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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on GL
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Monday, October 18, 1999

At Company:
Drew walked in and found Jesse with Rabbi Deena. He explained that he met her in New York and talked to her. At first it was to understand her religion more but after he started learning he was really getting into it, so he asked her to study with him. She did and taught him of Judaism and he felt that he really wanted to convert. Jesse reveals how he found his faith, thanks to her and now wants to be with her forever. Drew was happy and they decided to get married towards Thanksgiving. They asked Deena to perform the ceremony. She agreed. Drew and Jesse meet up with Ben, who isn't pleased when Drew and Jesse announce that they are getting married. He questions Jesse about his art and how much money he doesn't make.

At Tower's (Richard's Party):
Josh sees Reva as she walks out of Richard's room. She is upset that he caught her and she begs him to understand. She feels she had to confront Richard on her own.

She told him about burning the love letters and that this time it is really over.
Dax interrupts Richard's party with an apology for letting Edmund escape. He warns the prince that he needs to return to his country because Edmund is planning a coup. When Richard offers to take Olivia back home, she announces that she is going to stay in Springfield. Olivia later warns Cassie of her feelings for Richard, telling her that he is charming but he will never stop loving Reva.

Richard is devastated, everyone has left, except for Cassie and he feels all alone. Cassie starts to leave and Richard asks her to stay, he tells her he cant bare being alone and wished she would stay and keep him company. She does. While they talk, Cassie imagines them dancing but Richard brings her back to reality and then she leaves.

At the Lewises':
Reva finally admits everything to Josh. About Cross Creek and about the love letters. He is angered because he wonders why she brought the letters into his house in the first place. She claims she didn't mean to, but Josh tells her he doesn't believe her. He asks her if she re-read them and is furious to find out she did. He tells her that since she sat there and lied to him about Cross Creek, how could she expect him to believe that she wasn't shacking up with Richard the entire time (in SC). Reva begs him to understand but Josh gets angry, upset, etc and leaves.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle and Danny are in bed. He had just returned home from San Francisco. She asks about Theresa but Danny denies that Theresa flirted with him during the trip. Michelle wonders why she is hanging around. Just then Theresa calls and tells Danny that he needs to check out a new group at a concert in a few days. He says all right and then hangs up.
Theresa then calls Ben and tells him that she is making progress with Danny.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

At the Lewises'
Reva stops Marah from leaving and asks her to sit down and talk to her. Marah is still upset about her mother's secret life. Reva explains what went on and why Richard showed up in Springfield. She told her that he came looking for their son, but that she had left him with his "adoptive parents." Marah told her that she doesn't love her or Jonathan. She tells her that she had abandoned her and Jon, as well as Shayne and Josh. Marah asks Reva if she loves Richard and as usual she said, "I love (Josh) your daddy." Totally ignoring the question.
Later Reva gets ready to go find Marah and sees an envelope at the door. She picks it up, reads it and it' s from her neighbor, a lady that works at the bank. It is for Cassie and it asks Reva to call her when she gets it. Reva calls her and finds out that Richard paid off Cassie's loans. She is mad and heads for Cassie's.

At the Farm:
Marah goes to Cassie's house and cries about Reva. Cassie tries to stand up for Reva and her decision about Jon, when Reva walks in. She asks Marah to go home and wait for her; she wants to talk to Cassie alone for a moment. Marah leaves and Reva tells her not to butt in to her life. She says she did it with Josh, Marah and even Richard. Cassie doesn't know what she is talking about and then Reva produces the bank papers where Richard paid off Cassie's mortgage. Cassie has no idea what is going on.

At Company:
Max tries to apologize to Susan for blowing her off at the party. She gets upset when he says he was only trying to protect her. She tells him that her boyfriend should always be honest. Max looked at her strange and told her that he wasn't her boyfriend. Susan questioned him and they argued. Harley came out, Max left and Susan cried. She asked Harley to let her go to Paris for a few months so she could be like Marah and wear makeup and tight clothes. Harley comforted her daughter.

At Towers:
Ben thinks Jesse is marrying Drew for her money. Jesse denies it. Ben wonders if Jesse is worthy of Drew.

At the Country Club:
Before leaving for San Cristobel , Richard meets with Phillip who warns him that if Spaulding is going to build a plant on the island, he's going to have to deal with Josh Lewis during the building phase. Richard assures him that he has no problem doing that.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

At the Jessup Farm:
Reva is yelling at Cassie about taking money from Richard. Cassie assures her that she has no idea where she is coming from. Reva shows her the loan papers where everything is paid off. Reva told Cassie to leave Richard alone that she wants him out of her life. Cassie told Reva to worry about her marriage and not about Richard. Reva left after a phone call from Beth to head to Spaulding. Cassie leaves and heads to the airport.

At the airport:
Cassie goes on the plane and confronts Richard about the money. He told her to get off the plane before it leaves but she didn't listen. She kept arguing until the plane began down the runway. She asked Richard to stop the plane but that wasn't possible since they had clearance and were already on route. He tells her that she is going to SC, like it or not.

At Spaulding:
Phillip called a meeting with the Lewis boys, Matt and Jim. He and Beth announced that there was a multi million-dollar account coming in and he would love for them to build the factory. The only thing is that it is a small foreign country. The guys think it is a good idea until Phil introduces the man behind the deal, Prince Richard. Josh and Billy get ticked off and refuse to work with Richard. They would rather quit and that's exactly what they do. All four of the guys walk out after Josh tells Phil off and tells him that all he is interested in is making money.
Beth goes into another room and calls Reva and tells her that Josh is about to quit Lewis oil and that she thinks she needs to come over, quick.
Reva shows up and the room is empty, except for Josh. He tells her that he gave up Lewis Oil and everything, for her.

At Company
Harley gets a phone call from Blake who had just discovered that she dropped the manuscript to her romance novel. She was hoping Harley could help her find it before someone else read it. Too late, Harley told her. She saw Ross and Holly with it. Blake tells her to retrieve it no matter what.
Ross comes up to Harley (who hangs up on Blake). He and Holly like the novel and want to print it as a daily section in the paper. He wants to hire Harley to locate the author, Ms LaCrosse. Harley says she will see what she can find out and talk to him later. She calls Blake back and tells Blake what happened.

At the Country Club:
Manny is dining with Bill when Carmen, Pilar, Ben and Theresa come in. Michelle wants to know how come Theresa was there and how Ben knew that she was in LA at the same time as Danny. Danny went to Carmen who lied and said she told Ben that Theresa and Danny were in LA together. Theresa came over and reminded Danny of the concert later tonight. Michelle tells Danny that it is okay and they will go to the concert. Theresa didn't like Michelle going and Bill stood up and asked Theresa if she would go with him. She said no and Bill followed her over and talked to her some more. Michelle went outside and overheard Theresa on the phone. She was asking someone to think up an excuse for her and Danny to go back out to LA for a while, alone. Michelle took the phone from her and threw it on the ground. She said she knew that Theresa was up to something. Meanwhile Ben confided in Carmen about his plan with Michelle and Danny and Theresa. She loved it.
Pilar dropped her journal and Ben noticed how protective she was of it. Pilar noticed that Ben noticed and got a great idea to bring Ben down.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

At the Country Club:
Michelle told Theresa that she has her number and that she will never have Danny. Theresa said that she had no intention of trying to get Danny but that if she were, she could do it. Theresa accuses her of being jealous. Michelle then accompanies Danny to the concert at Millennium knowing that Theresa will be there.

At the Santos House:
Pilar leaves out her journal where she wrote all the things for Bens benefit. He picks it up and reads what she wrote about her supposed feelings for him. She wrote that she had been having dreams about Ben and can't understand it. Ben couldn't believe it and kind of chuckled. He walked out with a smug look on his face. Pilar saw him leave and knew that her plan was working.

At Millennium:
Theresa comes up to Danny when Michelle goes to look for Drew. She asks him to dance and just as she has convinced him, Michelle comes back and asks him to dance. He and Michelle dance and Theresa dances with someone else. Michelle leaves to get some drinks and Theresa seizes the opportunity to grab Danny for a dance. Michelle comes back and sees what is going on.

At Towers:
Vanessa tells Matt that her illness has returned and that she is no longer in remission. She talks to him with a since of finality that troubles him. He tells her that they will get through this together. She agrees that she will try.

At Spaulding:
Josh and Reva have it out. He tells her that he doesn't trust her and that he has given up on Lewis Oil all together. He tells her that leaving her may be the only thing he can do. They leave.

At the Lewises'
Josh and Reva continue talking. Reva promises him that it is over between her and Richard and that she only loves Josh. He asks her how he can believe her and then they finally talk through things. Reva tells him that she wants to be with him and kisses him. She tells him it is up to him when because she will wait on him. He goes to her and says that they have waited long enough and they kiss. Reva then decides that she wants to have a family only dinner. When she goes to call everyone, Cassie's babysitter calls. She tells Reva that Cassie has flown off with Richard to San Cristobel. Reva is angry.

On the plane:
Cassie is ill about being on the plane but Richard tells her they have to go SC before the plane can return her to Springfield. She finally calms down and they talk a bit. Finally she falls asleep and dreams of her and Richard. One of the dreams involved him asking her to marry him. She of course accepts. Richard meanwhile, hears her moaning and goes over to where she is sleeping. She cuddles up to him and she says, "Yes, Richard, the answer is yes." Richard looks befuddled.

Friday, October 22, 1999

On the plane:
Cassie awakens to find herself in Richard's arms. She asked what happened and he told her that she was talking in her sleep. Cassie was worried about what she may have said so she inquired to the Prince who told her that she only said "Yes, Richard." Cassie was upset but relieved that she said nothing else. They get a call that said the riots are so bad that there are picketers at the airport. Richard tells Cassie that they may have to run for it. They get off the plane.

In San Cristobel:
The mob is trying to bust into the palace. Apparently the country's economy isn't that great and has been declining since Catherine had left. Edmund meanwhile, has been fibbing and filling the commoners head with ridiculous accusations about Richard. Richard asks to speak to a few "spokesmen" for the mob and they send in four. They tell Richard that they are starving while he runs off after a woman. Richard tells the people that he was gone to USA on business and has brought back jobs for them. Not wanting to believe him, the group kept talking about their children and not having enough to eat, until Cassie spoke up. She told them she knew what they were going through. They took to Cassie and believed her at once. She convinced them of Richards's good intentions and then gave them a tiara as a good faith measure. She told them to take it and get what they need from it. Richard tells Cassie after the others leave that the tiara was worth over $300,000. Cassie calls to talk to the kids and once again ended up arguing with Reva. Meanwhile, Colonel Dax tells Richard that the people liked Cassie and that all he has to do to solve the problem would be to marry again.

At Millennium:
Jesse brings Drew a prenuptial agreement for her to sign. He tells her it is for own safety and that he wants everyone to know he loves her, not her money. She refuses to sign and then gets ill when she finds out that Ben made Jesse feel that way.
Danny leaves Theresa on the dance floor as soon as he sees Michelle. Theresa is angry. Danny finally sets down with both women and tells Theresa that she was his first love, the one that opened him up, but that he is totally devoted to Michelle, his one true love. Theresa leaves in tears. Michelle and Danny dance the night away.

At the Santos Compound:
Theresa comes in boo-hooing. She tells them what happened at Millennium and cries some more. She thinks the plan is over but Carmen and Ben says that he was just putting on a show for Michelle. Carmen tells her not to worry. Then Ben walks out with Theresa and gives her a narcotic called "Fantasy", he tells her it is an aphrodisiac and very powerful. All she has to do is get Danny to consume one drop and he will be all over her.

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