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Dimitri disappeared. Scott bluntly declined an invitation to spend some time with Greenlee. Hayley was surprised when Mateo agreed to let Max live in Texas permanently. Ryan admitted his true feelings for Hayley. Adam was envious of Jake's relationship with Colby.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, September 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

Vanessa barged into David's room since he had left the door unlocked. She almost caught Erica, but she dived under the bed just in time. After mentioning that Erica had dinner with Palmer, Vanessa goes on to insult Erica's business sense and claimed that Enchantment was mismanaged. Under the bed, Erica was furious, but managed to keep silent. Vanessa gave David a nice pair of cufflinks, which he recognized as a bribe to get him to be more accepting of her marriage to Palmer. He threw the box with the cufflinks back at her in response, then had to quickly move to pick it up off the floor before she could bend down and find Erica. David quickly hustled his mother out the door. Rather than being upset, Erica was excited by the intrigue and suggested they use code names from one of her father's movies to help be sure they weren't caught in the future.

Adam returned to his house, smiling and proud of what he had accomplished. He was not so happy, however to find out from Liza that Jake was upstairs putting Colby to bed. When Jake came downstairs, he told Adam in no uncertain terms that he would have nothing to do with making decisions about Colby's life in the further. Needless, to say, this didn't sit well with Adam and the two began to fight. Liza came downstairs and broke it up. After Jake left, Adam told her what Jake had said. Liza sided with Jake, she's not going to let Adam manipulate and control her daughter. Adam lay down on the couch and fell asleep and had a nightmare that Jake and Liza completely shut him out of Colby's life.

The doctor came out to tell Alex and Edmund that the treatment had improved Dimitri's condition, he's out of the coma and aware of his surroundings. Alex and Edmund rush to his room. Dimitri still had difficulty talking, but he's more coherent than before. He asks to speak to Edmund alone and when Alex leaves, Dimitri makes a point of asking Edmund to take care of her. Trying to be positive, Edmund says that Dimitri will recover enough soon to take care of her himself. Dimitri is insistent, Edmund must take care of Alex, along with Gillian and Eugenia and Maddie, too. He also encourages Edmund to get on with his life, Maria wouldn't want him to be living like this. With tears in his eyes, Edmund leaves and Alex returns. Dimitri asks Alex the same thing, to take care of Edmund. It's almost as if he's saying goodbye to them.

Hayley and Mateo have gone to the boathouse to talk about their relationship and where they are going to go from here. Their main problem is that they no longer trust each other and they have to find out why that happened before they can go forward. Mateo's biggest problem is Hayley's relationship with Ryan. Hayley admits that she does have feelings for Ryan, he's been a good friend and is an attractive man, but she has never broken her vows to Mateo. On the other hand, the biggest difficulty for Hayley is the fact that she sees Mateo as the cruel person who taunted her with a glass of vodka instead of the man she used to love. They agree that they're going to have to work on forgiving each other and Hayley leaves to go home to Trevor and Janet's house.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

The breakfast table at Tad and Dixie's was filled to capacity as Junior, Jamie, and Jake joined them for pancakes. Tad ribbed his brother repeatedly about the amount of food he was eating. Jake commented that he needed to keep up his strength so that he could keep up with his daughter. While on the subject, he beamed that he had new pictures of Colby. Dixie was anxious to see the photographs, but Tad wasn't so sure that it was a good idea. He asked Jake to help him clear the table. Dixie, meanwhile, looked at the photos with a certain level of melancholy. The boys looked at each other before walking over to Dixie's side. "We're real sorry, mom," Junior offered sadly. Dixie thanked the boys for their concern. "Some things aren't meant to be," she replied. Jamie tried to put a positive spin on things. "You still have us," the boy smiled. Jake called out from the kitchen to ask for help in finding the dishwasher detergent. Dixie headed off to help him. Meanwhile, Tad received a call from his father. Joe disappointedly informed Tad that he and Ruth would be unable to attend the Martin family picnic over the weekend because they had to work. Tad's mind went into overdrive and he came up with the perfect idea. After learning that no one in his family had to be at work, Tad decided to bump up the date and hold the picnic immediately. Junior was excited about the event, but wasn't sure what they were celebrating. "Our family and everyone in it," Tad chirped.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam wandered down the staircase just as Liza concluded a phone call with Jake. Jake wanted to get permission to take Colby to the gathering. When Adam learned of the plan, he threw a tantrum. "This isn't his day to see her," he groused. He grumbled that he'd cleared his work schedule and arranged to go sailing. Liza shrugged slightly and said that he should have told her ahead of time. Adam claimed that the plan was a surprise, but it looked more like a trumped up tale to make Liza cancel Jake's plans. Adam told Liza that he wanted to do what was best for his daughter. He was unprepared for the response he would get. "Hayley is your daughter. Skye is your daughter. Colby is Jake's," Liza replied. Jake arrived at the house and received careful instructions on how to buckle Colby into her car seat. Adam stewed in the background, but he said nothing and thereby avoided confrontation. After Jake left, Liza thanked Adam for biting his tongue. He'd been quiet before, but now Adam was ready to vent. Adam blasted Liza for being wishy-washy on who was really Colby's father. One moment, he said, Liza was scolding him for interfering because Jake was Colby's father. The next, though, she was telling him that he was Colby's father. Liza sighed deeply and said that this was still a sticky situation for everyone involved. She was sure that things would work themselves out over time. "I'm no so sure," growled the millionaire. Adam stormed towards the door. Liza chased after him and demanded to know what he meant by his last remark. Adam said nothing and walked out on his wife. Liza slammed the door loudly as he left.

At WRCW, Scott was reviewing footage he'd captured of Tad dangling from the tree at Chandler Mansion when Greenlee tiptoed into the room. She managed to get within inches of her former lover before she asked him what he was doing. Scott, of course, jumped in fright. Greenlee offered advice on how best to use the footage in the documentary. Scott liked her idea and mentioned that he'd have Becca look into it. That obviously didn't sit well with Greenlee. She took a few steps back and hurriedly changed the subject. She told Scott that seeing him toil over stacks of tapes reminded her of their days together in college. From out of nowhere, she produced a videocassette. She slowly made her way to one of the VCR decks and popped in the tape. Scott's jaw nearly hit the floor as he viewed the monitor; Greenlee had secretly videotaped one of their amorous moments. Scott was amazed that Greenlee would go behind his back and tape their encounter in bed. Becca suddenly appeared in the doorway and asked the pair what they were watching. Without flinching, Greenlee noted that they were watching some new footage that Becca probably hadn't seen before. Scott quickly pressed the power button and the steamy footage switched to black. Fortunately, one of the other monitors still showed footage of the aftermath of Tad's paradiving. Becca laughed at the tape and asked how Scott he'd managed to capture the footage. Greenlee stepped forward and smirked. She told Becca that she and Scott had been together at a luncheon when it happened. Becca wasn't at all pleased to hear that Greenlee and Scott had been spending time together. Scott asked Becca if she had time to help him edit the documentary. Becca smiled and said that she'd help him just as soon as she retrieved her notebook from Liza's office.

Down the hall, Marian chased after her daughter and asked her to help her out of a jam. Liza wasn't receptive to her mother's plight; her argument with Adam had soured her mood. Marian pleaded with Liza, saying that Opal had been saying nasty things about. "People have been talking about you forever," Liza groaned. "It's too late to be concerned about it now." Marian was upset that her daughter had returned to faulting her for her past indiscretions. Liza apologized for her grumbling and told her mother that she could not expect to change people's perceptions of her overnight. Marian reminded Liza that she'd been able to change her public image. "A few years ago you were the homewrecker," Marian noted in reference to the affair that had broken up Tad and Dixie's marriage. Liza acknowledge that people thought different of her now, but she said that she really didn't care what people thought of her---especially not the "biddies" claiming to be Pine Valley's elite. She told her mother that if she really wanted to buddy up to Millicent and her cronies, she'd have to do it on her own. Becca entered the office and apologized for breaking up the discussion. Marian bowed her head and said that she'd leave because her presence wasn't wanted. After Marian plodded her way out of the office, Becca apologized to Liza for interrupting. Liza assured Becca that she'd done nothing wrong. From the look on Becca's face, Liza knew that something bothering her. Becca tried to smile it off and assure Liza that nothing was wrong, but Liza knew better. She sat down with the young woman and Becca finally opened up. She confessed that she was troubled by Greenlee and Scott's current and past relationship. She also admitted that she felt a bit out of place in Pine Valley. "Pine Valley's the most sophisticated place I've ever lived," she said in embarrassment. From what Becca was saying, Liza inferred that Becca wanted to be a bit more sophisticated and fit in better. "Don't you dare," she scolded. Becca was going through something remarkably similar to Marian. Liza urged Becca to be true to herself and not to change for anyone. She followed it up with a notice that Scott liked her just the way she is.

Back in the other office, Scott lashed out at Greenlee for playing the tape at the station. Greenlee smiled lasciviously and told Scott that the only reason he was angry was because he'd been turned on. She asked Scott if he'd accompany her to her grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. Outside, Marian happened to be walking by the office. When she heard Scott and Greenlee's voices, she stopped and listened in on the conversation. Scott turned her down, saying that he and Becca were no involved. Greenlee continued to toy with Scott, musing that his physical relationship with Becca must be very good for him to pass over on her. "I' high maintenance," she squawked. "But I'm worth it!" Scott said nothing about his relationship with Becca. Greenlee pressed on and eventually concluded that Scott and Becca had not been intimate. A little while later, she realized that Becca was still a virgin. She made fun of that for a while before Scott again told her that they were through. In a huff, Greenlee left the office. Outside, Marian raced over to the young woman and told her that she'd overheard that Millicent was going to have a shindig to celebrate her anniversary. She suggested that Greenlee invite Scott to go with her. Greenlee frowned and said that Scott had turned her down because he was seeing Becca. Marian took Greenlee's arm and muttered, "We'll see about that."

At the boathouse, Adrian and Belinda hung a banner in honor of the "Martin Family Millennium" picnic. Joe and Ruth kept their promise and arrived a little while later. Opal and Dixie briefly discussed Dixie's decision to hold off on having a baby for a little while. Opal, in turn, let it be known that she was not happy about having "that woman" near Petey. That woman, who Opal refused to refer to by name, was Vanessa. She said that Petey had told her that Vanessa had screamed at him for spilling chocolate milk. Adrian played with Colby. Opal wandered by and told him that he looked like he'd be a wonderful father. Adrian figured that he still had ten to twenty years before he had to settle down. In the bushes, Adam looked on with a frown. Jake and Tad chatted about whether or not the gathering was helping lift Dixie out of her funk. As Adam continued to look on, Junior and Jamie accidentally bumped into him. Junior was happy to see his father---a sentiment not shared by most of the other picnickers. Adam claimed that he'd dropped by to ask Junior over for dinner. Junior liked the idea, but Tad quickly nixed it. He told Adam that he needed to get advanced approval. Adam looked to Jake and mumbled that sometimes things just pop up. Seeing that a fight was close to breaking out, Ruth scurried over and asked Adam if he'd eaten. To everyone's surprise, she asked Adam to stick around and join them. Jake said that Adam was just about to leave, but when Junior begged his father to stay, Adam agreed to hang around. The fun and games continued with a three-legged race. Junior asked his father to join him, but Adam turned him away because he was wearing one of his best suits. Belinda praised Adrian for his interaction with the kids. Adrian smiled broadly and said that he wanted to have children. Belinda was beaming from ear to ear until Adrian followed it up with a "one day" reference. He put his lover on the spot by asking her if she was in a hurry to settle down and start a family. Belinda shook her head and said that she didn't want to settle down. It was a blatant lie, but Adrian didn't pick up on it. Tad and Junior were goofing around---something that did not make Adam happy. He stormed over and blasted Tad for his juvenile behavior. "I won't have you mimicking Tad Martin's ridiculous behavior," Adam screamed. Opal hurried over and pulled Adam aside. She blasted Adam for his outburst. She said that she hopes that Junior doesn't grow up to be a "cheating, scheming, lying" man like him. She continued on to say that Adam should be glad that his son has a decent influence in his life---the influence of the Martin family. Rejected by the pack, Adam stood alone and grumbled to himself. "Your remarkable family is not gonna take my children away from me," he growled.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Alone at her parents' ranch, Raquel smiled as she found a yo-yo in Max's pants. A knock sounded on the door and Raquel thought that her son had come home to retrieve his toy. When she opened the door, however, she didn't find Max staring back at her. She pulled back slightly upon seeing Mateo. "I don't want any more trouble," she said softly. "I did what you asked." Mateo was invited inside where he told his ex-wife that he and Hayley had had a chance to talk. While nothing had really come of the discussion, Mateo still thought of it as progress. "We talked honestly for the first time in months," he explained. Raquel wondered if Mateo and Hayley were back together, but she didn't seem terribly disappointed to learn that things were still touch and go between them. Mateo then addressed the reason he'd made the trek to Texas: he wanted to talk about Max. Raquel's eyes widened and her pulse began to race. She almost trembled as she reminded Mateo that he had promised her that he wouldn't try to take Max from her. Mateo nodded and assured her that he had no intention of taking Max. What he did want, though, as to make sure that Max was enrolled in school. Raquel turned her head bashfully and confessed that she'd already enrolled Max in school---but in Texas not Williamsport as previously planned. Raquel decided that Texas was the best place for her and Max. There were no reminders of their failed life. Raquel said that she did not like the person she'd become in Pine Valley. Mateo told Raquel that he would gladly take Max for a few weeks if she wanted some space. Raquel shook her head. As happy as she was in Texas, she did not want to stay there without her son. Mateo apologized for acting "like a jerk." While Raquel did not excuse his behavior, she credited him for being a "loving, generous" father. Max suddenly burst through the door and immediately raced into his father's arms. Max proudly showed several lines on the wall that measured the height of various members of his family. The boy asked her father to add his line to the wall. For what it's worth, at five-foot-ten Mateo was taller than anyone else. Max chirped merrily about his friends, chores, and school; he was a totally different person than Mateo was used to seeing. As Max ran off to get a school project to show his father, Mateo understood why Raquel wanted to stay put. "He loves it here," Raquel pleaded. She revealed that Max had learned how to milk a cow and even a few words of Spanish thanks to his abuela. Mateo knew that it would be cruel to tear Max away from a stable environment. When he told Raquel that he would not oppose her decision to stay in Texas, she was nearly moved to tears. Max returned and was told that he and his mother would be staying at the ranch. He was equally pleased with the idea and with the promise that he could still travel to Pine Valley to visit his father.

Hayley paced around the grounds at the boathouse reflecting on the conversation she'd had with Mateo the night before. She sat down on the ground unaware that Ryan was just a few feet away. When Hayley saw him standing beside her, she jokingly asked him if he was following her. Ryan sat next to Hayley and told her that Janet had given him some pointers on where he might find her. He explained that he hadn't called her because he wasn't sure how her discussion with Mateo had gone. He admitted that he'd called Chandler Mansion to check up on her, but when he was told that she wasn't there he wondered if she'd spent the night with Mateo. When he used the term "kissed and made up," Hayley quickly clarified that she and Mateo had not done any kissing. Hayley told Ryan that she and Mateo had both apologized for their lack of trust in the other. She stopped short of saying that she and Mateo were once again a couple. "I wish I could say that I'm sorry to hear that," Ryan replied. He called their relationship one that was "beyond friendship." With a serious expression on his face, he told Hayley that he wanted to forget about their promise to be seen only in public. In short, he wanted much more than a dinner in a public place. He waited for Hayley to slap him or order him to leave. Instead, she reached out and gentle rubbed his hand. Things didn't get too heated because Hayley pulled away. Ryan knew why. "You still fell like you're married to Mateo," he said softly. Hayley nodded her head. Hayley said that she wasn't ready to dive into another relationship especially when she wasn't sure if her head was on straight. Ryan understood and didn't pressure her. They turned their attention to skipping rocks on the lake. Hayley was amazed at Ryan's ability to make the rock skip seven or eight times. She also learned another of Ryan's secret talents: he was a "hardcore" skateboarder. Hayley smiled, something that she hadn't done in many recent weeks. The pair then decided to head off together for some chili fries.

At Wildwind, Edmund went over plans to spruce of Dimitri's room. Stella was overjoyed that Dimitri was going to be coming home and agreed to place pictures of his loved ones all around the room. Eugenia> and Gillian scurried into the parlor and were elated when Edmund informed them that Dimitri would be coming home later that day. Alexandra observed silently from the foyer for several moments before announcing her presence. "I'm sorry, that won't be possible," she informed them. Alexandra explained that while Dimitri had made some progress, it was too soon to start planning his homecoming. She also reminded them that there was no assurance that Dimitri would ever get better. Jake had been upstairs checking the medical equipment that Edmund had ordered for Dimitri's room. He entered the room and informed Edmund that everything appeared to be in order. Edmund then pressured the doctor for his thoughts on Dimitri's recovery. Jake refused to get involved, saying that Alex was Dimitri's attending physician. Alexandra asked to speak to Edmund in private. The stepped into the foyer and closed the doors to the parlor behind them. There, Edmund blasted Alex for wanting Dimitri to stay locked up in a cold, isolated hospital room. Alex explained that that was not the case. She, too, wanted Dimitri to come home, but not at the expense of his recovery. "Stop pressuring me," Alex growled. She accused Edmund of disregarding Dimitri's wishes. She warned him that she would ask Dr. Silbert to end his visiting privileges if he did not honor her wishes. Edmund was enraged by Alex's ultimatum. He argued that being at home helped patients heal better. Alex didn't argue the point. Instead, she explained that moving Dimitri in his fragile state could harm him. "We don't let [our loved ones] die alone," Edmund snapped. "What do you do? Put them on display?" Alex retorted. She said that Dimitri needed to use all of his strength for his recovery. Being at Wildwind under the watchful eyes of her family members would divert some of that strength. She said that Dimitri would surely try to put on an act so that Edmund, Gillian, and Eugenia would think that he was healthier than he really was. Edmund agreed that his brother would do that and agreed to let Dimitri stay in the hospital until he was further along in his recovery. Alex and Edmund both decided to travel to Seaview to check on Dimitri.

Back in the parlor, Gillian thanked Jake for stopping by and checking on Dimitri's room. He apologized for not being able to give them the news that they wanted to hear. "I didn't like what you said, but I like the way you said it," Eugenia smiled. After praising Jake's diplomacy, Eugenia watched Gillian and Jake interact. When Jake left, Eugenia gently pressed Gillian for information about her relationship with the handsome doctor. Gillian rolled her eyes and scolded her grandmother for wanting to play matchmaker. Eugenia said that she was just observing that her granddaughter and Jake had wonderful chemistry. She then made an extremely cryptic remark about how Gillian will really need someone like Jake soon.

At Seaview, Dr. Silbert informed Alexandra that Dimitri had slept peacefully through the night---something had not done in some time. Alex walked down the hall to check on Dimitri while Edmund lagged behind. She stopped, looked over her shoulder, and asked Edmund if he wanted to go with her. Edmund smiled broadly and chased down the hall after her. Edmund commented that he was sure that Dimitri was feeling much better. They opened the door to Dimitri's room and walked inside. Inside, though, there was no sign of Dimitri.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond.

Adam and Junior are having lunch in the bar at the Valley Inn after having spent the morning at Chandler Enterprises. Junior, all dressed up in a suit and tie like his father's, doesn't seem to have been very impressed. When asked by Adam what the most exciting thing he'd seen at the office was, Junior replies that it was the cool showerheads in his office bathroom. Adam tries to impress upon Junior that one day it will all be his, he'll be in charge of all those people he saw today. Instead of being excited, the thought makes Junior nervous and he asks if they can leave. Adam has to call his secretary, so he has Junior sit at the bar to wait for him. The Cutting Edge is on the TV and a woman sits down next to Junior and gushes about how much she loves Tad Martin and the show. "He's my dad", Junior says proudly. Adam overhears this and is not at all happy.

Adam sits Junior down and asks why he referred to Tad as his father. Junior knows that Tad is his "step"-father, but neither he or Tad like the word. It would clarify your relationship to Tad if you did call him that, Adam suggests, and Junior reluctantly agrees, but is not happy about it. Just then Tad comes in and starts joking around with Junior and teasing him about his tie, which offends Adam. Adam mentions that he plans to take Junior with him to the board meeting tomorrow. Junior plainly doesn't want to go and Tad tells Adam that Junior has soccer practice and plans with his friends and can't go. They send Junior back over to the bar while they argue about the subject. Tad gets to the root of Adam's problem, Adam's annoyed that Jake came over and took Colby to the picnic on short notice, so now he wants to do the same thing with Junior as some sort of retaliation. Adam tells Tad to stop interfering in Adam's raising of his son, but Tad refuses to stay out of Junior's life.

Hayley and Ryan go to the new restaurant in town, BJ's, for lunch. They spot the jukebox and have fun discussing their musical tastes when they were younger. Hayley was more into heavy metal, Ryan liked the blues. They sit down at a table, and who should walk in but Mateo, fresh off the plane from Texas. He orders a cheeseburger to go and doesn't stop to talk to Hayley until he's walking out the door. Hayley excuses herself from the table and she and Mateo talk for a while. She is surprised to learn that Max and Raquel will be staying in Texas. Max is much happier there, Mateo explains, being with Raquel's family has been good for him. Their whole conversation is somewhat uncomfortable and Mateo is obviously not happy that Hayley is there with Ryan. They say goodbye and Hayley goes back to her table. Ryan just wants to let her know that he's not going anywhere. Good, I don't want you to, she tells Ryan, smiling at him.

Belinda and Grace arrive during the middle of Hayley and Mateo's conversation. They say hello and then take their own table, waiting for Adrian to show up. Belinda asks Grace to please not grill Adrian or bring up anything that will make him feel pressured, like marriage or children. Grace thinks that a tough guy like Adrian will be able to stand up to anything she can dish out. Adrian arrives and Belinda introduces them. Grace wastes no time, asking Adrian what his dreams are. When Adrian mentions that he's always wanted to take a motorcycle ride across Australia, Grace points out that his dream doesn't include Belinda. Adrian's pager goes off and he goes to make a call. Grace tells Belinda that Adrian is a great guy, handsome, well-mannered, but there's one problem, he's not "in love" with Belinda the way she loves him.

At the hospital, Alex and Edmund were shocked when they went to Dimitri's room and found him gone. At first they thought maybe Dr. Silbert had sent him for some tests, but the doctor was as shocked as they were to find him missing. He called security, but a search of the hospital and grounds turned up nothing. Edmund and Alex searched Dimitri's room for clues and Edmund finally noticed the belt of Dimitri's robe on the windowsill. Maybe he left because they were pressuring to take him home and he didn't want to go, Alex suggests. They can't figure out where to look until Alex remembers the nightmare she had and has an idea. When we next see them, Edmund and Alex are running up and down a beach, looking for Dimitri. They are about to give up when Alex notices Dimitri's robe on the sand. She holds it close to her while Edmund dives into the water, searching for his brother.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Seated at a table in the middle of Pine Valley's newest eatery, BJ's, Scott and Becca enjoyed breakfast together. Scott watched Becca as she nibbled on some scrambled eggs. Becca's eyebrows raised and she asked Scott why he was watching her. She then followed it up with another question, asking Scott if he used to watch Greenlee eat. "Greenlee's cute, but you're unique," replied Scott. Under her breath, Becca muttered some unflattering remarks about Miss Smythe. Scott was taken aback because he'd never heard Becca say anything bad about Greenlee before---or anyone for that matter. After some gentle nudging, Becca admitted that she dislikes Greenlee. She went on the say that one of the reasons for her feelings was that Greenlee wanted to resume her relationship with Scott. Scott confessed that he was pleased to hear that Becca's angst had something to do with him. He told Becca that he'd turned down Greenlee's invitation to her grandparents' anniversary party. In short, he said that he wanted nothing to do with Greenlee or at least nothing physical.

It's not all that often that you go into a restaurant and find one of the patrons preparing their own food. At The Valley Inn, though, Vanessa was doing just that. Unhappy with the hotel's version of "freshly squeezed orange juice," Vanessa was pressing oranges to make her own juice. As she made the juice, she also belittled a waiter for having brought the wrong order to the table. Vanessa beamed as she passed the small cup of juice to her husband. Palmer smiled, but didn't get involved in the conversation. Vanessa then re-placed their orders. For Palmer, she ordered eggs benedict and for herself a fruit cup and dry toast. Palmer worried that the breakfast might be "too rich." Vanessa promptly shushed him and assured him that a little indulgence would not compromise his health. A little while later, Vanessa told Palmer that she'd been toying with the idea of throwing a party to celebrate his reelection as head of Cortlandt Electronics. "Do you think that I don't see straight through you?" Palmer replied. Vanessa fidgeted nervously, unsure what her husband was going to say. Palmer insinuated that Vanessa only wanted to have a party because she wanted to be shown off as the new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Rather than lie and profess her innocence, Vanessa proudly admitted that Palmer was absolutely right. Palmer wasn't upset in the least. In fact, he told Vanessa that he would through her a coming out party. As he took his wife's hand, Palmer noticed that her hand lacked the sparkle created only by diamonds. He excused himself to head upstairs to his room and retrieve his cellular phone. That way he could quickly remedy the problem. After Palmer left, the waiter returned with Vanessa and Palmer's order. The waiter offered to keep the food warm until Palmer returned. Vanessa shook her head and angrily informed the waiter that he would trash the meal and have a new one prepared once Mr. Cortlandt returned. "Honestly," she groaned. "This place is more like a diner every day!" Vanessa also took time to request a Bloody Mary---extra spicy. The waiter nodded his head and returned a little while late with the drink. Vanessa took one sip and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She quickly raced out of the room as the waiter looked on with a smile.

A few floors skyward, Erica lay fast asleep in David's bed. David gently rubbed her face and eventually Erica woke up. She rolled over in bed with a wide grin---but her happiness would be short-lived. Erica soon realized that David was fully dressed. He reminded her that he had to travel to New York to check on some new equipment for the hospital. Erica was furious. She grumbled that she'd had her entire schedule cleared so that she could spend the day with him. David seemed unimpressed. After all, he had shifted his schedule more than once to facilitate Erica---only to find out that she was flying off on a business trip. Erica hurried into the bathroom and got dressed. David continued to enjoy watching Erica stew. Erica left the room to tend to business. In the hallway---and just outside David's door---Erica opened her compact and began adjusting her makeup. She carried on unaware that Palmer was traveling down the hallway towards her. Palmer called out to Erica and asked her what she was doing. Erica was quick on her feet and claimed that she was going to be meeting some business associates. However, she said that she was very early and had decided to go back downstairs. Palmer nodded his head and offered to accompany her back downstairs.

Marian sat alone at another table in The Valley Inn. Suddenly, Greenlee appeared by her side and asked if she could join her. Marian's ears perked up and she hurriedly invited the young woman to sit with her. With barely a second having passed, Marian asked Greenlee if she'd gotten Millicent to invite her to her anniversary party. Greenlee shrugged and said that her grandmother was a very busy woman and that she had not yet been able to ask her. Greenlee then turned the tables and asked Marian of she'd gotten Scott to agree to accompany her to the party. Marian shook her head and said that she hadn't seen Scott since they last talked. Greenlee expressed her concern that Scott and Becca were growing closer. "I've always heard that they start real young down there," Greenlee quipped. Both women continued to talk unaware that Stuart was eavesdropping from around the corner. When he'd decided that he'd heard enough, Stuart barged over to the table and asked to speak to his wife in private. In the hallway, Stuart scolded his wife for scheming. He told her to forget about trying to pair up Scott and Greenlee. Marian returned to the table and sadly told Greenlee that she would not be able to put in a good word for her with Scott. Greenlee rose to her feet and walked out on Marian. In the lobby of the hotel, she placed a frantic call to her grandmother to enlist her help in convincing Marian to help her. Millicent showed up and ceremoniously appeared at Marian's table. Millicent told Marian that she would not be staying long. "I'll get to the point," she said curtly. "I have a soft spot for that spoiled child lurking in the lobby." Millicent told Marian that she would mention Stuart's name for membership in PHAT if Marian could somehow persuade Scott to accompany her granddaughter to her anniversary fete.

Erica and Palmer appeared in the room and sat down at a table. Palmer wondered where Vanessa had run of to, but Erica was secretly pleased that Vanessa was not there. Palmer asked Erica to put aside her feelings for Vanessa and try to get along. Erica shook her head and said that it would not be easy because Vanessa had tried to trash her. Palmer felt that Erica's friendship could open doors for Vanessa. Befriending Millicent Greenlee, he grumbled, would not do his wife any good. The millionaire admitted that Vanessa was mostly interested in his money, be he hinted that "she makes up for it in other ways." Erica cringed and looked away. Before the conversation picked back up, a young man appeared by Erica's side and informed her that she had a phone called from a "Victorio." Erica's face lit up as she realized that the call was from David. Palmer left the room briefly, but when he returned Vanessa was once again seated at their table. He stood back and listened as she spoke to someone on her cellular phone. "It is so good to hear your voice," she purred. "I started to think that you'd forgotten me."

Back upstairs, David told a still-miffed Erica that he'd lied about having to go to New York on business. He handed her an envelope that contained a ticket to the Big Apple as well as a ticket to the opera. Erica smiled and mused that she'd have to see if she could re-re-reschedule her appointments for the day.

At the beach, Derek and Jack discussed the progress of the search for Dimitri. A member of the Coast Guard appeared beside the two men and informed them that they wanted to reclassify their search from a rescue to a recovery. Edmund overheard the discussion and unleashed his fury on the man. By changing the nature of the mission to a recovery, the intimation was that they would not find Dimitri alive.

Inside the hospital, Jake tried his best to comfort Gillian. Jake had dropped by the hospital after having called to see how Dimitri was recovering. In Dimitri's hospital room, Alexandra sat on the edge of her husband's bed. She held his robe to her face and inhaled the aroma of her husband's being. Gillian and Jake entered the room followed closely behind by Jack and Edmund. Alex gave her consent to rescue as a recovery. Gillian burst into tears and begged Alex not to give up hope. Alex looked warmly at Gillian and tried her best not to sound cruel. "He was very ill," she said softly. She concluded that Dimitri's weak state would not have allowed him to swim for more than a few minutes. "You say you love my brother, but I know him," Edmund snarled. He said that the disappearance was typical behavior for his brother. He turned even more angry as he accused Alex of being the reason that Dimitri might now be dead. He had stopped Alex from taking Dimitri to Seaview in the first place, Edmund felt that his brother would still be alive and possibly back to normal. Alex sniffled audibly and raced out of the room. Jack looked coldly at Edmund and scolded him for speaking to Dimitri's widow that way.

Back on the beach, Alex sat alone in the sand sobbing. A hand suddenly rested upon her shoulder, taking her by surprise. Alexandra jumped slightly before raising to her feet. With sad eyes, Edmund asked Alexandra not to give up hope. Alexandra was infuriated. "You're so naive," Alexandra sighed. "He's dead, Edmund! The Coast Guard isn't going to miraculously find your brother sitting on some deserted island---because he's dead!." Alexandra's face turned a shade of red as she raced forward and pushed Edmund away. Her hand slowly raised into the air. "And it's all your fault!"



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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