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Skye lied to Ben that he had a son, and she signed the divorce papers. Jessica decided not to hit Dorian with her car. Asa continued his vendetta against the Rappaports. Sam wrote Esther a check for one million dollars.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, October 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Yates

Grace and Kevin are kissing and getting intimate. Ben and Skye are talking. They are locked in a bathroom together and both are wearing white robes. Skye tells Ben she was pregnant. Ben doesn't believe her. Ben realizes that she never got the abortion, then Skye tells Ben that his child is alive.

Jessica is in a car revving the motor. Dorian is on her knees in front of the car telling Jessie to go ahead and hit her. Jessica continues revving and thinking. Dorian puts her hands together and begins to pray. Jessica starts singing Rock-a-bye-baby. Dorian tells Jessica it's okay, she's ready to die. Jessica puts the car in drive and floors it.

Roseanne and Cristian are talking, he feels there is something wrong with Jessica, and wants to go and find her. Roseanne expresses her feelings to him, but he tells her that he has to go anyway. Roseanne says she loves him, then he leaves.

Ben doesn't believe Skye, she insists that it's true. Ben tries to get of the room but can't. Skye tells Ben that it's a boy, and she named him Benjamin. He asks where he was born, what his weight was, she answers and tells him how beautiful the baby is. Ben gets emotional then gets happy that he has a son. Ben gets ecstatic and tells Skye that for their son's sake they could make things work. He then asks her what she says about it. Skye replies, "I say, gotcha."

Grace and Kevin still kissing, start to undress, then fall into bed. Skye tells Ben that there really is no baby, and that she gave him a dose of reality. He really does want a child, and he can't ignore that for Viki's sake. Ben questions her and she tells him she heard them talking and Viki could never give him a child, but they are still married and she could. Ben tells her no.

Jessica is still driving toward Dorian, Will screams her name and she stops 2ft from Dorian. Will takes her out of the car, Viki goes to her and hugs her. Jessica goes back to Will and tells him that she keeps losing her baby over and over again. Jessica tells Dorian she's sorry. Dorian says it's okay. Jessica tells Dorian that all she has left is hating Dorian and now she doesn't have that anymore.

Grace and Kevin are in bed kissing. He tells her how happy she makes him, and asks her how she is feeling. She says she is happy and he makes her feel like she is the only one. She looks as his wedding ring and asks if she really is.

Will, Jessica and Viki go home. Viki asks if she would like to lie down, but all she wants to do is sit and think. Jessica tells Will she doesn't understand how she could have been doing those things to Dorian and not even know it. Dorian gets home, to find her house trashed. Baby killer is spray painted on pictures that are on the wall. Dorian looks around her house devastated.

Still trapped, Ben yells "Viki. Where are you?" Skye tells him, that Viki is gone and never wants to see him again. Ben tells her that if she doesn't tell him where Viki is he'll hold her under water. She knows him better than that. He tells her that she doesn't know him anymore. Skye hands him the note from Viki about her emergency at home.

Viki is on her cell phone trying to reach Ben, when Dorian answers her front door. Inside Viki sees the damage that Jessica has done. Dorian says she was going to redecorate anyway. Viki offers to pay for it, but Dorian refuses. She tells Viki that she is tired of the feud between them. Viki tells her all accounting ledgers are closed between them, then offers to help clean up.

Will tells Jessica that he was at the police station answering questions. Jessica realizes that Will covered for her, and together they work on healing. Outside, Cristian sees Will holding Jessica.

Grace and Kevin decide they want to be together. She gets out bed and Kevin looks at his wedding ring, reaches in the drawer and looks at the picture of his wife. He takes off his ring and puts it in the drawer along with the picture.

Ben is looking at the note from Viki; he puts it in Skye's robe pocket. He pulls the door open, breaking the doorframe, and walks out. Dorian and Viki work together to clean Dorian's house.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Nora began the show in bed, when Brian came in and began to attack her... but it was only a nightmare, because she had fallen asleep working on his case. When Sam woke her, she told him how glad she was that the case would be over that morning. They also talked about the charges against Will being dropped. Sam left to meet with Esther Hoffman.

Rae and John were waiting for the trial to begin, when she told him that she did not find Daniel in Pine Valley. She found out that Adam Chandler was also looking for him. Grace and Kevin entered and Rae told her that she had found out something about Daniel, but wouldn't tell her what. John told Rae how much he missed her and cares for her.

R.J. and Téa were talking outside the courtroom, when Judge Peterson entered. Téa was surprised that he was taking this case, but Hank said he could because there have been no charges filed against him. She approached him, asking for a meeting, but he said she'd have to contact his office. Then Téa told R.J. that Roseanne had seen him in New York. He denied it.

When Brian came in, he was hounded by the media. He told Kelly how much he cared for her and that he never meat to hurt her. Once inside the courtroom, the judge was about to pass sentence, when Brian changed his plea to not-guilty. Nora told him that he couldn't do that, but he told her that her job was to defend him to the best of her ability. During the recess, Bo assured Nora that she could handle Brian. Back in the hallway, Kevin showed Grace that he had taken off his wedding ring, and she told him that she loved him for the first time. Rae went to help Sophia, who was crying and upset that Brain may not get punished. When Brian started talking to Kelly again, Joey punched him. After everyone calmed down, Nora had Joey arrested for assaulting Brian. Judge Peterson left, and R.J. followed him out.

Skye went to Asa's. At first, he was angry, but he decided to let her stay in the East Wing, as long as she never left the house and kept from talking to Ben and Viki. She said that she cannot keep that promise. Blair and Max had been looking for the lost adoption certificate, when Skye and Asa came in the room. Asa made them promise to keep Skye a secret.

At Llanfair, Ben and Viki were making breakfast, and he told her everything that had happened with Skye, except for her lies about his son.

Max and Blair met up with Esther at the Palace Bar. She wanted money to keep quiet, but Max told her the information was useless, since he'd lost the adoption certificate. When Sam came in, she started to tell him the truth, but they stopped her. Max begged her not to tell, because he loves Asa and Renee, and doesn't want to hurt them. Esther then offered to sell information to Sam that would bring the Buchannan family to its knees, but he also refused to deal with her.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Over at the Buchanan mansion, Max and Blair talk about their situation with Esther. She's playing them against Sam. Maybe they can figure out how to get 1 million dollars from Asa. Just then Renee welcomes the nurse into the house where she gets to see Asa too. She reveals that she has a secret! As it turns out, she only wanted to say how lucky Max has been since he's been born. (He will bring her luck, one million dollars.) She mentions that she has a meeting with Sam and Asa warns her to stay away from him. After she leaves, Renee says that not everyone is up to something as the others all seem to think.

Starr picks that moment to make her grand entrance in some of Renee's accessories, including some diamonds. Asa discloses that one diamond is worth a million dollars. Later, after Max and Blair are alone with the child, the mom removes the dress-up clothes. She slips the diamond necklace to Max just as Renee walks back in. He drops the jewelry into Blair's pocketbook. She forgot to invite the nurse to dinner;she probably has a lot of great stories. Max will pass on the invite if he sees her. Asa comes by looking for Renee. He's going to take Renee out to dinner tomorrow and he wants her to wear her diamond necklace.

R.J. meets up with Judge Peterson in the hallway at the courthouse and admonishes him for not being away like he was supposed to. The crooked judge says it wouldn't look right if he wasn't around. He will have to be consistent with his other cases so as not to draw attention to Dorian's case. R.J. tells him that he cannot let Brian walk. Just then Téa comes across the two men, looking confused. The judge takes off and Téa confronts R.J; she thought he didn't know the judge. R.J. just thought he should say something to the judge because Téa's involved;she was shot because of the rapist. She pushes a little more by noting the coincidence of the judge being in New York and Roseanne mentioning that she saw R.J. there too. He wants to know if this is becoming a personal or a professional grilling. He wonders if their relationship is like a sinking ship and Téa admits that their relationship really hasn't set sail yet because she can't trust him.

Back at the police station, Brian blows a kiss to Kelly as he is escorted by. Joey goes after him again but, is grabbed by Kevin who assures him that the system will be fair. Nora is there too and she apologizes for representing Brian, but she was assigned the case. Joey understands and then is told by Bo that he can leave once the paperwork is done. Nothing will come of the charges filed against him by Brian. Nora will make sure he goes to jail. Kelly is still upset and Joey is worried about her. She still is bothered by the fact that she trusted Brian while Joey didn't.

Bo finds a note from Lindsay on his desk. As he finishes reading she appears. They admit their love for each other and Lindsay convinces the cop to take an hour break away from the station so they can spend some time together.

Shortly after, Sam stops by Brian's jail cell for a visit. The prisoner says that he already has the best lawyer. Sam "lets it slip" that Nora was suspended from practicing law during her last defense of a rape suspect and that the suspect ended up in jail. Brian realizes that Sam is trying to turn him against Nora, who shows up at the cell. She and Sam pretend they don't know each other. Brian starts to pressure Nora to tell him about her last rape case and she realizes what Sam has been doing. She angrily lets Sam know that SHE got the case and will keep it. As she becomes more agitated, she threatens to report Sam to the state bar and tells him to leave. As the prisoner continues to hound her, the lawyer finally gives him the scoop. She believed Todd guilty and was unable to hide her feelings from the jury. The case resulted in a mistrial.

Asa spots Grace sitting at a table at the country club. She wants to be left alone, but he doesn't pay attention. Does she know what her brothers are trying to do to him? He thinks he'll be able to find something on Grace because of her connection to Hugo. He wants her to call her brothers off or it will be the end of her family. Kevin shows up to dine with his girl and calls his grandfather off. He will go after him too and change his name if he continues to bother Grace. He should learn to trust his family and love instead of fighting all of the time. Asa calls the younger man a romantic and reminds him that he's already changed his name once. After the older man leaves, Kevin admits his love for Grace as she had done earlier with him.

As the two lovebirds, Bo and Lindsay, get ready to leave the station, Sam shows up. He hasn't talked to Will yet, but he's waiting for information. Bo mentions that he told Asa not to use Will, but it's still his father that Sam is talking about and he won't stand for it. Sam has gone too far. He won't find anything on Asa or if he does Asa will cover it up. Bo will keep an eye on him. Again, Lindsay and Bo try to leave and Téa wanders by. She wants to know what's going on with Brian and also tells Bo that she has a lead in another case involving Peterson. It appears that he took a bribe. As an armed robbery is called in, the police commissioner realizes he can't leave after all. Lindsay understands.

Back at the jail cell, Nora tells the rape suspect that she will try and give him a good defense. Brian tells her she'd better, but then has a change of mind and calls for the guard. They end up back in court. Nora's client wants to fire her and represent himself. He doesn't trust her because she blew the Manning case. He understands the laws involved. Nora is discharged. He should have expected this from a female, Brian sneers. They're only good for one thing. As he continues to berate her, Nora tells him she will testify against him. He's a pathetic excuse for a man and a human who gets off hurting people. He's inadequate and it's his own fault. She's thrilled that she's done with him. Suddenly, she's grabbed by the suspect, who is then grabbed by a nearby guard. Brian takes his gun from the holster and turns around and pulls Nora to him. Just then, Sam bursts in. Brian announces that he will kill Nora.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox


Ben hangs up the phone and announces to Viki that there is "light at the end of the tunnel" because Larry Wolek is willing to help reinstate Ben at the hospital. They briefly discuss the things that are going right with Viki's kids (Jessica is making progress: her "instincts are intact"; Kevin is in love with Grace) but while Viki is willing to be patient about Ben's divorce, she agrees there seems to be an "unholy alliance" between Skye and Asa. Upon hearing this term, Ben suggests using some of his "mob tactics" on Skye. When Viki seems worried, he promises nothing physical ("no knee-capping"), but that he "would do practically anything to get her out of my life." He leaves to "clean up the mess I've made of my life so you won't have to deal with it."

Asa's Mansion

While Blair nervously laughs, Max asks Renee if she really intends to wear her "million dollar necklace" to the Country Club and "make high society jealous?" Asa asks them why they care, "did your little terror put Renee's necklace back or do you owe me a million dollars?" Starr comes in and tells her mommy she has "put it all back" so Blair tells Asa that her "daughter is no jewel thief." Max and Blair go into the foyer where they worry about what they will do when Renee finds her necklace missing. Blair is worried about "being out on the streets" if Esther spills the secret, while Max is more worried about "prison."

After Blair and Max leave, Skye confronts Asa about changing his "way of thinking" about her. She tells him to "visualize them as equals" because she has come up with "an inspired way to get Ben back" and needs Asa's help. Asa explains to Skye that she "was paid well" and that he "doesn't owe her the time of day." It's her word against his and if she thinks she can find a "paper trail" she "forgot whom she's dealing with." Asa tells Skye to "toddle off to your little Daddy" and when she accuses him of bluffing, he angrily informs her, "Know this, I never do that."


As Sam carefully enters the courtroom, the guard runs out and Brian shoots at the door behind the guard. Nora screams and Brian tightens his grip on her. Sam tells Brian to calm down, the guard is going for help and the place will soon be surrounded, but that he and Nora can help Brian because "we're lawyers, that's what we do, we make deals." Brian chokes Nora and tells her to "shut up, you're not allowed to speak anymore." Sam begs Brian to let Nora breathe and offers himself as a hostage in place of Nora (he is bigger and can run faster and further than Nora could). But Brian isn't buying it: "Nobody's going to think twice about shooting you to get to me, but a pretty girl like her - even this piece of garbage - they will think twice about pulling the trigger." Sam tells Brian that "there is only one way out" and that he will tell him "how to walk out of here a free man, but you have got to do something for me first - let her go."

Bo's Office - Llanview PD

Hank and Bo agree that their minds have been on Nora and that it is funny that "both exes are worried about her." Bo tells Hank that "she is Sam's problem now" but that five months ago he wouldn't have believed he could feel that way. They briefly discuss Bo's shooting of Sam then and how time and Lindsay have helped Bo heal. Hank offers that it seems like Lindsay is "trying to turn into a good woman" and Bo tells him, "she's good for me." After Hank leaves, John Sykes rushes in to tell Bo "there is a situation in the courthouse" and Bo follows John out the door.


Sam is bluffing Brian that Nora doesn't know "the way out through the back door" so he should let her go and take Sam hostage instead. Sam explains that they can "take a ride" in his car, but only if Nora is safe first. Brian releases Nora and grabs Sam as Nora passes him on her way to the door. Outside, the police officers have reached the courtroom and a hysterical Nora begs Bo to help Sam. The officers draw their weapons and open the door to the courtroom. Viewing the situation, Bo has flashbacks of accidentally shooting Sam and he is frozen. Brian taunts Bo, "Come on tough guy, what are you waiting for? Don't tell me you're afraid." Bo sends Sykes around back while he tries to get Brian to surrender. When Sykes is in place, Sam grabs for Brian's gun and gives John a clear shot at Brian. John Sykes shoots Brian Harris. Sam runs to Nora while Bo and Sykes just look at each other. Later, as Sam and Nora sit silently side by side in the courtroom, Sykes gathers and bags the guns and evidence. Bo stands silently holding his gun as Brian's body is wheeled out. As first Sam and then Nora leave the courtroom, they must pass by Bo. Each of them stops, but no words are spoken.

The Palace Restaurant

While Max and Blair wait for Esther to arrive, Max "can't believe" the irony in what and where they are doing to Renee ("stealing her necklace to pay off a blackmailer") but they agree that "no matter what they do, Renee gets hurt." Max offers an idea, "We could drop Esther off the Palace roof - who would care?" When Esther joins them, Blair tells her that "we don't have the dollars, but we have something better" and shows her the necklace. Esther replies that it is indeed "pretty" but that "it's fake." Later, Esther relents and tells them she was "kidding" them to have "just a little fun" but she shocks them with her "deal"- the necklace and $100,000 cash because she doesn't think the necklace is worth the full one million. After Esther threatens to "send a message" to Renee, Max and Blair are forced to agree to her deal. Esther keeps the necklace as "insurance" and agrees to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the payoff.

Asa's Mansion

When Asa picks up the telephone to call Bo, Skye reluctantly agrees to leave Asa's. "Just out of curiosity" before she leaves, Asa asks Skye what her "plan" was. Skye tells Asa that Ben wants children and since Viki can't give him any of his own ... Asa guesses that Skye had wanted him to "buy her a baby!" As Asa tells Skye, "Our business is done," Ben walks in. Ben's "in a bad mood" and won't leave until he gets what he came for. As Ben tells Skye to either sign the divorce papers or take a ride to the police station, Viki comes in. Giving Asa and Viki some "privacy," Ben and Skye step into the foyer where Ben continues to threaten Skye: "You're out of options unless you sign this now."

Viki has come to ask Asa for "a favor: I want this to are systematically trying to ruin Sam Rappaport and his entire family. You know it, I know it, you know I know it...I'm begging you to stop it." When Asa accuses Viki of fighting "Benjy's battles" she explains that she is only "trying to salvage whatever civility is left between our families...this animosity is childish and destructive." Pressed by Asa to explain "exactly what the hell" she is "accusing" him of, Viki uses these examples: 1.Using Will as a pawn ("He will be tougher than he was before"); 2. Jessica's feelings for Will ("It means we need to talk to her"); and 3. Kevin's feelings for Grace ("I'll stop that foolishness, too"). When Viki tells Asa that "even you can't control people's hearts," Asa simply answers that "this Rappaport disease has even got's affected your brain." Viki tells him that "I am indeed very much in love with one of the dreaded family" but that "it is the nature of feuds and what they do to people" that worries her. Viki uses as an example the feud she has had with Dorian and tells Asa that Jessica was the one harassing Dorian. Asa doesn't believe this news until Viki asks that it "stay in the family" that Jessica didn't even know she had been doing it. Asa, instead, applauds Jessica's behavior toward Dorian and challenges Viki: "I take care of my own...and I do it a lot better than you do." As Viki responds, "You're a stubborn fool and your petty hatred is going to hurt people in ways that you can't even imagine...and that scares me," an excited Ben enters the room and tells Viki to "check it out" and shows Viki the signed divorce papers. Viki is thrilled at the news while Asa begs them to "'s enough to gag a maggot." Skye tells them she "hopes you're very happy" but asks Ben if he has told Viki about their conversation when they were locked in the bathroom. Ben just tells Skye to "enjoy your life" as he and Viki start to leave, but Viki turns around and tells Skye, "one more thing - you're fired." Left alone, Skye cries.

Later, Skye listens at the door while Max and Blair discuss raising the money to keep Esther quiet and "tomorrow's showtime at The Palace."

Sam's House

Esther leaves a message on Sam's answering machine: "I just made three no trumps and I'm bidding for a grand slam. If you want to stay in the game you had better get back in touch because the table here is ready to deal another hand without you. You know where to find me and what it will cost."

Sam and Nora arrive home just after Esther hangs up and neither of them notice the message light blinking on the phone machine. Sam comforts Nora while she cries. Holding her, he says, "I was scared, too, but we're safe, both of us...and the sun is gonna come out tomorrow and it is going to be a better world."

Llanview PD

Hank presses Bo for details of the shooting, but Bo defers to John Sykes as "the man of the hour" and goes into his office alone and closes the door. He calls Lindsay to apologize for missing dinner because of the "situation" and promises to see her tomorrow. Bo closes the blinds in his office and sits in the dark at his desk testing the steadiness in his hand before getting up and going to his couch to lie down.

Friday, October 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

Asa's Mansion

Max sits in the living room with a suitcase full of money in front of him. Blair walks in while he is counting the money. Max tells her that it's not enough, and Blair gives him a bunch of bills. She got the money by selling some "Sun" stock and from pawning her engagement ring. Max sold the watch Renee had given him. Blair is sure that once everything is over, they'll get their things back and buy Renee a better necklace. Max's cell phone rings, and it's Esther with a "friendly reminder."

Llanview PD

R.J. walks in, and Hank tells him that Téa is in a meeting. R.J. asks if it's about Peterson, but Hank can't discuss that with him. Téa then walks in with two men-- Judge Peterson is one of them. Téa thanks them for their time and wants them to let her know what they decide. Téa goes over to Hank and R.J. and talks to Hank privately. She finally has enough to indict Peterson for taking a bribe. Hank leaves, and R.J. goes over to Téa. R.J. invites her to go out to lunch, but Téa has too much work to do. However, there is one thing she needs to discuss with him. She tells him that she finally broke the corruption case she told him about-- the one involving Peterson. Téa sees that Hank is back, and goes over to talk to him again. As R.J. listens, Téa tells Hank that Peterson admitted to taking a bribe in one case, but he won't give the names of the other people who bribed him. Hank leaves, and Téa returns to talk to R.J. Téa asks R.J. if he thinks Dorian may have bribed Peterson in exchange for her light sentence. R.J. says no, he doesn't think so. Téa is curious, but she leaves to do some work.

Sam and Nora's House

Sam sits in the living room reading a newspaper. Nora walks in, worried about how late it is. Sam let her sleep because of the bad night Nora had. Nora wants them to stop with the cops and robbers stuff and go back to just being lawyers. Sam agrees. Nora "yells" at him for badmouthing her to Brian and for switching places with her in the hostage situation because she doesn't want to lose him. Sam brings up the roof incident and mentions that it was the second time Bo held a gun pointing at him. Later, Grace and Kevin arrive. Grace had heard what happened to Sam the night before and she was worried. Once she knows that Sam is all right, she jokes that she wants him to give her an exclusive. They all laugh, and Ben walks in with the signed divorce papers. They're all happy, and Grace leaves to get changed. Once she's gone, Kevin says that everything is set, and she has no idea. He doesn't even think Grace knows it's her birthday. Ben says that she'll remember it when they're through, though. They laugh. Grace finishes getting ready and leaves with Kevin. Ben wishes that Skye would agree to testify against Asa, but Sam says that they'll find something else on him. The only thing Sam is missing in his life is his son. They decide then to go file the papers. Sam has to call Nora, so Ben leaves to wait in the car. Sam sees that he has a message, so he plays it. It's Esther.

Commissioner's Office

Bo is trying to tape record an account of the courthouse incident from the night before. John interrupts him to give him a copy of a report. Bo compliments John on his fine policework the night before. John says that he was just following Bo's orders and leaves. Bo tries to record the story one more time. This time, Hank interrupts. Hank informs Bo that they're indicting Peterson and got a full confession from Brian at the hospital. Hank will be glad to close the book on that case. The look on Bo's face prompts Hank to ask if the book really is closed. Later, Nora visits Bo at the office. "Something happened here last night," she tells him, "and I think I have a pretty good idea what it was." She says that she knows what Bo went through when he tried to get a clean shot off on Harris. Bo says that he froze because he was scared that he would shoot Sam again. Nora tells Bo he should stop beating himself up about it. Nora says that Bo was the one who saved them-- he assessed the situation and kept everyone calm, which is what a good cop does, and that's what Bo is-- a great cop and a great man. Nora still has total faith in Bo. "Thanks, Red," he says. Nora tells him that she misses that name. "You know, I think something happened here just now," Bo says. He says he thinks they just went from being an ex-husband and wife to being friends. As Lindsay watches from outside the door, Bo and Nora hug.

The Palace Restaurant

Esther is sitting in the restaurant after her call to Max. Renee goes over to Esther's table to speak with her. Esther compliments Renee on her lovely hotel and for giving her a suite. Renee wants Esther to come share dinner at the mansion one night to share with Asa and Renee everything she remembers about Max as an infant. Esther chuckles and tells Renee that, as she said before, Max was the lucky charm to the nurses. Renee hopes that he's still a lucky charm because she lost a very valuable necklace that she has to wear this evening. After discussing Esther's "bridge tournament," Renee leaves to get back to work. Skye, who has been watching Esther, goes over to her table. "I think it's time the two of us got to know each other," she tells Esther. Max and Blair are Skye's friends, and she wants to help them get what they need. Esther believes that Skye knows what she's talking about and says that she knows Asa would flip if he found out that Max wasn't really his son. Skye is shocked and says that she'll see what she can do, then leaves. Once she's gone, Max and Blair sit with Esther. They tell her they have all the money. Max shows Esther the contract she must sign before taking the money. She wants to count the money first. It only totaled $999,000. Max asks Esther what's going on with her and Sam. She says that it's just a case of supply and demand, since Max and Blair weren't holding up their end of the bargain. Esther says that they have until she finishes lunch to get the money together, or she'll sell her information to the highest bidder. "Or," she suggests, "maybe I'll just make my announcement in the restaurant. All the interested parties will be there-- you, Mr. Rappaport, Asa and Renee, and the real Buchanan heir." After filing the papers, Sam and Ben are at the Palace celebrating. Ben goes to talk to Skye, and Esther calls Sam over to her table, where Max and Blair are also sitting. She asks Sam if he got her message. He says he did, and Esther tells him that she'll be at the restaurant for a while if he cares to respond.

Meanwhile, Ben tells Skye that he filed the papers. Sam comes over to them and pulls Ben away from Skye. They pass the table where John and Rae are sitting. Sam and Ben stop to talk to them. They talk until Sam notices that Will and Asa are also at the restaurant. He goes over to talk to them. He asks Asa if he could speak with Will alone. Will tells him that he is in the middle of a meeting. Sam says that he has to speak with Will now. He explains that the night before, he was staring down the barrel of a gun, and he didn't want to die with Will still mad at him. Will asks Asa to give him a minute, and Asa leaves the table. Will tells his father that he didn't know about last night and asks if Sam is okay. Sam is, but he wants to be able to talk more with Will. He wants his son to consider going back to college, too. Will doesn't see why he should, since he likes his job and can do well without college. Sam invites Will to Grace's party that night. Will says he has a lot of work, but he'll see what he can do. Will leaves, telling Asa that he'll see him at the office on his way out.

Esther walks into the dining room with Max and Blair right behind her. Max suggests to her that they go back to the bar. She says that the clock is still ticking, and they pull her out back to the bar. Max and Blair are trying to persuade her to sign the contract and take the money when Sam goes over to their table. Esther tells him that she's still looking for a million dollars to give out the information. Max, Blair, and Esther are shocked when Sam writes out the check for $1,000,000.

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