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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on GL
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Monday, September 13, 1999

In Chicago:
Jesse and Drew talk some more, kiss some more and Drew declares that she is going to give up looking for her biological father, it is just hurting her mother too much. Back at the bar, Buzz and Selena are talking to a ex- frat guy who reveals Ben Warren for the name of the scarred kid they had brought to Selena, years before. He says that he heard that Ben had gotten his face worked on and was now a big time New York lawyer and that was what helped him with the guilt all of these years. Buzz and Selena can't believe it, Selena says that she has to find the truth, she has to know. So when they get back to Springfield she will go to Ben and find out what she can. They go back to Jesse and Drew, they are ready to go back to Springfield and Drew doesn't want to find her papa after all.

In San Cristobel:
Richard had sent for Cassie and is trying to induce her to persuade Reva into remaining in SC for the sake of their son. She calls him on him wanting Reva and he tells her how much he missed his son and how he misses his brother. All he wants is a little help with raising Jon and he even invited the whole Lewis family to come down.
Josh refuses Reva's wish to move the family to San Cristobel . He tells her that she will have to stay there, because the family is staying in the states. He tells her that Richard is using Jonathan to get her to stay with him. Reva insists that he just doesn't understand, that it is all about Jon. Josh maintains that Richard wants Reva and not just as a mother to his son. Richard interrupts and asks to spend a few moments with Josh alone, Reva doesn't like the sound of that but Josh thinks it is a good idea. Richard tells Reva that Cassie is in the courtyard if she would like to see her.
Cassie and Reva talk and Cassie tells her that she doesn't trust Richard, he is too suave and too charming and he knows how to get what he wants, and he wants Reva. Reva tells her that it is all about Jon, and Cassie protests. Reva finally tells Cassie that it doesn't matter what Richard wants, for her it is all about Jonathan.
At the end, Edmund appears pulling his bloody and bruised body up over the rocky hill. He asserts his intentions to seek revenge on Reva and her mongrel child.

At the Santos Estate:
Pilar and Deitz run into each other. Deitz tells her to get Ben to go down to the wine cellar tonight and all their troubles would be over. Pilar thought about it and she wasn't sure if she wanted to go that far, a permanent fix, or not. Pilar agrees but when it came down to it, she was unable to go through with it. Selena stops by to see Ben and somehow stumbles into the trap.

At Company:
Harley gets upset when Phillip has to leave her and their son to talk business on that blasted cell phone. Rick comes up and notices how distressed Harley is. He goes to Phillip and tells him to shape up and pay attention to his family. Blake comes in and talks to Harley and tells her about all the lies that she has had to tell and will continue to tell until the baby is born. After hearing how Ross wanted to move in with Holly to the carriage house, Harley offers to help her hide her pregnancy and she has the perfect place to hide out at.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Josh and Richard were arguing. Josh told Richard that he would not get his Catherine back because she was nothing more than a woman with no memory. He throws something all over the picture of Catherine and yells at Richard. He tells her that there is no Catherine any more, she was gone. He tells him that Reva and he are real, they love each other and they will be leaving in the morning. He reminds Richard that he is not his brother that he is not evil and that he will let them go home. He then asks him to assist him in getting the proper papers together for he and Reva to leave for home in the morning. Richard tells him to go to Security and see Colonel Dax for the exit Visa.
Richard calls Colonel Dax and tells him to do what ever he has to do to keep Josh from leaving San Cristobel. Dax agrees and then is surprised when Edmund walks in. Dax promises he is loyal to his Prince and will help him get back at all of the traitors who hurt him. Josh comes in and Dax hides Edmund, who grips a knife in defense. Dax refuses the visas to Josh. Josh hears Edmund move and demands to know who is in the other room; he goes to look but sees no one, as Edmund is hiding behind the door.
Reva plays with Jonathan and asks if he would like to live in the palace. Marissa and her Alfred interrupt and take Jonathan upstairs to put him to bed. Marissa claims that no one can love Jonathan more than they have.
Richard asks Olivia for help getting her sister and brother in law out of the palace so that he and Reva can raise him. Olivia refuses to help him. She goes to Reva and tells her what Richard is wanting to do. Reva goes to Richard and they argue about whether Marissa and Alfred should stay in Jonathan's life. Reva thinks it would be detrimental to banish them from Jon's life.

At the Santos Estate:
Selena falls down the stairs to the wine cellar. Pilar stays with her, upset and telling her how sorry she is. Ben rushes upstairs to call for an ambulance and then called Drew. Selena tells Pilar that she can't move. Finally Drew arrived and was talking to her mom, she was confused when Selena mentions Ben's name in reference to her father. When Frank questions the Santos family about the accident, Ben realizes that Pilar was responsible and forces her to welcome him into her family and to treat him with respect or else he will reveal what she has done which will lead to her arrest and could be some jail time.

At Company:
Ben calls Drew and tells her that there was an accident and Selena was hurt. She had better come out to the Santos Estate.
Beth tells Jim that she wants to break up. He stops her from leaving and assures her there is no other woman for him. They kiss and make up.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

At the Santos Estate:
Pilar tells Ben that she will never accept him into the family and he told her that her options once again. He then told her that he would cover for her only if she gave him a chance; otherwise, he will go to Carmen and tell her that she had rigged the stairs for Ben's demise. He put his hand on Pilar and she told him not to touch her, just then Danny and Michelle came in and Danny told him to unhand his sister. Ben and Danny talked alone and Ben told Danny that he could leave now that he was there, he could fulfill his promise to Michelle to get out of the family business. Danny didn't like how Ben was trying to take over. Ben asserts to Frank that he is to blame for the accident because he noticed the stairs needed to be fixed but left them as they were.

At the hospital:
Drew wanted to know what was up with Selena. Rick looked in on Selena and did a few medical things. He came back with the news of broken vertebras and a neck injury. She turned to Buzz and asked why Selena was talking with Ben at the Santos house. Buzz insists that they concentrate on helping Selena and talk later. Selena cries out that she is paralyzed.

In San Cristobel:
Colonel Dax gives Josh the papers he needs to leave the island with Reva in order to keep Josh from finding Edmund hiding in the next room. Suffering from a terrible headache, Edmund vows to get rid of Jonathan. Reva yells at Richard for trying to get Alfred and Marissa to leave the castle without Jonathan. She threatens to take him to court if he separates the boy from the only parents he's ever known. When Josh arrives with the traveling papers, Richard agrees to keep the paternity secret and act as the boy's mentor. Reva then turns to Josh and asks if he's happy that he's gotten what he wanted. She leaves the room and breaks down in tears.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

At the hospital:
Selena wakes up to Buzz sitting by her bedside. He rubs her leg but she doesn't feel a thing. Buzz says that they won't know anything until she is better...Selena says she is worried that she may never get better. Selena talks about Ben...and tells Buzz that if he is Drew's father Drew has the right to know. She has made up her mind and she will tell Drew that the guy in Chicago brought her to Ben. Buzz tells her that would be her biggest mistake.
Drew is feeling guilty about Selena's fall. Ben offers to help her with her search for her father...Drew asks why he wants to help her and Ben just shrugs it off to having a thing for families. They talk about a lawsuit and Drew says she wasn't planning on one. Ben says he'll take care of Selena's hospital bill too. Drew thanks him and Ben wishes luck on her search.
Buzz tells Selena that he loves her and wants her to move in with him at least until she is up and around again. She tells him that she cannot move in with him. She doesn't think they should be making decisions and commitment like this until they know how bad she is. Buzz says he will get through this with her.
Buzz tells a hospital worker that he will cover the costs, Ben arrive and says that he will cover the costs. Buzz initiates an altercation and tells Ben that they don't want his help and to get lost.

In San Cristobel:
Josh tells Cassie he booked her a flight and he and Reva will take the Yacht back to Springfield. Reva is angry, she doesn't want to leave her child and knows that Josh can't understand what she is going through. Reva talks about when she learned she had this son...she didn't think it through but she thought she could be his mother...and when she remembered how much she loved him she actually had dreams about holding him again and singing him to sleep and reading to him and laughing with him and fantasized about him being with her and Josh and Marah and Shayne...getting him ready for school. She wants him to be her son. Josh gets up and tells her maybe she shouldn't let him go...maybe there's a way. She says she couldn't do that to him...even if there was a way. Reva says she has to say goodbye to Jon before she leaves.
Edmund introduces himself to Jon as Richard's brother...Edmund. He tells the little guy that he is his friend; they talk about the palace and all of the hidden rooms! Edmund tells Jon that he had asked his mom if Jon could come with him, he then grabs Jon but Reva and Josh come in and he hides with him. Reva and Josh look for Jon and are worried where he wandered off. Edmund lets him go and Jonathan comes down the stairs...Reva says she is so glad he is having so much fun at the palace. Jon asks if she is leaving and is sad when he learns she is, he hugs her. Jon tells Reva that he likes her and Reva promises to visit. Jon asks if he can go play with Prince Edmund? Josh and Reva share a strange look and Josh goes up the stairs but Edmund isn't there anymore. Josh says there was no sign of Edmund...Reva asks if Jon might have mistaken Edmund but Jon says no it is the man of the picture. "Oh God it's him, Edmund he's alive!" Reva says as she hugs Jonathan.

Richard is looking at a letter from Catherine and he burns it. Cassie walks in and spots Richard reading the note. Cassie apologizes. . Cassie says she knows it is difficult to let go of someone you love that much and she knows that he loves Reva. R says only a fool continues to love a woman who doesn't return that love. Cassie says it is killing Reva to leave like this.... to leave Jonathan. Richard he is now concerned about the future of his son, he will rule the country one day and he has to prepare Jon for it. Cassie says that she has seen what he has gone through for Reva and can see why she fell in love with Him. Cassie and Richard talks about losses. Richard thanks Cassie and she says not to give up on love "It is gonna happen for you..." Richard thanks her and kisses her hand and says he won't forget it...Cassie smiles and leaves.

At the Bauers:
Michelle opens the door to Danny....They hold each other and he says he missed her last night and he hates being away from her. They talk about Selena's condition and visiting her...Danny can't because he has an appointment. He tells her about Ben living at the Santos and Michelle hates it too up until Danny talks about Ben's offer to take over and let Danny go legit. Michelle doesn't see how that is a bad idea but Danny wants nothing to do with it. Danny says he thinks Michelle does not understand him at all. Michelle asks him to admit that there is a part of him that just won't let the family business go and he admits that he doesn't want to let it go. Danny says congratulations you got me! He admits to being loyal to his family. Michelle gets upset and begins to leave. Danny tells her that he isn't giving up on her because they cant live without each other.

Friday, September 17, 1999

At Company:
Michelle and Abby are meeting. Michelle tells Abby that she is going back to school - Pre-Med. Michelle feels like she has no life because of all the problems that have overwhelmed her since she became a Santos. Abby asks if she is leaving Danny, but Michelle tells her that she doesn't think she could live without him.
Drew tells Ben about the scarred boy that she believes to be her father. Ben was obviously shaken up about the possibility of Drew being his daughter. He stares at Drew in amazement.
Drew invites Ben for a bite to eat. He wants to talk to Selena, but Drew doesn't want him to upset her. Ben is still staring at her. He wants to know about her, and wants how she would feel if the scarred boy isn't her father. She tells him she believes in fate and asks him again to help her, he agrees. Ben asks a bunch of questions about Millennium, about where she went to school, etc. Michelle comes over and Ben leaves to make a phone call. He calls and gets info on a DNA test. He wants to know what he needs and how long it will take to prove paternity. Ben comes back and tells Drew that he has news about her father that will probably be a shock.

At Spaulding:
Danny goes to Phillip and asks for his help to get Ben out of his house. He reveals to Phillip that Ben had insider information about Cyberlink. He offers to help Phillip if he helps him. Phillip agrees to help Danny. Vicky walks up to Phillips door and eavesdrops on the conversation. At the end of their meeting, Vicky walks in and wants to know what's up. Phillip tells Vicky that Danny had a business proposal but he turned it down. He leaves his office but comes back just in time to hear Vicky leaving a message for Ben.
Vicky calls Ben again and tells him to call on his cell phone. Phillip comes in and asks him to help out on a new job. He tells her that she would most likely be running the show, a gift for her loyalty and hard work.

In San Cristobel:
Reva and Richard argue about Jon. Reva doesn't want Jon anywhere near Edmund and wants him to leave San Cristobel . Richard says that he will step up security to protect him. Reva argues, she wants to take Jon with her, Richard says "No", Josh agrees. Reva is overwhelmed and runs out. She lies to Josh and tells him that he and Richard convinced her that Jon should stay there; she goes off to be alone. She goes to Olivia and tells her to take Jon and run, get him out of SC and away from Edmund forever.
Cassie comes in and tells Reva that she is all packed and ready to go home. She says goodbye and leaves. Josh knows Reva is up to something but Reva doesn't want him to know. Olivia comes in and Josh understands what's going on. He tells her that she can't take Jon away from Richard. Reva says that she can't risk Jon's safety. He gives in and asks how he can help. Reva tells Jon goodbye. He hugs her and tells her not to be sad. Marissa promises Reva that Jon will never forget her. Reva wants to wait for Richard to let him know what's up, Josh says that they need to just leave and not say anything to Richard. Reva writes a letter to Richard and they begin to leave. Richard comes in and tells her she is always welcome in San Cristobel . She gives him the letter and gives him the letter with instructions not to open it until they leave. They get on the Santos Yacht and drift away. Reva is upset, wondering if she did the right thing. Richard reads the letter and is upset that she has left him and took his son away from his again. Cassie comes in to retrieve her plane ticket and finds an upset Richard. She follows him out onto the beach as he yells out for Reva, asking her how she could do this to him again.
Edmund chloroforms the driver and takes over his post and waits for the young Prince and Olivia. Jon, Olivia and Marissa get in the car. Jon gets out and runs. Edmund catches him and Olivia sees who it is. She hits him and then knocks his head against the car once he is dazed. She, Jon and Marissa run away.

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