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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, October 25, 1999

Molly and Chris are inside Molly's apartment and they are discussing never seeing each other again. Chris agrees that this would be best, but he starts kissing Molly anyway. They are starting to make-out and there is a knock at the door. Abigail, Molly's daughter, is standing outside the door. She knocks and knocks. Molly tells Chris that she should get the door. Chris persuades her to ignore it. Abigail gives up and leaves. Chris and Molly fall back on the couch and make love. After they are finished, Molly swears to Chris that this has to be the last time. She tells him that Abigail's adoptive mother, Diane, won't let her see her daughter until her life is straightened out. They discuss the upcoming article that she has written about her one-night stand with her "boy toy." Chris is curious as to what she has written and she tells him that he has to wait and read it in her column. Molly leaves to take a shower and Chris turns on her lap top computer and starts to read the article.

Lily and Holden are at the diner. Lily is there to apologize to Carly for her actions at Emma's birthday party. They find out that Carly has the day off and suddenly Lily feels a whole lot better and wants something to eat. As they are perusing the menu, a young girl comes in and sits at a booth by herself. Holden looks over at her and is surprised that it is Abigail. Lily asks him if he is sure. He takes out a picture from his wallet and says that he has studied her picture enough, he would recognize her anywhere. Holden wants to go over and talk to her, but Lily says that she should go and find out why she is there. Lily walks over to the girl and asks if she has change for a dollar to make a phone call. As the girl is digging in her purse, Lily starts to ask the girl some questions. Abigail tells Lily that she is in Oakdale visiting some friends. Lily asks her who are her friends, she might know them since Oakdale is such a small place. Abigail looks at her watch and realizes that she is going to miss her bus and she rushes out of the diner. Lily goes back to Holden and they decide that she must have been there looking for Molly. They leave to pay Molly a visit and see if Abigail had seen her.

Molly has taken a shower and dressed and comes out and sees Chris reading her article from her computer. She rushes over and turns the computer off and says that he shouldn't be reading the article yet. Chris teases her a little about how she described their first night together. She tells him to stop teasing her. There is a knock at the door and Molly tells Chris to hide in the bedroom, she is going to answer the door this time. Molly opens the door and Holden and Lily are there. Holden tells Molly that they saw Abigail at the diner and asks if she had been there to visit Molly. Molly realizes that it was Abigail at the door earlier. She starts to beat herself up. She tells Holden that she was in the shower and had the stereo on and didn't get the door. Holden tells her to cheer up. They have a beautiful daughter and she will be back, he is sure of that. Holden and Lily leave and they tell Molly to keep them informed if Abigail shows up again. After they are gone, Chris comes out and starts to put his arms around Molly. She pushes him away and says that they can never, ever be together again. Because she was drunk on pheromones, she didn't answer the door and missed seeing her daughter. She orders Chris to leave and not to come back, not even for sugar. Chris walks out the door with his tail tucked between his legs.

Georgia is visiting Eddie in the hospital. They are talking to each other when Lucinda peeks her head inside the door and asks to see Georgia in private. Georgia reluctantly leaves and goes out into the hall with her Aunt Lu. Lucinda tells Georgia that the secret that Alec is Eddie's father is not going to be a secret much longer. Georgia says that Alec was supposed to be the one to tell Eddie. She starts to beat herself up for not telling Eddie before this. She discusses with Lucinda how she is going to handle this situation with Eddie. Lucinda gives Georgia advice on how to handle it, she tells her to go in his room and look him straight in the face and tell him what she knows. Then, they hear Eddie yelling from his room. They go rushing in and Eddie has seen that Alec has been arrested. He wants to know what is going on. He can't believe that they won't leave Alec alone. He starts to get out of bed and go find out what is going on. Georgia convinces him to stay in bed and she will go find out what is up with Alec. He tells her to be completely honest with him and tell him everything. She agrees to tell him everything.

At the police station, Hal has Alec in handcuffs and Margo is spouting off about the charges being trumped up and they don't have any real evidence. Tom comes walking into the room and then it is clear to Margo what is going on. Margo jumps on Tom for once again accusing Alec. Tom tells Margo that Alec Wallace is a liar and a murderer. Alec tells Tom that evidence can be manufactured. Hal brings up that Alec is being accused of killing the hit man, Carter. Margo goes on a tirade and says that she was with Alec the whole time that evening. Tom looks at Alec and says, "Not the whole time, right, Mr. Wallace?" Margo makes Tom and Hal leave and she and Alec are left alone. She tells Alec for the last time, she wants the truth. Alec tells her that she should know him better by now. He tells her that he did not leave the hospital the whole time. She questions him and asks if he didn't leave the hospital or the chapel? He begs her to believe him. Alec tells her that this whole situation is crazy. Tom wants him locked up and out of her life. She begs him to just tell her the truth. He says that she knows the truth, he was praying to God the whole time to save his son's life. Hal comes in and leads Alec out. As they get to the door, Margo says that she will contact his lawyers and get him out on bail as soon as possible. He looks over his shoulder at her and says, "That is not what I want to hear." After they are gone, Tom comes in and Margo starts to leave. Tom won't let her go, he has something he wants to discuss with her. She says that he just wants to make her look like a fool. He tells her that Alec is guilty and he is dangerous and he used her for the perfect alibi.

Back at the hospital, Georgia is ready to go tell Eddie that Alec is his father. Lucinda gives her a last minute pep talk. Lucinda leaves and Georgia takes in a big breath of air. She opens Eddie's door and his bed is empty. She starts yelling for Eddie, but he is gone.

Tom and Margo are still arguing about Alec and Eddie sticks his head in the door. Tom and Margo don't see him, but he overhears them discussing Alec being his father. Eddie's jaw drops wide open.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Camille comes flying into John's office talking about an article that she has read and she thinks he should look at it. He yells at her for not knocking on the door and then that she would think that he hasn't read any and every article there is out there on Cardiology. She sits in her chair quietly. He says that if she is going to cry she can go to the other side of the door and do it. She stays quiet. She finally looks at him and says that she isn't crying and she isn't going to quit. She tells him that if he would listen to her for two seconds, she has found an article and he HAS read this article. She points out to him that it is an article that he wrote, but somebody else has plagiarized. He takes it from her and says that he can't believe it, it is his article. As he is looking over the article, she asks him about the music that he was listening to when she came in. It was classical and he asks her what kind of music she likes. She tells him all kinds and her mother is a jazz singer. The phone rings and they need John in the ER. John asks Camille if she would like to help out. She replies with a healthy, "Sure would!" They leave together to go to the ER.

Jennifer comes downstairs and asks Barbara about Parker. She says that he isn't his usually happy self. Barbara goes upstairs to check on him. They both come back downstairs and Barbara is frantic. She tells Jennifer to go next door and ask the neighbor if Will can stay there while they take Parker to the Pediatrician. While she is gone, Barbara gets on the phone and calls the baby's doctor. The doctor is not in and Barbara tells the nurse his age and he has a temperature of 102. The nurse tells her to take him to the emergency room. When Jennifer returns, Barbara tries to call Carly, but her phone is busy. She and Jennifer rush off to the hospital with Parker.

Carly is on the phone placing an order for a pizza. There is a knock on the door and she asks the pizza person to hold on. She opens the door and Jack is standing there. He has come by to apologize for what happened at Emma's house the night before. She says that she has already forgotten it. He wants to make it up to her by taking her to dinner and buying her a steak or lobster. She tells him that what she would rather do is stay at home and eat pizza and watch old movies. He agrees that this would be good and they could kiss during the commercials. She asks if they can only kiss during the commercials? They lean toward each other to kiss and there is another knock on the door. Carly surmises that it is Molly at the door. She opens the door and Jennifer is standing there. Carly asks her, "What do you want?" Jennifer, in a calm voice, tells Carly that Parker is sick and they are taking him to the hospital. Jack tells Carly to get dressed and he will drive her there.

John walks into the ER and Barbara is there with Parker. He walks up to her and asks what is wrong. Barbara goes on a tirade about how Carly had him out and probably had him in the cold and now he is running a fever. Carly and Jack have come in and heard Barbara. Jack comes to Carly's defense. He says that it wasn't that cold out last night. John takes Parker into a room to examine him. Hal comes in and asks Barbara about what has happened. She goes off on Carly again for not being a good mother. John comes back out and Parker is asleep in his arms. He says that the baby is out like a light. He tells the worried parents that he has an ear infection and unless they plan on taking him up in a plane, he will be all right. Carly walks up to John to take Parker and John won't let him go. Carly says to John to give her baby to her. Hal walks up and tells John that playing tug of war with Parker is not going to help. John still doesn't budge. Hal gives him another warning. John gives Parker to Carly and then tells them that he has a prescription for an antibiotic. John walks away and Camille goes with him. Hal goes over to Carly and tells her that he has not seen Parker all day and he would like to take him home and get him tucked into bed. Carly gives the baby to Hal and then she walks away. Jennifer is watching Carly and she walks over to Carly and tells her not to worry, she will personally keep a watch on Parker and make sure he is OK. Carly thanks her and then she tells Jennifer that she appreciated the way she handled everything today. She showed up at her apartment and didn't act all hysterical. Jennifer walks back over to Hal and Barbara and they all leave.

Back at home, Hal and Barbara are discussing the events of the day. They are thankful that things turned out the way they did. Jennifer pipes up and says that she felt sorry for Carly today. Barbara jumps on her and says that she has to watch who she is trusting or she won't make it in this world. Jennifer gets mad and tells Barbara that she thinks that she is some teenage airhead that can't think for herself. She goes stomping upstairs. Barbara says, "Great, Carly is a hero, and I am the nagging parent."

John comes storming into his office and Camille is right behind him. He asks her what does she want? She says that she wanted to tell him that he did good down in the ER. He took care of Parker and didn't cause any problems with Carly. He tells her that he doesn't remember asking her. She says that she just needed to say that and she heads for the door. He tells her to wait and he asks her if she liked the music he was playing earlier? She tells him that she did and he gives her the CD. She refuses at first, but he insist. She has a smile on her face and he wants to know what she is thinking about. She says that tomorrow will be there first full day together and she is wondering what to expect? He tells her to be afraid, be very afraid.

Eddie has walked in on Margo and Tom and has heard Margo say that he is Alec's son. She turns around and sees Eddie standing there with his jaw dropped open. She asks him what he just heard and he says that he can't believe what he just heard. He tells her that someone has given her some false information, there is no way that Alec is his father. Margo apologizes to Eddie and says that she never meant for him to find out this way. Eddie still doesn't believe her. She tells him about finding the file that Alec had on him with his baby pictures in it. He says that he knows about that file, Alec told him that he did some checking on him. Margo says that she suspected that Alec was his father and he confided in her the night Eddie was shot. Eddie is having a hard time grasping this information. He starts putting two and two together. Everything starts to make sense. He says that he even told Alec that when Alec made him a partner in the business, that this is something that happens to family, not some kid off the street. Margo tells him about talking to Cass Winthropt and the missing letter from the file. Eddie is beating himself up for not realizing what was going on. He turns on Margo and starts to blame her for not telling him about Alec. Tom steps between Eddie and Margo and reminds Eddie that Margo is his friend. Eddie says that this is not the way friends act. Georgia sticks her head inside the door and sees that Eddie is upset. She goes over to him and is worried about him being out of the hospital. Eddie tells her what he has learned from Margo. Georgia doesn't flinch. Eddie realizes that she, too, knew about Alec. Georgia looks over at Margo and then back to Eddie. Eddie says, "No, not you too!?" Eddie asks who else knows about this and Georgia tells him that her Aunt Lu knows and it is going to be in the papers tomorrow. Eddie goes off again. Georgia tries to calm Eddie down. She wants to go home with him and take care of his wound for him. He tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Eddie goes to Alec who is in a jail cell. Alec says hi to him and for him not to worry, his lawyer is working on getting him out of there and he will be on the street in no time. Alec asks Eddie how he is doing? He asks if he shouldn't be in the hospital? Eddie says, "Don't worry about me. I am going to be just fine, DAD!"

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Tom tells Margo she's "dancing in the dark" for refusing to believe Alec has other skeletons in his closet besides Eddie. Jake and Julia share notes as they work on their respective stories. Georgia tells "Aunt Lu" she can't print the story or it'll ruin her chances with Eddie.

At the jail a furious Eddie tells Alec if he had it to do over again, he'd step aside when the bullet came. You should've been there, Eddie roars, remembering Deena's troubles. Alec accepts Eddie's furor--I love you, he confesses. Margo tells Tom he's blinded by jealousy and she wants him out of her life. I don't know how to do that, Tom whispers when she leaves.

Jake gets a call from Vicky and Julia is privy to their conversation as Jake tells his wife if anything happened to her, he'd be "ruined." Lucinda agrees to hold the story for a day so her niece can have more time to talk to Eddie. Eddie denies Alec's claims that he knows all about his son, informing Alec about his hard life in foster homes.

Lucinda is surprised when Jake agrees with her decision to hold the story--family comes first, he says. Eddie leaves when Margo shows up--you two are perfect for each other, he spits. Alec is livid when he learns Tom and Jake were the ones who set things in motion with their discovery of Eddie's parentage.

Jessica announces to Tom and Hal that she's the new D.A. Alec is impatient to be freed once his lawyer informs him he's made bail--he has some new scores to settle. Jessica expresses surprise at Margo's behavior of late--she's not acting like herself. Tom's suggestion that they put Margo in jail to keep her from leaving the country with Alec raises Hal's and Jessica's eyebrows.

Lucinda offers Julia a job at the City Times at twice her normal salary. Julia is further surprised when Jake says he's serious in his approval of Lucinda's offer, and she promises to consider it. Jake is frantic about Vicky when he learns Alec is out of jail.

Eddie visits Deena's gravesite and curled up on her headstone, pours out how betrayed he feels because everybody around him knew his father was a "gangster." Georgia walks up to him and begs him not to start over in another place without her. Tom believes Margo has gone over the edge.

Eddie laments to Georgia that she took control away from him. Georgia reminds Eddie that he said he didn't want to know who his father was, and she'd urged Alec to reveal all. I'm here for you, Georgia pleads--but do you still want me to be?

Hal and Tom arrive at Alec's hotel suite and serve Margo with a subpoena to testify before the grand jury tomorrow. Enraged, Margo promptly rips it up and says she'll never comply.

Eddie tells Georgia he wishes he could talk to his best friend about his father, but he can't trust her--he can't even look at her, he seethes. Georgia runs out of the cemetery. Margo claims not to care when Hal says she could be held in contempt and taken to jail if she doesn't testify.

Jake's relieved when he talks to the man Vicky reluctantly hired to protect her and finds out his qualifications. After the man hangs up with Jake, he promptly calls Alec--I'm in, he says. You know what to do, Alec instructs.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

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Friday, October 29, 1999

Chris finds Eddie packing all his things from the apartment (including his junk food). Unaware of Eddie's crisis, Chris asks him for help getting a job at Wallace Enterprises. After educating Chris about his paternity, Eddie warns that if he sees Alec again, he'll kill him. Emily can't believe Tom when he continues to support Margo.

When Georgia asks her if she really believes Alec is innocent, Margo hesitates and then finally answers, "There's a lot more to Alec Wallace than any of us know." Casey calls Tom, who flips out when he learns Alec has taken him to his cabin. Emily keeps mum when Tom wonders where the cabin is located, remembering standing outside it watching Alec and Margo.

Eddie chastens Chris about how lucky he is to have such a good father. Tom runs to the jail and informs Margo that Casey has been abducted by Alec. After Adam berates Hal for arresting his mother, Jennifer helps cheer him up.

Margo calls Alec and demands that he send her son home. When he abruptly hangs up, Margo worries and gives Tom directions to the cabin. Adam reluctantly agrees to help Jennifer bake a chocolate cake for his mother--she does like chocolate, he admits.

Georgia walks in as Eddie tells Chris he broke up with her because she kept the secret. Chris defends Georgia and lambastes Eddie for turning away from the woman he loves.

Tom confronts Alec at the docks behind the cabin, but Casey is nowhere in sight. Eddie goes looking for answers. Alec taunts Tom before revealing he sent Casey home in his limo. Margo is relieved when Casey visits her cell and she calls Tom to let him know. Alec says he took Casey to get back at Tom for what he did to Eddie and crows that now Tom is in the middle of nowhere, alone with him.

When Alec accuses Tom of being jealous, Tom tells him, "If you ever go near my wife and kid again, I will kill you!" Alec throws Tom to the docks and smashes his head with a rock.

I've lost him forever, Georgia mourns to Chris. Hal lets Adam and Casey inside the cell to deliver the cake to their mother. After they leave Margo gets a funny feeling about Tom and gasps his name.

Alec dumps Tom's body into the water, and a split second later Eddie arrives out of breath.


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