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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on SB
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Monday, October 11, 1999

Tim confronts Tess with the photo and demands an explanation. As "Ben" declares his love to Meg in the shop's back room, Maria and Sara's shoving match sends them spinning into a glass display case which instantly shatters into a thousand pieces. Bette bristles following a brief encounter with Olivia at the Java Web. As they argue about Emily, Sean and Brad are astonished to see her stroll up with a sexy new look. Tess concocts a lame story to explain the photo of her and "Ben" but Tim remains unconvinced. Tobias wonders aloud why Olivia seems to attract the undying enmity of so many people in Sunset Beach. Sean burns when Emily flirts with a thrilled Brad right in front of him. Annie secretly trails Amy to Mrs. Moreau's place in South Central. A.J. asks an unnerved Bette why she disappeared the night before. Amy offers Mrs. Moreau her most prized possession---her vast collection of Barbies--but the witch woman insists on cold, hard cash instead. Meanwhile, Annie puts two and two together after hearing from a neighbor how Mrs. Moreau specializes in love potions.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Sunset Style's Newsletter.

Bette is holding hands with AJ and she told him she has something to tell him, when Olivia shows up and asks if she is interrupting something, AJ says yes she is that Bette was trying to tell him something, Olivia asks if it is okay, cause it's just little old her, Bette says it's ok, she will tell him later. Olivia thinks that Bette doesn't want to talk with her cause of Sean and Emily. AJ hugs Olivia and Bette can't stay so she leaves. Olivia told AJ to go after her. Bette went home and is crying and yells at herself in the mirror saying is it really good to be crying and wasting thirty dollars of mascara. She says you knew from the beginning that AJ was head over heals for Olivia, there is a knock on the door she says she will be right there, it's AJ. He says he wants to talk about what happened before, she says that after everything that if they can't be friends, then they can't be. AJ says you don't think you can be friends with Olivia, she says she wasn't talking about Olivia she was talking about him.

Sean says he is sorry but he doesn't have a reason for sleeping with Amy. She says that isn't good enough, we have nothing more to discuss then. Emily says he is her past, and she will do what ever she wants, she thinks that Amy was prettier and that's why he slept with Amy, he says no and don't talk like that, she went to leave and Brad walks in and she asks him if they are still on for tonight, he says yes, and he is looking forward to it, she kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Sean told Brad he better be respectful to her, if he isn't he will find out. Brad says that he is one to talk, he was disrespectful when he slept with Amy. Sean leaves and Brad says if you weren't such a jerk I would have told you the real reason why you slept with Amy, but you are a jerk so I won't.

Amy/Mrs. Moreau/Annie:
Mrs. Moreau shows the door to Amy and says don't come back till you have my money. Amy says don't cry it can't get any worse, then Annie shows up, and tells her that she is going to tell her the real reason why she is here. Amy says it is for her Medical Tuition, Annie says I said the truth, Annie says she will find out for herself. Annie knocks on the door and Amy pushes her out of the way, and Mrs. Moreau comes to the door and she says I told you not to come back till you had the money, Amy tries to talk but Mrs. Moreau shuts her up saying, she will take her tongue out and she starts barking. Mrs. Moreau closes the door and Annie says you will tell me the truth or I will ask her. Amy says all right and they go back home and Amy told her that she used love potion on Sean and it worked. Annie says she won't tell. Amy says but Emily is your cousin. Annie says that we aren't that close. Annie says we can help each other out. Amy says you will pay the money. She says no, just do what I say.

Olivia told Emily that she should go back with Sean that Amy manipulated Sean. Emily says she didn't put a gun to his head. Olivia says yes he was unfaithful but he loves her. Olivia says don't give up on him. Emily says he is the one who gave up on me and leaves. Olivia says Amy is out of the house and out of Sean's life.

Olivia went home and sees Amy and told her to come here, Amy says that she wants to talk to her, that she has a proposition that she will like.

Tess is worried that Tim will find out about them after seeing the picture of them together. Derek says I thought you took care of that, she says she did, but Tim is a very suspicious person. He might come back and snoop some more. Derek says everything will be ok, that he will be leaving on his honeymoon soon, and that he will take care of Ben and Maria, in a car crash, and then Benjy will get all of Ben's money. They start kissing.

Meg calls out to Maria and says they need to talk, Maria says they have nothing to talk about after what Sara said. Meg says it is not about Sara it is about Ben. Meg says she knows that they are leaving to work on their marriage and she wants to tell her something. Maria says she already knows, Ben told me. Derek sees them talking and went to put a stop to it. Ben said he was working on a solution, Meg says I don't think he is looking for a solution. Derek comes over and stops them talking saying Maria should get her things together, she says she wants to go see her Mom first, he says ok, she leaves. Derek told Meg she shouldn't have tried to tell Maria. He says that when they come back from there trip they are leaving Sunset Beach, Meg says she doesn't believe him. Derek says she won't ever have to worry about Ben and Maria again.

Maria went to see her Mom and says she has some news, she asks if it is about Ricardo, she says no, it is about her and she is going on a second honeymoon with Ben. Carmen is happy for her and they hug, Maria shows Carmen the ring that Ben gave her, and Carmen yells out no, not that.

They are at the park when Vanessa sees someone she knows so she went to say hi, Michael calls the lady and asks her where the Banner is of his proposal to Vanessa, she says it will be there, he is yelling at her when Vanessa shows up and asks what is going on, he says nothing, and hangs up the phone, they hear a plane, and she says it is too noisy and went to leave but Michael stops her and told her to look at it, it could be for a shoe sale. She reads it, it says Marry me Clarissa. Vanessa says that is so sweet and she is really lucky and has a great man, Vanessa says don't be jealous, I love you, kisses him and says she has to go. He calls the lady back up, wanting his money back, she says they don't do that, but he can save on a burial, He tells her to bury her business. He hangs up and says he will find another way to propose.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Prodded by Annie, Amy told Olivia she'll need ten thousand dollars to relocate. A.J. is baffled at first by Bette's emotional outburst but it finally dawns on him that she's developed feelings for him which go way beyond mere friendship. As Maria shows off her new ring, Carmen suddenly has a premonition of danger and begs her daughter not to leave Sunset Beach. Sara and Meg's new shop earns kudos from their customers as the grand opening turns into a big success. Caitlin is mystified by a brief call from Cole, who hints darkly that things have taken a turn for the worse. Embarrassed that the man she loves has read the situation right, Bette tries to backpedal and laugh it off but A.J. isn't fooled. Carmen warns Maria she will die if she goes off with "Ben". Eager to get Amy out of her hair, Olivia forks over the ten grand. Later, Annie relieves a disappointed Amy of the cash. Bette's heart breaks when A.J. reminds her that his love will always belong to Olivia. Angered to discover that Carmen has disrupted his plans, Derek takes the woman aside for a private chat. Staring deep into Derek's eyes, Carmen realizes that he is not Ben.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Annie and Mrs. Moreau:
In south central at Mr. Moreau's Apt. Annie knocks at the door getting a look from Mrs. Moreau that just says Get Way. Mrs. Moreau asks her what she wants and Annie told her that she need her help. Mrs. Moreau attempts to close the door. Annie stops her and told her that she know that in their neck of the woods the like money and in hers the like money to, while flashing the $100 bills in her face. Mrs. Moreau lets her in and Annie told her that the money is from Amy. Mrs. Moreau took it and was trying to chase Annie away. Annie strongly convinces her that her help is needed desperately and she is willing to pay money. Mrs. Moreau told her that she is evil and that she had an evil costumer for sunset beach before and that person is now crazy (I suppose she was speaking of Virginia). She asks Annie if she wanted to be that way and Annie told her that the person she is dealing with is the evil one, meaning Olivia. Mrs. Moreau told her that she could use the money and they shook hands on the deal. She then asked Annie what did she have in mind and told her that she does not deal with stuff that kill. Along with that she asked what this person had done. Annie told her that she took away her family and now trying to take away her house, letting it be known to Mrs. Moreau that the big house was hers. She also told her that she didn't want Olivia to die but, she wanted her to suffer. Annie thought of Caitlin and Sean coming in her room in screaming "Mom" and seeing her in bed at different times with Hank, Brad, and Rose. Mrs. Moreau told her that she had just the thing.

Meg, Sara, and Tim:
At their new store, Meg and Sarah were talking. Meg was telling Sarah about how Ben was acting and telling her that he is leaving town. This puzzled her. Sarah suggested that maybe he was just trying to get away from the whole situation. Meg told Sarah that he told her that she will never fall in love with someone else. This made Sarah's' bottom lip drop open. Just then entering the doors Casey came in. They all looked at each other and then Meg went in the back. Casey looked around and realized that they had rearranged. He asked what happened and Sarah told him that he really would not want to know because he would not approve. Casey thought that it was Jude, she told him that they were just friends. He added that Meg and him are just friend and she was totally jealous. She asked him if he was jealous and said that it was different she found it out for herself. Casey asked if she went out with him and she said just that night and that they were not together anymore anyway: meaning Casey and herself. Meg was in the back when her dad came in and told her that the back door was open, he told he that she got to be careful because its not Kansas. She asked him if he was there to help out and he told her that he came because of Ben.

Maria, Derek, and Carmen:
At Carmen's' house she was trying to persuade Derek not to take Maria away because something bad will happen. Then Ben (Derek) told her that she had nothing to worry about. Carmen grabbed Ben by the arms and stepped back repeating "You're not Ben ," filled with shock. Maria came out trying to find out what was going on when her Mom drop to the ground. Maria yelled at Ben to call 911 and he didn't budge. After about 10 min. he called the ambulance just as Tess walked in, looking at him as though she was saying what the hell happened here.

Jude, Caitlin, and Cole:
At the Richard's corporation Caitlin was talking to Cole. He told her that he was calling to say good bye, because someone was watching him and trying to set him up. He told her that he was going under ground for a while and to tell his dad that he loves him. Caitlin was crying loudly on the other end trying to reason with him. He hung up on her because he knew that she would put down on her end. Jude asked her what he said and Caitlin told him and Jude said that he was going to call for help and Caitlin stopped him because Cole said not to.

Maria and Ben:
At south Bay general Hospital, Tess was trying to find out from Ben (Derek) what she said to him and Ben told her. Maria and Tyus came out and Tyus said that she was going to be OK. Maria asked Ben why he did not move in the house and he told her that he was in shock. Tyus told Maria that her Mom was asking for her and Maria asked Ben to come in with her. Leaving Ben with a big smile on his face.

Sean, Olivia, and Amy:
Amy was wonder what she was going to do if Annie did not get through. Olivia came in and told her that it was time to go. Amy told her that she was not going anywhere. Olivia could not believe her British ears, so she grabbed her by the arm and told her that she has a plane to catch. Sean walked in and asked his Mom what was going on. Olivia told him that with all the trouble Amy has cause she decided to get out of town. Amy said that she didn't know what Olivia was talking about and Sean told her that Amy is not leaving and if she went he goes. He told Amy that he had a few phone calls to make and then he would take her for lunch. Olivia told her that she didn't tell because he would hate her ever more for offering her money to leave. Reminds me of what she did with Tiffany: ) Amy went upstairs.

Olivia and Caitlin:
Caitlin walked in the house mad as hell, saying to her mother "You did this didn't you?!"

Amy and Sean:
Amy was in her room when Sean walked in and told her that the calls took longer than he expected. He then told her that they are going to the shock wave and she said that she would meet him there, she wanted to unpack.

Friday, October 15, 1999

An enraged Caitlin screeches at Olivia for driving Cole underground. Meanwhile, Jude reluctantly breaks some bad news to A.J. From her bed at South Bay Hospital, Carmen consults her ever-present Tarot cards and is alarmed by what she still sees in her daughter's future. Derek nervously attempts to prevent Maria from seeing her mother but Tyus misreads his concern and assures the couple that Carmen is well enough for visitors. Mrs. Moreau warns Annie that she might have to forfeit her soul for the chance to best her enemies. Though Olivia insists she had nothing to do with Cole's latest troubles, Caitlin exhorts Tobias not to let her mother have a single penny of Trey's inheritance. Casey and Sara have another heart to heart chat but Meg's arrival throws the usual bucket of cold water on her sister's hopes. Later, Meg bumps into Tess at South Bay and wonders if Sara might not be right about the nanny's ulterior motives. Jude prevents Caitlin from turning Olivia in to the police. Annie hits upon the idea of asking Mrs. Moreau to mix up a potent potable which will throw Olivia right off the wagon.

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