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Passions Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on PS
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Monday, October 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

Tabitha disguises herself as a nun to go and visit Charity. She is afraid that Charity's powers are growing stronger. She tells Timmy that they have to dig Charity's grave before they have their own graves dug. Timmy wonders how a powerless Tabitha plans to defeat Charity. Tabitha confides that she is going to encourage the young girl to leave Harmony in search of her mother. Since Faith's body was never found, Tabitha will convince Charity that there is a chance that her mother is alive. Father Lonigan stops by Charity's hospital room. He worries that he won't be able to protect her from evil. The increasingly annoying Miguel frets that Charity might wake up and remember him while he's at Simone's having dinner. Kay lies and says that she asked the hospital to call if there was any change in Charity's conditon. A trusting Miguel is touched by his friend's purported thoughtfulness.

Simone is relieved that Whitney is not home to ruin her big night with Chad. Unfortunately, Dr. Russell's unexpected presence at home throws Simone into a panic. She dreads the thought of her mom running into Chad. Kay and Simone make sure that Dr. Russell and Chad stay in separate parts of the house without crossing paths.

Whitney wants Chad to pay for her pants that he ruined when he bulldozed her the other night. When Chad blows her off, Whitney threatens to call the police. Whitney and Chad have a heated argument and the insults fly. Chad scoffs as Whitney says that he better stay away from her and her family. He retorts that he would not want anything to do with anybody related to her!

Ivy loans Theresa a beautiful gown to wear to the opera with Ethan. Pilar fears that her daughter is getting in over her head. Unaware of her personal assistant's true feelings, Ivy thanks Theresa for helping Ethan realize that Gwen is the girl for him. A defiant Theresa doesn't voice her opinion that she is the girl that Ethan should be with. Sure that the night will be a disaster, Pilar demands that her daughter tell Ivy that she can't go to the opera with Ethan. Pilar can not get through to her thickheaded daughter.

Julian is horrified by his son's plan to escort the housekeeper's daughter out for a night on the town. His attitude becomes more positive when he assumes that Ethan is just trying to sow a few wild oats before he makes a commitment to Gwen. An exasperated Ethan assures his father that he has never thought of Theresa in that way. Ivy and Ethan are both unimpressed as Julian lavishes praise on Theresa's glamorous appearance.

Tabitha schemes to get rid of her antagonist, Father Lonigan. She places a fake phone call to lure him out of Charity's hospital room. As soon as he exits the room, Father pauses in the hallway because he can sense the presence of evil.

Theresa is overwhelmed by her first time in a limo. She orders the driver to pull over when she sees Whitney walking down the street. Whitney is incredulous when she sees her best friend in a limo, dressed to the nines and sitting beside Ethan Crane. Just as Pilar does, Whitney fails to get Theresa's head out of the clouds. Theresa believes that Ethan will discover that she is the perfect woman for him and that tonight is just the beginning of their happily ever after.

Julian quizzes his wife about her sudden desire to mingle with the locals. Ivy just smiles enigmatically but Julian remains determined to find out what she is up to. Julian has no intention of joining Ivy's little soiree with the "common folks." Pilar is scared that Julian will discover the truth about Ivy and Sam if he sees them together at dinner. Ivy refuses to consider her husband's request to cancel her party.

As the two guys hang out at Simone's, Chad notices that Miguel is bummed about something.Miguel fills him in on Charity's condition and the fact that she now appears to be afraid of him. While Simone and Kay are in the kitchen trying to fix something for their dream boys to eat, Miguel is telling an envious Chad about his beloved Charity. Chad acknowledges that he has dated a lot of girls but he hasn't felt that strongly about anyone in particular. He tells Miguel that he doubts he will find any information about his family in Harmony because nothing good ever happens to him. Just as he is filling Miguel in on this girl who hates his guts, that very girl Whitney is on the front porch about to enter her house.

Charity awakens and is curious to find a nun (Tabitha) at her bedside. Tabitha plants seeds of doubts in Charity's mind about what really happened to her mother in the fire. After all, Tabitha insists, the authorities never found her body. Tabitha pretends to assure Charity that everything was done to find her mother. She is thrilled when she sees the girl get dressed and leave her room. Across town, Timmy has finished digging the hole to bury Charity in. However, he draws the line at being the one to put her in it.

Kay and Simone burn the pasta they were trying to cook. At that moment, Chad and Whitney are both stunned to come face to face in the Russell living room. Whitney demands to know what he is doing there.

Mrs. Crane can't wait for her own big night. Despite Pilar's admonishments, Ivy happily anticipates her dinner party, specifically her old flame Sam's arrival.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Ethan and Theresa enjoy a night at the ballet. Theresa observes the show and dreams that the lead character, Cinderella, is herself and Ethan. Ethan spends the night, clueless as usual to his admirer and her affections. He seems to truly enjoy escorting the young maid's daughter out on the town and seems rather amused at her excitement at being at her first ballet and dressed herself like Cinderella. I just know any minute that we would hear the sounds of "Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo" any moment as Theresa imagines herself dancing around in rags with her Fairy Godmother. Ethan asks her about her thoughts. She opens her heart to him and tells him her feelings, but as the audience, we cannot actually see Ethan. He will probably be asleep or have left his seat, missing Theresa's whole confession.

Chad and Whitney cross paths yet again, in her own home. She throws a fit and demands that Simone toss him out. Yet, when her mother calls to check on Simone, Whitney keeps quiet. Kay is desperately trying to keep Miguel off the phone to call and check in on Charity. He has to do something, cause eating is certainly not in the plans as Simone and Kay can't cook, and the spaghetti they prepared is ruined. The tomato sauce is still heating in the microwave, uhm, just how long does it take to microwave leftovers? Whitney screams from the kitchen, probably just a coincidence.

Ivy has guests in her home and is pestered by Pilar to end the evening and advised not to play with fire. Ivy states that she has been living her life only as half a woman and has missed playing with fire. She is wanting to relive the past and see Sam again after years of being married to Julian, the boar of the century. Julian senses his wife is up to something and decides to hang around just to see her in action. She is wearing an old fragrance, Jasmine, that Sam had given her years ago. She makes the comment about her perfume and Grace spouts off how that is the only fragrance that she is not allowed to wear or even permit in their home, due to the fact that Sam hates the smell of Jasmine. Yeah, right!

Grace insisted on bringing a desert to the party. Tomato soup cake! Sounds just lovely doesn't it? When she announces to Ivy that she brought it, Ivy responds by saying that she thought that Grace was only kidding. Ivy tells the guest of her planned menu. It just happens to be all of Sam's favorite foods, right down to the chocolate cake for desert. Grace is amazed at Ivy's taste and good fortune in hitting Sam's taste so perfectly. Yeah, just another coincidence!

Ivy follows Sam onto the terrace and can't keep her married little hands off of him and begins to brush his hair. Someone has just approached the couple. Wonder who it will be? Meanwhile, Julian has cornered Eve and is asking he if TC knows anything. She say no, and that he must never know. Of course, Mr. I got something hidden in the shop behind the house, walks up and ask what it is he must not know about.

The only person not invited to a party somewhere is Timmy and Charity. Timmy is taking over duties as gravedigger per Tabitha's request. She is planning on filling it up soon. She goes to the hospital dressed this time as a Nun, Sister Merciless. She shows Charity the newspaper which tells of the fire and manages to convince a young, na´ve, Charity that her mother is probably wandering around the woods lost and confused. Charity soon dresses in an overcoat and leaves for Castleton to search for her mom. Kay knows she is missing since she called the hospital earlier to pretend to check on her. She keeps this little tidbit from Miguel for the time being.

Tabitha goes home to change clothes and gather her little undertaker. They take a little road trip and and come upon Charity wandering around in the highway. Tabitha is about to play a little game of "Road Kill" with the pedestrian ahead. Timmy is not amused.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

During intermission at the ballet, Theresa stares dreamily at the stage and declares her undying love to Ethan and asks if he could ever return her affection. Unfortunately she turns around just in time to see Ethan returning from the concession counter. He hadn't heard a word she said. The second half of the ballet play starts up and Theresa is swept up in her fantasy again. The Prince and Cinderella's first meeting at the ball with her and Ethan in the starring roles. When she asks Ethan if he thinks that a story like Cinderella could ever happen in real life Ethan laughs it off saying that two people from entirely different worlds could never fall in love. Theresa is upset and rushes out of the box leaving behind her shoe which Ethan picks up, (It's one of those clear sparkly high heeled number glass slipperish if you get the point). Theresa is sitting in the hall crying and bemoaning the futility of her love for Ethan when he walks out and comes up to her. Ethan sits with her and apologizes, he should have realized how the ballet would affect her, he has the same feelings she does. At first when Ethan tells her that he is in love also Theresa thinks he means her but then realizes it's Gwen he's talking about. Ethan asks her about the guy she loves. Ethan deduces that the man of her dreams is wealthy, but that shouldn't stop her and Theresa throws what he said back at him about fairytales not coming true. Ethan says that it's hard for people from different worlds to meet, but that this guy is sure to fall for Theresa once he meets her. The slowest man in Harmony continues to encourage Theresa to go after the man she loves. As they get up it occurs to Theresa that one of her legs is shorter than the other, Ethan presents her with her shoe, Theresa is all glowing skin and Bambi eyes. (Okay enough is enough. When will this man get a clue?) As Theresa slips back into her fantasy the real Ethan sits her down and insists upon helping her put on her shoe. Ethan offers to stand in for her dream man and they go in to watch the rest of the ballet. (Can I just say they are so cute.)

At Ivy's ill planned dinner everyone is wandering around either plotting avoiding, or being generally uncomfortable. Ivy and Sam stand out on the terrace. Ivy is stroking Sam's hair trying to stir up as much of that loving feeling as she can. Pilar steps out to tell Sam that Grace is looking for, a relived Sam makes his escape and Ivy turns on Pilar accusing her of forgetting her place. Pilar sadly informs Ivy that she is the one forgetting her place. Ivy apologizes to Pilar who says she is only trying to protect her. Ivy talks about how much she misses him and wants to talk to him, Pilar tries to convince Ivy that she can't clear things up with Sam, that she has to let go. Ivy reflects on the fact that Sam still has feelings for her. In the living room, Eve comments to Julian how she had never expected to be a guest in his home. TC walks in just as Eve is commenting to Julian that TC can never know (referring to whatever secret Julian and Eve share). TC overhears and asks what is it he can never know. Eve covers by saying that they were discussing how much work will be involved in creating the new pediatric wing and smoothly adds that Julian is dedicating even more money to the hospital that she had previously thought. At the thought of anyone having to rely on Julian keeping his word TC flashes back to strangling Julian and accusing him of being involved in something when they were younger. TC is noticeably hostile to Julian and walks out leaving Mr. Crane and Eve alone. Eve asks Julian what happened between them. Julian says it's not her concern. Eve flashes back to the day she was in the gypsy tent and the gypsy (Tabitha in disguise) told her that if all of her friends and family knew the truth about her what would they think of her. Eve worries that TC might have some idea about the secret she and Julian share. She reminds Julian that he must never tell. Julian resents Eve managing to wring more money out of him for the hospital wing, but Eve tells him he won't miss a cent, she even promises to name the wing the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wing. Something tells me Julian didn't feel a moment of joy at the thought. Julian steps out onto the rear terrace to talk to Ivy. Ivy enjoys the fact that he isn't having fun and tells him to get used to it since she plans to see a lot of the Bennetts and the Russells. In the foyer, Grace thanks Sam for being a good sport about the evening since she knows how much he dislikes dinners like this with stranger. Ivy walks in time to see them kiss. Sam gushes over Grace in front of Ivy. A jealous Ivy interrupts the kiss and whisks Grace off to the solarium. Eve asks TC about the past between them and Julian. TC says there is no past, his Julian's discomfort around him is based on the fact that Julian had never had a black man who wasn't a servant in his home. TC speculates that Julian and his father are bigots a comment that Eve ponders. Eve says she doesn't like either of the Cranes. She isn't exactly sure of what's going on, but she suspects that Ivy is laughing at Grace behind her back and vows to protect her friend. Later TC asks Sam what the deal is with Ivy, what does she want. He tells Sam that he has deduced that they all were invited over because of Sam. Sam says he doesn't know what TC is talking about. Ivy sets up dinner arrangements. The dinner partners will be TC & Grace, Julian and Eve, herself and Sam (surprise, surprise). TC and Grace are the only pair that are both happy with the arrangement. Before entering the dining room, Eve gets a page from the hospital and calls in to find Charity has disappeared from her hospital room. She informs Grace and Sam who decide to rush over to the hospital. Eve and TC go home. As they leave Grace invites Ivy to the Bennett home for dinner. Alone with his wife, Julian vents about how much he disliked the evening (actually Pilar was in the room too, but they acted like she wasn't there, so I will too. Ivy comments that Eve certainly seemed to get to under Julian's skin enough to get him to up his contribution (she also noticed that Dr. Russell is quite a looker). Julian retaliates by saying he'll get at her secret. He doesn't know what Ivy is up to with her new found fascination for the locals, but he aims to find out. Pilar tries to get Ivy to move on, but Ivy grabs the remote and turns on the only song in town, her and Sam's song "Just the Way you Are.."" Ivy asks Pilar if a day ever goes by that she doesn't think of her missing husband. That's how Ivy feels about Sam, she thinks of him every day.

At the Russell's, Miguel asks Kay if she was sure that the nurse said Charity was sleeping peacefully. Kay flashes back to the nurse telling her over the phone that Charity had disappears, but doesn't confess to Miguel. Miguel is still worried though, but Kay convinces Miguel that Charity would want him to have fun. Whitney is in the kitchen fuming over Simone's decision to go on with the dinner. She glances around and realizes that the food is over cooking. When she goes to check on the microwave the pasta sauce explodes all over her. Simone, Chad, Kay and Miguel run in and see Whitney covered in sauce and the kitchen a mess. After asking if Whitney is okay Chad can't help but to burst out laughing. Simone joins in on the laughing. Whitney is livid. She demands that Kay and Simone come upstairs with her while she changes clothes. Whitney lays down the law, saying she is in charge and doesn't want Simone to go anywhere near Chad. \ The girls come back downstairs and the kitchen is spotless and Miguel is finishing up cleaning. Chad isn't there and Whitney comments that he probably left when he realized there wasn't a free meal in it for him. Chad walks in from outside and Whitney starts to thank Miguel for being the type of decent guy who would help them by cleaning up so they wouldn't get in trouble with their parents. She says that any other guy night think cleaning up was beneath him. Miguel stops Whitney and tells her that he only helped out, cleaning up was Chad's idea he even took out the trash. Simone thanks Chad but Whitney still has an attitude. Whitney. Miguel and Kay walk into the living room just as the Russells return. Eve informs Miguel that Charity is missing, and he rushes to the hospital Kay trotting off behind him.

Charity wanders around in the cold heading towards Castleton. She is determined to find Faith. Tabitha and Timmy are following behind her in the car. Tabitha has every intention of running Harmony's resident Miss sweetness and light over. Before Tabitha can complete her mission a van pulls in front of her car and stops along side Charity. He asks her where she's going, and when she tells him he offers her a ride. The driver is uncomfortable leaving Charity alone in Castleton and offers to take her back to Harmony, but Charity is adamant about finding her mother. Charity gets dropped off and Tabitha and Timmy hop out the car in pursuit.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Simone with Chad walk into the living room and come face to face with Eve and TC. Eve goes off on Whitney and Simone for lying to her about who was at the house. Eve makes Chad feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. To everyone's surprise including her own Simone lashes out at her mother. When Eve comments about how they know nothing about what kind of background Chad has Simone retaliates by saying they don't know much more about Eve herself. It seems as though none of the Russell's have ever met Eve's family. TC tries to talk to with Chad, but it's uncomfortable for both of them. Though Simone tries to encourage him to stay Chad realizes that it's better if he just leaves. He thanks Simone for trying to help him find his family in Harmony. Eve say that she thought he was from Los Angeles. Chad replies that as far as he knows he is, but he hasn't seen his family for years and the only connection he has with them is a newspaper article from an old Harmony newspaper. He asks Eve and TC if they know anyone in Harmony with named of Harris. Eve appears to be disturbed by hearing the last name, but says that she doesn't know anyone by that name. After Chad leaves Simone goes on the attack.. She tells Eve on no uncertain terms that she isn't like Whitney, "the good daughter." She says that their favorite, Whitney, is going to have a life filled with nothing but tennis and she has no intention of becoming like her sister. TC tries to tell his daughter that she can't speak to her mother that way, but Simone is on a roll and can't be stopped. She says that she isn't going to just fall in love with a man who her parents deem appropriate, she's going to fall in love with whoever she, not they, choose., She accuses her mother of trying to ruin her life, but it won't work. She's going to make her own life the way she wants it to be whether they like it or not.

Pilar tries to comfort a depressed Sheridan. Sheridan bemoans the state of her love life and wonders if she will ever find someone who will love her. When Sheridan talks about her difficulties with Luis Pilar attempts to give Sheridan some insight into her son. Hank comments Luis and Sheridan seem to bring out the worse in each. Later, Sheridan goes out for a walk alone. Luis comes across her and asks her what she's doing there. Sheridan starts to argue with him saying that it's not against the ;law, and she has ever right to be wherever she wants to be. When Luis tries to explain to her that he was just trying to look out for her since there's been a rash of muggings in the area Sheridan is not deterred. She refuses to go home telling Luis she can protect herself. Luis has no choice but to leave, her. Minutes later Sheridan is attacked by the mugger.

A distraught Miguel figures out that Charity probably left the hospital to go looking for Fait. He guesses that her first stop would be their old home in Castleton. Kay insists on going with him to find her cousin, but she secretly vows to do everything in her power to make sure he doesn't find her. Miguel hopes to get to Charity before she finds her old house. He fears that seeing the charred remains of her home will cause Charity to flee, and then they'll never find her. The thought of Charity being missing forever sends Kay into a fantasy about her cousin on a milk carton while Kay and Miguel are happily married. Meanwhile Charity searches through the burnt wreckage of her former home and starts to get flashes of memory of the fire. Tabitha stabs Charity with the hypodermic needle. A gleeful Tabitha and a nervous Timmy ponder what to do with the unconscious girl. Tabitha wants Charity's death to not look suspicious. She hears a train whistle in the distance and decides to leave Charity on the tracks so she'll be run over by a train.

Friday, October 15, 1999

A lot of miracles occurred in Harmony and Castleton today. First off the Bennett's seen Faith on the video hook-up on the computer and saw the smoke and fire surrounding Faith. Faith was able to speak to Grace and tell her about the fire and begged her to save Charity. Thanks to the beeping sound on the computer, Faith was aroused and able to talk. Soon she fell back to the floor and went unconscious. Sam had enough sense to contact the Castleton Police and Fire Department and get help on the way. But Miguel is the only one who knows where they live and so Simone is sent over to get Miguel's help. Little do they know that Kay is already there, offering her own kind of assistance.

Kay has dressed in her seduction clothes and has climbed through Miguel's bedroom window. She is not even upset to see him tossing in his bed calling out Charity's name. She is confident that she will soon make him forget all about Charity once she has slid into his bed. She has come prepared, lingerie, overcoat, condom, and all. She has just left a very upset Simone to conquer the man she loves. She told Simone that she would do anything to get Miguel, including losing her virginity. Since Charity and her mother are due to move into her house the next morning, she has to work fast. She is just about to make her move when Luis and Uncle Hank barge in to talk to Miguel who has been calling out Charity in his sleep. Miguel is surprised to see everyone in his room and before Kay can even try to explain what SHE is doing in there, Simone bursts through the door too. She informs everyone that Charity's house in on fire and Miguel is needed to give directions to the Fire Chief for the emergency crew to find the home.

Miguel goes over to the Bennett house and begins to give directions over the phone. Grace, Eve, Sam, and Miguel leave Harmony and head to Castleton to find the fire. Kay and Simone stay behind and soon Reese calls to tell them that he has just seen her family on the news watching a housefire. Kay is surprised to see that her Aunt and cousin really are in danger, she thought Charity had started a small kitchen fire, or that the fire was not real at all. Soon she confessed that even she did not want to win Miguel this way and that she never wanted anyone to die.

The clan arrives at the house along with the Fire Chief, but no fire engines. Both Sam and Miguel try to go inside but are stopped by the Chief due to the intensity of the flames. Miguel hears Charity inside calling for him.

The Priest is praying for Grace and her family as the statue comes to life. The angel talks to the Priest and he begs her to do something. She states that she cannot interfere with things but that she can only help. The angel temporarily gives the Priest his sight and he talks with her. When she vanishes so does his vision. But he knows that he must do something to help the family.

The angel appears in Charity's room as she lay sleeping calling out for Miguel. She tells her repeatedly to wake up and get out of the house. She finally wakes up and wanders around calling to Miguel to save her. She is unaware that he is right outside and can't get to her.

Tabby and Timmy are looking into her bowl of rainwater and see the flames. Tabby is very pleased until she sees the Bennett's, Miguel and Eve also there. She knows that her work is not finished and she and Timmy head out to the house to be sure that the mother and daughter are not saved from death. Suddenly Tabby stops the car in the middle of the road where the Priest is standing, blocking her view. He approaches her and tells her that he knows that there is evil in the car and proceeds to sprinkle Holy water on her. She begins to scream as smoke and steam begins to rise from her body. Timmy is hysterical and doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Sheridan is sleep walking and find her way to the mansion and back in the room where the disastrous night took place. She sees herself as a child and relives the night all over again. She tries desperately to see the face of the person she thinks she killed. She sees the child take a letter opener and hide from a person and then the letter opener is sticking from the body's chest. She is sure that if she can identify the person that she has killed that she will be released from the haunting nightmares for good. The body is picked up and covered in a white sheet and placed in a casket. Sheridan screams out to the child and warns her to leave the room. She approaches the body and child and reaches out to the body to take a peek under the sheet. The body vanishes and Sheridan panics. Soon we see her faint and fall on the floor.

Today's show ends with both Charity and Faith passed out in the floor surrounded by flames. Sheridan passed out on the living room floor of the Crane Mansion. Tabby being sprinkled with Holy Water by the Priest. Timmy in a panic. Miguel, Sam, Eve and Grace outside the house fire with no help in sight. Kay being torn between feeling sorry for her mother and her family and relief that she may still have a chance to win Miguel all to herself. And Simone and Jessica hoping for the best out of the fire and Kay's selfish feelings.

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