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Skye refused to give Ben a divorce. Roseanne and Cristian moved to New York City. Will began working for Asa. Brian kidnapped Kelly. Rae and John realized that Brian was the rapist. Dorian received a threatening letter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, September 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Max has blurted out that Blair is his wife!! Asa and Renee can't believe it! Asa tells Max that he's stabbed him in the back after he's just pulled out the first knife. Renee tries to get everyone to calm down. Max says he loves Blair, but he also wants to live at the Buchanan mansion if they will accept it all. Asa exclaims over his dead body!! Max really didn't want to upset Renee, but he can't help who he loves. He thinks "his parents" should give it a try to Renee agrees. It doesn't help that Blair calls them mom and pop! Renee will try to persuade Asa to accept it.

Jess is waiting at the carriage house for Joey when Will shows up. He feels bad that everyone in his family seems to be a liar, but Jess assures him it's not his fault about Ben. He thinks Viki is better off now anyway. Jess wonders why he's so ecstatic and he reports because he was making Dorian feel miserable! It's just great; she's being tortured by finding all kinds of things around the house to remind her of the accident and she deserves it. Jess is upset by this; Megan wouldn't have wanted this and would be upset too that he's enjoying this so much. He's tortured her by presenting her with a lawsuit, he says.

Dorian is with Lindsay, Sam and Nora at her place. She insists that Will is harassing her. Bo shows up because Dorian's alarm system went off. Lindsay finally admits finding Will's watch outside. Dorian tells Bo he has to stop Will, but Bo says he has no evidence. The watch only means that Will was there at one time. Lindsay and Sam would like to speak with Will and Bo agrees that's for the best. He doesn't believe that Will has done anything. In the meantime, Dorian mentions how interesting it is to see the 4 others all congregated in one place and rearranged. She almost spills the beans on what Lindsay has done with Bo's test and attempts to worm her way out of it. She then demands that Will be arrested.

Ben shows up at Viki's door;she's thrilled to see him. They both admit they're not feeling too great. Ben tells her that he's bringing the divorce papers to Skye. They hope this whole ordeal is over soon. Over at the Palace, Skye is setting up a romantic dinner for herself and Ben. She wants them to be happy again. When he finally arrives he explains how important Viki is to him. Skye admits she's jealous. She wanted to mess up his life when she first got to Llanview, but now she wants him back. She attempts to seduce him. Ben admits that what they had was hot, but not love like he has with Viki. He hands her the divorce papers, but she won't sign, he'll come back to her. Ben tells her she'll be sorry and leaves.

Roseanne spots Cristian having a beer at Rodi's. She assumes he's drinking because of Jess. He bemoans the fact that he would be in NY right now with Jess and Megan, but his scholarship can go to someone else. He cannot go there alone, he says, but Rosie offers to go with him. She finally persuades him to go.

Will tells Jess he has not been the one to harass Dorian. They wonder about their futures now that so much has happened in their lives. When Will's parents show up, Jess heads for home. Lindsay tells Will she found his watch. He agrees that he's the one who threatened Dorian, but only with the lawsuit. His parents are unsure and while they are thinking about it all, he storms out and heads for Asa's house, where he asks if the job is still open.

Jess finds Viki, who tells her about Ben being by and they chat about Jess' life now.

Bo doesn't believe Will is seeking revenge, he tells Dorian and Nora. Every night he's at the hospital nursery looking at the newborns and every morning there's a flower at Megan's grave. Nora and Bo head out for a drink. They chat about Will and Drew. They wonder what Dorian was hinting at previously when she mentioned that Lindsay was responsible for breaking them up.

Dorian hears a baby crying again. When she opens the front door an envelope is stuck in her mailbox with cut out letters spelling out "IT'S NOT OVER."

Ben goes back to Viki's. When she asks him what happened, he evades the question and says everything will be ok. Skye refused to sign the papers.

Skye tosses the papers in the fireplace.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The show began when Asa found Starr and her friends trashing his living room. Above the noise, he called Will at the Carriage house, where he and Kelly were getting ready for work. Jessica came over, and Kelly told her that Cristian was leaving today.

In Angel Square, Cristian and Roseanne were moving out of his apartment... on their way to New York. Jessica came, just as they were getting ready to leave. Roseanne tried to rush him out, but he stayed a few minutes to talk with Jess. He told her that he wanted her to give him a reason to stay. She said that she didn't want to ruin his dream of being a famous artist. Even though Cris reminded her that she was his dream, Jess still let him go without admitting that she still loved him. Rosey came back and assured Jess that she would take good care of Cristian. He gave her the keys to the condo that Asa had bought for them. After she left, Roseanne was still trying to get Cris to go, but he just stood there, looking at a picture of Jessica.

Viki called Skye from the Banner and ordered her to get there within the hour. When she arrived, Viki informed her that she can be fired, but can't quit... according to her contract. Viki threatened to sue her and blacklist her from journalism, if she didn't continue to do her best for the Banner. Ben came in, then Skye walked in on he and Viki kissing. When he wanted to know why she was there, Viki explained about the contract.

John Sykes came in and yelled at Rae for the letter in her column to the rapist. He went to breakfast with her, because he was concerned for her safety. Rae feels responsible for bringing the rapist to town, and thought the letter would help keep him from hurting anyone else. They were at Rodi's, where Brian is the new bartender. He was reading the letter, from behind the bar. Rae told John that Sophia hasn't been to work, so she's a little worried. Kelly came in, looking for Joey, but only stayed a few minutes.

Sam was at his office, tyring to reach Jen and ask her to come to Llanview for her semester break. Ben had been at Sam's law office, working with him to get a divorce from Skye. Will and Nora came in. Nora thought that Will was working for Sam, but when Asa came looking for him, they explained that he's working at Megan's Foundation. Sam and Nora tried to convince Will that Asa was using him, but he went back to Asa's mansion with him, anyway. They were planning to have lobster for lunch, when Jesica came in. She had the keys to the condo with her.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Téa met R.J. at the diner and finally admitted that she cared for him. Jessica and Cristian attempted to reach each other before he left for New York, but circumstances and Will and Roseanne conspired to keep them apart. Later, Jessica and Will made a toast to the future as Roseanne and Cristian left for New York City. Ben walked out after arguing with Viki over her decision to hold Skye to her employment contract at the Banner. Meanwhile, Skye hinted to Kevin that there was more to her past with Ben than anyone knew. Viki later explained to Ben that she believed Skye would grant him a divorce if she was forced to see them together every day. At Rodi's, Brian kept a close eye on Sykes and Rae as he formulated his response to Rae's letter. At the Banner, Rae and Sykes found a letter from "Butterfly Man" that proved he had followed Rae from town to town. Meanwhile, Brian returned home in a rage and vowed that the police would never catch him.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Llanview PD: Hank, Nora, Lindsay, Bo, R.J.

Hank, wanting to keep Nora "in the loop," tells her he is considering appealing Dorian's sentence due to "judicial misconduct." Hank says that Peterson has been handing down "weird decisions" in "some cases" and he has Téa looking into it. If she finds enough evidence, Hank is going to appeal. Nora warns Hank that Dorian is so close to the edge that if she hears about him trying to get her resentenced she doesn't know what Dorian will do or who she will do it to.

Lindsay is in Bo's office eager to attend Asa's command performance dinner party. Lindsay hopes Asa is "ready to bury the hatchet" with her but Bo informs her that when Asa decides you are "the enemy" you stay the enemy, no matter what. When Lindsay reminds Bo that Asa has changed his mind about Max, Bo agrees but says he isn't totally convinced that Max is Asa's son, it all "came too easy." But Bo likes Max and Max makes "Pa" happy, (and besides it's "nice to have somebody else around that Asa can drive crazy") so he's not going to second guess Asa about Max's paternity. Lindsay leaves to check on gallery business but promises to meet Bo at Asa's so he can see her "charm the old man."

Upon leaving Bo's office, Lindsay overhears Nora and Hank discussing Dorian. She asks Hank if he's planning to reopen Dorian's sentence. When he tells her it is not public knowledge and he hasn't decided yet, Lindsay seems relieved. When Nora challenges her, Lindsay backpedals and says "That's not what I meant at all." After she leaves, Nora asks Hank if he thought Lindsay had the "right reaction" but Hank didn't pick up Lindsay's clues and doesn't understand why Nora would think it "a little strange." When Nora tells Hank she's going to "tell Bo and ask him about it," Hank replies, "And say what? That you didn't like his girlfriend's reaction to some news? Oh yeah, he'll really appreciate that." When Bo comes out of his office and asks Nora "what's up" she just replies, "nothing" and watches Bo leave. Hank tells her she made a good decision not to say anything. "Yeah, I guess I have to keep remembering that we're not together...I also told Bo I'd cut Lindsay some slack...I mean, after all, he made his bed - he can sleep in it."

Later, R.J. invites Hank to dinner but when he can't go because he's "trying to catch a rapist," R.J. notices the list of Peterson's last ten decisions that Nora is holding and stays to talk to her instead. Nora tells him it's an "in-house document" having to do with a client of hers, but she does offer that Hank thinks Peterson may "be a little dirty" and that he's got Téa checking into it. When R.J. offers that it can't be easy to buy off a judge and since Dorian has been a basket case since the accident it doesn't seem like she could have "pulled it off," Nora suggests that Dorian may have had help. "You said you have helped Dorian in your own way." R.J. reminds Nora that he doesn't have "deep pockets" and if Dorian had given him that kind of cash it wasn't likely he would have used it to help anyone but himself. "I thought you went straight, R.J.?" Nora asks. "Straight, crooked, it depends on what you believe and it seems to me you believe I could still be public enemy number one. Some things never change."

The Banner: John, Rae, Kevin, Grace

John Sykes and Rae Cummings are searching for clues to the rapist's identity and his connection to Rae. They discuss Sophia and how long she has been "missing" and decide that it's time to put out an APB on her. As Grace walks in to meet Kevin, Rae looks at her and says that "everybody I get close to ends up missing." John vows not to leave Rae's side until the rapist is caught. Grace tells Kevin that she won't go to Asa's dinner but that she doesn't want to come between him and his family so they agree to meet afterwards and "see where the night takes" them.

Later, while waiting for a box from San Antonio to arrive, Rae reminisces about her first meeting with Daniel. John tells her, "Whatever he got away with, it sure wasn't worth losing you." He asks her why she is so mad at Grace if she is only seeking revenge on Daniel and Rae tells him it is because she is sure that Grace knows where Daniel is and she wants to get her money back. When the box arrives, Rae and John sort through the tapes, etc. but at first Rae puts the few photographs aside. Much later, as they are about to give up, John spots a photograph taken at a Christmas party which shows Brian was a maintenance man at the radio station in San Antonio where Rae worked. John tells Rae they "just got very lucky" and calls in for Brian's address.

Brian's Apartment: Brian, Sophia

Brian takes off Sophia's gag and lets her out of the closet. He tells her he is not going to hurt her and it "won't be much longer" because when he leaves somebody will find her. Showing Sophia the wall where Kelly's photos hang, he says he is "going away from here with the woman I love...She loves me...When I explain it to her she will want to be with me until death do us part." Sophia is back in the closet after Brian leaves.

The Sun: Kelly, Joey, Grace, Brian

Joey arrives to take Kelly to Asa's dinner party but she "needs to close the front page" of the Sun and convinces Joey to let her meet him there later. She says she "wants the guy caught before somebody else gets attacked" but she doesn't want Joey to miss Asa's "surprise" and since her car is in the garage downstairs she will be fine.

Later, Grace offers to finish up so Kelly can leave while Grace waits for Kevin.

When Kelly goes to her car in the garage, the car won't start. Brian is lurking around a corner and offers to "help" Kelly. He tells her it seems like the starter is broken and it can't be quickly fixed. Brian offers Kelly a ride. "Don't worry. I'll take you wherever you want to go."

Asa's Mansion: Asa, Renee, Nigel, Max, Blair, Will, Jessica, Joey, Kevin, Bo, Lindsay

Asa has "other things" to say and he wants his "whole family" to hear them. He tells Will that it's "about" him so he should be there and assures Max that this family is his family and Max "belongs". When Jessica arrives, she is surprised to see Will included in the "family" gathering. Asa allows that the others will be "pretty shocked" when they find out the reason he has assembled them together, but he tells Max that his first order of business is to "get the guest of honor (Will) away from Jessie before anything else starts between them." When Max tells him that it seems a "little late" for that, Asa says, "Trust me. Ain't gonna happen."

Blair tells Max it seem that he's "got the rodeo clown wrapped around" his little finger. They agree that if "everything blows up" they should get big money for the adoption papers and Blair is upset when Max shows her he carries the original document around with him instead of having it in a safe deposit box.

Renee approaches Asa and tells him she knows something is up when he has invited all the women he doesn't like to a "family get-together." Asa tells her he has "extra aces" up his sleeve because "you never know when you're gonna need them." Joey arrives without Kelly but explains that she will be meeting him "soon." When Kevin arrives without Grace, Asa insults her and tells Kevin that "somebody needs to teach her some manners." Kevin asks his grandfather how he could hate a woman he knows nothing about and, of course, Asa's response is, "I know just what I want to know - her last name." Using Max as a "good example," Kevin insists, "It's what's inside that matters, not her name." Kevin rushes out to "be with Grace" as Bo walks in (without Lindsay). Bo is surprised to see Will at a "family" dinner. Asa explains that he "invited" Will and he is the "reason" the group was assembled and as soon as his "Mama" arrives he will "explain". Bo warns Asa not to "go messing with Lindsay's son. Leave Will alone." Bo convinces Asa not to wait for Lindsay to break the news, so Asa begins. He explains that he is trying to "ease some of the pain" of the last year and that he is starting a foundation in Megan's name and who better to head it up than Megan's father. He announces that Will will decide what to do with all of the money in the foundation. Will responds, "Yes sir, works for me, but I'll need lots of help." Asa then turns to Max and asks if he can "count on" him to "work hand in hand with Will." Asa expects to hear, "Whatever you say, Pa" from Max, so Max complies. As Asa is announcing that Will and Max are new to the family but the "best the Buchanans have to offer," Lindsay walks in and asks Bo, "What is he talking about?" Asa tells Max that he will not be just a "figurehead" but that the money will be directly in his and Will's hands. As Asa tells Will, "I'm counting on you, son," Lindsay shouts at him, "You're not taking him away from me and his father." Will replies, "Back off, Mom."

Max is shocked and overcome with guilt and leaves the room abruptly while Blair follows. Max tells Blair, "He's totally accepted me. He's treating me like family and I'm treating him like..." Blair fills in the blank, "Like the swindler that he is..Don't forget this is Asa Buchanan you're getting misty-eyed over." She reminds Max about Asa swindling his father, etc. but Max says that doesn't change the fact that they're "two devious low-life people." When Max takes the adoption certificate out of his pocket and starts to destroy it, Blair reminds him that they agreed if Asa and Renee ever found out they had been "fooling" them that Max wanted them to know who their "real son" was. But now Max responds, "They can never know...It would kill them both." As Max holds the certificate up to a lighter and promises to "burn it," Renee walks into the room and asks, "What are you doing, Max?"

Brian's Apartment: John, Rae, Sophia

John arrives with gun drawn at Brian's door. He breaks in and he and Rae are shocked to discover the "wall of photos" featuring Rae and Kelly prominently. Then they hear pounding and open the closet door to find Sophia.

Friday, September 17, 1999

Asa's Mansion

Lindsay kept trying to convince Will not to work for Asa, but with no success. He agreed he might partially be taking this job to annoy his parents, but he also wants to use the foundation to do good things in Megan's name. Lindsay gets even more annoyed when Bo refuses to back her up, but he says that Will is old enough to make his own decisions and he's smart enough to see what Asa's doing if he starts using him. Bo offers to drive her home, but she refuses, she wants to be alone right now.

Sam's House

Unfortunately for Nora, that feeling obviously didn't last very long. Lindsay shows up at Sam's house to tell him about Will working with Asa. After learning that Sam is out of time, Lindsay proceeds to blame Nora for everything that has happened. She gets even madder when she finds out that Sam and Nora already knew about Will working for Asa and they didn't bother to tell her. If you hadn't defended Dorian and gotten her set free, none of this would have happened, claims Lindsay. Nora's had enough, she's tried to be nice to Lindsay for Sam's sake, but she can't stand it anymore. Why can't you for once take responsibility for your own actions, Nora wants to know. Bo's name comes up and Nora says that Bo's too smart to stay with a woman for long who won't even tell the truth when her life depends on it. That reminds Nora, what exactly was it that Lindsay was doing the night of Jessica's accident. None of your business, Lindsay retorts, but that's not good enough for Nora. Nora's determined to find out the truth this time and she knows just who to ask, Dorian. Looking worried, Lindsay finally leaves after Nora threatens to bodily throw her out. Nora tells her that "hunting season" has officially started and Nora will find out the truth one way or another.

Asa's House

Back at Asa's, Renee wanted to see what it was that Max was about to burn. Blair quickly came up with the story that it was an old love letter from Kelly and Max was burning it to show her it meant nothing to him. Renee didn't really buy it, and asked Max once again to see it. He almost gave it to her, then pulled it away at the last moment, crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can by Asa's desk. He told Renee he had said some nasty things about Asa which were mentioned in the letter and he wouldn't want her to be hurt by them. Besides, he's come to care for Asa and is embarrassed by what he said. Renee finally agrees to let the subject drop. Blair tries to remain behind to retrieve the adoption certificate. But when Renee answers a phone call in the room, Blair and Max are reluctantly forced to leave.

Later, Max tries to go back and get the certificate again, but Jess and Will are in there talking. Will is convincing Jessica that this job is something he really wants to do and wants her to help him. She agrees, but says she's not ready yet for a relationship with Will.

In the living room, Starr has come in with the maid, who caught her in Asa's study where she wasn't supposed to be (presumably after Renee left and before Will and Jessica went in there). Starr is not happy, at Aunt Dorian's she could go wherever she wanted. Blair quiets her down and brings her upstairs to put her to bed. Will takes Jessica home and eventually Max and Blair are able to sneak back into the study. They dump out the trash can, but can't believe their eyes, the adoption certificate is gone.

New York City

Cristian and Roseanne rent a horrible, dirty apartment because it's the best one they can find and still afford. Cris balks at paying $1200 a month, but Roseanne convinces him it's their only choice, so he pays the landlord. They start cleaning it up and Roseanne tries to convince Cris it won't be so bad once they fix it up. He starts to believe her that everything will work out.

Brian's apartment

Sykes picks up Sophia and carries her to a chair where they take off her gag and untie her. They are relieved to learn that Brian didn't rape her, he just locked her up. Sophia informs them that Brian left town with his "girlfriend", and she's sure he meant Kelly. You've got to find him quickly or Kelly will be in serious danger, she warns. Sykes puts out an APB and calls Bo, who comes rushing over from Asa's party with Joey in tow. Joey is very upset and worried about Kelly and frustrated by the police's inability to find her. Bo promises that they will do everything they can to find her and reminds him that Kelly is a smart girl. So was that cop and look what happened to her, Joey replies. Bo explains that Kelly isn't the same as other women to Kelly, but Joey isn't sure if that's good or bad.

Brian's car

When Brian goes past the turn to Asa's house and refuses to turn back, Kelly finally realizes the truth, that he is the rapist. He pulls a knife on Kelly and, realizing the danger, Kelly starts to go along with him. When he pulls over in the woods she kisses him and when he wants to make love, she puts him off saying that their first time together should be in a bed, not like this. Kelly tells him, I know just the place where we could go...

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