them kiss.

Over at Wildwind, Mateo is looking for Edmund, but finds Gillian there instead. He explains that he wants to talk to Edmund about a loan since Hayley wants him to buy out her share of SOS. The two of them talk about their prior relationships and Gillian tells him that when she let Ryan go, she hoped he'd come back, but he didn't. She thinks that Mateo should face the fact that the same thing might happen to him. Mateo isn't ready to give up, he's determined to get Hayley back.

Friday, October 8, 1999

An out of breath Tad staggered inside after a soccer workout with the boys. Dixie was concerned for her husband's welfare, asking, "You didn't pull anything, did you?" Tad widened his eyes and smiled wryly. "Wanna go upstairs and find out?" The boys, in much better condition than Tad, raced into the house and engaged in a little horseplay with Dixie. As they did, the phone rang. Tad scurried over to the phone. "Martin Mad House," he chuckled. "Which nut do you want?" Needless to say, Adam, on the other end of the line, was not amused. Adam asked to speak to Dixie and quite surprisingly made no reference to Tad's greeting. Adam asked his former wife if Adam Junior had made any mention of their meeting the day before. When Dixie said that Junior had said nothing about it, Adam smiled happily; he knew that his secret was still intact. Adam told Dixie that Stuart wanted to meet with him and Junior very briefly before starting on the father-son painting. Dixie was a bit worried that the meeting would cramp Junior's already busy schedule, but she agreed nevertheless. Adam's limousine driver arrived at the house and whisked Junior off to Chandler Mansion. Shortly after the boys were gone, Dixie told Tad that she felt that something was bothering her son. Tad hadn't noticed anything, but agreed to talk to Junior to see what was if something was troubling him.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam informed his son that there had been a change of plans: They would not be meeting with Stuart. Instead, Adam sat his son down on the sofa and prepared him for a big surprise. Adam reached into his briefcase and pulled out a mock-up of a soccer trading card. The card proudly displayed Junior, his stats, and a brand new school name---Winchester Prep. Junior fell in love with the card. He turned to his dad and asked him if he could have another one made up with his Pine Valley team and stats. Adam was caught off guard. He had expected that seeing the card would make Junior want to join the exclusive preparatory school. So, the mega-millionaire tried another approach. Adam informed Junior that Winchester Prep was his new school. A spot had opened up and Junior's name was at the top of the list to fill the vacancy. "You said it was my choice," Junior replied dejectedly. "This is all too soon." Adam praised his son's academic and soccer skills, saying that the opening at Winchester Prep was a "wonderful opportunity." He hoped that telling his son how proud of him would only sweeten the deal. Junior, who had been staring down at the floor, looked into his father's eyes and said that his mother would never let him leave town. Adam nodded in agreement. He said that he and Junior would have to form a united front to convince Dixie that Winchester Prep was the best place to continue his education. "Mothers have a tendency to cling to their babies," Adam noted. "I'm not a baby," Junior grumbled. Adam smiled. He said they both knew that he wasn't a baby, but Dixie might think otherwise.

Jake and Gillian arrived at Liza's office at WRCW to pick up Colby. Liza was on the phone discussing business and unable to immediately greet them. Gillian's ears perked up noticeably when she learned that Liza was talking to Ryan. After the phone call, Liza asked Gillian how she and her family were doing in the wake of Dimitri's death. Gillian informed Liza that Alexandra had decided to move back to London to avoid the friction that had developed between her and Edmund. Liza was concerned and said that she had looked forward to getting to know Alex better. Liza was called off to production. As she walked out of the office, she asked Jake not to leave until she returned. Jake came up with an idea to travel to a nearby farm and have a picnic with Colby. Jake asked Gillian to invite Eugenia along for the fun. Gillian took to the phone to call her grandmother. While she was on the phone, Wendy, the stations' weathergirl, sashayed into the office and planted a kiss on Jake's lips. Gillian was stunned. Apparently Jake and Wendy had become somewhat close, but the level of their relationship would be called into question a little later. Liza returned and grumbled that Wendy was needed back on the set. Liza plucked Colby from her bassinet and headed to the ladies' room to changer he diaper. Jake had offered to change the baby, but Liza said that by sending Colby off with a clean diaper she would be forcing Jake to return her that way. After Liza left, Gillian asked Jake about Wendy. Jake said that he and Wendy were hardly serious. "It's the best offer out there right now," he said unenthusiastically. Gillian asked the doctor if he might be waiting for her to put herself back on the market. Jake shook his head and assured her that that was not the case. Liza returned with a fresh smelling baby. The threesome then headed off for their picnic. Tad stormed the office and issued a surprisingly candid announcement. "I think we oughta have your husband neutered," he growled. Liza was taken aback by Tad's anger and asked him why he was angry at Adam. Tad wasn't exactly sure, but he said that somehow he got a feeling that Adam had turned his attention to trying to steal Junior away from him and Dixie. Liza assured Tad that that was not the case. She explained that Adam was upset and hurt that Skye had gotten married and not told him. Tad understood, but he didn't excuse Adam's behavior. He noted that Skye would never have had a secret wedding if Adam had not been up to his old dirty tricks. As for Liza's continued faith in her husband, Tad had yet another warning. He warned Liza that if she continued to leave her "head stuck in the sand," she would be in for a big letdown.

Soon after Tad left, the doorbell at the house rang. Dixie hoped that Tad was returning home for some private time, but that was not the case. David had dropped by to drop off some things for Tad. Dixie invited him into the house for some tea, but David worried that it would be too much work for Dixie. Dixie unleashed a heavy dose of sarcasm as she teased David about how difficult it would be to pour a second cup of hot water. David smiled and agreed to join Dixie. The pair sat down for a cup of tea and briefly discussed their lives. Dixie got David to confess that there was someone in his life---but he said that that relationship was over now. Dixie pressed for the reasons for the breakup and the name of the lady in David's life, but the doctor clammed up. David insisted that the breakup didn't upset him. Dixie could sense otherwise. Dixie told him that if that were truly the case, he wouldn't be so upset. The boys returned to the house. Junior saw David and worried that his mother's health had taken a turn for the worse. David quickly assured the boy that Dixie was doing well. Dixie walked David to his car. Junior plopped down on the couch and sighed deeply. Jamie sat beside him and asked him what was wrong. Junior plucked the soccer card from his backpack and showed it to Jamie. Jamie gasped and rattled on and on about how cool it was. Junior, though, was over the excitement. He told Jamie about the opening at Winchester Prep and how much he did not want to go. After learning that the spot would only be open for a few days, Jamie concocted a plan. The only way that Junior would have to go to the school was if someone could find him to pack him up and move him there.

Across the Atlantic in London, Alex returned to the restaurant where she first met Dimitri. As she sat alone, she reflected on both the good and bad times. The one moment that stuck most in her mind was delivering the news that Dimitri's illness had went into remission. As Alex returned to the present and sipped her tea, a male figured loomed over the table. Alex looked up and made no attempt to hide her disappointment. Edmund returned the cold stare, casually announcing that he planned to attend the reading of Dimitri's will as he sat down at the table. Alex told Edmund that he should've told her that he'd be coming. Edmund shrugged and commented that since she doesn't keep him apprised of her comings and goings, there was no need for him to keep her informed of what he's planning to do. Alex plunked down some money on the table and told Edmund that the tea was on her. She then suggested that they catch a cab. "Unless the idea of sharing a taxi with me is too distasteful," she grumbled. Edmund extended a hand to help Alex out of her chair, but she coldly told him that she could handle it herself.

David returned to his hotel suite, haunted by Dixie's words of wisdom. He picked up the telephone and called Enchantment. He lied about having Erica's latest test results and asked her secretary for a number where Erica could be reached. The person on the other end of the line fell for it hook, line, and sinker and parted with the previously secret information.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam hit the phone to tell his pal at Winchester Prep that Junior would be there in a few days. In the meantime, Liza returned from the station and told her husband about Tad's accusations. Adam was pleased that Liza had stuck up for him, but Liza's support came with a disclaimer. She told Adam that he would have to continue staying on the straight and narrow and prove that he's really changed.

Tad returned home from work and told Dixie about his discussion with Liza. Dixie told Tad that they had some free time because Jamie was at Brooke's house and Junior was at a soccer game. Tad looked down and found a notebook with a message from Junior. "Mom always says I can go to you if I'm ever in trouble," the note began, "only this time I can't. No one can stop my dad." Junior had run away.

Alexandra and Edmund arrived at the office of Clive Garrison. Clive was not surprised to see Edmund. Apparently, Edmund had phone before leaving for Europe. Alex asked the solicitor if it was possible to give them a brief rundown of the will before the formal reading. With no objections for Edmund, Clive agreed. The will, as previously mentioned, provided for everyone in Dimitri's life. Money had been set aside to restore Gillian and Eugenia's lost fortune, "substantial property" to Anton and Corvina Lang, "a trust fund" for Samuel and Madeline Grey, a "generous bequeathing" to Peggy Moody, and Maximillian to Bianca Montgomery. The formal reading concluded and Alex was ready to go on her way. Clive then told her that there was more. Jackson entered the room and announced that he'd been summoned to Dimitri's hospital room to make some changes to the will. Alexandra was stunned. Edmund looked on with a smirk. "It doesn't make any sense," Alexandra said shaking her head. She wondered why Dimitri would make the changes without telling her. Jack had a quick response. "He thought that you would object," Jack stated. The changes, he said, would change Alex's life forever.



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