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Monday, October 4, 1999

Charity is screaming bloody murder but no one knows why. Well, Kay knows, but she isn't about to tell because she is behind the bizarre behavior of her hospitalized cousin. Kay's subliminal message has obviously done the trick and she is both amazed and happy about her accomplishment. The rest of the family and Dr. Russell are bewildered by Charity's fear of Miguel. Miguel is not very happy either, but no need to worry; Kay is ready, willing and able to comfort him in his time of need.

Simone has been given her father's leather jacket by him to guard at the sale. TC found his favorite jacket and went crazy. He knows Eve has been trying to get rid of it for years, as it won't fit him anymore anyway. But he says it has memories and he will not part with it just yet. Chad Harris on the other hand, is a perfect fit for the $50 jacket. Simone has just sold it to him for only $5.00 and is in the process of getting him a receipt as TC and Sam spot him wearing the prized piece of leather. They accuse him of stealing the jacket, not knowing Simone has actually sold it to him.

Sheridan is really getting her money's worth back at the Youth Center. She is starting to dribble, shoot, and do hook shots just like the pro's. With a little help from her trainer, she will soon be ready to take on Luis one-on-one on the court. Luis is just around the corner thinking that someone has broken into the center and bursts in the door, gun in hand, ready to take action. He is in for a real surprise.

Timmy is in for a surprise also, but not one that he will enjoy. After running from a clerk and taking a bite out of an orderly, Timmy hides in a nice, quiet, cold room. Of all the places in the hospital to go, Timmy has discovered the morgue. With the tooth-marked orderly hot on his heels, Timmy takes refuge in a drawer. The orderly notices the door ajar and shuts it on his way out. Timmy is afraid and realizes he has his flashlight. But what's in the light is worse than the dark! Tabby finally hears his cries for help and finds her little doll locked in the morgue drawer with another not so lucky individual. She hugs him and announces Charity's amnesia and her new plan for keeping Charity in the dark.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Luis and Sheridan had yet another run in at the Youth Center. Hiding behind the chalkboard was her pro trainer. Luis, the supercop, overlooked this 6 foot something basketball player somehow. Perhaps he was too busy bullying Sheridan into playing a little one-on-one the next morning. She continued to practice long after Luis left. She was determined to prove herself to him on the court.

Simone saved the day when she kept her dad and Sam from arresting Chad for leather jacket theft. Simone told her father that the boy was cold, broke, and hungry and therefore she sold him the jacket for $5 instead of $50. He still did not want to part with his memory jacket. Chad was anxious to get out of the place and did so. He managed to run right into Whitney on his way out, knocking her to the ground. She was not as impressed with him as her younger sister.

Theresa was still dreaming of a life with Ethan when Whitney left her alone in her room. She began to cut out pictures of him again and tape them to her mirror. She talked with Pilar about returning to her job as Ivy's secretary. Pilar did not want her to do so, but did not argue with her about the matter. Pilar is upset with Ivy due to Ivy's dinner invitation to Sam and TC and their wives. Ivy is dreaming of a former life with Sam and he is doing the same at the flea market. No one but Pilar knows the secret they share and she is convinced that Ivy is up to no good by extending the dinner invitation to the police chief and coach.

Luis is surprised to hear Pilar admit that the Cranes are no different than everyone else. She refuses to tell him why she feels this way. He is still determined to find out what Sheridan may be hiding in her past.

TC and Sam discuss their first loves and how they were heart broken over the first woman in their lives. Sam will not reveal his first love but entertains flashbacks of Ivy as TC owns up to his childhood female friend.

Ivy tells Ethan that he needs to propose to Gwen and soon. Ethan asks his mother why she is so anxious to get him out of the house. She becomes irate and starts in about all the sacrifices she has made for her first born child. He becomes suspicious and she recants her remarks and tries to hide the fact that it is something other than her son's impending marriage that is really on her mind.

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Outside of Charity's room at the hospital Miguel tells a visiting Theresa about how Charity woke up with no recognition of him and screamed in reaction to hearing his name. Theresa attempts to comfort her brother and help him deal with Charity's condition. Miguel doesn't think he could cope with another rejection from Charity. Theresa tells Miguel that the stalker situation is cleared up and that she's going back to work for Ivy. Miguel urges her not to take the job. He's worried that being in such close proximity to Ethan will only lead to Theresa getting her heart broken. Theresa says it will be okay and gets Miguel to promise not to tell Luis of her job before heading off to the Cranes.

At the Russell home before school, Kay tells Simone about how successful her plan to get Charity to forget Miguel has been. Simone then informs Kay that she got to talk to the boy of her dreams (Chad) the night before. Kay and Simone exchange ideas on the joys of first love. TC asks Eve if she's seen his favorite jacket, he toys with her until she admits she donated it to the flea market. TC laughs it off and tells Eve about how it didn't even bother him in the end that Simone sold it to some poor kid at the flea market who needed it because he was underdressed for the weather. When Eve realizes that it was the boy she told Simone to stay away from she's angry at her daughter. When Simone and Kay come down for breakfast Eve confronts her. While TC throws Simone hand signals from behind Eve's back. Simone tries to explain that the only reason she talk to him was to help him out. Eve tells Simone that the boy was obviously a street kid, to which Simone counters that she thought she and Whitney weren't supposed to judge people by the amount of money they had. When Simone goes back upstairs to get her Biology book TC tries to tell Eve that being overprotective of their girls isn't the best move. When TC jokes that his dream is for their daughters to be as perfect at teen as Eve probably was volumes of unease pass through Eve's eyes. TC assures Eve that they've probably seen the last of the boy. Before the girls leave for school TC tells them that since working is being done on the high school gym, their gym class will be held at the youth center. Kay overhears Eve talking to Miguel on the phone about the possibility that Charity is waking up again and is determined to go to the hospital even though it means cutting class. Ethan brings Sheridan breakfast in bed at the cottage. He has ulterior motives, the maids are whispering that she didn't make it home until very late, and he wants to know why. Sheridan admits that she was up learning basketball all night so that she can beat Luis in a game. Ethan is confused as to why it is so important to Sheridan to show Luis up. Sheridan reminds Ethan that he is obsessed with making Theresa pay for stalking him. Ethan explains to Sheridan that he now realizes that the incidents with Theresa were all accidents. If he was wrong about Theresa he says perhaps they've also been wrong about Luis. Though it wasn't easy for him to say that. Sheridan isn't falling for it.

Luis comes across Chad who is sleeping in a doorway the Seaside Management Company. When Luis attempted to wake Chad instinctively attacks Luis. Luis overpowers Chad and cuffs him preparing to arrest him. Chad, still hostile as always, tells Luis that he didn't know who was bothering him in his sleep, so he acted to defend himself. Luis isn't buying it at first and tells Chad that he'll get to spend a night inside where it's warm, at the Harmony Police Station. When Chad tells Luis that he's been in jail before it comes out that Chad has had several run ins with the police due to fighting. After Chad also reveals (mind you, mega attitude from Chad, this boy is not asking for sympathy, though he did drift off momentarily in that I'm caught up in my memories way for a moment) that his upbringing trained him to expect trouble Luis starts to feel for the kid. Chad is alone, with no place to stay and obviously troubled. He decides not to arrest him and even suggests that Chad come to the youth center. Chad doesn't want any handouts, even though the offer of food did seem to make his mouth water. At the youth center Simone covers for an absent Kay. Chad decides to take Luis up on his offer and heads out to the youth center. Sheridan arrives to play against Luis and they decide to make a little wager. If Sheridan wins, equal court time for the girls and the boys. If Luis wins, Sheridan has to get him, make that cook him dinner. It's on. Chad is hitting the punching bag when Simone comes across him. She strikes up a conversation with him and gets to exchange names with him. Simone is giddy, Chad is rather distant. Simone follows Chad into the hall and he tells her that the only reason he came to Harmony was to find his family. Simone offers to help. During the grudge match Luis comes to slowly realize that Sheridan does have some hoop skills. As some of the girls cheer her on Sheridan brings Luis to a 15-15 tie. A cocky Luis goes for a shot and misses it Sheridan takes the rebound and makes the winning shot.

Ethan walks in on Theresa at the Crane mansion, she's freaking out over making plans for a dinner party Ivy is having. Ethan points her towards Ivy's binders that are used to arrange such things and offers to stick around. Theresa manages to pick the china and work out the flower arrangements with Ethan's help. Ethan jokes that if his law career goes bust the two of them could open up a catering business. As Theresa basks in the glow of that idea Ethan comments that it will come in handy, he can help Gwen plan everything around their wedding. Theresa is crushed. Kay catches up with Miguel at the hospital while Eve is checking in on Charity. Miguel and Kay listen in out of sight when Charity tells Eve that she doesn't know Miguel she just knows she's scared of him. Kay offers to stand by Miguel whether or not Charity gets her memory (She's such a giver). After examining her patient Eve steps into the hall to talk to Miguel and Kay. It appears Charity's memory is worse than ever. Eve explains to them that once Charity remembers Faith her other memories will probably come back to her. Kay advises Miguel to give Charity some space for a little while so he doesn't push her to remember things. As Kay hopes her cousins memory stays gone for good Charity calls out for her mother.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

Sheridan taunts Luis about beating him in their rematch. An annoyed Luis is curious about just how she managed to pick up her newfound basketball skills in such a short time. Smiling to herself, Sheridan makes some remark about being a natural athlete. When Hank stops by the community center, Ms. Crane can't wait to share the news of her victory over Luis.

Chad shows Simone the newspaper clipping from Harmony's newspaper when she tells him that she thinks she can help him find his family. The young woman thinks it should be a breeze to find out if he has any relatives in town.

Miguel continues to pester Dr. Russell about Charity remembering him. Kay sticks by his side and pretend to offer her support. She makes sure to remind a hopeful Miguel that Charity might wake up and be scared of him again.

When the girl calls out for her mother, Dr. Russell asks Charity if she has regained any of her memory. Charity can't recall the fire but she does remember her mom and the closeness they shared. Grace waits outside of the hospital room and prays for her niece's recovery. She dreads having to break the news about Faith's presumed death.

Hank is disbelieving when he finds out that Sheridan really did beat his best bud at basketball. Peeved, Luis storms off. Sheridan is uncomfortable when Hank quizzes her about her sudden improvement. When Sheridan starts to diss his friend for being an egotistical jerk, Hank is quick to defend Luis. He reminds Sheridan that there is another side to Luis---the side that sacrificed his own dreams to stay in Harmony and support his mother and his siblings.

Eve thinks that it is time for Charity to see Grace. She thinks that seeing her aunt might trigger Charity's memory or at the very least prepare her to learn what happened to her mother.

When Ethan remarks that he knows why she is crying, Theresa fears that he has learned about her infatuation with him. Clueless as usual, Ethan thinks that Theresa is crying because talking about his wedding plans to Gwen is reminding her of her own future wedding. (you know how sentimental we girls are). When Ethan tells Theresa that she's too beautiful to not have a special guy in her life, Theresa is overjoyed that he finds her attractive. She confides in him about the special guy that she is saving herself for (that would be Ethan himself). Pilar interrupts just as Theresa is on the verge of telling Ethan exactly who she has a crush on. When her mother leaves, Theresa continues to describe her perfect man to Ethan. An unamused Gwen listens in.

Chad is confused when he and Simone end up at the hospital. She gives him instructions to the records department and tells him to start his search from there.

Seeing Grace, Charity immediately mistakes her for her mom but she soon realizes that something is not quite right. Grace gently explains that she is the twin sister of Charity's mother. A devastated Charity breaks down in tears when she learns of her mother's unfortunate demise. At first she allows Miguel to comfort her, but once she hears his name, she pushes him away as a pleased Kay watches. Miguel is hurt by Charity's rejection. Eve promises to find out why Charity seems to be afraid of the boy she once adored. Theresa is unhappy to hear from Ethan that he and Gwen are definitely getting married. He assures her that even though Gwen hasn't officially said yes that he loves her and they are going to be married. A delighted Gwen pretends that she has just arrived. When her boyfriend tells her what the two of them were just discussing, Gwen takes pleasure in letting Theresa know that she would be welcome to help with Ethan and Gwen's wedding.

Sheridan is blown away when Luis makes a peace offering. He had a trophy engraved with her name on it to show that there were no hard feelings. Luis also lets her know that he intends to honor the terms of their bet and give the girls equal time at the youth center with the guys. A guilty Sheridan realizes she might have misjudged Luis. She begs Hank to get him from the locker room so that she can confess about getting coached by LA Laker Robert Horry. Who should stop by at that very moment but the basketball player himself. Sheridan is horrified by his untimely appearance. When Luis spots the Laker, it doesn't take long for him to figure out that Sheridan used her connections to get expert help in beating him.

A glum Theresa watches Ethan and Gwen kiss as they talk about their future. Pilar tries to warn her daughter that she is going to get her heart broken if she doesn't stop mooning over Ethan. Pilar's words fall on deaf ears.

Seeing Charity's distress over her mother's death, Simone shares a hug with her own mom. She tries to get her mom to lighten up about Chad but with no luck. Kay and Simone plan a get together at the Russell house with their respective dream guys, Miguel and Chad.

Ethan hints to Gwen that he might be popping the big question any day now. She can't wait.

Theresa is furious when her mother says that she will never be with Ethan. Her head firmly planted in the clouds, Theresa refuses to give up on her dream.

Sheridan is genuinely sorry that she was not completely honest with him but Luis will not cut her any slack. He accuses her of being just like the rest of the Cranes. Hank tries to referee but he has no success. He reminds his friend that he has been pretty hard on Sheridan but Luis is unrelenting. The cop hits below the belt when he says that maybe Sheridan and her sleazioid French boyfriend were perfect for each other (ouch!). She retaliates by thanking him for reminding her that there are just as many jerks in Harmony as there are in Paris! Sheridan can't wait for her community service to be over so that she can go back to Paris.

Grace and Eve discuss their upcoming evening at the Cranes. Grace notices that Eve is less than thrilled at the prospect of spending time with the rich and mighty of Harmony. Eve invites the Bennetts over to her house after they go to the Cranes. She doesn't know that her daughter Simone has disobeyed her and invited Chad over for dinner that very night.

Friday, October 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

When Ivy hears Ethan on the phone looking into engagement rings she's thrilled. It is obvious to her that Ethan is planning to propose to Gwen. Ethan response is mysterious and Ivy assumes that it means that Ethan is buying the ring for someone else. Ivy tells Ethan that he better not be chasing after someone out of their social class. Ethan is offended that Ivy would assume the worse of him, that he is running around on Gwen. Ivy is extremely relieved. Theresa is convinced that as long as Ethan and Gwen aren't married she still has a chance of getting him. Pilar tries to tell her daughter that Ivy Crane would not allow her son to lower himself and marry the housekeeper's daughter. Later Theresa is thrown when Ivy announces that Ethan is going to propose to Gwen. When Ethan mentions to Ivy that Theresa has her own wedding in her plans with a secret crush, Ivy encourages Theresa to g after the man of her dreams. Theresa strikes Ivy as the type of person who could get whatever she wants. In the meantime, Ivy has tickets to the ballet, Cinderella. Since she cannot attend, and a Crane needs to attend, she talks Ethan into going. When he protests that he doesn't have someone to accompany him Ivy insists that he take Theresa. Theresa is thrilled, Pilar is worried.

Chad gets a temporary job waiting tables at the Book Café and runs into Whitney. He notices her reading tennis magazines and comments that tennis is a white man's sport. Whitney is incensed. Then when Chad's song is being played he mentions his role as producer, and Whitney refuses to believe he produced it. Later Whitney realizes that Chad is the guy who bumped into her at the flea market causing her to rip he favorite jeans and demands that he give her money for them.

Miguel is rethinking leaving Charity to have dinner with Kay and Simone at the Russell's. Meanwhile Eve talks to Grace about the difficulties she is starting to have with Simone. Grace assures her that it's normal, and that her daughter will be fine. She also echoes TC sentiment the Eve is the kind of person who probably never gave her parents a moment of worry. Eve looks haunted at her friend's words.

Tabitha is worried about Charity. Even though the girls memory is gone, her powers are growing stronger every day. Now that Tabitha has no powers she has to come up with a new way to get her Charity. She utilizes her other powers, her skill at the sewing machine, and whips up a disguise. She becomes a person who Charity will trust on sight, a nun.

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