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Monday, October 25, 1999

Karen and Joe meet in a candlelit room. They go out on the terrace to Dance ≠ Joe has improved by watching a tape "Tango through the Night." He teaches her the steps. (This scene is boring, since it's Karen and Joe, you know it's just going to end in sex.) They tango and Joe talks about taking her around the world. Joe brought up marriage and says he's always wanted to be with her, and some day the time will be right. Karen told him she wants that too. Joe presents her with a necklace they had looked at in the window of Wyndham's. They start kissing.

Eve is searching for the letters when Kevin, Lucy, and Aunt Charlene arrive at the lighthouse. She covers by saying she's there looking for medical journals. Kevin takes Charlene off to somewhere to change Christina. Lucy and Eve talk ≠ Lucy warns Eve about popping up and told her that she is living there to protect Christina. Kevin returns and says maybe Eve would have preferred hearing it from him. Eve hastily leaves. Lucy is doubtful about the medical journal excuse, but Kevin believes it. After Lucy and Kevin sit with Serena and tell each other what good parents they are/will be. They discuss how Lucy will have a family with Scott and Kevin's will be with Eve. After putting Christina down, they talk about the kids and Kevin promises to watch over them. They talk about Eve's child ≠ what she missed and that it's possible that the boy is alive. Lucy is still doubtful about Eve coming by for and leaving without the journals.

At Scott's, Serena is worried about Christina being afraid at night and wants to bring her Dirty Kitty. Scott told her to draw a picture of DK and he'll bring it over to hang over Christina's bed. She went upstairs and Eve arrives. She asks Scott who's idea it was for Lucy and company to move into the lighthouse. Scott told her he was looking for someplace for them to stay ≠ Eve realizes that it was Lucy's idea. Scott reminds her that the plan is working, but he's unhappy about the arrangement too. Serena overhears that Lucy is living with Kevin. They explain that it's just to fool DV. Just to make sure we know, Serena says that Lucy belongs with Scott and Eve with Kevin. The adults agree. Later, Eve talks to Serena about the letters while Scott talks to his guards on the phone. She asks Serena to try and think where the letters might be. Eve leaves and Scott tries to find out what the secret between Serena and Eve is ≠ she doesn't tell.

While Kevin wonders to Lucy why the fake breakup is affecting Eve so badly and wishing he could talk to her ≠ Eve is leaving a message for DV. She told him she's close to getting the letters and that he should get her son ready to see her.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Frank and Courtney enter the secret apartment to clear it out. She is in disguise and he teases here mercilessly but their growing fondness for each other shows through.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin cares for Christina. The phone rings and it's Mac telling him that Davis found Julie competent. He told Mac he'll get back to him. Tending to Christina again, he told her that Julie is right where she belongs and he will do everything it takes to keep her there.

At Ferncliff, Julie is imagining her release as Rachel looks on. Rachel asks what else she'd do with her first day of freedom and Julie says a BIG cup of cafeteria coffee. Rachel assures her she won't be there much longer. Rachel told her that once she's found competent by a court doctor, they'd have a hard time overturning that. Julie says that while Rachel could take on the whole department and win, she's not so sure about Kevin. Rachel assures her that she'll take care of Kevin.

Frank and Courtney, packing up, talk about the baby. She asks why he didn't just spend the $75 and hire someone. He says he'd rather spend the money on Neil. She asks what more he could give Neil. Frank says anything he needs to forget he has leukemia. Courtney responds that she wishes he could buy her something to make her forget. He does too. They talk about how he can be a jerk one minute and sweet the next. He tells her it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Joe found out she tried to break Joe and Karen up. Courtney disagrees but Franks says she'd survive Joe turning his back on her. He says that even if you think you've lost everything, there's still a reason to go on That's why he stayed. She says Neil is just like Frank; the leukemia keeps coming back and he just keeps fighting. She says Neil is lucky to have Frank as his father. Frank sees what Joe means to Neil and agrees that finding out that Joe is not his father would be bad for him. That's not what Frank wants. No more threats to tell Joe the truth.

Kevin, baby in arms, answers the door to Rachel. He asks shy she's there - to talk about Julie? She says yes and she would have called if she'd known he was babysitting. She says the baby looks familiar. Is it Lucy's baby? Why is the baby with Kevin? Because Lucy has moved back in.

Courtney looks sadly out the apartment window. They have lots of bad memories of the place but also a few great ones. She says she trusts him. They've come a long way. They talk about how things have changed. Frank says everyone does it; taking what they have for granted. He says now all the money in the world wouldn't matter *unless* he could buy back Neil's health. He says his kids mean everything to him - and their mom isn't so bad either. She kisses him and they make love.

Rachel is looking at pics of Christina when Kevin returned into the room. She says she couldn't resist. Christina is adorable. Kevin says he wouldn't have thought her the baby type but she says she loves them and that when she's around them that mama bear instinct comes out. Protective? She say he wouldn't want to cross her. Like with Julie, he asks. The fat that the same shrink who put Julie in Ferncliff now says she's competent should tell him something. He says it told him they need to re-evaluate the court system. He says he's intractable when he thinks a patient's treatment is being rushed. And to think she came to ask for his support! She comments that Cooper's confession meant nothing to him then. He says he believes Cooper messed with Julie's mind but escaped repeatedly to murder? Nope. They argue a bit and she says she believes that Julie is mentally healthier than a lot of people in PC. She's positive Julie's innocent. He says he doesn't see where her certainty comes from and she answers that she got in Julie's head. If Julie is a murderer then Rachel is and she's going to do everything in her power to see that Julie's freed. Kevin asks if Rachel will be defending Julie at her trial too? Rachel told him to know that if he's planning on reversing the ruling, he's wasting his time unless he has new evidence she's not aware of. Christina is crying and Kevin must tend to her. He excuses himself and Rachel steals a picture. He says he'll be a while and ushers her out.

Frank and Courtney are dressed and leaving the apartment for the last time with one more good memory. They both seem sad and nostalgic. They leave reluctantly.

Rachel is back at Ferncliff. She reiterates that Kevin won't be a problem and that she has more important news. Christina is in PC and living at the Lighthouse. She gives Julie the picture. Julie is thrilled and Rachel told her to use it for inspiration. Julie says she will get out and won't let anything stop her from being with her baby ever again.

Kevin arrives for a visit with Cooper. Greg is his usual nutcase self and offers to tell Kevin everything about NY license plates. Kevin says he'd rather talk about why Greg decided to help Julie.

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Serena is checking her school outfit with Scott. He tries to fix her hair but she stops him (what a cutie!) telling him it's supposed to be that way. She asks is Lucy will be at the party and he says no but he'll take a whole roll of pictures. He says Lucy misses her too.

At the hospital, Eve is on the phone telling DV she doesn't have the pictures yet but is working on it. She promises to come thru. Karen and Joe approach and Karen asks Eve if she shouldn't be changing for her party. Eve told her something came up and she can't make it. Karen tells her she's sorry about what happened with Kevin - he won't be there and neither will Lucy. Karen says Serena wants to see Eve. Eve says she will go after all. Rachel approaches and told Karen she looks wonderful. Karen says her dad is throwing a party for her and Rachel says the promotion is a good reason to celebrate. Karen thanks Rachel for being so supportive and Rachel says all the candidates were impressive. Joe jokes he couldn't tell from his interview. Karen invites Rachel to the party and she accepts.

Kevin talking To Cooper. Cooper says he thought Kevin had come to help him but that all he cares about is Julie. Kevin says he wonders why Greg is taking the blame for Julie's murders. Greg says he's not; he killed them. He's only sorry he didn't get to cross Kevin off his list. So Greg's message to Kevin is that he should be grateful Greg didn't kill him? Greg says he didn't spare him. Kevin didn't matter enough to finish off. Greg asks about Victor. Kevin answers sarcastically which Greg objects to. But, Kevin says, that's how brothers kid around. He says he thought Greg liked to play games. Greg does but he happens to know Kevin doesn't. Greg doesn't give Kevin a chance to win; he keeps changing the rules. Greg says how about Kevin be in charge then. Kevin says okay, they'll call it Greg's Choice and, if Greg decides to help him, he'll help Greg get what he wants. Greg wants his phone privileges back. Kevin says then Greg has to tell him how a bright young doctor got tricked by a spoiled rich girl and a money grubbing conniver into taking the wrap for the GH murders. Greg manipulated them into giving him something he really needed. Greg is tired of the game and Kevin can't deliver the prize anyways. Kevin exits.

Scott and Serena arrive at the party and she rushes up to Lee. Lee tells her he and Gail have missed her and she says she has missed them too. Gail had to go to a new clinic and so can't be there. Lee says Serena will see Gail when she wakes up if she's still staying over with them. She is and she wants a Shirley Temple. Scott and Lee chat about life and their history together. Scott told Lee that he and Lucy haven't really broken up but are trying to get rid of DV. Lee is worried but Scott says he is taking care of it. Karen, Joe and Rachel arrive. Scott asks about Neil and Karen encourages him to tell everyone the good news. Joe tells them about the baby Courtney is carrying and Lee is very concerned. Scott says it's like when Lee gave him his kidney but Lee says it's not. Rachel agrees with him and says she'd love to debate it with him. Scott interrupts to suggest opening the wine. Serena asks Eve about the letters. Eve asks for more directions; she had the wrong closet. Scott comes over and asks what they were talking about and did it have something to do withe the secret Serena's been keeping. Serena went for another Shirley Temple and Scott asks Eve what's up. Eve assures him everything is okay. He says he knows and that he trusts her. She says that after all they've been thru she better trust him. Eve leaves. Scott proposes a toast. He says he's glad the hospital feels the same about Karen as he does. H does his toast. Rachel told Lee how his granddaughter is a credit to him. They bicker about Julie (yawn!) Scott interrupts their discourse. Eve says that if Julie is as sane as Rachel says, then she'll be able to be held responsible for her actions. Greg confessed, Rachel says. Eve retorts that he's a natural born liar. Karen and Joe disagree also. Karen says Julie is better but Joe says he'll never believe Julie's hands are clean if she needs Cooper to clear her.

Kevin returns to Greg and told him he has his phone privileges restored for one week. Greg says he's crazy and that's why he's going to a mental institution thanks to the deal he made with Chris and Rachel. He tells Kevin the whole story. Kevin says it's intriguing but he has no way of knowing if it's true. Greg says if it is, there's nothing Kevin can do about it. Kevin says this game is just starting and it's his move.

Back at the part, Karen and Joe discuss the party. Karen wonders if she shouldn't have brought up the baby. Joe says there's more dancing to be done. Serena gives Eve detailed instructions to find the letters. Eve asks Serena to never lie again. Joe wanders over and Eve excuses herself. She congratulates Karen and Scott asks Eve if she wants to go for a drink. Eve declines. Scott gets a call from Kevin and the party breaks up. Kevin told him about his visit with Greg. They comment that Rachel seems to be connected to all their problems and Scott says he has a chance to find out and hangs up. Rachel approached him and thanks him for the party. She is sorry for the heated discussion with Lee. Rachel says they should have dinner some night and Scott agrees.

At Ferncliff Julie answers a call thinking it's Chris. It's Greg and he jokes that he just killed Chris. Julie, visibly shaken, asks where he is. He told her he got his phone privileges back. He reminisces about the Halloween he kidnapped her. Julie says she's hanging up but he says she owes him for taking the wrap for all her murders. She insists she didn't kill anyone. He told her she sounds like she really believes that. She hangs up, very upset.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

We're outdoors, at night. The wind is howling. We see a woman's legs walking--it's Rachel. She pauses, looks around, and approaches a nearby car. Bordisso is sitting on the passenger side. R: "You're sure no one followed you here." B: "Trust me, everyone in Port Charles is asleep by now--why don't you get in." He moves over to the driver's seat and she climbs in. R: "You can never be too careful." B: "Which is exactly why I proposed meeting so late at night. It wouldn't serve either of us to be seen together now." R: "Well, then, I'll keep it brief. I thought you'd like to be brought up to speed on what's happening with Julie Ramsey."

Cut to Ferncliff, where Julie is lying in bed asleep, tossing and turning. She's having a nightmare, and we hear her talking to Greg Cooper. J: "I didn't kill anyone." C: "Oh, you say that so well. Like you really believe it." J: "I do." C (mockingly): "That's my girl." He laughs maniacally. J (aloud, but still asleep): "I didn't..didn't do it. I didn't kill anyone."

Now we're inside Julie's nightmare. She's now wearing a slinky leopard-print dress, and sitting at a green-felt-covered poker table. She picks up the hand she's been dealt, looks at the cards, and throws in a chip. We hear a familiar man's voice: "Don't you want to know the rules before you ante in..Princess..?" He hisses the last word. Aackk! It's Bennett Devlin, looking delightfully ghoulish with pale makeup and dark "sunken" circles under his eyes. He's dressed in a white lab coat, which he pulls open to reveal the fountain pen still protruding from his heart. The camera pans over to Jake Marshak, holding onto the noose that's still around his neck. Then to Grace Sullivan, rubbing the scar around her throat. Then to John Kanelos, still in his knight's costume. Julie: "Dad, what are all of you doing here?" D: "Playing poker." He laughs. "It's my deal. Dead Man's Bluff. Aces high, one-eyed jacks see all, and naughty girls always lose.." Jake is in. "I bet five that Julie is the General Homicide killer." Grace: "I'll see your five, and raise you five more that not only did Julie do it, but it was a solo act." Kanelos and Devlin are also in. Devlin: "Ready to play, Princess?" J: "I don't like this game." Devlin growls: "Don't be rude! We're guests in your little nightmare." J: "But you're saying I'm a killer, and I'm not." Jake: "But that remains to be seen." D: "We'll find out soon enough. The answers are all in your cards.."

The scene opens with an overhead shot of the poker table. Julie lays down her hand. "I win. Four queens. I told you I'm no murderer." Kanelos stops her as she reaches for the pile of chips: "Wouldn't you like to see what the rest of us have?" He lays down his cards. "Five high spades. Royal flush. Read 'em and weep." Grace, Jake, and Devlin all claim to having winning hands as well. Devlin: "Seems that all four of us win this time. Mine's in hearts..one of the ironies of life." Grace laughs. "And death." J: "I had four queens. There's no way any of you could have made a royal flush. You set me up, you're not gonna get away with it." Grace: "Why not, you think you can get away with murder?" J: "I didn't kill you. And I'm gonna prove that when I stand trial. I'm not the only one who believes I'm innocent anymore." Devlin: "Who else? That fancy shrink, or your so-called husband...who could *they* convince?" Jake: "Not us. And we were there." Kanelos: "Someone has to pay for what happened." Grace: "Julie should." J: "Make the real murderer pay, not me." Jake: "C'mon Julie, they locked you up in here because you're crazy. Are you sure you can trust what your head is telling you?" Devlin: "You killed us." The others join in, staring at Julie and chanting "You killed us...you killed us..." The poker scene fades out and we again see Julie lying in bed.

Back in Bordisso's car, he offers Rachel a drink, which she declines, saying she has to be at Ferncliff in the morning. B: "Ah, business as always, I see..and how is your prize patient doing?" Rachel told him that she had managed to get Julie through her competency hearing with flying colors. "In fact, I predict that Julie is going to dazzle Port Charles when we get to trial." Bordisso isn't enthusiastic, which seems to annoy Rachel. "You know, excuse me, D.V., but I expected you to be much more pleased. Julie being released from Ferncliff benefits you far more than me." B: "Well, I'm not so sure that's true anymore." R: "Julie is released, she regains Lucy and Scott's trust...she takes Christina back. Which is what you've wanted all along." B: "Well, it's really not much of a strategy now, if you think about it..now that Scott and Lucy are no longer a couple." R: "Oh..well, then, we'll just have to figure out other ways to use Julie when she gets out of Ferncliff." B: "That won't be necessary. No, as far as I'm concerned, you can let her rot in Ferncliff.."

Rachel told Bordisso "You know, I'm glad that you're so certain it's over between Scott and Lucy." B: "And you're not?" R: "They're apart now, yeah. Scott and I, we even made plans to go out on a dinner date." B: "And?" R: "I see them look at each other. And there's something going on there." B: "More than just history?" R: "Well, sometimes history is enough, isn't it? They've been known to patch things up a time or two in the past." B: "Perhaps you're right about Julie being of some use to us. We'll go ahead with her. In the meantime, are you continuing your pursuit of Scott?" R: "Oh, of course." B: "Well, I don't care what it takes to keep Scott and Lucy apart..but I want it to happen."

Back at Ferncliff, Julie is still tossing and turning. Now we're in her nightmare again. She and Eve are in their old room in the Scanlon basement. She's asleep on a sofa and Eve wakes her up. "Hey, Dr. Morris, wake up. We're gonna be late for the hospital." J: "Dr. Morris..no one has called me that in years." E: "Well, I haven't known you for years, I've only known you since June, when we started our internship. Now come on, my car's in the shop, you promised you'd give me a ride, and you know how Dr. Burgess is when we're late for rounds." Julie wonders how she got there. Eve told her she must have had one too many margaritas the night before..that Jake had dropped her off at midnight. J: "Jake? But he's dead." E: "You're really out of it, aren't you?" Julie admits this is possible; Eve went into the bathroom, telling Julie to take some aspirin and start getting ready or they're going to be late. Once Eve is gone, Julie picks up and looks at a newspaper: it's dated October 28, 1997. J (triumphantly): "1997. The past two years must have been a dream...I didn't kill anyone!"

Cut to GH, where Julie (dressed in a doctor's coat) gets off the elevator. She sees Devlin on the phone, with his back turned, and walks over to him. "Hi Dad." He turns around, looking even more ghoulish than before. Julie screams. Devlin: "Calm down, Princess..you'll wake the dead." J: "I thought I dreamed the murders." D: "No..*this* is a dream. The murders are real..and you have been a *very* bad girl. Didn't we teach you, the hospital is for curing, not for killing? Busy day...pick up your charts." Julie approaches the nurses station, where Grace is standing. She's wearing her trademark blue sweater, and the scar around her throat is even more noticeable than before. "I have your rounds all set up for you, Julie." J: "No..you're dead too!" G: "Am I ever! But let me tell you..it is a pleasure being here today..even if I have to wear this stupid blue sweater one more time!" She laughs. Jake is paged to the ER, then he pops up from behind Julie. He's wearing scrubs and still has the noose around his neck. "Julie..be a pal and loosen this rope. They need me in Emergency." Julie screams and runs up the stairs, where she runs into Kevin. "Whoa..slow down. You look like you've seen a ghost." J: "I am seeing dead people. Kevin, please..please, you've gotta help me." K: "Thanks to you, I'm no longer on your case, Julie." J: "Yeah, but I need you back. People are saying that I did something really bad." K: "You mean about the murders?" J: "Yes. And I think they're wrong, but the more they point their finger at me, the more confused I get. And you understand, don't you, what it's like to *be* accused?" K: "Better than anyone; however, in my case, I was innocent." J: "Are you saying I'm not?" K: "No, actually, I'm not the one to judge." J: "Then who can?" K: "How about a jury of your peers?" J: "But you and I are the only people here who are alive." K: "Who better to judge you than the people who are already murdered?"

Back at Ferncliff, Julie is still tossing and turning. We re-enter the nightmare, at GH. Kevin announces "This trial...is about..to begin." J: "I don't have a lawyer. Who is gonna defend me?" K: "This is a special trial--you get to defend yourself." J: "Shouldn't there be a judge?" K: "The key players are already here." He opens a notebook. "Now, you stand accused in the murders of Bennett Devlin, Grace Sullivan, Cassandra May, Jake Marshak, *and* John Kanelos? Wow! How do you plead?" J: "No, no..I've already been acquitted in four of those cases. I thought I'd only be on trial for the death of John Kanelos." K: "But this trial isn't just for you..this is also for your victims. They want *justice*..and I'm sure they'd be pleased as punch to get it from *you*. Now..what was your plea, again?" J: "I'm innocent." K: "We'll see. Let's get *started"!"...

The elevator doors open to reveal ghoul-Devlin standing inside. A spotlight shines on him. "Julie is a liar! As a young girl, she told stories to get out of trouble. Later, she lied about not touching the gun that killed her brother Buddy. Even though we found her fingerprints all over it." J: "After I heard the shot, I ran in and saw Buddy with the gun in his hand, so I pulled it out. It was just a reflex, and I never said anything about it because I was scared." D: "As I said, she lied then, she's lying now, and not only to the jury, to herself..she *drove* that pen through my heart! She killed me!!" He clutches at the elevator doors as they close.

Kevin: "Pretty damning testimony, Julie." J: "Don't I get to cross-examine?" K (looking at his watch): "Uh, normally, yes, but right now we're really pressed for time. Dr. Marshak!" The lights come up on Jake sitting in the visitor's lounge area, holding the end of his noose. K: "Dr. Jake Marshak..is it true that on the night of the Nurse's Ball, Dr. Julie Devlin knocked you unconscious from behind and then hung you from the rafters?" J: "Yeah, it is. And I was Julie's friend--I stood by her. This (holding up the noose) was my payback." K: "Thank you. Thank you very much. No further questions." J: "Wait, wait, Jake, you said you were knocked out from behind. So you didn't *see* who the person was. And how could *I* have dragged you to the rafters--you're so much bigger than I am. It had to be someone strong, someone like Greg Cooper."

Cooper emerges from the darkness. "Shut your yap! This whole 'Greg did it' story...c'mon, no one's ever gonna buy that." J: "Greg, Greg, you promised to testify for me. Tell them what you told Rachel and Chris--tell them that I didn't murder anyone!" Greg bursts into laughter. "Yeah, right!" Grace: "Can you believe her? What a sense of humor." She laughs. Kanelos: "She's so funny, it kills me." All the ghouls--and Kevin--begin laughing and surrounding her. Kevin makes a "cut it off" motion with his hand, at which they all stop laughing. "Well, I think we've heard enough. The evidence is in, the verdict is obvious." (All the ghouls echo the word "obvious.") J: "It is?" K: "You're guilty, Julie. And on behalf of all your victims..I sentence *you* to death." J: "No, no, this is a mistake." K: "Them's the breaks, Red." Jake (pointing at Julie): "You better run for it, Julie..or else somebody might just get *you* from behind." They're all laughing and pointing at her--she runs to the elevator and begins pounding on the doors.

Now we're back in the Scanlon basement, where Julie runs downstairs to find Chris. "Chris, Chris, they're after me...Dad, Jake, Grace, John..the General Homicide victims. They say I did it, and now they want me dead." C: "Did you do it, Julie?" J: "I don't think so, but they seem so sure of it, I wonder if they're right." C: "They're wrong..I know you're innocent..and so does Christina." He leads her over to where the baby is lying in her carrier. "See, how could someone who gave birth to such a little angel ever have committed those awful crimes?" J: "But if Greg brainwashed me into doing it.." C: "Oh, he can play with your mind from now until the third millennium. But it's not in you to kill, Julie. You may have a wicked sense of humor..one I appreciate, by the way..but the bottom line is, you care too much about life to ever take someone else's. Why else would you become a doctor? Why else would you risk your safety to bring Christina into this world?" J: "I didn't do it." C: "That's right. Good. Now, you're gonna have to be willing to fight..against what everyone in this town thinks about you. Show them what Christina and I already know. And then we can be a real family." They hug. Julie is horrified to see Cooper enter the room. He's carrying a dart gun.

Cooper: "Isn't this just too precious?! Doting husband..cute baby..who said you could have any of this, Julie? I sure didn't." J: "You can't take it from me, Greg." C (taking a poison dart from behind his ear and inserting it into the gun): "I can do whatever I want to you, whenever I want. You know, the poison in one of these babies is enough to kill the entire Japanese Sumo wrestling team." J: "You won before. You took everything from me--my freedom, my sanity. Not this time--you can't take Chris." C: "What good is he to you, while you're stuck in Ferncliff? Because that's where you're gonna stay. I'll never testify for you, Julie." He raises the dart gun to his mouth. J: "Then I will find another way to prove I'm innocent. I am getting out of that place, and I am building a new life for myself, and you can't stop me." Cooper shrugs. "Hey, it's your dream." He heads for the door, then stops and turns around. "How about a parting gift?" He fires the dart at Chris; it hits him in the shoulder, and he collapses to the ground. Julie rushes to his side. C: "Never underestimate me, Julie. When it comes to your life..I still call all the shots." Cut to Julie in bed. She wakes up in a cold sweat.

Back in the car, Bordisso hangs up his cell phone. Rachel wonders who would be calling him at that time of night. B: "Some people I deal with don't seem to take well to the light of day. Now, you must fill me in on your efforts to befriend Karen Wexler." Rachel told him that she helped Karen get the Chief Resident's position, and that Karen seems to be coming around to Julie's side. B: "And Scott, what about him? Which way is he leaning?" R: "He's gonna take a little more work." B: "Sometimes I think the only way to break through that thick skull of his is with a baseball bat...but, short of that, you are the only one I can think of who has a shot." Rachel thanks him for the vote of confidence. Her cell phone rings; she answers it. It's Julie, in a panic because of her nightmare. Rachel reassures her that it was only a dream and that it's normal for her to be having feelings of anxiety. J: "But what if Greg gets on the stand and ruins everything? He could keep me from my baby." R: "And I promised you I wouldn't let that happen. Don't you believe me?" J: "I do. Everything you said has come true. I'm just...so scared now, and I need your help more than ever." R: "Are you willing to trust me?" J: "With my life." R: "Well, then, like I said..you have nothing to worry about. Look, it was just a dream, Julie, that's all..just a dream. So you go back to sleep..and I'll see you first thing in the morning." She wishes Julie good night, and they hang up.

Bordisso: "Is she..nervous about the trial?" R: "Just normal jitters." B: "You have the look of a tigress who's just finished feeding." Rachel laughs. "I told you I would get control of Julie. And I kept my word." B: "Poor thing. She just manages to break loose from Greg Cooper, and now she finds herself under the thumb of someone else." R: "Yeah, but you know what, D.V.? This time, that thumb is *mine*. And she *won't* be able to escape it..ever.."

Friday, October 29, 1999

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