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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on GL
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Monday, September 27, 1999

At the hospital:
Buzz reads the paternity results and to his dismay, Ben is Drew's father. He is more sure then ever that letting Ben in Drew's life would not only destroy her but Selena as well. Buzz goes in to the hospital Computer and alters the test results so that it will read no possible match for Ben and Drew. Buzz's conscious starts talking to him. Buzz and his conscience are arguing over changing the lab test. The conscience is winning! It tells Buzz that he is just jealous. Buzz denies it. He goes out of the office and hands a nurse the tampered results and asks her to give it to Ben.
Ben finds a doctor and fills him in on Selena being able to feel her legs. Rick, Ben, Selena and Drew are in Selena's room, Rick is examining Selena, she call feel parts of her leg. Rick schedules tests and Selena and Rick leave. Drew hugs Ben, and Buzz walks up behind them. Drew tell Buzz that Selena could feel her leg. Drew and Buzz hug and Buzz says he wishes he could have been there. Ben goes to get the tests. Ben gets the tampered test results. He believes he is not Drew's father.
Selena tells buzz she is looking forward to Ben being Drew's father. She tells him how great it will be because Drew knows him, Buzz looks tortured. Selena tells Buzz that she hope's that he can put his differences aside if Ben is Drew's father. Buzz's conscience tells him that he has to tell Selena the truth about the test results.
Ben walks in with the results that Buzz messed around with. Buzz stands up and says that before he says anything that there is something he has to say. ben says that the only think Selena needs to know is that he is Drew's father and shows her the envelope with the tests results. He says this proves it. Selena is excited. buzz looks at them mouth hung open..

At Phillip and Harley's:
Phillip and Harley fighting over what Phillip did to Vicky. Phillip telling Harley that he's not the bad guy, Vicky is. Meanwhile, David is telling Vicky that he will straighten everything out with Phillip. Vicky tells him that she doesn't need him which is responded to by David telling her that he loves her. They go to Phil and Harley's.
David tells Phillip that he leaked information to Ben and that Vicky had nothing to do with it, he tells him how Frank gave him the information to leak to the Santos family. Phillip apologies to Vicky and tells her that she can have her job back but Vicky says she doesn't want it. Vicky tells Phillip that she can't work when she will always be under suspicion.

At the police station:
Bill, Vanessa and Frank are arguing over Bill's arrest. Bill gets fingerprinted and Pilar tells him that Ben will pay for this. Vanessa calls Ross about finding a judge who can release Bill on bail. Pilar assures Bill that he won't let him take the blame for what Ben did. Bill insists that she leave but instead, she tells Frank she has proof of Bill's innocence. Pilar tells Frank that she heard Ben and Bill talking. She tries to help Bill out but everything she says seems to incriminates Bill more.
Vanessa and Billy are talking. He is very angry at Ben. Billy says that Ben will have trouble coming. Billy tries to get Frank to release bill into his care but the officer has already filed the paperwork. Bill is taken to jail. Billy worries later that Vanessa's disease has returned.

Frank tells Phillip that Bill Lewis was arrested instead of Ben. Phillip begins to wonder if he (Phillip) is the bad guy. Phillip beats himself up over getting Bill and Vicky in these situations.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

In this hospital:
Buzz is about to admit the truth to Selena about changing the paternity tests when Ben comes in. Buzz tries to stop him before he says anything, but Ben goes ahead and lies to Selena saying that the test results proved that Drew was his daughter. Buzz is upset. He realized that he had changed the results and that Ben is the father, but the fact that Ben lied about what the test results really upset him. He left the room and called Harley. Harley arrives at the hospital and goes to see her dad. She asks what is going on and Buzz spills the whole thing and tells her how angry he is that Ben lied.
Selena and Ben are talking about how great it is to have found they have a daughter. He is still talking to her when Billy walks in. He greets Selena and asks her how she is. He then asks Ben to step outside to talk to him. Ben says he and Selena are busy talking and Billy gets irate and tells him to step outside or he will talk to him right there. Billy yells at Ben for setting Bill up for the cops. Selena is upset and begs Billy not to fight. Billy apologizes and Ben goes into the hall with him. Harley and Buzz see the two come out and eavesdrop on their conversation. Billy tears into Ben about Bill and tells him that he will go to the police station and get the charges dropped on Bill tonight. Ben said he would do what he can to help Bill but that he knew nothing about the computer codes. Billy told Ben that the whole town would like to see him dead and if he doesn't come clean with Bill, he will not be held responsible for his actions. Harley agrees with her father that Ben is a bad man but tells him that it wasn't his place to change the results of the test.
Buzz goes after Ben and asks to see the test results. Ben tells him that they are confidential and says the only thing that matters about the results is that he is Drew's father. Drew shows up and Ben says he has good news. He tells her that he is her father. Buzz is appalled that he told her.

At the Bauer's:
Danny and Michelle come into the house all excited about their house they are going to build. Pilar is banging on the door; she needs Danny's help. She tells them about Bills arrest and is upset more when Danny tells her he knew about the computer codes. He tries to explain that he and Phillip were trying to catch Ben but that it must have backfired. They all leave for the police station.

At the police station:
Danny comes in with Michelle and Pilar. He goes over to Frank and tries to tell him why Bill should be freed. Frank get on the defensive, tells Danny that he knows all about his and Phillips plan and that he also knows about how the Santos family works. Michelle begs Frank to allow her to see Bill, reminding him that Bill has always been her best friend. Frank tells her that he will do it for her and only for her.
Bill is lying on his cot in a cell when the guard comes up and assaults him. Later Michelle and Danny come in and talk to him. He is a little standoffish at first and finally turns to where Manny can see his black eye. Michelle is concerned and asks him not to be mad at her just because she is a Santos. She turns to Danny and asks him to give them a few minutes alone. Danny leaves. Michelle and Bill hold hands through the bars.

At the Jessup Farm:
Cassie and Sam are talking about all of the overdue bills. Sam offers to take one of the horses in and sell it. Cassie reluctantly agrees and Sam leaves to load it up. Beth comes in and wants to chat with Cassie. Cassie tries to get rid of her but she wants leave. She insists on rubbing it in to Cassie that she has Jim and they are so happy. Beth tells Cassie that Jim told her everything about SC, everything. Cassie thinks she means even about the kiss and she makes a comment that makes Beth think that he hadn't told her everything. Cassie tells her to leave and she goes into another room to get the papers on the horse for Sam. Cassie is surprised when she returns that Beth is still in her house. Beth rubs it in about Reva having a prince and Josh. Beth says she and Jim are truly, truly together. Says Cassie will find someone. Beth suggests Sam, or dating services for Cassie. Cassie tells her to get out. Cassie pushes Beth out and slams the door in her face. Cassie tells herself that she was fine with being alone. Cassie falls asleep and is dreaming on her sofa. She thinks of herself and Richard on the beach. She's in a white dress with lace and overskirt. Richard is walking out of the ocean onto the serf. He picks her up and kisses her. She wakes up. Lights are flickering. She calls for Sam because she hears something. Finally when no one comes she picks up the fireplace poker and opens the door. She lunges out the door and in walks Prince Richard, tell her not to be alarmed that he will not hurt her.

At Company:
Drew comes in and sees Jesse. He is acting a little anxious, a dark haired woman has come into the bar and they are looking at each other. Jesse wants to know what's up with Ben, why he keeps hanging around. Drew wants to go back to hospital. Jesse makes excuse not to go. Drew leaves. Jesse goes over to the dark haired woman at the bar. Jesse talks to his friend. She says I take it that you didn't tell her about NY yet. She gives him his keys and tells him that he must have left them in her room.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

At the hospital:
Drew finally hears that Ben is her dad. She asks a few questions and Ben tells her that he realizes this is hitting her out of the blue with all this and that he will leave and give her time to think. Drew doesn't want him to leave.
Meanwhile, Harley is trying to calm Buzz and then she recounts the time when she was searching for her father and all of the heartache and lies that came of it. After talking a bit, Ben realizes that he doesn't deserve a daughter like Drew and is prepared to tell her the truth. Harley stops Buzz from interrupting Selena, Ben and Drew and reminds him of what she went through in reuniting with him. She then asks him what he's really afraid of where Ben and Selena are concerned. Buzz enters the room and stops Ben from telling Selena and Drew that he Ben fabricated the results of the paternity test. Buzz apologizes to Ben and says "congratulations it's a girl."

At the cabin:
Blake is writing her novel. She imagines the two main characters and in her mind they take on the appearance of Holly and Ross.

At the Lewises':
Josh and Billy are talking over their problems. Billy talks about Bill and Josh talks about Reva. Billy is sure that he can take care of Bill. Josh thinks that Richard will want Reva back. Billy leaves and Olivia shows up. She tells Josh that Richard was headed for Springfield to get Reva and wants to know if he had arrived yet. Josh insists that he knows nothing about it and calls Reva. Josh accusing Reva of having Richard come to Cross Creek to meet with her. They fight and Reva hangs up on him. Olivia asks if Cassie knows anything and tells Josh that Richard was going to try to get Cassie to tell her where Reva is.

At the farm:
Cassie is alone when she hears a noise. She picks up the poker by the fireplace and stands by the door. Richard come in and scares Cassie. He tells her he would never hurt her, he just wants to talk to her. They talk and Cassie realizes he was fishing for information on Reva's whereabouts. Cassie refuses to betray Reva. Richard tells her that he only wants his son, not Reva. Cassie believes that Richard is trying to charm her into giving up the information on Reva. Josh phones and asks if Richard is there. Cassie lies and says she hasn't heard from him. Cassie tells Richard she only lied because she didn't want Josh to kill him. She asks him to leave and he does, but he doesn't go far. He has someone block off the road and says to himself that neither he nor Cassie are leaving until she tells him where Reva is. Richard and Cassie. Richard says he needs to stay with her for the night, that a bridge was out. Cassie checks his story and then goes for a blanket and pillow. Cassie has she has a very comfy spot for him, it turns out to be in the barn!
Richard says goodnight and to himself says that tomorrow Cassie will tell him where Reva is.

At Company:
Holly and Ross are out with the boys. Ross thinks it is just awful that Blake is out jet setting with her new Beau while he is at home taking care of the twins. He thinks that Blake is immature and not being very responsible. Holly tells Ross that she and Sam have had phone dates. That they have gone to restaurants sitting at separate tables and talking on cell phones.

Beth acts strangely towards Jim and tries to get him to spill what happened between him and Cassie in San Cristobel. She tells him that Cassie hinted that "something" happened. He then insists that he's not interested in Cassie. He finally tells her that the thing that happened in San Cristobel was that he finally admitted to Cassie that he was in love with Beth. Beth gets emotional and apologizes for doubting him. Beth thinks that Jim should stop working with Cassie for a while. Jim says she silly.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

In Jail:
Pilar comes in to see Bill. He doesn't want her there. She begs him to not be angry with her and tells him that she loves him. Bill goes to her and kisses her. Pilar sees him bruised eye and is upset, Bill tells her that he just fell. He tells her that he will see her in the courtroom. The guard comes into the cell and starts harassing Bill. He starts mouthing off about Pilar and how hot she is. Bill gets angry and tells him to never speak about her again. Frank comes in and takes Bill to the courtroom.

At the Courthouse:
Danny and Michelle are waiting on the indictment hearing to begin. Michelle tells him that she realizes that he wants everything to be perfect between them but that she also realizes that it is an improbable dream for the two of them. Danny tells Michelle that her family will not be hurt again; it's the same old thing. Michelle says that she isn't safe; Danny tells her that she will be. She tells him that for right now all she wants is for Bill to be out of trouble. Danny tells her that he needs to take care of some things and will see her later.
Bill comes in and everyone is pleased when Ross announces that there is a plea bargain on the table. Bill plea guilty and get probation with the stipulation that he cannot work in the computer industry for a specified amount of time, something around 5 years. Bill reluctantly agrees to the plea because he wants out of jail and knows that there is no way that he can prove his innocence. The judge sends him back to his cell while she and Ross and the assistant DA iron out the paperwork. Billy sees Vanessa almost faint and he tells Matt that she needs to see her doctor. Matt says that they are leaving and heading for Cedars on the way home. Billy tells them that they will all meet up at the house and have a little soirée. Pilar asks if she can give Bill the good news and all agrees and they leave.

In Jail Part II:
After Bill gets back from the courtroom, the guard is again accosting him. He then insinuates that he is going to follow Pilar home and rape her because those Latino girls are easy. Bill grabs the nightstick and punches the guard. He is out cold. Pilar walks in with another cop and as the cop handcuffs Bill, Pilar looks at the guard out on the floor and she says, "I think you killed him."

At the Santos Compound:
Carmen talks to Ben about who it could have been that set him up. She tells him that he is distracted and that he needs to get a grip before he gets them all in jail. Ben tells her that he will take care of it. Ben leaves.
Danny comes in and tells his mother that he is out of the family business. He tells her that he loves her and will always be her son but that he cannot live this way anymore. She first accuses Michelle and when Danny tells her that it is him that he has changed, Carmen disowns him. She tells him that if he leaves her today, that he is no longer her son. He feels terrible but sticks to his guns. Carmen leaves. Michelle comes in and tells him about Bill. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her that they are free. Michelle is happy and they hug. Danny tells her that from now on, it is just the two of them. She is happy; he looks really lost and sad.

At the Lewis's:
Billy and Josh are talking about Bill and Reva. They walk in the house and Olivia is standing there in a towel. She must have just gotten out of the shower. Josh explains that she was there during the storm. Billy leaves and Olivia heads back to San Cristobel . She tells Josh not to let Reva be alone for long, and that she is sure that they will be fine.

At the farm:
Richard has his men fly in things from San Cristobel for he and Cassie to have for breakfast. Cassie tells him that she knows this is part of his plan to get info on Reva. She tells him that the road is clear and he can leave. Richard says let's have breakfast. Cassie tells Richard there is no way she is telling her where her sister is. She goes upstairs and Richard says that there is a way. When Cassie comes back down, RJ is missing and so is Richard. She freaks and calls Josh, she tells him that she lied last night and that Richard was there. She also says that he was gone and that he took RJ with him. Josh tells her that he is on his way.
Cassie finally finds Richard out on the porch rocking RJ and talking to him. He tells him that he misses his son. Cassie overhears him and feels badly for Richard. She goes out and tells him that she is sorry and that she thinks he needs to go on with his life. She keeps talking and she slips and says something about Cross Creek, she leaves the room again and asks him to watch RJ. Richard goes out and tells one of his men to find out where Cross Creek is. Cassie gets back and Richard tells her that he is leaving. He says that she convinced him to go home. Richard leaves and gets in his helicopter. Josh comes in and sees Cassie with RJ and wonders what was up. She tells him that Richard left to go back to San Cristobel . She then realizes that she told him about Cross Creek, Josh figures he is on his way there and sets out to stop him, or at least get there first.

At Company:
Vicky and David are talking about Bill. David is going to watch the indictment hearing. Vicky blames herself for ever getting involved with Ben. David tells her not to and he leaves. Ben comes in and asks Vicky what happened yesterday. He tells her that if she does not tell him who else was involved in trying to frame him that he will go after David. Vicky spills the beans and tells Ben that it was Danny who set him up.

Friday, October 1, 1999

At Company:
Jesse and Drew are having something to eat. Drew is happy about Ben being her dad. She wants to throw a small dinner party with him, her mom, Buzz and Jesse on Thursday. Jesse says that he has another art class that night and want be able to make it. He is acting very guilty and suspicious like and Drew tells him that if she didn't know any better that she would think he was having an affair. Jesse told her that he would come to the party and then he left to make a phone call. He called the "mystery woman" and told her that their plans were off for Thursday. She asked him if Drew had anything to do with it and Jesse admitted that she did. The girl urged Jesse just to tell Drew what was up and forget about it.

On the Lewis Jet:
Cassie and Josh are on their way to Cross Creek but got delayed by the fog. They were arguing back and forth about Cassie lying to him when Richard was at her house and about Olivia spending the night at Josh's. The plane took off and the two had made up by the time they were ready to land.

At Cross Creek:
Reva admitted to Richard that she couldn't get him out of her mind. She tells him that she thinks about him constantly and remembers vividly their lives together as man and wife and she wishes she could forget. She tells him that she truly doesn't know where Jon is and that he knows that because she doesn't lie to him. Richard admitted that he believes her but he has to hear her say how she feels about him. Reva admits her feelings and the two lock in a kiss. Richard moves with Reva back to the couch and the two lie down, still passionately embraced.

At the Santos Compound:

Danny tells Michelle that he is out of the family business. She is happy and Carmen comes in and tells her that she has succeeded in coming between her and her son. Danny tells Ben the good news, that he is now in charge because he is out. Ben doubts him but comes to terms with it. He and Danny step out to discuss a few things. Ben confronts Danny about setting him up and Danny confirms his scheme and vows to take care of him if he hurts his sister or mother After Danny leaves Ben, Ben calls Theresa to help him with his revenge against Danny.
Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to get closer to Carmen. She tells her that she doesn't have to lose her son, that she hopes she and Danny will always be close, and for her future grandchildren sake they should make peace. Carmen tells Michelle how truly hurt she is by Danny's decision. Michelle ends up comforting her mother-in-law after insisting that she only wants to save Danny's life, so that she doesn't end up a widow like Carmen did. Danny walked in to see his wife reassuring his mother.

In Jail:
Bill knocks out the guard after he makes a rude comment about Pilar. The D.A. orders Bill to remain behind bars while Ross asks Frank to help show the guard has a history of causing trouble. Pilar blames Ben and vows to get even with him. The guard hasn't regained consciousness and Frank tells Ross that if he dies, Bill will be looking at 25 years to life.

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