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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on SB
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Monday, September 27, 1999

Casey bumps into Sara at The Deep as she waits for her date to arrive. Annie eagerly accepts a ride home with Jude but soon regrets her decision after his car develops a flat tire. Caitlin is grateful for Tobias' expressions of sympathy and support as she frets about her husband's arrest. Meg gets rattled upon realizing that Maria has moved into "Ben's" bedroom. Caitlin confides to Tobias how lost she feels without her dad. A.J. rails at Olivia for failing to help Cole out of trouble during their time together in London. When Maria angrily demands to know why Tess was in her employer's bedroom with her employer's husband, the nervous nanny concocts a cover story which doesn't erase many of Mrs. Evans' suspicions. Meanwhile, "Ben" enjoys tormenting Meg by claiming that he still aches to be with her despite all the obstacles which fate has thrown into their path.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Meg told Ben to leave her alone and she leaves. Ben says to himself that he can't leave her alone. Maria and Tess come downstairs and Maria wants to know what is going on between him and Meg, Tess tries to butt in but Maria says it doesn't concern her and they both ask her to please leave, she does. Ben tells Maria that Meg won't give up on him that she told him she loves him, and that he is protective of her and it will take time. Benjy comes home and Maria takes him into the kitchen to wash him up and Tess told Derek that there is someone who could blow the whistle on him, he yells at her to not threaten him, when she told him to be quiet cause Maria and Benjy come back. Ben asks Maria if she has everything moved into his room, she says no, Benjy offers to help her. They go upstairs, Tess told Derek she isn't threatening him, that Ben could stop him, Derek says Ben is taking care of, Tess asks Derek did you kill Ben?

Meg went home and sees her mom there, she says she is worried about her and knows she is in some kind of pain, Meg says it is Ben, he says that he loves her, but he needs to be with Maria and Benjy. Joan can't believe Ben said that, Meg says that she is mad and that it is cruel, but Ben isn't like that, Joan agrees, Meg says it's almost as if he is another person, it isn't like Ben at all.

Antonio is looking at the paper and see the Arch Bishop on it and wonders why he wanted to transfer him, and Antonio gets mad and spills coffee on himself, and takes his shirt off, and Gabi comes in and she apologizes for barging in, he says it's ok, and he puts his shirt back on, he says that he wants to ask Ricardo why the Arch Bishop wanted to transfer him, Gabi says he should just drop it, and he says he isn't going to and she says she wants to be there when he asks Ricardo.

Michael says to Ricardo that he isn't working as hard as before and told Ricardo to concentrate on the same thing he was before, Ricardo closes his eyes and sees Gabi asking what she can do for him and she says oh I know you want me but you are dead from the waist down, that's why I am with Antonio. Ricardo is so mad that he moves his hip, Michael is so happy, he calls Tyus, and Tyus checks him out and says that he can now be with his wife physically, Tyus asks Ricardo if he knows what he means, Ricardo says that he can be with his wife in every sense of the word. Gabi and Antonio come back and Ricardo tells Gabi he was just thinking about her.

Olivia/Uncle Tobias/Annie:
Olivia told Uncle Tobias that she wants to take him out for dinner, he told her that he will go change when Annie comes in and told him to keep his pants on. Both Annie and Olivia start arguing and Olivia told Uncle Tobias that it will just take a couple of minutes and that she wants to talk to Annie. Olivia told Annie that they need to stop fighting or Uncle Tobias won't give the estate to either one of them, Olivia told Annie they need to be partners. She accepts, Olivia makes reservations at the Deep for three. While Annie is getting dressed, Olivia and Uncle Tobias are already gone. Annie is upset and the Maid Rose says that Olivia told me to give you the keys to the Jaguar and meet them there, Annie gets there and they aren't there, She finally finds them. Annie told them she is sorry she is late, that she saw a mother and a baby stranded on the road and helped them out, cause she knew she would want someone to do it if Trey was stranded, Uncle Tobias went to the bar to get Annie something to drink, and Olivia and Annie bicker and Olivia says she is going to go help Uncle Tobias. Annie calls and says she is the Maid and that there is a problem with Trey and she should go home right away.

Jude walks in and sees Sara and says good you didn't get bored. Casey says he will take care of the drinks, Jude says he should take care of his cleaning bill cause the waitress spilled some stuff on his shirt. Vanessa walks up to him and he says what are you looking at, Vanessa says your still hung up on Sara aren't you, he says yes and that he really did love her and she is on a date and is moving on and he has to do the same. Vanessa tries to push some more but he told her to stop and Vanessa is hungry and they decide to go get something to eat, they go where Sara is on her date.

Sara Says so this really is a date, he says what's your sign. She says yes this is definitely a date. She asks his where he has lived and he says all over, she says that's not really a specific answer, he says he has stayed in hotels and doesn't really know most of them. Jude sees Annie and says he forgot he has to make a call, she says ok, He went and leaves and She sees Casey and asks what he is doing, and if he is following her. Jude overhears Annie on the phone saying that Olivia is needed at home.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Certain Casey trailed her to the restaurant, Sara is thrilled to think that she's made her old flame jealous. A grinning Derek assures Tess he didn't knock off his identical twin because Ben might still prove helpful to them in the long run. After catching Annie in the act, Jude gets word to Olivia that the urgent phone call she received was just a mistake. Michael gives Gabi and Antonio the good news about Ricardo's remarkable progress which should have him walking soon. During another public spat with Annie, Olivia inadvertently plays right into her enemy's hands and gives her a chance to score extra points with Tobias. Ricardo concocts a story to lay Antonio's questions about the archbishop to rest. A miffed Sara cuts short her date with Jude when it becomes apparent that Casey wasn't following her after all. Jude offers to help A.J. get his son released from the English prison.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Sean, Amy and Rose:
Sean came out from the living room and saw Rose. Rose told him that Mrs. Richards (his mother) and herself had just gotten back from London. Sean asked her where his mother was and she told him that she went to the deep and then went to a restaurant. Rose left and Amy came in and he told her that he could not stop to talk then because his mom is back and needed to go see her. Amy surly didn't want that. Sean left.

Olivia, Bette and AJ:
Bette was obviously angry because Sean had cheated on Emily. Olivia thought that AJ was angry about Cole and Bette was putting in her three cents, so Olivia thought that Bette was also angry about Cole and then Bette told her that she was talking about her son. Olivia thought she meant Trey and Bette corrected her by saying that Trey was only the next cheater in training. Bette told her that she meant Sean and told her that Sean had broken Emily's heart by sleeping with Amy twice, not once but twice. Just then Sean walking in and Olivia is very upset about the news. In a horrible out rage she immediately blamed Amy. Sean tried to cover for her but his mother would not hear of it. She tried to find out why he would do such a thing and he told her that he didn't know and he is just like his father. Olivia assured him that he was nothing like sore mouth Gregory. :0) She started for the door when Sean tried to stop her. She whipped around sternly and told him that he could not stop her. She had left to go home. Sean then turned to Bette asking about Emily and Bette told him that he has lost the right to ask her about her daughter.

Amy, Brad and Mrs. Moreau:
Amy was at home when Brad rang at the door. She answer and told Brad that she was in a lot of trouble. Brad asked what was wrong and she told him that Crazy Mrs. Moreau had stopped by and demanded the money. She told brad that they were in deep trouble and Brad said "we." Amy told him that he was part of it. Brad told her that Mrs. Moreau would not tell and with that the door bell rang and Amy was terrified and told Brad to answer it. Brad did and it was Mrs. Moreau and he said Holy Queen Latifah. She walked in and demanded her money or else she was tell Sean about her. Amy told her that she needed more time and Mrs. Moreau left. Then brad told Amy that she doesn't need her because Emily likes him. He walked out the door. She asked herself what more could go wrong. Just then Olivia walked in and basically yelled at her for doing what ever she did to Sean.

Ben, Benjy, Tess and Maria:
Benjy was asking Ben (Derek) about the gift that he gave to him. And Ben (Derek) took it from his jacket pocket. Maria left. Tess was upstairs in Ben's room roaming around. Derek called Meg and told that she could get her stuff because Maria isn't home. Meg was upset and told him that she does not understand the crazy mind games that he is playing. Derek assured her that he would not be home either. Meg told him that she was not coming and the hanged up. Tess came down stairs and told him that she doesn't like the idea of Maria down the hall in his room. Derek told her that that's the way it has to be he stared kissing her and then Benjy called to her and told her that he could not find his toothbrush. She said that she would be right there. Tess left and Derek was saying to himself that Maria and Meg is going to pay for what they put Tess through.

Antonio, Carmen and Maria:
He was in his office saying to himself and asking God what kind of person he was. He was feeling guilty that his brother thought so much of him and he slept with his wife. Carmen walked in told him that she thinks Richard is going to find out about Gabi and him. She told him that she read it in the Toro Cards. This made Antonio very upset and he told her that she always wants to bring bad news instead of good. Then Maria walked in and she told him that she (Carmen) could not help it. After a while Carmen left and Maria told Antonio that she and Ben were back together. Antonio was very happy for her.

Ricardo and Gabi:
Ricardo told her that they could make love again. Gabi was happy and told him that she would go and get changed. Ricardo wheeled himself over to the side table and took out the tape. He said it was time and he went over to the VCR and put it in but he didn't put it to play. Gabi came back out and she asked him if we wanted to watch a tape. He said no you and that he was going to go change. Gabi would not hear of it and she started kissing and caressing his body passionately. They made it to the bed he told her that he loved her.

Friday, October 1, 1999

Uncle Tobias/Annie:
Uncle Tobias asks Annie what is wrong and she says she isn't ready to talk about it, he says ok and went to leave, when she told him maybe he is right maybe she should talk about it, she told him that it's Olivia and she will squash anyone that gets in her way, He says he doesn't believe her, Olivia says she lies, and Annie says Olivia lies; he says he doesn't know who is telling the truth and decides that he needs to interview people outside the family, Annie says that would take too much time, and she will show him the kind of person she is, one on one, just the two of them together, he says he will talk to her tomorrow.

Olivia is yelling at Sean for sleeping with Sean and told her she has ten minutes to get out of her house, She begs Olivia to let her stay. Olivia says she is just out for the Richard's money and that she is a tramp, Sean comes in and told her to stop it, Amy went over to Sean and hugs him crying, Sean tells Amy that it's Olivia's fault and that she should take a walk, Olivia says no pack your things and get out. Sean told Olivia to be quiet and told Amy he will meet her at Java Web. Sean told Olivia that it is his fault not Amy's and that he knew what he was doing when he slept with Amy and he knew he was going to hurt Emily. Sean says he is like that because of the way he was brought up, that his father was a murderer and his mom slept with his sisters husband. Annie and Uncle Tobias come home and Annie interrupts them and says oh a family quarrel. Olivia told Sean they will finish there talk later. Sean says it is finished. Olivia introduces Sean to his Uncle Tobias says hi and shakes his hand and leaves. Annie says to Olivia like mother like son. Uncle Tobias says he is going to turn in, Olivia says she will explain things to him tomorrow. Olivia went back to Annie and told her to not interfere again and starts to strangle her.

Amy walks into the Java Web and Brad calls out to her, but she doesn't hear him, he wonders what is wrong, he says it looks like you just saw a ghost, she says no a witch, she says Olivia and her got into it, and she wants her to move out, but Sean is going to fix things. Brad is sitting by a computer when Sean comes in and he told Amy that them sleeping together wasn't her fault, and Brad starts smiling. Sean says that Amy is still going to live at his house. Amy asks if Olivia is ok with it, he says no but she will just have to get used to it, Sean gets up to get them some cocoa. Brad comes over and told her she better hope he never finds out that she used love potion on him, she asks how she is supposed to get the money to pay off Mrs. Moreau. Brad says if you don't find it, then she will go straight to Sean and tell him the truth.

Ricardo and Gabi are in bed together, when he says it has been so long since they have been together when he loved her, Gabi says loved, he says yes, he says he wishes he could just erase time, the past. There is someone at the door, Gabi says they will go away. Ricardo says no go answer it, she does and it's Antonio, she went outside and they talk, Ricardo has a vision that Gabi is saying she doesn't want to be with Ricardo but she has to cause he will get suspicious. Antonio says he wishes she was making love to him. Ricardo comes out of his vision of what he thinks they're saying, and he says he is going to make them pay. Antonio says to Gabi that they are an old married couple going to bed so early, he then realizes that they weren't going to sleep. Gabi says they are married, he says he knows, and is glad she is happy, she went back to Ricardo and wants to finish there conversation about what he meant, he says he knows he can't change the past and they should just move forward, he says do you really want to know what i meant, and she says yes, he says he will show her.

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