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Monday, October 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

An angry Kevin barged into the penthouse and faced off with DV. When Kevin told Eve his reasons for loathing DV, Eve realized just how hurt Kevin would be if he learned about her betrayal. Frank admitted to Courtney that it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the truth about Neil's paternity a secret. Neil's plea for peace between Joe and Frank made Frank realize that he should leave town for a while. Courtney realized that her relationship with Frank was more than friendship and was upset to learn that he had left town.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Courtney is asking Lark about Frank's whereabouts. Lark told her he didn't say where he was going but took an airport cab. Lark asks what's up with Courtney and Frank and Courtney says she's just worried. She says he's been a good friend the past couple of weeks, maybe her only friend. Relationships are more complicated as you get older. Lark told her Frank says everything is complicated with her. Lark agrees to watch Neil while Courtney went to stop Frank.

Frank, waiting at the airport, is lost in memories of he and Courtney ending with remembering her announcement with Joe of this pregnancy. At the hospital Rachel and Chris meet and he comments that she looks very happy. She told him they have a new Chief Resident just as Monica, Dr. Boardman and Karen round the corner talking about it. Monica asks the residents for 5 minutes and told them Karen got the job. Matt is gracious and everyone seems quite pleased even those who wanted the job. Joe is proud as punch and announces it to the staff. Chris asks Rachel how she plans to tell Scott she engineered it. She says she will let him find out on his own. Chris says there's no reason to butter him up until Julie is free to claim Christina. Rachel says that after her meeting with Julie today, she is primed to pass the competency test with flying colors.

Meanwhile, Julie, frantic after her meeting with Lucy, is calling him. She leaves a message that he best call her before Dr. Davis gets there or she WILL go insane.

In the hospital, Chris has gotten party favors and passes them out. Karen jokes about the $1,000 she promised Rachel. There is much celebrating. The party breaks up and Karen asks Joe if he's sure he's okay with this. He is and she brought up their bet. She told him she wants them to take ballroom dance lessons together. He say noooooo but she begs.

Chris return Julie's call with Rachel standing by. Julie went off on him demanding to know why he let her believe Christina was in PC. He told her he's on his way. Chris told Rachel that if they don't get the reevaluation rescheduled, they could be in BIG trouble. Courtney arrives at the airport looking for Frank. She has gone to all the other gates and is frustrated. Suddenly, there's Frank. She breathes a sigh of relief and runs over to him. And slaps him. He asks why and she say she wanted to make sure she had his attention. Frank asks what she's doing there and she told him she came to collect the $50 he borrowed. :) She asks why he's leaving and he says it was her idea - take a nice long vacation in Hawaii. She say that was when she wanted to get rid of him. And now? Now she doesn't. They both reiterate that sentiment - "you don't?" "I don't." He told her he's leaving for Neil. She says that doesn't make sense. He says Neil asked him not to fight with Joe and the only way he can do that. She asks him to stay for Neil but his mind is made up. What if Neil needs him or something happens to Neil? What about their baby? He said he wanted to be with her. He says she's got Joe but she says she wants him. She needs him to confide in. Does he want her to spill everything? He does and she can't. Frank says she's not ready to accept the truth. She asks him to stay but it's not enough.

Julie paces and waits for Chris. He and Rachel arrive but Julie wants to see Chris alone. Rachel convinces her to let her stay. How could he withhold this info? He thought it would upset her this way. Bullpoop, says Julie. Why is Rachel taking his side? She's not. They are both liars. Rachel says she's right. She knows Christina is Julie's child. But Chris didn't tell her. Julie attacks Chris.

Courtney, hearing the door opens, thinks it Joe but it's Frank. He couldn't miss watching her get fat. She didn't gain much with Neil. She is glad he came back. She told him she knows how messed up the situation is and that she will make it as easy as possible for him. He says nothing is easy with her.

Joe and Karen at the hospital. He says they are going to school - dance school and he brought her dress. They leave happily.

At Ferncliff, Julie is demanding to be taken back to her room but decides to listen to Rachel. Rachel just figured it out on her own. Julie acted like a worried mother and that can't be faked. She saw a mother's heartbreak. Rachel uses the loving mother spiel and Julie buys it (I didn't). Julie says she will lose her mind if she doesn't get her child back. Then she better pass the competency test. She says she can't do it today. Rachel insists she can. In comes Dr. Davis!

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Karen and Joe arrive at the dance studio for their lesson. Joes says they only teach the tango and she went to change. Ricardo and Angelina enter and introduce themselves. Joe confirms a secret pan with them and says Karen will never forget this lesson.

At Ferncliff, Julie prepares for her re-evaluation and Rachel asks if she can have a word with Julie and Chris before it begins. Rachel tells Julie she can do this and that she promises to reunites her with Christina if she does. They both tel Julie to focus and use her daughter to help her. They remind her they are both on her side and exit.

Karen, changed (she looks *good* in that dress - nice legs!) comes into the dance studio, Ricardo comments on her beauty and Joe introduces them. Karen begins to prepare to dance with Joe but Ricky told her she will be his partner for the lesson. The music begins and so does Ricardo; blatantly hitting on her. Karen, uncomfortable, looks to Joe but finds him getting similar treatment from Angelina. Karen keeps looking toward Joe but finds no help. She finally, after doing dance moves that caused me pain to watch, :) just plays along looking uncomfortable (and not from the dance!).

At Ferncliff, Chris and Rachel wait anxiously. Chris laments that Julie found out all that info just before the re-evaluation. When asked, Rachel told Chris that she told Julie she knew about the baby because it was the only thing that would focus her. In the visitor's room, Julie fields the questions pretty well, discussing her relationship with her father, her childhood, etc. She says she never got her father's approval and that it hurt and made her angry. She took that out on others. But then, she says she'd never treat _her daughter_ that way. She denies having a daughter *now* but does Dr. Davis believe her? She says she has nothing to hide.

Back at the dance studio, Karen seems to have gotten into the "mood" and he dancing continues. When Karen mentions the tango and how they were supposed to take ballroom, Ricky says he can teach her *anything*. LOL She figures out Joe's little joke and really plays along to Joe's consternation until Joe "cuts in." She says no that she and Ricki are just warming up. Joe is unnerved but good natured.

Rachel and Chris still waiting. Chris says he'll break Julie out if she is not released. Rachel told him NO! He must promise he won't. But quick fixes are his specialty. He says in the past he'd have sailed off into the sunset. Why doesn't he do that? He would but he cares too much for Julie now. Back in the visitor's room, the doctor asks Julie about Cooper. She told him the kidnapping story with great pain (or so it seems). She has several flashbacks to Cooper and walling up Eve and Lucy. She says Cooper wanted her to be his mother, inside and out. She says Greg used fear to break her and make her hurt other people. The doctor calls her back to the present and asks where she was. She is back there doing Greg's bidding but she's not delusional any more. Is she sure? The kidnapping broke her. She's changed and knows right from wrong. She is no longer a danger to herself and others (uh huh). She requests a moment and is granted one.

At the dance studio, Karen asks Ricky for private lessons as Joe looks on. Joe finally ends it and she asks if he didn't think it was great; so much energy! She says she needed time to warm up but Ricky helped her. Joe, smiling painfully. He says he's glad they're done with this part of the bet. Done? She was serious - more lessons! Sure, says he, with or without him. But he picked the studio, says she. He tels her he felt .. funny? she fills in. Because Ricki was coming on to her and Angelina all over him? They both laugh and she admits Ricki tipped her off. He didn't live up to the spirit of the bet and must think of ways to redeem himself, she says laughing. Kissing ensues.

Julie, in the visitors room with the doctor, says she is ready to continue. The doctor says it's not necessary - he has enough to make a decision. She told him she wants to make amends to the people he hurt but she didn't kill anyone. She asks for the opportunity to prove that. He is noncommital and excuses himself. Chris and Rachel come in and Julie told the she almost told the doctor about Christina. She is upset and fears she will never get out. Chris tell her he won't let that happen. They WILL be a family. Somehow.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

At Ferncliff, Julie enters the visitor's room to find Rachel and Chris waiting. She wonders if the results of the competency review are in yet; Rachel says the report is on its way to the judge. Julie is certain she'll be found "crazy as a coot," because of the slipup during the review when she mentioned Christina to Dr. Davis. Chris tries without success to reassure her. J: "I fell apart on the hot seat, remember? My mind was fixated (right word, doctor?) on Christina, out there somewhere, separated from Lucy, in God knows what kind of terrible situation. Whatever Dr. Davis wanted to hear, it wasn't what I said..and now I'm never gonna get to see my daughter again!"

Cut to Lucy, opening the door to her room at the Port Charles Hotel. Surprise! It's Aunt Charlene [cool to see her again! :)] with Serena and Christina. Lucy is ecstatic to see them. Charlene assures Lucy that she wasn't followed and says that she thinks Scott is right--the coast is clear. She and Serena explain that Scott had come by the other day on his way to France, and that he had said he had "that David Borgossio fellow" put away for good. She says the kids missed and belonged with their parents, so she decided to bring them for a family reunion. Lucy is glad she did but wishes she had called first; Charlene says she tried to call the firehouse and that if it weren't for Serena's good guesswork, they would've never found her at the hotel. Serena asks Lucy "Yeah..why *are* you here, instead of at the firehouse waiting for Daddy to come home?"

At the firehouse, Eve stops by for a visit. Scott asks her if there's been any news. E: "About the letters that Victor sent to Kevin? No, I was hoping that *you* might have some news. Did you find them?"

Eve wonders if Scott searched the whole convent. Scott [charming, as always]: "Well, what do you *think* I was doing in France, eatin' cheese?! Of course I did--I came up with nothing but old habits. [] We've got nothing, nothing to use against Bordisso." E: "Well, you're not saying that we should stop looking for the letters altogether, are you?" S: "No, I'm not, not as long as there's a computer program out there that can block this psychic..these images." Eve (hesitantly): "Yeah, I guess if we found..this..thing, it would really do some harm to the Cobra project, wouldn't it?" S: "Yes, it would, and we're not gonna stop until we do. Because as long as he's out there unchecked, you know, I can't bring Christina or Serena back here." Eve wonders if he called Serena from France; he told her he had stopped by to see her before he went, and that she's doing OK but misses being at home. He shows her pictures of the girls; she gushes over them, saying that Serena looks proud to be holding her baby sister. He told her that Lucy should be holding Christina, "because she's getting big, and she should have her mother around."

Eve gazes at the pictures, suddenly a million miles away [wonderful acting by Julie Pinson]. She flashes back to an earlier conversation with Bordisso in which she pleads to be allowed to see her son. Scott tells her that the worst thing Bordisso could do to him right now is to keep him away from his kids. E: "I feel the same way about my son." S: "Eve, you make it sound like you really think your son is alive.." At the hotel room, Lucy asks Serena "Do you remember the very bad man we've been dealing with?" Serena remembers him, including the fact that he stole Dirty Kitty. Lucy told her that they were hoping while they were out of town, the bad man would forget all about them. S: "And has he?" L: "No, he hasn't." S: "Then, you wouldn't be safe in the firehouse, so you're staying here, right?" Lucy confirms this, and explains that she and Scott are just pretending to be mad at each other to trick Bordisso and that she had to move out of the firehouse to make it look real. Serena wonders "Do I have to pretend to be mad at Daddy?" No, Lucy assures her, and asks her to promise to keep her and Scott's secret. She insists that Charlene join them in "pinky-swearing" to this.

Charlene suggests that Serena go get the present that she made "for you-know-who" from her backpack, which she does, after getting permission to go to the firehouse later. Charlene and Lucy discuss the situation with the kids; she promises to take them back to the farm if that's what Lucy wants, but says they'll never be happy unless they're with their parents. Lucy agrees. "You're right. Oh, boy, this is great. You know, now that you have brought them here..there is no way I could ever be separated from them again."

At Ferncliff, Julie wonders if the report was sent by snail-mail. Chris says it should be there any minute. Julie is still pessimistic about her chances. Rachel assures her that even if she loses this round, they can and will still appeal. Julie wonders "Why do you even care anymore? I lied to you about Christina." R: "Julie, that's because you didn't think you could trust me. And yes, I'm sorry that I ever made you feel that way, but I certainly can't blame you for that. I mean, had they known that you'd secretly given birth to a child, they would've taken her away from you." J: "And then I lost her anyway." Chris promises her they'll get Christina back, that there's no way Scott and Lucy will ever be able to finalize the adoption. Rachel wonders why Julie turned to Chris when she planned her escape in order to give birth. Julie laughs, then turns serious. "Well, first of all, he was bribable..but mostly, it was a lucky hunch that he'd be sympathetic. And he turned out to be a lot more. If Chris hadn't been there, Christina would have never made it." Chris says he was just doing his job. "It was kind of a close call..but once Christina was safe..I felt like I was holding a little miracle in my hand." Rachel says that the experience had brought them closer together. J: "So what? I mean, that only makes it worse being trapped in here. Knowing that Chris and I could give my baby a loving home. I want to walk her at night when she cries. I want to be there when she takes her first steps. All the things I am missing now because my baby is living with someone else. Lucy will *never* love Christina the way I do. But it doesn't really matter--she'll get to raise my daughter, and I really *will* go nuts." Rachel promises she won't let that happen. On cue, an orderly enters with the competency review decision in hand.

Rachel reads the decision aloud. It's good news: Julie has been found competent to stand trial, providing she continues her therapy. Julie hugs Chris, then Rachel. J: "I owe you so much!" R: "You don't. You know, Julie, you did this all by yourself." J: "But you kept after me..even when I got so fed up that I turned on you and I made *you* cry." R: "Well, maybe helping you with your problems did..help me as well." J: "I don't have many friends..and I understand..the patient is never supposed to think of her therapist as one of them, but.." R: "I understand what you're trying to say, and I am so flattered. What you and I and Chris were able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing." She leaves, saying she needs to make arrangements to get the arraignment underway.

Chris asks Julie what she really said to Dr. Davis to win him over. J: "Actually, I..I was just myself. Raw and emotional when I thought about Christina, and..pretty shaky when Cooper's name came up." C: "Yeah, but that's good, isn't it? I mean, not that you had to relive the painful memories, but that you *could*..I'm really proud of you." They joke about whether he deserves part of the credit (of course, he claims he does). J: "You don't need any compliments from me, you have half the DL-56 profits to keep you warm." C: "Aw, come on. You know while you were in here regaining your sanity, I was on the outside, doing a little thinking on my own." J: "Like what kind of thinking?" C: "Somewhere along the line I realized that I had met a beautiful, intelligent, very courageous woman. And without expecting to, I delivered her precious little girl. And suddenly there was this unfamiliar picture in my head, of the three of us walking down the street--just me and my two girls. I was so proud to tell everyone who passed by that 'this is my family.' That picture makes me very, very happy, Julie." J: "That picture makes me happy too, Chris." They kiss.

Back at the firehouse, Scott hangs up the phone. He's been explaining to Lee about the breakup, and says he hates having to lie. He wonders what Eve meant before the phone call, about her son being alive. E: "Oh, that was dumb, right? That just shows you how frazzled I am. I guess I was just hoping..that somehow..he isn't..dead." S: "Hey, what makes you think something like that, though?" E: "What? You know D.V. He's famous for keeping children away from their parents. That's exactly what he's doing with you and the girls..and that's..maybe..what he's done with me. Who's to say he hasn't?" S: "Well, just don't let him get to you, Eve." E: "I try not to let him get to me, but it's real hard, because he knows exactly what buttons to push."

The doorbell rings; Scott answers it. It's Lucy, Aunt Charlene, and the girls. Charlene reiterates that she's sorry if she jumped the gun in bringing the kids back to town; Scott says it's OK. Eve and Serena ("girlfriends" reunited :)) head to another side of the room to talk after Eve and Charlene introduce themselves. Charlene told Scott and Lucy that if they want, she'll take the kids back to the farm. S: "No, it's OK, it's just..we're all still in danger." L: "Wait a minute..you were supposed to go to France and get Victor's letters, and..ohmygosh, you didn't get the letters." S: "No, I didn't."

Serena gives Eve a card that she made for her--it's a picture of a house, covered with various postage stamps. Eve admires it, then stops, stricken by something. She abruptly excuses herself and leaves, thanking Serena again for the card.

At Ferncliff, Rachel told Chris and Julie that the wheels are in motion for her arraignment. Julie is delighted. R: "OK, well, look, we did manage to get over this hurdle..but bigger ones are yet to come." J: "You mean, like convincing 12 jurors that I didn't murder John Kanelos? Piece of cake!" She and Chris laugh. R: "Julie, I know that you're joking. But do you have any idea how high the stakes can really be? You can be found guilty of murder, which means that you could be spending some serious time in prison." J: "I know how much I'm risking. But the reward is worth it. I can finally be with my husband..and together, we can get back my little girl."

At the firehouse, Charlene wonders if Bordisso hasn't achieved his goal of making life miserable for Scott and Lucy. Scott admits that he doesn't think they're safe with Bordisso around. Charlene told them [and they nearly flip out :)] that while the girls were staying with her, a tornado hit only one county away--her point being that no one is ever 100% safe. She told them that Serena sometimes cried herself to sleep because she was so homesick. After much discussion, Scott decides that the girls will stay in Port Charles, safely with their family. Lucy wants to call off the "fake breakup," but Scott says they have to continue with it, as they have to help Eve find out if her son is alive. Lucy wonders if maybe she could keep Christina with her as, after all, it would give them an excuse to visit each other all the time. S: "We've gotta find those letters that Victor sent to Kevin." L: "If only we can.."

At Chris's apartment, Eve is going through a box of drawings and cards that Serena had given her. She pulls one out, looks at it, and exclaims "A-ha! I knew it! I knew that first collage had stamps on it. Yes!!" She examines the collage with a magnifying glass, and reads the postmark off one of the stamps. "France, 1997. Oh my God. Serena's the one who took Victor's letters."

Friday, October 22, 1999

DV continued to pressure Eve into finding the letters and made a horrible threat against Serena and Christina to drive his point home. Eve went to question Serena and asked her about the stamps in her collage and Serena admitted that she last had the letters at the lighthouse. Meanwhile, Scott began to become suspicious of Eve and asked Kevin if he thought she could be hiding something. An angry Kevin told Scott that Eve would not betray them, but Scott decided to investigate Eve without involving Kevin. Lucy received a visit from DV in her hotel room and realized that she would be safer if she and the girls moved into the lighthouse with Kevin.

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