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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, October 4, 1999

Alec is waiting in the parking garage for Margo. He looks up and sees the hit man in place. Margo walks in and sees Alec and she says, "This is cozy." Alec tells her that there are some things that he needs to talk to her about. The hit man has Margo in his site and then he moves the gun toward Alec. Eddie is lurking around and he sees Alec and then Margo. He looks up and sees the gun pointing at Alec. He runs to Alec yelling at him. At that time, the hit man pulls the trigger and Eddie gets hit. Margo screams, "No!!" and runs to Alec and Eddie. She tells Alec to stay down. She runs after the hit man but can't find him. She comes back and calls an ambulance. As she is approaching Alec and Eddie, she hears Alec say that it wasn't suppose to be Eddie, the bullet wasn't meant for him. Margo questions Alec, she asks him who the bullet was meant for? Alec tells her that the bullet was meant for him. They are cuddling Eddie and Georgia comes into the garage. She yells and asks what happened? Margo tells her that Eddie was shot. Georgia starts to freak. Margo goes to her and tries to calm her down. She tells her to breath or she will hyper-ventilate. Georgia tries to pull her self together. Hal and Tom come running in, they have heard the call for the ambulance over the police radio. Margo explains what has happened and Hal takes off to find the gunman.

At the hospital, Bob hears about the call that the ambulance in bringing in a gunshot wound to a male Caucasian, about 19 or 20 years old. Bob immediately thinks of Chris. The EMT's rush Eddie in and into a room and Georgia tries to follow. Bob tells her that she can't go in the room with Eddie, she will have to wait in the lobby. Margo stays with her and tries to calm her down. Tom comes up to Margo and takes her off to the side. He wants to know what is going on and why has she been lying to him. She tells him that it is not the time. Margo goes over to talk to John who has come out to check on some information. John can't tell her anything yet and he goes back into the room with Eddie. Alec asks Margo about John being called in on the case. He asks if he is a specialist or something. Margo tells him that he is a heart specialist. Georgia is still crying and she whispers, "His heart?" Alec is very upset and is fighting back the tears.

To help settle herself down, Georgia goes and gets coffee. She offers Alec and Margo some. Margo takes the coffee because Georgia is shaking so much that she is spilling it all over. She asks Margo if Dr. Dixon has come out with any more information? Margo tells her that he hasn't yet. Tom comes over to Georgia and tells her to take a walk with him and they leave. Hal comes in and tells Margo that they need to question Alec. Margo tells Hal to let her handle Alec and she goes to him and tells him that the police needs to question him. He tells her that it is not the time, Eddie is still being examined. He says that she does not understand and she says that she does understand, she knows that Eddie is his son. Alec looks at her and she tells him not to deny it and he says that he won't, not now. He tells her how he was just going to help Eddie a little and not let him know who he was. Margo adds that Eddie grew on him. Alec says that he was going to give Eddie his empire and now look where he is. He tells Margo that he had arranged for Eddie to be out of town so he wouldn't be involved in the hit. Alec tells Margo that he wishes there was something more that he could do and Margo says that there is, talk to the police and tell them who was behind the shooting. John comes out and says that they are going to have to operate on Eddie immediately. Georgia asks if she can see him and John tells her that she can just for a moment. Georgia goes to Eddie and tells him that they are a pair and he better come through the surgery because she doesn't know what she would do without him. They wheel Eddie away and Georgia is crying and Alec is worried. Margo comes over to Alec and puts her hands on his shoulders. Tom is watching them.

Chris walks into a biker bar. The bartender asks him what he wants. Chris says that he is looking for someone. He turns and sees Lee making a deal with some guy. He walks up and hears Lee say, "Let's talk about some pharmaceuticals." Lee looks up and sees Chris standing there. He stands up and moves in front of the items on the table so Chris cannot see them. Lee wants to know what Chris is up to. Chris tells him that he took something from his grandmother and he is there to get it back. Lee reminds him of where he is and that the people who hang out there do not like rich kids. Someone grabs Chris' arm and turns him around. It is a girl and she asks if there is a problem. Chris looks at her and then passed her and sees all the patrons of the bar starting to line up.

Bob goes to see Nancy. She is bored and wants to go home. Bob is not listening to her and he says that he wants to keep her just awhile longer for observation. Nancy wants to know why he is preoccupied. He tells her about the emergency downstairs and how he first thought of Chris. He tells her that he is having second thoughts about kicking him out of the house. She tells him that all children go through growing pains and she reminds him of some of the things that he pulled as a young man. He has a chuckle, remembering some of the things that he had done. She tells him that he turned into a fine young man, he is a wonderful family man and a magnificent doctor. She says that Chris will be OK and he shouldn't worry too much about him. He gives his mother a kiss and tells her that he loves her. Bob walks out of her room and runs into Chris in the hallway. He looks at Chris and sees that he has a wound on his face. He asks Chris what happened to him and Chris says, "What does it look like? I was in a fight." He tells his father that he should see the other guy. Bob looks at him, not amused. Chris tells his dad not to worry, he doesn't live in his house anymore and he can take care of himself. Bob tells him to have his face looked at before he leaves the hospital and he walks away. Chris walks into his grandmother's room and she is happy to see him, but she is worried about the wound on his face. He tells her that he had to fight a guy to get this back and he takes her watch out of his pocket. She tells him that she is happy to have her watch back, but he should not have put himself in danger to get it. She tells him that he is much more important to her than her watch. She tells him that he reminds her of his grandfather. She tells him a story about his grandfather and how his father wanted him to take over the farm and his grandfather wanted to be a lawyer. She says that it took a lot of guts to walk away from the family and make his own way. She tells Chris that he will do the same, he is special and he should never give up on himself. She asks where Chris is staying and he says with friends and for her not to worry. He walks out of the room and leans against the wall and lets out a sigh.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Lily goes to the hospital to comfort Georgia. She suggest that Georgia go with her to the chapel. When they get there Georgia gets on her knees and says a prayer for Eddie.

Margo is sitting with Alec and Tom is watching them. Margo leaves to get Alec a glass of water. Tom walks over to Alec and starts grilling him. Tom wants to know why Alec put Margo in the line of fire? Alec tells Tom to leave and Tom tells him that he can't get out of it this time. Margo comes back with Alec's water and she hears what Tom is doing. She makes Tom walk away. When they are away from Alec, she tells Tom that Alec has been through a lot tonight and doesn't need to be bothered. Tom tells her that Alec gets away with everything and he is not letting him off the hook this time.

Carly walks into her room and leaves the door open because she is distracted with sirens going by outside. She walks over to the window and wonders what is going on. She realizes that her window is open and she didn't remember leaving it open. As she is closing it, she sees the reflection of a man behind her. She turns around and sees Carter, the hit man, walking up behind her.

Alec's phone rings and Carter, the hit man, is calling. Carter has tied Carly up and has a gun pointed at her. Alec tells him that he was supposed to wing him and he failed. Alec asks where he is and Carter tells him that he is at The Yardley and the room number. Alec says that he will be there and Carter tells him to bring some take out. Alec hangs up and under his breath he says, "You shouldn't have shot my son."

Margo takes Alec to the chapel. Alec takes a seat in the back and Georgia and Lily are in the front, kneeling at the alter. Margo tells Alec that she needs to leave for a little bit, but she will be back shortly. Georgia tells Lily that she would like to go back to the waiting area in case there is any news about Eddie. As they are leaving, Georgia sees Alec sitting in the back. She goes over to him and tells him that she knows that Eddie is going to be OK. She and Lily leave and as soon as they are gone, Alec stands up and leaves also.

Eddie is on the operating table and John asks if everyone is ready? He gives the nurses last minute instructions and then he tells Eddie to hang in there and work with them and they will make him better. As they are working, things in the room start to fade. Eddie is, all the sudden, laying in a bed and Dina is beside him. She starts to talk to him and he opens his eyes. She tells him how wonderful there life together is going to be and she describes the house that she has for them. She tells him that he can go fishing in the pond not far from their house. She tells him about the mall where you can go get whatever you want and charge it and they never send you the bill. Eddie smiles and says that she would like that. Eddie tells Dina about Georgia and Dina says that she can come and join them some day. He lets go of Dina's hand and says that Georgia means everything to him. He tells his mother that he would come with her, but he can't leave Georgia.

John is out of surgery and he finds Georgia. She asks him right away if Eddie is going to be OK? He tells her to come with him and find out for herself. He takes her to the intensive care unit where Eddie has been put in his bed. John tells Georgia that Eddie will be out for awhile and she tells John thanks for what he has done for Eddie. She goes over to his bedside and takes his hand. Eddie turns and looks at her and smiles. He says Dina's name and Georgia says that she knows that Dina is with him.

Back at The Yardley, Carly is trying to make all kinds of deals with Carter. He tells her to shut up and he goes over and gets his cell phone and starts to dial. Carly sneaks up behind him and when he turns around, she knees him in the groin. He doubles over in pain and Carly makes a run for the door. Carter catches her at the door and pushes her away and she goes tumbling across the floor. Carter is half past out by the door from pain. Carly has landed on top of his cell phone. She quickly dials Jack's cell phone and he answers from his car. When he answers, she says, "Jack?" and then she sees Carter coming at her. Jack is on the other end saying, "Carly?" As Carter grabs her, she lets out a scream and the phone goes dead. Carter has the gun on her again and he wants to know who she called. She said that nobody answered. He doesn't believe her and says that he is only going to ask one more time. She says that she called her boyfriend. He then realizes that he knows who she is, her boyfriend is the cop. He puts something on the end of the gun and she wants to know what it is that he is doing? He is putting a silencer on the end and says that he doesn't want everyone to here her get shot. As he is pointing the gun at her, Jack knocks on the door and calls out her name. Carter turns and points the gun at the door and as he is shooting, Jack knocks the door in. He gets Carter and puts cuffs on him. Hal and a few other cops show up and they start to investigate the scene. When Hal is ready to go, he asks a cop if Carter is ready to go be processed? The cop says that he let him go to the bathroom. Hal looks at Jack and then questions the cop. He asks him if he let him go by himself? The cop says that he isn't going anywhere with handcuffs on. Hal pulls his gun and goes to the bathroom door. He pushes the door open and finds Carter dead on the floor. Hal says that he sure isn't going anywhere, at least not now. Some of the other cops go out and try to find someone outside that would have shot Carter. They come back and tell Hal that they couldn't find anyone and they don't understand how anyone got back there because it is all grown up with brambles and trees. As the cops are carrying Carter's body out, Carly is watching and she trips on the briefcase that Carter was carrying. She says to herself that this may be a consolation prize.

Alec is back in the chapel where Margo left him. She comes back and asks if he is ready to go check on Eddie. He stands up and he notices that he has a briar attached to his coat. He pulls it off and squeezes it in his hand. Margo turns and asks if he is OK and he says that he is and he drops the briar and his hand is bleeding. They walk off.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

A giddy Carly suddenly bursts into tears and tells a concerned Hal she thought she was going to die. Georgia worries to Chris about Eddie not having woken up yet. Margo and Alec encounter one another at the airplane hangar. Alec announces that he's followed her--they have unfinished business.

After Hal and Jack comfort her, Carly examines the briefcase of money Carter left behind and tells herself she deserves it. At Jack's urging, Hal offers to let Carly see Parker and she accepts.

Alec states to Margo that the bullet was meant for him, confessing that when Eddie was shot he realized the only other person he's so connected with is her. After talking with a worried Tom, Jack remembers Hal's comment that Carly could've been the one in the body bag had Jack doubted her when she called for help.

Katie arrives but runs out of Eddie's hospital room in tears when she sees all the machines he's hooked up to. Alec agrees to back off from asking Margo how she feels when she insists she can't have this conversation with him right now. Georgia tracks down Katie, who confesses that seeing Eddie reminded her of when her father died in the same hospital.

Chris gets Katie to see the life that's associated with the hospital. With him holding her hand, Katie is able to walk in and talk to Eddie about them being the "four musketeers." Hal tells Carly she can have Parker overnight, confessing that though he was sworn to secrecy, in fact it was all Jack's idea. When Hal asks him if he'll guard Carly's new hotel room so she'll feel safe, Jack agrees.

When Jack insists there's nothing personal about his being the one to guard her, Carly senses Jack's lying--it must be contagious, she says. Jack admits she's right. Hal balks when Barbara terms him a matchmaker--he's merely a "facilitator," since it's obvious Jack and Carly wanted to be together that night. Barbara and Hal then take advantage of the fact that all their kids are asleep and Parker is gone to get passionate.

Chris referees when Georgia insists she saw Eddie move and Katie denies seeing it. Alec heads for his son's hospital room but backs away when Georgia tells Chris that she wishes Eddie had never met Alec Wallace.

Tom informs Casey about the shooting and the two bond when Tom promises to do everything he can to reunite their family. Carly and Jack discuss the importance of having a dad and how Jack's mom could never be relied on to remember important occasions. Jack cradles Parker and sings "Ragtime Cowboy Joe," turning around to discover Carly has fallen asleep on the bed.

Margo covers up Tom, who's asleep on the couch, but stops herself from kissing him, instead cradling the City Times with its headline about Alec. On the docks Alec wipes his prints off the gun and then throws it into the river. Eddie rouses himself long enough to see that his friends are asleep at his bedside, then falls back asleep smiling.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

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The show begins with Molly running into Chris outside the apartment complex. Chris asks Molly how's she doing, since he heard her crying after he left her apartment the other day. Molly, telling Chris that it's none of his business, sees Chris's paper, where Carly happens to be the front page news. Molly hurries off to check on her cousin. Carly wakes up to find that Jack has already taken Parker back to Hal's, and has come back to check on her. Carly asks Jack if he needs the briefcase, and Jack tells her that it is not needed for evidence, and to keep it.

At the Hughes homestead, Bob finds out from his mom that Chris was able to retrieve her jewelry , and decides to go over to Andy's apartment to tell Chris how brave he has been. Bob tells Chris that even though he has tried to make right the mistake he made, that he has had it too easy. Chris tells his dad that he is not the same person his father is, and that he expects nothing less than criticism from him anyway. Bob offers to help Chris take his groceries in, so that they can talk inside without making a public spectacle of themselves. Chris refuses his father's offer, but Bob tries to take a bag of groceries from Chris to help him, and the bag tears apart. Chris tells his dad that he won't charge him for the groceries, and Bob just walks away. While Alec is at the hospital visiting Eddie, Margo comes to Eddie's room. Alec asks Margo if she has made a decision about whether she wants to be with him or not. Margo tells Alec that she doesn't want to talk about that right now, and shows him the newest edition of the City Times. On the front page is the picture of Alec with all his dead associates. Alec tells Margo that he was trying to keep Eddie away from all the garbage, and now that he has found Eddie he has someone to live for. Margo asks Alec for answers to what is really going on. Alec finally agrees that it would be better for Margo to hear the truth from him. Alec tells her that a long time ago, when he was young, he was involved with the men in the picture, he was partners in crime with them. He tells her that they worked for a mysterious stranger that would call with work for them. When the opportunity presented itself, Alec took off with the profits. He tells Margo that he is sure the hit was this mystery man looking to get even. As Margo and Alec talk, Eddie wakes up and calls out for Alec. He tries to tell him that Margo is undercover, but they tell him not to talk, that he needs to rest. Alec and Margo go outside Eddie's room where Alec is able to convince Margo to check with her friends at the station whether there are any leads in the case, and to get the cops to back off of him. Margo tells Alec she wants to stay on as his security advisor, and then heads down to the station. Alec goes back in Eddie's room, and while Eddie is sleeping, Alec talks about he hoped Margo bought the whole story.

Molly goes to Carly's motel room, where she accidentally knocks over the briefcase that had belonged to Carter. She discovers the money, and tries very hard to convince Carly that keeping the money was the right thing to do. Carly, knowing that Jack would never approve, tells Molly that she's going to turn the money over to the police. Molly tells her that Jack would never have to know about the money, and that eventually Jack will let Carly down, but the money never would. Jack comes back to Carly's room to ask her if she can remember any details about the attack. Carly tells Jack about a phone call that Carter made on his cell phone during the attack. Jack races off to tell Hal of the new found information. Before he can leave, Carly stops Jack, and though attempting to tell Jack the truth, changes her mind, and merely thanks Jack for saving her life.

Margo tells Hal what Alec has revealed to her about his past, but refuses to tell Hal why she believes Alec would never try to hurt Eddie. Sensing that Margo has personal feelings involved, Hal stops Jack from telling the information he has learned in front of Margo, when Jack comes running in with a new lead. Hal tells Margo that her first duty as an officer is to reveal all information about the case to her superior. When Margo refuses to do so, Hal tells Margo that she is suspended. Margo puts her gun on the desk, and walks out. Hal turns to Jack and asks him what the new lead is. Jack tells Hal about Carly remembering Carter making a phone call, and has retrieved the cell phone from evidence. They hit the redial button to find that the person who answers the phone is none other than Alec Wallace.

On the other end, Alec hangs his cell phone up just as Eddie is waking up again. Eddie then tells Alec what he has been trying to tell him all along...not to trust Margo, that she is still a cop.

Friday, October 8, 1999

At the stables, Holden surprises Lily by jumping down from the hayloft, an echo of when they first met. Jake castigates Lucinda for putting people in danger by printing the story on Alec too soon. Eddie manages to tell Alec that Margo is working against him. Margo refuses to explain her situation with Alec to Tom.

Tom gives Julia the okay to track down Alec and get him to talk--anything to bring him one step closer to Margo, he tells Emily. Margo explains to Casey that she's going away for a while to get her bearings--she needs to find her "true north." A coldly furious Jake informs Lucinda his creditability is now at stake, and Lucinda rejoices--maybe now she's gotten him excited.

Alec pumps Eddie for more information when his son reveals that Margo claimed to Tom that she had slept with Alec. Hal reveals to a worried Tom that Margo's been taken off the case, that it was strictly business between the two of them.

When Faith splatters applesauce on Lily, Holden kisses his wife and pronounces her delicious. With one eye on Jake, Alec agrees to talk with Julia. Hal tells Tom that he took Margo off the case because she had a change of heart and now believes Alec is the one in danger, without explaining why.

Though Alec ducks all questions about his associates and the job they did together, Julia revels in lauding her scoop to Jake. Susan can only hold her head in her hands when Emily claims that Tom has an unhealthy obsession with his wife--were Margo not "in the way," Tom would definitely choose her, Emily believes.

With Faith safely tucked away, Holden comes upon a half-dressed Lily and the two make love in the stables. Alec steals the note Margo left and he learns the phone number on it is for a hotel in Chicago. Lily confesses to Holden that there are times when he touches her or looks at her in a certain way and she thinks it's when they first met all over again.

Julia goes to Jake's office and shows him the front page of the Argus. When he lambastes her for being a mere mouthpiece for Alec's propaganda, Julia tells him he's merely jealous. Lucinda walks in soon afterward and Jake tells her that if she wants to do his job so much, she can have it, and walks out.

Tom figures out Alec took the note that Margo left. Alec surprises Margo on her hotel room balcony and calls her "Detective Hughes." I know everything, he says menacingly as Margo backs up.


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