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Monday, October 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill R.C. Moore

Eve, Kevin, Scott and Lucy are at the lighthouse brainstorming about DV. Kevin suggests that if Scott and Lucy were to break up, DV should back off. Eve and Lucy hate the idea but Kevin says that DV doesn't know that they have realized that what happened to him and Eve is connected to what's going on with Scott and Lucy. They'd all have to break up so Kevin and Lucy could pretend to get back together. Lucy and Eve agree that they don't like this idea much.

Joe, Matt and Karen are eating at the Recovery Room and Chris and Rachel are at a different table. Chris and Rachel discuss Christina; he has told Rachel the baby is real and who she is. They try to decide how to let Julie know she knows. Chris wants to just tell her but Rachel thinks they should wait until Julie told her on her own. Chris has ordered champagne and says he never had a bachelor party. Rachel asks if she should be jumping out of a cake. Chris and the 3 at the other table start to chat and Chris told them he and Julie are married - just as Frank comes out of the men's room to overhear. Chris went over to Frank and sits down with him at the bar asking if he's going to buy him a beer. NO! Chris suggests that Frank is jealous that he married his ex-girlfriend. Frank says no; he just hopes she stabs him in his sleep on their honeymoon. Rachel comes over and Chris introduces her to Frank, the black sheep of the family. Rachel, while flirting shamelessly, told Franks she is Julie's shrink and asks what it will take to bring him around. He told her it won't happen; Julie is guilty of the murders, period.

Back at the lighthouse, the four are still debating Kevin's plan. Lucy can't resist torturing Eve a bit with the fact that it's not out of the realm of possibility that Kevin might comfort her if she and Scott broke up. Scott told them to stop. Eve feels too much could go wrong and Scott agrees. They continue the debate and Scott brought up the children - they can't be expected to "get it" and a breakup would jeopardize the adoption of Christina. Kevin suggests that the kids stay hidden - and out of the situation - until it's over. Lucy says she won't lose her baby over it.

At the Recovery Room, Joe approaches Frank and asks if he doesn't have somewhere else to hang out since he quit. Joe says Mary doesn't mind him hanging out there and had, in fact, asked him to come back to work there. Joe says he wouldn't do that though because it would involve sacrifice. Frank isn't in the mood for Joe's preaching. Is he in the mood to get knocked off his bar stool? Rachel chats with the residents about the Chief Resident position which is now up for grabs. Gail has asked Rachel to take her place on the review committee since it would be a conflict of interest with Karen being her granddaughter. Joe returns to the table and asks what Rachel was talking about. They tell him. They all joke about who will win. Rachel and Chris are discussing the position too. Chris says Eve has it locked. He says Karen doesn't have it in her but Rachel disagrees. Helping Scott's daughter get a job she wants can only be useful to them especially when Julie wants her baby back. Next, she wants to get on Frank's good side. She's figured out that Frank is Christina's father and believes he will too and soon. She says he probably doesn't even want a baby but Chris told her he loves children. Rachel says that could be a problem but that they will have to deal with any conflicts that come up. Chris wonder why Rachel is so devoted to Julie's case. She tells him that, like him, she likes to succeed.

Back at the lighthouse (again) the debate continues. Lucy can't lose the baby. Kevin says he will call Mac and try to arrange it so that it's "official" and thereby, won't mess things up with the adoption. If that works out, Lucy is in.

Joe and Karen are still at the Recovery Room and still discussing the job. Joe offers to drop out if Karen really wants it. She say no, she wants to get it on her own. They make a bet for "services" as to who will win.

Rachel went to get some coffee to go and to strike up conversation with Frank. She really flirts up a storm and gives him her card suggesting that they get together. He doesn't need a shrink (HA!) so she suggests that they find "something else" to do. Eve and Kevin talk about her child and how she wonders if he's alive and DV has had him all these years or if it's just another mind game. Kevin promises they'll figure it out. She hates the plan and says if it were real, she'd jump off a bridge. He says it's not real. He rubs her shoulders and she makes him promise not to do that for Lucy. They smooch.

Lucy and Scott at home are talking to Serena on the phone. Lucy hate their plan too and doesn't know if she can do it. They kiss and Scott gets a mental image of Lucy and DV and pulls away. Lucy told him it's DV putting them there. Scott says that's how they'll do it; they'll let DV think his tricks are working and that that's why they break up. They hug.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Eve and her suitcase go into Joe and Karen's bedroom... that is, the on call room. Chris comes in and asks about the extra clothes. She tries to explain it as a handy change of clothes for double shifts, he doesn't buy it. She says she moved out of the lighthouse, he asks if they broke up. She says "It seems like it" (notice lack of an outright lie). Eve told him the story of the break-ups. Chris is sympathetic, the way he only is with Eve and Christina (though bits of it are slipping out with Julie). He opines that there may have been more instances of cheating than this single incident. She told him it was a one time only thing. She told him to go ahead and gloat, he declines. He told her he knows what it feels like to see someone you love in the arms of another. She apologizes for not being more of a friend to him when he married Julie. (These two are so cute together.) Chris puts Kevin down, Eve defends him, much to Chris' chagrin. Chris thinks it's out of character to cheat on her, unless he was truly in love with his ex (unlike Chris as Chris points out). Eve talks about moving into an hotel, Chris asks her to move back in with him. Eve doesn't want to disrupt his life, but Chris is able to convince her. But Eve wants to know what his new bride will think about their living arrangements.

Rachel went to see Julie. Julie is perky and enthusiastic. Rachel told her they have to get the doctor who declared her incompetent on their side. Julie is all for it - the sooner she gets out, the sooner she can start her life with Chris. Rachel is glad to see she's so up. Julie apologizes about bringing up Rachel's mom - Rachel admits that talking about her mom is painful. Julie feels closer to Rachel now. Rachel would like Julie to see Rachel as her new mother. Rachel explains that it's okay in psycho- therapy to think of your therapist that way. Rachel wants Julie to talk about her parents when she was younger. Julie wanted attention from her father when she was young, but he was always away. Her mom was at least involved in her life. She told how Nicole always chose what clothes she should buy and wear. She thought Nicole was always right. Rachel wants to know of anything that Nicole wasn't right about. Julie says the dark, Nicole said she couldn't use a nightlight. Rachel told Julie that Nicole molded Julie into what Nicole thought she should be, not what Julie wanted to be (very non-therapeutic - I think Rachel is describing her own mom.) Rachel compares the controlling Nicole to the controlling Cooper. Rachel is going to teach Julie how to use her strengths to overcome her weaknesses. They talk about Julie having babies with Chris and how Julie will treat her daughter differently than she was treated by Nicole. Rachel gives Julie her new phone number and told her that she can call day or night. She gives Julie a homework assignment - to convince herself that she is her own person and can make her own choices. Later, Julie calls Rachel and leaves a message thanking her for leading her to the insights about her mother.

Rachel comes into her darkened apartment, says "Enough darkness" in an anguished voice and tears down a curtain, letting the sun in. (Cryptic cliffhanger)

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jill RC Moore

Courtney in the kitchen, puts something in the oven and then takes a home pregnancy test out of a bag and hides it (or puts in away; can't tell with her). Frank enters and comments on how sexy she looks and dinner too! He says it's too bad the guy she did all this for is on call all night. She told him he's wrong; she knew Joe was working tonight. All the fuss is for Frank. Franks looks surprised but very happy.

Eve and Chris arrive at the Lighthouse to move her out. Kevin asks her to stay and talk it out. Chris answers for her with indignation that NO, she is leaving Kevin, the dog. Eve play her part but there seems to be some genuine hurt beneath the act. She returns his keys and he protests. She says she doesn't have a home with Kevin anymore and, in fact, probably never did. Chris continues to pack her stuff and be rude to Kevin (righteously, considering) and says he'll do anything to keep her from getting back with Kevin and be hurt again. Kevin insists he loves Eve but Chris says he just loves having a bedwarmer while he waits for Lucy to ge freed up from Scott. They trade insults until Eve comes out and told Chris to knock it off. She doesn't ever want to hear him talk to Kevin like that again.

Courtney and Franks are eating dinner, complete with candles and yellow roses. He thanks her. They talk about Neil's condition and how she has the good days and the bad days with Neil. She feels his pain and fear along with him as tho they have one heart beating between them. She says she used to live day to day before Neil got sick but now she is just grateful for each day. She asks about Frank's job, commenting that he has no new injuries. He says he never knows whether to zing her back or kiss her. She told him that means her strategy is working and he asks what that strategy is. She told him she made him dinner because she wanted to do something nice for him. He is heling her make a baby to save Neil's life. He says the problem with that is that they aren't sure he made her pregnant. She gets the pregnancy test out and told him they'll know soon. He is amazed that she hasn't used it yet but she says she's afraid she's not pregnant and just wished it. Frank told her that they'll just try again They agree that wouldn't be SO bad. (Courtney is cute with Frank! almost shy). He want her to take the test right then but she asks to wait until after dessert. He asks about what she thought when she found out she was pregnant with Neil and they give us from detailed background. They spent a night together in Venice when Frank came to bring Joe home after she had dumped him for Cannellos. She says she tried to make Joe see they wanted different things out of life but he got so mad. Frank says he really can't blame Joe. She told him she understood too but that the awful things Joe said ... Frank fills in that it made her run to him for revenge. She told him no, that she came to him because she needed to be with someone who understood her. He asks if she has regrets. No, he's great in bed and she got an incredible so out of it. He asks about that pregnancy and she told him. She craved chocolate cream balls and they didn't have them in Greece. He told her he has to go to work but that their dinner was nice (his voice and eyes, IMO, say a lot more. He is genuinely touched by her efforts. IMO.).

Joe, in the on-call room working, when Matt comes out of the shower and comments that Joe is still hanging around. Joe jokes about the judge's scores on Matt knocking him off topic. Matt says he wasn't blowing Joe off just ignoring him. Joe says he's still avoiding the topic of Ellen. Matt says he is not a discuss his feelings type of guy; he misses Ellen but he's not going to sit around all day crying about it. Joe says no, he's just working a lot so he doesn't have time to think about it. Matt says sure, he's spending more time at the hospital but he does other things too like lift weights and listens to Dr.Laura (OH MAAATTT!), sometimes at the same time. Joe comments that he's coping. Eve and Chris are and Eve are still packing her stuff up. He asks why she keeps defending Kevin. She says it's out of habit. He asks if it's not that she's weakening. She told him that, as hard as it is, she is walking out that door. Kevin enters with Eve's address book. Kevin looks at her lovingly and asks what he can say to make her stay and begs for a chance to explain (all the while, Chris is insulting him). She says he had a chance to be with lucy and he took it. What else is there to explain? He says he loves her. She says he never got over Lucy; he's still at the alter waiting for her. Kevin begs, Chris insults and Lucy comes to the door. Lucy and Eve exchange barbs and Eve and Chris leave. Lucy comments that her timing was bad. Kevin says he knew it would be messy but not *this* messy. Lucy confirms that she came over so that DV's men could see her and that she should stay the night.

Courtney comes bouncing down the stairs, laughingly yelling to that she was right. When she sees Joe is there she seems disappointed. He asks what she's right about and she told him she's pregnant, at least the home test says she is. They are overjoyed and hug. Joe says it's great - for Neil. She says that they didn't make the baby the usual way or for the usual reasons. They are hugging when Frank walks in and asks what's going on. Courtney told him "they" are pregnant. He congratulates them but is obviously subdued. She asks what he has in the bag. He got her chocolate cream balls. (Awwwwww.) She thanks him and Joe starts talking about setting up a doctor's appointment and went to do so. Courtney sees how pained Frank is and they both look so sad!

Matt, at home, calls the hospital to tell them he's available to work. He sighs and turns on the TV, flipping channels.

Chris and Eve toast with martinis at his penthouse. They talk about how Eve can't forget Kevin and the situation with Lucy. Chris told her it's clear that Kevin never did get over Lucy. Eve is feeling insecure and sad - and has her own doubts.

Lucy and Kevin decide sleeping arrangements (different rooms). They reminisce a bit and Lucy brought up Scott and the kids and how long ago she and Kevin seem. He says she's gotten all she wanted with Scott. They reminisce some more. There are a few "iffy" moments but Kevin went to bed. Alone.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne Ruybal

At the lighthouse, Kevin peers into the living room at Lucy lying asleep on the couch. He walks over to her, pauses, reaches hesitantly to pull the blanket over her leg, and calls her name. She starts to wake up, but still half asleep, mumbles "five more minutes..you go feed the baby..you feed her.." After a few seconds, she awakens fully and opens her eyes in astonishment to see Kevin sitting on the couch next to her. "Oh..I'm not..I'm not home, am I?" K: "No, remember, you came over here last night so D.V.'s men would see you and I here..together..alone." L (awkwardly): "Yeah, right, that's it..I guess I'm just not used to waking up without..Scott." She wonders if Scott has called again; Kevin tells her that he hasn't called since last night and that he and Eve are probably halfway to New York by now. Lucy hopes they find the incriminating evidence on Bordisso quickly, as the staged, phony breakup is getting kind of uncomfortable. Kevin agrees, but thinks at least D.V. seems to have backed off a bit for the time being.

He offers her coffee. Without thinking, she slips into old habits and starts prattling at him that he should be drinking green tea instead of coffee since it's better for the body. Awkwardness ensues; fortunately, Victor enters at this moment. His jaw drops when he sees Lucy; they hug, overjoyed to see one another. L: "I haven't seen you since you died!" [My favorite LOD.. :)] V (with dawning astonishment): "It's so wonderful to see you, and to see you *here*..to see you here..what are you doing here?"

Cut to Scott and Eve in an airplane. They're anxious to get to New York to break into Bordisso's office. Scott is especially anxious since he saw the blueprints to the office, and wants to find out about the "little room." Eve speculates that it's where D.V. keeps the dead bodies. Scott thinks it may contain the info that links D.V. to being The Cobra. E: "And maybe..maybe proof that my son is still alive." Scott wonders if she's still willing to distract D.V. while he breaks into the office. She told him that finding out about her son is the most important question she's ever faced, and that she's definitely up for it.

At Ferncliff, Chris is visiting Julie. She has a surprise for him: a rather hideous homemade ashtray. They both laugh at it. Julie told him that she made it after Rachel advised her to be more cooperative and that it's a wedding present. Touched, Chris thanks her. She says she had planned to give it to him the night before--even though they didn't have a visit scheduled, she had thought he might drop by. He told her that he would have, but something came up--something that he needs to tell her about. C: "Look, I don't know how you're gonna react to this, so I'm just gonna say it: Eve moved back in with me."

Back at Ferncliff, Julie wonders why Eve moved out of the lighthouse. "They seemed so happy, it made your stomach turn." Chris told her that Kevin had a roving eye and broke Eve's heart, and that she had no place to turn, so he offered her her room back. Psycho-Julie: "That was considerate of you." The attendant enters; it's time for Julie's group session. She is eerily calm, and Chris wonders why the lack of reaction. J: "Oh, I understand the situation very well. Which is why I want you to take back your generous offer, and throw Eve out on her butt." She gives him a meaningful look, then leaves. He rolls his eyes and sighs worriedly.

Back up in the air, Scott and Eve discuss her reaction when he and Lucy confronted her about the son she'd had with D.V. She explains that it wasn't just that she was upset at them for bringing the subject up--she was afraid D.V. would make her pay for keeping the baby a secret, if he found out about him. Scott wonders how she'll feel about showing him the boy's picture--she says it will give her the willies, but will buy them some time while Scott searches the office. He offers to let her back out of their plan, but she's determined to go through with it. They're making their final approach to the airport; she reaches for the phone.

Bordisso is at his desk when the phone rings. Eve told him she's on her way into town and wants to meet him at Jorgenson's in an hour. B: "I'll be there, with bells on." Eve, to Scott: "He took the bait." S: "Good--let's reel him in."

At the lighthouse, Lucy has showered and dressed, and rejoins Victor in the living room. He's still amazed to see her and wonders if he's hallucinating. Kevin enters, bearing coffee. Victor explains that he stopped by to pick up a skydiving video he left in his room--he's trying to persuade Mary to take a jump with him. [! :)] A hilarious, cacophonous conversation ensues, with Kevin and Lucy both trying to distract Victor from the topic at hand. [Updater is ROTFL--these actors are all so great. :)] Victor [finally]: "Pardon me..aren't we, some of us, ignoring a large pink elephant in the middle of the room? I mean, the one who woke up this morning wearing Kevin's pajama top? Now, if anybody in the group has an explanation, please, feel free..jump right in.." [I can't possibly do it justice here, but this scene was a riot..]

Back at the lighthouse, we have more comedy with Lucy, Kevin, and Victor. Kevin gently breaks the "news" to his father about him and Eve "breaking up." He and Lucy also tell Victor that they've "found their way back to each other." Victor wonders "what about Eve and Scott?" K: "Eve and Scott? Well, they're not very happy about it..it wasn't something we planned." L: "Oh, no, heck no, Victor, it just sort of..happened." K: "Just..happened." At this, Victor bursts into laughter [updater does, too :)]. "I'd hoped I'd be able to say you nearly had me fooled, at least for a minute..but I couldn't keep a straight face..I've been around too long to buy that kind of poppycock." He insists on the truth, and together they tell him about their "fake breakup" plan. V: "I see. And I presume that when he has dropped his guard, you and Scott will make some sort of move against him." K: "You prove it over and over again: you're very good at this spy thing." V: "And you're not. What is supposed to be the point of all this?" They explain that the point is to get rid of Bordisso for good and to find out the truth about whether Eve's son is alive. V: "He isn't. We've been through all of that--I thought I proved that to you." K: "Well, I'm afraid the facts dispute that notion. Scott found a photograph of a young boy in D.V.'s cabin." He went to find the photo to show it to Victor, but it's not in the album; he guesses that Eve took it with her. Victor is terribly worried about the plan being too dangerous, but Kevin and Lucy explain that they're willing to take the risks involved to rid themselves of Bordisso once and for all.

Back at Ferncliff, Chris has waited for Julie during her session. He tries to convince her that she has nothing to worry about, with Eve moving back into his apartment. She's not easily convinced. She's worried that Eve will snoop around and find out about Christina. Chris argues that Eve might not be her biggest fan, but isn't out to get her, and that if they keep her close, he can control the situation and maybe even convince her that Julie is innocent. He says Eve is a friend who has done a lot for him in the past and that he's returning the favor. J: "Well, I don't care if she's thrown herself in front of a bus for you. I don't want her living in your apartment with everything that's going on." C: "Well, I guess we have a problem..because I won't kick her out."

At Jorgenson's, a disgusted-looking Eve approaches Bordisso's table. "Still sitting in the same booth?" B: "I like consistency in my life." E: "You mean control." B: "I ordered your usual." E (sitting down): "Like I said: control." B: "Oh, my, what an attitude. Are you still in pain over discovering the love of your life in bed with Lucy?" E: "I'm not here to discuss Kevin." B: "Alright. I'll take 'what's on Eve's mind' for $100."

In the hall outside Bordisso's office, Scott calls the office on his cell phone. The receptionist answers; Scott pretends to be a deliveryman and told her there's an express package for Bordisso but that he's double parked and she'll have to come downstairs to get it, otherwise he'll come back tomorrow. He watches her leave to go downstairs, then calls a henchman and instructs him to give her the package, "and don't screw it up!" He picks the lock on the office door and enters. "Open, Sesame."

At the lighthouse, Victor, Kevin, and Lucy continue their discussion. They tell him they think Bordisso was convinced when he walked in on them "in the act." He wishes they had let him in on things from the very beginning. Lucy is glad to have Victor back as her co-conspirator. K: "So..you two are a team again?" V: "I rather resent that tone. I think Lucy and I make a splendid team." K: "Of course you do. And those arrests for pandering and prostitution, those never happened, right?" V: "An honest mistake on the part of law enforcement." L: "A minor snafu." Victor would like to stay and practice his accordion; Lucy agrees enthusiastically, but Kevin reminds them that Bordisso's men should see him and Lucy spending time alone together. Victor agrees to leave. "Well, I should be getting home anyway--I'm tracking that hurricane on my new cable modem setup. It seems to be a lot more powerful than that one that we drove through when we were in Florida looking for...Lu...Lucy." K (meaningfully): "That one caused a lot of damage." Victor hastily leaves. "If you need me, call.."

Kevin and Lucy are alone together. L: "Seems like a long time ago since..we were in Florida." K: "Sure does. You know, the irony couldn't escape me, when Eve walked in and saw you and I..together." L: "Except when you found Scott and me together, that was very, very real. Do you realize it's been almost a year since all of that happened, and..we never have ever..discussed it?" K: "Maybe it's time we did."

At Ferncliff, Chris and Julie are still arguing about Eve's moving back in with him. He says it's finally dawned on him: she's jealous! She denies it, and turns to leave. "Your ego is taking up all the air in the room." He blocks her path to the door, and says that he and Eve are friends and nothing more. Julie actually does seem jealous, but continues to deny it. Both she and Chris continue to dance around their feelings for each other. C: "I would be a fool to mess around on a woman who can handle a set of steak knives." Julie laughs. "Rachel warned us: no more serial killer jokes." C: "She's not here. And I know you better than Rachel. And no one is gonna tell me what I can or cannot say to my wife." J: "I am your wife, aren't I?" C: "And no one is gonna come between us now. Nothing could." He kisses her cheek. She slips back into psycho mode, staring into his eyes. "And what would you do if I really did want you to kick Eve out?" C: "I'd kick her out." J: "Then she can stay, on one condition..she has to come and speak with me first."

At the restaurant, Eve hasn't touched her food. Bordisso says if she's not going to eat, maybe she can explain why she wanted to see him. E: "Being in a place where I spent some of the worst moments of my life makes me sick to my stomach." B: "And, you thought I'd be interested in this information?..I have to get back to the office. When you have something to discuss with me..something other than the effects of Manhattan on the state of your mind.." Eve stalls for time. "Um, D.V., aren't you supposed to be the epitome of good manners, the gracious host? That's what all the tabloids say. Are you just gonna walk out on me?" B: "As beautiful as you are, I just now got bored. And I've got work to do." Eve pulls out the photo of the boy and shows it to D.V. "Fine. Who is this?" He is stunned but conceals it well.

In Bordisso's office, Scott snoops around the desk until he finds a button hidden under what looks like a paperweight or small figurine (?). He presses the button. A section of the wall opens to reveal what appears to be a surveillance room. Scott: "Seek and you shall find."

Friday, October 8, 1999

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