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Monday, September 27, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Eve, Kevin, Scott and Lucy are at the lighthouse brainstorming about DV. Kevin suggests that if Scott and Lucy were to break up, DV should back off. Eve and Lucy hate the idea but Kevin says that DV doesn't know that they have realized that what happened to him and Eve is connected to what's going on with Scott and Lucy. They'd all have to break up so Kevin and Lucy could pretend to get back together. Lucy and Eve agree that they don't like this idea much.

Joe, Matt and Karen are eating at the Recovery Room and Chris and Rachel are at a different table. Chris and Rachel discuss Christina; he has told Rachel the baby is real and who she is. They try to decide how to let Julie know she knows. Chris wants to just tell her but Rachel thinks they should wait until Julie told her on her own. Chris has ordered champagne and says he never had a bachelor party. Rachel asks if she should be jumping out of a cake. Chris and the 3 at the other table start to chat and Chris told them he and Julie are married - just as Frank comes out of the men's room to overhear. Chris went over to Frank and sits down with him at the bar asking if he's going to buy him a beer. NO! Chris suggests that Frank is jealous that he married his ex-girlfriend. Frank says no; he just hopes she stabs him in his sleep on their honeymoon. Rachel comes over and Chris introduces her to Frank, the black sheep of the family. Rachel, while flirting shamelessly, told Franks she is Julie's shrink and asks what it will take to bring him around. He told her it won't happen; Julie is guilty of the murders, period.

Back at the lighthouse, the four are still debating Kevin's plan. Lucy can't resist torturing Eve a bit with the fact that it's not out of the realm of possibility that Kevin might comfort her if she and Scott broke up. Scott told them to stop. Eve feels too much could go wrong and Scott agrees. They continue the debate and Scott brought up the children - they can't be expected to "get it" and a breakup would jeopardize the adoption of Christina. Kevin suggests that the kids stay hidden - and out of the situation - until it's over. Lucy says she won't lose her baby over it. NO!!

At the Recovery Room, Joe approaches Frank and asks if he doesn't have somewhere else to hang out since he quit. Joe says Mary doesn't mind him hanging out there and had, in fact, asked him to come back to work there. Joe says he wouldn't do that though because it would involve sacrifice. Frank isn't in the mood for Joe's preaching. Is he in the mood to get knocked off his bar stool? Rachel chats with the residents about the Chief Resident position which is now up for grabs. (Do we know what happened to Ellen?) Gail has asked Rachel to take her place on the review committee since it would be a conflict of interest with Karen being her granddaughter. Joe returns to the table and asks what Rachel was talking about. They tell him. They all joke about who will win. Rachel and Chris are discussing the position too. Chris says Eve has it locked. He says Karen doesn't have it in her but Rachel disagrees. Helping Scott's daughter get a job she wants can only be useful to them especially when Julie wants her baby back. Next, she wants to get on Frank's good side. She's figured out that Frank is Christina's father and believes he will too and soon. She says he probably doesn't even want a baby but Chris told her he loves children. Rachel says that could be a problem but that they will have to deal with any conflicts that come up. Chris wonder why Rachel is so devoted to Julie's case. She tells him that, like him, she likes to succeed.

Back at the lighthouse (again) the debate continues. Lucy can't lose the baby. Kevin says he will call Mac and try to arrange it so that it's "official" and thereby, won't mess things up with the adoption. If that works out, Lucy is in.

Joe and Karen are still at the Recovery Room and still discussing the job. Joe offers to drop out if Karen really wants it. She say no, she wants to get it on her own. They make a bet for "services" as to who will win.

Rachel went to get some coffee to go and to strike up conversation with Frank. She really flirts up a storm and gives him her card suggesting that they get together. He doesn't need a shrink so she suggests that they find "something else" to do.

Eve and Kevin talk about her child and how she wonders if he's alive and DV has had him all these years or if it's just another mind game. Kevin promises they'll figure it out. She hates the plan and says if it were real, she'd jump off a bridge. He says it's not real. He rubs her shoulders and she makes him promise not to do that for Lucy. They smooch.

Lucy and Scott at home are talking to Serena on the phone. Lucy hate their plan too and doesn't know if she can do it. They kiss and Scott gets a mental image of Lucy and DV and pulls away. Lucy told him it's DV putting them there. Scott says that's how they'll do it; they'll let DV think his tricks are working and that that's why they break up. They hug.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Scott and Lucy realized that Kevin and Eve needed to know the truth about Lucy's affair with DV while she was suffering from amnesia. Kevin and Eve were supportive of Lucy after she admitted that she had slept with DV. Scott told the group that today was the day they needed to break up with their respective partners, but everyone agreed to spend one more night as they were. Eve was uncomfortable when she realized that it would be easy for people to believe that Kevin and Lucy were back together. Courtney's plans to spend the day with Joe were ruined when she had to go and help an injured Frank. As Courtney tended to Frank's wounds, the attraction between them grew and they almost kissed. Karen and Joe shared a steamy kiss.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Scott and Lucy talking. He says the plan is the first time he and Kevin have ever agreed on anything. She says, noooo, they agree on women. :) Scott worries the plan will backfire but Lucy assures him it won't. She says she wishes they didn't have to do all this; she'd rather be at Aunt Charlene's. Scott mentions dumplings and Lucy says that's what she's try to accomplish - that atmosphere of safety and love. Scott kisses her and immediately gets a mental picture of her kissing DV and pulls away. He insists nothing is wrong and that nothing will spoil the night. They hug.

Eve and Kevin are making out on the sofa. She hates having to leave him, even if it is just pretend. She asks if he'll forget her while she's gone. Not a chance! Just in case tho, she has something for him to remember her by.

Karen and Joe enter her apartment and she says "Kiss me." He begs her pardon? It's on the top of her list. If she wins, he'll have to do her bidding. He'll have to kiss her every day and every night. He says letting her win might have advantages he hadn't considered. Wait a minute - no one is "letting" her have the job. She can't wait to show him the rest of her "to do" list! He asks if she's going to make him tickle her. She says no but he playfully chases her, tickling, until she "gives." They make out until Joe pulls back and says he better go, he doesn't want to cross a line. She says to cross. Please. They make out, tearing each other's clothes off and knocking over a vase. Tis breaks the action long enough for them to think. He dresses, awkwardly, kisses her and leaves. She picks up a rose, sits down, looks at the door and runs to open it just as Joe raises his hand to knock. Three full minutes of on-screen passion follow.

Eve's gift to Kevin is a picture of her as an overly made-up teenager. REALLY over made-up! They laugh and she told him it's for his eyes only - or she'll be laughed out of PC. She told him that the girl in the picture only had her dreams going for her. She laid awake at night wondering what it would be like to go through life with someone you could count on. She told him that he's that person for her; he's made that girl's dreams come true. She thanks him and he says he'll cherish the picture. They kiss and she told him it's his turn. She gets his picture album and he shows her a pic of him at 17, long hair, playing the drums. She says he told her he couldn't sing (maybe that's why he's playing drums?) and he says he's not in a band any more and besides, he can't be expected to give his talent away for free. She requires a penance. Lucy is trying to be seductive but Scott's avoiding it. She says it's time to move up the floor show planned for an after dinner surprise. Get ready for clanging cymbals. She runs off to prepare and, Scott, drinking, has another "scene" flash through his mind. Lucy calls down for him to turn on the music and comes downstairs to mid-Eastern (I think) music in a belly dancing costume. Scott is nervous and uncomfortable (which Lucy amazingly doesn't seem to notice) and asks what about them and Frank (Sinatra). She says later; right now she's going to do the dance of the 7 veils for him. He tries to be into it but has continuos visions and finally throws the tape player, stopping the music. She looks upset.

Karen and Joe, in bed, talking (pillow talk) She says she will never doubt him again but he'd rather not spend time on the past. He'd rather think about the future. She asks if they'll really make it. He asks if it's because of Courtney. Karen says she has his baby, She says that some things are inevitable and he agrees - the seasons and them. She asks if they're officially back together. He says not so fast...

Eve is yodeling from upstairs and comes down with Kevin's guitar, telling him he must sing for his supper and to make it something romantic. He performs Camptown Races but with lyrics about the course of their relationship. She is thrilled and says no one has ever written her a love song before. He say deserves more than applause! She agrees and they make out (there's an awful lot of making out today). Scott is trying to explain his visions to Lucy. She says she should have realized (no kidding!) and tat DV is trying to drive him crazy. He explains that it's bringing up a lot of things from his past - Laura. Lucy says they've never talked about that in all the years. He says there's nothing to talk about if you can't protect someone you love. He feels it's happening again. She suggests they talk about it now. He couldn't protect Laura from losing her innocence and he can't protect Lucy now either. Lucy told him he couldn't help her with the situation with DV when she had amnesia and that he probably couldn't protect Laura either. He wonders what kind of world this is where you have to kill someone to protect the people you love. She says he is protecting her by just being there when he really wants to kill DV. He can't kill DV if he wants to protect his family.

Karen asks Joe again if they are back together and he says yes .. and no. Do they or don't they? He says it's up to her and she's confused by this. He told her that he's forgiven her for doubting him but does she forgive him for taking so long to forgive her? She says she thought they were past that but he explains that it wouldn't be fair if they didn't look at his contributions to their problems. She says he is a nice guy. They are "square" on everything now. They're back together and they love each other.

Eve told Kevin that part of her wants to call the whole plan off. She tells him not to make it too palatable and fall in love with Lucy again. He won't! They make out.

Lucy told Scott to focus on her and the kids and how much they love him and he will win every time. He says she fights dirty. She told him positive always wins out over negative but he wonders *when*. Until next time!

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

It's morning at the Scanlon house. Frank comes home, having been out all night. Courtney is ticked at him for not calling to let her know he was still alive, especially after she had helped him the day before when someone beat him up. Frank explains that he was OK and had thought there was no need to call, since she had told him Joe was waiting for her. Courtney told him that Joe didn't come home last night and wasn't on duty when she went to visit Neil at the hospital--obviously, he was with Karen.

At GH, Joe and Karen are flirting and bantering about their upcoming interviews for the chief resident position and their respective chances of landing the position. [I enjoyed David Gail's acting in this scene--he seems very comfortable in his role now, and he and Marie Wilson have tons of chemistry.]

Still at the hospital, Chris and Eve run into each other in the hallway; Eve told him her interview is coming up in a few minutes. Eve asks how he is; Chris holds up his left hand to show her his wedding band and replies "Married." E: "I figured as much." Rachel enters the scene, standing in the background to watch and eavesdrop. C: "That's it? You don't want to take a shot?" E: "You're married, and I have to accept that..though I think you deserve a whole lot more." C: "Wouldn't a friend let *me* decide that?" E: "A friend would want her friend alive and kicking, not the latest victim of Port Charles's favorite serial killer." She leaves, and Rachel approaches Chris.

Rachel says he looks upset; he told her he just told Eve about the big wedding. R: "And she threw cold water instead of rice?" C: "Eve just has strong opinions..just..because she cares so much, you know? She'd make a great chief resident, if you want my recommendation." R: "I told you: I'm going with Karen Wexler." C: "Because you want her father in your corner." R: "Look, we get in Scott's good graces, Chris, and it's gonna make it much easier when Julie wants her baby back." C: "Yeah, I understand the politics, but Eve is a friend." R: "Well, you know what? You're married now. So maybe you should stop worrying about your friend, and worry more about your wife."

Kevin and Eve run into each other. He wonders if they're still on for their last meal together before his big "reconciliation" with Lucy. They agree that breaking up--even "fake breaking up"--is hard to do. She doesn't know how she'll be able to concentrate on her interview; he reassures her. She told him about Chris and Julie's wedding, and he says they'll need to redouble their efforts to make sure she stays in Ferncliff. Eve reiterates her doubts about his plan to pretend to reconcile with Lucy, saying she wonders if Bordisso or anyone else will be fooled. He replies that they'll have to fool everyone, especially D.V., otherwise there's no point to their plan, but agrees that their breakup will be a shock to those who think they're the perfect couple. She insists that they *are* the perfect couple, and they decide that a bit of public smooching is in order to prove this fact to everyone.

The chief resident selection committee (Rachel, Monica, and Dr. Boardman) are gathered for a little schmoozing before the first interview. Boardman compliments Rachel, and Monica told her Gail appreciates her taking over her spot on the committee. Rachel says she was honored and that she's gone over all the candidates' files thoroughly. Monica is leaning toward choosing Joe Scanlon, while Boardman thinks Eve is the better candidate. Rachel wants to affirm that they're going to take a close look at *each* candidate. Smirking: "You never know what might come up."

At the nurses's station we have an all-too-rare scene with all the (remaining) interns together. Kevin is with them. They're discussing Rachel and how/why she ended up on the selection committee. Joe wonders if she has her own agenda. Chris defends her. "She has the best eye for discovering what makes people tick that I've ever seen." J: "Then how come she was taken in by you and Julie? She helped you two get married, right?" C: "Yeah, I guess that's a concept that's foreign to you, Scanlon..you know, the guy who doesn't marry the woman who has his kids." [Yikes!]

Kevin leads Eve aside for a private conversation. He told her he's a little concerned about Rachel himself. E: "What, is that your way of telling me not to get my hopes up?" K: "It's just that every time we turn around, it seems that Rachel Locke is involved in our lives." Rachel approaches [of course]. "Oh, every time I hear my name I hope it's not being mentioned in vain." Eve says they were just admiring how quickly she's fit in around the hospital. Rachel returns the compliment, saying she was very impressed to learn about Eve's winning the Quartermaine residency. Kevin kisses her and wishes her good luck, and she and Rachel leave to begin the interview.

At the nurse's station, Chris notes that "Eve has been taken first." Joe and Karen continue to flirt and banter [see above].

At the Scanlon house, Courtney is sitting on the couch, channel surfing. Frank joins her and wonders "Did you find Joe on any of those channels?" C: "I'm pretty sure he's with Karen, and we don't get StripperTV." F: "Well, you mustn't obsess about my brother, sweetie..he doesn't love you." C: "He did once." F: "Karen has had a string on Joe since the first grade, so just suck it up and move on." C: "You got any more pearls of wisdom, Frank? How about 'there's plenty of other fish in the sea'?" F: "For a beautiful woman like you, there sure are. I can think of one fish in particular." C: "Don't. You and I are like a pair of sharks--we'd eat each other alive. And you know it." F: "I just forgot, for a second." They look at each other longingly.

Eve's interview has begun. Boardman and Monica praise her surgical and post-op skills. Eve says that she always tries to put herself in her patients' shoes. Rachel sets her trap. "So, making yourself available to your patients is very important." E: "It's essential." R: "Well, then, you must have been bothered that you had to take off so many days recently." Monica wonders about this also. Eve explains that she had to take some time off to help some friends, and reassures them that she's never let her personal life interfere with her patients. R: "Well, I'm sure that you do believe that, but...when I think of the stress that you've been under lately..dealing with Kevin and his father.." Eve's chances of winning look slim.

Eve finds Kevin in the waiting area. K: "So? Am I having lunch with the new chief resident?" E: "Not if you're having lunch with me, you're not." She explains how Rachel sabotaged her interview. K: "Did you happen to fill them in on the fact that you've been a little busy, doing things like saving my father's life?" E: "If I had done that, it would have confirmed her point: that I love my job, but some things matter more. And I can't argue that. But it was just..the way she made her case. With that shrink-y sympathy that I find very creepy." Kevin wonders if he also does the shrink-y sympathy thing. Eve smiles. "Well, sometimes, but it's not that creepy when you do it." Much flirting ensues, with Eve insisting that she's helped him progress from the "buttoned-up" state he was in when he was with Lucy, to becoming "more and more human every day." They agree to have a long, leisurely lunch and reflect on the numerous reasons why he's better off with her than Lucy.

It's time for Karen's interview. Rachel wonders if the chief resident position would interfere with her time. Karen replies that the position is a big commitment, but that's exactly what she's looking for. Boardman wonders about her supervising Joe. She's confident that it won't be a problem--that she'll be fair and not play favorites. Monica brought up the DL-56 fiasco. Karen says she doesn't have any regrets over the attempt they made to develop the drug, because of its potential as an amazing breakthrough. Monica brought up the mutant flu that resulted when Karen continued working on the drug even after being ordered to stop. Rachel handily steps in: "Well, actually, you weren't involved with DL-56 at that time..isn't that true?" K: "Yes, I had become aware how it had very serious side effects." Rachel points out that after Frank became ill, Karen was part of the team working around the clock to develop a cure. "So..you showed initiative..when a new drug seemed promising. And yet you made a very wise decision to abandon it before it became a deadly outbreak. You even helped contain it." K: "You make me sound heroic--I'm not." She told the committee that the one thing she's learned is how seductive ambition can be, but that she also knows the pitfalls. From the shots of the board members' faces, we can see that she's nailed the interview. Rachel looks delighted.

At the Scanlon house, Courtney is on the phone (on hold), and is looking for the kitchen calendar with Joe's schedule written in it. She won't tell Frank who she's calling. He snatches the phone from her hand, listens for a moment, and discovers that she's calling the Yankees to get tickets to a playoff game. Frank asks her to get him a ticket; she thinks there's a limit on the number she can buy. F: "Right..and that limit would be..Neil, you, and Joe." C: "Don't you think you're reading an awful lot into me taking my son to a baseball game?" F: "*Our* son. And if you're just taking him to a baseball game, why are you looking for Joe's schedule?" She's busted. They flirt, then kiss passionately.

Frank and Courtney are now lying on the couch, kissing. They briefly discuss how things seem to have changed between them: instead of "just getting right down to it" as with previous "encounters," now they're taking the slow approach. They continue making out.

Next we have Joe's interview. Monica compliments his reliability and skills. Rachel wastes no time moving in for the kill, bringing up his temper and the two altercations he's had while on duty, both times jeopardizing the hospital's reputation. She wonders if he feels violence is the solution to every problem. Joe clearly has no chance of landing this job--he immediately loses his temper and tries to justify the two altercations. His excuses don't wash with the committee. The next topic is Neil. Boardman is sorry to hear that his condition isn't improving. Rachel thinks his illness makes great demands on Joe's time. J: "My son has helped me focus my attention. Because of him, I know what parents with sick children go through. That makes me a better doctor, for the patient and his family." Rachel wonders if he can handle the added burden of being chief resident. Joe's response comes off sounding somewhat weak: "Medicine is my life, and I am good at it. As a doctor, I know my strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of my colleagues. We already have a team here. I could lead that team. Help us all become better at what we do." He leaves. The board members are clearly put off by his temper and defensiveness.

Outside the door, Joe glowers and loosens his tie. Inside, Rachel twists the knife one last time: "Well, that was interesting. He was able to reign himself in, but I'm not so sure if somebody else were to get to him, he wouldn't explode." Back outside, Karen approaches Joe and asks how the interview went. Rachel is relentless: coming out of the interview room, she thanks Joe "for being so forthcoming in your interview." She leaves. K: "What was that about?" J: "I think my chances for chief resident just went down the toilet, thanks to her."

Rachel joins Chris at the nurse's station. He asks her who got the chief resident position. [I didn't understand his line even after several rewinds/replays, but my husband says it was "Who's the new jefe?", that being the Spanish word for "boss." This sounds good to me, and I'll buy it. :)] She puts him off, saying she's on her way to a session with Julie. He offers to come along with her and pressures her for a hint. She says Karen showed grace under pressure, and Joe had a hard time dancing around his hotheadedness. He wonders about Eve; she told him she gave her a free ride because she's a friend of his, but that she doesn't think she got any votes. He says he still thinks she's the best candidate; Rachel shrugs. They agree to meet at his car; he leaves.

Rachel nabs Kevin and Eve, who are walking by. She asks Kevin about the fact that he's been doing research on her. R: "You want to know why I had that doctor fired." K: "Well, like I said, it's hard not to be curious." R: "Well, he took advantage of a patient, and I couldn't allow that." K: "The hospital board agreed with you." R: "Yeah, but he became the hero. Did you hear about that? I got crucified." E: "Oh, the other doctors closed rank on you." R, smarmily: "Never tell on another doctor. Their code of honor, not mine. In my book the patient always comes first." She starts to walk away, then pauses and turns around. "Oh, and Kevin. The next time you want to know something about me...just ask." She smirks at them and leaves.

Kevin gets a call on his cellphone; it's Scott. It's time to go to the Port Charles Grill, to stage the fake breakup. Eve is upset. "The lover's tragedy, act I." K: "Now, this could be fun..once Lucy and Scott break up." E: "In front of an astonished audience, causing you and me to break up...yeah, that's my idea of fun." K: "Just think how much fun it'll be once we get back together." E: "*If* we get back together." K: "This is all going to work. What could possibly come between us?"

Friday, October 1, 1999

Scott and Lucy started their plan to trick DV into thinking they were breaking up. DV's operative following Lucy fell for the ruse and relayed the information to DV. Later, Kevin and Lucy were forced to jump into bed together in order to convince DV that their ruse was for real. Rachel pretended to be overcome with emotion when Julie asked about her mother. Rachel told Chris and Julie a traumatic story about losing her mother. Later, Rachel got a phone call and it was revealed that her mother was very much alive after all.

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