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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on GL
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Monday, October 4, 1999

At Company:
Harley is tending to her baby when a thug comes up behind her and attempts to grab her purse off of the sidewalk. Olivia comes up about this time, steps on the purse and chases the man off. Harley was surprised about it all and wanted to thank Olivia with dinner. Olivia agreed and the two talked about their lives and dreams. Olivia told her how the man of her dreams was in her reach when his ex wife came back in the picture. Harley knew exactly what she meant and told Olivia that as strong a person as she is, she should stand up and fight for her man.

At the Santoses':
Danny and Michelle leave. Ben is talking to Theresa on the phone and she agrees to meet with him. She comes over and Ben tells her that she could have Danny back if she'd like. He tells her that he is in a bad place with this Michelle girl and that he has abandoned his family and business. Theresa told Ben that she would think about it and get back to him.

At the Bauers':
Abby comes in from her cochlear implant seminar and is welcomed home by her husband. They are ready to go to bed when Danny and Michelle walk in. They tell Rick the news about Danny severing his ties to the family business and that they need a place to stay. Rick tells Danny that he is family and that he and Michelle always have a home there. Abby and Rick go to bed. Danny drops a box and Michelle sees a picture of Theresa, Danny admits that she is an ex girlfriend, but reassures Michelle that she is the one he loves. Danny and Michelle go to bed.

At Cross Creek:
Richard and Reva are kissing very heavily and are interrupted with a tree limb that comes crashing through the window. Reva thinks that it was a good thing to happen because it brought them both to their senses. Richard doesn't believe it and he forces Reva to admit her feelings. Reva admits to Richard that she cannot think of anything but their time together and that she wants him. They once again begin making love and are in front of the fireplace when Josh and Cassie come in on them.

On the way to Cross Creek:
Josh and Cassie are arguing. He thinks Cassie set this up for Richard to know where Reva was and she thinks he is acting stupid. He finally admits to Cassie that he is worried that he may lose Reva.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

At Cross Creek:
Josh and Cassie walk in on Richard and Reva beside the fire. Reva gets up and hugs Josh. She tells Josh about the storm and that Richard just showed up. Richard told Josh that he and Reva had some unfinished business. Richard covers a bit and tells Josh that he startled Reva while she was in the bath, omitting the fact that they were just about to make love. Josh tells him that he doesn't believe him.
Josh and Reva go to the kitchen and Josh tells her that he should have given her and Richard a little more time to settle things.
Cassie wants to know how Richards's necklace got on the floor when he said he never took it off. He told her that it happened during and intense conversation with Reva. Cassie keeps bugging Richard and he tells her that she is making way too much over nothing. Reva sends Josh and Cassie upstairs to change into dry clothes. Reva thanks Richard for not saying anything. Richard tells her that he doesn't want her feeling upset, he wants her feeling nothing but happiness when she comes back to him. She tells him that she is not coming back to him, Richard tells her "maybe not tonight." Richard tells her that he knows she will choose him in the end. Reva says that they have to put things behind them that it is over. But it isn't for Richard.
Josh and Cassie come back down and he tells her that they are stuck there. No car, trees in the road, etc. They all set down by the fire to wait out the storm. Reva thinks back to kissing Richard. (She still has on the San Cristobel ring).

At Company:
Drew and Jesse are planning Drew's dinner party. Jesse keeps looking at his watch and Jesse tells her that he has to go to an "Art Class" because he has to miss the one tomorrow. Jesse asks her to meet him later. He leaves his paint and Drew runs out to catch him. She misses him and calls the gallery and asks the gallery guy to tell Jesse that he left his paints. She finds out that there are no classes and gets a little ticked off. She wants to know what's going on.
Jesse is with that mystery woman, having coffee. She tells him that he needs to tell Drew. He says after things settle down he will tell Drew everything.
The gallery guy tells Jesse that he told Drew that there were no art classes. Jesse thinks things are getting out of control. Jesse covers by telling Drew that the classes are at the University. She feels stupid and buys everything he says.

At the Hospital:
Selena thanks Buzz for being there for her. Buzz has brought wine for them to celebrate. He tells her that he felt threatened by Ben because he feared losing her. They kiss. She cries wishing she could make love to him but she can't because she's paralyzed. The nurse comes in and sends Buzz out. His conscious tells him that he lied to the woman he loves. Buzz tells himself that she will never find out and that he will not let it bother him. His conscious tells him that it will come back and burn him. Buzz goes back into Selena's room and she tells him that she wants to go home with him. He turns the lights off.
Ben goes into the lab and looks on the computer. He deletes the test results and then leaves. Vanessa and Matt are there for the tests. She still claims that it is just stress. Pilar comes in and asks them about the guard. She explains that the guard was beat up by Bill and that now Bill will not be let out of jail. Vanessa faints. She gets up and goes in with the doctor. The doctor does the tests and says that they will have the test results back tomorrow. Frank comes in and says that the guard will pull through but that he will also be pressing charges against Bill. Frank will do everything he can to help him. Pilar says she may know a way to help him. She is going to walk away from Bill, as much as she loves him, she can't stand hurting him anymore. She asks Matt to tell him goodbye for her.

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen is talking to Ben about children. She is depressed. Ben tears up the fake paternity test results just as Drew comes in. She invites him to her dinner. She is still upset about the Jesse thing and she confides in Ben. He comforts her. He asks her about what Jesse is doing. Drew tells him that she thinks Jesse is cheating on her and it is her fault because she is always so preoccupied. Ben tells Drew that Jesse would be a fool to let her go. Drew hugs Ben and thanks him for being her dad. She leaves. Ben tells Carmen that he understands how she feels about her family.
Carmen is feeling sorry for herself until she finds the fake test results. She thinks that Ben lied once again and is upset about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

At Cross Creek:
Reva has a dream about kissing Richard and awakens suddenly. Richard asks if she is all right and finally they all wake up. Josh goes outside to deal with the trees that had fallen and to check out the damage to the property. Richard offers to help him. Richard goes out to help and Josh asks him when he is leaving. "Don't you have a country to run or something?" Josh tells him that he needs to be out looking for his lunatic brother. Inside the house, Cassie asks Reva is she and Richard had sex. Reva said "No", Cassie then asked if they were about to when she and Josh came in. Reva still insisted that they were not anywhere close to that. A helicopter comes and Richard tells every one that he called for it this morning and that he must leave. Richard tells Reva not to forget him and leaves on the helicopter. Reva watches him go from the window crying. Richard gets into his helicopter and begins to leave. When Richard learns that Spaulding Enterprises is a rival of Lewis Oil, he orders his pilot to head to Springfield. Josh tells Cassie that Richard is gone. Cassie leaves and Reva tells Josh they can finally be a married couple. Josh says he's not sure that's possible. He says that he can't wait to get out of Cross Creek despite the fact that it used to be their refuge. Richard gets into the car. He gets on the phone with Col. Dax. Dax tells him there are no leads on Edmund. He says this while looking at Edmund unconsciousness. Col Dax talks about the riots and Richard tells him that they will pass. He tells the guard he's not going back to SC right away, his business in SF is far from over. Richard asks his chauffeur who the main players are in SF. The chauffeur mentions Spaulding's and says that Phillip is the one in charge. Richard sets up an appointment to meet with him. Cassie and Reva are both daydreaming about Richard

In San Cristobel:
Dr. Rego was looking over Edmund, he tells Colonel Dax that Edmund must be taken to a hospital for a transfusion and medication or he will die. Dax explains that he can't because of the mobs running the countryside, trying to find him and kill him for his crimes against the throne. Edmund wakes up and the guard tells him to stay put, he is hurt. Edmund wants to go after Richard and Reva.

At the Santos Compound:
Carmen finds the test results from Ben's test and confronts him. He insists that he is Drew's father. She asks him how he can live this lie and ignore the family he has with her, Danny and Pilar. Ben laughs at the idea of Danny's support and insists that his relationship with Selena has nothing to do with them. Ben calls Carmen selfish. Carmen throws the insult back. Ben asks for the paternity results. Carmen finally gives it to him. Ben throws it into the fire. Carmen decides to have a chat with Selena.
Ben is meeting with Theresa. Says she loves Danny and won't help Ben; she knows Danny is not stupid and will figure everything out. Ben says Danny's broke and will eventually dump Michelle. Theresa says she'll be in touch.
Carmen calls and asks Selena if she can come and see her. Selena agrees.

At Company:
George is looking over plans for construction on Buzz's house. Harley comes in and Buzz tells her that Selena has agreed to move in with him. Harley was telling Buzz that he should be honest with Ben and tell him that he really is Drew's father. Because if Ben thinks he's not, then down the road he could do something to hurt her. Buzz decides to tell Ben the truth but changes his mind after Ben insults him. Danny wanting to know what he can sell to get money for them. They decide to sell the house in San Cristobel . Theresa comes in. She wants to catch up with Danny. Danny tells Theresa he is out of the business. Theresa laughs at him. The subject switches to on old friend Jimmy who happens to be a record producer. Theresa tells Danny that if he is looking for work Jimmy will probably hire him. Danny gets a page from his accountant and leaves to make a phone call. Theresa asks Michelle to stay she says they have a lot to talk about. Theresa leaves and watches Manny through a window. Ben comes up and tells her that Michelle killed Mick. Theresa decides to help Ben.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

At Company:
Buzz's conscience forces Buzz to come clean to Ben. He does and of course Ben is mad. Buzz offers not to say anything to Selena about Bens life if Ben doesn't say anything either. Ben agrees to keep secret Buzz's underhanded scheme and then pays Selena a visit, saying to himself that no one crosses him.
Theresa talks to her mom about getting Danny back. Her mom is all for it and they plot to bring down Danny and Michelle's marriage. At the hospital:
Carmen tells Selena that Ben is not Drew father and that she can just forget it, if she thinks that he and Drew and her were going to be one big family. Selena told her that she did not believe that Ben lied to her and that she wanted to leave. The phone rings and Selena goes to get it and Carmen jerks the cord out of the wall and tells her that she isn't finished talking to her yet. Ben comes in and tells Carmen to leave. He begins to talk to Selena and tells her that Buzz had done something evil to all of them. At Millennium:
Drew, Jesse, Danny and Michelle are talking. Danny is sickened when Drew tells them that Ben is her father. Michelle convinces Danny to change the subject. He admits to Jesse and Drew that he's thinking of starting to work in the music industry Drew tells Danny that she knows a lot of people in the music business and would be glad to hook him up or at the very least check out the people that Theresa told him were interested in him. Danny agreed and Drew made a few calls. Apparently, the Jimmy guy that Theresa had told him about checked out and had a good rep. Danny made a call and told Theresa to set up the meeting with Jimmy in Los Angeles.
Michelle answers Jesse's phone and gets a "breather." She kids Jesse about it being his girlfriend. He gets defensive. Michelle later catches Jesse on the phone with the girl, Deena I believe her name is. Michelle questions him about the call. In Court:
Vanessa comes in and talks to Ross. Bill comes in and court begins. The DA wants to charge Bill with Attempted Murder as well as cyber espionage. The guard walks in and tells the judge that it was all a mistake; an accident and Bill did not try to hurt him. The judge dismisses the charge of attempted murder and returns the plea agreement to the defense, so that Bill is free to leave. He goes and kisses Pilar and she tells him that they are breaking up. Bill understands that she is doing it just to save him from her and he tells her that he doesn't want saving and that he would go through everything again, just to be with her. She says its over and walks out. Later the guard comes in and Pilar gives him a diamond necklace as payment for lying so that Bill would be out of jail. He tells her that he wants cash, not jewels. Pilar then told him that he had better leave before he makes Carmen Santos daughter angry enough to "deal" with him. He left and Pilar realized that she is in fact her mother's daughter.

Friday, October 8, 1999

At Millennium:
Danny and Drew talk more about the music business. Drew asks about Danny's ex, Theresa. Drew thinks there is more to it. Drew finally sees Theresa when she walks in the club and immediately sees through her. Theresa tells Danny that he has a meeting first thing in the morning. He goes to talk to Michelle. Theresa overhears Drew call Ben her father and she calls and leaves him a message. He tells him that all is going well and then makes a rude comment about Drew.
Michelle asks Jesse if he is cheating on Drew. He tells her that he has been seeing someone. Michelle tells Jesse that he has to tell her, but he doesn't think it's a good time now. Michelle tells Danny that she has classes and won't be able to go to LA with him, but to go ahead and go for it. They dance and Drew and Jesse watch. Drew tells Jesse that he doesn't trust Theresa and knows that she is out to get Danny. She tells him that he better never cheat on her, or else. She leaves; Jesse calls Deena and tells her that they have to tell Drew the truth before she finds out from someone else.

At the Airport:
Michelle kisses Danny goodbye and he gets on the plane. Theresa is comes up and joins him. She acts like it is a coincidence that they are on the same flight.

At the hospital:
Selena asks Ben if he lied about the test results. Ben assures her that he is Drew's father and then tells her that Buzz changed the results because he didn't want Ben to be the father. Ben told her that Buzz told him the truth and that he thought that was enough and he wasn't planning on telling her about any of it. Selena tells him that she can't go home with Buzz and that he is on his way to pick her up. He walks out and tells Buzz that she is mad at him and that he will be taking Selena home now. Buzz is mad that Ben spilled the beans. He busts in her room, but Selena's gone.

At Company:
Buzz is happy about Selena coming home. Harley asks Buzz if he doesn't feel better now that he told the truth. He agrees that he has. He then admits to Harley that he loves Selena. Olivia is outside talking to Cassie. She tells Cassie that Richard is still in Springfield. Cassie wants to know why and she tells her that he is still after Reva and he is staying at the towers. Harley comes out and greets Cassie and Olivia and finds out that the beau that Olivia was talking about was a Prince and that he was married to Reva at one time. Olivia tells Cassie that if Richard didn't have a chance, he would have left a long time ago. Cassie knows she is right and wonders what Reva's feelings for him are. Olivia and Harley talk some more until Phillip came in. She guesses that his meeting was with Prince Richard and tells him that she will tell him about what she knows in the car. Just then Josh walks in and orders a beer, Olivia comes up to him and offers to buy him a drink. They talk about Richard and Olivia. Josh tells her that he knows Reva and that she would not go to Richard.
ax lets Susan down again by not wanting to go with her to a play she was going to be in. Max comes back up to Susan and asks her if she wants to go for a ride. He has his permit and would love to take her to a performance that she is going to be in at the university.

At the Towers:
Richard and Phillip talk business. Phillip is impressed and questions why Richard would put up so much money. Richard admits that he has personal business in Springfield. Phillip tells Richard that to do this deal he will have to stay in Springfield for a few months. Richard agrees and blows Phillip away. Phillip tells him that he will get back to him soon.
Richard calls to see if the invitations are out, remembers kissing Reva and then hears a knock at the door. Cassie comes in and wants to know what he is still doing in Springfield. She accuses him of trying to charm her again. She tells him that she knows Reva would give into him even to the detriment of her marriage because that is what she would do. Cassie try's to talk her way out of him thinking she was attracted to him. She tells him not to give her mercy complements. Richard tells her that he does like her and that she is beautiful. She goes into the bathroom and Reva arrives at his door. He says,"Reva, I knew you'd come."

At the Lewises':
Josh comes in and Reva has candles and music. She begins her seduction only to remember being with Richard. She backs off and then the doorbell rings. Renaldo has brought an invitation to a cocktail party for Prince Richard, his old friend and his new business associates. Josh questions Reva about his business associates and doubts her when she tells him that she doesn't know what or why he is still in Springfield. Josh begins to leaves to confront Richard. Reva begs him not to and Josh thinks it is because she is scared of what Richard will say to him. Reva wants to forget everything, forget about Richard and just stay away from him. Josh is upset and leaves, Reva begs him not to go see Richard. She leaves to see him herself.

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