All My Children Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on AMC

Mateo caught Hayley with Ryan. Liza found Colby's sealed stem cell sample in the storage container at the hospital. Erica ended her relationship with David. Adam schemed to gain majority ownership of WRCW. David blurted out to Gillian that Adam was Colby's father.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, October 25, 1999

Adam's eyes nervously darted back and forth as Liza told him that something curious had come to her attention. His face froze as Liza announced that someone had "intervened" in the transfer of Colby's stem calls from Pine Valley Hospital to Seaview Hospital. Suspecting that he was being accused, Adam quickly announced that there must be a logical explanation for what had happened. "Why is David Hayward's name on Dimitri's case file?" Liza asked. Relieved, Adam let out a deep breath. He asked Liza why she would think that he knew anything about what David may or may not have done. Liza explained that, like Adam, David is a very devious man. Adam smiled, but insisted that he was not nearly as diabolical as the doctor. He explained that some there might be some sort of hospital protocol that they did not know about. Liza nodded her head slightly and announced that she may have overreacted. Liza received a phone call from Tad reminding her that she needed to be present at the station for the auditions for the style segment. Liza ran her hand through her hair and sighed deeply. Apparently, she'd completely forgotten. Liza excused herself the table. Adam objected, but the objections did no good.

At Wildwind, Eugenia caught sight of Alexandra just as she was about to leave. Alex agreed to stick around and talk to the duchess. Eugenia asked Alex if she'd managed to smooth things over with Edmund. Before allowing Alex to respond, she offered a bit of a disclaimer. "Being ancient has its privileges. One being [the right] to mind everyone else's business," she grinned. Alex smiled and softly replied that there were some things on which she and Edmund would never see eye to eye. Eugenia urged Alex to be patient with her brother-in-law. The Marick men, she smiled, are known for their stubborn streak. Gillian wandered into the room and yipped merrily upon seeing Alex. Alex briefly explained why she'd returned to Pine Valley. She was also required to offer additional information about the Andrassy Foundation. Gillian became concerned when Alex announced that the leading candidate to replace her was Dr. David Hayward. "You can't," Gillian snapped. "He's a monster." Alexandra made no attempt to hide the fact that she agreed fully with Gillian's assessment of David. However, she wanted to know why Gillian disliked David so much. Gillian bowed her head and said that her reasons were both "personal and embarrassing." Alex pressed for the details as Gillian walked over to her grandmother's side. "He used you," Eugenia whispered to Gillian. Eugenia urged Gillian to tell Alex the truth about what had happened between her and David---even if it was terribly painful. Eugenia left the room so that Gillian would feel less uneasy about telling her story. Alex told Gillian that she'd heard that David somehow had broken up her marriage to Ryan. Gillian nodded and tearfully told of how she'd slept with David. Surprisingly, Gillian was able to see something positive in the sordid mess. She realized that she could not continue through life the same way that she had been. "I grew a heart," she said. Alex told Gillian that David had "made a second career out of manipulating women." Both women agreed that David was not a suitable choice to head Dimitri's foundation. Alexandra, though, was still left to wonder how David's name had gotten on the stem cell transfer documentation.

In the hallway just outside of David's room, Vanessa nearly drooled as she questioned David and Erica why they were together. "I've always been an early riser," David replied. "Is he?" Vanessa said looking at Erica, her voice making no effort to hide the sexual innuendo. Erica shook her head and said that she had no idea what Vanessa was talking about. Erica insisted that she and David had simply bumped into each other in the hallway. Vanessa didn't buy it. She mused that she was going to call all of the local papers to report the news of Erica and David's relationship. "Am I the first to know? How quickly can I spread the news?" she laughed. David and Erica continued on their way. Vanessa called out to Erica with a question about the necklace she was wearing. Erica looked down at her necklace and unconvincingly stated that she'd had the necklace for many years.

Downstairs in the dining room, Palmer met with one of the staffers at The Valley Inn to discuss the hotel's phone bills. Palmer claimed that he'd given Vanessa a special corporate calling card to use when phoning her sick friend in Europe. He wondered, though, if she'd forgotten to use the card and asked that he be allowed to check the hotel's phone records.
In the lobby, Erica told David that bumping into Vanessa had totally unnerved her. David was paged away to call the hospital and Erica told him that she'd have to cancel their lunch date. As Erica sat alone in the lobby, Palmer approached her and asked her to join him at his table. Once seated, Palmer told Erica that he needed to speak to her about something very important---something that required a woman's input. Erica wondered why Palmer hadn't turned to his new wife for advice. "Vanessa is the last person I could turn to," Palmer replied. Erica wondered if Palmer and Vanessa's marriage was on the rocks. Palmer continued to insist that his union was as strong as ever. He said that he was concerned that Vanessa might be having health problems. Erica's face wrinkled up. She told Palmer that she didn't believe for one moment that Vanessa's health was compromised in any way. Erica was certain that Vanessa was giving Palmer "grief." "I know we're not the love match of the century," Palmer conceded. Before he could say another word, Vanessa breezed into the dining room and interrupted the conversation. Make no mistake about it: Vanessa had been quietly listening in on the conversation and picked that exact moment to break up the discussion. Erica wasn't about to share lunch with Vanessa and promptly excused herself. Before Erica could walk away, Vanessa asked her why she wasn't dining with David. Coolly, Erica turned and explained that she had business at Enchantment to tend to. Palmer smiled broadly and told Vanessa that he was looking forward to a private lunch with her back in their suite. Palmer and Vanessa strolled off together. Erica was left behind shaking her head. David joined Erica and the two finally got to sit down for their luncheon date. They both agreed that it might not be the right time to go public with their relationship. Perhaps, David said, once he's named the head of the Andrassy Foundation they can reconsider. David excused himself upon seeing Alexandra in the lobby. He scurried out to greet her and asked her to join him and Erica for lunch. Alex said that while she wants to talk more about David's application, this was not the time. "You don't want to do this here," she said.

At WRCW, Tad returned from his family getaway and was surprised to see Hayley as one of the people auditioning for the style segment spot. He told Hayley how sorry he was that her relationship with Mateo had crumbled. He also ribbed her about her decision to go from the night shift to the day shift. Hayley was extremely nervous and wanted the audition to be over with. Ryan appeared by her side and helped calm her down. Jake dropped by the station and told Tad that he was not looking forward to returning Colby to Liza and Adam. Tad promised his brother that Adam would never get a chance to hurt Colby in any way. Hayley's nerves continued to get the better of her and soon she was forgetting to breathe. Liza arrived and escorted Hayley off to a private corner of the studio to discuss the audition process. Tad frowned when he noticed Adam standing by a wall of video monitors. He asked him how he'd managed to get past security. "I snuck in with a tour group," Adam sneered. Adam placed a quick call to Leslie to check on her progress in getting a controlling share of WRCW stock. Leslie assured him that she was moving as fast as she could. Needless to say, that was not fast enough for the millionaire. "Do whatever you have to do to make it happen," he growled. When Adam looked up from the phone, he realized that Liza was standing by his side. She questioned him about the phone call, but Adam assured her that it was just business as usual. Adam was stunned to learn that Hayley was auditioning for a spot on The Cutting Edge. He looked on with a surprised grin as his daughter went through the audition process. Hayley was all smiles as the cameras started rolling. She jokingly told Tad that he'd be glad to hear that matching shoes and purses were now no longer a fashion must. After the last inch of celluloid had been taped, Liza told Tad about her decision to sell partial ownership to a third party. Tad did not like the idea at all. He feared that the new co-owner might not like his work. Liza assured him that she would remain on board and have total control over show content and quality. Liza headed off to tend to business matters. Tad, meanwhile, approached Adam and accused him of being behind Liza's decision to bring on another owner. Adam shook his head and denied the charges. In fact, he said that he'd tried to talk her out of it. Adam assured Tad that a new owner would be good for everyone. Everyone, he said, "will have more time to spend with [their] family." Across the studio, Liza and Jake set up Jake's next visit with Colby. Liza asked Jake if David had anything to do with the transfer of Colby's stem cells. Jake shook his head. Other than coming up with the idea, David played no part in the process. Liza explained that David's name had somehow ended up in Dimitri's case file. Jake decided that he'd meet with David and press him for information. Liza shook her head and told Jake that she had her own idea about how to handle the matter. After Jake left, Liza placed a call to the lab at Pine Valley Hospital. As luck would have it, she was connected the same technician that had handled the case in the first place. Liza scheduled an appointment to meet with the lab tech and discuss the case.

At BJ's, Ryan and Hayley sat down for a meal to celebrate Hayley's flawless audition. Ryan became quiet serious and said that he now was having second thoughts. If Hayley gets the job, Ryan said that "every guy in America will fall in love" with her. Hayley told Ryan that he had nothing to worry about. The two shared a very passionate kiss. Ryan leaned forward and whispered into Hayley's ear. "I want to be with you." Hayley smiled broadly and gave Ryan another kiss. Ryan then took Hayley's hand and the two headed off together.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

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Gillian arrived at Jake's door in little black dress and tiara. Jake muttered in confusion, "Wow! Uh, maybe I should change?" in his V-neck sweater. Gillian assured him he wouldn't need to, she had somewhere private in mind for their dinner, namely, his room. She brought in candles, music, and then wheeled in a table with their dinner all laid out. She told Jake she had prepared a typical American dinner. But it turned out that Gillian's idea of a typical American dinner was a bit different from Jake's, starting with the "veggie dunk" with honey and Dijon sauce. Unfortunately, Gillian explained, she didn't have any honey so she'd used molasses. The main dish was baked steak, sweet potatoes, and Peruvian, a.k.a Lima, beans. While Gillian went for the steak knives, Jake hid his sweet potato in a napkin. While stuffing salad into his mouth, Jake realized something was wrong. Gillian had loaded it up with anchovies ("They were so small, I put in quite a few!") Jake had an allergic reaction and had to give himself an allergy shot. The steak proved a little tough to cut and Jake pointed out that most people prefer their steaks grilled. Dessert was a rich concoction, "Oh my, birds' nests with whipped cream!" Jake commented. "It's madertej," Gillian explained. The dessert was a success, but too rich for Jake to handle. As Gillian cleared the table, she found the sweet potato. Jake apologized, saying he didn't like sweet potatoes. "Next time, we'll eat out," he suggested. They kissed, but blaming his medication for affecting him, Jake then flopped out on the bed. Gillian gently kissed him then covered him up. At Tad and Dixie's house, Becca told Dixie she's thinking of returning to Pigeon Hollow, saying the only reason she hung out with Scott was because she thought he shared her values. Dixie tried to convince her to stay, and told here there are more guys around. Dixie persuaded Becca to go with her to SOS to have a good time. Meanwhile, Scott and Greenlee went to SOS together. There, Tad and Adrian had a drink together while Tad waited for Dixie. Mateo asked Tad about Hayley's audition and Tad told him she was great and has the job. Mateo wondered aloud if he should take Hayley some flowers as congratulations. Tina jumped in and reminded him he had promised Hayley her space. Adrian questioned Tina's interest in the matter. When Tina appeared a few minutes later in a Halloween mask, Tad told Adrian it reminded him of Adam, and they agreed that Adam has no heart. Becca and Dixie arrived and joined up with Tad and Adrian. Becca noticed Scott and Greenlee dancing. Later, she sauntered over to their table, "just to say hi!" Dixie and Tad discussed the deal Liza is planning with her new silent partner. Tad worried about the impact a new part-owner will have on The Cutting Edge. Tina wanted to liven things up, and dragged Adrian to the dance floor. Becca joined in the group dance, as Scott quietly watched her. Greenlee sidled up to him and reminded him, "It's all over with her," and they left together. Outside Trevor and Janet's house, Hayley and Ryan couldn't keep their hands off each other as they kissed. Once inside, things heated up even more and they admitted their feelings for each other. "It's hard to keep my distance, I want more," Ryan told her. Things escalated - Hayley's shawl came off, Ryan started to tear his shirt off. Drawing breath, Hayley told Ryan they should go to her room upstairs. "Give me a few minutes," she teased. No sooner had she disappeared but there was a loud banging on the front door. Ryan, still disheveled and half-dressed, opened the door and of course - it was Mateo, holding a bunch of flowers. "This isn't a great time," Ryan said in a masterpiece of understatement. But Mateo brushed past him. "I'll tell her you were here," Ryan said. "Let her decide who she wants to see," was Mateo's angry retort. Ryan told him he wasn't going to hide his feelings for Hayley any more. "I knew the whole time you were out to get her," sneered Mateo. "She's not a trophy," Ryan retorted. "You treated her like trash." "And you were whispering in her ear all the time," Mateo shot back at him. As tempers flared and voices got louder, Hayley came downstairs, in a shortie nightie and pink satin robe. "I didn't want this discussion now, like this," Hayley whispered, "I care about Ryan and it goes beyond friendship," she told Mateo. He seemed stunned at the whole situation he had stumbled into, and Hayley's confession of her feelings. Visibly shaken, "Do want you want," he told her and quietly left. By then Hayley was almost in tears. "Please go," she told Ryan. Confused, Ryan picked up his tie and his jacket and left. At the front door, Hayley was in tears as she watched, then sank to the ground, weeping.

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Though it wasn't his office, Tad had no trouble making himself comfortable behind Liza's desk. Liza straggled into her office and gently teased him about sitting in her chair. Tad smiled and praised Liza on the press release that had been put together promoting Hayley's addition to The Cutting Edge's lineup. Liza smiled and told Tad that she'd sent a copy of the release and a videotape of Hayley's audition to her new partner, "Duffy" Duffield. Tad's eyes widened and he asked Liza if she knew what she was doing. Liza shrugged nonchalantly and explained that it was "simple courtesy" to include Mr. Duffield in the loop. Tad worried that Duffy might not approve of the style segment. Everyone, he groaned, had an opinion. At that exact moment, a memo came through on Liza's fax machine. Sure enough, it was from Duffy. Liza grinned from ear to ear as she read the message aloud. The still unseen investor approved of Hayley's hiring. "I applaud your judgment," read the letter. Liza became eerily quiet and said nothing more. Tad snatched the fax from her hands and read the remainder. "Hopefully Miss Vaughan can put the edge back in The Cutting Edge," Tad read. The letter confirmed what he'd feared: the new owner might want to shake things up a bit. Liza assured him that that would not happen as long as she maintained a majority ownership of the station. In actuality, she and Duffy each held forty-percent of the station with Stuart holding the remaining one-fifth share. Liza left the office to tend to other matters. Tad hurriedly picked up the phone and placed a call to Mr. Duffield's office. He was put on hold and never got a chance to speak to the mysterious investor.

Mateo reclined on the sofa in the back room at Sounds of Salsa. Tina strolled into the room hoping to pick up a deposit for the bank. She took a look at Mateo and wondered if his ragged appearance meant that he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. She knew that he was going to have met with Hayley and hoped that he and his ex-wife had made up, so to speak. Mateo picked up the picture of him and Hayley at the club's grand opening and smashed it on the ground. Shards of glass flew everywhere. Immediately, Tina knew that things had not gone well. Mateo told her that Hayley had had "company." Tina put the pieces together and figured out that Ryan must have been with Hayley. Mateo paced back and forth, asking himself how Hayley could get involved with a man like Ryan. He admitted that he'd caused most of the problems that he and Hayley have had over the past year. However, he was unable to understand why Hayley would not give him a chance to redeem himself. Mateo pounded his fist against a metal filing cabinet to emphasize his point. Tina headed out to ready the club for opening even though it was still several hours away. A little while later, Gillian strolled into the room hoping to get Mateo's quesadilla recipe. Gillian chuckled as she told Mateo that her attempt to cook for Jake had gone terribly. Mateo was glad to hear that Gillian and Jake were getting along. His happiness lasted for only a few seconds. He told Gillian that Ryan and Hayley were also getting along quite nicely. "They're sleeping together," he said icily. Gillian puckered her lips and reminded Mateo that he's thought that same thing for nearly a year. Mateo informed her that this time he had proof---he'd caught a nearly naked Ryan and Hayley at Trevor and Janet's house. "He's a predator," Mateo growled. "[Hayley] belongs with me." Surprisingly, Gillian remained unfazed by the news of Ryan and Hayley's blooming relationship. For a few moments she appeared hurt, but then she shook her head and vowed not to be upset by the news. While ranted endlessly about how Ryan was to blame for his breakup with Hayley, Gillian had another viewpoint. She stated that while Ryan was at fault he was only partly to blame for the breakup. The true blame, if it can be called that, belonged to Mateo and Hayley. With that, Gillian headed on her way, saying that she'd get the recipe some other time. Mateo plopped down on the sofa and drifted into a daydream. He imagined that Hayley dropped by the club to reaffirm that their relationship was kaput. "It's over, Mateo," said Hayley coldly. "I'm with Ryan now [and] I love him." Tina returned to the back room with the day's mail. She withheld one of the envelopes, saying that it was addressed to Ryan. Mateo assured Tina that he's forward the letter. After she left the room, Mateo methodically tore the oversized envelope into pieces.

Also on a sofa---but this one at the Dillon house---Hayley worked on a "what's in" list for her style segment. She had a difficult time focusing on her work. Ryan dropped by with breakfast, but Hayley claimed that she'd already indulged in the day's first meal when she'd had a cup of coffee. Ryan warned Hayley about not eating properly, but his warning fell on deaf ears. Hayley apologized to Ryan for what happened the night before. Ryan looked tenderly at Hayley and told her that he hadn't come by looking for an apology. "We were in sync," he said, before Mateo showed up. Hayley sighed and bowed her head. She said that seeing Mateo made her uneasy about being intimate with Ryan. Ryan told Hayley that he wanted to pick a time and place when they could be together without any interruptions. "I care more about you every day [but] I'm not ready to go away with you," Hayley replied meekly. She explained that she was unable to pretend that she didn't have feelings for Mateo. Ryan respected that and claimed that he didn't want Hayley to simply forget about Mateo. Ryan had yet another question for Hayley, this one much more pointed than the previous. He asked her what who she'd thought about when she was left alone the night before---him or Mateo. Hayley quietly replied that she'd thought about "the look on [Mateo's] face." It was "so full of anger and resentment." Ryan questioned why Hayley still had feelings for a man who had hurt her time and time again. Hayley flashed a bit of anger and compared Ryan to her father. She asked that he leave and Ryan respectfully agreed to honor her request. Before leaving, however, he told her that she would have to decide if she wanted to start a new relationship or remain true to someone who has repeatedly let her down.

Adam met with Barry Shire at Chandler Mansion to discuss the latest step in his planned revenge against Tad. He touted his way of parenting as much better than the Martin technique. Turning the other cheek, he said, was not an option. "If someone strike you, you strike them back," he said proudly. Barry wondered how Adam would convince Stuart to sell his shares of WRCW. Adam had a secret weapon---his attorney. Adam knew that Barry and Marian had once been intimate. He deduced that Barry could use that as leverage over her. With a little prodding, Adam was sure that Barry could convince Marian to talk Stuart into unloading the shares. "There's something she wants," said Adam of Marian. "And you're going to give it to her."

At the gallery, Stuart carefully carved a face into a pumpkin. He and Marian mused that the creation bore an uncanny resemblance to Millicent Greenlee. Adam phoned Stuart to ask him for his help in nursing a dying houseplant back to health. Stuart headed off for the mansion. He'd only been gone a few minutes when Barry knocked on the door. Barry claimed that he had some things to discuss with Stuart. He then "accidentally" let it slip that he was not happy with the "conservative" way in which Adam had been handling Stuart's stock portfolio. Marian asked Barry if he remembered the discussion they'd had about Stuart becoming more involved into his finances. Barry nodded. "I can remember what you were wearing," he smiled. Marian was taken a back. She listened as Barry told her that Stuart could unload some of his smaller stocks and reinvest the money into something much more profitable. By the time Stuart returned to the house, Marian was totally convinced that selling was the way to go. Stuart only wanted to know one thing: would selling the stocks make Marian happy. Marian nodded and Stuart scrawled his name on the dotted line, giving Barry permission to sell the stocks.

Back at the mansion, Adam placed a call to Duffy to tell him that he'd soon be the majority owner of WRCW. What no one knew was that Adam owned Datcom, the company buying into WRCW. "No one can trace it back to me," beamed Adam. "But I still call all the shots." Barry returned to the mansion and broke the news that the deal was done. Adam practically drooled at the opportunity to stick it to Tad. Barry warned Adam not to get too happy because David Hayward could still expose him as Colby's biological father. Adam brushed off the attorney's fears, saying that David enjoys taunting him more than anything else.

Monty sat behind his desk at the stem cell lab chowing down on his favorite snack---chocolate pudding. Liza poked her head into the room and asked him if he had time to meet with her. Monty nodded and Liza explained why she was there. She asked how David's name had gotten into Dimitri's case file. Monty shrugged and said that it was common for more than one doctor to sign on to a case. He then got sidetracked and mentioned that a segment on the lab would be a great feature for The Cutting Edge. Liza rolled her eyes and explained that David had not been working on the case. Monty thought long and hard for a few moments before recalling that Adam had dropped by the clinic that day. Adam, said the technician, was the one who'd relayed Dr. Hayward's orders to rush the stem cells to Seaview.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Her phone calls unreturned, Isabella felt the only way that she'd ever speak to her son was to drop by SOS and speak to him face-to-face. "I would've called you," Mateo said unconvincingly. "You're hiding out," said his mother. Mateo ordered his mother to leave him alone and stop interfering in his life. It was then that Isabella knew that her son was hurting terribly. "Do you know who you sound like?" she asked rhetorically. "It's your face, but I'm hearing your father's voice." Mateo shook his head and argued that he could never sound like his father. Hector, he insisted, never had the type of problems he was having now. Isabella grumbled that her late husband had had his fair share of problems. Part of the problem, she said, was that Hector believed in "some sort of code" that didn't allow him to ask women for help or advice. Isabella knew that Mateo wasn't going to open up to her, so she implored him to find someone to talk to in her place. She gave her son a hug and headed on her way. Later, Mateo argued on the phone with a supplier. As a priest entered the back room, Mateo ordered the man on the other end of the line to "go to hell." Mateo blushed slightly open seeing the minister, but his embarrassment lessen somewhat when the priest burst into laughter. Mateo knew that his mother had sent the priest. However, he wasn't really in the mood to talk. "Everything's cool with me," insisted Mateo. Mateo felt that the priest could not possible help him because he'd never been married. The priest agreed that he had never been wed, but he noted that he had married many couples and helped them get through some rough spots in their unions. Finally, Mateo broke his silence. "I hate someone," he growled. "I want Ryan Lavery gone---I want him wiped off the face of the Earth." He ranted about how Ryan had posed as a friend only to stab him in the back. After listening to the tale, the priest understood why Mateo was angry with Ryan. Before absolving him, however, he asked Mateo to talk a little bit about how he had wrecked his marriage. Ryan would never have gotten between Mateo and Hayley, noted the priest, if everything was as "cool" as Mateo had claimed. Mateo took a deep breath and shook his head. He again repeated that he wanted Ryan out of his life---and out of Hayley's life. Without saying another word, he stormed out of the room. The priest was frozen in place for several moments before eventually taking off after Mateo.

At the hospital, Hayley appeared in the solarium for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Axel was set to preside over the meeting, the first time he'd be doing so. He tried to get Hayley to open up about her feelings, but Hayley was unwilling to talk. "If one more man tells me what I should do, I'm going to ring his neck," Hayley said coldly. As the meeting began, Axel somehow convinced an unwilling Hayley to stand before the group and talk about her problems. She agreed, but her speech was not what Axel had expected. Hayley rambled on and on about how her life was slowly coming together. She touted her new job at WRCW as a sign that things were looking up. Axel pursed his lips together and flashed Hayley a slight frown. Suddenly, Hayley began chuckling to herself. She looked directly at Axel and asked him if he could believe the "load of bull" she'd just spewed. After the meeting, Hayley helped Axel clean up and Axel, in turn, helped Hayley confront her feelings. It took Axel's pointed questions to make Hayley realize that she was sending "mixed signals" to both Ryan and Mateo. Hayley hadn't once thought about the vibes she might be sending the two men. Axel urged Hayley to come to terms with her feelings before she hurt herself and the men she claims to care about. If she wants to start anew with Ryan, Axel urged Hayley to stop feeling guilty and move forward. Otherwise, she should change course and end the relationship before things move past the point of no return.

Erica dropped by David's office at the hospital to give him an invitation to a party she was throwing. The engraved invitation cordially invited him to a party she was throwing his honor. The occasion, said the card, was to celebrate his being named director of the Marick Foundation. David wondered if the fete was a bit premature. After all, Alex hadn't given him the green light yet. Erica urged David to visualize the positive. The two shared a kiss. As their lips parted, Erica told David that the party would also serve as a public announcement that they were dating. David was surprised by Erica's sudden about face. A few hours before, she was unwilling to tell anyone about their relationship. Now, she was practically sending out announcements. Alexandra knocked on the door and apologized for having interrupted. Erica smiled and explained that she was just on her way out. As Erica was leaving, she made a point of informing Alex about how David had saved her life. After Erica left, Alexandra figured out that Erica knew that David was in line to replace her on the foundation. David couldn't wait to hear Alex's verdict. Alex explained that she'd promised herself that she would not allow "personal bias" to interfere in her decision. "In all honesty, I would defame my husband's memory by having you head up his foundation," Alex replied curtly. Alex bid David farewell and turned to walk away. David grabbed her arm and begged Alex to reconsider. He knew that she had not taken his merit into consideration. Alex shook her head. She stated that she had reviewed David's credential very carefully. If her decision was to be determined on professional ability alone, David would surely be a shoo-in. But there was more to the decision than skill alone. Alex accused David of continually using his position as a way to meddle in other people's affairs. As an example, she asked David how his name had ended up in Dimitri's medical file. David claimed that it was "impossible" for his name to appear on any paperwork because he'd never had anything to do with her late husband's treatment. The second example of how David went too far was a case of attempted murdered. "Adam," David said under his breath. His mind flashed back to the run-in he'd had with Adam in the stem cell laboratory. He looked at Alex and asked her if the only reason he was being turned down was because his name had ended up in Dimitri's file. "Give yourself more credit," Alex fired back. She told David that he knew exactly why he was being turned down. Erica burst back into the room claiming to have forgotten something. While she was there, she thought it best to ask if she should "break out the champagne." One look at David's somber face was all she needed. She stepped up to Alex and blasted her for letting David slip through her fingers. Alex told Erica that appointing David to head the foundation would dishonor Dimitri's memory. "And he certainly wouldn't want David Hayward for you either," she snapped before exiting the office.

Downstairs in the lab, Monty said that he didn't see a reason why he should have questioned Adam's message that David had put a rush order on the transfer of Colby's stem cells. Lizanodded her head. "Of course not," she agreed. "You didn't know that Adam was against the idea." Monty feared that he would lose his job for breaching hospital protocol, but Liza assured him that his job was safe. In return, Liza asked that Monty tell her everything that happened from the moment Adam first set foot in the lab. The lab tech became extremely nervous. He shook noticeably as he explained that he didn't know that Adam was Colby's father. Monty explained that Adam had originally contended that he'd dropped by the lab to scout it out as a possible feature for a television program. Liza shook her head in disbelief. Once again Adam had managed to weasel his way into something with false promises. Liza became very interested when Monty stated that David had also dropped by the lab. He said that he didn't know what the two men had talked about because he had been in the storage facility. There was still no clear cut sign that anyone had done anything wrong---but both Liza and Monty agreed that there was something "unusual" about David and Adam's presence in the lab. Monty checked his computer and realized that this was the first time that David had ever consulted on a stem cell case. Suddenly, Monty remembered another strange occurrence: the fire drill. Monty explained that Adam had seemed overly concerned about the sample's safety. Monty headed into the storage area and retrieved Colby's stem cell sample. Liza looked at the sample and realized that something was definitely wrong. The sample was completely full and remained sealed. How, she asked, could the vial be sealed if some of the cells had been used to treat Dimitri. "I can't imagine," Monty gasped. "I sure as hell can," Liza snarled. She turned and stormed out of the lab.

Friday, October 29, 1999

Erica and David are in his office after Alex has left. Confused as to why Alex is so opposed to David become head of the Andrassy Foundation, Erica questions David about it. David suggests that Alex may have been listening to stories about him from other Pine Valley residents, but Erica isn't convinced that's it, it seemed much more personal to her. Erica jumps to the conclusion that David must have had an affair with Alex, a charge he vehemently denies, declaring that Alex is a "cold fish" and he has never had any interest in her what-so-ever. She accepted his word on it, but her instinct tells her that there's something he's not telling her. Until he's willing to level with her, she feels they should not be "intimate." She and David are still arguing about it when Vanessa enters and apologizes for interrupting their "lovers quarrel." Erica storms out of the room and, after a few harsh words with his mother, David storms out, too.

Needless to say, he's not in a good mood when he finds Adam on the sun porch after the halloween party (see below). David accuses Adam of wrecking his chance to become head of the foundation by putting his name in the file regarding Colby's stem cells. Grabbing him by the shirt, David promises to make him pay. Adam laughs it off, sure that David is only bluffing as he has many times before. I'm not bluffing, David warns, and threatens to tell the next person that walks through the door the truth about Colby's parentage. Adam doesn't believe him, that would mean David would lose the only thing he has to hold over Adam. But David isn't kidding. The next person to walk in is Gillian and David informs her that Jake isn't Colby's father, Adam is.

Back in David's office, Vanessa has made herself at home and is using his phone to call her mysterious friend. Palmer has been watching me like a hawk, she tells the person, but promises them the money is on the way and to look out for an envelope with Pine Valley Hospital as the return address. Erica returns to retrieve the invitations, which she had thrown across the room during her earlier argument with David. Vanessa has already seen them, however, and warns Erica it would be in her best interest to stay away from David.

Liza returns home from the hospital with the knowledge that Colby's stem cells have never been touched and is furious with Adam for his interference. Adam isn't home, though, when she gets there and she calls Jake and asks him to come over. Jake leaves the Halloween party at the hospital, which had just finished, and arrives before Adam does. Liza asks Jake if he would take Colby for the night, there's something she needs to talk to Adam about.

The hospital is throwing a Halloween party for the pediatric patients, who are currently painting faces on their pumpkins. Dixie and Tad are there with Junior, and Gillian is helping out and taking pictures. Joe Martin stops by and when Gillian asks him how long they've been throwing this Halloween party, Joe tells her that it was originally Jake's idea. When he was a little boy, he suggested it since all of the kids at the hospital couldn't go trick-or-treating, and the party's been held ever since. Gillian is touched by Jake's thoughtfulness, even as a child. Across the room, Adam arrives and starts talking to Junior (who's dressed like Anakin Skywalker as a pod racer). Junior obviously doesn't feel comfortable talking to Adam and turns down his invitation to go to dinner, he's going out trick-or-treating with his friends. Tad comes over, much to Junior's relief, and runs interference. Adam does promise Junior that he doesn't have to go to Winchester Prep, which makes him feel a little better. When Junior refers to Tad as "Dad", Adam gets a furious look on his face and goes out into the hall. He calls his lawyer, Barry, who informs him the papers have all been signed. Adam is delighted, now he's the majority owner of WRCW and Tad Martin will get what he deserves. Hayley stops by after her meeting and Adam mentions how pround he is about her new job, she'll "put the edge back in Cutting Edge." His statement arouses Tad's suspicions, since that was exactly the same phrase Duffield used in his fax to Liza. Jake arrives with Colby (who looks adorable in a yellow flower costume), which only adds to Adam's anger. After Brooke and Jaime arrive, they go with Tad, Dixie, Hayley and Junior over to the Dillon's.

Mateo is peeking into a window at the Dillon house when Trevor arrives home and catches him. Mateo says he was only checking to see if Hayley was home, but Trevor knows he was actually checking to see who Hayley was with. Not denying it, Mateo tells Trevor about coming over the other night and finding Ryan there. Trevor suggests that maybe what Hayley needs right now is to be with someone whom she hasn't made so many mistakes with. This isn't what Mateo wants to hear, of course, and he quickly leaves as Janet, Becca and Amanda arrive. Janet has talked Becca into going trick-or-treating with the kids while she stays home on candy patrol. They all go inside and sit down, while outside a mysterious figure in a black cape and hood watches them through the window. The figure quickly disappears when it hears Tad, Dixie, Junior, Jamie, Hayley and Brooke coming.

After everyone's inside, Jamie and Junior sneak back onto the porch. Amanda follows them and insists on knowing what's going on. They tell her their plan to go back in the woods and find the person that left the bottle cap trail for Junior. To prove she's not scared, Amanda tells them that she's coming with them.

Everyone else goes trick-or-treating and Janet and Hayley are left home alone. Hayley makes a call to Ryan, leaving a message on his answering machine asking him to meet her at B.J.'s in an hour so they can talk.

The kids have managed to slip away from Becca and are at the boathouse. They hide their costumes and head off into the woods in search of the mystery person. Junior insists they split up so that they can cover more territory.

Hayley arrives at the boat house and sits down. Suddenly she hears a noise behind her and, frightened, calls out, "Who's there?" It's Mateo.

All alone in the woods, Amanda is scared, but keeps on going. All at once, a figure in a black robe and hood appears before her and Amanda screams.



B&B dedicates episode to Betty White
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