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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on SB
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Monday, October 4, 1999

Annie told Olivia that Sean and Caitlin hate her. Olivia says they are her family and they will always stick together, but she wouldn't know anything about that because she doesn't have a family and no one has ever loved her. Annie says her dad, loves her. Olivia says then why did he leave everything to his mistress. Annie says Maria and Aunt Bette love her. Olivia says Maria doesn't even know you and Aunt Bette just feels sorry for you like a stray puppy. Annie slaps Olivia across the face, Olivia leaves and Annie has a fantasy with her dad and Gregory, she told them that Olivia said that they don't love her. They say they do love her and Olivia is wrong, they tell her that's the truth and then they both crack up saying she bought it, Olivia comes in and went to Del and Gregory and says you want to get hotter. Annie comes to reality and says this is war.

Sean is getting Amy and himself something to drink, while Brad told Amy that she needs to hit up Sean for the money to get Mrs. Monroe of there back. She says she can't do that. Sean returned and sits down and wants to know why they look so serious when he sees Emily, Brad went to her and she leaves saying she doesn't want to talk. Sean went after her, she says she doesn't want to talk to him, that she trusted him and he hurt her, and she leaves. Amy calls Mrs. Monroe's and talks to her answering machine and told her that she isn't going to give her any money and will go to the police if she bother's her again. Brad says you talked to her machine you should have talked to her in person and spit in her face. Sean returned and Amy told Brad to go get some coffee casually. Sean told Amy that it is over for him and Emily, Amy told him to tell her what happened.

Antonio is preying hoping that everything will work out for Gabi and Ricardo and drops his keys, Michael asks him if he lost something, he says yes, his keys. Michael told Antonio that he is thinking of proposing to Vanessa but something keeps stopping him. They talk about friendship and commitment and Michael thanks Antonio and says that the next time he sees him he will probably be engaged. Michael told Antonio that Ricardo is lucky to have Antonio for a brother. Antonio thinks yeah he is lucky that I am thinking about his wife.

Ricardo is about to show Gabi a Tape when she stops him and they make love. He wishes it could always be like that, she says it can be and she is glad they are getting so close. Gabi told Ricardo how happy she is to be with him, he says the way she is talking he almost believes her, he asks her if he was as good as Antonio was.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

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Sean told Amy that he thinks it's over for him and Emily, Amy told him to tell her what happened, he says no and leaves. Amy runs over to Brad and tells him the good news that Sean and Emily are through and now she will have Sean. Brad says, "You have a short term memory, don't ya?" She told him she knows. He says you better get the money or Mrs. Monroe will tell Sean about the love potion. Sean returned and apologizes for being short with Amy, she says it's okay. Caitlin shows up and is so happy she says Cole is coming home the next day, she says to Sean where is the rest of your group, I always see four of you, where's Emily. Sean told Brad and Amy that he needs to talk to Caitlin, they leave. Sean says he will tell Caitlin everything in two minutes. He went to Amy and told her she should leave. She asks if he is going to tell Caitlin about them, he says yes before his mother can do it, she kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Sean told Caitlin that he cheated on Emily and doesn't even know why, he says he must be just like mom and dad, Caitlin says that isn't fair to them or him. Caitlin says that she will probably forgive him but not right now. He says like you did with Cole, she says yes. Sean says it isn't the same thing, Cole and her were broken up when he slept with Olivia. She says he still lied and it hurt, Sean says but he didn't cheat.

Annie/Mrs. Moreau/Amy:
Annie answers the door and Mrs. Moreau is there, Annie told her to go away, that they don't like solicitors. She says she isn't a solicitor. She barges in and says she isn't leaving till she gets what she wants. Mrs. Moreau says you have a black spots and a bad aura. Annie says what did you mean bad aura, she says it was just an observation, Annie asks where she got that dress, Mrs. Moreau doesn't answer her, Annie says fine don't answer. Amy comes home and Mrs. Moreau told Annie to leave, she wants to talk to Amy alone, and isn't leaving till she does. Annie leaves, Amy follows Annie and told her she will take care of it. Mrs. Moreau says she wants the money now. Amy says she will get it and Mrs. Moreau leaves. Annie comes downstairs and says you have to give her 5 thousand dollars. Amy says it is for college. Annie doesn't believe her and she also thinks that Mrs. Moreau could be help to her.

Someone speaks to Antonio and told him to go help Gabi, he runs right into Emily, and sees she is upset and stays to talk with her. She told him that Sean cheated on her with a good friend of hers, and says she is angry and doesn't know what to do. Antonio says he can't tell her what to do, but she will feel better if she forgives him. She wonders if she wasn't good enough for him, he says she is and sometime people make mistakes. She leaves to go prey. Antonio says he can't go see Gabi, that they have to all move on.

After they make love Ricardo asks Gabi if he was as good as Antonio was. He says maybe you came to me tonight because Antonio isn't doing it for you, or maybe one isn't enough, she says that isn't true. He asks if she is sleeping with Antonio, she says no. He asks if he was mistaken, he says he overheard Carmen talking to Maria about her and Antonio. She says that she isn't having an affair with Antonio. Ricardo says he will believe anything she says. He asks if she ever slept with Antonio, she says no, never. He hugs her and asks her to forgive him, she says she just wants to forget about it and move on. He says he wants her to see something, he presses play and it is Gabi and Antonio making love. She sees it and starts crying.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Cole phones home to let Caitlin know he should be safely back in her arms the very next day. Derek reminds an annoyed Tess why he has to keep pretending that he's enjoying his physical relationship with Maria. As Gabi stares in horror at the videotape, a seething Ricardo pronounces her a liar and a whore. Meg confides to her sister how "Ben" seems like a changed man--and the change is definitely not for the better. Encountering Antonio working out aggressively at the gym, Jude guesses that the man is suffering from wounds inflicted by the woman he loves. Later, upon learning that his new acquaintance is a priest, Jude apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. A weeping Gabi begs Ricardo to believe she really does love him, but he bitterly informs her he's done listening to her treacherous words. Tess backpedals furiously to keep her secrets intact when Tim presses her for an update on the progress of their scheme. Sara urges Meg not to let Maria know about "Ben's" forked tongue. Derek and Maria make love again. After Gabi frantically pleads for another chance, Ricardo decides to string her along by pretending to consider her request.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Gabi, Antonio and Ricardo:
Ricardo was awake and in the Wheel chair that morning, when Gabi came out and asked him if he even thought about making the relationship work. He did not and Gabi told him that she loved him. She was packing her stuff, when she came to the VCR and Ricardo asked her if she think about the tape. Ricardo gave her the third degree and she said that she could not take it any more and so she told Ricardo that she would have someone come and get her things and as she started for the door crying her heart out Ricardo called out her name and stopped her. He told her that she can't let her talk out of the door like that and that a part of his heart will always love her. She asked him is they could try to make it work and he replied with "May there's a way." He told her that she could stay but she can't tell anyone about what happened between them not even Antonio. This made Gabi shocked and she told him that Antonio should know because he is part of it. Ricardo told her that if she could lie to him then she could lie to Antonio and so he asked who's feeling comes first. Of course she said his (Ricardo) and he told her that Antonio could never know. Just then Guess who walked in the door, Antonio.

Evan's Residence:
Tess was down stairs walking around the house when Benjy came down all dressed and ready for school. He told Tess that she has to take him to school and Tess asked him where was his mom and dad. He said that they were still asleep. Tess was upset to hear that news and she was going to wake them up Benjy stopped her in a heart beat and told her that it now means that they are a family. Tess took him to school. Upstairs in the bed room Derek asked Maria told go away with him for a few days. Maria told him that they can't because Benjy just got in to school and she picks him up every day. Derek gave her a ring and told her that he wanted to give it to her on a water fall in Hawaii. he also told her that it was to replace the one she lost when he could not save her. she told him that they don't have to worry about what his insane bother put him through. she agreed to go after he told her that they could go for a few days and when they get back they could do something great with Benjy. She jumped up and started to dress. When Tess returned Tim met her at the door smacking a kiss on her. She asked him if he was crazy and told him they could not be meeting like this. He asked her if she was stressed and she answered yes. She then went inside. Maria was all dressed and Derek too. He came over to her and told her that he wanted her to do something but she might not like it. She told him that what ever it is, she's sure she'll like it.

Meg and Sara's new store:
Meg was at the store. Shortly after Sara came in and they were so happy because it was the opening of the store. Their mom and dad came in and the greeted them. Sara took her dad in the back and Joan was asking Meg how she was doing and told her that she had to let go but, she can't let go with what Derek is doing. Meg told her mother that she was about to go and talk to Maria and Sara stopped her. Then Michael and Casey enter the store and Meg greeted them. then Sarah came back out with her father and she spoke to Casey and Michael. Michael and Casey were of by themselves and Michael told him that he was going to propose to Vanessa again. Jude came in and gave Sarah a key ring as a gift and it said the sunset sisters, then she introduced him to her friends and family. Casey was jealous and he told Michael that he is a playa because he always come with something. Jude was talking to Meg and he told her that he was interested in her for a job because he heard that she had things running like a clock. She told him that she was already in business for her self and he told her about working part time and she told him that she has her reasons for not coming back. Jude told Sarah that he was leaving and she escorted him to the door where he kissed her on the cheek; after she told him that she was not ready for a relationship because of Casey. He left Casey went over to Sarah to ask her what they were talking about and she told him that it was none of his business. She told him that if he wants to he can come back later and she could tell him how the date went. Casey agreed to that. Then everyone left. Meg and Sarah put the sign that says "OPEN" on the door. At the door appeared Maria and Derek.

The Mission:
In Antonio's office the class of little children n were there and they were asking Antonio if he could get married and Antonio said no. the children wanted to know why and he explained to them that there are vows that he has to take. Antonio sat with them to pray and then dismissed them. When they were leaving one little boy stayed at the door and told him that he is sorry that his mother (Carmen) killed the Arch Bishop with her car. Carmen was standing behind him at this point and then the little boy turning and left. Carmen came in the office and Antonio told her that he is just a child. Carmen was there to tell Antonio about bad luck that will come over Ricardo, Gabi and himself.

Friday, October 8, 1999

Annie fantasizes about seducing Tobias into doing her bidding. Though Gabi balks at lying to Antonio, Ricardo icily reminds her that his brother can never know what they've been discussing. Startled to spot a flashy new ring on Maria's left hand, Meg storms off to the back room. When "Ben" follows her in, Meg slaps him hard across the jaw and calls him a bastard for playing mind games with her again. Meanwhile, Sara tears into Maria for cruelly rubbing her "victory" in Meg's face. Under questioning from Antonio, Ricardo explains away his wife's outburst by hinting that Gabi is still emotional after their hot night of passion. Embarrassed, Antonio hastily changes the subject and reveals how Maria has reconciled with "Ben." Jude advises an outraged Annie to accept a low paying job at the Liberty Corporation so she can start paying back her debts. Mrs. Moreau gives Amy one hour to come up with the five thousand dollars she owes. Claiming that he wants to prove his love, Ricardo told Gabi to throw away the tape. Later, Ricardo secretly substitutes a blank and hides the incriminating video. Tim finds a photo of Tess in "Ben's" arms.

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