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Passions Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on PS
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Monday, September 20, 1999

Kay was sitting by Charity's side. She decided to tell Charity all about her love for Miguel and her jealousy of Charity, even if she and Charity were cousins. Kay said that she liked Charity but that she could not have Charity getting between Miguel and herself. Of course, Charity didn't hear a word of Kay's confession, as she was still deep in a coma. Kay did admit that it wasn't in her to kill her cousin but that she would allow nature to take its course, and she would see what would happen.

Just around the door, Witch Tabitha heard what Kay was saying. She was just in time to hear Kay admit that she had made a pact with the devil to sell her soul if only Miguel would be hers.

Tabitha, who was dressed in a nurse's uniform, was ready to execute near-death Charity for her own personal reasons. She sent Kay out to get something to eat, and she began to initiate the "Nurse Kevorkian" health plan to Charity. She jerked the pillow from beneath Charity's head and placed it over her face. She had nearly finished her mission when Sam and Grace entered the hallway. Like a flash, Nurse Tabby Kevorkian placed the pillow where it belonged and replaced the oxygen mask to Charity's face.

Sam and Grace visited the Standish home and found the debris from the fire. Grace thought she spotted her twin sister's body under the rubble, but it was only a piece of wood. Sam convinced her that Faith could not have survived the intensity of the fire and that her remains were nowhere to be found. Grace was saddened that she had spent the past twenty years searching for her family, only to lose her sister overnight. She could not say goodbye, hug her sister, or even bury her body or have a marked grave to visit to grieve. She and Sam left to be by Charity's side.

Kay was not happy to see that Charity would soon wake up from her deep sleep. Sam called Miguel to tell him the good news, and Kay could not hold back her tears. Grace noticed her daughter and was happy to see her shedding tears over her cousin; she said that she knew exactly how Kay felt. However, Grace couldn't have been more wrong. Kay's tears were of defeat, not victory for her cousin's quick recovery.

Theresa was in a fix at the Crane Mansion. Ivy was desperately trying to defend Theresa's honor to bloodhound Frank, but he was determined to prove that Theresa was indeed the stalker. Ivy did not want to hear any more, but Frank grabbed Theresa's arm and would not let her leave. She had already given her notice to Ivy that she was quitting her job. She had realized that Ethan loved Gwen, and she would never stand a chance to be herself in front of him -- much less become his bride. Frank asked Ivy to summon Ethan downstairs to identify Theresa out of disguise. Theresa screamed at Ivy not to call Ethan.

Miguel had showered and was on his way back to the hospital when Whitney stopped by to find Theresa. He heard the updated version of Theresa's dilemma with Frank and hoped that his sister would be okay. He got Charity's good luck charm and took it to the hospital. Whitney stayed behind, wondering what had happened to Theresa.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Miguel was by Charity's side as Grace, Sam, Simone, and Kay were around and about. Sam told Grace that Faith's body was nowhere to be found inside or outside the house. A massive search had produced nothing, and Faith was presumed dead. Kay began to tell Miguel of her feelings for him, but before she could get in a word, Miguel ran to Charity's bedside, screaming that she had moved. Within a few minutes, Charity opened her eyes, and Miguel was convinced that it was because he had taken her lucky charm necklace to her. He was very excited to see her awaken from her deep sleep.

Outside the room, Kay was crying, but her tears were not tears of joy, but sadness, as she knew she had lost Miguel forever to Charity. Dr. Eve asked Grace not to stay in the room because it would confuse Charity because she would think that Grace was her mother. However, it seemed that the confused one was Charity; when she opened her eyes and saw Miguel, she politely asked if she knew him. Miguel was crushed; Charity had amnesia and didn't even remember him.

Luis and Sheridan danced around their usual charade of hating one another, which made Sheridan's time at the Center more miserable. Sheridan went to the café for coffee, and she and Beth discussed the night at the Lobster Shack when Sheridan had gotten stuck in the magician's box. Beth admitted that she was also afraid of closed-in spaces since her brother had locked her in a closet when she was about six years old. Beth spoke of a book that had been helpful to her about overcoming traumas from early childhood. Sheridan sat down to look at the book and waited for her coffee.

Meanwhile Luis strolled in and began to complain to Beth all about Sheridan, unaware that she was right behind him and able to hear his every word. He was going on and on about the Crane family, their riches, their arrogance, and his usual hatred for the powerful family. Sheridan sat quietly and listened. Luis left, and Beth tried to convince Sheridan that Luis was really a nice guy, but he just had it in for the Cranes.

Theresa was in the hot spot at the Crane Mansion. She was about to leave when Frank insisted that Ethan walk down and identify her as the stalker. Theresa first had a vision of the outcome of the ordeal, even picturing herself in jail 40 years down the road, still daydreaming as she looked at a picture of Ethan. Reality set in, and Ethan and Gwen walked down to see Theresa in the living room. Frank was insistent that he had the stalker, but no one else was convinced.

Frank demanded that Theresa take off the disguise. She removed the glasses and the wig, and Ethan just stared at her. When Frank demanded that he was right, Ethan did not answer. He had flashbacks to the stalker's attacks on him. He was unsure at that moment if Theresa was the stalker, but love story music played in the background so viewers were unsure if Ethan recognized her or if he was being taken in by her beauty.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Grace and Sam stood outside of Charity's room while Miguel sat beside her bedside as she regained consciousness. Charity woke up, but didn't recognize her sweetheart. Miguel tried to remind Charity of who he was, but she swore she'd never seen him before. In the waiting area, Kay told Simone that things would be different between her and Miguel if Simone hadn't interrupted her attempted seduction. Charity didn't need Miguel, Kay said, "I need him."

When Simone reminded Kay that not only had Charity nearly died, but her mother probably was dead, Kay didn't particularly care. As far as she was concerned, Charity was just the wrong woman for Miguel. Miguel needed someone with passion, not a sickeningly sweet girl like Charity. Kay pondered how to get rid of her cousin. She imagined sending Charity off to a convent, and seeing her years later when Kay was Miguel's wife.

Unfortunately, Sister Charity realized Kay had tricked her into joining the convent and took a ruler to the bad girl. Kay's next plan was selling Charity off to a sweatshop. This plan, too, got scrapped when Kay envisioned the thugs forcing her to work, also; to add insult to injury, Kay had to listen to them tell her to be more like Charity, the best worker they'd ever had. Kay needed a better plan.

When Miguel emerged from Charity's room, he talked to Sam and Grace, who assured him that Charity had just had a traumatic experience. It was only logically that she'd be a little confused. Simone saw Miguel walking out and said that they should go over and see how Charity was doing. Kay couldn't care less until it occurred to her that Miguel would wonder why she didn't care about her own cousin. Kay was thrilled to find out about Charity's amnesia, though she covered it up by saying her exclamation of joy was at Charity's finally waking up.

Talking in private to Sam, Grace drew the connection between her own amnesia after the fire and Charity's condition. Kay, talking to Simone, drew the same connection, only unlike Grace, Kay thought it would be perfect if Charity stayed in the dark about Miguel for a good twenty or so years. Grace and Sam went off to check on news of Faith, and in a sleeping Charity's room, Miguel prayed that Charity was all right and remembered him.

Sheridan rushed out of the men's locker room at the center, her face flushed after getting a good look at Luis wearing only a smile and a few beads of water. She bumped right into Hank, who was amused by the situation. When Luis walked out of the locker room, he jokingly asked Sheridan if it really had been an accident. Luis gave Sheridan her new assignment: to get lunch, if she could handle it. The menu choice was up to her.

While Sheridan was gone, Hank got on Luis about being so hard on Sheridan. They argued, with Hank telling Luis that Sheridan wasn't the spoiled little rich girl Luis thought she was. Hank said that if Sheridan was so difficult to be around, Luis could take her much-needed check for the center and release her from her community service. Later in the gym, Luis talked about his hopes for the youth center's team being successful enough that the city council would start giving the center more money. Hank and Luis reminisced about their own sports victories and their time playing baseball together in high school.

Sheridan returned from buying lunch. She had chosen Chinese food, and rattled off the list of delicacies that she had ordered off menu, including tongue in a rice crust, fried frog legs, eels, and a plethora of other treats that seemed to turn Luis' stomach. Luis railed at her, saying that if she wanted to try something different, she could try to think of someone other than herself for once. Sheridan laughed and told him she had ordered beef and broccoli for him; she taunted him a bit about being so boring and never trying anything new. Hank and Sheridan dug into Sheridan's choices and exchanged stories about their respective trips to Hong Kong while Luis sat off by himself, eating his plainer fare.

After Hank told Sheridan a story about how he had managed to charm his way onto a yacht and into the company of two lovely ladies, Sheridan commented that he had probably been the local heartthrob of Harmony High also. Hank grinned and said that although he had done quite well, the title of heartthrob went to another. Sheridan wondered what kind of guy had managed to beat Hank out. As Hank told it, the guy had been pretty special, the captain of the football, basketball, and baseball teams, not to mention class president. Sheridan was impressed, and wondered what Ivy League school that gem had wound up at.

When Hank mentioned that Mr. Paragon had wound up staying in Harmony and joining the police force, Sheridan commented, "What a waste," and then realized that Hank was referring to Luis. Sheridan apologized to Luis, who walked off saying it didn't matter. Hank explained to Sheridan that it had been more important for Luis to stay in Harmony to take care of his family. Hank called Luis a great guy, but Sheridan still didn't quite see it that way. Hank told her that she and Luis had just gotten off on the wrong foot. Luis was the kind of guy who wouldn't rest until he saw justice done. Sheridan had another flashback to "that night." Later Sheridan found out that Luis had run a background check on her, and she told him off.

Theresa stood unwigged and eyeglass-less in the Crane living room, where Frank confronted her while Ethan, Ivy, and Gwen looked on. Frank asked Ethan once again to identify Theresa as his stalker. Theresa's lips were quivering as she looked imploringly at Ethan. Ethan had flashbacks of all of Theresa's "attacks" on him. Pilar walked in, and Ivy told her about Frank's accusation, while Ethan and Theresa continued to look at each other, Theresa's expression pleading and Ethan's searching.

Ivy told Pilar that if Theresa was the stalker, she could serve a long jail term thanks to the new stalker laws. Meanwhile, Frank pushed to ask Pilar a few questions. Ivy jumped in and told Frank to back off. Pilar said that Theresa would never do anything to deliberately hurt Ethan. Frank felt that Pilar's word wasn't worth much; after all, Theresa was Pilar's daughter.

That settled it as far as Ivy was concerned. Pilar was practically a second mother to Ethan; she would never let anyone near Ethan who would hurt him, not even her own daughter. Frank said it didn't matter what Pilar said or what Ivy thought -- Ethan was the victim, and he was the one who had seen the stalker. All Ethan had to do was identify Theresa, and she'd be off to jail, where she belonged.

Ethan snapped out of his shock and regained the power of speech. He reminded everyone how angry he was about the stalking and how he wanted to make sure no one in his family had to go through what he had. The only way to do that was to make an example out of the stalker.

Theresa had a waking nightmare about being arrested by Luis while he chastised her for allowing her obsession with Ethan to cost her family everything. Pilar had lost her job, Miguel would never go to college, and all Luis would ever be was a cop. "Strike that," Ethan gleefully informed them; arresting Theresa was Luis' last task as a cop -- he was fired too. As a gray-haired, but still fetching, Theresa peered remorsefully from behind her cell bars, Ethan continued. He could positively identify his stalker, he said.

Everyone waited with bated breath. Ethan announced that Theresa definitely... wasn't the stalker. Frank tried protest, but Ethan said he was certain. A delighted Ivy told Frank his work was done and to get lost. Gwen and Ivy were off to a meeting of one of Ivy's charity projects. Ivy wanted Gwen abreast of all of the philanthropic works of the Cranes for when she married into the ranks. Frank pulled Ethan aside and asked him how he could say the girl in the sketch wasn't Theresa. Ethan wouldn't budge; resemblance aside, the stalker wasn't Theresa.

Pilar cornered Theresa and gave her a sympathetic, but firm, "we'll talk later" look and suggested that Theresa go home. Ethan asked to speak to Theresa alone, and Pilar reluctantly headed off. He told Theresa that he knew she was the stalker. Theresa thanked him for not turning her in and tried to explain to him how all the things that had happened were accidents. She told him that she had already quit her job, and he'd never have to see her again. She thanked him one last time, not only for herself, but for her mother, too, before turning to leave. As she moved to go, Ethan grabbed her arm and told her, "You aren't getting away that easily."

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

A worried Whitney hoped that Theresa managed to leave the Crane mansion before Frank caught up with her. She was terrified that things had turned out badly for her friend. Her surprise at running into Frank in the park quickly turned to horror when the private detective coldly told her how he had exposed Theresa to everyone at the Crane mansion. Whitney demanded to know if her best friend was in jail.

Ethan kept Theresa from leaving the Crane mansion. "Not so fast," he warned. Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald feared that Ethan planned on having her arrested after all.

Kay was ecstatic over Charity's memory loss. Realizing that it might be her one clear shot at winning Miguel's love, she planned on taking advantage of her cousin's amnesia.

Miguel was thrilled when Charity said that she was starting to remember. Ethan reassured Theresa that he wouldn't have her arrested. He added that the only reason he hadn't exposed her to the others was to protect Pilar. Theresa's mother had been a loyal and devoted employee of the Cranes for many years, but they would have been forced to fire her had her daughter been revealed as Ethan's "stalker."

Grateful and relieved, Theresa thanked Ethan and assured him that she had never intended to harm him. When the young woman insisted that all of their previous incidents had simply been accidents, a suspicious Ethan found that explanation hard to swallow. He was certain that there had to be a better explanation for Theresa's behavior.

The scene switches from Harmony to a recording studio in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard. Chad Harris, a young Black man trying to make it in the music business, was there. Chad hoped that the record that he was producing turned out to be his big break. Unfortunately for him, his underhanded boss stiffed him of his credit on the CD cover.

A bitter Frank informed Whitney that Ethan had refused to identify Theresa as his stalker. When Whitney tried to continue to cover for her friend, Frank grew enraged. The private eye wasn't sure what bothered him more: the fact that he couldn't convince Ethan to name Theresa as his stalker or the fact that he couldn't convince Whitney to stop lying to him.

Simone reminded Kay that Miguel was in love with Charity. Kay decided that she would use seduction to steal Miguel. Simone once again reminded her friend that having sex with someone would not make them fall in love. Miguel took Charity for a stroll down memory lane. He was encouraged when she started to respond.

Frank confided in Whitney how much he hated it that, because of Ethan's refusal to back him up, he would have to consider the case a loss. Frank was especially incensed that Theresa and Whitney had played him for a fool. A crushed Whitney listened as Frank berated for being a liar. To Frank, the true tragedy of the whole situation was that he'd had high hopes for a relationship with Whitney. Whitney's face crumbled as Frank stormed off.

Ethan wondered if Theresa had stalked anyone other than him. He was truly baffled as to why her attention had only been focused on him. Theresa sidestepped his questions about her motive. Instead, she vowed never to hurt anyone again. In retrospect, the Crane heir realized that his subconscious had known all along that Theresa was the stalker.

Kay entered Charity's hospital room and was secretly thrilled when her cousin did not remember her. The only thing Charity could clearly recall was being trapped in a fire. Suddenly, she asked for her mom. Kay tried to comfort the crying girl. Miguel couldn't resist asking Charity if she remembered anything about the two of them.

Chad was enraged when he found out he hadn't been given his promised producing credit on the new CD.

Charity was upset about not being able to remember more. Miguel feared that Charity's injuries might be worse than Dr. Russell had let on. A frantic Kay realized that she had better work fast, since Charity was starting to remember things.

Ethan made Theresa promise to never have any contact with him again. If she broke her word, he would be forced to turn her in to the police. A devastated and heartbroken Theresa gave her word. She collapsed into Pilar's arms outside of the Crane mansion.

Whitney gave Theresa the cold shoulder when the two girls crossed paths in the park. When she realized that Theresa hadn't exactly gotten off scot-free, Whitney softened toward her best friend. The two girls commiserated over how horribly everything had turned out. A puzzled Whitney could not understand why Ethan hadn't turned Theresa in.

Pilar thanked Ethan for not turning her daughter in. He wondered why she had allowed Theresa to take such a chance by working right under his nose. Pilar guarded the secret of Theresa's infatuation from Ethan. The young man pressed, but the only explanation he could get from Pilar was that her daughter had thought that working for Ivy Crane was an excellent job opportunity.

Chad's business associate advised the young hothead to calm down. Chad's boss showed up at the studio and smugly denied that Chad had made any significant contribution to the CD. Chad was livid, and it was not long before the two men exchanged blows. Chad refused to apologize for decking his boss.

Theresa wondered if she should have told Ethan about her feelings for him. Whitney advised the young woman not to start daydreaming about him again. She reminded Theresa that they both had no chance of winning their dream guys, Frank and Ethan. Their big worry was that Pilar might tell Ethan the truth about Theresa's feelings for him.

Kay made a tape for Charity to listen to. Although she told Miguel that it just contained some songs she thought Charity would like, the tape really contained subliminal messages from Kay encouraging Charity to turn away from Miguel.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Ethan asked Pilar one last time why all the accidents with Theresa had only happened to him. Pillar didn't tell him that Theresa's clumsiness around him was due to the fact she was in love with him and it made her jumpy and nervous. Ethan wondered if he had made the right decision in denying that Theresa was the stalker.

Theresa talked with Whitney, finally accepting that she and Ethan would never be together and she would never have the life of her dreams or the man of her dreams. She vowed she would never want another man again. Whiney also swore off men thanks to the Frank mess, but Theresa doubted it would last for long. Theresa hoped that Pilar didn't tell Ethan that Theresa loved him.

Theresa cried to Whitney as she reflected upon all of the moments she had shared with Ethan and how the accidents had ruined any chance she could have had with him. When she called the Cranes to speak to Pilar, her mother said that the time had come for her to forget the Cranes and go on with the rest of her life.

At the Crane mansion, Ivy was realizing that her life was disorganized without Theresa as her assistant. She missed Theresa and asked Pilar if there was any way Theresa could fit the job into her school schedule. Pilar told Ivy it would be impossible. Ethan was hostile to the idea of Theresa being anywhere near the house, and his mother picked up on it, but he told her it was nothing. Unfortunately for Ethan, he couldn't find the file that Theresa had worked on for him, so he was forced to go look for her.

Ethan overheard Theresa talking about how upset she was to screw everything up. He then heard her add that the Cranes were so perfect it was no wonder that Ethan couldn't understand how someone could mess up things they way she had. A teary Theresa hoped she never ran into Ethan again, because if she did and another accident happened, she was going straight to jail. Ethan stopped his lurking and called out to Theresa and approached her. As he neared her, a man carrying a pizza walked between them, and Ethan bumped into him, sending the pizza flying in the air. Both Theresa and Ethan watched in slow motion as it rose and rose.

In Los Angeles, Chad Harris was still in a tizzy over his treatment at the hands of his boss. He went to see his "mentor," Henry. The song that he had worked on was going to be the start of great things for him. It was, he felt, the first time in his life he had done something good, and he had done it himself, with no college education and no help from anyone. As Chad talked to his mentor, it was revealed that Chad had run away from home for a few days at the age of eight, and while he was gone, his parents had moved on, deserting him. He had wound up in one foster home after another. Henry tried to recommend work to Chad, who said it was the music business or nothing

Henry then suggested that Chad try to look for his family; in fact, Henry had some things left behind for Chad by his family that would be a good place to start. This was all news to Chad, who reluctantly agreed to do it. While in the basement, Chad had a flashback of someone saying, "The way they held onto that yellow box, you would have thought the winning lottery ticket was in it." He asked Henry if there was a yellow shoebox with his "inheritance." The box was there. Chad was angered at the seeming junk that was in the box, but Henry pounced on a newspaper article from Harmony. He told Chad that someone had written Chad's name on it. Maybe it had something to do with his family.

Kay's plot was in full drive as a sleeping Charity listened to the "stay away from, Miguel" mantra Kay had prepared for her. Simone looked for Kay's conscience, to no avail. Jessica stopped in to visit and found out from Miguel that the headphones perched on Charity's head were Kay's idea. Jessica was immediately suspicious. Jessica tried to pressure Simone into admitting what Kay was up to. Simone bowed out of the sibling war

Kay told Jessica that the fire had changed her; she was a new woman, concerned and caring towards Charity. She only wanted to help their newfound cousin. Jessica didn't buy it for a second. But Kay was satisfied that she had not only devised the perfect plan to get her man, but also that her annoying sister wouldn't figure it out. Jessica was a lot shrewder than her sister gave her credit for and, as soon as she realized that Miguel hadn't heard what was on the tape Kay had made for Charity, she decided she wanted to hear it. Kay watched in horror.

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