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Becca caught Scott and Greenlee having sex. Opal and Marian patched up their differences. Hayley decided to go for the job at WRCW. Adam tried to buy a percentage of WRCW without Liza's knowledge. David vied for the job as the head of Dimitri's foundation. Gillian and Jake started dating each other again.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, October 18, 1999

Liza followed a still-disheartened Adam down the main staircase at Chandler Mansion. The millionaire was still hurting over the way his son had run from him. Liza explained that Junior was used to turning to Tad and Dixie for comfort, but that didn't make Adam feel any better. "He was afraid of me," he said in obvious pain. "He thinks I am a monster." Adam was troubled by the nightmares Junior had had while in the mausoleum. He felt that the presence of Ray Gardner in the dreams somehow signified that Junior equates him with "the worst possible father he can imagine." Liza insisted that Junior doesn't have Adam. All parents, she said, make mistakes---and wanting to ship Junior off to boarding school was a big mistake. Adam assured his wife that he meant well. Nevertheless, when Junior was found and in need of a hug, he'd turned to Tad.

Even a prize-winning writer needs time to unwind. At Wildwind, Edmund found relaxation playing with some building blocks that he'd bought for Sam and Maddie. Erica breezed into the castle to find out how about the reading of Dimitri's will. Edmund smiled slightly and told Erica that the will contained a few surprises. Erica sat down next to Edmund and said that she hoped that Dimitri did not bequeath all of his assets to Alex. Edmund shook his head and said that that was not the case. He told Erica about the codicil that set up a medical research foundation for Alexandra to oversee. Erica was miffed that Dimitri had "forced" Alex into their lives. Edmund took a moment to offer some good news: Dimitri had left Maximillian to Bianca. Since the horse had been destroyed, Edmund offered to buy another horse for the girl. Erica, her voice growing soft, thanked Edmund for his generosity. Another horse, though, would never be able to take the place of Maximillian. Erica again vowed to never forgive Alex for causing Max's death. Edmund confessed that he wishes there were a way to get rid of Alex. He did not, however, use such strong language. Edmund told Erica that Alex would be returning to Pine Valley to head up the foundation set up in Dimitri's will. Erica was certain that Alex wanted to use the foundation to further herself, but Edmund disagreed. He told Erica that Alex wanted to stay as far away from Pine Valley as possible. Erica's face suddenly lit up. She smiled broadly as she announced that she might be able to make Edmund a very happy man.

With Dixie still asleep upstairs, Junior and Tad sat down to discuss his running away. Junior apologized for splitting, saying that he didn't know that so many people would be worried about him. "You had your reasons," Tad admitted. Running away, he said somewhat sternly, was not the answer. In the back of his mind, Junior was still sure that he'd encountered Ray Gardner in the mausoleum. Hoping to lessen some of the boy's fears, Tad took the unusual step of assuring Junior that his father loved him. He explained that in Adam's mind, Winchester Prep offered Junior the best possible education and soccer team. Junior asked Tad why he and Adam fight so much. It was a difficult question for Tad to answer, but he did some diplomatically. "We're both crazy about you," he replied. He then reminded Junior that he can always go to him when he's in trouble. Jamie and Brooke stopped by and the two boys immediately got caught up to date on all that had happened. Jamie told Junior that the police were going to drag the lake for his body. Junior smiled, nodded his head, and replied, "Cool." Brooke and Tad knew that this was the appropriate time to sit the boys down and give them a few non-threatening parental warnings. Jamie was scolded for not telling the truth about Junior's whereabouts. Junior, of course, was once again told never to run away from home. Both of the boys were stunned that they were not going to be punished. They left the room to get some juice. Tad told Brooke that Junior was still afraid of Adam and that he wasn't sure how to remedy the situation. The boys returned just as the phone started to ring. Junior answered the phone and was scared to hear his father's voice on the other end. Adam asked if he could visit with his son for a little while. Junior put down the phone and asked Tad what he should do. "I think he's still mad at me," Junior whispered. Tad snatched the phone away and told Adam that he'd be over in a few minutes to talk to him. Brooke headed to the kitchen to make some sandwiches and Tad headed off to Chandler Mansion. Junior, meanwhile, had a chilling tale to tell his friend. While on the run, Junior said that he'd fallen asleep beneath a tree. When he awoke, he found a trail of bottle caps leading from his position to the spot where everyone was looking for him. He was reasonably certain that those caps were not there when he fell asleep.

At WRCW, Scott decided to step out before Hayley unleashed her fury on Ryan. "Remember: duck and cover," Scott mused to his buddy. Ryan nervously told Hayley that he had Scott edit an audition tape of Amanda's faux fashion show for Hayley. Hayley didn't take the news nearly as well as Ryan had hoped. Ryan insisted that he thought it was a good idea. "What it is with all the men in my life?" Hayley asked herself aloud. "I'm tired of the men in my life riding all over me." Ryan insisted that the choice to audition for the position ultimately rested on Hayley's shoulders.

Outside in the hallway, Scott and Greenlee's paths crossed. Greenlee wondered why Scott hadn't stuck around to see Hayley's reaction to the tape. Scott explained that the audition tape had been made without Hayley's knowledge. He pointedly noted that Greenlee should know all about secret videotapes. Greenlee insisted that the tape she'd made had hurt no one. She quickly turned the topic, asking Scott if he would accompany her to the opening of a new art exhibit at Stuart's gallery. Scott shook his head and explained that he was leaving town. This wasn't anything permanent; he was going to his dad's cabin for a few days to clear his mind. His troubles with Becca were one reason for the planned solitude another was that fact that NYU still had not accepted his enrollment application.
Back in Liza's office, Ryan's guilt trip convinced Hayley that she should at least take a look at the tape that Scott had edited. Hayley was thrilled by the several minute-long segment. So excited, in fact, that she was beginning to rethink the job offer. She agreed to go to the live audition---but she insisted that she wanted to get the job on her own merit and not because she was Adam's daughter or a friend of several WRCW staffers. "I really think that I can nail this audition." Hayley and Ryan's eyes met and before long they were sharing a kiss.

Alexandra sat alone in the dining area at The Valley Inn. David slowly passed by, taking several jabs about why Alex was still in town. Alex mentioned that a quirk in Dimitri's will had forced her to stay longer that she wanted. Before David could get any details, Jack showed up and shooed him away. Jack and Alex found common ground with their dislike of the renowned cardiologist. Alex once again informed Jack that she wanted to leave Pine Valley as soon as possible. Jack asked Alex if she was really ready to disregard Dimitri's last wish. Alex claimed that Pine Valley held too many painful memories---Dimitri's death and the lies she had told to prevent everyone from learning about Dimitri's illness. Jack, on the other hand, felt that Alex's yearning to head back to Europe was the result of the friction that had developed between her and Edmund. Alex assured the attorney that was not the case and thanked him for being a friend to her. As they shared a piece of cheesecake, Alex made Jack promise that he'd do his best to find someone else to oversee the foundation. Jack reluctantly agreed, but said that the process could take months. In his mind, the best candidate had already been located. David once again passed by, sarcastically commenting that he hopes to bump into Alex more often.

David returned to his hotel room and found Erica waiting for him. "I have the perfect job for you," she gushed. David smiled wryly and asked if the position might require him to be Erica's personal "sex slave." Erica smiled even wider. The job, she said, offers "fascinating research, unparalleled prestige, virtually unlimited funding, and international recognition." Before Erica could tell David about the job, the two fell into each other's arms.

Tad stormed into Chandler Mansion and blasted Adam for not giving Junior space. Liza took up for her husband, saying that Adam was understandably concerned about his son's well being. Tad explained that he'd just tried to smooth things over between Adam and Junior. Adam was furious that Tad had been talking to Junior about him. Adam's paranoia caused him to believe that Tad was filling Junior with lies and trying to turn the boy against him. Tad pleaded with Adam to give Junior a little time to get back to normal, but Adam wasn't about to be told how to be a father to his son. "That boy isn't going to be one of your casualties. You're no father to him," Tad snarled. Liza's eyes welled up with tears and she begged Tad to apologize for his icy remark. Tad refused. He vowed to do whatever it takes to "protect" Junior. "Nobody messes with my family," he growled. As Tad headed for the door, he announced that he was taking Junior and Dixie away for a few days. Liza chased after Tad to try to calm him down. Adam, meanwhile, stomped over to his phone and placed an urgent call to his attorney, Barry Shire. "I have a job for you," Adam said coldly. "Tad Martin---I'm going to destroy him."

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Her reasons unclear, Gillia left her room at Wildwind and moved back into Myrtle's boarding house. Myrtle was glad to see Gillian again and told her that her room hadn't been touched since she left. Gillian had a stuffed animal for Colby, prompting Myrtle to praise the way that Gillian interacted with the infant. It didn't take Myrtle long to figure out that Gillian had her eyes on Jake. "You could do a lot worse," she said with a smile. Gillian was on her way up to Jake's room when a knock sounded on the door. Gillian opened the door and found Kelly staring back at her with a smile. Jake wandered down the steps at about the same time. Jake and the nurse had a date scheduled, but Jake was supposed to have picked her up. Gillian looked on unhappily as Jake and Kelly left arm-in-arm. Kelly mentioned that she wanted to drop by the gallery to see Stuart's new work. As the couple left, Myrtle assured Gillian that she had nothing to fear; she was absolutely certain that Jake and Kelly were not serious. "That woman is notorious," Gillian grumbled. "She's dated half the men at [Pine Valley] Hospital." Myrtle smiled and fondly recalled how she'd chased after a man during her days in the carnie. Gillian took a page from Myrtle's tale and decided that she had to chase after Jake to make sure that Kelly didn't hurt him. She asked Myrtle to point her in the direction of her old carnie costumes.

At the gallery opening, Marian's neck snapped around every time someone entered the gallery. Stuart asked Marian why her neck was "swiveling like an owl." Marian smiled and explained that she'd invited Greenlee to the opening. Stuart shook his head disappointedly and scolded Marian for trying to interfere in Scott's life. Marian insisted that she had no ulterior motives. She looked around and noticed that Opal, a regular fixture at Stuart's showings, was not in attendance. She felt certain that the fallout she and Opal had had was the reason why Opal had snuffed Stuart. Marian grabbed her pocketbook and stormed out of the gallery.

Over at the Glamorama, Tiffany pressed Becca for details about her relationship with Scott. Becca sadly informed Tiffany that she and Scott were finished. When Tiffany learned about the secret sex video, she was surprised that Becca had believed Greenlee's account of what had happened. Becca said that questioned Scott's explanation because he really did have voyeuristic tendencies. In the foyer, Opal fumed over a letter that had marked "return to sender." The letter, she explained to the two young women, was a letter expressing her regrets that she'd be unable to attend the opening of Stuart's new exhibit. Becca offered to deliver the letter to the gallery personally. Across the room, Greenlee had dropped by for her weekly pick-me-up. As Tiffany fixed her nails, Greenlee fidgeted nervously in her chair. She practically drooled as she spoke of her planned rendezvous with Scot. Tiffany was perplexed by Greenlee's actions. After all, she knew that Scott had brushed her off the night of Millicent and Woodruff's anniversary party. Greenlee was perturbed that the incident was fodder for the common people's gossip. She made a crude remark about how Tiffany would never have to worry about being walked out on by a man like Scott. The implication was that Tiffany could never get a man like Scott. Greenlee walked off in a huff. AS she was leaving, she bumped into Marian and told her that she was headed to the cabin to be with Scott. Marian breezed into the salon and lashed out at Opal for "snubbing" Stuart. Opal insisted that she'd done no such thing, but before the two women could come to an agreement Millicent arrived. Marian abruptly ended the conversation so as not to be seen talking to one of the woman Millicent considered undesirable. After Millicent's beauty session was complete, Marian sat down beside her and gushed about how she's arranged for Scott and Greenlee to have a second date. She then reminded Millicent of their agreement and asked when Stuart would be formally inducted into PHAT. Millicent looked at Marian and announced that she had "disappointing news." The socialite claimed that she'd floated Stuart's name at the most recent meeting, but the reaction wasn't quite as she'd hoped. Marian demanded that Millicent live up to her end of the deal and do whatever she had to in order to get Stuart in the organization. Millicent took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. "Only the cold truth can stop a person like you," Millicent sighed. By now, all of the other patrons were fixated on the conversation. "The idea of Stuart Chandler as a member is ludicrous. What has Stuart done? He paints pictures---so does my ten year-old grandson." Tears welled in Marian's eyes as Millicent continued her hurtful tirade. She added that it was "impossible to make a social ambassador out of the town simpleton." Marian was silenced. Opal stepped forward and was ready to speak her mind. She ordered Millicent to pack up and leave immediately. She then asked that she never darken her doorstep again. Millicent vowed to use her position to close The Glamorama for good. Opal shook her head and told Millicent to keep her idle threats to herself. She explained that she and Phoebe were bridge partners and that all she had to do was make one phone call and Millicent would be history. Millicent said nothing more. Her nose in the air, she left the salon presumably for the last time. Marian thanked Opal for coming to her aid. The two women shared an embrace and their friendship was restored.

At the gallery, Becca delivered Opal's letter to Stuart. Stuart and Becca chatted briefly about Scott's film project. Stuart praised Becca for her part in the project. Once again, Becca downplayed the role that she'd had in creating the film. Both realized that Scott's trip to the cabin might somehow be tied in to the fact that he hadn't heard back from NYU. Becca informed Stuart that she and Scott were no longer an item, but she refused to explained why they'd broken up. Stuart urged Becca to give Scott a second chance. He told the young woman that his son was crazy about her. Becca would later admit that she was suffering from a bit of homesickness. "People here," said Becca of Pine Valley, "are a lot better at hiding who they really are." Jake and Kelly arrived at the gallery and carefully eyed up each piece. Gillian, sporting a blonde wig and dark sunglasses, entered just behind them. She tried to remain hidden behind some of the artwork, but she gave herself away when she bumped into another patron. Jake caught a glimpse of the disguised beauty out of the corner of his eyes and knew that he was being tailed. He and Kelly decided to move to another venue. He made no attempt to hide their destination as he twice announced loudly that they were headed to SOS. Marian returned from The Glamorama and told her husband that she and Opal were once again friends. She then hugged Stuart and told him that she was the "luckiest woman in the world" to be married to him. Stuart told Marian that Becca and Scott might also be on the road to reunion because Becca was on her way up to the cabin to see Scott. Marian's face dropped. She told Stuart that they had to do something to stop Becca because Scott wasn't alone at the cabin---he was with Greenlee. Stuart looked at his watch and realized that it was too late to do anything.

At Sounds of Salsa, one of the patrons tried to convince Tina that she'd given him incorrect change. He claimed that he'd given her a twenty-dollar bill. To prove his point, he instructed Tina to check the till and look for a bill with "Go Eagles" written on it. Tina did as she was told and sure enough she found a twenty with those words scrawled on it. Oddly, she also found a ten, a five, a fifty, and a one hundred dollar bills with the phrase on it. Adrian looked on curiously as the patron's scam was exposed. He ordered the young man to get lost before he called the cops. Gillian slipped into the club and unwittingly took up a seat next to Adrian. Adrian became suspicious and asked Gillian why she was disguised. Gillian whispered that she was trying to save Jake from a "dangerous" woman. She ordered Adrian to dance with Kelly in order to protect Jake. Adrian refused. By now, Jake knew that Gillian had followed him and burst into laughter. Gillian tried to pull Adrian out of his seat, but she wasn't strong enough to budge the muscular ex-spy. Gillian lost her balance and toppled into Tina. The two women fell to the ground and Gillian's wig fell off. Tina looked in wig in confusion. Gillian screamed in horror and raced out of the club.

Gillian returned to the boarding house and found Jake waiting for her. He assured her that he wasn't mad at her, but he wanted to know why she'd been following him. Gillian explained that she'd made a mistake when she'd said that she wasn't ready to date him. Jake smiled and said that he'd very much like to pick up where they'd left off.

Scott relaxed in the solitude of his father's cabin. He wasn't at all pleased when Greenlee showed up claiming to have something that would make him very happy. Scott kindly asked her to leave, but Greenlee said that she wanted to give him something first. She smiled broadly as she handed Scott and oversized envelope from NYU. Scott tore open the envelope and yelped gleefully as he read the letter of acceptance. He hoisted "Greens" into the air, spun her around several times, and gave her a celebratory kiss. Scott quickly pulled away and apologized for overreacting. Greenlee smiled and said that she understood. "You probably would have kissed the mailman," she chuckled. Greenlee fondly recalled the first film project that she and Scott had worked on. Greenlee bowed her head and headed for the door. Scott called out to her and asked her not to leave. The pair sat on the floor and recalled some of their happier times. "If you want to keep your options open, that's fine," Greenlee said softly. "I can be anything you want me to be just as long as I'm still in the game." Greenlee urged Scott to put Becca out of his mind. Her soothing words seemed to do the trick. Before long she and Scott were engaged in a passionate kiss. Unaware of the minefield she was about to enter, a smiling Becca slowly walked up to the front door of the cabin. She peered through the window and saw Scott and Greenlee on the floor. Scott ripped off his shirt and returned to kissing his former lover.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

David was very excited by Erica's news about the Andrassy Foundation and the fact that Alex did not want to be the director. Seeing the chance to grab the prestigious position, David was anxious to get to the hospital as soon as possible to talk to Joe Martin about it. It would be a wonderful opportunity, he said, especially since Vanessa had convinced Palmer to cut off funding for the hospital's new cardiac wing. Erica offered to put in a good word for David with Joe and Edmund, but David made her promise not to get involved, this was something he wanted to achieve all by himself.

On the phone with Chauncey, the head master at Winchester Prep, Adam explained that he had had to change his plans because of Junior's mother and stepfather, but that things might be very different by the time the next term started. As he hung up, Liza came rushing down the stairs, getting ready to go to work. It was going to be a very busy day at the TV station since they were doing Y2K testing. Adam tried to convince her to stay home with him and Colby and reminded her that there are some things that are more important than work. Although he managed to make her feel guilty, she still felt she couldn't stay home from work and headed out the door. After Liza was gone, Adam made a phone call to someone and had them put "Phase One" into motion.

At Stuart's gallery, Alex showed up with the drawing that Stuart had made for her in hand. She admired the artwork on display, then asked Stuart for a favor. Could he please frame the drawing for her? Stuart gladly agreed. When Alex mentioned that her father would have liked some of the art Stuart was displaying, he asked about her father. She explained that he had died of a neurological disorder and that was mainly why she decided to become a doctor. Stuart thinks he understands why she's turning down the directorship, she first tried to save her father, then Dimitri, and the thought of more losses would be too hard for her to bear. Alex agrees that that is exactly it, and tells him of a young boy, Liam, who's life she tried to save, but failed. He used to light up every time she came into the room, certain that she could save him, but in the end she had to disappoint him. That's why she doesn't want the directorship, she doesn't want the responsibility of all those people looking at her with hope that she will help save their lives. Stuart understands how she feels, but thinks she is wrong, it may be hard for her to go through, but it would be worth it in the end. Trust that Dimitri knew what was best, he suggests. She's touched by his words, but can't bring herself to do it. She does promise to find the absolutely best person for the job. She leaves to go meet with Joe Martin at the hospital.

At the TV station, Becca ran into Greenlee while dropping off an envelope for Tad. They talked for a little while and then Scott came by. Becca would barely even look at him. Greenlee announced the good news (Scott's scholarship), then Liza rushed in and sent Greenlee and Scott on errands. Leslie showed up for a meeting with Liza, she had a client(an important Silicon Valley type who runs a company-"Datcom") that was interested in buying 40% of the station as a silent partner. Liza wasn't sure about it, but was more open to the idea because of her talk with Adam that morning about spending more time at home. She agreed to think about it and give Leslie a call.

David stops in at Joe Martin's office and makes it clear to Joe that he would be interested in becoming the director of the Andrassy Foundation. Joe is surprised that David even knows about it and he's not entirely sure that Alex is going to turn down the position. He tells David to stop back in an hour, after his(Joe's) meeting with Alex and they would discuss it further.

Liza stops home for lunch and asks Adam about the head of Datcom. At first Adam says he doesn't know him, but then 'realizes' that he has heard of him and that he has a good reputation. Are you considering his offer, Adam asks casually, as if it's not very important to him. Liza admits she's considering it, especially after their conversation that morning about staying home more, it would be nice to have someone to share the responsibility with. Liza gets a call that the system has crashed at the station and has to rush back there.

Alex meets with Joe about the Foundation and tells him that she definitely does not want the position. She promises to make some calls and start the search for the best person for the job immediately. Joe tells her that someone has expressed an interest in the job, but has to leave his office before he gets a chance to tell her who. While he's gone, David stops back by as Joe had suggested and Alex is horrified to learn that David is the interested party. She wouldn't offer him the position if he were "the last breathing member of the AMA."

Erica stopped by the gallery to find a piece of artwork to buy for Bianca. She was looking around when she spotted the drawing Stuart had done of Dimitri and Maximillian lying on the table. Stuart told her she couldn't have it, but being Erica, she continued to argue that Alex had caused Bianca to lose Maximillian, the least she could do was give up her drawing to her. Stuart stood firm and told Erica to look at the drawing closely, Dimitri looked so happy in it because he was thinking of Alex.

Back at the station, Liza had a talk with Brooke about feeling guilty about how much time she spent away from Colby and how when she was home with Colby she didn't want to go to work. Brooke suggested that she might not feel that way if she didn't have work to go to. She also said, though, that children grow up so fast and that Liza should spend as much time with Colby as she can. After their conversation, Liza called Leslie and made an appointment for the next day to talk more about the offer.

Scott caught Becca as she was leaving and tried to give her a copy of the documentary that they had worked on together. I don't want any kind of videotape from you, she told him, and then asked if it was a sequel to he and Greenlee's first tape, with this one showing them making love in the cabin the night before. Scott is shocked that Becca knows. I saw you, she tells him, explaining that she had gone to the cabin thinking that they could work things out. Becca walks out. Later, Greenlee mentions "last night" to Scott and he bluntly tells her that last night was "just sex." He apologizes for hurting her, but it never should have happened.

At Adam's house, Leslie is telling him how things went with Liza. Adam is her real client and he's determined to get control of WRCW in order to hurt Tad and make him pay.

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Scott finally made it to the gallery to view his father's new artwork. When he arrived, however, his was a bit too preoccupied to focus on the art. Stuart greeted his son with a smile and mentioned that a woman from NYU had called with questions about Scott's boarding decision. Scott's face crinkled up as he realized that he'd neglected to tell his father that he'd been accepted to NYU. Frazzled, Scott snapped that he'd been too busy with other matters to phone home. He quickly realized that taking out his frustration on Stuart wasn't the right thing to do. He apologized, saying that he was going through some "complicated" personal problems. Stuart offered an ear, but Scott worried that he'd disappoint his father with the news that he had slept with Greenlee. Nevertheless, he told the story about how Becca had caught him and Greenlee making love at the cabin. Stuart felt badly because he was the one who'd sent Becca to the cabin in the first place. He asked his son if he loves Greenlee and was slightly disturbed by the answer. Scott knew that his father did not approve of casual sex, but he felt that he was too young to settle down. He professed that he had no problems with Becca wanting to wait to have sex---but her talk of getting married and having children scared him. Stuart could tell that Scott was feeling miserably. The reason for his foul mood, Scott eventually confessed, was that he was upset with himself for having hurt Becca. Stuart urged his son to call Becca and apologize again.

At the Glamorama, Opal informed Marian that Vanessa had booked an appointment for later in the day. Opal could hardly wait to dig for details about what she perceived to be Vanessa and Palmer's crumbling union. Marian told Opal that she and Vanessa were sort of on the outs because she'd refused to help Vanessa host a party at Chandler Mansion. In the foyer, Palmer and Vanessa briefly discussed a strategy session to thwart any doubts that their marriage was still strong. Palmer referred to their mission as "damage control." He looked sternly at Vanessa and stated that "we don't want [anyone] to think we've stepped off cloud nine." The couple strolled into the parlor and prepared for their little show. Opal, however, was one step ahead of them. She pretended to be on the phone having a lovers' chat with Jackson. Opal feigned embarrassment for carrying on and greeted Vanessa and Palmer. Palmer whipped a wad of cash from his pocket and told Vanessa that he wanted her to buy a new dress for a soiree that they'd be attending. Marian's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as Palmer counted off ten thousand dollars in cash. Opal was unimpressed; she noticed that Vanessa was likewise stunned by the sum of money. Palmer kissed his new wife's cheek and headed on his way. As he re-entered the foyer, he placed a call to Alfred Vanderpoole, one of the vice presidents at the local bank. In the call Palmer verified that the money he'd withdrawn earlier in the day-and just given to Vanessa---had all been marked for easy tracking. While Vanessa was worked over by the beauticians, Marian and Opal quickly plotted to dig for more dirt. Marian was convinced that Vanessa and Palmer were still happily married. Opal, though, knew that what they'd just witnessed was an act. Marian agreed to buddy up to Vanessa in an attempt to learn more. She joined Vanessa at the manicuring station and smiled broadly. Vanessa questioned Marian's presence since, at last she knew, Opal and Marian were not speaking to one another. Marian claimed that she was biding her time until she could get back at Opal. Vanessa appeared to buy her tale and talked openly to Marian. Marian told Vanessa that she'd help her and Palmer find a new home. Vanessa looked both amused and surprised by the news that Marian was a realtor. Marian spoke at great lengths about a new house that had just come on the market. It had all the amenities that one could want---a swimming pool with a retractable roof for year-round swimming and a fireplace in the master bathroom. Before they could talk price, Opal appeared beside them and Vanessa excused herself to use the phone. Opal motioned for Marian to follow Vanessa so that she could eavesdrop on the phone call. Marian did as she was told. Vanessa placed yet another phone call to the mysterious young gentleman currently residing in Europe. Marian listened in, but couldn't really extract much from the conversation. Vanessa told the man that she'd gotten him more money, but warned him that he'd have to make it last. With that, Vanessa ended the call and left the salon. Marian told Opal that Vanessa had used lots of "sweethearts" and "darlings" during the phone call. Opal didn't see the big deal. "You call everyone darling," she said perhaps only half in jest. Marian came up with the perfect way to find out who Vanessa had called---the redial button. Opal pressed the button and was connected to last number dialed on her phone. She quickly hung up and informed Marian that the man on the other end was definitely not Palmer.

At BJ's, Palmer took up a seat at the bar next to the private investigator he'd hired. The investigator told him that there was no sign of his wife's mysterious companion. Palmer smiled wryly as he informed the P.I. that he'd come up with a way to track down the young man: marked five hundred dollar bills. The investigator headed off to place some calls to his contacts in Europe. Palmer, meanwhile, helped himself to one or two of the man's french fries. His face wrinkled up as he tasted the food so an endorsement for the restaurant was probably not in the future.
At a nearby table, Tiffany and Becca discussed what had happened at the cabin. Tiffany tried to downplay the sexual encounter between Scott and Greenlee, but it only made things worse. Becca explained that it was worse for Scott to have slept with Greenlee solely for sex than if he'd slept with her because he cared about her. "It makes him even more of a creep," she said. Tiffany praised Becca's decision to remain a virgin, but she warned her that there aren't going to be many men who will respect her choice. Scott phoned Becca and asked to speak to her, but Becca refused to speak to him. "I have nothing more to say," she said coldly. "Please don't call me again."

Scott headed to work at WRCW. There, he bumped into Greenlee at the coffee machine. Scott apologized for the icy way he'd reacted to Greenlee earlier. He explained that Becca had seen them making love. Greenlee was surprised, but then wondered if Scott would have acted differently if he had not been caught in the act. Scott reminded Greenlee that he didn't want to get into a relationship with her. That prompted Greenlee to accuse him of using her for sex. "Nothing happened that you didn't want to happen," she snapped. "Am I only good for one thing?" Scott sighed deeply as Greenlee started to cry. It wasn't really clear if Greenlee was truly hurt or if she was merely turning on the waterworks to gain sympathy. Scott again apologized for upsetting Greenlee. To smooth things over, he asked her to join him for a latté. He assured her that he wasn't asking her because he felt sorry for her, but rather because he cares about her.

Back at BJ's, Tiffany and Becca was just about to leave when Greenlee and Scott entered. Tiffany was the only one to see Scott and Greenlee and neither Scott nor Greenlee saw Tiffany or Becca. Scott and Greenlee placed their orders---and then it happened. Everyone's paths crossed. Becca raced out of the restaurant. Greenlee told Scott that she'd understand if he wanted to chase after Becca. "What's the point?" he grumbled. A smiled formed on Greenlee's face.

At a private table, Palmer sipped some brandy and reflected upon how he'd learned of Vanessa's mysterious gentleman friend. He also couldn't get his mind off of seeing Opal and Jack frolicking together at The Valley Inn. As he took another sip of his drink, he began to hear voices. The voices grew louder and louder and "gossiped" about how much of a fool Palmer had been for marrying a woman that was only interested in his money. Palmer threw his glass to the ground and stormed out of the restaurant.

"My credentials are impeccable," David argued upon hearing Alexandra's refusal to accept his name as a candidate to head Dimitri's foundation. Alex said that David "lacks basic morals." She had yet another problem with the doctor---he'd killed one of his patients. David denied killing Siobhan, one of Alex's friends. Exactly what happened or how the woman died was never really made clear. All that was mentioned was that "she got pregnant." David understood that Alex was upset about losing her friend, but he didn't think that it was fair for to have crusaded against him. Her actions, David said, cost him his fellowship. "It didn't hurt your career," Alex grumbled. David went on a several minute-long verbal journey in which he claimed that he had been "young [and] impulsive" when treating Siobhan. "You're good... very good," Alex laughed. She agreed that David would probably treat her friend differently today than he had back then. But she had a word of advice for him. "If you think your going to head up Dimitri's foundation, you better get down on your knees and start praying for a miracle because that's what it's going to take," she said frigidly. David asked Alex to seriously consider his application for the position. A messenger arrived just as David was leaving with an envelope for Alex. As David left, he bumped into Adam. David loudly asked Adam if he had dropped by the hospital to "pull off another switch." Adam ordered David to lower his voice and join him somewhere more private. David refused. Adam tried to threaten the doctor, but it did him no good. David held the upperhand. He asked David what he wanted from him or what he had to do to make him back off. "Nothing," David beamed. "Just a ringside seat when it all comes crashing down." Back inside Joe's office, Alex reviewed the information that the messenger had given her. The papers continued information about the stem cell therapy. Alex became quite curious when David's name appeared on one of the papers as the doctor who's authorized the usage of Colby's stem cells.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

David returns to his hotel room to find Palmer inside waiting for him. Palmer questions who the champagne and jewelry that David is carrying are for, but David won't tell him and asks Palmer what he wants. I want to know more about Vanessa's friend, Bunny, Palmer says. Palmer has apparently been trying to find Bunny for days without success. There's not really anything more to tell, David says, adding that Vanessa and Bunny are always covering up for each other's stories. Is the honeymoon over, David asks, what do you suspect Vanessa is doing? Palmer claims that his relationship with Vanessa is fine, that he's concerned that Vanessa is the one that's sick, not Bunny. While they are talking, Erica walks toward the hotel room door, having received a note downstairs from David to join him in his room. Fortunately, she overhears them talking before she enters and remains in the hall, listening. Inside, David really doubts that Vanessa is ill and he doesn't have anything further he could tell Palmer. Palmer leaves, just missing seeing Erica, who ducks behind the cleaning cart just in time. David walks out into the hall and spots her there and the two of them go into his room.

David tells her about his meeting with Alex about the Andrassy Foundation and despite Alex's refusal to consider him, he seems very confident that he will end up with the position. Erica congratulates him and wants to call Alex and tell her off, but David distracts her and the two of them make love. Later, Erica finds the jewelry box David brought to the room and finds a necklace inside for her. While they are getting dressed, Erica takes the necklace off since David gave it to her and she doesn't want to have to make up a story about where she got it. David, though, manages to convince her that it's time that they should go public. Erica's worried, things are going so well she doesn't want to ruin them, but agrees to accompany him downstairs to breakfast. David fastens the necklace back around her neck and the two of them leave his room together.... and run right into Vanessa. "My, my, what have we here?", she wonders.

A very dressed-up Hayley meets with Janet and Amanda at B.J.'s before she heads off to her interview at WRCW with Liza. She's just come back from shopping in New York City, where she's picked up some of the latest fashion trends. Hayley's really nervous about the interview, but Amanda and Janet encourage her and tell her she'll do great.

Things are in an uproar at WRCW, with Liza trying to conduct interviews for the Styles position and with the computers crashing because of the Y2K testing. At that moment, Leslie arrives and Liza is more than willing to give up some of her responsibilities, the financial ones anyway, and make a deal to sell part of the station. She does insist on retaining creative control, though, and asks Leslie to set up a meeting with the buyer so they can hash out the final agreement. Leslie promises to get right on it and asks to use the phone to make a call. She calls Adam and tells him Liza took the bait "hook, line and sinker", and tells him everything is going as planned. Adam is telling her "time is of the essence", when Liza picks up the phone across the room to make a call and hears Adam's voice. Leslie quickly hangs up her phone and leaves, while Adam covers by saying he was calling to see if she would join him at breakfast and she must have picked up the phone just before it rang. Liza believes him and agrees to try to meet him in a little while at the Valley Inn.

Alex arrives at WRCW as Liza is talking on the phone to Adam, she needs to ask Liza a question about Colby's stem cells. Liza hangs up with Adam and the two women sit down to talk. Liza's a little puzzled about what exactly Alex want to know. Alex explains that she was looking through Dimitri's records and found that David Hayward was the one who authorized the rush on the transfer of Colby's stem cells from Pine Valley Hospital to Seaview and she can't figure out why David would be involved. I don't know either, Liza replies, adding that she would never involve David in something to do with her daughter, especially after what he did to Adam. What did David do, Alex asks. Liza explains about the time that David almost killed Adam, then administered the cure at the last moment. Alex thinks something is going on and is determined to find out what it is. Liza promises to help in any way she can.

At Wildwind, Mateo comes in with a load of boxes. It's Raquel's stuff, which Edmund has said he could store there. Edmund is there when he arrives and asks exactly what's going on in his life and why he has to move Raquel's stuff. I need to sell the second condo in order to pay Hayley off for her share of SOS, he explains. Edmund says he would be glad to give Mateo a loan. Mateo replies that he knows that, he thought of asking Edmund, but decided this was something he should do on his own. Edmund doesn't really think that distancing himself from Hayley is a smart thing for Mateo to do right now. It's Hayley's idea, Mateo explains, she wants her freedom and I'm trying to give her that. If you give her too much freedom, you might not get her back, Edmund warns. Gillian enters and agrees to help Mateo move the boxes with Raquel's things and afterwards they'll go out and get some coffee. As they leave, Eugenia comes downstairs and is talking to Edmund when the doorbell rings. Eugenia goes to answer it and is delighted to find Alex standing there. She hopes that Alex is back for good, but Alex explains it's just for a while until she can find someone to run the foundation. Eugenia heads upstairs to give Edmund and Alex a chance to talk privately.

Alex asks Edmund if he knows of any reason David Hayward might have had anything to do with the transfer of David's stem cells. Are you accusing me of something, Edmund asks. No, Alex replies, I'm just trying to find out if you know anything about it. Edmund doesn't know anything about it, as far as he knows the only doctor involved was Jake Martin, David only suggested that Colby's stem cells could be used. Alex also tells Edmund about David wanting the director's position at the Andrassy Foundation and that she would never agree to it. Edmund doesn't seem quite so opposed to the idea and wants to know what Alex has against David, he's noticed there's been something between the two of them from the beginning. After briefly thinking about telling him about how David caused her friend's death, Alex decided to remain silent and just tells Edmund it's because of all the rumors floating around about David. Alex thinks the Andrassy Foundation should be a moral, honorable institution and the director should epitomize those qualities, which David certainly doesn't.

At B.J.'s, Hayley, Janet and Amanda head for the ladies room and right after they leave, Mateo and Gillian arrive and sit down. They are talking about Mateo and Hayley's relationship and Gillian warns him not to let Hayley get too far away from him, or she may decided to move on with her life without him. Mateo insists he could never do that, Hayley is the woman for him and something would be missing in any other relationship he tried to have. Gillian reminds him that she set Ryan free, hoping that he'd miss her and come back to her, but he never did. Mateo reaches out and touches Gillian's hand to thank her for her advice and just at that moment, Hayley returns and sees them holding hands. She's shocked for a moment, then recovers and goes over to the table to say hello. Gillian admires her outfit and Hayley explains about her interview. Gillian goes over to see Janet and Amanda in a not very subtle attempt to give Hayley and Mateo a chance to talk alone. He tells her that he'll soon have the money for SOS to give her. She feels bad because she didn't want him to feel pressure and rush. She tells him how nervous she is about her interview and he leans over and gives her a kiss, a "good luck" kiss, he tells her and tells her she will do great on her interview, Liza will love her. Hayley seems flustered, but not upset, and thanks him for his support. Gillian returns and she and Mateo leave. Janet, who saw the kiss, comes over and asks if it was a first step toward Hayley and Mateo getting back together. "Not even a baby step, I'm on my own", Hayley tells her.

Adam is waiting for Liza at The Valley Inn, thinking about a conversation he had with Liza where she tells him how wonderful he is with Colby. His memories are interrupted when Liza arrives, not looking particularly happy. She says to Adam, "Do you remember the day Colby's stem cells were transferred from PVH to Seaview? Something happened that day that I can't explain, but I think you can explain it."



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