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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, September 13, 1999

Lily is looking around the hospital for Holden. Jake comes up to her and wants to interview her. Lily asks him if he has seen her husband. Jake says that he has not, but maybe she could answer some questions for him. Lucinda tells him to get lost. Lily realizes that Holden may have gone to see David. She goes to David's door and there is a guard there and he says that he has not seen her husband and no one is allowed to see Dr. Hamilton. Lily leaves and goes to Denise's room. Ben is there with her and Lily asks if they have seen Holden and they tell her they have not. Before Lily leaves, Denise tells her that today is Hope's birthday. Denise asks her if she would like to celebrate with them. Lily says yes, but she has to find Holden first. She continues her search. Lucinda goes back with Lily to David's room and the guard still will not let them even look inside. Holden is inside all right and he has his hands around David's neck, strangling him. David is goading him and tells him to do it, kill him. Finally, Holden lets go and says that he is not worth it. Holden says that he wants to see David behind bars for the rest of his life. Holden adds that David will rot in prison. David threatens Holden and says that he will come back and get his family. Lily has called Jack to come to the hospital because she thinks that something is wrong, she can't find Holden. Jack gets to the hospital as Lily and Lucinda are arguing with the guard about letting them in the room. Holden comes storming out of the room and says that he could have killed David, but he didn't. Lily and Holden talk about moving on with their life. Lily asks Holden if he knows what day it is and Holden says that he doesn't but he is sure that she will tell him. She takes his hand and leads him to Denise's room. Ben and Denise are having a birthday party for Hope. Lily asks Denise if Hope could make a wish for her birthday, what does she think that she would wish for? Denise says that she doesn't know, but she thinks that they should all make a wish for her. They each make a wish for Hope and then the four blow out the candles.

Carly is late getting to work and Al is telling her that if she is late one more time, she is going to be history. She gets to work and she sees Margo sitting with someone (it is Alec). She asks the other waitress if that is Alec Wallace sitting with Margo? The waitress says that it is him, the big cheese himself. Carly goes over to their table to take their order. They are trying to order, but Carly is more interested in Alec's businesses. Finally, Margo tells her to mind her own business and take their order. She does and goes to get their food. Alec wants Margo to have a romantic evening with him having dinner in his hotel suite. She keeps talking about the work that she has to do. Alec tells her that they are going to skip breakfast and go get to work, so she can spend the evening with him and not worry about all the work that she has to do. Alec leaves and Margo sees a man sitting across the room hiding behind a newspaper. It is Hal. He is spying on Margo. Margo goes over to him and he tells her that her working undercover is not working. She hasn't got anything on Alec yet. He wants to take her off the case and put Jack on the case. She begs Hal for one more night. She can wear a wire at dinner tonight and she is sure that Alec is on the verge of telling her some secrets. Hal finally gives in and says that she has one more night to come up with something. She thanks him and leaves.

Julia is sitting by herself since Jack had to leave and tend to Lily. Jake comes in and sits with her. She is talking about writing an article for the paper about her times with Dr. Hamilton/David Stenbeck. Jake teases her and says that he can see the headlines now. "My Lover, My Psychiatrist, My Psychopath." She chuckles a little and says that she may be getting ahead of herself. Jake says that she has to learn to walk before she can run. She asks him how he would approach the story. He says that he would go at it backwards and he would interview Holden and Lily. She asks who else he would interview? He looks at her and she says that is right. She says that she lived it, she knows how Holden felt about it and how she had nightmares from it and got hooked on drugs from it. She stands up and says that there is no one better to write the article than her and she walks out.

Alec is at his office ordering the food for he and Margo and their evening together. Carly comes busting in with a bag in her hand. Alec hangs up the phone and his secretary apologizes that this woman got past her desk. Alec tells her that it is OK. The secretary leaves and Carly says that he forgot his flap jacks and she has delivered them to him. He says that is service, but it was unnecessary. She makes him sit down and eat his food. She asks him how it taste and he says that it is good. Carly then starts to work on him. She tells him that she is in fashion design and she is there to make a deal with him. She says that she will go home and get some of her best sketches and come back and show them to him. He says that he is a very busy man and doesn't have time to do that. She says that she will meet him over dinner, anywhere he wants and dinner will be on her. Margo is standing at the door listening to Carly and she says that Alec will not be able to have dinner with her. Carly asks if she is Alec's special secretary? Alec says that Margo is his P. R. Director. Margo says that Alec will not be able to have dinner with Carly, because he is having dinner with her. She tells Carly that she can leave. Carly starts toward the door and then turns to them. She says that someday, Alec will look back and be sorry for not listening to what she has to say to him. Alec says that he will not be her next victim and she can go. Carly leaves. Alec tells Margo that he is confused. What does she want from him? Margo tells Alec that she was jealous watching Carly work on him. Alec says that he felt like Margo was telling him to back off. She says that she was not telling him to back off, she wants him to do the opposite. Margo tells Alec that she is falling in love with him.

Carly gets back to the diner and Al says that this was the last straw and he fires her. Jack is there and watching her. She goes on a rampage. She stands on one of the chairs and tells everyone to listen up. She says that she has done a lot of bad things, but she is not going to hang her head in shame. She looks at Jack and says that she is not doing this to impress him, she wants everyone to know that she is going to build her life back. She gets down from the chair and goes over to Al and hands her apron to him and says that she will not be staying for lunch. She walks out.

Lucinda is waiting outside of David's door. As they wheel him out she says good morning to him. He tells the guard to get him out of there. Lucinda asks the guard to give her a minute with him. The orderly and the guard walk away. Lucinda tells David that he looks small, now. David asks her if she thinks that this is over? She says it is because he is going to prison and then to hell after that. David looks at her with hate on his face. She tells the guard that she is finished and he and the orderly wheel David off. Lucinda goes over to the wall and leans up against it. She says to herself that her family is finally safe.

Tuesday,September 14, 1999

Jake McKinnon is reading The City Times and admiring his article about David Stenbeck. Vicky sneaks into his office and puts her hands over his eyes and asks him who is the hottest babe in Oakdale. Jake answers that he hasn't noticed the women in Oakdale because he pinning away for a blond babe in Bay City, his wife. She says that is a good answer and she sits on his lap and kisses him. As they are kissing each other, Jake suggests that they lock the door and put the top of his desk to good use. Vicky thinks that would be a great idea. He picks her up and is laying her across the desk as Lucinda is walking in. Lucinda tells him that this is not Washington DC and to let the intern go. They both start to laugh. Jake says to Lucinda that she has caught him. Lucinda says that she doesn't think that sexual harassment is funny. Jake tells her to keep it down, his wife won't either and then he adds, "Will you, honey?" Lucinda asks if she is the wife and Vicky introduces herself. Lucinda gets on with business. She tells Jake that she likes the article about David Stenbeck and she wants him to build on it. She starts to ramble about which way they are going to take the story and Vicky starts to laugh. Lucinda asks her if she has a problem with what she is talking about. Vicky says that she doesn't, but Lucinda is going to. Vicky explains to Lucinda that her husband does not like to take orders from anyone. Then Jake and Lucinda get into a big argument about who is going to ordering whom around. Vicky tells them that they are two of a kind and she thinks they are going to get along just fine. Lucinda tells Vicky that she likes her and she leaves. Jake and Vicky go back to kissing and hugging.

Julia goes to see Lisa. She tells Lisa about writing the story about her time with Dr. Hamilton/David Stenbeck and she asks if she would be interested in printing it in her newspaper? Lisa pours Julia a cup of tea to drink while she reads her story. Lisa tells Julia that it is just what The Argus needs and she is going to take it right away to be printed. Julia is surprised and Lisa wonders why she would think that her story wasn't any good? Julia tells her about Jake McKinnon picking on her. Lisa says that he is the competition and he is trying to psyche her out.

Later, Julia goes over to The City Times with a copy of The Argus in tow. She goes to Jake's office, but he isn't in there, Lucinda is. Julia shows Lucinda the article and Lucinda tells her that she knows that it had to be painful to write. Lucinda asks Julia if she has a minute to come to her office and talk to her. Julia says that she can and as they are walking out, Lucinda hands The Argus to Jake's secretary and tells her to make sure that Mr. McKinnon sees it. The secretary lays the paper on Jake's desk. Jake and Vicky come walking in and Jake is telling Vicky that even the coffee taste better in Oakdale. Vicky asks him if there is anything about Oakdale that he doesn't like. As he is going on about how great Oakdale is and everything that he is going accomplish at The City Times, Vicky picks up The Argus and starts to read the paper. Jake sees that she is reading the competition's paper and then when he sees Julia's story on the front page he hits the roof. He says that he can't believe that those bleeding hearts actually printed that story. He says that there is a new sheriff in town. Vicky just smiles at him.

Alec is speechless with the fact that Margo has just told him that she is falling in love with him. She asks him if he has ever had a woman fall for him? He says that it has been a long time ago. They start to kiss and Margo's phone rings. Alec asks her if she wants to get it and she says that she doesn't want to, but she has to because it could be Katie calling about Casey. When she answers it, Hal is on the other end and tells her that he has got the wire for her evening with Alec. Margo acts like she is talking with Katie. When she hangs up, she tells Alec that everything is set, Katie will watch Casey and they can have the whole evening together. Alec tells her that he wants to go to his hotel suite now. Margo is taken my surprise but hides it. She says that everyone says that men aren't spontaneous. She goes along, reluctantly.

When Alec and Margo get to his suite, Alec starts kissing her as soon as they are in the door. Alec tells her that he likes her because she is smart and sexy and cares. Margo says that she likes him because he is strong and intelligent and he cares for the people around him and under his shirt and tie is a really big heart. Alec asks her if she believes that and she says that she wouldn't be there if she didn't. He goes to get the bottle of champagne and she goes to the phone. The phone is dead. When Alec comes back into the room, she tells him that the phone is dead. He tells her that he ordered it that way so they would not be interrupted. He gives her a glass of champagne and she drinks some. He takes her to the couch and they sit down. He starts kissing her on the neck and she giggles. He asks her was she is laughing about and she says that it tickles. He says that maybe it is the champagne and she says, "Oh no, it is you."

Emily shows up at The Argus and Tom is trying to work. She is upset to find out that David has been in Oakdale this whole time. She is afraid that he is going to come after her. Tom reassures her that he is in jail with no bond and then he is going to prison. She smiles at him and says that he always makes her feel better. She starts talking about her future and she thinks that she should get a job. Tom thinks that is a good idea. Emily asks him to get her a job at The Argus. Tom laughs and says that his mother is in charge and she will never give Emily a job. She begs him to try. Finally, he gives in and says that he will ask but for not to get her hopes up. Tom and Emily go over to the Mona Lisa and Lisa is happy to see Tom but not happy to see Emily. She asks Tom what she is doing there. Tom explains that she needs to work and he asks Lisa if she will do him a big favor and hire Emily at The Argus. At first, Lisa says absolutely not. Tom says that he will be responsible for her and it won't be for long, just until she can get some credentials beneath her. Finally, Lisa agrees only if Alec agrees. As Lisa is leaving, Emily says "thanks" to her. Tom tells Emily that they have to run it past Alec Wallace before his mother will agree to it. Emily tells Tom to call his hotel suite. Tom goes to the phone, but the front desk says that Alec is not taking any calls. Emily says that Tom should go up to his suite and knock on the door. Tom asks why he should do that. Emily says that she won't quit bugging him until he does.

In Alec's suite, things are getting hot and heavy. Alec is starting to remove Margo's clothes. She says that maybe they shouldn't....and Alec says that maybe they should and they keep kissing. Alec is taking Margo to the bedroom, when there is a knock at the door. Tom yells out that it is him and he has some business to talk to Alec about. Margo looks at Alec and Alec tells her to ignore him. Margo says that it is her husband and she starts to get dressed. Alec tells her that her husband has rotten timing. Alec goes to the door and lets Tom in. Tom is surprised to see Margo there and he asks if he has interrupted something. They both look at him. Tom goes on to say that he has some business and Margo interrupts him and acts like he is there to remind her about some school business that they need to attend to about Casey. Tom is confused at first, but then goes along with Margo. Tom waits in the hall for Margo and Alec tells her to come back when she is finished. She tells him that she is not sure how long it will take. He says that they will do it some other time, then. Margo walks out into the hall and Tom jumps her right away and wants to know what is going on. Margo says that she can't tell him. She goes down to the lobby and Tom is following on her heels. Emily gets up out of a chair and asks Tom what is up with Margo. Tom says that is what he is going to find out. Emily asks what happened with Alec and Tom says that he didn't get to ask Alec about her job. He walks away and goes over to Margo. He asks her what was going on up there and Margo says, "what do you think?" She tells him that he came in and broke the mood. He says that if that is what happened, then he is glad that he came in when he did and he will continue to interrupt whenever possible. Emily is not happy watching Tom and Margo together. She gets up and goes over to the phone and calls Alec's suite. Alec answers and she tells him who is calling and Alec says, "What can I do you for?" Emily says that she has something that she wants to talk to him about, something that interest them both, Tom and Margo Hughes.

Wednesday, September15tth
by Meredith Thompson

When Tom sees Chris, he's chagrined to realize he forgot about Gram's birthday party. Emily proposes to Alec that they join forces to keep Tom and Margo apart, insinuating that Margo's abrupt exit had little to do with Casey. Chris and Tom join the rest of the Hughes clan for Nancy's birthday dinner and they toast to Stenbeck being in jail, recalling that last year's party aboard the Valetta ended with it sinking. Andy's declaration that he's over Molly is quickly put to the test when she shows up at the restaurant.

Lily visits Reid in jail and expresses her wrath over the torture he has inflicted. Now you'll know what it feels like to be deprive of seeing a child, she spits. Hal castigates Margo for not calling for backup when Alec took her to his suite, then softens when she reveals Alec began confiding in her.

Emily suggests Alec give her a job at the Argus to keep Tom occupied. When Lily is not at Emma's, Holden worries. Emma tries to assure her son that the Stenbeck reign of terror is over. Reid taunts Lily, insinuating that he will haunt her by making her worry every time Faith is the least bit late. Lily concedes she'll never be able to forget the misery that he caused, but that just makes her life now all the more precious. In a year Faith won't even remember he ever existed, she declares.

Emily is nonplussed when Alec turns her down. Alec then calls Margo and commands her to meet him. Hal tells Margo she's not meeting him alone. Nancy thanks Chris for his gift of a Wynton Marsalis CD. Andy leaves the table to go talk to Molly, who's busy trying to drown her sorrows. She insists she didn't know from the start that Reid was David, but allows that Andy probably doesn't believe her.

Margo wears a wire as Alec insinuates that Margo left him because she wanted to be with Tom. Emily stops Tom from lecturing his mother about not causing a ruckus about Emily working with him--Alec turned her down, she informs the pair. Andy is sympathetic when Molly berates herself--he believes Molly is addicted to David, but he can't help her with that.

Lily gloats to Reid that she feels nothing toward him anymore. An agitated Reid insists he will haunt Melinda's dreams. Not this time, Lily denies--I win. Margo surprises Alec when she admits she left because she panicked at the thought of getting intimate. Alec deduces that Margo was feeling pressured, and tells her she's fired.

Bob's questioning of Chris leads to an awkward silence relieved only when the birthday cake arrives. Lily meets Holden at the farm and explains she needed to see Reid behind bars for herself. They decide to take life one minute at a time, a decision which is reinforced by the timer on Emma's stove going off.

Molly visits Reid and tells him she's there to break a bad habit. Alec explains to Margo that given a choice, he'd much rather see her personally than professionally. He shoos her out of his office, counseling her to enjoy life. Alec finds Tom downstairs consoling Emily and says he's reconsidered her proposal.

Reid notices Molly is wearing the pearls he gave her and opines that he found a nobody and turned her into a real woman. A crying Molly declares her independence from him. Reid listens in silence and then begins to applaud.

Margo refuses to rule out the idea of sleeping with Alec to get him to confess--she's cross that bridge when she comes to it, she tells Hal, insisting that she badly needs this "win" in her life. Hal sighs and gives her the green light to continue.

A stunned Emily accepts Alec's job offer. Reid tells Molly he's in her blood--she'll never be free of him. Molly declares there's someone else now, something she's been neglecting--herself. She throws the pearls in the trash on her way out.

At the farmhouse Holden and Lily stare up at the stars and look forward to telling their children, "This is happily ever after."

Thursday, September 16, 1999

by Soap Opera Central

Today's recap was provided by Julie Buck

Molly is trying to get rid of the things that have been dragging her down. She is trying to convince Andy that she is all done with Reed. Andy's brother is trying to get Molly out of Andy's life for good. Molly needs to convince the almighty Hughes/Dixon family that she is really sorry for all the pain and anguish she has caused Andy. Kim, on the other hand, is onto Molly and her manipulative ways. Kim sure doesn't keep her feelings bottled up inside...she laid it on the table straight for Molly. There is no love loss between the two of them. In Your Face is history...and Kim is the one who will--and has--pulled the plug on the program. Kim does realize that Molly has helped Andy...and that Molly has something inside or herself that is good. Kim wonders if Molly really does have a conscious. Molly finds a box with David's stuff in it...what does that mean??? There is a stranger in David/Reed's apartment. Molly is curious as to what this man is doing. He says that he has to get the apartment ready to rent out. This gives Molly an idea. She decides that she is the one who should rent the apartment that once belonged to a Psychopath. She gets the rent down and is given an offer she really doesn't want to refuse. She wants this apartment so she can be close to Andy. Molly gets and advance from Jake for an exclusive about David/Reed. Molly pays the landlord for the apartment.

Andy now has a Molly-free home. Chris is trying to cheer his brother up by making the single life sound wonderful!!! Andy finds a letter addressed to Molly.

Denise and Ben are finally at home after her incident with Reed. Ben is so sweet to Denise by getting everything she needs for her baby. Ben wants to take care of Denise...and Denise isn't too keen with that idea. Ben has taken over her life for her and Denise isn't sure that is what she wants. She just isn't sure how to tell him that but she just comes out and tells him that he can't move in with her. Denise's problem is with the "shacking up" idea. Denise isn't ready to jump into it at the moment and is trying to convince Ben that not living together is the right thing. She wants to do things that are respectable. Now, Ben is ready to set a date...TODAY!!! Ben is ready to call Rev. Dansby so he can get the two of them to the alter...NOW!! Denise is still apprehensive about that. Ben is hurt by her not wanting to get married. Denise just wants to be the best mother that Hope could ever have. Ben listens to Denise's reasoning and agrees that they should hold off on the wedding plans. The door bell rings and it's Holden, Lily and Hope...they are bringing Hope HOME!! Denise is ready to be Hopes' mom. She doesn't want to make up for lost time...she just want to start now. Ben, being the kind and considerate man that he is, wants to let Denise and Hope get reacquainted and he decides to leave. Densie is alone with her daughter...telling her that she will do everything in her power to make her happy, safe and loved. "There is always a shining light by your side!!"

Holden and Lily are getting things ready for Hope to go and live with Denise. Lily and Holden are trying to get through this whole ordeal together. It is obvious that Lily is having second thoughts about giving Hope back to Denise. Holden knows that this isn't going to be easy for them and with the help of Emma and Lucy, they will have the support they need. It isn't easy giving up a child that you have raised since it was born. Holden and Lily arrive with Hope in tow. They are there to give Denise her daughter back. Small miracles are something that Holden, Lily, Hope, Denise and Ben know all too well. Lily and Denise are two people who really care about Hope. It's over for Lily and Holden but it is just beginning for Denise and Ben. They are going to move forward. There is a letter for Holden--from the Williams family--the family that adopted Holden and Molly's daughter Abigail. It's been two years since Holden and Molly tracked her down. Abigail is wanting to know about her biological parents, what she means to them, and how she fits into their life. Abigail wants to meet Molly and Holden and speak to them. There is a picture of Abigail along with the letter. Holden doesn't want to tell Lily about the letter. Lily has been through enough and Holden respects that.

Lucinda and Jake meet again. Lucinda wants her paper back on top but will Jake be able to do that for Lucy?? Lucy has a personal vendetta against Reed Hamilton and wants him to pay. Jake wonders if this story is really news anymore. Jake wants Lucy to understand that putting personal and family tragedies on the front page of a newspaper isn't the way to settle a score with Reed. If anyone can put the paper back on top, Jake can. Lucy sure has met her match with Jake. Then, Lucinda and Molly run into each other and Jake is having a hay day with the two of them. Lucinda suggests to Jake that he use Molly as a way of keeping the Hamilton/Stenbeck story on top. Why not crucify her--Lucinda says. And her is Jake, wanting to make Molly front page news. Molly is the answer that Jake has been looking for. Can Molly really be just that--and answer to his prayers?? Molly is putting the ole Conlan charm to work on Jake. Can Jake and Molly match up to Julia? Jake wants nothing but facts--no white washing it either. Molly will spill the beans about David/Reed for a small price. (Remember, she wants that apartment so she can be close to Andy.)What will Lucinda say about the deal that the Molly and Jake have made??

Friday, September 17, 1999

Molly hovers in the doorway as Lucinda walks into Jake's office and tells him he's fired because of the front-page story about Molly. Georgia pushes an arriving Chris into the Walsh pool. When Eddie learns Margo was fired, he asks Alec if it was because of him. Alec then demands to know what Margo said to him.

Tom exults when he gets a call from Katie alerting him to Margo's dismissal. Alec is incensed when Eddie admits Margo told him he couldn't cut it--who is she to tear you down, not to mention going behind my back? Alec thunders. Jake cites a passage when he realizes Lucinda didn't actually read the article. Molly walks in and objects to Lucinda's characterization of her "lavender prose." Jake informs his boss they might have to print a special edition to keep up with the public's demand.

Emily is bothered when Tom tells her he's taking the rest of the day off to be with Margo. Eddie is surprised by Alec's vehemence, though Alec assures young Silva he was not responsible for his decision to fire Margo. The two discuss Alec's relationship with her and Eddie warns Alec he's setting himself up for a fall.

Katie thanks Georgia for inviting her to the pool party to celebrate Eddie's first day. They toast to making a fresh start. Chris belittles the importance of Eddie's job and Katie wonders aloud if he's jealous. Margo will never stop loving Tom, Eddie asserts. Tom lets himself into the house and claims to be there to do his annual check on the furnace. Margo is thrown when he says he has the day off and she admits she's home because she was fired.

Alec vows to Eddie to teach him everything he knows. Emily informs Alec she's filling in for Tom because he's spending the day with Margo. Lucinda is not swayed by Jake's support of Molly's idea to do a column--she won't pander to the masses. Jake and Lucinda do agree to stop making empty threats--he about quitting, she about firing him. Jake insists that she holds the power over Molly--if her column stops making money for them, Lucinda can fire her.

Emily warns Alec that Margo is first and foremost a cop, and if things don't go her way she'll dig and dig until she finds out why. Margo is charmed when Tom gives her old photos of themselves with the boys along with a frame--what part of town was he in to find a frame with handcuffs on it, she wonders. The two smile and kiss.

When Chris refuses to answer Katie's question about why he's belittling Eddie, an irked Katie tells Chris he doesn't seem to care who he's with, so long as they don't try to have a serious conversation with him. Chris calls to her to come back, but she walks off.

Jake gets Lucinda to agree to hire Molly so long as she doesn't have to see her. Jake is quick to tell an exuberant Molly that her job is merely a trial. Jake captures his boss's attention by showing her a picture of Alec and hinting that he's working on a major story.

Chris mutters to himself that Katie is wrong, he does need somebody. He jumps into the pool and chases after a skinny-dipping brunette, who then disappears as a figment of his imagination. Jake assures Lucinda he can't get into specifics, but her paper will get his story first. Tom draws Margo down to the couch--I've missed you, he whispers.


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