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Jessica and Cristian broke up. Will wanted to borrow money from Asa. Cristian stopped Roseanne from dancing at Club Sable. Kevin wrote a letter to Cassie. Sam proposed to Nora. Grace made wedding plans.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, October 18, 1999

Viki was disturbed when she overheard Téa suggest that Dorian bribed Judge Peterson. Later, a truthful Dorian begged Viki to believe that she had nothing to with the Judge's decision to set her free. Viki agreed to give Dorian the benefit of the doubt and they decided to end their feud. R.J. worried when Téa told him that Judge Peterson was ready to start naming names of the people who had bribed him. Rae interrupted Kevin's proposal to Grace and begged him to reconsider. An angry Grace blasted Rae for her intrusion. Grace then poured her heart out to Kevin and happily accepted his marriage proposal. Rae told Asa about Kevin and Grace's upcoming nuptials and Asa vowed that their marriage would never take place. After a desperate plea from Roseanne, Will asked to borrow money from Asa. Since Will refused to disclose why he needed the money, Asa wouldn't give Will a definite answer. Roseanne was forced to make a desperate decision and agreed to dance at Club Sable for some extra money.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Blair and Max worked on a plan to break up Viki and Ben, in order to keep Skye quiet about Max's true identity. They enlisted the help of R.J., who after initially refusing, found a "friend" of Ben's from his mob days in Vegas. R.J. didn't agree to help, until Max reminded him that he owes Max for letting Club Indigo burn down.

Ben and Viki were talking at the hospital when Jessica lied to them about having seen her therapist. Ben knew she was lying, and promised not to tell Viki... if she did get the help she needs. Will promised to make sure she got help, but when he went back to find her, she was already gone. She was on a plane, holding a picture of Cristian. Upon returning to the exam room, Ben found a man he knew from the mob. He threatened to call the police if any of them ever bothered him again.

After leaving the hospital, Viki went to meet Rae for dinner. She and John had been talking about letting go of the anger she feels towards Grace. Viki told her the same thing, saying that there must be another way to find Daniel.

Cristian came back to their New York apartment to find that Roseanne lied about where she was working. When he got to Club Sable, he saw Rosey "dancing" and taking money from a patron. He jumped on stage, covered her with his coat, and punched her boss. He was mad at her when they got home, but forgave her because he understood she had done it all for him.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla


Cristian and Roseanne are up early. Chris tells Rosie that he will get a job; he doesn't want her working as a stripper. She's unhappy about that because he will have no free time and they'll never get to spend time together. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Jessica and she wants to speak with Cristian alone. She got his address from Carlotta;she told her she wanted to send Cris a letter. She asks him all about school, though he knows that's not the reason she's there. Jess says she realizes that Cris didn't mention Roseanne before because she did the same by hiding things from him. He tells her he went to Llanview and knows everything, but he can't hate her. It's evident that they are both speaking about different things that happened, but don't catch on. They agree they weren't meant to be and have to move on. They'll see each other some time. Jess leaves and Cris tells Rosie it's over.

The headline at the Banner is about Kevin's engagement to Grace. As he gets congrats from his family members, Rae stands nearby rolling her eyes. She tells Kevin that she just doesn't want him to get hurt. Does he know everything there is to know about Grace? Kevin is tired of Rae's comments about Grace and tells her he already knows everything he needs to know. Viki asks Rae to either tell Kevin if she knows something or to stop bothering him. Rae says that "being in love is all about keeping secrets." Kevin asks Joey to be his best man.

Grace is telling her brothers about her engagement. They all agree that they will only look to the future-no more talking about the past. Ben stays silent, a look of concern on his face. Grace goes on to say that she wants a relationship with Kevin like her brothers have with Viki and Nora. Ben mentions how far ahead Sam is and gets a funny look. As Grace continues to sneeze, Ben gives her a quick check. She only has a cold. She leaves for a meeting with Kevin, happy that she's got a cold. The brothers question each other about their earlier conversations. Why did Ben look strange when the past was mentioned and why did Sam act funny about mention of Nora? Sam tells his brother that everyone's proposed including him, but Nora said no. It would kill him to lose her after all this time. There's still a lot of feelings between her and Bo. Ben tells Sam about the mob wiseguy who stopped by the hospital and said they know where to find him when they need him. He's out of that business and won't let his life be ruined.

Nora and Bo meet up at their old place where she is busy packing things in boxes and he is removing a brick from the house as a remembrance. Bo has decided to sell the house and move on. There are too many memories though a lot of them are good. He's living in Patrick's old place, he tells Nora. Lindsay's fixed it up. Nora admits that she still stays at the house. Bo is surprised;he thought she was all moved in with Sam. Nora pretends to hear Matthew and rushes off. When she returns, she admits that things just happened too fast for her this past year. She needs space to be by herself. Bo wonders if it's avoidance because he's been avoiding things by still holding on to the house. He admits to not shooting at Brian when he held Sam captive because of Nora and being concerned about her. They have to move on. He spots a trophy that they won in a dance contest and decides to leave it in the house for the future resident to see how happy they were. He splits his brick with Nora.

Asa wonders where Will is and hopes he's not out stalking Jessica. He also is wondering why Cris isn't home from NY yet. Just then, Will rushes in, but he receives a call from Roseanne who tells him there's a problem because Jess is in NY visiting with Cris. He tells her he'll call her later. Asa tells Will that they need to start planning the Megan Buchanan Fundraiser and Will asks to go to NY to arrange it. He admits that Jess is there and is in a fragile state. Asa tells him to stop chasing her because she'll run. Go out with someone else. By the way, Will can have his money, Asa says. Even though Will tells him it's for personal use, after he leaves, Asa informs Nigel that he knows the money is for Roseanne to give to Cris. Will is just another back-stabbing Rappaport. When Nigel says that maybe he doesn't know that Asa is the one behind stopping Cris' scholarship money, Asa suggests he go work for the Rappaports.

Grace shows up at the Banner and gets congrats from everyone including Rae. She says that she knows Daniel is no longer a part of Grace's life and Grace tells her she will let him know if he calls. Rae tries to convince herself. The two lovebirds agree to take the day off. Ben stops by with flowers for Viki. She wants to give the engaged couple a party.

Jackie the mob guy is on the phone with R.J.-he won't rough Ben up yet but the doc knows the score. He eyes Grace and Kevin, together in a booth at the Palace. Grace tells her fiancé that she has a cold, not an allergy, so they get to keep the dog and name him. They decide to name the dog Wally, after a character in a movie. They hope to decide on other names together in the future. Grace wants to meet Duke and Kevin says he'll arrange it. Grace's cell phone rings;it's Daniel!

Bo goes to his new home where there's a housewarming gift from Lindsay.

Nora shows up at Sam's house with Matthew. She's got her things in boxes in the car and they need a serious talk.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Episode #8000 - 1 (#7999!)

The Palace Bar/Restaurant

While Kevin sits at the table with her, Grace tells Daniel (via cell phone) that "it's over... I don't want to see you...I'm engaged... I love him very much...of course he knows about you..." As Rae enters the bar, Grace asks Daniel to hold while she calls Rae to the table. When Rae comes over, Grace changes her mind and doesn't tell Rae that Daniel called her. Rae apologizes for her earlier behavior and goes into the restaurant to find John Sykes. Grace explains to Kevin that she wasn't "trying to protect" Daniel, but Rae. "I'm free of this...I want Rae to feel the same way." Grace tells Kevin that Daniel is in Pine Valley but she won't share this news with Rae because she doesn't want to "be in the middle of this." Kevin tells her that "the past has a way of grabbing you and holding on."

Rae thanks John for "not making me feel like some pathetic creature" for her feelings about Grace and informs him that she has decided to stop "all this." John wants it "on the record" that he thinks Rae is a "strong-willed, confident, compassionate woman" and tells her that he has her motive "figured out": either Daniel has something she wants or Daniel knows something that Rae needs to know. Which is it? Rae can't tell him but shares that she finds him "smart, very insightful, and wonderful" and if she were going to tell anybody, it would be John. Rae reiterates that "Grace is a's unfair what I've done to her...I will leave her alone but I will never stop looking for Daniel." When Rae tells John that she is "going to try something else" John guesses that means Rae is leaving Llanview. She confirms this and tells him she is leaving "soon."

Bo's Place

Lindsay comes in with grocery bags and is surprised to find Bo home. He thanks her for "building a fire" under him to get him to move on with his life. Bo is looking forward to a "lot of new memories" with Lindsay in his new place. Téa arrives with a "real problem" that Bo is the "only one who can help" her with. She explains that in her investigation of Judge Peterson she has seen "the handwriting on the wall" that R.J. bribed him to "go easy on Dorian" and she doesn't know what to do with the information. After all, R.J. is Hank's brother and R.J. had been "good, kind and loyal" to Téa when she was shot, but he is "capable of doing something like this." Bo says that Hank is owed "a head's up" and that he will go with Téa to give it to him.

Hank's Office

Hank is a bit upset that Téa felt she "needed Bo to help" tell him about her suspicions of R.J. When Bo tries to explain that Téa "cares about R.J.", Hank tells them that he has "given up caring for R.J." but wants to know what evidence Téa has. Téa confirms it is all circumstantial at this point but that Peterson is coming in today to "sing" and she "has a really bad feeling about this." R.J. comes in looking for Téa and comments to "the legal minds of Llanview" that he hopes they are "not talking about" him. When Bo and Téa leave, Hank asks R.J. if he bribed Judge Peterson. R.J. tells him that Peterson "knows it would make you happy" to say he did because after all, "I'm no good...I'll never change...I'm a lost cause." Hank "prays" that R.J. is not involved in this, but is afraid it will be "another prayer unanswered."

Later, Bo comes by to ask Hank if he "got anything out of" R.J. Hank knows that "if he bribed him, he's not going to admit it... he's an easy's not the first time a finger has been pointed at my little brother...but if he did it, I'll bring the house down...even though it will kill me to do it, I'll make it stick."

Dorian's (Under Construction) Mansion

Dorian, allowing that it is "time for a change, lots of changes", congratulates Kevin on his engagement to Grace. Kevin wants Dorian to know that what he "regrets most in his life" is hurting Cassie. He wants to tell Cassie "in his own way" about Grace and Dorian agrees, provided that Kevin "promises" to look after Cassie if "something should happen" to Dorian. Kevin wonders if Dorian is talking about something specific, but she tells him it is just her being melancholy. Kevin assures Dorian that Cassie will always have his friendship and support. Dorian is thankful for Kevin's "loyalty" to Cassie and expresses regret at having had "so few loyal friends or lovers" herself over her lifetime.

Later, Dorian tells R.J. that she "wants to move on" and "restore a sense of normalcy" to her life. R.J. is worried about "more immediate problems" like Judge Peterson "copping a plea" and adding their names to the list. "Téa doesn't have a shred of evidence but they've already convicted me; this is just a formality." But he promises to "find a way out of this" while Dorian is in Switzerland visiting Cassie. "Don't ask me how...I'll fix this...I won't lose Téa over this and I won't take a fall and neither will you."

The Banner

Kevin struggles with writing a letter to Cassie:

Dear Cassie,
I'm sorry it's been so long since I last paraphrase Charles Dickens, "it's been the best of times and it's been the worst of times." The best of times because I have met someone. I've met a woman with whom I'd like to spend the rest of my life...She's truly wonderful and I know you would approve. I made mistakes during our time together. To this day I feel responsible for what happened to you. I live every day thinking about the pain that I caused you. Please know that I'm always going to care about you; you will always be in my heart. Those aren't empty words, Cassie, I'll be there for you if you need me. We share history and more than that we shared a great and true love and that love will never disappear. I regard you as a dear friend; I can only hope you feel the same. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you are in my heart.
Love, Kevin

The Sun

Later, Kevin meets with Grace in her office. Kevin explains that the "thing he needed to take care of" had to do with Cassie and her mother. He has "put the past to rest" which means they "can move into the future" and "make it whatever they want it to be."

Sam's House

Sam brings in the boxes of "stuff" from Nora's car and asks if she is ready to "have that serious talk" now. Nora explains that Bo has decided to sell the house and although she feels "it's time...probably past time" she is unsure about the future. Sam feels they "are almost living together right now", but Nora wonders why they have "never really figured out what ‘this' is." "How can we commit to something when we don't even know what it is?" Sam thinks it might be because they need another house which would be "theirs" and not "his", but Nora assures him that "real estate is not the issue... you and I have been living in the moment and it works - boy does it work - but we've been getting very complacent. We think about tomorrow, but we don't think about tomorrow until it's already today...we don't even think about the future at all." On cue, Matthew cries and Sam tells Nora, "I'd say our future is in the next room. That is our future - our son is our future." Later, while Sam holds Matthew, the discussion continues and Nora tries to explain her feelings. "You and I aren't kids anymore. We've lived with other people. We've loved other people and it hasn't really worked out all that well. For us, moving in together is not a test run for something else. We've already lived those lives." Sam agrees that they are "not practicing for anything - this is it - you and me." But when Nora reminds him that earlier he had said it wasn't about them but about Matthew, he realizes that "what this all comes down to" is ‘marriage' and "then the only question is where do we come down" on that.

Later, when Sam wonders why "when the conversation comes around to marriage, we both get so awkward," Nora offers that they are both "gun-shy, we've been there, we've done that and we haven't done it very well." Although she apologizes if it seems "insensitive" to bring up Bo, Nora tells Sam that she and Bo were "absolutely terrified of marriage" and "what it would do to this great worked great without it..." and maybe they "hadn't been wrong because look what happened..." Nora then confides to Sam, "I'm afraid...I'm scared to death of taking something that works, like what we have, and turning it into something that doesn't work...I'm scared of what that would do to us." But Sam challenges Nora, "Is being scared a reason not to take a risk? You're right, anything could happen and it probably will...if you're looking for certainty, maybe there isn't any...maybe by waiting for that ‘right time' we will have wasted a lot of precious time...maybe the right time is now.... Nora, will you marry me?"

Meanwhile, back at Bo's Place

While Lindsay stands by the couch, her vision blurs and she faints to the floor. Later, Bo comes home and finds her there, clutching her stomach. "What happened?" "Thank God you're here," she answers.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

Will visits Asa at his office. He says that he came by to thank Asa for the loan. He tells Asa that he'll pay him back as soon as he can. Will also shows Asa a file about fundraising for the Megan Foundation. Asa is impressed and gives Will the rest of the day off. After Will leaves, Asa calls Ms. Thomas, a private investigator, and asks for information on Grace. After he hangs up, Renee arrives, and Skye follows. Skye thanks Asa for his hospitality and leaves. Renee is upset that Skye is still here. Asa explains that she's stll there because Skye and Blair have become friends. Renee doesn't understand why that isn't even more of a reason for Asa to just kick her out.

This time, Kevin interrupts. Kevin asks if he should even bother inviting Asa to his wedding. Renee congratulates Kevin and tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do to help. She has to get back to the hotel and leaves. Asa can't believe that Kevin would even think about not inviting him. They fight about Grace, and Asa decides that he will comply with Kevin's wishes and will respect Grace. Later, Asa's phone rings. It's Ms. Thomas, this time with good news. Asa says that it's better than he had expected. He tells Ms. Thomas to send the affidavit and pictures.

Meanwhile, at the Palace, Max gives R.J. a package containing untraceable cash to thank R.J. for his help dealing with Ben. R.J. asks Max if he could do something else for him. After R.J. leaves, Jackie McNaughton shows up and meets Max. Jackie says he can arrange to have Ben taken out, but he can't do that himself. Max explains that all he wants is to have Ben and Viki's relationship ruined. Max leaves the table because he doesn't want to be seen with Jackie. Skye arrives at the restaurant and sits down with Max. Max explains that Jackie is the man who's going to ruin Ben and Viki. He excuses himself to make a phone call (which we later discovered was to the police station). When he gets back, Skye suspects he's up to something. Max seems to be going out of his way to be "nice" to Skye. Blair arrives and pulls Skye away from Max. Blair believes that Skye is setting up a trap for Max. Skye leaves, and Max has to hold Blair back from attacking her. Max wishes that they could just get Skye out of Llanview and get on with their lives.

At the police station, Hank and Téa are trying to persuade Peterson to give them the name of the person who bribed him in the Lord-Hayes case. Hank decides they should take a little break. Outside, he and R.J. talk. R.J. apologizes for losing it earlier. While they talk, an officer takes a call (which is really from Max, who is disguising his voice). It's someone making a bomb threat. They clear the building. As the bomb squad is investigating things, R.J. talks to Peterson. He gives him the money and tells him not to name him as the person he took the money from. R.J. tells him to get out of town, and he hands him the package of money. Later, after it has been determined that the bomb threat was a false alarm, Téa discovers that Peterson and his lawyer have disappeared.

After fainting, Lindsay insists to Bo that she's fine. Bo won't let her go home the way she is right now, and he says that he will take care of her. Will arrives, looking for Lindsay. Bo tells him that Lindsay isn't feeling well and asks him to keep an eye on her. Bo leaves, and Lindsay asks Will if he is going to the party for Kevin and Grace. Will says he doesn't know yet. Lindsay tells him that it's time for him to stop torturing his father and Nora. He shouldn't take his differences with Sam out on Grace. Lindsay wants him to go to that party with Jessica now that they're a couple. Will tells him that Jess went to New York, and for all he knows they're back together. Lindsay won't let him give up hope, and Will says that he hasn't. Bo gets back, and the phone rings. Someone tells Bo about the bomb threat at LPD. Will leaves soon after and says that he'll think about what Lindsay said.

At their house, Sam has just proposed to Nora. Nora wonders why he waited until now. He says that it's because time is going by faster and faster, and he means it more than anything. He tells her that he hadn't planned on proposing tonight, but it would be really nice if she could give him an answer. "And my answer is--" Nora begins. The doorbell interrupts her. Sam reluctantly answers the door, and it's someone with a delivery for Matthew. Nora is happy to see that the indoor gym she ordered for him has arrived. She wants them to start putting it together. Sam realizes that she's stalling, but he still agrees to assemble it. Once it's "finished," Nora laughs over how it turned out after Sam stubbornly refused to use instructions. She says that it looks like an injury lawsuit waiting to happen. Sam says that instructions just confine you, and that's why there aren't any for life-- or for marriage. He likes things the way they are. Nora tells him that she just needs time to think about her answer. Sam will give her all the time she needs to be sure.

At the "Sun" offices, Kelly and Grace discuss their luck finding perfect men-- who happen to be brothers. Kelly wants to know all the details about the wedding. Grace hasn't decided on anything yet, except that she would like Kelly to be her Maid of Honor. Kelly is excited, and she promises to do whatever Grace needs her to do for the wedding. Grace says she'll need a lot of help with plans. Ben arrives then, with an engagement gift for Grace, and Kevin leaves. Grace tells Ben that she wants him and Sam to give her away. Ben happily agrees. Later, Kevin arrives. Grace tells Kevin about her decisions about Kelly and her brothers. Kevin tells her that Asa is going to the wedding, and he really thinks the old man may be coming around.

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