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Edmund asked Liza if he could use Colby's stem cells. Adam switched Colby's stem cells with another person's. Dimitri lapsed into a coma. Raquel admitted to Hayley that she had lied about sleeping with Mateo. Marian tried to convince Opal to forgive her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on AMC
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Monday September 13, 1999

At Tempo, Brooke is working on a story for a deadline when Jackson stops by for a visit. She's frustrated because she can't get one of the sources she needs for her story to talk to her. When Brooke leaves the room, Jackson calls up the source, pretending to be an old friend of the source's sister and gets the information that Brooke needs. The two of them celebrate over a dinner of Chinese take-out and champagne in Brooke's office.

Edmund and David approached Liza at the Valley Inn restaurant about helping Dimitri. She was, needless to say, very surprised to find out that Dimitri was not dead, but instead was extremely ill and in need of Colby's stem cells in order to live. While wanting to help, she was hesitant, what if Colby needs the stem cells herself in the future? David told her only a portion of the stem cells would be needed. Liza suggested that Edmund talk to Jake about it and then she and Jake would discuss it tomorrow. A grateful Edmund rushed off to find Jake at the hospital. Liza decided that Adam wasn't coming back and took a taxi home.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gillian was sitting in the sun room looking through a book of neurological disorders, but not understanding it at all. Jake spotted her and asked what she was doing. At first she wouldn't tell him because it was a "secret", but she quickly decided that she needed to share the news with someone and told him all about Dimitri being alive. She pleaded with him to help her find some way to save Dimitri. Jake doesn't know if there's anything that can be done, but promises to read up on the disease and see what he can do.

After Gillian leaves, Edmund and David catch up with Jake in the sun room and Edmund explains their need for Colby's stem cells. Jake is extremely suspicious of David's involvement, but Edmund reassures him that he got his information from Alex, who is a neurologist. Remembering his promise to Gillian, Jake agrees to talk to Liza tomorrow and make a decision. Please decide quickly, Edmund begs, every moment is precious.

At the Chandler house, Trevor sneaks back downstairs through the passageways and tells Stuart that their mission to get Mateo and Hayley together has been accomplished. The only problem is that it is Adam standing there, not Stuart, and Adam goes ballistic and tries to race up the stairs. Trevor blocks his path and when Adam tries to get by, wrestles with him and flips Adam onto the couch.

When we next see Adam, Trevor is finishing tying him to a chair in the living room. Trevor heads off for the kitchen to get a snack, fighting with Adam made him hungry. Stuart comes back in to see what happened and finds Adam. Untie me, Adam demands, but Stuart refuses, he wants Hayley and Mateo to get back together again. Trevor returns, eating a sandwich, and Stuart goes home, ignoring Adam's requests for help. Trevor finally gags Adam to shut him up.

Later, his sandwich finished, Trevor goes back to the kitchen to get some ice cream. Just after he leaves the room, Liza returns from the Valley Inn and is shocked to find Adam bound and gagged. She doesn't go to him, though, her first thought is that Colby has been kidnapped and she races up the stairs.

Upstairs, Mateo is both trying to beg Hayley's forgiveness and to convince her that he did not sleep with Raquel. He tempts her with memories of how good things used to be with them together. But I can't trust you now, she tells him. I told you everything about myself, about my mother, about all my lousy boyfriends and you never bothered to tell me about Raquel, you never even mentioned her name, Hayley reminds him. Mateo persists, apologizing for all the horrible thing he said and did, for pouring the glass of vodka and tempting her with it when he knew she was barely hanging onto her sobriety. He loves her and he wants to make things right, he insists. Hayley seems to be softening a little, but just then Liza rushes into the room holding Colby, she wanted to check to be sure Hayley was OK.

When Hayley finds out Adam has been tied up, she angrily turns on Mateo, but he swears Adam wasn't even home when he arrived. Hayley rushes down the stairs and starts untying Adam. Trevor and Mateo try to explain why the did it, but Hayley doesn't want to hear it and orders them out of the house. They reluctantly leave and then Hayley rushes back up the stairs in tears. Adam looks to Liza for some sympathy, but he isn't getting any there. It serves you right for being so controlling, Liza tells him, only Hayley can decide what's best for her. The phone rings and Liza answers it. It's Jake, arranging a meeting for the next day at the hospital. When she gets off the phone, Adam asks what that was about, but still annoyed at him she tells him it has nothing to do with him.

Outside, Trevor and Mateo are hanging around, watching Hayley, who is standing in her window hugging her teddy bear. Trevor is mad at himself for tying up Adam, it was a stupid thing to do, but Mateo tells him not to worry about it. Mateo says that he now knows what he has to do.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

A lost earring prevented Liza from heading to the hospital undetected. As she looked underneath the sofa cushions, Adam entered the room and swarmed around her. He wanted to know where she was going, but, in his defense, he did also find Liza's missing ear accouterment. The couple squabbled back and forth briefly over the previous night's events. Adam insisted that Trevor and Mateo broke into his home. Liza, however, defended it as "an act of love." Again Adam asked Liza where she was headed. Liza calmly told Adam that it was none of his concern. Adam pestered and pestered and eventually determined that Colby was somehow involved in whatever Liza was doing. Liza nodded her head. She told Adam that Dimitri was not dead and that Colby could help save his life. Adam immediately feared that Colby would be subjected to probing and prodding. Liza explained that Colby's stem cells would be analyzed to determine if they were genetically compatible with Dimitri's DNA. She repeated that Colby would not be harmed or even examined during the process. Adam refused to let his daughter be a part of an experimental procedure. The stem cells, he said angrily, were supposed to be stored in case Colby needed them---not used on someone else. Liza also voiced some concern about that, but the greater need right now was saving a man's life. She also pointedly noted that Adam really had no say because he was not Colby's biological father.

Chitchat and gossip filled the air at The Glamorama as Tiffany and Becca readied the salon for a day of business. Tiffany got Becca to open up about her feelings for Scott with some gentle nudging. "Scott's the one, isn't he?" Tiffany smiled. Becca blushed slightly and asked if her feelings were obvious. Tiffany teased that her feelings were about as inconspicuous as neon lights. Opal breezed into the room and ordered the women to do more working and less talking. Marian entered a few seconds later carrying a bouquet of roses. She walked over to Opal and told Opal that the flowers were for her. Opal blinked once or twice before reaching for a pair of scissors. Without warning, Opal turned the scissors on the flowers and began cutting off the blooms. Marian looked on in shocked amazement. "I'm allergic," Opal snapped. Opal, however, was not done venting her anger at Marian. She reached for a container of face mud and smudged a thick layer of goo on Marian's face. Marian again was surprised, but she knew that she probably deserved the cold shoulder treatment. Marian pleaded with Opal to listen to her explanation of why she'd acted so poorly. She insisted that she never meant to alienate her good friend and only wanted to land Stuart a spot on the PHAT committee. Opal understood Marian's devotion to her husband, but remarked that Marian could have called her and warned her not to attend the meeting. Marian asked Opal if she wanted to go to lunch. Opal smiled and sarcastically replied that she'd join her "the day after hell freezes over." Before the two women could make amends, one of Marian's "new friends" placed a call and stirred up more trouble. Vanessa placed a call from The Valley Inn with the hopes of getting Marian to join her for lunch. Marian was thrilled that one of Pine Valley's elite wanted to dine with her and she gladly accepted the invitation. Across the room, Tiffany tended to Greenlee's jagged cuticles. Tiffany probed into the young woman's life---unassumingly, of course. Greenlee boasted that she and Scott were once again becoming close. Tiffany continued to ask leading questions that would give her a better idea of how close Greenlee and Scott actually were. Greenlee admitted that she and Scott had not been intimate since their return to town, but she was sure that it was just a matter of time. Adrian, Belinda, and Peter stormed the salon fresh from the baseball field. Opal scolded her sons for being proverbial bulls in the china shop. Adrian and Peter headed off to the kitchen for a bite to eat. Tiffany, meanwhile, ogled Adrian's "personality" and asked if he was currently seeing anyone. Opal chided Tiffany for peeping at her son. Belinda, though, answered the second part of the question. She said she and Adrian were currently involved. Tiffany retreated and found a few seconds to warn Becca to keep her eyes on Greenlee. She did not tell Becca about her conversation with Greenlee. Belinda gushed endlessly about Adrian's interaction with kids. It didn't take Opal long to figure out that she wanted to settle down with Adrian. Opal was in favor of the idea, but Belinda made her swear that she wouldn't tell Adrian that she wanted a more permanent relationship.

Edmund was on the phone when Alexandra entered his office. The doctor was dismayed to learn that Edmund had been placing numerous phone calls to other doctors asking for their input on stem cell therapy. Alex reminded Edmund that the medical technique had never been used to treat someone with Dimitri's illness. Edmund touted Alexandra as a "pioneer" in neurological research and reminded her that the methods she was currently using to treat Dimitri were also unproven. In return, Alex said that she was not sure what the outcome of the treatment would be; Dimitri could be completely cured, his condition could be unaffected, or things could get much worse. She asked Edmund if he was willing to take that chance with Dimitri's life. Edmund wanted to do everything in his power to help his brother. After all, Dimitri had risked his own life to save him in the aqueduct. The door to the room suddenly swung open and a raging Adam stormed inside. He demanded to know why Edmund was "railroading" Liza into giving him Colby's stem cells. Alexandra's eyes opened wide and she blasted Edmund for going behind her back to seek treatment. Adam looked coldly at Alex and demanded to know who she was and if she was part of Edmund's scheme. Edmund introduced Alexandra as Dimitri's wife, an announcement that caught Adam unprepared. Edmund explained that Alex knew nothing of his discussion with Liza. Alex told Edmund that he could not proceed without Adam's permission. Edmund's attitude soured substantially and he coldly noted that he needed Colby's biological father's permission---and that was Jake Martin. Defeated, Adam backed off, but warned Edmund that he would not allow him to harm Colby. Adam stomped out of the office. A little while later, Alex received a call from Dr. Silbert and learned that Dimitri's condition had taken a turn for the worse. The experimental medicine was no longer working and Dimitri had slipped into a coma.

After hanging up with Marian, Vanessa cackled evilly to herself and muttered, "Like candy from a baby." When Marian arrived, Vanessa turned on all of her charms. She ordered fancy drinks and praised Marian for having hosted "a truly entertaining gathering" for the PHAT ladies. The praise didn't come without a catch. Vanessa informed Marian that Palmer wanted to have a coming out party, of sorts, for her to introduce her as his new wife. Since Opal had gotten to keep Cortlandt Manor, Palmer was without a home in which to throw the fete. That's where Marian came in. Vanessa asked Marian if she could host the party at Chandler Mansion. Marian shook her head and politely said that she couldn't. Vanessa bit her lower lip and cursed the ongoing feud between the Chandlers and the Cortlandts. She looked determinedly at Marian and told her that they, the wives of such bitter rivals, could team together and bring an end to the feud. That was not the only reason for Marian's declination. She said that her friendship with Opal would make it very awkward to host a party for the new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Vanessa nodded understandingly. She picked up the menu and asked Marian if she could be certain that Opal was as devoted to her. Without offering any specifics, Vanessa planted a bug in Marian's mind that Opal was somehow doing bad things behind her back.

Liza met with Jake at the hospital and both came to terms with the decision before them. Jake eased Liza's fear that Colby's health could be in jeopardy if the stem cells were used to treat Dimitri. He explained that only some of the cells would be used---and that plenty would be left over for Colby should she need them. Edmund and Alex arrived and informed the pair that Dimitri's condition had taken a turn for the worse. For the first time, Alex seemed willing to explore the experimental treatment even if it was not what Dimitri wanted. Liza and Jake agreed to grant the doctor's access to Colby's stem cells. As they signed the consent forms, Adam walked into the solarium.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

As he watched Jake sign the consent form, Adam was haunted by memories of when David told him that he knew about Colby's paternity. "Don't do it," he yelled as he stepped forward. Liza shook her head and told her husband that they had already discussed the situation. Jake chimed in that he and Liza's were the ones who would be making the decision---not Adam's. If that was to designed to squash Adam's tirade, it didn't work. Adam forcefully announced that he would not allow them to continue. He snatched the consent form away from Jake and threatened to tear it into pieces. Of course if he had ripped it, another could easily have been drawn up. Jake warned Adam to back off or face a security escort out of the hospital. Adam wanted to know why Colby had been chosen to save Dimitri. Why not someone else? Edmund cited the time factor and Alexandra backed him up. She added that no one was sure if Colby would even be a suitable donor for Dimitri. Jake informed Adam that DNA and blood tests still had to be done. The very mention of DNA testing sent shockwaves up and down Adam's spine. He wanted to know where the tests would be performed. Jake calmly explained that the test would be done in the hospital's lab. Adam handed over the consent form and Liza quickly scrawled her name. Alex gave her a hug to thank her for agreeing to the procedure and then she and Edmund raced off to the lab. Jake, meanwhile, decided to run along and see if there was anything that he could do to speed up the process. Adam tried to scurry out of the solarium, but Liza stood in his path. She blasted him for reverting to his old ways and questioned whether or not their marriage could survive "the old Adam." Adam assured Liza that he was simply being "an overprotective parent" and that it was an isolated incident. He told Liza that he had to run along to a board meeting. Liza, however, would not let him leave. She told him that she wanted him to understand the seriousness of his outbursts. Adam nodded his head and said that they could discuss their problems after his board meeting.

Joe found Tad lingering in the corridor outside of David's office. "How nice to see you with your feet on the ground," he mused. Tad bowed his head bashfully and told his father that he had not planned to plunge from an airplane. Tad admitted that his freefall had been a bit overboard, but he said that it was worth it because it had helped convince Dixie to put off on having another child. Meanwhile inside David's office, David was finishing his physical exam of Dixie. The checkup showed that Dixie remained in good health. "There is no indication of any damage," said David. The examination was needed to be sure that the miscarriage had not done any damage to Dixie's heart. "If my heart is healthy," asked Dixie, "then why does it hurt so much?" She told David that she and Tad had agreed to postpone trying to have another baby. David nodded and said that the postponement might be for the best. It would allow Dixie's body to fully recuperate and, said David, daily medical breakthroughs might allow Dixie to carry a baby to term without the associated health risks. Dixie worried that nothing would change Tad's mind and that she'd have to go through the rest of her life without having another chance to have a baby. Dixie and David exited his office and David took Tad aside to tell him about Dixie's checkup. Joe seized the opportunity to have a few words with Dixie. He told her that he understood how much of a sacrifice it was to hold off on trying to have another baby. Jake wandered by and was quickly roped into the discussion. Dixie and Tad wanted to know why he looked so glum. Jake was unable to go into specifics, but he said that he had just signed papers to allow Colby's stem cells to be used in an experimental procedure. Dixie wondered why Jake was so glum---especially when Colby could help save someone else's life. Jake had a one-word answer: Adam. He explained that Adam had objected to using Colby's stored cells. Dixie warned Jake that he had to strike now to prevent Adam from interfering in Colby's life. If he didn't, she said that a life of hell would be on the horizon. David asked Jake if the DNA tests would be done that day. Jake nodded and said that he had to go check on some things. David also excused himself, saying that a patient needed to be seen. Tad and Dixie shared some time alone. Tad promised to do something nice for Dixie---like taking her out for a smoothie. As Tad carried Dixie in his arms down the hall, he teased that it was her treat!

Brooke met with her secretary to briefly touch base before she headed off to a conference. Brooke was set to leave, but she decided that she should phone Phoebe and say goodbye. She was in the process of leaving a message on her aunt's answering machine. Phoebe suddenly appeared in the doorway trumpeting that she had an urgent question for her niece. In actuality, it was more of a statement. "For the life of me I can't understand why a clever woman like you is wasting her life," Phoebe grumbled. Brooke crinkled her brow and asked Phoebe what she was talking about. Phoebe explained that she didn't understand why Brooke was choosing to go through life solo---without a man. Brooke insisted that she was doing quite fine on her own. Phoebe conceded that that might be true, but she was sure that Brooke would change her mind one day and that by then it might be too late to get a man. Quite conveniently for Phoebe, Jack entered the office. She immediately enlisted the lawyer in her attempt to get a man for Brooke. Jack agreed with Phoebe's remark that every woman needs a man. Who else, he mused, could "fix the leaks, grill the burgers, change flat tires, and always leave the seat up?" That wasn't quite what Phoebe wanted to hear, but she hoped that Brooke would get the hint. She was dismayed when she learned that Brooke was flying off to attend a women in publishing conference. Not a man in sight, sighed Phoebe. After Phoebe left, Jack admitted that Phoebe did have a valid argument. Brooke, on the other hand, thought her aunt was way off the mark. Brooke had to be on her way. As she prepared to leave, she was going to give Jack a kiss goodbye. Jack pulled away and teased her about the display of affection. She shouldn't go around kissing men who she'd not involved with, Jack chuckled. He leaned over anyway and pointed to his cheek. Brooke moved within inches of his ear and sassily remarked, "In your dreams."

On the sun porch, Jake sat down with Joe and told him that he was concerned about Colby living with Adam. He said nothing about the stem cell tests, instead simply stating that Adam had been ranting and raving again. Jake stopped short, however, of saying that he was going to seek a way to take Colby away from Adam and Liza. Joe urged calm and said that sooner or later Adam's scheming would blow up in his face.

Alexandra and Edmund raced into the laboratory and asked the lunching lab technician to put a rush order on the genetic testing. The technician looked indifferently at the pair and explained that there were policies that had to be followed. Edmund grabbed the man by his shirt collar and pushed him against the wall. "Do it now!" Edmund snarled. Alexandra cleared her throat and stepped forward. After helping to unhand the tech, she identified herself as Dr. Devane. She told the man, named Monty, that her patient, and Edmund's brother, had lapsed into a coma and needed the test results immediately. Monty agreed to run the tests immediately, but said that he could not be certain how long it would take to get the results. Alex and Edmund headed for the solarium. There Alex phoned Dr. Silbert and received even more bad news. Dimitri's breathing had become shallow and his blood pressure had dropped.

Adam skulked around the hallway outside the lab. Once he was certain that the coast was clear, he entered the lab with a broad smile. He introduced himself to Monty, who was impressed to meet the man that the hospital wing had been named after. Adam claimed that one of his many publications was planning to do a report on medical procedures, specifically stem cell therapy. Monty, who had globs of chocolate pudding on the side of his face, chirped merrily at the interest and began showing Adam around the lab. Adam asked the man if he would mind having a camera crew take some pictures of the lab. Monty had no objections and raced off to the men's room to freshen up. Adam, meanwhile, parked himself behind the computer terminal. The door suddenly opened and David walked in. Adam's eyes widened in angst. "You are so predictable," David laughed. "Give it up, Adam. You're busted."

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Raquel and Max are enjoying their stay in their new abode. Max goes outside for a ride and soon after he leaves, there's a knock at the door. Thinking Max forgot something, Raquel opens the door, then tries to close it again quickly when she sees Mateo standing on the other side. Mateo, however, pushes his way into the house and orders her to pack, she's going back to Pine Valley with him to tell Hayley that they never slept together. Raquel refuses and tries to brush past him, but Mateo grabs her arm and threatens her. "Either you pack and come back with me today, or I'm going to court and have you declared an unfit mother," he snarls. Raquel doesn't believe him at first, but he isn't kidding. Make your decision, he tells her and heads outside to see Max. Frustrated, she pushes everything off a nearby table in anger, but she doesn't really have much choice.

At Adam's house, Liza storms in, still angry at Adam's behavior regarding Colby's stem cells. She's sick and tired of his controlling behavior when it comes to his children. Upon seeing Hayley sitting in the living room, still looking terrible, she throws open the doors to the patio and yells for Mateo to come in if he's out there. Hayley looks at Liza as if she's lost her mind, what are you doing, she asks. Liza says that it's time for Hayley to go free, rather than be a prisoner in Adam's house. But Adam's not forcing me to stay here, Hayley protests, he's only doing what I asked him to do. Since Mateo's gone she feels like half of herself is missing and she's not ready to face the world. It's time for you to get out and learn to stand on your own, Liza insists, she can't always be dependent on a man. Go out to the mall and do some shopping, Liza suggests as a first step toward getting her life back. She finally talks Hayley into it and she agrees to go.

At the mall, Ryan and Scott are out shopping for a vacuum since Scott apparently broke the one that they had. They stop for some pizza and discuss the women in their lives. Scott wonders what Gillian called about the night before, she seemed very excited about something, but Ryan can't tell him because Gillian hung up before he picked up the phone. Why don't you call her back, Scott suggests, but Ryan doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Next the subject of Becca comes up, Ryan mentions that he came home the other day and found her in just a towel and helped her fix the shower. Scott seems a little jealous, but Ryan assures him that although Becca is beautiful, Scott has nothing to worry about. Ryan has enough trouble with the woman in his life right now. That, of course, brings up the subject of Hayley. Ryan admits he has feelings for her, but has tried to stay away because he thinks that's best for Hayley right now. They do understand each other well, though, especially since they come from families with alcoholics.

Hayley, looking about a thousand times better than she has the past few days, arrives just at that moment and hears her name mentioned. Scott leaves quickly to give them a chance to talk. I haven't seen you in the last few days, Hayley mentions to Ryan. He explains that's because Mateo came to the loft and told him that it would be best for Hayley if Ryan stayed away from her. This angers Hayley, since when does Mateo have the right to dictate who she can and can't see. So you do want to see me, Ryan asks. Of course I do, she replies, you're my best friend and I need all the friends I can get right now. Scott returns, with a vacuum cleaner, to let Ryan know he found one and that he's leaving now. As Ryan and Hayley head off to do some more shopping, Raquel suddenly appears and calls Hayley's name. Hayley, whose back is to Raquel, stops for a moment and doesn't turn, as if she can't believe whose voice it is she's hearing. She finally turns to face Raquel and Raquel asks to talk to Hayley, alone.

Meanwhile, at the Chandler mansion, Liza is still furious about Adam's behavior. She remembers the whole scene at the hospital in detail, and can't believe how manipulative he was, he was the "old Adam" again. The doorbell rings and it is Jake returning Colby. He talks to her about his feelings about Adam's behavior and makes it clear that he won't let Adam make all the decisions for Colby in the future. Liza agrees with him, Adam was out of control earlier. Later, Mateo calls and asks Liza where Hayley is. She purposely lets it slip that Hayley is at the mall, even though she knows it will make Adam furious.

Earlier, at the hospital, Jake and Colby run into Gillian on the sun porch and she asks Jake if there's any news about help for Dimitri. He fills her in on the fact that they are testing Colby's stem cells and they might be tried in an experimental treatment to help Dimitri. Gillian is overjoyed, she hugs and kisses Colby and calls her a "precious angel." There's no guarantee that this will work, Jake tries to warn her, but Gillian refuses to give up hope that everything will be OK.

Down at the lab, David is thoroughly enjoying the fact that he caught Adam trying to tamper with the computer. Don't even bother, David tells him, the system is far too complicated for Adam to understand, even if he did have the password. The lab technician returns and Adam watches with great interest as he uses a card to access the stem cells stored in another room and puts them in a container to be brought to the lab. David, however, notices Adam's interest and forces him to leave the lab with him. Outside in the hall, David tells him that he is a doctor and as such will not let Adam tamper with the chances for a possible cure for Dimitri. He also takes great enjoyment from letting Adam know that he was the one that set the whole thing in motion, planting the idea in Edmund's head about using Colby's stem cells. Unfortunately, David is paged and has to leave for surgery, leaving Adam free to interfere again.

Adam pulls the fire alarm on the wall and when the lab technician leaves, Adam enters the lab. He takes Colby's stem cells out of the bag, uses the card to enter the freezer and returns with what are presumably someone else's stem cells and puts them in the bag. He almost gets away cleanly, but just as he's zippering up the bag the lab tech returns and asks what he's doing. After making up some ridiculous story about being worried the bag might fall off the desk due to vibrations from the fire alarm, Adam suggests he could take the sample to lab to get the DNA testing done himself. The lab tech refuses, but believes Adam's story that David Hayward is somehow involved with the testing and puts David's name in the computer as the person who ordered the test to be rushed. Adam finally leaves, his mission accomplished. "No one out-maneuvers Adam Chandler," he says proudly to himself.

Friday, September 17, 1999

At The Valley Inn, David stopped by the front desk to check for messages. His back turned to the dining area, he didn't notice Erica sneaking into the hotel. When he turned around, however, he saw Erica smiling at him. "You look delicious," he whispered to the red dress-clad beauty. Without letting Erica get a word in edgewise, David nearly drooled at the thought of Erica accompanying him back to his suite. When he finally stopped to take a breath, Erica explained that she had dropped by the hotel on business---not pleasure. Palmer strolled into the lobby and took up a position at Erica's side. David snidely greeted the aging millionaire as "daddy." He then asked Palmer why Vanessa was not with him. Palmer smiled contentedly and explained that Vanessa was shopping in New York. David's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He could not believe that Palmer was feeding Vanessa's insatiable appetite for parting with large amounts of cash. On cue, Vanessa popped in toting nearly half a dozen bags from expensive boutiques. She beamed from ear to ear as she bid hello to her "three favorite people." David wasn't about to stick around and gab with his mother, so he excused himself to catch up on some reading. Vanessa told Erica and Palmer that she'd rejoin them in a minute; she needed to take her bags back to their room. Palmer shook his head and explained that he was talking business with Erica and that she'd have to manage without him for a little while. Palmer headed off to check on their table. Meanwhile, Vanessa decided to make small talk with Erica. She told Erica that she was sorry that David had apparently been haranguing her. Erica claimed that she'd not been bothered. Vanessa stated that she was relieved because she was sure that David was trying to cash in on Erica's celebrity. Erica laughed bemusedly and chirped that Vanessa, not her son, was the one who tried to leech off of other's status. She also informed Vanessa that Palmer knew all about the tell-all book that she'd been writing. Vanessa was stunned and hurried off before anything more was said. At their table in the dining room, Erica told Palmer that she'd needed his advice to iron out a few final details of a new project at Enchantment. Palmer offered to review the contracts and documentation for Erica. Erica at first seemed pleased, but she stopped mid-sentence. Suddenly she seemed unsure of what she was saying. "I'm not sure I trust your judgment," she said. The reason she offered was Palmer's decision to marry Vanessa. "She doesn't love you," Erica said bluntly. Palmer broke into a giggle and assured Erica that he doesn't love Vanessa either. He mused that it was kinda of a thrill to "be a sugar daddy" at his age. He told Erica that he liked to give Vanessa the finer things in life because it made him feel good. Plus, it wasn't so bad to have an attractive and sophisticated woman on his arm. While he was not worried about Vanessa, Palmer did have a concern: David. Palmer said that he did not approve of the way that David talked to his mother and he was leery of David's attempts to buddy up to Erica. "Better men have tried" to outdo her, said Erica. "And I ate them for breakfast." Erica and Palmer both shared a laugh. Palmer said that he wouldn't mind seeing David move on. He toyed with the idea of using his leverage on the Pine Valley Hospital board to have David transferred---possibly to a foreign country. Erica's heart began to pound in her throat. She knew that she had to do or say something to convince Palmer to put those thoughts on the back burner. She nervously told Palmer not to let David aggravate him. Besides, she hinted that it would look awkward for Palmer---the man who had helped get David back into the hospital---to suddenly want him gone. Pine Valley being the small town that it is, Palmer said that he was sure to bump into David from time to time. Erica swallowed hard as she must have realized that it could be harder than she first thought to hide her secret liaisons with David. She nearly made a fatal blunder when she remarked that Palmer should consider moving out of The Valley Inn so that he and David would not have rooms on the same floor. Palmer asked Erica how she knew that the rooms were on the same floor of the hotel. She shrugged nervously and said that she'd either heard it from Vanessa or that it was just a good guess. After their dinner date, Palmer offered to drive Erica home, but Erica informed him that she'd driven herself. She lingered in the shadows until Palmer headed to his room. She then quickly scurried up the stairs towards David's room.
In his hotel room, David was on the phone with the hospital trying to find out if Colby's stem cells were compatible with Dimitri's. He didn't notice Erica sneaking in at first. Erica later told David that Palmer wanted to run him out of town, joking that she agreed with every filthy thing that Palmer had said about him. The room heated up as David and Erica shared a passionate kiss. David helped Erica removed her dress and the two quickly found their way to David's bed. As things progressed, something unexpected happened: a knock sounded on the door. "David," called the unwelcome visitor. "It's your mother."

"We need to talk," Raquel said intensely. Hayley rolled her eyes and told Raquel to get lost. Hayley started to walk away, but Raquel quickly reached out and latched on to her arm. She asked Hayley for a few minutes of her time. Ryan stepped forward and ordered Raquel to back off, but Raquel wasn't about to retreat. "How do you get good men to turn their lives inside out for you?" Raquel huffed as Ryan once again assumed his bodyguard stance. From another corner of the mall, Mateo suddenly appeared. Raquel explained that it wasn't her choice to confront Hayley. In fact, she really had no choice in the matter. She said that Mateo had threatened to take Max away from her if she didn't set the record straight once and for all. "I won't let my son be raised by a liar," Mateo remarked coldly. The situation felt more like an ambush to Hayley than a confessional. Ryan gently tugged on her arm and said that it was time to go. Mateo told Hayley that he'd called Chandler Mansion and that Liza had told him where to find her. Hayley took a deep breath and realized that she probably wouldn't have any peace until she agreed to hear what Raquel had to say. "Okay, lay it on me," she sighed. Raquel's face tightened up and in one breath she blurted out, "I never slept with Mateo. We never made love. Nothing happened." Raquel awaited a response. Hayley chuckled slightly and said that she didn't believe a word of Raquel's so-called confession. "[Mateo] threatened to take your kid away," she noted. So, of course, it was natural to assume that Raquel would say anything that Mateo wanted her to say. Raquel was outraged that Hayley doubted her. "I will swear to that on the holy Bible and it that's not good enough for you, I'd swear to it on my son's life," Raquel growled. Hayley was silenced and unsure what to do next. The one thing she did know was that Raquel was telling the truth. Ryan was the first to speak up, questioning why Raquel had lied about the affair in the first place. "You and Mateo," Raquel said to Hayley, "crushed every hope I had." Hayley also expressed her outrage that Raquel had concocted the bogus story. Surprisingly, Raquel turned the blame to Hayley. She blasted Hayley for believing the lie. She said that Hayley never would have believed her story is she truly loved and believed in Mateo. In the background, Mateo smiled slightly. Raquel quickly turned around and vented her anger on him as well. She blasted Mateo for thinking that worst about Hayley and Ryan's relationship. Raquel threw her hands in the air and once again questioned how Mateo and Hayley could ever have been together. She stormed away vowing never to show her face in Pine Valley again. Mateo looked to Ryan and asked him to give him and Hayley some privacy. Ryan refused to budge. Hayley demanded that Mateo apologize to both of them for having accused them of sleeping together. Mateo stated that whatever Hayley and Ryan had done was "forgotten." After a few second pause, he added the word "forgiven." This was hardly the apology that Hayley was looking for, but it was a starting point. Again, Mateo asked for Ryan to give him some time alone with Hayley. Hayley nodded her head and Ryan agreed to leave. Ryan reminded Hayley that he was only a phone call away if she needed him. Now alone, Mateo didn't know where to begin. Too much had happened and too much had been said. He asked Hayley if she could "forget the past." Hayley nodded. "Where do we go from here?" Mateo asked.

At Seaview Hospital, Gillian grumbled about the unjust nature of Dimitri's illness. They had just gotten Dimitri back and now faced losing him yet again. "Dimitri reminded me of the rocks at Stonehenge," Gillian commented. "Nothing knocks them down." Edmund claimed to have a theory about his brother. "He's cheated death more times than a cat has lives," Edmund said with a smile. The reason, he continued to jest, was that the devil didn't want to have competition. "Dimitri---King of Darkness," Eugenia> chirped from a few feet away. Edmund and Gillian were concerned that the duchess had made the trek to the hospital. Alexandra, however, said that she was glad to see her. Eugenia groused that she was tired of being thought of as a "Victorian ninny" who had to sit in her room all day. Alexandra brought Eugenia up to date on Dimitri's condition. Gillian and Eugenia became very optimistic about the stem cell therapy. Both were certain that within a few days they'd have back the Dimitri that they knew and loved. Alexandra received a phone call from the lab at Pine Valley Hospital with the results of the DNA analysis: "Colby's" cells were compatible. Dimitri would go into the operating room immediately.

As they waited for news on the surgery, Eugenia asked Edmund how soon Dimitri would be returning to Wildwind. Edmund said that the west wing at Wildwind had been transformed into a virtual hospital---meeting the strictest of guidelines. Edmund became somewhat sadder as he recalled how he could read Maria's eyes the moment she'd return home; he could tell if things went well or if she'd lost a patient. Alexandra appeared some time later and said that the surgery was over and Dimitri was in the recovery room. Alex urged Eugenia and Gillian to go see Dimitri. She told them to tell Dimitri how much they loved him and to say all the things that hadn't gotten a chance to say to him before. Alex forced a smile as the two women hurried down the hall. All the while Edmund observed her mannerisms and facial expressions. "You were telling them to say goodbye," Edmund said solemnly to his sister-in-law. "Was it that obvious?" Alexandra asked. Edmund insisted that Alex not give up hope because Dimitri was still alive. Alex still wondered if she'd done her husband more harm than good by going through with the surgery. "If I lose him, I lose him twice," said Alexandra meaning that if Dimitri died she'd lose her husband and a patient. Gillian and Eugenia returned from the recovery room. Their faces were long and their words were few. Both had been moved to tears by what they saw and Gillian decided that it was best to take her grandmother back to Wildwind. After they left, Edmund ordered Alexandra to get some rest while they waited for Dimitri's condition to change. Edmund, meanwhile, headed to the recovery room to check on his brother. When he returned, Alexandra was fast asleep in one of the chairs. She suddenly jumped and called out in fear. Edmund raced to her side and asked her if she was okay. Alex said that she'd had a terrible nightmare in which she was repeatedly diving into the ocean to save Dimitri---but he always remained just out of reach. As they talked, Dr. Silbert appeared before them. "I came from Mr. Marick's room," he said. "There's been a change."



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