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Lindsay had some fainting spells. Asa locked Grace in the summerhouse after showing her questionable photos. Rae located Grace, but the two women ended up trapped together, and they fell into the river through the floor. Bo threatened to arrest Asa.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, October 25, 1999

Téa questioned R.J. about his involvement in Judge Peterson's disappearance and he continued to deny having had any contact with the judge. Téa tried to believe that R.J. was telling the truth, but her doubts got the better of her and she headed to New York to talk with Roseanne. Despite Asa's protests, Renee insisted on hosting the engagement party for Kevin and Grace at the mansion. Asa received a file on Grace from his private investigator and called Rae telling her that Grace was withholding information from her. Grace later overheard Max and Asa discussing their plan to destroy Will. Meanwhile, Max upset Ben when he introduced Jackie McNaughton to Viki. Ben got out of explaining things to Viki because she was called away on business. Bo was concerned when Lindsay fainted in his arms. Lindsay, Bo, Sam and Nora were stunned when Renee joked that maybe Lindsay was pregnant!

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Still at Grace and Kevin's engagement party, Ben told Jackie that he was out of the life and to leave them alone. Lindsay wasn't feeling well, so she and Bo left, after Renee apologized for the pregnancy comment. Lindsay accused Nora of getting overly upset at the thought of she and Bo having a baby together. Bo asked Ben if he needed any help with Jackie, and Ben refused. At Bo's apartment, he and Lindsay agreed that they are fine with the way things are... just the two of them. Sam and Nora also settled their respective feelings about the possibility of Bo and Lindsay having a baby.

Meanwhile, Grace had overheard Asa and Max talking about hurting Will. She swore to tell him their plans. Asa threatened Grace, with pictures of her in bed with gangsters. They both ran out to the summer house, where they tossed threats back and forth. Asa slammed the door behind him, locking Grace in the house. Renee and Kevin searched for them and called Bo for help.

Max had to leave to catch a plane to London, before the thunderstorm worsened. Rae burst in, citing the invitation from Asa. Max wouldn't tell her where he was, and took some unknown pills. Rae pretended to leave, then came back. Blair came in to say good-bye, and again tried to convince Max to see a doctor about his aneurism. Ben cares about Max, and thinks he needs surgery. Blair warned him to be careful, but wouldn't say why.

In New York, Cristian was thinking about Jessica when he found money Roseanne had hidden. He questioned her and she told him it was from Téa. Téea lied for her and said it was a loan. Cris still wouldn't accept it. He left, and Téa showed Rosey the picture of Judge Peterson. She said she was wrong, and hadn't seen R.J. with him. She told Téa to trust R.J., and stop thinking about Todd and their past.

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Skye and Blair

Blair taunts Skye when she finds her applying her makeup and says the makeup isn't working to get Ben back. Skye denies she is jealous of Ben and Viki, but Blair calls her bluff and tells her she doesn't care if she goes to Asa about Blair and Max's scheme. She finishes off by throwing Skye's threats back in her face, saying, "If you break Ben and Viki up, you'll still be alone in bed. Deal with it!". She then walks out, throwing behind her, "If you want to hurt Ben, do it yourself."

The Engagement Party

Ben and Sam discuss the mobster from Ben's past that they just encountered at the party. No doubt it's Asa's doing. At the same time Renee and Nora are beginning to wonder where Asa is. When the conversation turns to their choice of men, Nora tells an ecstatic Renee that Sam proposed to her, only to shock her by adding she hasn't decided if she will marry him.

In another corner of the room, Kevin and Bo worry about Grace's (not to mention Asa's) disappearance. Just then Asa walks in and announces to Kevin that Grace was having doubts and ran home. This worries everyone even more. When Bo and Ben speculate that Asa must be involved in the disappearance, Renee defends Asa saying he wouldn't go that far.

When Asa walk into his office, he finds Rae searching through his papers on the desktop. She immediately asks him if he did something to Grace. Asa announces to Rae that he has a report about Grace that will interest her. She says she doesn't want Grace to get hurt. She is momentarily stunned when Asa goes on to tell her that Grace has been in touch with Daniel all along. Rae notices fresh paint on Asa's coat sleeve. She leaves the office to look for Grace, and Skye walks in. She has "bad news" about a son who is betraying him. Bo then walks in and asks her to leave. When they are alone he asks Asa what he did to Grace, causing Asa to go off on a tirade about the Rappaports. He tells Bo he doesn't answer to sons who betray him. Bo denies betraying Asa. When Asa then says he is glad Grace is gone, Bo demands an answer.

Kevin leaves the party to find Grace. When he arrives at the Rappaports and can't find her, he panics. Kevin phones Bo and makes plans to meet him. Nora then approaches him and tries to calm him down, saying that Grace may only be suffering from pre-nuptial jitters.

Kevin arrives back at Asa's to find Ben, who just discovered Grace's coat in the closet. He looks further and they find her purse. Kevin and Bo are even more worried about foul play. Kevin recalls the last time he saw Grace.


Grace is locked in the summerhouse, banging at the door and crying for help. She then steps over large open spaces in the floor to reach an opening in the wall, but when she gets there she loses her step and falls through the floor. As Grace lies unconscious, hovering over the raging waters below, Rae arrives and calls out to her. When Grace comes to, she tries to call out for help, but is too weak. Rae continues to call out to Grace, and this time she gets a response. She tries to enter the summerhouse, but can't and when she attempts to go for help, Grace calls out to her to stay. Rae stays and reassures her.

Roseanne and Cristian

Roseanne is cold and prepares to take a hot shower. Cristian tells her he can warm her up and proceeds to undress her. Later, after making love, Cris worries about Roseanne in New York and announces they are going back to Llanview. Roseanne protests, accusing Cris of wanting to return to Jessica.

Jessica and Will

Jessica stands out in the storm calling Will's name. She walks in the lodge and Will comes out form his hiding place. She finds the lodge decorated with lights and Will announces that it's time to make new memories. The scene becomes increasingly intimate and they end up kissing before the fire while toasting marshmallows.

A pathetic Skye goes to bed and immediately falls asleep, then wakes to find Ben entering the room. They lock in a passionate embrace on the bed....

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Asa's Mansion

Skye climbs into bed and "dreams" of Ben coming into her room and embracing her.

Downstairs, in the foyer, Ben comes in from the storm with "no clue" of Grace's whereabouts to share with Kevin. He offers that the party was "overwhelming" and perhaps Grace "needed some air" but Kevin doesn't believe that: "who goes outside to check their makeup?" While Ben goes to check all the rooms in the mansion, Viki comes back to the party and has to be updated on Grace's disappearance. Viki is sure that "a perfectly logical explanation" will be found, after all, "nobody at the party wanted to hurt her - except for Asa." Renee doesn't want to believe that Asa was involved: "Asa left for a bit but he had nothing to do" with Grace's unexplained absence. Kevin tells Viki that Rae was there too, but Viki is sure that Rae "made her peace with Grace" and would never hurt her.

Meanwhile, in Asa's study, Bo confronts Asa about Grace. Asa explains that he was "trying to save the family from heartache and pain" but Bo wants to know if Asa "blackmailed" Grace. Finally, Asa admits that he had "a conversation" with her but that he didn't "threaten" her, instead his story is that Grace threatened him. Asa makes up an elaborate tale of Grace demanding money for getting out of Kevin's life - complete with a supposed list of Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts - and threatening to "call in favors of her mob friends" if Asa wouldn't pay her off. When Bo wants to know if Asa did pay her off and she has left, Asa responds, "In a pig's eye...I told her to leave my house and get out of Kevin's life...we'll see whose friends win." Asa advises Bo, "She's a tricky one...we haven't seen the last of her...she will have a whole new story cooked up..." but Bo dismisses Asa's explanation as "pure fiction."

In his search of the mansion, Ben opens the door to Skye's room. She awakens and holds out her arms to him saying, "Dreams do come true." When Ben demands to know what she is talking about, Skye explains that it was "fate" he found her in her room. Ben doesn't care about finding Skye, but he is intent on finding Grace. Skye lies to Ben that she saw Grace "a while ago" in the hallway but he sees through her: "You are trying to help's all about's a just don't want to lose." As Skye changes tactics and tells Ben that if he needs help he should contact his "mob buddies", Viki enters the room and keeps Skye from following Ben down the hall "to apologize." Viki offers that if Skye would really like to help, she should "stay away from Ben."

NY Apartment

Cristian tells Roseanne he was just "suggesting" they move back to Llanview since he wants to give her "something better than this" and he offers to put his "dream on hold." Roseanne explodes that she is "sick and tired of hearing about" only Cristian's dreams since she has a dream of her own - to be with Cristian - and it won't happen in Llanview because that is "Jessica's town." Roseanne wants to stay in New York because even with it's "noise, dirt, danger, excitement, galleries, and clubs" it is theirs "for the taking if we're willing to fight for it." Roseanne feels it "is worth the risk" and tells Cristian that if he goes back to Llanview he will be going alone. Cristian argues that they "can't live a dream...we're one step away from living in a cardboard box" but Roseanne lies again and reminds him of "Téa's loan." She convinces Cristian that they can "budget" and make it "together." Cristian agrees to stay in New York and continue in school but leaves to get a newspaper to look in the want-ads for a job, advising Roseanne, "Don't waste all your dreams on me." Roseanne is straightening up the apartment and finds some of Cristian's sketches; she gathers them up and puts them in an envelope addressed to Jessica in Llanview.

Buchanan Lodge

Will and Jessica sit kissing in front of the fire. They agree that "tonight is just for us" and they won't think of "Megan and stuff." Will asks Jessica if she knows what she wants and she has a list ready: "a real life...a life of my own - not Viki and Clint's daughter or Asa's granddaughter - go skinny-dipping in the lake...stay up all night and watch the sunrise...sleep as late as I can without anyone worrying what's wrong with me...that dance you promised me - the one that would last until dawn..." Later, as the lights go out, we see Will and Jessica dancing and kissing.

Back at Asa's Mansion

Bo tells Asa that "the pieces don't fit" in his story but Asa maintains that Grace is a "con-woman" who tried to extort money from him and when he "called her bluff" she "ran off." Kevin bursts in demanding to know "what kind of business" Asa could have with Rae Cummings and Ben joins the group with a threat to Asa: "I swear to God I will kill you if you hurt my sister." Asa wants Bo to put it "on the record" that his life was threatened "in my own house" and have Ben jailed; but instead, Bo tells his father, "If you did anything to that young woman, I am going to throw you in jail myself." Later, Asa "guesses" that Grace "is long gone by now...that whole family is nothing but trouble-makers, wife-stealers and quacks" but Kevin and Ben beg to differ. Ben calls Grace a "good, honest woman" but Asa shows the photos to Ben, Kevin and Bo and says that Grace "couldn't stand that you saw these...recognize any of your Daddy's pals without their clothes on?...what do you think of your sweet, innocent girlfriend now?"

Asa's Summerhouse

Rae, intent on finding a way inside the summerhouse, calls for Grace to answer her; finally she hears Grace weakly calling for help. When she tells Grace that the door is stuck and she will have to "go get help", Grace begs her not to leave, "I don't want to die here in the dark...all alone." Rae hears a crash, Grace's loud scream and then all fell silent. Rae tries her cell phone but it isn't working; slamming a board against the door isn't working either until she slams it through a boarded up window space and climbs inside. Rae steps gingerly around the holes in the floor and picks up a flashlight which allows her to spot Grace who has fallen through the floor and is lying unconscious across a floor joist. Rae is shocked to see the photo lying on a board above Grace's body but that doesn't stop her from trying to help Grace. "I'm going to come down...I just have to find a're not alone." Rae climbs down to where Grace is and succeeds in helping her come to and sit up. Grace cries hysterically, telling Rae, "I'm sorry...I didn't know you were married..." but Rae tries to remain calm and help Grace to stand up. Through her tears, Grace screams, "I can't...I can't."

Friday, October 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

In Asa's study, he has just showed Kevin, Bo, and Ben the photos of Grace. Ben stands up for his sister, and says that whatever she did, she was forced to do. Kevin thinks that the photos are garbage. Asa explains that he had to know what kind of woman was trying to "worm her way into the family." "It's my family! She's marrying me!" says an enraged Kevin. He saw the pictures, and he sees that they're ugly, but it's the ugliness of the men that did this to Grace and of Asa, who showed these pictures for his own selfish reasons. Bo asks if Asa threatened Grace with these pictures. Asa says that he didn't threaten her. He says that Grace took off after he uncovered what she really was. If she's smart, she's long gone by now, and no one should expect to see her ever again.

Bo calls John and asks him to check with the airlines and the train station. John asks why they're looking for Grace. Bo explains that she could be in trouble. He hangs up, and Kevin thanks Bo for doing this for Grace. Bo says that it's okay, he's family. Ben and Kevin leave to start the search. Bo asks Asa if he has anything else on Grace. He would like to search the house and will get a warrant if necessary. Asa asks him what happened to loyalty and trust. Bo says that Asa didn't trust Kevin when he wanted to marry Grace. "I'm glad I had the guts to face that Davidson dame. You saw those photos. How low can a person go?" asks Asa. Bo says that when he saw those photos, he asked himself the same question-- about Asa. Bo leaves.

Down at what's left of the party, Viki comforts a worried Kevin. They agree that Grace couldn't have gotten very far in the storm. Ben and Viki leave to go search for her. Joey and Kelly come down and Joey asks where the party went. Kevin frantically asks Kelly if she knows where Grace would go if she thought she lost everything. Kevin explains that Grace is missing. Kelly says she'll check at the paper, and she goes to make the phone call. Kevin tells his brother that Asa had Grace investigated and he found something. Kevin wishes he had been looking out for Grace. Kelly gets back and says that no one at the office has seen her.

The three leave and go look for Grace at the dance studio. Kevin had hoped she'd be there because it was the first place they declared their love, and that's how he knows Grace wouldn't run away from him. Grace knows that he would forgive her for any mistakes she'd made, just like she forgave him for his mistakes. Joey suggests that he talk to Asa. Kevin says that Asa wouldn't tell the truth about it. Kelly says that they'll find her. Joey and Kelly decide to go back to The Sun. With any luck at all, Grace will call in. They leave, and Kevin envisions Grace dancing in the studio for him. "Grace, wherever you are, I don't want you to be afraid, because your light is on," Kevin says, and he shines a little flashlight.

Grace and Rae are still trapped. Rae is frantically calling for help. Grace is calling weakly for Kevin. Rae says that he will come for them, because she found Grace. Rae takes out her cell phone and tries to call John. When she realizes that he can't hear anything she's saying, she fakes it to make Grace think John really can hear her. Rae pretends that people are coming to rescue them, even though the rain may hold them up. Grace says that she should have let Rae go for help. Grace is cold, so Rae puts her jacket on her. Rae tries to get Grace to talk about the wedding to distract her. Grace tells Rae of her plans for a beautiful wedding outside in a gazebo in a gorgeous white dress. Grace discovers then that she can't move her legs, and she panics. Rae tells her that she'll be fine, it'll just take some time for the blood to get down to her legs. Rae wants to try to find a way out, but Grace won't let her leave.

They start talking about Daniel, and Rae tells Grace that she doesn't hate her. Rae has finally looked at her own life and realized that she's made mistakes, and she's changed. She and Grace have finally made peace. Grace says that just in case they don't make it out, she wants to be honest with Rae. She believes that Rae should blame her for breaking up the marriage. Grace suspected that Daniel was married, but she ignored it. She turned Rae into the kind of woman Grace thought deserved what she got. She apologizes, and Rae thanks Grace for telling her. Now she thinks of Grace as a victim, too, and she just wants Grace and Kevin to have years and years together. Rae is going to leave Llanview with a clean slate now. "There's more that you need to know," says Grace. "I told you that Daniel tried to contact me in Llanview. There's more."

At the LPD, John has ordered everyone to stay on overtime until the storm has passed. He tries calling Rae and learns that she is not in her room. He leaves a message for her to call him back when she gets in. Bo stops by, and John tells him that he hasn't found anything yet. Bo then calls Judge Fitzwater and asks for a warrant to search Asa Buchanan's home. Later, Bo wonders what's taking Fitzwater so long. John asks Bo what he hopes to find, and Bo says that he hopes he won't find anything, but Asa knows something. Bo noticed that Asa had mud on his boots and Rae visited him, then left just before Grace was noticed to be missing. John says that he had received a call with a terrible connection and that it may have been from Rae. He couldn't make anything out, but he thought he may have heard Asa's name mentioned.

Meanwhile, Nora and Sam are safe inside watching the storm. Nora hopes Kevin and Grace found each other. Sam tells Nora that her way of stalling isn't going to work-- he's still waiting for an answer to his proposal. They sit down, and Nora starts talking about how names don't matter. Sam tells her that if names are what's bothering her, she can keep her name. That's not what's bothering her. Now she is just plain Nora. Sam says that he knows, and that's who he loves. Nora really loves what they have in their relationship now. She hasn't accepted the proposal because there's something she doesn't trust-- herself. She has been married before and she didn't make it work. But what they have now works so well. She doesn't want to risk that. Sam says that it's all about faith. Ben and Viki rush in then and interrupt. Ben tells them that Grace has vanished. After learning that Asa is behind it, Sam decides Asa isn't going to take his sister, too, and he leaves with Ben.

Later, Nora and Viki are waiting together. Viki doesn't know what Ben is going to do now. That's one of the many things she has yet to learn about him. They'll have a lifetime to fill in the blank spots when they're married. Viki tells Nora that she and Ben are getting married as soon as they can. Nora asks if Viki ever worries about the statistics of divorce. Viki laughs, and says that it's just the lawyer in Nora talking. "Of course it's a risk," Viki says, "but it's a greater risk not to get married." Viki thinks that marriage is the best affirmation of love and trust that you can make. Nora thinks this over.

Back in Asa's study, Ben and Sam pay him a visit. They are concerned for Grace's safety. They threaten Asa, and he tells them to get out or he'll throw them out. The brothers give him thirty seconds to talk. Bo shows up then and arrests Asa. He has to tell them what happened to Grace or Bo is taking him down to the station.

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