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Monday, September 13, 1999

When Ben catches her rifling through his briefcase, Tess claims she was only trying to put his papers back in order after Benjy messed them up. An incensed Bette rails at Sean for breaking her daughter's heart. Meanwhile, Emily confronts Amy, who awkwardly attempts to apologize for betraying her only friend. Bette reads Sean the riot act, then forbids him to ever see Emily again. Wandering the beach alone, Meg recalls happier days with Ben before their romance began to come apart at the seams. Emily coldly advises Amy to go to hell. Benjy backs up his nanny's lie after catching Tess' warning glance. Jude's curiosity is piqued when he spots Caitlin's notes about how to have someone declared an unfit mother. Olivia, Cole and Annie learn that Tobias has moved but they get nowhere trying to pry information about his new address out of the housekeeper. Meg spots Ben and Maria walking their son to school. Annie finds a way to gain an advantage over Cole and Olivia.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Michael goads Ricardo to work harder on strengthening the muscles in his hands and arms. Gabi assures Antonio that the archbishop changed his mind about the promotion only to avoid overburdening one of his favorite priests. Sean approaches Emily on the beach and begs her to let him explain. Cole and Olivia are annoyed to realize that Annie has managed to outwit them. Meanwhile, Annie finally meets Tobias for the first time. Recalling the archbishop's odd remarks, Antonio privately wonders if his brother let the cat out of the bag about his indiscretion. A.J. offers Bette a sympathetic ear as she frets about her daughter's heartbreak. When Vanessa asks permission to borrow his car, Ricardo thinks about the videotape he hid in the glove compartment and claims the vehicle's brakes are in bad shape. Annie releases a flood of crocodile tears to convince Tobias that she's grieving for her late husband. Emily is on the verge of forgiving Sean but bursts into a fresh fury when he sheepishly admits that he slept with Amy a second time. The archbishop asks Antonio to come clean with him.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Michael hands Ricardo a few papers and the video tape out of his glove compartment. When Ricardo looks at tape he recalls seeing it for the first time. Ricardo thanks Michael for giving him the stuff. Then Gabi comes in and asks what they are talking about. Michael told her that Ricardo sent him to get his car registration renewed and all the paper work was in the car so he got everything out. Gabi says that she didn't have to do that and offers to take care of it. Them Maria walks in. Ricardo says to himself that he can't let Antonio and Gabi know that he has the tape of them making love. Not before he makes them pay for betraying him.

Ricardo slips the tape in his drawer. Maria gives him a disc man to listen to. Gabi says that Maria is in a good mood and asks Maria if it was anything special. Maria recalls Ben telling her that he wants to be with her and making love with him. Ricardo asks her if it is good. She says that she hopes so. Gabi says that Maria probably has a good reason for keeping the secret and that she has that same problem with not telling her secret to another girl. And Ricardo asks what her secret is. She says that she just left the rectory and Antonio was there with the archbishop. Gabi says that she thinks that the archbishop had a change of heart about not giving Antonio his promotion. Ricardo says to himself that there's no way. Ricardo says to himself that after what he told the archbishop about the two of them it can't be good news. Maria says isn't this great news Ricardo. He mumbles yes. Gabi says that she hopes that she's right because Antonio deserves that promotion more then anything. Ricardo asks Maria if they could go to see what's happening with Antonio at the church but Maria says she can't go then because Benjy only has a half of day of school. Gabi says she will take him.

Meg is at Sara's and her store hanging up some pictures. When she comes across a painting of a mom reading a book to a little boy, she has a flashback of that day when she saw Maria and Ben walking Benjy to school. Then she puts back that picture and walks back to the front of the store. Ben had just walked in and Meg asks why are you here? He says that he couldn't stay and she knows why. He says you saw me and Maria taking Benjy to school. She say that she wasn't following him. She says that things are over between them and that she's accepted that. She says that she, Ben, and Maria have a whole new set of realities to deal with. Ben says that things have changed. She says well then you should know then that going over and over it won't make things better and asks why he's there. He says that he saw how she looked when she walked away at the school. She says that she can take care of herself. He says that he couldn't just walk away. She says that he knows that he has to. He asks her to listen to him and that he just wants to make her feel better and that's why he came there. He pulls out a box and gives it too her. She asks why he is doing this to her. He say because he hasn't stopped caring about her. She opens the box and it's a pearl necklace. She says for God's sake Ben. He says that he felt that she wouldn't take them because they were expensive. He says that whatever they have between them there were still a gift. She says that he's wrong and that they were a symbol of they're commitment a pearl a week until they were married. She says that she can't even look at them. say he didn't do it to hurt her and she agrees but she can't pretend. He says but she can't just pretend that what they have is nothing less then what they did. He said that he is trying to convince himself that being with Maria and Benjy was the right thing. Meg says that he made that decision and he knew it was right. He said maybe in his head but he doesn't think he was really sure. Ben says that he never really believed it with a whole heart. Meg said he wasn't making any sense. Ben said that he was to him. Ben said that he doesn't know how to say this but he thinks he made a terrible mistake. Meg says how dare you. She says that he said there wasn't any future for them. He admits that he isn't making any sense. He says that he misses what they had and that it was right. And they kiss. When they stop Maria is standing in the doorway.

Annie finds Tobias and plays the grieving widow just to get him to sign over Treys inheritance. Just as he is about to sign his name Cole an Olivia burst through the door and tell him to stop and not to sign. Annie acts as if she doesn't even know them at all. Tobias asks you she is and she says that she is Gregory's wife. Annie corrects her by saying ex-wife. Cole takes Annie out Annie says not to believe anything that Olivia has to say. Olivia closes the door and tries to manipulate Tobias to give her the money. She says that is what Gregory would have wanted. Olivia say that all Annie wants is to get Gregory's money. And Tobias says that that's exactly what Annie wanted. Out in the hall, Annie says that all Olivia is a blood sucking, money grubbing, witch. And all she wants is Treys money. She and Cole go back in side and Olivia asks for more time. He says no. Then Tobias announces that he's made a decision about the will.

Archbishop Damien told Antonio that he has known him for a long time and have always trusted him. Antonio says since he was a Samaritan. And asks if he no longer feel that way. Archbishop asks Antonio to be completely honest with him. Antonio asks about what. Archbishop recalls Ricardo confessing about Antonio and Gabi to him. a sister comes in and told Antonio that this guy is here to probably write a check. Antonio says its probably about the church renovation. And says to tell him he is in with the Archbishop.

The archbishop says no its all right and to go take of the renovations. Has Antonio leaves, the archbishop makes a call saying that he will need the number that he asked for earlier right away. When Antonio returns, The archbishop says that he is resigning Antonio to a monastery as soon as possible. Antonio say that he has visited people in a monastery and there are not allowed to have any visitors. Archbishop says that he know. Antonio says that he will be away from his friends and his family the people he loves. The archbishop says I know. Then Gabi and Ricardo are standing in the doorway and Gabi asks the Archbishop why he is doing this.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

The Rectory/Carmen:
As you remember, the Archbishop had just told Antonio at the end of yesterday's show that he was sending him to a monastery where he would not be allowed visitors and couldn't see his family or friends. Gabi had just walked in with Ricardo, and by the time the news update was over, Gabi knew what the Archbishop's intentions were and wasn't very happy. She kept yelling at him telling him it wasn't a good idea. She said he can't take him away from the people who love him. Of course Ricardo is thinking she really means he can't take Antonio away from her. Antonio tries to quiet Gabi down but she continues to voice her opinion and told the AB he has to think about Antonio's brother. The AB said he was. Antonio wants to know what that means. Gabi doesn't know how the AB thinks he can take Antonio away from Ricardo. Antonio told Gabi to stop arguing and the AB told Antonio to prepare to leave tonight. The AB says he has some papers to sign. He takes off and Antonio chases after him. Gabi asks Ricardo why he didn't say anything. Ricardo says he could hardly get a word in edge wise. (Gabi was carrying on none stop.) Gabi doesn't understand why the AB is doing this to Antonio and says it's so unfair. Gabi says she better call their mother and let her know so she can say good by to him. (What about Maria?) Antonio catches up to the AB and told him he still has things to do here and if he leaves tonight, he won't get them done. He told the AB he needs at least 3 or 4 days. The AB says he's leaving tonight and in time he'll realize it's the right decision. Antonio thinks he's punishing him. The AB has to go get some papers from his car. Antonio wonders why this is so necessary. Meanwhile, Carmen is reading her cards and trying to figure out why the AB changed his mind about Antonio's promotion. She turns over a card that says "death" and says she has to get to the church before it's too late. Gabi leaves Carmen a message telling her she should get to the church right away. Ricardo is thinking that both Gabi and Antonio have to pay. Gabi destroyed his love for her. Antonio is back. Gabi told him how she called his mother. Antonio hopes she gets here in time. Gabi asks Antonio if he has any ideas why the AB is doing this. Antonio says he doesn't, but Ricardo pipes up he does. Carmen is speeding along the road, trying to get to the church. The AB heads out to his car after stopping once to think about what Ricardo told him about Gabi and Antonio. He gets to his car and thinks about Antonio, Gabi, and Ricardo again. The AB takes a briefcase out of the trunk of his car, starts to head back to the church, but turns back to his car like he forgot something. Meanwhile, speedy Gonzales is speeding along the road and hits the AB sending him flying on the roof of her car.

Apparently Tobias decided he's going to California since Gregory wanted him to be the executrix of Trey's estate. Both Annie and Olivia try and talk him out of it since he'd be leaving his work behind. Tobias doesn't seem to mind. Annie invites him to live with her, but Olivia says she doesn't have a home. He can stay with her home, which was Gregory's. Tobias says he was looking over the will and it says Trey gets the house when he turns 21, and since he's not 21 and since Tobias is the executrix, it appears the house belongs to him. Tobias, Annie, Olivia, and Cole are trying to take their seats on the plane back to Cal. Cole offers him his seat, but Olivia told him to sit next to her. Rose brought Trey on board and Tobias gets to meet his nephew. Well, actually he realizes he's not really his Great uncle, but Olivia says he is in every way. Annie thinks someone is going to barf. Two men come on board and wish to speak to Annie and Cole. They tell them they're under arrest and going to jail together.

Meg's Shop:
When the show ended yesterday, Ben was kissing Meg and telling her he made a mistake in his decision. Maria had walked in but I'm not sure she saw them kissing or realized what was going on. By the time I saw them on today's show, Maria was trying to make Meg feel better about Ben's decision to be with her instead of Meg. She told Meg she knows how it hurts but thinks they have to get on with their lives, since now they know where everyone stands. Ben told Maria it's time to go.

Vanessa's Place:
Vanessa is home, much to Michael's dismay. He tries to have Casey hide a laptop behind his back and asks Vanessa what she's doing home. She decided to work at home today. Vanessa can see they're trying to hide something and wants to know what's behind Casey's back. She says it looks a lot like her laptop. Sure enough it is. Casey decides on that note he'll leave. Michael is so apologetic saying he thought he was giving Vanessa a nice surprise by putting a screen saver on her laptop. He didn't realize it would wipe out all her files. Michael told her he'll cook, wash her car, and lots of other things for the rest of their lives. Vanessa has a smile on her face and told him he didn't wipe out any files because she has a lock on her computer so files can't be wiped out. She also has them saved on disks. Michael was afraid she'd never talk to him again. Vanessa says she did that once and won't do it again. The camera shows us the screen saver which is a picture of Michael and Vanessa.

The Beach:
Casey is on lifeguard duty, picking up cones off the beach. He notices Meg walking along the beach and calls to her. Casey mentions what happened with Vanessa's computer and Meg figures she'll be real mad at Michael. Casey figures they'll work things out because they have a good relationship now. Speaking of relationships, Casey asks Meg if she'd ever go back with Ben. Meg says she'd get a door slammed in her face if she did. Casey reminds Meg that Vanessa and Michael never stopped loving each other when they were apart. He says some people just can't be kept apart. Meg says it's true meaning Ben and Maria can't be kept apart. Meg says she has to get back to the shop.

The Shop:
Meg is in the shop, thinking about Ben telling her he made a terrible mistake. The phone rings. It's Ben. He told her Maria is getting Benjy and ice-cream and he's at his office at The Deep. He called to apologize for putting Meg in an awkward position. He tries to talk about what happened before Maria got there, but Meg says nothing happened. The kiss was nothing because they're nothing. She hangs up on him.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Plane Back to Sunset Beach:
Two immigration officers come on board and tell Annie and Cole they're under arrest and going to jail together. Olivia wants to know what the charges are. They say Cole is a jewel thief and Annie stole a passport. Olivia says Cole is a respectable law abiding person. The officers say if Cole doesn't come, they'll take him in handcuffs. Cole says it's ok. He'll go. Olivia will get him the best lawyers. One officer takes off with Cole. Olivia wants to know why they're not arresting Annie. The other man told Annie to come along. Annie says they should arrest Olivia because her sons doesn't have a passport, but Olivia holds one up and says he does have one. She told Annie to enjoy her stay in the tower. Annie yells back to Tobias and told him not to listen to Olivia because she's crazy. Now that it's just Olivia and Tobias, Olivia told him she wants to help him manage Trey's inheritance. She says he can see how Annie tries to trick people. Tobias says he has to think about it. Olivia wants Tobias to know that Annie would steal every last penny of Gregory's money and figures Tobias wouldn't want to be responsible. All of a sudden, Olivia thinks about Caitlin and figures she's going to blame her for Cole's arrest. Tobias doesn't think Caitlin would accuse her but Olivia says there's so much he doesn't know. Tobias told her to tell him so maybe he can help. Olivia explains how Caitlin resents the fact she won't let her raise Trey. She says Caitlin thinks Trey is hers and not Olivia's. Olivia figures with Cole being arrested, she'll think Olivia did it to keep him and Caitlin away from Trey. Tobias says it's not true and he'll make sure Caitlin knows it. Olivia says that's so sweet of him. Meanwhile, Annie told the officer she only borrowed the passport and had to get in the country because she needed to get back her husband's money so she can leave it to a worthy cause. If she can't get back in the country, she won't be able to finish her work. Annie told him he should send her back to the states so she can finish her work for the good people. I guess he fell for it because Annie announces, she's back and sorry for the delay. Annie looks at her ticket and says she has one, but it's in coach. Annie doesn't do coach. Annie told Olivia to have Rose sit in coach and give her that seat. No go. Tobias stops a stewardess and asks her if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him. No, but it's reserved for first class. Annie figures she'll just have to go back to coach. She heads that way, but stops to talk to the stewardess and wants to know if there's anyway she can sit with her aging mom and dad. The stewardess decides it's ok for her to use that seat. Annie takes the seat and told Tobias and Olivia she's back again. Annie told Tobias, now they'll have plenty of time to talk about why she should be the executrix. Olivia told him not to listen to her since she should be the executrice.

Caitlin's Home:
Caitlin is going over the list of reason to declare a mother unfit and says none of them apply to her mother. The doorbell rings. It's Jude with some papers for Olivia to sign. Caitlin says she's not here but she'll be sure she gets them. Jude is going to go, but Caitlin needs to talk to him. She wants to know how well he knows AJ. Jude says he's none him most of his life and he's like a father figure. Oh, so you're close. Jude says he is and isn't her mother close to AJ. If Caitlin is worried he'll tell Jude about her top ten list of ways to declare her mother unfit, she doesn't have to worry because he won't say anything. Caitlin says the list was for a project she was doing. Jude wants to know why she wanted to see him. Caitlin says she just wanted to get to know him but realizes he doesn't believe her. Jude told her that her family business is none of his business so she doesn't have to worry. Caitlin says she appreciates Jude not telling AJ about her list because he might get the wrong idea like Jude did. Jude wants to forget they ever had the conversation. Jude told Cole he's a lucky person to have Caitlin for his wife. He takes off. Caitlin gets a call from Cole. Cole told her he's being detained because of some charges from his past. Caitlin wants to head right to London. Cole told her not to bother because he'll be home real soon. He says he loves her and Caitlin tries to say she loves him too, but the phone disconnects. Caitlin figures this is her mother's fault.

Rectory and Outside Near by:
Gabi leaves a message at Carmen's place, telling her she should get to the rectory so she can say good-bye to Antonio. Antonio is back and Gabi asks him if he knows why the AB is doing this. Antonio doesn't know but Ricardo says he does. Meanwhile, Carmen is speeding down the city streets, driving through stop signs so she can get to the church and stop her children from any more suffering. She thinks about turning over the death card. The Archbishop had gone to his car to get a briefcase and headed back to the church but then turned back toward his car like he forgot something. Carmen comes speeding along and when she sees the AB, tries to put her breaks on but since she was going too fast she can't stop and hits him, sending him flying up on the air and bouncing off the hood of her car. Carmen jumps out of the car and says, "No, no, no." She yells for someone to get help. Ricardo told Gabi and Antonio, they're not going to like what he has to say. He says it has to do with his talk with the AB. Antonio wants to know what the AB said to him. Ricardo says it's not what he said, but. A sister comes rushing in saying there was a terrible accident. Antonio went running out with Gabi and Ricardo following. Antonio sees that the AB is still alive. His mother told him she was driving too fast. Antonio told the AB his time isn't up. Carmen wants to know if he's going to live. Antonio thinks he should perform the last rites. He starts to give them, but the AB moves his head and opens his eyes. Antonio tells him to stay calm because help is on the way. The AB tries to speak. He says, ""

Emily's House:
Emily is home and told her mom she had to talk to Sean who still doesn't know why he slept with Amy, but did it twice. There's a knock on the door. It's Brad. Bette will give them a few minutes alone to talk. Brad told Emily that he heard what happened and is so sorry. He says if she doesn't want to go to work today, he'll take her shift. Emily says she'll take him up on that. Brad told her if she needs a shoulder to cry on, his is available. Emily may take him up on that. She says she still can't believe Amy and Sean slept together. Brad says what they did was so low and they don't deserve to be her friend. Emily says she always thought Brad didn't like her but now he's being such a true friend. Brad says people aren't always what they seem like. He takes off. Bette is back. Emily told her how sweet Brad was. Bette says she could use a friend. Emily says if she had slept with Sean, he never would have slept with Amy. Bette says if it takes sleeping with him to make him not sleep with another person, she shouldn't want his love. Lifeguard Station:
Amy finds Sean, holding a bouquet of flowers for Emily. She told him she came to see Brad. Amy figures since Sean is waiting for Emily, they made up but Sean says they didn't. She's madder then ever because she found out they slept together, twice. Sean feels so ashamed about this and can't even tell his sister, since he normally told his sister everything. Amy says she has her to talk to instead. Sean says Amy has been so great through all this but Amy says she hasn't. She told Sean how Emily came to see her and Amy tried to tell her how she felt. She ended up getting Emily more upset and she chewed Amy out, which she deserved. Amy says the truth is she still loves Sean and is glad of what they shared. She figures Emily realizes that, so Amy says she should stay away from Sean. She's going home to pack. Sean doesn't want her to go. He's glad they're friends. Amy says she'd do anything for Sean. Brad walks in, saying he's covering for Emily. Amy says she's going. Sean thought she wanted to see Brad. Oh, just to say hi. "Hi Brad." Amy takes off. Sean says he's going to Emily's house but Brad told him he should leave her alone because he's hurt her enough. Sean knows he's a piece of garbage and cheated on his girlfriend. He says he doesn't know how it happened but has to make it right. Sean takes off.

Mrs. Moreau and Amy:
Mrs. Moreau is going through her bills and realizes she is completely broke. She needs to find a rich client but where can she find one. Mrs. M remembers Amy telling her that Sean is rich so she calls Amy, who's gotten home and thinks it won't be long before Sean comes to her. Mrs. M. told Amy she wants to talk to her in person. Amy says she paid for the love potion and hangs up, saying their business is over.

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