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Passions Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on PS
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Monday, September 13, 1999

Theresa "dream a little dream" Lopez-Fitzgerald once again finds herself dreaming of Ethan Crane. Still inspired by the Gone With the Wind movie and the fact that Ethan sat next to her and kissed her hand, she can't get him off her mind. She and Whitney are standing outside the chicken shack and watching Ethan and Gwen talk. Theresa can't resist the opportunity to get close to Ethan one more time despite Whitney advising against it. While Whitney has her back turned, Theresa has an idea. She convinces one of the waitresses to let her wear the chicken outfit and take Ethan and Gwen's order to their table.

Whitney is surprised to literally bump into Frank once again. Does that man ever do anything besides eat? I am beginning to think that he is a stalker himself and that Whitney is his personal target. She agrees to sit with him for a few minutes. She has no idea where Theresa has gone, but she is more concerned about not letting anything slip to Frank.

Gwen and Ethan are talking about the stalker and how the restaurant was once the Burger joint that Theresa had worked at and dumped the sauce and stuff on. He decided to stay and was attempted to reassure Gwen that she was the only woman for him. He was trying to quote her his favorite romantic poem but just couldn't think of the words. As their food was brought out, Gwen had left the table and Ethan looked into Theresa's eyes. She panicked for a moment thinking that she had been recognized. Instead, Ethan began to recite the poem to her. She was so touched by his actions that she was about to remove the chicken mask and reveal herself to him thinking that he had finally fallen in love with her. As Gwen approached the table, Theresa regained her better judgment and left the mask on her head. He turned to Gwen and stated that the waitress had inspired him and he remembered the words to the poem. He recited it to Gwen who gave him a kiss. Furious and hurt, Theresa strutted her chicken disguised self out the door. Whitney realized that it was her friend and left Frank at his table.

Outside the restaurant, Theresa again stated that she was once and for all over Ethan Crane and that she would no longer torture herself over his lack of love for her. Whitney knew better, but was relieved that she had escaped yet another close call from the detective.

Tabby and Timmy were stopped by the Priest and Tabby was screaming from the Holy Water sprinkling she was getting. Timmy retrieved some type of feathery item from the glove box for her and she still could not overcome the power of the Father. She finally threw the car into reverse and backed away. Later at home Timmy asked her if the next time they needed to leave in a hurry if Tabby would please not drive all the way home in REVERSE! She and Timmy were afraid of what was in the basement. The forces in the basement seemed displeased with Tabby's failure to carry out her plan. She and Timmy tried to look into the bowl or rainwater to see what was going on in Castleton. But Tabitha's powers were gone, she could not even stand up from her exhaustion and from the attack of Holy Water the Priest had sprinkled on her Tabby fell into the floor and a green smoke filtered from her mouth. Timmy did not know what to do and Fluffy also came for him. But he managed to scare the cat away.

Over in Castleton the flames were getting hotter. The Fire Chief informed the Bennett's that they could not go into the home as there were no fire trucks on the scene. He then told them that there was a fire in the adjoining town and that all the units would be there fighting that fire and that no one would be available to respond to the Standish house fire. Miguel heard Charity screaming his name and he went into the house after her. He was struck by a piece of falling debris from the ceiling and knocked out.

Grace was begging God for a miracle and meanwhile the Priest was back at the church praying. The little girl appeared again. The Priest asked her if everyone was safe. She replied that it was too soon to tell that the night was not over yet and more things would happen.

From out of nowhere the cloudless sky began to pour rain over the Standish house. Grace and Sam were excited even though the Fire Chief lacked their enthusiasm. The rain fell against Miguel's face waking him up. He called to Charity and she answered. He picked her up to carry her outside. He tried to find her mother but could not see her due to the smoke. Faith lay only a few feet away from him but he could not find her. He carried Charity outside where Dr. Eve began to check her vital signs. Grace asked if she were alive, but Eve did not respond.

Today we leave Harmony with Faith passed out on the living room floor surrounded by flames, Charity unconscious on the ground outside with the Bennett's, Dr. Eve, and hero Miguel, Tabby out like a light on her living room floor with a strange green vapor oozing out of her mouth, or maybe into her mouth, it is hard to say for sure which. Timmy all alone in a panic over his Princess, and the viewers watching in awe wondering just how many more days can one house remain on fire!

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

The ambulance finally arrived in Castleton and Charity was rushed to the hospital with Dr. Eve Russell and Miguel by her side. Upon arrival the entire Bennett family was there courtesy of Reese. Charity remained unconscious as the family waited to hear of her condition. Meanwhile the Fire Chief announced that they had not yet been able to go into the Standish home to look for Faith.

Kay was her usual self as she watched the news of the fire from home. It was obvious to both Simone and Jessica that Kay was anxiously awaiting to hear that her cousin Charity had perished in the flames so that she could have Miguel all to herself with no competition. Kay and Jessica had a fight until interrupted by Reese who took all three of them to the hospital.

Sheridan was found sitting in a fetal position in the living room of the Crane Mansion by Ethan. She told him of the night in question and how it had haunted her for years. Ethan had been there that night and remembered that there was a coffin in the living room and that the next day Sheridan had been shipped off somewhere far away. It was years later before he even seen his Aunt again. She told him that she knew she was somehow responsible for the death of the person in the coffin. She was sent to her Nanny's home in Paris and was counseled by doctors and hypnotized into believing that the night was all a nightmare and not real. She had finally believed that until arriving back into Harmony this year. He vowed to help his Aunt overcome this nightmare and get to the bottom of things. They took off to the town newspaper office and discovered a paper printed the morning following the incident. There was no mention of anything in the paper. Sheridan remembered that the family had purchased the paper about the same time, therefore explaining how the incident was covered up from the rest of the world.

Hank and Luis spend most of the evening in the police department discussing relationships, women, settling down and Sheridan Crane's police file. When Luis walked away from his desk, Hank sat down and began to play with the computer. He entered the name "Jack Gallagher" into the FBI Files and guess who's picture showed up? Hank Bennett. He apparently has an alias and is wanted by the FBI. Just before getting caught, he shuts down the screen and he and Luis joke about "what if" he were a real hard criminal. Luis told him that best friend or not, he would have to do his job and turn him in. Hank realized his friend was a true cop to the bone and that he had better keep his secret life just that, secret.

Later the two of them discovered Sheridan and Ethan in the newspaper office. Ethan quickly reminded Luis that he was not criminal and that his family owned the newspaper and that he had every right to be there. Luis still followed his gut instinct and knew that something mighty important must be there in order for the two Cranes to be there in the middle of the night. Sheridan is unsure of whether she really wants to know the truth about that night, but can't help being haunted by the fact that she doesn't know what really happened.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Sheridan and Ethan are still in the newspaper offices searching through the stacks for clues to Sheridan's past and "that night." When Ethan climbs on op of a desk to get some out of reach papers Frank unexpectedly opens the door. Ethan Comes crashing down to the floor sending a bunch of newspapers tumbling down with him. In the ensuing chaos, Ethan's leg is revealed to be injured and Sheridan and Frank help him out of the office, none of them noticing a paper with the headline, "Mystery Disappearance."

At the hospital, Theresa, Whitney, Luis and Hank are there to give support to Miguel. Luis is still wondering what Ethan and Sheridan were up to, but Hank tells him to back off. Eve tells Miguel some grim news. Charity's unconsciousness is due to her brain swelling and creating pressure. Miguel is worried by the news. Theresa and Whitney realize Ethan is in the hospital and try to get information on what happened to him, while avoiding Frank. Upon seeing Sheridan Luis can't resist the opportunity to question her again about what she and Ethan were up to at the newspaper office. While at the hospital Sheridan takes advantage of an opportunity to talk to a doctor, Eve, about her nightmares and sleeping problems. Luis manages to get a hold of a note Eve makes regarding Sheridan.

The fire at Faith's house is put out and the search begins for signs of Grace's twin.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Antoinette Brown

Sheridan fixes her nephew breakfast in bed. Ethan chafes at the idea of staying in bed all day because of his sprained ankle. Confessing to his aunt that he was just having a dream about a woman other than Gwen, Ethan describes the mix-up that happened at the movies. Sheridan is puzzled that the mystery girl wasn't angry at having a strange man kissing her hand.

Whitney pulls a reluctant Theresa out of bed and away from dreaming about a certain you know who. She tries to get through to Theresa that Ethan is in love with Gwen, not her. Theresa brushes that aside, preferring to tease her girlfriend about her growing feelings for Frank. Though Whitney at first tries to deny it, Theresa is able to get her to admit that she has been thinking a lot about the private detective lately. Theresa also reassures her friend that she has her feelings for Ethan Crane under control.

Luis and Hank work on fixing up the youth center for the kids. When Hank criticizes Luis for always working too much, Luis snaps that he needs the money. By the way, Luis wonders, just what is Hank doing to support himself? Hank offers a few feeble replies before stating (rather unconvincingly) that he has been living off of some money he had saved up. A doubtful Luis offers to lend his friend a few dollars. Hank dodges the subject and focuses back on Luis' all work and no play attitude. When he tries to convince the cop to play hooky from work one day in the future, the ever responsible Luis reminds Hank that they are adults now. Their conversation is put on hold when Beth brings the appreciative guys some coffee and food. Though Luis seems clueless about the young woman's feelings for him, Hank is quick to notice that Beth is still carrying a torch for her old flame. When Luis steps out of the room, Hank mentions his observations to Beth and encourages her to go for it. She isn't so eager to put her heart on the line again and have it broken the same as before. Luis' old girlfriend is aware of his familial obligations and she realizes that his circumstances haven't really changed that much. Once an emotional Beth takes her leave, Hank tells his buddy that Beth just might be the perfect girl for Luis.

Whitney is worried about Theresa going to work at the Crane mansion since Ethan is going to be at home recovering. Theresa doesn't think there will be any problems. She gives Whitney a picture that she had developed of the two of them. Pilar comes in and updates her daughter on Charity's condition. The older woman can't fathom why her family must endure so much tragedy. When Theresa tries to offer her some comfort, Pilar instead warns her daughter to stay away from Ethan Crane lest she add to the Lopez-Fitzgerald's troubles.

Sheridan is still worried about Luis discovering her at the newspaper last night with Ethan. She correctly suspects that he is growing more suspicious of her. She tells Ethan about her recurring dream and about the mystery man who appears in them from time to time. In her most recent dream, the mystery man told her that he loved her even though he knew what she had done. Ms. Crane is doubtful that particular fantasy will ever become a reality.

Frank surprises Whitney at the country club where he asks her for tennis lessons. The two continue their flirtation as Whitney shows him some basic pointers. He stuns the young girl by calling her beautiful one minute and a liar the next!

Theresa tells her mother that she has always loved Ethan--since she was a child even. She has always thought of him as her Prince Charming, coming in not only to make her life better but to make all of their lives better. She breaks down in tears as she describes to her mom how she saw Ethan pledge his love to Gwen. While Pilar can understand how it feels to carry a torch for a man you can't be with, she advises her daughter to give up on her impossible dream.

Ethan promises to keep Luis from digging into Sheridan's past. She informs her dismayed nephew of her plan to move back to Paris once her community service is completed. Ethan counsels her to start keeping her cool around Luis.

Luis agrees with Hank that Beth may indeed be the one for him. However, until he can commit completely to a woman, Harmony's finest won't consider marriage to anyone. Changing the subject, Luis starts harping on how much he hates his family (Theresa and Pilar) being involved with the Cranes.

Whitney is enraged at Frank's assertion that she is a liar. Frank admits that he is not really there for lessons; the real reason he is there is for information on the stalker. He thinks that she is covering for the stalker. He reminds her of how disappointed her parents would be to find out that she was involved in something criminal.

Ivy tells Theresa to help Ethan with some secretarial work. Needless to say, Theresa is thrilled. Ethan thinks that there is something familiar about his mother's personal assistant. Theresa reveals to Ethan her love of poetry and he in turn reveals his affinity for English class. He wanted to be a writer but his family disapproved. An admiring Theresa praises his writing skills and urges him to follow his heart. Luis ribs Sheridan when she is late for her first day at the youth center. When she mentions her plan to leave town as soon as her sentence is up, Luis' cop instincts go on full alert. Touching the door that Luis has just painted red, Sheridan is horrified to see that her hands look like they are covered with blood. The scene is eerily reminiscent of her recurring dream and triggers the requisite flashback. A tearful Sheridan flees the room leaving behind a puzzled Luis and a concerned Hank.

Whitney promises to tell the truth to Frank if he promises to drop the investigation. She guarantees that Ethan has nothing to fear from the girl who was stalking him. As she takes her leave she unknowingly drops the picture of herself with Theresa. Frank picks it up and recognizes the girl he has been looking for. He asks a club member if he knows the girl in the photo with Whitney. The private eye is interested to learn that she was just at the country club with Whitney a few days ago. Just as Frank is getting closer to the truth, a mistaken Whitney is on the phone telling Theresa that she thinks she finally managed to convince Frank to drop his search for the stalker.

Theresa enters Ethan's bedroom just as he is having a dream about confronting his stalker. A terrified Theresa is frozen with the fear of discovery when Ethan wakes up shouting threats at her.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Finally, the week long day in Harmony came to an end! We have a new day dawning. Timmy is distressed to have Tabby lying out cold on the floor. He has retrieved the morning paper with the front page covering the fire in Castleton. He attempts to wake Tabby with a kiss just like in the fairy tales. It works and Tabby rises from the floor. When she asks what happened, Timmy tells her about the green stuff that oozed from her mouth. She is not happy as this means that she has lost all of her powers. She is not any happier when Timmy shows her the morning paper stating Charity's survival of the fire and her mother's missing body. Tabby is not herself and Timmy attempts to call a doctor. Tabby will not allow it and tries to think of what to do. Timmy, being the little creative doll that he is, mimics his and Tabby's favorite show by paging a witch doctor.

Timmy: Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay, emergency, emergency, come right away!

Poof! There he is! The original Dr. Bombay materializes in the Lennox living room and Timmy is amazed that it actually works. He feels that if Dr. Bombay can help Endora and Samantha, on Bewitched, that surely he can cure Timmy's little Princess! Tabby is not at all amused by this development. In fact, she and Dr. Bombay get into a heated discussion of the lack of love lost between them.

Dr. Bombay: You! if I had known it was you I wouldn't have bothered to materialize. I tried to help you 300 years ago, I could have kept you from being burned at the stake, but NOOOOO, you wouldn't have it.

Tabby: Not you! You're a quack; you couldn't help yourself across the street!

The two older than dirt practitioners of darkness continue to hash out old disputes. Timmy can't believe his ears; these two hate one another! Dr. Bombay disappears and Tabby instructs Timmy not to call Dr. Bombay ever again.

After he leaves, Tabby has another idea, borrowed from Timmy; she will kill Charity at the hospital. A few moments later she emerges into the living room in a nurse uniform, wig, and a whole new appearance. She announces herself as "Nurse Kevorkian" She then proceeds to demonstrate to Timmy how she plans to kill Charity by placing a pillow over a struggling Timmy's face.

But Tabitha may just have to stand in line to kill Charity. It seems that Kay already has the same idea. She has been asked by Miguel to stay with Charity long enough for him to go home to shower and bring back some flowers to brighten the room. Kay agrees but isn't happy. She and Simone have already had a conversation in which Kay is obviously awaiting Charity's demise. She states that it will give her a chance to wear that new black dress she had convinced her mother to buy her a while back. Simone is disgusted with Selfish Kay and her sorry, morbid attitude. But Kay doesn't care; she only cares about Miguel. She will do anything to have Charity eliminated from the competition. As Miguel leaves he tells Kay that it is scary to know that Charity must have the oxygen to survive. When he and Simone leave the room, Evil Kay approaches the bed and suspiciously observes the oxygen control. Wonder what she is thinking?

Frank is hot on the trail of the stalker. He has gone to the High School and managed to sneak a peak at the Harmony Yearbook and finds Theresa's picture and sees her real look. He questions a few students, one of whom is Kay, who has left the hospital by now. She tells Frank that Theresa has changed her class schedule to work for some rich lady in the afternoons. She reveals that Theresa is going around wearing a disguise and that she is apt to do anything because that's how crazy she is. He has also intimidated Whitney and Whitney knows that Frank knows who the stalker is. He found the picture of the two friends and knows that Whitney has lied. But he doesn't care much, because Frank is now obviously starting to fall for Whitney, and he has solved his case.

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! Gee, there's the bell going off in Frank's head. Finally the clue bus has run through Harmony and picked up its' first passenger! Frank, Mr. Know It All Detective, has finally figured it out. Theresa is the stalker and she is employed by Ivy Crane and in the Crane Mansion near Ethan. Give this boy a prize!

Ivy pressures Gwen to marry her son, stating that she has been patient enough and is tired of waiting for the "Big Day." But the "Big Day" just got further away!

Gwen is a little jealous cause she and Ivy walked into Ethan's bedroom and found Theresa lying on top of him in his bed! He was dreaming of the stalker and when Theresa approached the bed to leave a typed manuscript for him, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down on top of him. He thought she was the stalker. Once he awoke from his dream and realized he had grabbed Theresa, he was embarrassed. To make matters worse, her necklace became tangled in his shirt and they were stuck together long enough for his Mommy and Fiancée' to catch the two of them in a very compromising position!

After freeing herself from him she leaves the room excited for being so close to her dream man. But Gwen is not so happy with the situation. Ethan tries to explain to Gwen, who is starting to feel a little bit insecure now that Ethan has so far this week; kissed the hand of another woman in the theater by mistake, admitted that he likes and trust Theresa, and just been discovered with the housekeeper's daughter straddling him in his own bed. The two of them kiss and make up. Theresa is standing outside the door and hears him explain that he and Theresa are from two different worlds and that they could never last through one date, much less a lifetime together.

Theresa is so upset she decides to quit her job. She tells Ivy who is now upset and demands an explanation. Theresa will not tell her why she wishes to end her job at the Crane Mansion. Ivy asks if it is because of Ethan and she will not say. She then goes upstairs to gather up a few personal belongings and depart the Crane household for good.

Outside the Mansion, the Clue Bus has just dropped of Frank, Mr. Anxious, who can't wait to tell Ivy Crane that Theresa is the stalker. Ivy laughs at him and obviously can't wait to hear what else he has to say.

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