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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on GL
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Monday, October 11, 1999

At the hospital:
Ben and Buzz continue to have it out about Selena and the lie that Buzz perpetrated against her, Ben and Drew. They go into her room only to find that Selena had already left. The nurse told them that she had checked out.

At Drew's apartment:
Selena thanks Max and Susan for bringing her home and sneaking her out of the hospital. She tells them that she is having a few problems with Buzz and does not wish to talk about it. Inside the apartment she is settling in when Buzz calls. Max tells him that Selena is there and that he is in hot water with her. Buzz says he is on his way over. Buzz gets there moments after Selena tells Jesse and Drew about Buzz's deception. Drew is mad, Selena is mad and Jesse is trying to get them to see why Buzz did what he did. Selena and Drew want Buzz out of their lives.

At the Santos Compound:
Carmen and Pilar are talking about their failed love lives. Pilar tells how she had to end things with Bill in order to save him. Carmen broke things off with Ben because how he treated her. Just then, Ben comes in wondering why his clothes were all over the driveway. He tells Pilar to get lost and talks to Carmen alone. He tells her of Buzz's deception and that he is truly Drew's Pa. She is still angry when Ben manhandles her and she tells him not to touch her. HE tells her to touch him then and she does, by slapping him twice, they end up in a heated passionate kiss, which lands them into bed. Pilar looks in and is disgusted and comments on how weak her mom is around Ben, but she will take care of him herself.

At the Tower's:
Reva comes to Richards's room while Cassie is in the bathroom. She overhears Reva and Richard and storms out questioning her about how far things had went between her and the Prince. Reva tells her to leave but Cassie refuses to without her sister. She drags Reva out in the hall and tells her that she is going to lose her marriage if she keeps messing with Richard. They end up arguing over Reva's interest in Richard. Reva tries to deny that she has any feelings for Richard. She leaves Cassie upset in the hallway. Richard comes out and comforts Cassie. They return to his room and talk some more.

At the Lewises':
Reva returns home and calls out for Josh, who is still not home.

At Company:
Holly, Ross, and Sam are all at Company. Holly and Sam have a date while on their cell phones sitting at separate tables. Ross says he wished to be excused from listening to their "phone sex" because it makes him want to call Blake and do the same thing.

At the Cabin:
Blake is still writing her novel, she comes up with a pseudonym and sends the first 4 chapters to some magazines via the Internet.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

At Company:
Josh carries Olivia to her room and puts her on the bed. He tells her to sleep and she says it is the last thing she wants to do right now. He goes in the bathroom to get some water and Olivia drinks it and he says he knows she is hurt but picking up a stranger in the bar won't help and she leans on his shoulder and says that the stranger was not her first choice. Josh explains that he loves his wife, and that he has almost since he was born. Olivia reaches up and kisses him. Josh slowly pulls away and gets up and Olivia apologizes. Josh tells her that she didn't make him feel uncomfortable. Josh says he has no idea what he's thinking right now, but that of everything that has happened there is one thing he's always known is that he loves his wife. He has known that for as long as he has known his own name. Olivia listens as Josh talks about them being high school sweetheart. He tells her about being separated many times and about her disappearance and how he never gave up on her. Giving up on her would be like forgetting his own name he says. Josh tells her that he doesn't like that Reva has feelings for Richard but it doesn't change how he feels, he will always love Reva. Olivia asks if Reva knows how lucky she is, that she would give anything in the world to have somebody love her like that. Olivia wants a man who will talk about her like that. Josh says he put Reva through a lot too, but in the end they love each other and that's all that matters. He never doubted the love. They fight they yell they make up...order pizza...make dinner.... but they love each other. Olivia admits that Richard isn't her fantasy; she wants someone who will love her like Josh loves Reva. "I hope you find a man like that someday." "You will recommend me will you?" "Absolutely." they smile. "You know Richard may have the crown but you are most definitely the prince." and she kisses him on the cheek. "Thank you," he tells her to sleep well and he leaves and Olivia stares in the dark.

At the Lewis house:
Reva gets home and Josh is nowhere to be found. "How did I let this happen?" she whispers and then she starts throwing things in the floor. A knock at the door brings Billy into the scene. Billy sees the mess and asks Reva what's wrong. Reva cries and says she has no idea what to say, she tells him that Josh walked out on her. Billy demands explanation. Reva is crying and says she doesn't want to talk about it and Billy says she messed up and he knows all about messing up. Reva talks about the intensity between her and Richard. It got close to making love she says. Reva defends herself. Reva admits that she thinks about Richard. She can't stop thinking about him and that is why she went to Cross Creek. She tells Billy that Richard showed up there. Billy freaks when she says it all happened at CC. Reva shouts that she didn't make love to him because Cassie and Josh came in. She also told him how Cassie has been giving her non-stop grief since San Cristobel . Billy agrees with Cassie. Reva defends herself for falling for Richard in the past by saying that she married him for love and some of those feelings are still there and very real to her.
She tells Billy about all the Love Letters between her and Richard and takes them out and shows them to Billy. She is crying because she has been reading them over and over again and these letters are HER not Catherine. She can't pretend she never loved him. He asks if these feelings are coming back now and she says she doesn't know and B says yes she knows...Maybe she should be with him. Reva says Billy is insane! Billy agrees that the thought was crazy and that should prove how messed up this whole idea is. Reva tells him that she loves Josh and that she never stopped, "not for a minute but this thing I have with Richard is real.... Billy asks her if she loves Richard and she tells him that she loves Josh. Billy tells Reva that she has to make a choice and stick by it. Billy leaves and Reva cries some more. Josh gets home and Reva is sitting in the stairs. He goes to her and they kiss

At the Church:
Pilar talked to Ray and he advised her to love her enemy's. Pilar thinks awhile and says that maybe he's right and that she should "kill Ben with kindness"

At the Santos Compound:
Ben gets up and dresses after he and Carmen had a roll in the hay. He goes to the door and Bill is there. Carmen is watching as Bill shouts at Ben. Ben offers Bill another job, he says that he can still work on computers but won't tell anyone. Bill says they are completely nuts and that he is only there to see Pilar. Carmen says she is out. Pilar comes in and asks what Bill is doing here. They argue. She tells him to get out that it is over between them. Ben defends Pilar and Bill tells him to back off. Later Pilar defends Pilar and Bill is floored. Bill leaves and Pilar is sad, Carmen takes her in her arms and comforts her. Carmen goes to call Security to keep Bill off the property. Ben asks Pilar if she meant what she said about him and says she is tired of fighting and Carmen loves him. She tells him that she spoke to a priest and he said to give him and chance and she does think it would be best. Ben leaves and Pilar says that she will make him love her.

At Tower's:
Cassie and Richard talk. Cassie is sorry for his loss and asks Richard if he thinks being in SF will help. He says yes and they talk about Reva not being Catherine. Cassie says he doesn't deserve this pain and that he will be hurt more if he stays. Cassie tells him he will love again but not with Reva. Richard says it is all a myth that Reva and Josh are meant to be. The love he and Catherine have won't just go away. Richard tells Cassie about when Reva first arrived at the palace. He says that Reva "... showed me and made me discover my own country. She showed me the places and people and customs that my royal status kept me away from..." He gets sad and Cassie is smiling and teary all at once. He tells her about their wedding day...the streets were filled with people and Catherine insisted on inviting everyone in the country! To each other they were the only people in the whole world. Catherine found the crazy folk dance and he tried to dance...he tries to remember it...Cassie gets up and takes his hands to help him remember the footsteps and then suddenly takes her hands away. "It sounds magical," she says. It was he says and very real. "Her life and my life.... it was very real and that's why I can't leave SF without her." Cassie says Reva is lucky and he says no he is the one lucky. He tells her that she reminds him of Reva...the phone rings and he freaks...he wants guards and all...He hangs up and Cassie asks what is wrong and Richard says Edmund is alive and on his way to Springfield. He takes off because Reva is not safe. Cassie takes a moment and then leave as well.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

At Drew's:
Buzz calls and Selena hangs up on him again. Jesse tells Drew that he has to go out of town to look at a stove. Drew doesn't want him to go, especially for Buzz. Selena wants him to help out Buzz and Jesse leaves. Drew tells Selena that Jesse is lying to her, she can see it in his face. They talk about everything and then Drew tells Selena that Ben got her everything she will need for her rehab. Selena tells her that it will be a hard road but she will get through it. Drew insists that she stay there with her. Drew leaves to check in with the kitchen and Selena cries. She doesn't want to be a burden on Drew.
Selena calls Buzz and asks him over. She tells Drew to go out to Company to say goodbye to Jesse. Drew goes. Buzz comes in and apologizes to Selena. He tells her that he tried to make things up to them by going to Ben with the truth. He begs her forgiveness. She tells Buzz that she had been thinking and wants to know if he will let her come to the firehouse and take care of her. She tells him that she hasn't forgiven him but she has to be practical and she doesn't want to be a burden on Drew. Buzz wants to know why she is going home with him. She tells him that it is because she wants to walk again and with the equipment he has she will get better faster. She gives him a chance to change his mind but he doesn't.

At the Cabin:
Blake greets Harley, who brings in tons of groceries for her. Blake feels that baby kick and is over emotional. She wishes she could share it with Ross. Harley told Blake to give in and call Ross. Harley reads Blake's book and recognizes the tale as the story between Ross and Holly. Blake tells Harley that the characters started talking to her and Harley knew that Blake had flipped. Blake tells her that the characters kept her company. Harley leaves.

At the Carriage house:
Ross is reading to the twins about King Arthur and Guinavere and thinking of Blake.

At the Lewises':
Reva and Josh are hugging. He admits what happened with Olivia and he and Reva start smooching on the sofa. Just then Richard and Cassie come in to warn them about Edmund. Josh acts like a jerk, not believing Richard about his brother. Josh tells Richard that Edmund may be coming after him, not Reva. He then tells him that Reva would be in no danger if he had stayed in San Cristobel. Josh starts berating Richard for trying to manipulate Reva until she stepped in and stopped him. Josh asks Reva if she still has feelings for Richard. Reva told Josh that he cant change the past and that with tensions running high, people are saying things they should not. She leaves and Richard tells Josh that he should never ask a question that he doesn't want to know the answer to. He tells him that he is concerned for Reva and that he still feels an obligation to her. Josh tells him to get out of his house before he gets rid of him.
Outside, Cassie asks Reva if she still loves Richard. Reva tells Cassie that she has feelings for Richard but is in love with Josh. She wants her life back and Cassie is wrong. Cassie agrees and says that Richard has to leave, not only because of Reva but because he is starting to get to her (Cassie) also. Reva questions her and Cassie tells her that she understands how she felt strongly towards Richard. Reva asks her how she feels but they are interrupted by Josh and Richard. Richard offers to take Cassie home and Reva is not too happy about it.

At Company:
Buzz sees Jesse with another woman and tells him not to mess things up with Drew. He and Deena are leaving town together and she wants to know when he is going to come clean with Drew. She is going to pack and meet him at the train station in an hour. Jesse goes and asks Buzz to cover for him about his trip out of town. Buzz wants to know what's up. He says he will tell him tomorrow. Selena calls and asks Buzz to come over. He heads out. Drew comes in and says she is sorry to Jesse for the fight they had. They kiss and Jesse feels guilty. Jesse leaves and Drew tells him to call her. He goes outside and Drew picks up a piece of paper with a 202-phone number on it. She calls and gets Deena's answering machine. She thinks the worst.
Michelle and Bill are outside and Bill is drinking talking about Pilar dumping him. They talk about being friends forever and that their first crushes were on one another. Danny calls Michelle and tells her about Theresa being on the flight. They swap, I love you's, and hang up.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

At the Lewis's:
Reva and Josh are talking when Billy gets home with Marah and Shayne. Josh tells her that they have to let the kids in on what happened in San Cristobel , (Richard and Jonathan). Reva reluctantly agreed and they headed outside. Marah came in transformed, Mindy had her in fashionable dress and her makeup done up, Josh acted like he didn't recognize her and told her how beautiful she was. Reva came out and told Marah to get in the house and take off that makeup. Marah went in the house with Shayne. Josh told Reva not to take things out on Marah. Reva apologizes to Marah and they make up. Marah talks about their trip to Paris. Shayne came in and Reva and Josh talk to the kids. Reva told them that she had another life when she was missing those years and that she lived in San Cristobel. She told them about Richard and Jonathan. Marah got ticked off and left. Shayne stayed wasn't sure how he felt. He knows his mom would never hurt them if she could help it. He leaves. Josh and Reva (alone) Josh asks Reva what happened between her and Richard at Cross Creek. She told him that there was no making love; no kissing the only thing that happened was that they held each other when they talked about Jonathan. Josh asked Reva why she was acting jealous when Richard was with Cassie; Reva denied it and told Josh that Cassie just got caught up in Richard and that nothing more was going on. Cassie comes in from the bank and tells Reva that she knows she made love with Richard or came close to it. Reva finally kind of admits it, when she asks her if Richard was going to tell Josh. Cassie tells her that she has to stop this before her marriage suffers. She leaves; Reva looks at the invitation Richard sent and says that she will put a stop to things, tonight!

At the bank:
Cassie had a meeting with the banker about her mortgage on the farm. He tells her that she has until close of business tomorrow to come up with the past due balance. She is upset when Richard comes in. She tries to cover but he knows something is wrong. She tells him that he should leave Springfield because there is nothing for him here. He tells her that she doesn't know how Reva feels, that she didn't see how Reva responded to her at Cross Creek. Cassie leaves. The bank manager comes back and tells her that they are going to call in her loan if no payment is made and the entire balance will fall due, she is upset and Richard walks back in. She cries in his arms. She tells him and he offers to help her out but she takes it the wrong way and asks him if he is trying to buy her. Richard goes to the President of the Bank and takes care of the past due balance and asks that no one tell Cassie that he did it, just to tell her that there was a clerical error or something. They agree and Richard leaves.

At Company:
Ross and Holly are talking about Blake. Susan and Max are talking about the party for the Prince at the country club. She asks if Max wants to go. He said he'd rather go to a new club. So the date is planned to go to both party and club. Harley comes up and interrupts. They go in to Company and Harley overhears Ross and Holly. Ross questions Harley about the boy's whereabouts. She had told Ross that she would take them to the park because she knew that Blake would be there and then left Blake alone with the guys. Blake spends time with the little guys and is happy. Harley and Ross come back and Harley pretends that her babysitter was there with the boys. Blake hides but the boys tell Ross that Mommy was there earlier. Harley tells Blake that she doesn't think Ross and Holly are together and told her that she overheard part of their conversation. Blake wonders if she was wrong about Ross and Holly.

Friday, October 15, 1999

At the Lewises':
Reva comes down stairs in a sparkle-y dress and hides her pumps and purse behind a pillow on the sofa. She ties a trench coat around her so that Josh will not notice the party clothes she has on. He comes out and says that he has found Marah and is on his way to Company to pick her up. Reva lied and said that she was about to go to look for Marah. After Josh leaves, Reva puts on her heels and leaves, heading for the party at Tower's.

At Company:
Drew confronts Buzz and asks him what is up with Jesse. She wants to know if he is cheating on her and Buzz tells her that he didn't think so but that he was sure that something was up with him. Drew makes a few calls and hears Jesse come in with a female. She sees them but they do not see her. She follows when she hears Jesse tell her that Drew wasn't expecting him for a few hours and that they could go up stairs for a while. She heard talking outside the door and opened the door. She saw Jesse and the girl praying. Jesse tells Drew that he had been seeing Deena, who is a rabbi that was helping him convert to Judaism.
Max sees Marah and asks her what is wrong when he sees her crying. She tells him that it is parent stuff. They talk a while and she asks if he wanted to go out somewhere. He thought a second and told her that he would love to but he had to pick up Susan at some Prince's party first. Marah asks Max to take her to the party. He said okay but that he had to talk to Susan and cancel their plans.
Josh runs into Olivia when he came in to find Marah. They had coffee and she asked him to accompany her to Richards's party. He said no, but that he would drive her there. She said she has to know if there is a chance for her and the Prince.

At Towers:
Michelle makes an effort to convince Pilar to give Bill another chance but Pilar explains her belief that Bill is better off without her and her family. Pilar then continues with her plan and confides to Ben that she thinks of him as she once did her father. Michelle came back in and sees Pilar with Ben and throws wine all over Ben for what he did to Bill.
At Richard's party, Richard and Cassie are talking. Cassie tells Richard that Reva will not be coming. Richard smiles at the thought and agrees to make a bet with her; he is convinced that Reva will come to see him. Cassie tells him that if Reva shows, she will stay out of his way in his pursuits of her sister, but if Reva did not show up then he had to return to San Cristobel. Well, Reva does arrive and asks to speak to Richard alone. She is cold hearted telling him that she only pitied him and felt guilty but that she had no feelings for him. She tells him that she's going back to Josh. She then takes his love letters and burns them right in front of her. Reva is seen at the party by Josh, Olivia, Marah and Cassie.

At the Carriage house:
Ross finds Sam's cowboy hat and tells Holly that they cannot be sneaking around seeing each other. He warns her she could go to prison if she breaks the judge's order. Blake secretly watches from outside, Ross and Holly dance as a way to pass the time. She tries to run away and drops her manuscript of her first few chapters. Ross and Holly go outside when they hear the scuffle and find the envelope.

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