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Passions Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on PS
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Monday, October 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

Whitney recalls Simone's biting words about her role as the perfect daughter in the eyes of their parents. A bratty Simone brags about the special connection that she shares with Chad. She accuses her big sister of being jealous because there is no one interested in her. The Russell girls continue to argue about Chad. Simone asks if maybe their mom would prefer it if she snuck around behind her back. When Whitney scoffs at that suggestion, Simone fires back that the older girl is just upset that no guy is out there thinking about her.

Kay tries to conceal her happiness when she and Miguel don't find Charity at the old house in New Castleton. For a brief moment, Kay considers everything that her cousin has gone through in the last couple of weeks and she feels a brief tug of sympathy for her. That quickly evaporates when she remembers that Charity is keeping her from having a chance with Miguel. Finding no sign of Charity, Kay is ready to head back to Harmony. Miguel is not so willingly to give up the search. Miguel thanks Kay for her support and she promises to continue to be there for him. When he tells her that he always wants her to be a part of his life, Kay gazes at him longingly. Timmy and Tabitha struggle to drag an unconscious Charity to the train tracks. Tabitha warns her pint sized assistant that if Charity lives and finds true love, it will be the end of them for sure. When an exhausted Timmy balks at Tabitha's insistence that they change the position of Charity's body on the train tracks, Tabitha threatens to have him join the girl. Tabitha and Timmy realize that the train is drawing near and they work feverishly to get Charity in to place on the tracks. Nearby, Miguel prays that he will find Charity.

Eve is still furious that Simone disobeyed her orders to not have Chad in the house. When she mentions never having that kind of trouble from Whitney, T. C. reminds her that their daughters have distinct personalities and they should be judged separately. T. C. thinks that Chad isn't such a bad kid. Eve wants to be sure that her daughters don't make that same mistake that someone else has. Her husband wonders who exactly is Eve talking about. Eve has a memory of a time when she was younger and she was begging someone not to tell anyone about them, especially T. C. She of course does not share this memory with her dear husband. He tells her not to obsess over this situation with Simone. When he calls her perfect, Eve protests. T.C. considers his wife to be the perfect role model for their girls and he knows that they will make all the right decisions, just like their mom.

Chad continues to dwell on the incident with his boss back in L.A. At the pool hall, it's not long before Chad gets into an argument with some guy who thinks that he is trying to hit on his girl. The hotheaded Mr. Harris quickly challenges the other guy. Chad avoids a fight when the other guy backs down. Chad starts wondering how he can earn enough money to get out of Harmony. An angry Luis thinks that he has spotted his sister Theresa at the charity ball with Ethan Crane. Sheridan thinks that Luis must be suffering the aftereffects of that conk on the head when he insists that he has seen his sister at the ball with her nephew. Luckily, Theresa has also spotted Luis and ducked behind a curtain. As dense as ever, Ethan can't understand why her brother would be so upset at finding her there. Completely missing the point, he declares that Luis should be proud to see how beautiful his baby sister is looking. Theresa manages to convince Ethan that Luis would be absolutely furious at finding her there. She begs him to help her elude her brother. Locking eyes with Ethan from across the room, Luis orders the young man to stay put because he wants to talk to him. As Luis makes his way across the room, he loses sight of Ethan.

Eve and Whitney have a heart to heart talk. Eve confides in her oldest that she's not sure what Simone is up to these days. She's afraid that Simone might sneak off to meet Chad. Whitney confesses to her horrified mom that she has been wondering what it would be like to take a walk on the wild side. Eve immediately voices her objections. She praises her daughter for being a wonderful girl and tells her to disregard Simone's hurtful digs about how boring she is. Whitney reassures her mother that Simone will come around and everything in their family will get back to normal.

Simone dashes for the phone hoping that it's Chad but it's only Kay. Kay brags to Simone that Miguel wants her in his life forever. Simone scolds her best friend for not caring what happens to her own cousin. When Simone fills Kay in on her vicious argument with her parents, Kay congratulates her friend for standing up for herself. Kay encourages the other girl to sneak out of the house and find Chad. Despite her misgivings, Simone heeds her friend's advice. A disbelieving Whitney watches as her sister creeps out of the house.

At the pool hall, the bartender coldly tells Chad that he better order something or leave. When one of the patrons asks for someone to play pool against, Chad accepts the challenge in hopes of earning enough money to split town. A victorious Chad is enraged when his opponent claims to not have the money to pay him. Jacking the guy up by the collar, Chad makes it clear that he wants his money now!

Eve catches her husband staring pensively out of the window down at the shed. She confides in him that she and Whitney have noticed that something has been bothering him lately. T.C. tries to change the subject but to no avail. Eve pleads with him to open up to her.

Sheridan continues to insist to the cop that she hasn't seen Theresa at the ball. After all, she reasons, what would Theresa be doing there with her nephew? Believing that he has finally cornered Ethan, Luis is not deterred to realize that he has tapped the wrong man on the shoulder. He shakes Sheridan off when she tries to drag him out of the ball before can he make a bigger fool out of himself. She reminds Luis that Ethan is seriously dating Gwen Hotchkiss. Lopez-Fitzgerald wonders if Ethan is just trying to use his sister for some action on the side. Sheridan sees red when he implies that the men in her family have a history of fooling around with women from the wrong side of the tracks. Luis finally confronts Ethan and demands to know where Theresa is. Ethan plays dumb (too easy) and pretends to have no clue what Luis is talking about. The cop cuts him off when Crane attempts to exchange pleasantries with his aunt. Noticing a door close to Ethan, Luis orders him out of the way because he suspects that Theresa is hiding inside. A tense Sheridan and Ethan look on anxiously as Luis opens the door.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Sheridan, Ethan and Gwen team up to hide Theresa from Luis' prying eyes. A frightened Simone begins to have second thoughts about searching for Chad on the wrong side of town. Meanwhile, Chad gets into a dispute with a couple of hustlers in a sleazy pool hall. Timmy's tiny tootsies gets stuck in the railroad tracks as he and Tabitha wait for the on-coming train to dispatch Charity. T.C. broods about an old wound inflicted years ago by Julian Crane. Whitney is outraged to find her sister tending to Chad's cuts and bruises in the pool hall. Tabitha manages to free Timmy's foot and they hide in the bushes to watch the results of their handiwork. After arranging for Theresa to go home with his chauffeur, Ethan endures an angry tirade from a jealous Gwen. Kay is astounded to spot Charity lying unconscious on the train tracks but elects not to murmur a word to Miguel. Later, horrified to see the girl of his dreams in peril, Miguel races to snatch Charity out of the path of the rushing train. Whitney reluctantly promises Simone she won't tell their parents about the night's misadventures. The little angel confronts Tabitha and Timmy.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Whitney is thinking back to her run in with Chad and Simone at the pool hall when Eve comes into the kitchen startling her. Whitney covers by saying she's still uneasy about TC's visit to the shed the night before. Eve covers her own concern and tells Whitney that it's probably TC's office or workroom and they shouldn't make too much out of all his secrecy. Later Eve worries about her family finding out about her past. At the hospital she runs into Julian who is there for a hospital board meeting. It is obvious that Julian is attracted to Eve and holds no ill feeling towards her, but Eve is hostile to him, she wants to see him as little as possible, and to make sure that their past never gets out. She presses him to explain why TC is uncomfortable around him, but Julian tells her to ask TC if she is so concerned.

Chad comes to the Book Café and asks Beth if she needs any help so he can earn breakfast.. Beth puts him on duty. Whitney and TC come into the café to discuss her tennis match. TC stresses to Whitney that in spite of what Simone said the night before she will have a full life, the important thing for now is to focus on tennis the boys can come later. When Whitney goes to call Theresa and tell her about the prior night's fiasco Chad comes over to serve TC. When TC asks about the bruise on his face. Chad tells him about the fight. Assuming that Whitney already blabbed to TC about Whitney and Simone being with him at the pool hall he expresses his surprise that Whitney didn't already tell him about the fight. From the phone Whitney sees Chad talking to her father and panics. She comes over to the table and Chad realizes his mistake quickly covering by saying he mentioned the fight to Whitney a few minutes ago and thought she would have told TC by now. After TC leaves Whitney thanks Chad for covering for her, but is flustered when he thinks her actions have given him an understanding of her.

In the Bennett kitchen Kay confess to Simone that she, not Miguel was the one who saw Charity lying on the tracks first and she didn't tell him what she saw. Jessica overhears and blasts her sister for being so selfish that she almost let their cousin die. Kay swears that she only had a moment of hesitation and that she would have told Miguel in time. Kay shows her sister and her best friend her latest surprise. She has finally decided to convert Grace's old sewing room into a bedroom for herself. only it isn't any bedroom, it's a "love nest" where she plans to comfort, then seduce Miguel.

At the hospital Sam and Grace tell Charity the Miguel saved her life. Though Charity is grateful she still wants nothing to do with him, A dejected Miguel heads to school. The Bennetts ask Charity why she left the hospital and went to Castleton, is she getting her memory back? Charity reveals that she left on the advice of a nun, but when Grace checks with the father at the church there is no record of a nun paying Charity a visit. Eve announces that Charity is in good health and there is no need to keep her in the hospital so Grace and Sam decide to have Charity move in with them.

Tabitha is not dealing with failure very well. She is still determined to eliminate Charity. She tells Timmy that what they need is an ally. She heads over to the Bennetts to snoop around just as Sam returns home. Tabitha covers for why she's in the Bennett Kitchen and Sam asks her to stay to see Charity who has returned with him and Grace. Before Tabitha can make her escape Grace and Charity enter the kitchen and Charity immediately declares that she recognizes Tabitha.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

As Theresa prepares to go to the Crane house to return the gown her thoughts are focused on her magical evening with Ethan. When Pilar and Whitney interrupt her musings they both try to convince her that she doesn't stand a chance with him. Theresa is tired of their attitude. She reminds them that if months ago she had of said she'd be dressed in a ball gown going to the ballet with Ethan and attending a party full of the rich and famous they would have told her that was impossible. As far as Theresa is concerned she has already proven she can do the impossible, and Ethan is as good as hers. She tells them that his behavior indicated that he already has feelings for her. When her mother and best friend mention how this whole thing will affect Gwen Theresa is hurt and angry. She has loved Ethan for just as long as Gwen has, they should be concerned for her, not for the other woman. After Pilar leaves for work Whitney tells Theresa to be watch out for Gwen, because when Gwen realizes Theresa is after her man all hell could break loose.

Meanwhile Gwen is dreaming about losing Ethan to Theresa. When Ethan come in to bring her breakfast in bed she asks him if anything happened between him and Theresa last night. Ethan tries to convince Gwen that there is nothing between him and Theresa, but Gwen is still jealous. In the living Ethan runs into to Julian who asks for all the juicy details on Ethan's "date" with Theresa. Ethan explains to Julian that it wasn't a date, but Julian isn't buying it. As Gwen eavesdrops Julian challenges Ethan to say that he never thought about bedding Pilar's hot little daughter. to Gwen's relief Ethan says it never crossed his mind. When a triumphant Gwen sails into the living room to confront Julian, her prospective father in law isn't particularly guilty. Ethan is a free man until the wedding, Gwen shouldn't get her knickers all in a knot, what's a roll in the hay with the housekeepers daughter. Both Gwen and Ethan are disgusted with Julian's attitude. But Gwen is still convinced that Theresa is interested in Ethan. The ever dim on this issue Master Crane doesn't see it though. Theresa walks into the living just in time to get an eyeful of Ethan and Gwen holding each other. Pilar saves her from revealing her feelings and encourages her to complete her task and get out of there quickly. Upstairs Theresa sees a photo of Ethan and gazes adoringly at it. Gwen spies on her and is convinced she was right about Theresa's feelings.

Charity can't quite place where she knows Tabitha from. Fortunately for Tabitha the explanation that Tabby was one of the people who visited her in the hospital seems to settle the question for the moment. Charity hasn't identified her as the nun. At the high school Miguel calls the hospital to check on Charity and finds out that she's checked out. Simone Miguel and Jessica are confused, where could she be? Kay is thrilled and slips and Miguel overhears her say she's glad Charity is gone. She meant of course that she was glad the Charity is somewhere where she could the help she needs (an asylum would be nice) Miguel buys it. Charity tries to make a connection with something that will help her memory return. Grace talks about how even though she lost her own memory twenty years ago, she has never given up hope of getting back. Tabitha flashes back to the night that she set the fire that almost killed Grace. As Grace talks about being saved by Sam, he flashes back to that night also. The fab four stop at the Bennetts after school and all react differently to discovering Charity there. Miguel is shocked, Jessica is pleased as punch, Simone is kind of wary and Kay is desperately trying to cover the fact that she is spitting fire. Charity thanks Miguel again for saving her life, but when he reaches out to touch her she flinches. She tries to overcome her fear of him and shake his hand, but she can't. Grace recounts to Kay how after Sam saved her life they married and lived happily ever after the same could be true for Charity and Miguel. Kay runs out of the kitchen upset.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Gwen spots Theresa gazing at Ethan's picture with a look of pure adoration. Julian again prods his son to sow some wild oats by taking Theresa to bed before he commits himself to Gwen in the confining bonds of holy matrimony. Kay is outraged to learn that her parents have invited Charity to come live with them for as long as she likes. Eavesdropping on Kay and Simone, Tabitha hits upon the idea of enlisting the Bennetts' elder daughter in her plot to destroy the forces of goodness and light. Claiming he was only jesting about a dalliance with Theresa, Julian advises Ethan to soothe Gwen's ruffled feathers with a romantic dinner for two. Theresa attempts to ward off Gwen's suspicions but is unable to hide her true feelings for the scion of the Crane clan. Miguel finally make some progress in his efforts to put Charity at ease. Tabitha slyly convinces Grace to give her niece the bedroom Kay just finished fixing up for herself. Timmy has another run-in with the malicious Fluffy. Theresa eagerly jumps to the wrong conclusion when Ethan asks her to arrange an intimate dinner for him and a companion.

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