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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, October 18, 1999

Chris shares a kiss with Molly, then awkwardly leaves her apartment. When they both can't stop thinking about one another, Chris returns to Molly's and they have wild sex. After, Chris and Molly swear it will never happen again - but it's obvious they are still very attracted to one another. Alec tries to seduce Margo and asks her to spend the night. Unfortunately, Margo gets a call from Casey and leaves. While Margo and Casey are spending some quality time together at home, Alec arrives with a bag of toys for Casey. The boy is thrilled, and Margo admits she's glad that Alec came by. Later, Casey asks Margo if Alec is her boyfriend. Margo tells Casey that Mr. Wallace is her friend. Lily and Holden arrive at the City Times office to take Lucinda to dinner, but Lucinda can't leave because she's waiting for Jake's big story. Lily and Holden fill her in on the situation with Mrs. Williams and Molly. Lily and Holden think Molly is trying to change, but Lucinda is doubtful. Later, Lucinda is horrified to discover that Jake is missing! Following the boat's explosion, Jake and Julia find themselves on a deserted shore. Jake wraps his twisted ankle and the twosome bicker. They spot a boat in the distance, but Jake doesn't think they should signal it. He believes that they may still be in danger. Finally, Jake and Julia concede that they must work together to stop Alec. Meanwhile, Alec visits Frank. Mr. Wallace is upset about how the bartender handled Jake and Julia. Is Frank in danger, too?

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Carly is thrilled when Jack asks her out on a date. When Jack realizes that he's forgotten it's Emma's birthday, he asks Emma if he can bring Carly to her celebration. Emma refuses and cites all of Carly's past misdeeds, but Jack eventually convinces a reluctant Emma to let Carly and Parker come out to the farm anyway. Later, Emma and Lily refuse to let Jack be hurt by Carly again, and plot to get Carly to show her true colors. Carly goes to pick up Parker and gets into it with Jennifer. Lucinda accuses Lisa of being responsible for Jake McKinnon's death...if he's dead. Lucinda fills her in on the explosion, and Lisa swears she'll find Julia. Georgia arrives and Lucinda warns her to stay away from Alec and Eddie. Lucinda urges Georgia to leave town for her own safety, but she refuses. Lucinda threatens to go public with the news that Alec is Eddie's father, but Georgia convinces her not to. Jake and Julia wake up to golf balls whizzing over their heads! Apparently, they spent the night on a golf course. They decide to question the bartender who set them up, but he's gone. Jake declares he's going back to Oakdale for a showdown with Alec Wallace, and Julia follows. Lucinda is thrilled to see Jake return and throws her arms around him. She quickly covers by blaming him for scaring them all. Jake and Julia briefly explain what happened to them, but ask that their survival be kept quiet for the moment. They then head out to see Wallace.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Before going to Emma's birthday party, Jack urges Carly to "just be yourself." Tom chastens Casey when he nixes Emily's suggestion that she and Daniel join them for dinner. Margo sits and watches as Jake and Julia confront Alec at their table at the Lakeview about their own "cruise flambé." Margo reluctant backs up Alec's story when he uses her as an alibi. After a talk with Tom, Casey agrees to let Emily join them, and she suggests they dine at the Lakeview.

In the awkward silence that greets Jack and Carly's arrival, Holden tries to liven things up by introducing Faith to her "date" Parker--she still drools at carrots, he warns the tot. Jake and Julia try to break into Alec's hotel room while he's still at dinner. When someone passes by, Julia embraces a surprised Jake.

Jack chews out Lily and Emma for their tactics when Carly walks out on the dinner. After using the maid to gain access, Julia finds a bracelet Alec intends to give to Margo. Jake then finds plane tickets to Barcelona in Margo and Casey's names. The two reporters hide outside on the ledge when they hear Alec and Margo approaching.

Margo is stunned when Alec presents her with the bracelet. When Julia's fear of heights becomes acute, Jake is forced to bring them back inside, and Margo promptly spots them. Alec watches as she agrees to keep mum and shoos them out before he returns. Emma and Lily despair that their actions have sent Jack right back into Carly's arms.

Jake breaks up Tom's dinner to warn him that Margo is in danger--and Jake may have made things worse. Margo remembers seeing Tom and Emily entering the Lakeview with Daniel and Casey in tow, and imagines the two of them kissing in front of her. She then tells Alec about Jake and Julia breaking into his suite.

Alec has his own confession--he's booked a yacht to sail around Spain for the next two months, where nobody will bother them. Margo is surprised when he reveals he's already checked with Casey's school and he can join them. Margo then agrees to leave the next day--it sounds like a fantasy come true, she tells him. Jake urges Tom not to let his wife get on the plane.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Corinna Butcher

Chris dreams about the mystery girl again, and as he tries to approach her, she disappears. When he turns around Molly is there and they begin kissing. Down in her apartment, Molly is writing her latest article about one-night stands, and day dreaming about Chris.

Jake and Julia are overheard by Alec, about being caught by Margo, when they broke into Alec's room. Alec joins their table and they threats start flying. Alec threatens to press felony charges against Jake. Julia tries to cover up the break in by saying the general public is interested in the wealthy. Alec points out that Julia has money, and that Vicky, Jake's wife, also comes from money. Alec reveals that he knows Vicky is in New York, and the exact address she is staying at. After implying that Vicky may be in danger, Jake threatens to kill Alec if anything happens to her.

Tom shows up at Margo's, bearing African violets, to remind her of better times. After unsuccessfully trying to persuade Margo to work things out between them, Tom tells Margo he knows about her plans to take Casey on a cruise with Alec. Tom insists that Margo is not taking Casey out of the country, and no where near Alec Wallace. Tom tells Margo that he will not have Casey in danger by being around Alec. Molly, looking for an excuse to see Chris, dumps her sugar so she can borrow some from Chris. Having the same idea, Chris pours out his milk, intending to borrow some from Molly. When Molly reaches Chris's door, he opens it as she is about to knock. Realizing they were both looking for an excuse to see one another, they begin kissing.

Katie tells Kim how wonderful the show went, but that she hasn't heard anything about the available position that Kim promised to put a good word in for. Kim tells Katie that she had forgotten all about it with everything going on with Chris. Katie tells Kim that she will go talk to Chris and see how he's doing, and Kim promises to find out about the job.

John shows up at Margo's with Casey. When Tom and Margo can't decide what to do about Casey, John offers to have Casey stay with him for a while. Margo agrees that Casey can stay while she's out of town. Katie shows up at Chris's apartment, knocking and saying she knows he is there since the paper is outside and the sports section is still in tact. Chris goes to the door, and tries to hurry Katie off by telling her he is getting ready to go to a job interview. Molly is hiding behind the door, rubbing Chris's back as he's trying to get rid of Katie. Julia tries to calm Jake down, and convince him that the best thing to do is drop the story, so that Vicky won't be in any danger. Jake tells Julia no, that he is going to destroy Alec Wallace!

After Molly and Chris finish making love, someone knocks on the door again. A bit irritated, they figure it's Katie again. The door knob turns, but the lock prevents anyone from coming in...good thing...because it happens to be Andy!!

Friday, October 22, 1999

The jig is up, Andy says to his brother. I never meant for this to happen, Chris sputters response as Molly hides in another room. Julia discovers that the phone number Alec wrote down belongs to a Mr. Dobson, a lawyer who specializes in estate planning--who would Alec be putting his will? Jake and Julia wonder. Tom tries to convince Hal of his urgency in not letting Margo leave the country with Alec.

Margo worries to Alec about being a bad mother for abandoning her children to travel with another man, but he senses that it's Tom who's gotten to her. Hal reminds Tom that Alec has always had an airtight alibi--Tom's wife. Alec dismisses all of Margo's excuses for not going to Spain with him.

When Lucinda hears that Alec threatened Jake's wife, she decides it's payback time. Chris is relieved when he realizes Andy is referring not to his sleeping with Molly, but to the rift between Chris and their parents. Tom and Hal realize there was a small window of time where Alec could've killed Carter.

When Julia reads in Alec's bio that he has no children, Lucinda corrects her--no children that you know of. I want to love you Margo, Alec pleads.

Andy bolsters Tom's case when he reveals that he saw Alec leaving the hospital's chapel alone the night that Carter was killed. Chris insists to Molly they must be serious this time in not seeing each other again.

Abigail listens in on the other phone as her mother calls Molly. Molly picks up on the fact that Mrs. Williams seems not so final in her decision not to let Molly ever meet her daughter. Maybe when all the negative publicity dies down, Diana allows. Molly promises to tell Holden about the call.

After hanging up, Molly castigates herself for her new column describing her one-night stand, realizing how it makes her look. Lucinda maintains the vow of secrecy she gave Georgia, but manages to give Jake a clue so that he deduces Eddie is Alec's son.

Molly calls the publisher but is unable to get her column back before it goes to press. Chris worries when she admits she did little to conceal the identity of her "boy toy."

Margo is convinced and rushes to pack, though Alec balks at any delay in their leaving. Jake and Julia rush into Hal's office and provide him and Tom with Alec's motive for the killing--Eddie is Alec's son. Hal exults--this is the missing piece.

Abigail approaches Molly's apartment. Hal rushes to Margo's house and catches the couple right as they are leaving, informing Alec he's being arrested for the murder of Robert Llewellyn Carter.


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