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Viki and Ben got engaged. Jessica began to see flashes of what she'd been doing to Dorian. Jessica trashed Dorian's house and was about to run Dorian down with a car. Roseanne started a new job. Max and Blair were blackmailed. Rae visited Pine Valley.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, September 27, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Yates

Roseanne and Cristian talk about changing their bad luck. Roseanne tells Cristian to only worry about his art. She'll be the bread-winner. She then pulls out a matchbook and looks at the name.

Dorian meets with Jessica to show her a letter from the stalker, regarding Jessica, Viki and the baby. Dorian is blaming Viki for sending the letters, but Jessica says that Viki went to Florida yesterday, so it couldn't be her. Jessica looks at the letter, and flashes on cutting out newspaper clippings and gluing them on paper, the same letter Dorian is holding. Jessica, very upset, says OH MY GOD.

Skye is on the phone with her dad and discovers that Hayley and her husband broke up. Skye starts arguing with her dad and tells him to keep his money.

Jessica is still defending Viki and flashes on to a vision of a doll with a broken head and someone is strangling it. Dorian insists it is Viki and feels that she is still in town. And Dorian is going to look for her. Jessica, very upset, calls Will because she feels she needs help. Asa is there with Will and is curious as to where Will is going. Will explains to him that he is going to see Jessica. After Will leaves, Sam walks in looking for Will, running into Asa. They start exchanging words, and Sam informs Asa that he knows how Ben's medical license was revoked, and he tells Asa that he is going to bust him for everything. After Sam leaves, Asa calls Skye and tells her that Sam is looking for her and to lay low for awhile.

Ben and Viki are sitting at a table discussing their future together when a little boy accidentally throws his football onto their table. Ben starts talking to the boy while Viki watches, smiling at him. Ben then tells Viki how much he loves kids. At that moment Skye discovers them, but stays hidden so they don't see her.

Roseanne is talking to the owner of the Club Sable and he is telling her that the waitress job pays well, and to verify his word he asks an existing waitress to tell her how much she makes. The waitress tells her that the wages are bad, but with the tips she will clear about $800.00 a week. She tells him that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to be hit on. He hands her a bikini outfit and tells her that's her uniform. At the art school, Cristian is talking to a guy about a picture he drew of Jessica.

Will and Jessica are talking about the letter while Dorian is searching the house. Will still can't figure out why there are all the cut up magazines in the house. Jessica keeps flashing on things regarding the construction of the letter. Despite finding nothing during her search, Dorian keeps insisting that it is Viki terrorizing her. Jessica yells at her to stop.

Ben and Viki are discussing children. She already has three, but she is worried that he has none and she can't have his child. Ben tells Viki that he is going to be practicing medicine again soon and his life will be full with his job and with her. Viki is worried that she won't be able to make Ben happy. Skye is watching them and listening to their conversation.

Sam goes back into the office looking for Will again. Asa is still there and is holding a deck of cards. He wants to make a little wager with Sam. If Asa wins then Sam drops the Skye Chandler deal, if he loses then Will will stop working at Buchanan Enterprises. Will's father doesn't take the deal. They start discussing the chance of Will and Jessica marrying.

Jessica is yelling at Dorian, telling her to leave her and her mother alone. Dorian tells Jessica that she'll leave her alone, but not her mother. Jessica flashes on handling a red toy clock.

Ben and Viki are talking, he is telling her that he loves her and he knew it the moment he saw her when she walked into Crossroads.. Skye hears this and gets upset and leaves.

Roseanne is walking around Club Sable in her uniform, and a man grabs her. The owner rushes to her aide. Roseanne tells him that she doesn't want Cristian knowing anything.

Cristian is in an art class sketching a model. He then imagines that the model is Jessica. She gets up and walks over to him, telling him that she can't live without him. He awakens from the daydream with the teacher screaming at him to see his picture.

Jessica and Will are discussing that her mother is innocent. Will is inclined to believe her mother did it, too. Jessica yells at Will, telling him her mother had nothing to do with it.

Ben and Viki are talking about a future and being happy about their life together, considering it a miracle. He tells her they are in a parallel universe and gets down on one knee and proposes. The crowd applauds.

Skye is pacing in her motel room and is looking outside and is very upset.

Roseanne and Cristian are talking. Cristian is upset about all the money his class is going to cost. Roseanne tells him not to worry about anything. She was hired at the steakhouse and she will help him until he gets successful. Cristian tells her that he will pay her back every penny.

Jessica is crying to Will. She feels that she is losing her mind. She runs out of the room. Will calls to her, but discovers some cut out letters on the floor

Rae on All My Children
Courtesy of Dan Kroll

Tad's sporty little two-seat car broke down on the way to the station so Dixie was forced to play roadside service and take Tad to work. It wasn't that she minded because she now had the chance to meet renowned advice guru, Dr. Rae Cummings. Her ears probably ringing, Rae strolled onto the studio floor and greeted Tad. The two were old friends from their days in California; Rae was a disc jockey and Tad was living his life as heir to the Orsini Vineyard fortune. Rae was pleased to see that Tad had found happiness-even if it did take him and Dixie years to finally get back together. "You're the kind of stuff that dreams are made of," said Rae. "Couples like you give me hope." Tad chuckled to himself and urged Rae to save the good sound bites for when the cameras started rolling. The stage was set to roll, but Tad said that they usually do not begin until Liza shows up. Rae recognized Liza's name and knew that she was married to Adam Chandler. Dixie asked Rae if she knew Adam, but she shook her head and said that she knew him "by reputation only."

As the taping of The Cutting Edge came to an end, Rae had time for one more call. The caller dubbed herself Ruby and spoke with a familiar southern twang. Tad recognized the voice as Opal's, but didn't let on. Opal, or Ruby, said that she was concerned because her ex-husband and his new wife were trashing her reputation. Rae advised Opal that they mudslingers usually end up dirty. Her advice concluded with a statement that Opal's true friends would know better than to believe the scurrilous remarks. Before hanging up on the call, Tad smiled broadly and said, "So long, mama. I love you." Liza finally arrived and praised Rae for a wonderful performance. She said that she and Adam had both watched the show in her office. Rae thanked Liza, but said that she had to start her trek back to Llanview. She asked to use the phone and was directed to Liza's office.

Rae found Adam still in Liza's office. To open the conversation, Rae asked Adam if he'd enjoyed her spot on the show. Adam nodded and confessed that he usually views relationship experts as spewers of "psychobabble." As for Rae, well, she seemed "authentic." Rae thanked Adam, but said that she wishes she could be as useful in her own life as she is to others. She asked Adam if he'd heard of a man by the name of Daniel Faulkner. Adam nodded and growled that he "hates, despises, and loathes" the man. Rae smiled and said that she knew that they'd have something in common. Daniel, as it turns out, is Rae's husband. Daniel had apparently posed as a financial advisor or broker and bilked dozens of investors out of millions and millions of dollars. Adam and Rae were among his victims. Rae asked Adam if he knew where she could find her husband. Adam shook his head and noted that he hadn't tried to track down the man. Rae was surprised by Adam's nonchalant attitude---especially so when Adam claimed that the whole affair was nothing more than a bad business venture. Adam asked Rae to keep quirt about being swindled because he did not want his reputation tarnished. Rae agreed. Liza appeared in the doorway and asked the pair if they'd found anything in common. Adam quickly stepped towards his wife and mentioned that he was asking Rae about his daughter, Skye, who was now residing in Llanview. Rae nodded and said that she Skye was a very beautiful young woman, a woman who was having martial problems of her own. Adam was floored by the news that Skye was once again married. He stormed out of the office intent on getting some answers. Liza didn't believe that Rae and Adam were discussing Skye. When she asked Rae for the truth, Rae questioned Liza about her lack of trust in Adam. She did confess that they were talking about a bad business deal. Before leaving, she urged Liza to confront Adam about her doubts and concerns. "If you're having doubts about Adam, you make him tell you the truth." In the studio on his cellular phone, Adam angrily asked Skye why she hadn't told him that she'd gotten remarried. He nearly hit the roof when she revealed that she'd married a doctor. "Are you trying to find yourself another [Dr. Jonathan] Kinder?!"

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Roseanne began her new job today, as a waitress in a club in New York. She saw R.J. come in and sit at one of her tables. She switched sections with another girl, so that he would not see her. He was there to meet Judge Peterson. They talked about Téa investigating the judge's rulings. Peterson said that he would take care of Téa, but R.J. warned him to stay away from her. He thought the judge should disappear for a while. He left and R.J. called Téa to cancel their dinner date. He lied to her, telling her that he was in Boston. R.J. left without seeing Rosey.

Téa was at the police station, where she met up with Kevin. He wanted the story on the Peterson investigation, but Téa had no comment. Grace came in, and so did Joey and Kelly. Brian walked past them, into his meeting with Nora. Nora let him know that she believes he should pay for hurting the women. Brian told her that he hoped she could "get him off." Nora went home to tell Sam about the meeting. Throwing Todd's trial cost too much to risk doing that again. He offered to take the case for her, but she refused. He also told her that Renee had been there to get Nora's help. Renee had agreed with Sam that Asa is using Will. Renee was also worried about Asa's health.

Kelly and Joey went to the Sun, where Kelly got upset about being blind and stupid for believing Brian's innocence. Joey thought it was too soon to be back at work. Grace came in and convinced Kelly to take a few days off, leaving her in charge. Kevin came in, and offered to help Grace learn how to run the paper. He said that his secret was a notebook, in which he writes everything. He said that every other page was about Grace. He wouldn't let her read it, but he left it behind when he went. Grace began to read it, and was surprised by what it said. Kelly and Joey went to eat at the diner, where Joey assured her that because Brian's bullet hit his arm, the curse of Kelly killing those she loved is gone.

Max and Blair were at Asa's, worried that Renee will find out the truth about the adoption. Nigel told them that Renee had a surprise for them. When she got there, she was starting to tell Max something important, when Blair yelled at her to "spit it out." She was about to, when she had to answer the door. She brought in Esther Hoffman, the nurse who witnessed the adoption.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Sam and Lindsay are at the country club. They're having a discussion about Will, Bo and Nora and the fact that Will is working for Asa. Lindsay says that Bo loves her and will be on their side. Sam found out about Asa's involvement with Ben's losing his medical license and will hit him where it hurts-in his family. Suddenly, Bo appears and wants to know what's going on. Sam says it's between him and Asa. Even though Bo himself says he's on their side, Sam refuses to accept it. Bo says there will be a big battle.

Renee walks into the study with a surprise-Esther Hoffman, the nurse from Las Vegas who was involved in the adoption of Renee's child. Max and Blair are shocked. The three play dumb for Renee's sake, not letting on that they've already met. Esther really wanted to see everyone, she says and see how it all turned out. She comments on Blair's ring and how she used to have one just like it. Renee looks a bit confused as she goes off to get coffee for everyone. As soon as she's out Max and Blair pounce on the nurse and demand to know why she's in Llanview. She's broke, she retorts, while they're living it up. They will have to give her money or she'll wait for Asa(who's out of town). As she starts to pour herself a drink, Blair rips it from her hand. She'll get nothing, she says. Esther mentions that she ran into Sam in Las Vegas;he was looking for dirt but she hasn't given him anything, YET! Blair freaks out at that, especially after the nurse says she wants one million dollars by the end of the day. When Renee comes back, Esther tells her she has to leave.

As Dorian gently places flowers on Megan's grave, she asks for forgiveness. She knows she doesn't deserve it, but she shouldn't be tortured either. She just can't take it. Dorian hears a baby crying and begs Megan to stop. She hears it in her mind and finally believes that she's the one who is torturing herself. She'll do anything but she can't go crazy!! She becomes hysterical. Other members of her family have been committed. She swears she'll change, she doesn't want to be insane. She is startled by a priest and leaves.

R.J. and Téa are at the diner; it's amazing how quickly R.J. got home from Boston, the asst. D.A. mentions. There's nothing on the judge yet, but if he's dirty they will appeal Dorian's case. R.J. mentions that she's already suffering, but Téa says she can't suffer enough. The problem is, the judge just left town. Someone must have tipped him off.

Roseanne plans on having a special evening to celebrate Cristian's first day of school. She's out on the fire escape when he arrives home. She lies about her job at the steakhouse and then gives Cris a gift-top of the line paintbrushes. The artist says he's not great and in fact he's quitting. Roseanne wonders if it all has to do with Jessica because Cris has never doubted himself before. He denies wanting to quit because of Jess;everyone else in his class has had training, studios, supplies and money. He can't compete, he's behind. He apologizes for ruining the evening as Rosie finds the pictures of Jess that he did in school. Roseanne says it's her fault, she forced him to come to NY. She tells him she can't compete with a memory but wherever he goes, the memory will still be there.

Jess is sitting and talking with Megan at the gazebo. She tells the child she will never forget her. Will suddenly appears-Jess is talking to herself. As he watches her, Jess is "hugging Megan" but then snaps out of it. Jess says she was thinking about Dorian and wonders who could be doing all of the torturing. Whoever it is has suffered a trauma and blocked it out. Jess thinks Dorian is punishing herself;Will is thoughtful. He asks her to come to dinner with him.

They arrive at the country club and run into Sam, Lindsay and Bo. They have their own table, Will says. Sam wants to set up a time to speak with Will, but they don't come to an agreement. The young couple heads to their table and sit down where Will proceeds to stare at Jess. She wants to know what's going on and he says he's just thinking about her and what they've gone through together. He would trust her with his life and would never keep secrets from her. Does she have any? She says no and just then Dorian walks in. She stops to see Bo and Lindsay and apologizes. She finally knows who has been bothering her. Will overhears and jumps up to stop her but Sam intervenes. It's herself; says Dorian. The judge was too lenient with her;she deserves to be punished. The others don't quite understand. Dorian just wants to go home. Behind her, Jess has quietly left and Esther has arrived for dinner. As she sits down, Sam sees her. What is she doing in Llanview, the lawyer asks her.

Max doesn't want to give Esther any money; she'll only come back for more, he tells Blair. He'll have to think of something. Renee comes back to see them and tells them that though Esther was a surprise, she wasn't HER surprise. She knows that Max is up to something because she's not a fool or blind. She won't pry though. She knows Max is always worried about money and her surprise is that she will rewrite her will and leave everything to Max. She goes off to take a phone call from Asa.

Roseanne really wants Cristian to give the art school a chance. Just then, they receive a call from Carlotta who wants to know how the first day of school was. Cris lies and says it was hard but will get better. It's especially nice to have Roseanne there. Rosie takes the phone to chat with Téa and assures her she has a good job. But she's interested in knowing why R.J. was in NY. Téa says that wasn't him, he was in Boston. Rosie assures her it was probably a look-a-like but Téa looks in R.J.'s direction. After the phone call, Cris tells Rosie he meant what he said, about her being there. He'll stay.

Jessica has made her way to Dorian's house and let herself in. Unknown to her, Will has figured out where she's gone and goes in. As he turns on the light, he is sickened by the sight-Jessica has destroyed Dorian's house. He hears a baby crying and finds a tape. He heads up the stairs. Dorian's portrait has the word KILLER in black paint all over it. As he picks up the brush Lindsay, Bo and Dorian enter the house and spot him at the top of the stairs.

Jessica is back at the gazebo, singing to Megan and stroking her hair. The image of Megan disappears and Jess is there, alone.

Thursday, September 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Dorian's Mansion

Picking up from where we left off yesterday, Will is standing at the top of the stairs holding a can of black spray paint. Bo asks Will if he trashed Dorian's house and, after a long pause, Will covers for Jessica and answers, "yes." Lindsay demands to know why and Will answers, "It's simple. I hate her. I want her to pay for what she did to Megan." Dorian is relieved to know she wasn't going mad, but Bo thinks Will is too calm to have done all of the damage. Will just says, "It was kind of fun seeing her squirm...I guess people change." Dorian demands that Bo arrest Will, so Bo reads Will his rights.

The Palace Restaurant

While Grace waits for Kevin, she reads references to her lack of reporting skills in his notebook. When Kevin arrives and announces that it will be an "unforgettable night," Grace tells him that "it already is!" Kevin has planned her "perfect date: flowers, champagne and caviar" and doesn't understand Grace's cold attitude toward him. Grace shares with Kevin that she "found" his notebook and read some of the entries about her "disgrace to the profession" of journalism. Kevin tells Grace he is sorry she found the diary and sorry she read it, but that she had proved him wrong and he's changed his mind about her writing skills. Kevin insists that Grace read some of the more recent entries and when she does, she is embarrassed. When Kevin asks why she read his notes, Grace tells him she was "trying to learn something...something about you."

At another table, Sam confronts Esther Hoffman about what she is doing in Llanview. When she lies, Sam shares with her that he knows about her big blackjack losses in the "past six months" amounting to "about $100,000" and asks where she got the money. Could her "wealthy uncle" be "Uncle Asa"? Sam advises Esther: "Don't overplay your hand" and rises to leave. But Esther gets his interest by asking Sam if he's still looking for "dirt on Asa." Sam asks if Esther has "dirt to shovel" and if she's selling it, what might it be. But before Esther can answer, Sam's cell phone rings and he rushes off to help Will.

Llanview PD

Hank intercepts a visibly upset Nora coming from a meeting with Brian. When he asks her if Sam could take the case for her, she "unloads" her frustrations on Hank. "Don't you just think sometimes how wonderful it would be if you could take your professionalism and your ethics and toss it right out the window...just be like everybody conscience, no cares...never have to worry about doing the right thing?" Hank tells her she wouldn't be happy for very long if she did that: "If the good guys give in to it, then the bad guys will all get off." Nora replies that the bad guys already do get off "too damned often" and for once she would "just like to see the bad guys get punished." Hank promises that Brian's trial will be different from Todd's trial because, 1. "It's airtight"; 2. "There will be no trial because Brian will want to plead"; and 3. "We'll put him away for a long time." Nora concedes, "Maybe it's this kid...on the outside he seems so innocent and on the inside I know he's..." but before she can finish, she looks up to see Will (in handcuffs) entering the station, followed by Bo, Lindsay, and Sam.

Bo tells Nora that Dorian's had a "pretty rough night" and should be checked on, but leaves it to Sam to tell Nora why Will is under arrest. Nora leaves to check on Dorian and Sam tries to talk to Will, who rebuffs his father: "I don't have anything to say to you. I can get my own lawyer and it won't be you." Sam is reluctant to let Will talk to Bo without counsel present, but Lindsay intervenes: "Maybe he will tell Bo why he has become a totally different person than the son that we know...why he's torturing an already tortured woman who probably never meant to hurt Jessica in the first place."

Before he talks to Bo, Will uses the phone in Bo's office for his "one call." Will calls Viki to tell her that Jessica is "in trouble" and needs her.

Palm Beach

Ben has planned the "perfect, unforgettable" evening for he and Viki: a glass bottom boat to take them to a hidden lagoon with a floating dance floor where they will dance the night away under the stars. Skye watches them as they leave the table to do some "warm-up dancing." Returning to the table, the couple decides to go upstairs for a bubble bath instead. Ben forgets his key when he goes to inform the boat captain of their change in plans. Skye starts to approach Viki after Ben leaves, but stops when Viki's cell phone rings. After Viki talks to Will, she hurriedly departs and Skye picks up Ben's room key from the table. Later, Viki is upset to learn she must leave immediately to catch a flight home and can only leave Ben a note. After Viki leaves, Skye sneaks in and folds up the note before surveying the bathroom: "not bad at all." When Ben comes in later, he hears the water running in the bathroom and strips down to his black shorts and heads for the tub: " I like bubbles...this is going to be fun." Ben is shocked when he sees Skye in the bathtub instead of Viki.

Dorian's Mansion

Dorian is picking through the ruins when Nora arrives. Nora is stunned by the destruction that has taken place but Dorian tells her, "I was tired of that portrait anyway. The rest of it is just things, that's all...things. I wish he hadn't destroyed my family pictures though, but what the heck...I mean Mel is gone and Cassie's funny, I'm always losing things that I love...they disappear, they break down...I'm forever losing things." Nora tries to comfort Dorian by telling her that "it's over...Will has confessed and he's in won't ever happen again" but is confused by Dorian's reaction and asks, "You don't think he did this?" Dorian replies, "He confessed. Shouldn't we believe him?" Nora allows that it "just doesn't seem like Will...this is so violent, it's not what I would expect from him." Nora offers to make Dorian some soup or tea before helping her clean up and when she leaves the room Dorian watches as another note is slipped under the front door. Dorian opens the door but doesn't see Jessica. The note reads: "meet me at Crossroads - come alone." Later, when Nora comes back into the room, Dorian thanks Nora for her kindness but lies to her and says she just wants to go to bed and get some rest. Dorian assures Nora that she believes "it's over" and hurries Nora out the front door.

Llanview PD

Bo talks to Will in his office; he is not convinced of Will's confession. "The pieces don't fit together." Will replies, "It's simple. I did it." When Bo questions how Will's story has now changed, Will answers by saying, "I guess I'm a good actor."

Sam presses Hank about how much time Will is facing. Hank supposes it could be 1-2 years with some of it possibly suspended. Lindsay defends Will, she is sure he "didn't do this," that destroying Dorian's house is "not the work of our son." Sam is devastated and tells Lindsay, "I'm not even sure that is our son anymore."

Bo tells Lindsay that Will "gave a pretty good account of what he did...but something just doesn't add up."

Sam enters Bo's office to speak to Will, but Will tells his father, "I don't have anything to say to you...She had it coming." Sam is dismayed by Will's callousness. "I know you have had one hell of a year....but to systematically and methodically terrorize another human being, to gloat about it, to feel no guilt and no shame...I didn't teach you to be that kind of're not that kind of person, I know that." Will spits back at his father, "Meet the new me...think of it as the same guy who went to work for Asa Buchanan...I like working for Asa...I like how Asa stomps on people...I've finally found my place...I want to be just like Asa and not give a damn...I see this world as a big cesspool and it can rot for all I care." Sam, ever the good father, responds by telling Will, " I don't know what you're going scares the living hell out of me...but I want you to know that no matter what happens, I love you. But I hope to God you come to your senses. I really do." As Sam leaves, Will looks sorry he had to lie so well to his father.

Later, as Nora tells Sam and Lindsay that "something's not right about this," Bo visits Will in his jail cell. Bo tells Will he "wants the truth...we're going to have a nice long talk and you're going to tell me what really happened tonight."

Outside The Crossroads

Dorian approaches The Crossroads and sees a red sports car. "Who are you? Why did you send me the note? Why don't you say something, didn't you want to meet me to talk? I'm here....what do you want?"

The car's engine revs and we see Jessica behind the wheel.

Friday, October 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

Viki arrives at the police station. She explains to Lindsay and Sam that she heard about Will's arrest. Sam wonders how she heard about it if she was away. Viki admits that Will called her. Lindsay doesn't understand why he would call Viki. Viki covers the truth by explaining that he just wanted Jessica to know where he was and he couldn't find her. Viki apologizes to Sam and Lindsay, then leaves.

At Will's jail cell, Bo is continuing his interrogation of Will. Will is keeping his story about how he really was the one tormenting Dorian, but Bo is still skeptical. Bo doesn't know why Will would do this in addition to filing the civil suit and implies that Will may be covering up for someone. The guard interrupts them and announces Viki's arrival. Viki tells Will that she's afraid for Jess, and Bo asks why she's afraid. If Jessica is in trouble, he wants to help her. Viki pleads with him to just let her do what she needs to do. She asks that Bo bend the rules a little so she and Will can go help Jessie. Bo needs to release Will, because he is not the one bothering Dorian. Finally, Bo leaves.

Once they're alone, Viki tells Will that she needs something to convince her that Jessie is the culprit. Will admits that the "engagement present" was a hoax. He had thought it possible that Viki was the culprit, but that didn't matter to him because Dorian was getting what she deserved. But then he found the magazine cutout letters in Jessica's bag and saw her talking to herself, almost as if she was talking to Megan. Viki is shocked, but she is slowly coming to the realization that Will is right-- Jess was too forgiving, wanting even Viki to forgive Dorian. Neither of them knows where Jessica could be. Will blames himself for letting her leave the restaurant. As Bo eavesdrops, Viki tells Will that he's done enough and she'll take care of things now. Bo makes his presence known then. He says that he understands Will had to do this, because he once confessed to something to help his song. Bo will release Will, and give him and Viki one hour to do whatever it is they have to do. After that, he'll have to do his job. The guard lets Will out, and he races out with Viki.

Meanwhile, Bo has returned to talk to Sam, Nora, and Lindsay after leaving Viki with Will. He says that everything is all right. Viki is with Will now. Sam asks if this is about Jessica. Bo says it'll be okay, and he leaves. Lindsay tells Nora that she isn't involved in this and doesn't belong here. Lindsay tells Nora that she doesn't know Will, and starts blaming things on the other woman. Bo then interrupts them and announces that he has released Will. Will and Viki hurry by. When Sam wants to talk to Will, Bo says to just let his son do what he needs to do. Sam doesn't understand this-- he wants to go talk to Will. Bo needs everyone to cooperate now. Lindsay asks where Will and Viki went. Bo doesn't know, but he trusts Will and Viki. Sam wonders what Viki has to do with everything. He guesses that it's all about Jessica, and that she is the one behind the haunting. Sam is angry at Bo for "being a Buchanan" and making decisions about his son. Sam will be concerned about his son, NOT Bo. Lindsay wants Sam to trust Bo-- he wouldn't want Will to get hurt. Bo reminds Sam that this isn't about the four of them. This is about Will and Jessica, who are dealing with so much pain, and no one can do anything for them except let them deal with their pain. The only way Will and Jessica will heal is if everyone has faith in them.

At Cristian and Roseanne's multi-million dollar mansion, Cristian is noisily flipping through a magazine. This wakes Roseanne, and she asks him what is wrong. He says that he just has a bad feeling, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Both go back to sleep. Later, Cristian is awakened by a dream where Jessica is calling out to him, saying that she needs help. Cristian gets out of bed and gets dressed. Roseanne wakes up again and asks what he's doing. Cristian explains that Jessica needs him. "What? How do you know?" Roseanne asks. Cristian explains that he can just feel it. He had a dream in which she was calling to him for help. Roseanne is hurt-- would he have even told her if she hadn't woken up? He was going to leave her a note. Roseanne is upset about this. Cristian tries to make her understand. She doesn't because he had told her that Jessica was only a memory. Roseanne wants him to decide if he really wants to go to Llanview to relive the past or if he wants to stay there and live the future with her. Cristian says that he's coming back as soon as he knows Jessica is okay. He knows something is wrong because of their special connection. Roseanne is hurt, and says that they had a connection like that-- when they were kids. She suggests that he just call Jessica. Cristian takes the phone. He dials, but there is no answer.

Outside Crossroads, Dorian is waiting as Jessica sits in her car. Dorian begs the driver to come out and reveal who they are. Finally, Jessica steps out of the car, and Dorian is shocked to learn the true identity of her tormentor. Jessica calls out for Megan. She tells Dorian that she had to prove to Megan that she loved her. Megan never did anything to Dorian and didn't deserve this. Megan didn't hate her. She couldn't, but a mother could. Jessica wanted Megan to know that she'd make Dorian hurt, too. Dorian says that she deserves this from Jessica after what she did to her. Jessica wants to do more for her daughter-- she can't help her or comfort her. A guilty Dorian tells Jessica that she should be the one doing something for Dorian, and she asks Jessica what she can do. Dorian thinks that if she pays for what she did, it will all be over for Jessica. Jessica tells Dorian that she wants her to die. "Maybe that's what I want, too," Dorian says shakily. Jessica gets back into her car. She puts her hands on the steering wheel. Dorian stands in front of the car willingly. Jessica turns the key to start the engine as Dorian kneels in front of the car. Will and Viki arrive and are shocked to see what's going on. Neither Dorian nor Jessica sees them. Will tries to go to stop Jessica, but Viki pulls him back and tells him to leave her alone right now.

At Ben's hotel room in Palm Beach, Ben is shocked to find Skye in his bathtub. He tries to leave the bathroom, but the door won't open. He frantically continues trying to escape and asks Skye what she's doing there. Skye saw him in the lobby and figured that he followed her to Palm Beach. Ben then accuses her of following him and Viki there. Skye reiterates her idea that Ben followed her there to "humiliate" Skye into the divorce. Skye reminds Ben that his options are either for him to get the divorce and Viki, or for Sam to get rid of Asa and get his son back. Ben confidently says that he will get both. "Don't count on it," says Skye.

Ben brings up the annulment papers, and Skye says she didn't file them because she was in love with him. Ben asks Skye why she would want to stay in a marriage she knows doesn't have a chance. She tells him he doesn't want to know the truth. He wants her to stop telling her what to do. He will do whatever it takes for a life with Viki. He pushes Skye to give him the reason. She shakes her head and says that if she told him, it would be worse than he ever imagined. Ben's attempts to escape Skye by opening the door are futile. Finally, she agrees to tell him the truth. When she woke up the morning that she was to file the annulment papers, she was "sick as a dog." She thought it was just nerves at the time, but then she realized that she was a week late. Ben realizes what she's saying, but that's impossible. Skye bought a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. And once she knew the truth, she couldn't end their marriage.

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