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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, October 11, 1999

Molly is taking out her trash and Chris comes walking around the corner. She is having a difficult time and Chris comments that he would help her but she has told him to butt out of her life. Chris goes into Andy's apartment and slams the door. Molly is rummaging through the trash because she has lost her key. She goes over to the Super's door and starts banging on it. Chris is settling in with some Chinese food and football. He hears Molly banging on the door and he opens his door and tells her to pipe down, it is late. Molly says to him that it is getting cold too. She is only wearing a T-shirt and shoes. She tells him that she has lost her key and locked herself out of her apartment. He tells her to keep it down, he is trying to watch TV. He closes the door again and watches her through the little window in the door. Molly goes over and sits on the lawn furniture. She pulls her T-shirt down over her legs and starts to blow on her hands. A little while later, she stands up and can't feel her feet because she is so cold. She goes over and knocks on Chris' door again. He comes to the door and she asks if he has a sweatshirt or something she can borrow until the Super returns. He tells her to come in and stop letting the cold air in. She tells him that if he was to bring a girl to this apartment, he would have to blindfold her. She makes another comment about the apartment needing a good cleaning. He tells her that he doesn't have a sweatshirt with him and she goes and gets one of Andy's. They have a little discussion about what went wrong between her and Andy. She looks again to see if the Super is home yet and he isn't. Chris tells her that he was about to watch football and if she can keep her mouth shut, she can stay in his apartment until the Super comes home. He offers her some Chinese food. She gets into watching the game with him and then it is late when the game is over and the Super is still not home. Chris tells her that she can stay in his apartment and sleep on the couch. They are making up the couch and Chris is heading for bed when there is a knock at the door. It is the Super and he is there to let Molly back into her apartment. Molly is reluctant to go, but she thanks Chris for his hospitality and she leaves with the Super. Chris looks like he wanted her to stay, too.

Margo is standing on the balcony of a hotel in Chicago. She is enjoying the night air when Alec walks up behind her. He tells her that he knows that she is still a cop. He steps closer to her and pushes her up against the railing. He says that he wants her to tell him the truth. Margo fesses up and says that she never left the department. Alec says that the ball is now in his court. He reaches into his coat and Margo thinks that he is reaching for his gun. She winces and says, "No, Alec." He pulls out an envelope and hands it to her. She asks what is in the envelope? He tells her that it is what she has been after all along, evidence to put him away. Margo asks him why he is giving her the information? He tells her that he is tired of watching his back and he couldn't see himself baring his soul to Hal Munson. She says that he will have to eventually. He says that there is one more reason he came to her first, he was hoping that she would give him a couple more hours of freedom before she took him in.

Now, Emily is outside the hotel door and a hotel employee gets off the elevator bringing room service. Emily acts like she is lost and makes up a big story about trying to find her friend, Margo Hughes. The room service guy tells Emily that she is right in front of Ms. Hughes door. She gives the guy money to bring a nice bottle of wine for Ms. Hughes and her date (long story). She tells him to tell Ms. Hughes that the wine is from the hotel and leave her out of it.

Alec is waiting for an answer from Margo. Will she wait a few hours and spend some time with him or is she going to take him in to the station? There is a knock at the door and Margo goes to answer it. The room service guy comes waltzing in with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Margo says that she didn't order that and Alec says that it wasn't him. The room service guy says that it is compliments of the hotel and he leaves. Alec asks Margo once again what she is going to do, run him in to the station or have a glass of wine with him. She walks over and picks up the wine glass. Later, they are having dinner and drinking their wine. Margo is looking pensively at Alec and he asks her what she is thinking about. She says that she lied to him, she mistrusted him and she spied on him. He says that is OK because that is her job. She stands up and he walks over to her. He says that she has always been there in his most critical moments. She was there with him when Eddie was shot. He puts his arms around her and asks her what it is that she wants? She looks at him and then she kisses him. Alec takes Margo over to the bed and lays her down and is kissing her passionately. She says no and he tells her not to say it. She says, "Please, Alec!" He says OK and sits up. He tells her to tell him what she wants and she says that she doesn't even know what it is that she wants. He says that like the fairy tale says, you just reach out and take what you want. She looks at him and then kisses him again. They fall back on the bed again.

Susan is trying to tell Emily that she is not being a friend to Tom if she tells him what she knows about Margo and Alec. Emily, once again, tells her mother to keep her nose out of her business. The doorbell rings and Emily says that will be Tom and her mother is to keep her mouth shut. Tom comes in and he says that it sounded urgent that Emily needed to see him. Susan offers Tom something to drink and Emily tells her mother that it isn't a tea party. Susan takes the hint and leaves. As she is leaving, she whispers to Emily to remember what she said about mistakes. Emily looks at Tom and says that mothers never learn to butt out. Tom tells Emily that he is in a hurry and she wants to know what is going on. Tom tells her that Margo has been working undercover and he thinks that Alec Wallace may be on to her and he can't fine either of them anywhere. Emily suggests that maybe Margo is in deeper in the case than what he thinks. Tom tells her that Margo is too professional to get emotionally involved with someone that she is investigating. Emily suddenly has a change of heart and she doesn't tell Tom about Margo being with Alec. Tom leaves and Emily says to herself that she will play her ace when she sees the rest of the hand.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Kim is taping an anniversary show and Katie is watching. She is admiring Kim for being on the air for so long. Kim takes a break and she sees Katie standing there. Kim asks Katie if they can talk after the show is over and Katie says that she will be there. Kim walks away and woman comes up and asks Katie to make some copies. Katie is tired of making copies but tells the lady that she will have it done. After Kim is done taping, she comes over and asks Katie if they can talk now. Katie says that they can talk. Kim asks Katie if she has seen Chris lately and Katie tells her that she has and he is doing well. Kim says that she is afraid that Chris may be in some kind of trouble. Katie gets a look on her face and then confesses to Kim that she knows something about Chris. Kim asks her to please tell her. Katie tells Kim that Chris is not enrolled at Oakdale University like he lead his parents to believe. Katie asks Kim not to tell Chris that she told Kim. Kim says that she will keep her confidence. Kim goes to Chris' apartment and Chris is happy to see his mother. Kim asks him how classes are going and he tells her that they are fine and he has a class later today. Kim gets a disapproving look on her face and asks Chris not to lie to her. She knows that he is not going to class. He tells her that he doesn't know what he wants to be and he feels that it is a waste of time and money. Chris asks her if his father knows yet? She says that she hasn't told him and he is not going to be happy when he hears it. Kim says that she is not going to be the one to break the news to Bob. She is going to let Chris do that job.

John is eating at the diner and Carly walks in and past him. They give each other faces. Camille comes in and joins John at his table. John starts to rant about Carly and all the stuff that she has gotten away with. He tells her that he is tired of it and he will catch her someday. He says, "What goes around, comes around." Carly is behind the counter looking in the briefcase of money. She says, "Good morning all you presidents" with a big smile on her face. John tells Camille that he has noticed that Carly is guarding that briefcase like it has the family jewels in it. He asks Camille to keep Carly occupied for a bit while he checks out the contents. At first, Camille doesn't want to have anything to do with it and then she says that she will do it. John calls Carly over and has her take an order from Camille and he excuses himself. He sneaks behind the counter and looks in the briefcase and sees all the money. He closes the briefcase and returns it to where it was stashed and returns to the table. Carly is finishing Camille's order and she grimaces at John and leaves to fill the order. John tells Camille that he has got Carly now. He knows that she has done something illegal and he is going to go report her. He leaves to go to the police station.

Margo wakes up and Alec is not in bed with her. She picks up her robe and hugs it to her. Alec comes around the corner, he is dressed. She looks at him and says for a minute she thought that last night was just a dream. He tells her that it wasn't a dream and he hands her a rose and tells her that she is beautiful. She tells him not to say that because she is anything but beautiful first thing in the morning. She gets up and gets dressed. Alec tells her that it is time for her to take him in to the station and arrest him. She says that she can't do that because the evidence that he gave to her last night is past the statute of limitations. He tells her that he is tired of this hanging over his head and he wants to go confess and get it out of the way. She tells him that she can't do it because Hal has fired her from the police force. He looks at her and says that she knew that last night and why didn't she tell him. She makes a reference to torturing the prisoner. He grabs her and hugs her and they kiss. He says that he is going to go to the station and confess and he wants her to be by his side. She says that she will go and be by his side.

At the police station, Jack is telling Hal that they are having a hard time locating Mr. Wallace. Hal says that they have no other choice but to put out an APB on him. As Hal is picking up the phone to put in his order, Alec and Margo come walking in. Hal looks at Margo and asks what is she doing there. He thought that he gave her strict orders. Margo says that he can't tell her who she is going to see. Alec says that he is there to tell Hal everything he needs to know. Hal says that is good and he can start by telling them about the phone calls that he had from the hit man that shot Eddie Silva.

Molly comes into the diner and up to the counter where Carly is working. She sees the briefcase behind the counter and starts to freak out that Carly would bring all that money to work with her. Carly tells her to calm down and asks Molly what she should have done, leave the money in the seedy hotel room for the maid to steal. Molly realizes that she has to keep the money with her. Molly suggests that Carly give it to her and she will keep the money for her. Carly tells Molly that she is having second thoughts about the money because everyone in town knows that they are broke and if they start spending money left and right, they will know something is up. Molly says that she is right, but she can't turn the money in, they could have such a good time with it. Carly tells her about the bet that she and Jack have and if she isn't honest she could loose him again. Finally, Carly makes up her mind and picks up the phone to call Jack.

At the station, Hal and Jack are showing Alec evidence that the hit man made a half a dozen phone calls to his cell phone. Alec says that those records must be doctored. Hal asks him if he is working on his dream defense already? Alec looks at Margo and says that he wouldn't do such a thing, she has to believe him. Jack gets called away to the phone. Carly is calling him and she needs him to come to the diner ASAP, it is urgent. Jack tells her that he is in the middle of something and she begs him to come. He tells her that he will be right there. As he is hanging up, John walks in and asks Jack where Hal is and Jack tells him that he is busy. John says that he will have time for this and he walks over to where Hal is. John walks up to Hal and interrupts he and Margo and Alec. Hal tells John that he is in the middle of something. John says that Margo can handle whatever is going on. Hal says that she can't and he leads John to the door. Alec asks Hal if he can talk to Margo alone? Hal looks at the two of them. Margo says, "Please." Hal closes the door and goes to take care of John. John starts in babbling about he and Hal's favorite ex-wife, Carly. John is sure that she has committed a crime and he wants Hal to go check it out. Hal calls one of the other cops over and tells him to go to the diner and get him a BLT and while he is there check things out and see if there has been a crime committed. John and the cop leave together.

At the diner, Jack comes in and wants to know what is going on with Carly now? She asks him to not be mad at her. She pulls out the briefcase and she tells Jack that it belongs to the hit man that was in her room the other night. He opens it and sees that it is full of money. He tells her that this is the money that he got for the hit. Carly is making a face and Jack tells her that this is evidence. She says that she is sorry and she reminds him that she did fess up and turn the money in. Jack scolds her a little and sits down to count the money. John comes waltzing in with the cop and sees Jack sitting at the table. John says that this is good, her lover can see them lead her out in cuffs. Jack looks up and asks the cop if this is what he is looking for? Jack is holding up the briefcase. Jack tells the cop that there has been no crime committed because Carly turned the money in. John is mad and he tells Carly that she will screw up someday and he will be there to watch her go down. He leaves in a huff. Carly is appreciative to Jack for protecting her against John. They are discussing the bet that they have made between them and she finally pulls out a bundle of bills from her blouse. She says that she thought she could keep a little of the money. Jack asks her if he is going to have to search her? They both laugh.

Back at the station, Alec comes up with an excuse for the phone calls. He tells Hal that a Julian Harris had called him a couple of times to set up a business meeting. Hal says that he doesn't believe him. Alec turns to Margo and asks if she believes him. She doesn't answer him. Alec asks Hal if he has no further questions, is he free to go? Hal says that he has nothing to hold him on. Alec asks Margo if she is ready to go and she says that she has a few things to clear up first. Alec says that he will see her later and he leaves. After Alec is gone, Hal asks Margo if she is going to believe that line of bull that Alec just fed them. She covers her ears and says that she doesn't know what to believe anymore.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Lucinda advises Jake to "bully" his way back into getting the scoop on Alec. Kim worries to Katie about Chris "being on the front line" for World War III. Molly covers for Chris when Bob comes looking for him. Julia is wary when Jake says she's too smart to accept Alec's words as the gospel truth.

Chris hides out in Molly's apartment. Kim arrives and Bob tells her she's keeping their son from growing up. Chris is stunned to learn Molly has a daughter. A frazzled Denise tells Ben she has to quit school. Julia laughs off Jake's suggestion that they work together, and is later incensed to hear Jake denigrating her to Lucinda.

Chris is sympathetic when Molly reveals that her dad forced her to give her baby up for adoption. Chris decides to stop hiding and goes downstairs to meet his parents, who are still holding vigil outside his apartment.

Denise explains to Ben that she simply can't juggle work, school and Hope, and something has to give--she's not giving up her daughter, nor is she willing to spend just a couple hours a day being around her. She spurns Ben's offer of help--she has to figure things out for herself.

Julia tells Jake she's no "dewy-eyed novice" and relishes putting him in the dust. Bob struggles to contain his anger when Chris explains he never felt like he belonged in college. Bob says he won't give Chris any money if he's not being educated and walks off. Kim holds back tears as she urges her son to follow his dreams and find out what he really wants to do. Chris refuses to take the cash she offers him--he has to do this on his own.

Molly gets a call from Diana Williams, Abigail's adoptive mother, explaining that her daughter wants to meet her biological parents. Molly is eager but Diana wants to talk to her alone first and Molly agrees to meet Mrs.Williams at the Lakeview for lunch the next day. When she hangs up, she explains to Chris that she's going to meet her daughter and cries. Chris haltingly embraces her.

Molly worries to Chris about living up (or down) to her daughter's expectations. Ben runs into Camille, who relates to him that she's decided to go back into pre-med full time and is looking for an assistant's job at the hospital. Ben is touched by the idea of them possibly going into practice together some day.

Julia gets a hotel worker to bait Jake into leaving the room, explaining that there's a call from Alec Wallace on the lobby phone. Ben shows Denise a listing of available hospital jobs and she is drawn to an ad for a research assistant with flexible hours--the same one Camille is herself reading.

Jake returns and catches Julia sifting through his notes. Julia professes ignorance but tells him she does recognize the setting in the photo of Alec and his associates. He presses her for information, but all she'll say is that it's in Chicago.

Kim is grateful when Katie offers to keep Kim updated on Chris--you're an "okay cookie," Kim tells her. Katie exults when Kim confides she put in a good word for her about the P.A. job.

Chris is slow to leave Molly's apartment, telling her "your bark is worse than your bite, Ms. Conlon" before finally closing the door and walking away.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

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Today's recap was provided by Corinna Butcher

Tom runs into the station to question Hal as to the whereabouts of Margo. Hal tells Tom she left with Alec. Wanting to believe that Margo is with Alec for the sake of the investigation, Tom makes excuses for her. Hal explains that he believes there is something personal going on between Margo and Alec.

Holden and Lily wait for Molly to show up for their scheduled lunch to meet Abigail's adoptive mother, Diana Williams. Molly is still at her apartment trying to find the most prim and proper outfit to make a good impression on Mrs. Williams, when Chris comes to the door. Frustrated, and worried that there's no way Mrs. Williams will ever let her meet with Abigail, Molly tells Chris she's not going to the lunch. Chris is able to convince Molly that she will be wonderful and that she should go.

Georgia talks to Eddie about future plans to keep his spirits up. As Alec arrives to visit Eddie, Georgia meets him at the door and tells Alec that he should stay away from Eddie before he winds up dead like Alec's associates have. Margo arrives and goes in to talk to Eddie. Eddie tells Margo how he told Alec about her being undercover. Margo assures him that it's alright.

Ben puts in a good word for Denise at the hospital, where she is about to apply for a position. When Denise arrives, she tells Ben she wants to do this on her own. Camille shows up, applying for the same position. When they discover the interviewer to be John, Denise tries to walk away from the interview. Camille tells John that Denise has applied first, and she also tries to leave the interview. John, saying that he's never met such reluctant candidates, convinces both girls to interview, and after talking with Camille about the cancer they both survived, offers the job to her, whereas Camille accepts.

Molly, coming to the luncheon late, offers her apologies and manages to make a complete fool of herself in front of Mrs. Williams. Holden tries to defend Molly, saying that she is cleaning up her life. Molly, very upset, runs off to the restroom, and Chris is standing off to the side where he has overheard everything. When Molly comes back out, Mrs. Williams informs Molly that she doesn't believe it would be in Abigail's best interest at this point to meet her. Chris is applying for the position as bartender, and is turned down because of his age. When Mrs. Williams , Holden, and Lily all leave, Chris thinks about going over to Molly, who has her head down, but decides to leave her alone. The waiter asks Molly if he can get her anything, and she tells him she's not in a celebrating mood, even though it's her birthday.

Margo comes into the station, and tells Hal that she knows Alec is innocent. Hal tells Margo that he doesn't believe in Alec's innocence, and Margo goes to leave, when Tom stops her wanting to know what's going on. Margo agrees to give Tom some answers, and tells him that there is more between her and Alec that he knows about.

When Chris gets home, he looks at his calendar and realizes it's Molly's birthday.

Friday, October 15, 1999

Chris arrives at Molly's door but she won't let him in. Jake crows to Lucinda that Alec has taken the bait and explains the bouquet of red roses are for Julia. A tearful Margo tells Tom, "I want Alec" and refuses to believe Tom's assertion that Alec is using her as a means of clearing his name. Julia takes offense to Jake's supposed peace offering.

Molly finally opens the door to Chris and he presents her with a Ding Dong--happy birthday, he tells her. She promptly bursts into tears. Molly laments that she'll never be able to know her daughter after her disastrous lunch with Diane Williams. Jake's so busy sparring with Lisa that he doesn't immediately notice that Julia's left. He runs out of Lisa's office, headed for the Chicago sportsbar that Julia recognized in the photo.

Alec arrives at the station and reveals to Tom that he knows all about Margo working undercover on him--they don't keep any secrets. Tom refutes Alec's claim that their marriage is over--it's over when his wife says it is. Margo keeps mum.

Chris reassures Molly--one day her daughter will seek her out, regardless of what her adoptive parents think. After hearing from her son how Margo's feelings for Alec are no longer "pretend," Lisa believes Margo has lost her mind.

In Chicago Julia shows Fred Falcone the bartender the photo, but before she can find out anything Jake surprises her. Jake calls Lucinda and asks her to hold the front page but gives her no specifics. Fred later tells Julia he was the one who took the photo.

Chris confides to Molly that he saw in her a kindred spirit--he too needs someone who likes him for who he is. He holds her when she admits she's scared. Margo admits to Alec she realized she loved him when she saw the depth of his feelings when Eddie was shot, and Alec kisses her.

Julia agrees to meet the bartender on his ship, and he promptly calls Alec. Molly pulls back and Chris is hurt when she worries about how they will be perceived. As a storm rages outside, the lights flicker out and Molly stops Chris at the door--please don't leave, she begs.

Julia calls Tom and asks him to hold the front page, as she's about to get the scoop on Alec. When Jake arrives on the ship, Julia refuses to believe she's been set up. Jake points out the incongruity of a bartender's salary being enough to afford a luxurious boat and then notices the boat is moving.

Molly recalls her fear of the dark stemming from the fact that her father used to shut her in the hall closet every time he believed she'd done something wrong. Chris and Molly sway towards each other and then kiss in the flickering candlelight.

Jake carries a kicking and screaming Julia over his shoulder and strides out of the stateroom, which promptly explodes.


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