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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on GL
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Monday, September 20, 1999

In San Cristobel , Richard was crying out to the departing Santos Yacht, "How can you do this to me again?" Cassie watched as he agonized over the loss of his wife and child from afar. Richard saw her and was angered. He returned with her to the palace and wanted to know where Jon was. Cassie didn't understand. Richard believed she knew exactly what was up with Reva and believed that Cassie knew she had been giving Jon away to the "adoptive" parents.

Cassie assured Richard she knew nothing of the plan; she had only returned to get her plane ticket, but Richard thought it was all a plot to buy Olivia and the others some time to get Jon out of San Cristobel and to get Reva and Josh on the boat and on their way home. Richard grew really angry and tore up all of Catherine's letters. He then told Cassie that she would not leave San Cristobel until he had his son back. She told him that she understood, that she, too, had had her daughter taken from her, as well as her fiancé. Richard paused a moment and told her to go before he changed his mind. Cassie began to walk away but then stopped at the door and started back toward Richard.
Reva was upset on the yacht, wondering how she could have done that to Richard. Josh told her that without her, Richard would have never had the opportunity to see Jon again. She wished she had never gone to San Cristobel. Josh agreed.

At Company, Buzz interrupted Ben before he could spill the beans to Drew. He said not to say anything to Drew because he wasn't sure that he was her father. Ben said that he would be soon; he had already ordered the paternity test. Buzz was upset. Ben left. Buzz talked to Drew, who defended Ben; she thought he was a pretty cool guy. She didn't like how Buzz had interfered but could understand that he felt his position with her and Selena was being threatened.
Holly saw Sam in Company and called him. She was sitting across the restaurant from him. She apologized and asked for another chance.

At the Bauer Cabin, Harley helped Blake move in. Harley noticed a great big bag of romance novels, and Blake admitted her weakness for the love stories. Harley said that Blake should write her own romantic thriller. Blake thought that might be a good idea. After Harley left, Blake sat down with her laptop and started "Chapter 1."

In the Hospital, Rick told Selena that she had to want to help herself before she could get better.
Selena promised to try so Rick exited. Ben entered, and Selena immediately knew that he knew. He told her that she had changed her name and looked different, but he still remembered her very fondly. He thanked her for showing him kindness and making him feel whole. He told her that he had never forgotten how she had made him feel, and he hoped that Drew was his daughter.

Selena asked Ben not to say anything to Drew, and Ben said he would do that for Selena, but he wanted to know and had scheduled a DNA test. Selena said that she wanted to know also. Ben left, and Selena said that she already knew that Ben was Drew's father in her heart.
Drew and Buzz entered. Drew told Buzz that Ben Warren had called her and told her to stop and submit samples for a paternity test, so that it would be on file. Buzz looked in and saw a tender moment between Selena and Ben.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

At Phillip and Harley's, Phillip walked in with a bouquet of flowers and shocked Harley. He apologized for not being there as much as he should have and gave her a kiss. He took out the wine and told Harley that he wanted to be the perfect husband and father. Vicky rang the bell; she had a giant teddy bear for little Alan. Phillip told her that he wanted to settle things between them. He needed her help on a project so that he could have some time with his wife.

Vicky was blown away when Phillip told her that he believed she should have her share of responsibilities at Spaulding. She questioned his change of heart, but he insisted that he only had her best interests at heart. Phillip told Vicky of a new computer project that he wanted her to take over. He told her that he needed someone he could trust.

Vicky remained hesitant about Phillip's sincerity. However, she finally ignored her doubts and told him that she would take the job. He gave her the password and told her that it was for no one but her, and to keep it quiet. She left, and Phillip called someone and went over the information that he had given Vicky. Harley walked in and questioned Phillip. Phillip told Harley that she would have to trust her.
Vicky was outside, cursing Phillip for being so nice to her. She would have to cancel her plans to hurt Spaulding.

At the Santos home, Carmen was headed for the hospital to check on Selena. Danny was distraught because he hadn't heard from Michelle. Carmen said that Theresa, Danny's ex-girlfriend, was in town and that she had informed her of his marriage. Carmen left, and Pilar and Danny talked about Theresa. Carmen had approved of her, and Danny had been engaged to her "for like five minutes."

Danny questioned Pilar about why she was buddy-buddy with Ben. She had agreed to go out to dinner with him and Carmen; she said she wasn't friendly with him, but that she was trying for Carmen's sake. He kept questioning Pilar until she admitted her part in Selena's accident. She told him that she had wanted Ben dead. She told him that Dietz had helped her. Danny told her that it wasn't her, but she said that there were no limits that she would not cross for her family. Danny told her to tell Carmen, and she would understand. She said she couldn't.
Danny called Phillip and left a message. Michelle walked in, and Danny asked her to go home.

At the hospital, Buzz interrupted Ben and Selena. Buzz wanted to talk about the DNA test before there were any decisions made. Ben asked Selena what she wanted, and she told him she wanted to know the truth and wanted him to take the test. Ben left Selena and Buzz alone to talk a bit. Buzz told Selena that Ben was the worst possible man for Drew to have as a father and that she had tied them directly to him forever.

Selena took up for Ben and told Buzz that he was not a heartless monster and that she thought that he was a good man. Buzz told her that Ben as a boy might have been good, but the older Ben Warren was a terrible person that everyone hated. Selena told Buzz that Buzz was the problem, not Ben. She told Buzz that she wanted and needed his love, but she also needed his understanding. She wasn't sure that she was going to walk away from this, and she needed his support. Buzz agreed. He promised her that they would get through it and that she would walk again.
Ben gave blood for the DNA test and then dreamed of telling Drew that he was her father. In the dream, he saw Drew getting upset because he was such a mean man. He snapped out of it when the nurse entered with papers to sign. She mentioned the DNA test just as Carmen walked in. Carmen thought he was lying about Blake's baby being his and called him a liar. Ben told Carmen about the Drew situation and his night with Selena.

Carmen saw how happy Ben was and guessed that he really wanted Drew for his daughter. Ben admitted it. He said that he hoped that he could find something good from his past. They kissed. Carmen told him to tell Drew if he was her father. They both deserved happiness. She told him that she was sorry for overreacting and that she trusted him. She left.

Pilar went in to see Selena and gave Ben the cold shoulder. She went into the room, and Buzz left. Pilar hoped that Selena was okay and wanted to know if she had gotten her flowers. She had. Pilar felt guilty about the fall, but Selena told her that it was an accident, and asked her not to tear herself up about it.
Drew and Jesse were waiting on a specialist to arrive to help Selena. She told him about the paternity test and how Ben was helping her find her dad. Rick called them into his office, where he began to go over what the specialist had said. He said that the swelling was bad, and he wasn't sure what the extent of the damage was. Selena could have irreparable damage to her spine. She should have shown signs of recovery in the first 24 hours but hadn't.

Rick concluded that Selena might never walk again. Jesse and Drew went into the chapel and prayed for Selena. Drew felt guilty for letting the holidays go by without respecting her religious customs. Drew cried as she asked for the Lord's help for her mother. She asked for a miracle. Pilar walked in and was upset when she saw Drew crying.
In the lobby, Ben and Buzz argued. Buzz didn't want Ben going into Selena's room. Ben said that if Buzz tried to get in his way with Drew, he would take away the woman Buzz loved.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

At the Santos home, Michelle apologized to Danny for walking out on him. They kissed and made up. She did, however, inform him that she wasn't returning to that house. She wanted him, but not in the Santos house. Danny told her that she knew how things were when they got married. She agreed but wanted a normal life. She wanted to go back to school and had decided to reclaim her dream of being a doctor.

Michelle wanted Danny to move out of the Santos house, but he told her he couldn't leave right then. Michelle asked him if he was hiding something from her, but he denied it. She was worried that his life was in danger. He told her that as soon as Ben Warren was out of their lives, he could leave the Santos house. They hugged, and Michelle left. Danny was left sighing, and Michelle was outside the door, crying.

In San Cristobel , Olivia received a call from Marissa and learned that Jon was safely out of the country. Olivia said that it wasn't safe for her to call. They ended the conversation, and Richard walked in, demanding to know where Jon was. Olivia apologized and told him that she was not involved in it. She had stayed to help him. She reaffirmed her feelings for him, but he rejected her.

Olivia told Richard that she loved him more than Catherine ever could. Richard said it was too late. Richard said that every time he looked at Olivia, he would remember what she had taken away. Olivia said he needed her. Richard countered that he needed someone to trust and then mentioned Cassie's name. Olivia looked at his back, upset. Richard realized that Cassie would help him get his son back.

At the Lewises', Reva was peering out the window, thinking about Jon. Cassie walked in and called out for Reva. She gave her a story about missing her flight. Cassie asked Reva how she could send Jon away from Richard. She accused Reva of lying and hurting Richard beyond belief. Reva questioned her on how she knew and then told Cassie that she had needed to do what she had done. They argued.

Cassie said that Reva was being cold. Cassie knew how that felt; she had almost lost her daughter because of someone else deciding that they knew what was best for her. She told Reva that she didn't even know who Reva was anymore. Cassie asked if Reva had any idea how much she had hurt Richard or if she even cared. She asked Reva if she had ruined a man's life just so she could go on with her own. Reva yelled at Cassie about her heartache, how she had been questioning her decisions about Jon. She said that she would be haunted by what she had done forever.

Cassie told Reva that she had chosen to back out of Jon's life, but had not let Richard have the same choice. Reva said that Richard had gotten to Cassie and was using her sister to get Jon back. Cassie denied it. Cassie and Reva fought some more. Cassie started to leave and then turned back and told Reva she was sorry. Reva did the same. Reva said nothing would come between them because Cassie was her sister.

At Phillip and Harley's, Frank and Eleni arrived to see the baby. Eleni and Harley went for a walk, and Harley asked her to babysit the next day. Eleni asked how Phillip was handling things, and they chatted a while. Phillip asked Frank for information on what he should do about someone stealing from Spaulding. They talked about getting Ben Warren for insider trading or something.

Frank says that if they could prove it, Ben could get ten to twenty years. Frank told Phillip that he would put an alarm on Phillip's computer to catch Ben if he tried to download anything. Eleni brought up the subject of Baby Alan's name and wondered if Harley was having second thoughts about it. Harley and Eleni came up with a nickname for the baby, Zack. Frank and Eleni left. Phillip and Harley talked about the baby's nickname.

At Company, Vicky went to see David and told him she needed him. She asked him to hold her for a while. She told him that she was upset about her part in selling Spaulding out to Ben Warren. She told him about Phillip and his proposal, wanting her to run a new division. She wanted to change but didn't know if she could get out, since she was in so deep.

Vicky said she was going to do better on this project than anyone in the company. Frank phoned, and Vicky left. Frank said that it was David's lucky day. They were going to take the Santos family out. Frank filled David in on the plan. David was going to act as informant and give Ben bad information.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

At Phillip and Harley's, Harley was greeting her guests at the "coming out" party for Alan's first night out after the heart attack. Everyone was there: Alan and India, Vanessa and Matt, and Vicky. Vicky pulled Phillip aside and told him that she appreciated the chance he was giving her, and she really wanted to be a part of the family. Phillip called Danny and caught him up to speed after Frank let Phillip know that the computer monitors were in place and that it was just a matter of time before the bad guys tried something. Alan and Phillip discussed the plan and were pretty sure that Ben had his hands on the computer codes.
Vanessa was talking about how great Europe was and had decided that she had messed up with Bill about Pilar. After thinking about it, she was okay with everything because he had a nice girlfriend and a legitimate job.
Phillip found out that the computer system had been infiltrated. Phillip and Alan were convinced that it was Vicky that had leaked information to Ben and confronted her about it. Phillip asked Vicky why she had sold them out.

At the hospital, Selena slept. Buzz remembered his talk with Ben about Ben's threats regarding what he would do if Buzz interfered with Ben and Drew. A nurse walked in with a flower arrangement for Selena from Ben. Buzz was upset about it. Ross entered, and Buzz questioned him about Ben. After their talk, Buzz was sure that he was right and that Ben should not be anywhere near Selena and Drew.
Drew and Michelle were talking about Danny and how Michelle had given up so many of her dreams. Drew said to talk to him about it, and Michelle said she had, and Danny knew. Michelle said she was where she needed to be, and he was where he needed to be. They went in to talk to Selena, who set Michelle straight. Drew told her that they were having a party for Michelle and Danny at that moment, and Michelle was supposed to be there.

Selena said to forget about the house; what mattered was how Michelle felt about her husband. Michelle admitted that she loved him. Selena told her to go to him, because she wasn't solving anything at the hospital. Michelle agreed and left. Drew told Selena how lucky she was to have Serena in her life. Selena said she hoped Drew felt the same way when she found out who her father was. Drew wanted to know if Serena knew something she wasn't saying.

At the Santos estate, Carmen was throwing a party, supposedly for Danny and Michelle's homecoming. Michelle was missing, and Carmen was glad about it. David arrived at the door, and Ben and Carmen went out to see him. David said he had been reinstated to the police department, thanks to Ben, and that he was grateful. He handed Ben the computer information that he had "lifted" from a Spaulding pow-wow while dining with his family. He thought it was supposed to make Cybertech obsolete.

Ben took the code, and Carmen handed David some cash in a big, thick envelope. David said he had overheard the Spauldings talking about a computer chip. Carmen said they would be in touch regarding their next meeting. David called Frank and said things looked good; it was only a matter of time before it blew wide open.

Danny got a call from Phillip and went into action. He went to Ben and started trying to find out what was going on. He saw the information and looked at it. Danny wanted to know what was going on and informed Ben that Santos business was his business.
Carmen asked Danny what he was arguing with Ben about. Then she asked where Michelle was. Danny said she was going back to school and had work to do. Carmen said she was throwing the party for both of them. Carmen called Theresa, Danny's ex, and invited her over to the party. She couldn't attend, but Carmen said she would arrange something very soon. Carmen asked herself why she hadn't thought of that before. Carmen told Theresa that Danny would love to see her.
Michelle walked in, much to Carmen's dismay, and she and Danny kissed. Grandma Santos talked to them separately, and they seemed to be doing a lot better together. Grandma told Danny that Carmen had called Theresa; Danny said it was not a problem because she was just a friend. Danny said that he was trying to do everything to keep Michelle happy and in his life, but that she wasn't comfortable at the Santos house. Michelle and Ray were talking about not being able to get away from the family business; she wanted to know how he did it.
Danny told Michelle he missed her and that they had to try to make their marriage work. Michelle told Danny they would work through it. Danny said, "I just want to take you upstairs now and make love. I am going crazy not being with you."

At San Corp, Bill was working late; Pilar was standing around watching and looking sad. Pilar felt guilty about Selena and wanted to confide in Bill. She started to, but Ben walked in. Ben asked Bill to get his briefcase in the car. When Bill left, Ben reminded Pilar that she had gotten them into this mess, and that she would get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew.

Ben started trying to pull up some files and was asking for Bill's help. It was not working yet. Bill said there was a problem, and they had to tap into their own system. Ben suggested trying the new computer software.
Frank told David to give it five minutes, and they would go into San Corp and get the hacker. They went in, and Frank called out for Ben until he realized that they had caught Bill, not Ben.

Friday, September 24, 1999

At San Corp, Frank and the others burst in and found Bill sitting in front of the computer. They told him that he was in trouble for breaking into Spaulding Computers. He told Frank that he was just helping out Ben, accessing computers from some of San Corp's holdings. Bill told him that Ben had arrived and asked him to do it for him; Frank informed Bill that he had been set up. Matt and Vanessa showed up and defended Bill. Bill insisted that Ben wouldn't set him up. They went to the Santos Estate to talk to Ben.

At the Santos Estate, Ben denied having anything to do with Bill's thievery. He denied asking him to do anything illegal. Frank had to arrest Bill anyway, which made Pilar, Matt, and Vanessa furious at Ben. Vanessa and Pilar blamed Ben in front of the room of party guests, while Matt punched the San Corp President right in the nose.

Ben got up and said he was leaving. Frank told him that he was not free to go. Ben asked if Frank had anything to charge him with. Frank admitted that he didn't, so Ben walked out and headed for the hospital.

At Harley and Phillip's, Vicky was trying to convince her family that she hadn't betrayed them to Ben. Vicky insisted to Phillip that she hadn't given out the computer information. She did admit that she had revealed the bid but claimed she had done it to pay Alan back for treating her the way he had.

When Phillip refused to give Vicky a chance to prove herself, Harley got angry and stood up for Vicky. Crying, Vicky left, warning them that the person behind that was still out there to hurt Spaulding. She headed for David's. Harley tried to talk to both Alan and Phillip. Alan was cold-hearted as usual, but Phillip seemed to be feeling guilty about setting Vicky up. However, Phillip said he hadn't had a choice.

At Company, David was waiting for Vicky, and she walked in upset. She told him what had happened; he confessed that he had leaked the information to Ben and told her how he had been working undercover all those months. She felt that she had lost her family, her job, and her boyfriend all in one day. David said he would fix things, but Vicky said he had done enough.

At the hospital, Drew and Jesse tried to cheer up Selena with a visit from Kaymar the magician. Something happened, and the magician was injured, so Jesse took over. Jesse's phone rang, and it was all mysterious. He left the room and then lied to Drew, saying it was a wrong number. He told her that he had to leave to go to an art class; he left and immediately called the person back and set up a meeting place.
Ben went to see Selena, who was happy to see him. He touched her leg, and she felt it. She was excited but wished Buzz was there with her. Meanwhile, Buzz went into the lab and posed as Ben. He got the paternity test results and started to leave

At Laurel Falls, Danny and Michelle were talking, and he told her how much the place meant to both of them; it was where they had gotten married the third and "real" time, the place they had first made love, and he felt full when he was there. He then told Michelle that he had bought all that land so that they could build their own home, just for the two of them. Michelle was happy and they kissed...and made up.

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