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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, September 20, 1999

by Sandy Townsend

Andy was cleaning up his apartment and found a letter that had been delivered for Molly. He looked at it and then grabbed some of his stuff and left the apartment. As he was rushing out of his apartment, he ran smack dab into Molly. Andy asked her what she was doing there, and she said that she lived there. She said that she had seen the landlord cleaning out Reid/David's apartment, and she had gone for it and was living there.

Andy asked her how she could live in that apartment of all places. She asked Andy why, if he was over her, it should bother him that she lived by him. He got frustrated, told her to do whatever, handed her the envelope, and left. She opened the envelope and got a big smile on her face as she read the letter.

Holden was sitting at the desk, holding a piece of paper, and Lily gave him a glass of iced tea. He thanked her, and Lily could see that something was bothering him. He said that he hadn't wanted to tell her at that moment, but Mrs. Williams, the lady that had adopted his and Molly's daughter, had sent him a letter telling him that Abigail was asking about her birth parents. Mrs. Williams was asking in the letter if it was okay to tell Abigail about him.

He and Lily talked about it, and Holden said that he was hoping that everything would settle down for a while, and they could concentrate on their family. Lily told him that maybe Abigail was just curious and nothing would become of the letter. They talked about Abigail and the fact that she was 16 years old and probably driving and crazy about boys. As they were talking, they heard a knock at the door, and Molly waltzed in.

Molly told Holden about the letter that she had gotten, and she was all excited. She said that she was going to call Mrs. Williams. Lily got a hold of her and settled her down. Lily said that just because Abigail was making some inquiries about her birth parents did not mean that they should be barging in on the family. Molly said that Lily was right, and she decided to wait to hear from Mrs. Williams.

Tom and Margo were kissing on the couch of their house. Alec arrived at the door and banged on it; he yelled that he knew that Margo was in there. Margo jumped up and told Tom that he had to leave. He asked her why he had to leave, and she said that he had to hide. He said that he would not hide -- that was what a boyfriend did. Finally, he headed to the other door, but when he got around the corner, he stayed there and listened.

Margo let Alec in, and he asked her what had been keeping her. She had an excuse, and he asked if he could enter; she invited him in. He was there to give her a severance check, and she didn't take it. She told him that she didn't want to make him feel better. He asked her if Tom gave her any support money. She said that he gave her a little for Casey, but she didn't take any for herself.

Alec told Margo that he couldn't hire her back, even if he wanted to. She questioned him on that, and he informed her that Tom had hired Emily at the Argus to work with him. That got Tom angry, and he walked around the corner and acted like he had just walked in. Alec told Margo that she hadn't told him that her husband was there. She informed him that he had just gotten there. She asked Tom why he was there. Alec told Tom that he had been telling Margo about Emily working at the office with him.

Margo looked at Tom and said that she wanted to see him outside. She excused herself to Alec. Margo and Tom went outside, and Margo said that he had not learned anything. He had Emily right by his side, and the same thing was going to happen. He told her that he had no interest in Emily and reminded her what they had been doing just a few minutes before on the couch inside. She said that she didn't want to talk about that. She told Tom to go back to the office and be with Emily, and she went back inside.

Inside, Margo told Alec that he had fired her and hired Emily. Alec told her to calm down. She told him to stop telling her to calm down; she hated it when men said that to her. Alec asked Margo what was going on between her and Tom. She reminded him that they were separated, and he had his girlfriend working side by side with him.

Alec asked Margo if he could hire her to be a consultant for him. She suggested that she be his consultant for his security. He agreed, and he left, telling her that he would see her later. After Alec was gone, Margo got on the phone. She called Hal and told him that she was back in; she was going to be a consultant to Alec for his security department.

Emily was at the Argus, and she had Danny with her. Lisa was watching her from the door. Lisa walked in and told Emily that she was keeping an eye on her. She was not going to let Emily manipulate Tom by using the baby. Emily denied that she was doing that. Lisa told her that she had written the book on how to trap a man, and she was not going to let Emily get her hooks into Tom. Emily asked where Tom was, and said she thought he should be there already. Lisa said that she knew where Tom was -- he was with his wife, Margo, and there wasn't anything that Emily could do about it.

Lisa told Emily that she had an assignment for her to go out on. Over in the next town, they had a sewage leak, and she needed Emily to go check it out for a story. Emily made a face and asked if there was someone else that could check it out; she had to stay there with Danny. Lisa told her that was another thing -- the office was no place for a baby. Emily told Lisa that she could watch the baby and added that, "by the way," he needed to be changed, and she thought that he had a poopy diaper. She gave Lisa a diaper and walked out.

Lisa took care of the baby and then Tom walked in. Lisa warned Tom that Emily was using Danny as the bait to trap him again. Tom told Lisa not to worry; he and Margo were getting back together. Emily walked in and said that she hadn't expected Tom back so soon. Tom asked Lisa to give him and Emily a minute alone; he needed to speak to her.

Lisa left. Tom told Emily that he had been with Margo earlier -- she still had his heart, he still had her heart, and it was never going to change. Emily had her back to Tom, and she started to cry. Later, Tom was in the hall, talking to Lisa, and he told her that he had told Emily that he was still in love with Margo. Lisa warned him that Margo knew that he had hired the bimbo to work for him. In the office, Emily was watching Tom talk to Lisa, and she told Danny not to worry -- she would get his daddy for him, and Margo was not going to mess up their lives.

Alec was back in his office, talking to someone on the phone. He told the person that Margo was working for him again -- not too close, but at arm's length, where he could keep his eye on her. He told the person to get back to Oakdale, and the target would surprise the hell out of him.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

by Sandy Townsend

Tom was on the rooftop where he and Margo had spent a very romantic evening. He had thought of everything. He had candles, champagne, and romantic music. He said that all he needed was for Margo to read the paper.

At Margo's house, she was working on Alec's case. She was trying to figure out a connection with him. She started to think about Tom, and she went to put on some music. She heard a thud against the house. She went outside, yelling at the paperboy for hitting the house with the paper. She took the paper in and opened it to the front page. She saw that a building was being condemned in town. She realized that it was the building where she and Tom had spent a very romantic evening on the rooftop. She went running out.

On the rooftop, Margo ran out, and Tom was standing there with two glasses of champagne. At first, she was very mad at him for faking the condemnation of the building to get her there. Then she softened a little. They had a discussion about their relationship. She told him that nothing could become of their marriage because Emily was always going to be in the way. She asked him to dump her. He said that he couldn't because she was the mother of his son. He asked her to trust him and tell him what was between her and Alec.

Margo said that she didn't trust him anymore. He said that she didn't believe that. She said that she couldn't stay there anymore, and she left. Tom looked around the rooftop and then he went over and blew out the candles and picked up the small stereo that the music had been playing on.

Tom had a flashback of the romantic evening he and Margo had spent on the rooftop. They were dancing, and it was snowing. Back at Margo's house, she was having the same memory. She started to go upstairs and then she went over to the stereo and turned on the music that Tom had played for her earlier. She put her hands on her face, and she was smiling.

Alec told Eddie that he had lined up some applicants for Eddie to look at to be his secretary. Eddie and Alec waked out into the reception area, and there were several women and a few men waiting to be interviewed. Eddie saw Chris standing there, talking to a very sexy-looking girl. Alec's secretary told him that he had a call, and he went back into his office to take the call. Eddie walked over to Chris and asked him what he was doing there. He sarcastically asked if Chris had decided to become a secretary. Chris says that he hadn't, but he could see some fringe benefits in it.

Chris and Eddie went into Alec's office, and Alec told Eddie that he had to leave to go to an important meeting, and Eddie would have to look at the applicants by himself. Eddie said that Chris was going to help him. Alec wasn't sure about that, but he said okay. Alec left to meet with Robert Carter, his hit man, at the park.

Eddie and Chris saw several of the applicants. Some were very promising, and some weren't. The last applicant, the sexy-looking young lady, was last. Her best attribute was that she served coffee better than any airline attendant. She picked up the coffee and took it over to Chris; she proceeded to spill it on him. Eddie told her that he would call her.

Chris walked out with the young lady. Eddie was going over all the applicants, and Chris walked in and poured himself a glass of scotch. Eddie told him no, but he did anyway. Chris went over and found some cigars on Alec's desk. He took one out and said that Mr. Wallace knew how to live.

At the police station, Jack was taking a picture off the fax machine, and he showed it to Hal. He told Hal that it was Robert Carter, and he was believed to be a professional hit man. Jack told Hal that he thought that Alec Wallace had hired Carter, and they were going to be having a meeting. Jack wanted to go and check things out. Hal told him that he couldn't go without a backup. Jack started to buck him about a backup.

Carly had walked in, and she told Hal to take Jack off the case. Hal told her to mind her own business. Hal had to leave for mayor's house. Carly continued to bug Jack about taking risks. She told him that she loved him and he loved her because he wouldn't take all those risks if he didn't.

Jack insulted her, and she started to leave, but she figured out that Jack was just trying to get rid of her. The phone rang, and Jack got a call about the hit man and a meeting. He left, and Carly was freaking out because he hadn't taken a backup. She figured out where he was headed by what Jack had said on the phone, and she followed him.

Jack arrived at the park, and he was creeping his way through the brush. Carter, the hit man, was standing in the middle of darkness and was watching Jack get closer to him. Alec was also creeping his way through the park toward Carter. Jack stopped, and Carter took out his gun and pointed it at Jack. Carly ran up and said that Jack needed to understand.

Jack grabbed her and acted like they were lovers having a spat, and he led her to a clearing. He started to yell at her about interrupting his stakeout. She started rambling about him not having a backup. He got on his phone and told someone named Perkins to take over. She asked him who Perkins was. He told her that Perkins was his backup. He explained to her that he had called Hal on his way over to the park and had gotten permission to go ahead with the stakeout and that he was following orders and taking Perkins as his backup.

The phone rang, and Jack answered it. It was Perkins telling Jack that Carter and Wallace had gotten away. Jack was not happy with Carly. She said that she had screwed up, but she had done it because she loved him and he loved her. He walked away from her, and she walked over to him and told him to accept it, before he got himself killed.

Back at Alec's office, Chris had turned on the stereo and was sitting with his feet up on Alec's desk. He was saying what nice things that Alec had. Alec walked in and turned off the music. He said that he did have nice things, and he had worked hard for them. Chris jumped up, picked up his glass of scotch, and walked to the other side of the desk. Alec said that he knows that Chris was Eddie's friend, but it was a place of business, and Eddie was there to work, not play. Chris was falling all over himself apologizing to Alec.

Chris left, and Eddie also apologized to Alec. He said that it wouldn't happen again. Eddie asked if Alec needed him anymore that night. Alec told him to leave and have a good time with Georgia. Eddie walked out to where Chris was waiting for him, and Chris told Eddie that he should never turn his back on that guy. He had seen something in Alec's eyes that he didn't like. Eddie snickered at him and shook his head. The boys left. Alec was on the phone and telling the other person that the hit was still on. He wanted to make sure that Detective Snyder didn't interrupt them again.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

by Meredith Thompson

Molly decided to ask Andy for help writing her column. Jake found Lucinda rifling through his desk -- she was looking for dirt on Alec, she admitted -- but Jake refused to be rushed with the story. John, newly returned from his vacation in Las Vegas, showed up at Barbara's and asked if he could see Parker. Jack ranted to Hal about Carly's interference and how it had caused him to lose contact with the hit man. When Carly asked Hal for her old job, Jack threatened to quit if Hal hired her. He reminded the lieutenant of Hal's personal stake, and Hal countered that Jack didn't want her there because he was still in love with her.

Barbara was gentle with John as she said it was not a good idea if he saw Parker -- he still hadn't dealt with the fact that Parker wasn't his son. Vicky interrupted the tête-à-tête between Jake and Lucinda to tell her bickering husband that she'd found the perfect house, and she wanted him to look at it. Jake was reluctant to leave, fearing his big story could break, but Lucinda pushed him to go. Once the couple had left, Lucinda called and ordered the front-page story of the afternoon edition to be changed.

A bitter Andy refused to help and indeed threatened to sue when Molly asked him for the name of the hotel they had stayed at. Jack urged Hal to just say no. John was livid when he learned that Carly had decided she couldn't take care of her son. Barbara confided to him that she wished Parker were still his son, that it would turn out to be a big mistake.

Lucinda learned Jake had thwarted her attempt to change the front page. He rubbed it in, then headed to Bay City with Vicky to pack. Barbara fought back tears as she admitted that having Parker around brought back all the pain of losing Johnny. John comforted her, then vowed never to forgive -- or forget -- the havoc Carly had caused.

Hal promised to hire Carly if she was qualified. Jack observed as Carly struggled to complete the typing test on the computer. An awkward Hal had to tell Carly he couldn't hire her. In parting, Carly insisted to Jack he wouldn't be able to get rid of her so easily -- she would always love him, so he needed to get used to it.

Barbara tried to tell Carly it was not a good time to see Parker, but it was too late -- John had already seen her. Barbara bristled when Carly ordered Barbara to keep John away from her son. John left, but not before promising to Carly that he'd make her pay.

Vicky's mother, Donna, refused the offer to move to Oakdale with them -- her life was in Bay City, she claimed. Vicky wondered why her mother wouldn't want to be near her two grandsons. Molly was forced to leave her column with Lucinda in order to make Jake's deadline. As soon as she left, Lucinda started reading it.

When Carly and Jennifer sparred, Barbara declared she was tired of her house being a battlefield. She wrote Carly a check and promised her she'd pay her $1000 a month if she'd find a decent place for herself and take Parker with her.

Vicky answered Donna's cell phone and heard a doctor say there was a bed available for her in a hospital in New York. Vicky repeated the message to her mother and demanded to know what was wrong.

John went to Andy's apartment, and the two commiserated. Andy admitted he was taking an assignment in Los Angeles to get away from his new upstairs neighbor -- Molly. John promised to do something to Molly and Carly before they could hurt anybody else.

Carly hesitated when Barbara held out the check, remembering her promise to Jack to be honest this time around in making money. Barbara insisted no one, including Jack, would have to know - she said to let her worry about Hal. Carly hesitated further and then took the check.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

by Julie Buck

Though she tried to hide her real reason for seeing her doctor, Donna finally confessed to Vicky and Jake that she had melanoma and would have to be treated in New York. Jake lectured her for not confiding in her daughter sooner and reminded her that they were family. A concerned Vicky insisted on accompanying her mother and said a tearful goodbye to Jake.

Eddie was upset when Alec announced they were leaving town for the night and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. After a chat with Hal near the docks about her undercover investigation, Margo arrived in time to hear them argue and learned about the trip. Eddie was confused when Alec took him to his cabin but wouldn't explain what was really going on with him.

Worried about the hit man who had arrived in town, Margo asked Tom to keep an eye on Casey, though Adam was not pleased. He agreed but was curious why she was so worried. Meanwhile, someone kept an eye on them.

Molly stopped by the Hugheses' house with Andy's camera and caught Chris with his friend Sherry from the job interview. When an upset Sherry stormed out, Molly decided to slip in and help clean the mess Chris had made while Chris took Nancy on a shopping errand. He was surprised by Molly's good deed but then argued with Georgia about her undying support of Eddie.

Friday, September 24, 1999

by Meredith Thompson

Carly rented a new apartment and paid $1000 in cash for her security deposit, but the landlord recognized her name and called the police. At the cabin, Eddie intuited that something was wrong with a nervous Alec. Emily listened at the door as a harried Margo finally told Tom if she didn't leave, somebody could die. Tom deduced that she was working undercover and that she had to be investigating Alec.

Tom refused to let Margo leave, grabbing her and kissing her. The hit man watched as Emily ran out to the driveway and kicked the garbage cans. Eddie heard Alec saying he could handle his problems himself and was reminded of Deena's eerily similar words and how she had ended up -- dead. Tom believed Margo was giving him "a snow job" because he was getting too close. He finally let her go when Margo promised to return to her family.

Jack arrived in response to the landlord's complaint, and the landlord promptly asked him to arrest Carly, because she had to be up to no good. Eddie and Alec bonded when Eddie revisited the pain he had felt at Deena's death. Alec was incensed when the hit man called him and reported that he had lost track of Margo because of Emily. Emily collected herself and banged on the door to Margo's house, telling Tom she needed help -- Alec was forcing her to write a first-person account of her life with Reid/David. Tom reluctantly agreed to help her write it.

Eddie realized Alec was never going to open up, and he took Alec up on his offer of his car. Hiding in the bushes, Margo watched as Eddie left and heard Alec whisper, "Goodbye, son." Carly lashed out when a quizzing Jack asked her for details about the design company that was responsible for her sudden windfall -- she'd do anything for her son, she seethed.

Alec shrugged off Margo's concern about the hit man her former police colleagues had warned her about -- they were not after him, he declared. Margo then asked him about when he called Eddie "son."

Tom tried to distance himself from Emily, telling her Julia was the one to help her. Emily redoubled her efforts, reminding him how David had terrorized her on the Valetta, and Tom was the one who had saved her. Tom was steadfast, however, instructing her to get another reporter to help her.

Emily posed as Margo in order to get directions to Alec's cabin. Carly accused Jack of judging her, but Jack was quick to deny her claim that he hated her. En route to Chris's party, Eddie talked to Georgia about how puzzled he was because of Alec's behavior -- he was going to get hurt, Eddie predicted.

An edgy Alec finally told Margo it wasn't what he had planned for Eddie. Tom and Adam commiserated as they waited up for Margo. Margo wouldn't back off, repeatedly asking, "Why Eddie?" Jack told Carly he couldn't turn his back on her and kissed her.

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