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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, September 27, 1999

Margo continues to push Alec for answers to his strange behavior, after she arrives at his cabin. Alec argues that he his tired of answering to both her and to Eddie. Having found out that Margo went to the cabin, Emily goes even further in her plan to keep Margo from Tom by keeping Margo right where she is. Emily makes it to Margo's car and puts a handful of sand in her gas tank...and then puts in one more handful for "good measure." When Alec tells Margo to leave, Margo goes at her car, turns the ignition, and finds it won't turn over. Alec shows up and opens her car door. He tells her he was just making sure she was leaving, and Margo replies that the neighbors must not like the rich and well-to-do parking in their neighborhood, or that maybe Alec should show her his hands to see if he was the person to do this. On the other side of the car is Emily, who is hiding, after almost being seen by Margo. Alec, seeing that a storm is on it's way, tells Margo there is no time to call a tow truck and insists that she comes back to the cabin with him. As they're walking away, Emily comes out of her hiding place, and has the most sly smile on her face, obviously happy with herself for keeping Margo there with Alec.

Back at the Hughes homestead, Chris is throwing quite the party of the year. With Grandma in the kitchen, helping make some snacks for the kids, she says she's going off to her apartment in the garage to watch an old movie. Katie tells Grandma that this is one of her favorite movies, and is invited to come watch should the party get dull. Chris, Katie, Georgia, and Eddie ask Grandma to tell them about how parties were back in her day, and she tells them of how they would listen to music on a phonograph, and dance the night away. Chris starts dancing with his grandma, and everyone joins in. A knock at the door, reveals a friend that Chris had met in New York. Chris asks him whats he's doing there, and he says he dropped by to see what was going on. The friend comments on how nice the place is, and especially takes notice in Grandma's watch, that just happens to be a family heirloom. While Grandma retires to her apartment, Eddie and Georgia go back to the party. Chris talks with his friend from New York, and after telling him that he is out of work and cannot float this friend from New York a loan, he offers to at least feed him before he has to be on his way.

After a wonderfully sweet kiss from Jack, Carly pulls away, feeling guilty about having told Jack that she got the money for the apartment from selling a couple of her fashion designs. Jack tells Carly that he is proud of her for making the strides she has. He tells her that she has accepted her punishment for everything she has done wrong, and that she should not have to grovel anymore. She tells Jack that this is her last chance, and that she doesn't want to disappoint him ever again, which he replies to her, "So you won't."

Hal and Barbara sit down to a wonderful dinner that Barbara has made. Hal tells Barbara that she has been the one to hold the family together, and how much he appreciates her just stepping right up, and pitching in with Parker. Barbara, feeling her own guilt for trying to buy off Carly, so that Carly could make a home for herself and Parker, gets up from the dinner table, and takes bread out of the oven. Hal continues to compliment Barbara, and she finally tells Hal that she doesn't deserve all of his thanks. She tells Hal that she has made arrangements for Carly and Parker to make a home, and confesses to giving Carly enough money to do so. When Parker starts crying, Barbara tells Hal that Parker wants his daddy. As soon as Hal makes it upstairs, there is a knock at the door. With a look in her eye, Barbara goes to the door to find just as she had suspected...Carly. Carly hands Barbara the $1000.00 that Barbara had given her, and tells her that she cannot take the money, that no matter how much the money would make life easier right now, she has to do this on her own. Barbara, a little more than taken back by Carly's obvious attempt at making a change for the better, takes the money. Carly says she will be on her way, when Barbara asks Carly if she would like to say goodnight to Parker. Carly sees that the dinner table is set, and tells her no, that she doesn't want to get Parker all worked up if he has already settled down.

Back at the cabin, Alec and Margo talk a little more, and then Alec takes off, saying he is going to check the road conditions. Margo starts putting 2 and 2 together, and comes up with that the only logical explanation for Alec's behavior... that he must be Eddie's father!! Hearing a sound, Chris's grandmother, who is lying in bed, finds that the friend from New York has broken into her apartment. He starts going through her things and stealing all of her valuables. At the same time, Chris's parents arrive home unexpectedly!

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Chris is surprised when his parents come home early from their trip and he is having a big party. Bob is instantly upset and he asks about his mother. Chris says that his Gram went to bed and she didn't mind that he was having a party. Chris tells Bob that he can check on Nancy, she is fine. Bob leaves to go see about Nancy and Kim scolds Chris for not asking to have the party.

At Nancy garage apartment, Bob knocks on the door and there is no answer. He opens the door a little and yells for Nancy, no answer. He opens the door wider and steps in and sees Nancy laying on the floor, unconscious. He goes over to her and see that she is out cold. He gets the phone and calls for an ambulance. He covers his mother up and starts to talk to her.

Back in the Hughes' kitchen, Kim is still scolding Chris, but he doesn't see what the big deal is about. She picks up a beer bottle and asks him if all his guest were over the age limit to drink. Chris is silent and Kim says that she didn't think so. They hear sirens and Kim wonders what is up now. They run to the door and see that it is an ambulance and Chris yells out, "Gram." They run over to Nancy's apartment.

Back at Nancy's apartment, Bob is talking to his mother very softly. He is telling her to open her eyes. Finally, she opens them and whispers, "Bob?" She tries to tell him that there was a young man in her apartment. He tells her not to talk. The paramedics come in and take over. They put a neck brace on her and put her on a board. Chris and Kim come running in and Bob gives Chris a very bad look.

At the hospital, Kim and Chris are waiting together. Chris is blaming himself for what happened to Nancy. Kim tries to comfort him and tells him that it isn't his fault. Bob comes out and tells them that she has a concussion and they will keep her in the hospital overnight for observation. Bob tells Kim that Nancy told him that a young man with dark hair was in her apartment. Chris mutters "Lee" to himself and then a little louder says that he thought that he left. Bob asks him if the person that broke into his mother's apartment was a friend of Chris'? Chris tries to explain that he wasn't a good friend, he had met him at a club and he stopped by on his way to Chicago. He thought that he had left. Bob is very angry with Chris and he tells Chris that he thinks it is time for him to move out. Kim breaks in and tells Bob not to be to hasty. Bob says that he is tired of supporting Chris and he never shows anything for it. He brings up all the things that Chris has done wrong. Chris says that he will move out so Bob doesn't have to watch him screw up anymore.

Later, Chris shows up in Nancy's room and she is sleeping. He tells his grandmother how sorry he is for what she went through. Nancy wakes up and Chris tells her that it is his fault for what happened to her. He tells her that he will replace everything that was taken. She tells him that he can't, the watch that was taken was one of a kind and was inscribed by his grandfather, Chris Hughes. He vows to his grandmother that he will get the watch back for her. He goes home and packs. Kim catches him at the back door and says that she could talk to Bob and get him to change his mind. Chris says that by the look on his father's face, he will not change his mind. He tells her that it is better this way. She tries to give him money, but he won't take it and he kisses her and walks out the door. Kim follows him outside and watches him walk away.

Margo is trying to put two and two together about Alec and Eddie. She thinks that Alec might be Eddie's father, but she needs some evidence. She sees Alec's briefcase in front of her and she opens in and starts to go through it. She finds his wallet and gets his drivers license and sees that Alec is the same age as Dina. She starts to look further, but Alec walks in and sees her going through his things. He says, "Would you like to tell me one more time that you are no longer a cop?" She comes up with an excuse that she doesn't belong to a motor club and was looking to see if he was a member. He takes his wallet and says that he isn't a member and puts his wallet back in his briefcase. He says that he called his limo driver to come and get her, but he is doubtful that he will make it up to the cabin, the storm is really bad. He says that she will have to stay with him at the cabin all night. She looks at him accusingly. He tells her that she can have the bed and he will sleep on the couch. Margo starts to work on Alec again about Eddie. He won't give up any information. She asks him why he always puts up the walls and won't let anyone in. She tells him that she has seen him with Eddie and how he is with him and everything that he does for him. He looks at her and asks her why is it that she can always get to him. Then, a horn blows and he tells her that would be his driver. She says that they can continue this conversation on the way back to town. He tells her that he is not going back with her. She gets to the door and turns to him and says that he can't hold it in forever, he will have to let it out sometime. She leaves.

Emily knocks on Tom's door again. Tom opens the door and asks her why is she back again? She says that she was going by and saw that Margo's car was still not back and wondered if he could help her with her article. Casey comes downstairs and asks if his mother is home yet. Tom tells him not yet and he should go up and get ready for bed and he will be up and tuck him into bed. Emily goes on again about her article and Tom asks her if they didn't already talk about that? Emily says that she now has a rough draft to go by. She makes a comment about Alec being out and she couldn't consult him. Tom turns to her with a funny look on his face. She says, "no, no, you don't think...." Tom asks her what is she talking about and she says that she thought Tom was thinking that Margo was with Alec. The dog starts to bark and Tom goes out to settle him down. Casey comes back downstairs and asks Emily if his mom is home. She tells him that his mother is out with his new....well, she is doing something for her new job. Tom comes back in and sees Casey downstairs again. Emily explains that she was telling him that his mother is doing something for her new job. Tom sends Casey back upstairs and he turns to Emily and thanks her and says that she did the right thing. She says that there is one thing that she knows, every child needs their parents.

Later, Tom is on the phone trying to find Margo. He starts to call Eddie and Margo comes through the door. Tom runs over to her and puts him arms around her and says that he was so worried about her. She tells him that her car broke down and she couldn't get back to town. He says that she is lying to him and she says that she is not. He says that he knows her and she is tap dancing around something. She blurts out that she spent the night with Alec.

Alec is in his office and he calls Carter, the hit man. He is looking at a picture of Eddie when he was a boy. Alec tells Carter that Margo showed up at his cabin last night but she is back in Oakdale this morning. Carter says that he is ready to proceed. Alec tells him to go ahead with his orders when Margo is in place.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Chris informs Katie of his "exile" but insists he's not concerned by it. Jack is surprised to encounter a towel-clad Carly while on a door-to-door search for his hitman. Eddie demands from Alec the kind of honesty he'd give to his family.

When Tom corners Margo and asks her to tell him she didn't sleep with Alec, Margo hedges. Tom then refuses to leave until she explains exactly what happened at the cabin. Eddie is at a loss for words when Alec tells him he and Georgia will be leaving immediately on a business trip to Wallace Enterprises' headquarters in New York.

Carly blurts to Jack about Barbara's bankrolling her and her subsequent return of the money. Kim tries to convince Bob to sit down and talk to their son, but Bob remains steadfast--Chris needs to take responsibility for his life. Chris is busy denying Katie's claim of being homeless--he's "home free," he clarifies.

Carly explains to Jack that she couldn't tell him the truth about the money because she couldn't bear to look at his face and see his disappointment--she still loves him. She remembers Jack's pride, however fleeting it was, when he thought she had gotten the money on her own. Jack comes up with a challenge for her--how long can she go without telling a lie?

Kim chastises Bob for being so concerned with his own hurt when Chris was expelled that he didn't even consider how devastated Chris must've been. Bob admits Chris was crying out for help, but kicking him out is exactly the help he needs. A bitter Kim questions how helpful can it be for her son to have "no home, no money, and no father to turn to."

Margo finally says flatly to Tom, "it happened" but says she can't explain why. She walks out when Lisa arrives to pick up Casey. Tom talks to his mom and intuits that for some reason, Margo wants him to believe their relationship is over.

A disguised Margo meets Hal in the park and reveals the lie she told Tom. Hal believes she may have permanently ruined her chances with Tom. Carly takes up Jack on his bet to "make an honest woman" out of her--she'll tell no lies from now until Christmas.

Kim walks out of Bob's office, realizing she can't talk to him about Chris. When Hal theorizes that perhaps Alec knows what she's up to and is setting her up, Margo refuses to consider it. But will you consider that maybe the contract was put out on YOU? Hal asks.

Georgia confronts Alec about the sudden trip. Eddie is stunned when Tom calls him, but readily agrees to meet him to discuss Margo and Alec. Hal agrees to give Margo 24 hours more to get Alec to admit guilt--after that, the FBI will be called in. Once out of earshot, Hal orders someone to tail Margo.

Jack decides to let Carly set the stakes, and she requests that if she wins, she gets a fresh start with Jack. Jack agrees, and they shake hands on the deal.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

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Today's recap was provided by Corinna Butcher

The episode opens with Carly showing up at Molly's new apartment. Carly asks how Molly how she can live in David's old place, and the conversation quickly turns to Molly's new job. Seems the article she wrote about David has landed her her own column giving out advice on relationships and it's all the buzz among the young people in Oakdale. Carly says she wants to talk about more important Jack. She tells Molly how she lied to Jack about a fabulous new career, and then couldn't bear to lie to him anymore, so she told Jack the truth, and how she planned to change her life. Molly tells her that she should never change for a man, but for Carly, she's willing to change for the RIGHT man. Carly tells Molly about the bet between her and Jack, and how if she tells no more lies before Christmas he's going to give her another chance. Carly comes up with a plan, and takes Molly to the diner, where she is able to able to convince Al to give her her old job back, and to possibly make changes to the menu.

At the diner, Jake is sitting at a table and is soon greeted by Lucinda. Demanding to know why Jake has yet to publish an article exposing Alec Wallace, Jake argues that credibility is an important asset in journalism, and refuses to publish anything, telling Lucinda she's asking for nothing more than a lawsuit, or maybe even worse. Lucinda warns Jake that if another paper gets the story before they do, that there will be a new Editor. Jake accidentally reveals to Lucinda that Alec is being investigated. Lucinda later decides to go ahead and publish the picture of Alec with all of his dead associates.

Georgia confronts Alec, wanting to know why he has to send Eddie to New York instead of just leveling with him. Alec tells Georgia that she has no choice but to go along with what he says, that he's trying to give Eddie everything he deserves. After more argument, Alec informs Georgia that he wants Eddie to become familiar with the company. Finally, Alec is able to convince her, and she goes home to pack.

Tom and Eddie have a "meeting of the minds" to try to figure out Margo's real reason behind her becoming so close to Alec. Tom and Eddie agree that Margo knows more than she is letting on, and that the affair with Alec must be a cover-up for her being undercover to investigate Alec. Eddie tells Tom that if Alec is in trouble he has to warn him. Margo goes to talk with Cass, Deena's old attorney. She tells Cass that she's undercover and needs to prove that Alec is in fact Eddie's father. Cass recalls how Georgia read Deena's file, and her anxious reaction to it. Margo is convinced that Georgia knows more than she has shared. Margo, thanking Cass, goes to Georgia's and confronts her, but before she able to discover the truth, Alec calls and tells Margo that he is finally ready to give Margo some answers, and is sending a car to her house to pick her up in one hour.

Friday, October 1, 1999

John barges in on Lucinda's meeting with a major advertiser and asks her how she could print Molly's column. Katie invites Chris to come stay with her for a few days. Eddie tells Tom he thinks Margo is setting up Alec, and he feels compelled to warn him. Alec calls Margo and arranges to have her meet him at an empty airport hangar--he'll finally answer all her questions, he promises. After he hangs up, he nods to the hitman who's hiding in the rafters.

Georgia initially denies to Margo having any knowledge of Eddie's parentage but finally relents when Margo threatens to talk to Eddie about her suspicions. Tom begs Eddie not to go to his boss with his belief that Margo is working undercover investigating him. Eddie is steadfast in his loyalty to Alec, but promises to think about it before telling Alec of his suspicions.

Margo warns Georgia that if she can put the pieces together, sooner or later other people will do the same regarding Alec and Eddie's connection. Georgia reluctantly agrees to tell Eddie the truth about his father when they go to New York.

Molly walks in as Lucinda is supporting John in the revulsion he feels towards Molly and her column. John and Molly then exchange brick-a-brats, with Molly questioning his use of his own sperm to impregnate Carly. When Molly refuses to leave town as John suggests, he's elated--he can make her suffer for what she did to his son, he tells her.

A harried Margo returns home long enough to tell Katie to take Casey and keep away from the house for awhile. When Hal denies that Margo is working for him, Tom believes he may have compromised her safety.

Alec, looking at a photo of a younger Eddie, promises to himself that he'll tell Eddie the truth--after today, Margo won't be a threat. An acerbic John suggests that Molly write a column about the black widow spider.

Margo is strident in her refusal when Katie asks to let Chris stay at the house, then becomes incensed when she learns Chris is already upstairs taking a shower. Get him out of here now, Margo orders her sister.

Eddie confides in Georgia about Alec being investigated, and Georgia reveals that Margo was there earlier asking her all kinds of questions about Eddie's boss. Eddie then deduces that Alec must be using his corporate jet--he's going to drop her off at the airport and find Alec, he determines.

Margo checks in, but Hal is unable to warn her about Eddie because Tom is within earshot. Lucinda brings Molly her paycheck and tells her she's fired, effective immediately--Jake may have hired her, but he doesn't own the newspaper.

Chris arrives at a tough biker bar in Milltown--he got a tip that it's the hot place to sell stolen goods, and he's determined to get Nancy's watch back. When Hal gets a call that the man tailing Margo has somehow lost her, he finally clues in Tom.

At the airport hangar the hitman Robert Carter switches his gunsight from Margo to Alec. Eddie spies the gunman and cries out to Alec, pushing him out of the way as the bullet hits Eddie in the back. "NO!" Margo cries out in anguish.


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