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Kelly tricked Brian, and he was arrested. Dorian looked to Madame Delphina for clues to her tormentor's identity. Ben and Sam tried to force Skye to sign divorce papers and testify against Asa. Jessica hummed a lullaby as she pasted letters to a thank you note.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 20, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, September 20, 1999

Grace and Kevin were hanging out on the hood of his car, looking at the stars. Grace had always thought the stars were lonely, but Kevin assured her that each one had a twin star so they could stay together for eternity. He rushed to put the car radio on as the D.J. dedicated a song to her. They began to dance. Kevin mentioned how hot it was and then began to undress. He was going skinny-dipping in the lake, and after hesitating, Grace decided to join him. When they were through, Kevin assured Grace that they'd do everything that she had missed as a child. They had no Lover's Lane in Europe, either, as they headed for the back of the car.

Lindsay was alone, drinking at the bar. She asked the bartender to turn off the romantic song that was playing -- the same song that Kevin and Grace were dancing to. He offered help, and she ran through all of her various problems, including that her son had rejected his parents for the worst person in the world. Suddenly, Dorian appeared with the "IT'S NOT OVER" sign that she had found in her mailbox. She said she'd found it outside, and everyone said that Will was innocent. Dorian wondered who else it could be.

Dorian, as usual, threatened to tell everyone about all of Lindsay's nasty deeds. Lindsay was fed up and told her to go tell everyone. Dorian could call the Sun and the Banner, too, for all Lindsay cared. In fact, Lindsay would even dial for Dorian. Lindsay tried to call Bo but got no answer. When Dorian didn't believe that Lindsay had called him, Lindsay joked that she'd really called Nora. Lindsay confided that she didn't care about anything anymore -- except that Asa was using Will.

Dorian hadn't known that and felt bad; she'd been preoccupied and at times felt like she was losing her mind. Lindsay told her again that Will was not guilty; she had seen his face when she and Sam had confronted him. He was only guilty of trusting the wrong person. Dorian was overcome and said she would never betray Lindsay's secrets. As Lindsay got up to leave, Dorian asked her to stay, as a friend. Lindsay would help her find the real culprit. They both needed to find some happiness.

Téa and Hank had transcripts from Judge Peterson's previous trials. He had formerly been known as the Hanging Judge but he'd been erratic lately. He seemed to be losing it. R.J. was eavesdropping, but stepped over to say hello. Hank told him to leave Téa alone, because she was busy. He made a sarcastic comment about R.J.'s ability to be paying his rent, but realized he'd had a loan from his "good friend" Dorian.

R.J. wanted Téa to go out for a drink, but she had a ton of work. This judge had either developed a heart or has become shady. Téa thought they should rethink their relationship, though she had developed feelings for him and he did help her. However, she was an assistant D.A. and just wanted a date, not someone to prosecute. R.J. promised her he'd changed and it wouldn't happen. He'd wait for her to stop by the Palace later. After she got up from the desk, he made a phone call to the judge -- he'd better make sure that no one found out about Dorian's deal.

Brian wanted be alone with Kelly. They arrived at her "aunt's" place. She had forgotten her key but thought her aunt might have left some windows unlocked. She opened one of the windows with her credit card, and they were in. Brian didn't spot the alarm system.

Meanwhile, back at the Llanview Police Station, Bo, Joey, John, and Rae were trying to figure out where the two could be. Bo assured Joey that Kelly was pretty smart and maybe she'd taken Brian somewhere. Just as they found out that Brian had left his car at a car rental place, Bo was notified that the silent alarm had gone off at the Buchanan place. They all rushed out.

Brian ordered Kelly to lie down. He climbed in behind her, turned on the lights, and unplugged the phone. Kelly told him she was hungry and really wanted to look for some food. Brian asked why she was making all kinds of excuses not to be alone with him. She reassured him that she just wanted them to be comfortable. He began to kiss her as she reached for the knife that he had stored by his side. He pulled away abruptly; he didn't like her kiss.

Kelly was scared; Brian was not Joey and she was nervous about the knife. She really cared about him and was the only one who had defended him, Kelly reminded him. She wouldn't leave him. He agreed to put the knife aside and just then, Joey called out for Kelly, and she screamed. The others were all outside. Brian realized that Kelly had known all along what she was doing, taking him there, and he said he would have to kill her. He wouldn't listen to her -- she was not really his friend. He had a gun.

Bo was angry at Joey for yelling, and John wanted Rae to leave. She believed she could help. Brian had always felt safe until everyone had found out about him. He would feel he had to kill Kelly. Rae knew what he'd responded to in the past. She really thought she should talk to him.

In the meantime, Joey sneaked into the lodge. As Brian was yelling at Kelly and she was trying to calm him, she spotted Joey sneaking up on them. She told Brian that she would tell everyone that it was all her idea, but Brian said it was too late. Just then, Joey lunged at Brian, and they fought over the gun. Kelly grabbed the knife.

Suddenly, everyone outside heard a gunshot. Bo decided to let Rae talk to Brian. She told him that no one would kill him. She remembered him from San Antonio. He had to come out, she said. But Brian had other ideas. He wanted Rae inside, immediately. As Bo and John tried to pull her back, Rae managed to escape from their grip and ran up to the lodge. Brian motioned her in as Bo and John watched, dismayed. They hoped she knew what she was doing.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Cristian turned to Roseanne in an attempt to block out his constant thoughts about Jessica. Meanwhile, Will and Jessica continued to grow closer as they tried to figure out who was haunting Dorian. Jessica and Will were puzzled when they discovered that letters had been cut out of the magazine they were reading.

Dorian turned to Delphina to help find out who was haunting her. Delphina warned R.J. that he was headed for trouble. Later, Delphina told Dorian that it was a blonde woman who was haunting her, and Dorian naturally assumed it was Viki. R.J. began to relax when he realized that Téa hadn't discovered his connection to Judge Peterson. Skye continued to refuse to give Ben a divorce.

Max and Blair searched frantically for the adoption certificate. Max and Blair thought that their scam was over when Starr announced that she had found the missing birth certificate. It was a false alarm, but Max and Blair were convinced that Renee and Asa knew about their fraud. Blair was later touched when she overheard Max defending her and the couple vowed to stay together until they were caught.

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Lounging on the sofa, looking at magazines, Jess and Will realized that there were holes cut into the pages. Jessica seemed to have a sense of awareness, but the moment passed. They joked about their earlier kiss and began to practice. Just then, Dorian arrived to see Viki. Ben wanted to know what it was about, and she accused Viki of being the one who was harassing her. She said that Viki would always be the crazy one. The two young people listened nearby.

Jess was infuriated because Dorian accused her mother of such a thing. Dorian mentioned that maybe there were magazines around the house with the letters cut out. Ben and Dorian argued about Viki, and Dorian kept insisting that Ben stop Viki. She didn't need a daily reminder of what she'd done.

At the Banner office, Kevin and Viki chatted about her problem with Skye. She was at the office because she couldn't sleep. Kevin thought Viki should kick Skye out and let Ben protect her. He said that was what a man wanted to do, and Viki wasn't letting Ben do that. Viki only wanted to fight Skye in her own way. Kevin mentioned how happy he was with Grace. He realized that Cassie and he had destroyed their own relationship with their lies and half-truths. Viki finally agreed that she should be home with Ben; Kevin wanted her to remind Ben that he was nuts about his sister.

There was much activity going on at the Buchanan lodge. John told Bo that all of the exits were covered. Bo thought that Rae would be the one to talk Brian out. Meanwhile, inside the lodge, Joey had been shot. He was hurt badly, and Brian kept apologizing. Rae told him their "relationship" had been going on since San Francisco, and they would settle it at that moment. Brian couldn't believe she wanted to help him. There was no one out there for him, he shouted, while at the same time screaming at Kelly and Joey to shut up as they professed their love to each other.

Rae knew Brian wanted that kind of love too; he had it in his heart. As Joey struggled to get up, Brian announced that he would kill them all. Rae wanted Brian to let the others go, and she would stay by him. Back outside, John wanted to go in, but Bo wouldn't let him. Brian finally agreed to let someone out, but wanted an unarmed cop. He put down his gun, let Joey and Kelly out, and pulled Rae back inside.

Nora was pacing in the dark, waiting for Sam. He finally showed up, and she greeted him with a kiss. "We've hit paydirt," he announced. He would have his son back. He knew Asa was using his son, but he wouldn't let him drive a wedge between any other members of his family. Nora mentioned that Lindsay had stopped by after hearing about Will's new job.

At the police station, Dorian charged in and demanded to see Bo. Detective West informed her that there was a hostage situation, and after Dorian carried on about her problem, she learned that Kelly is the hostage.

Joey and Kelly were safe and would be okay. Kelly said the gun that Brian had was Asa's. Rae was talking to him, but at times he wasn't all there. John had an idea to get Rae out. She was inside, still trying to get Brian out. She kept telling him how she wouldn't leave him; she cared about him, and she knew he could change. She thought his mom had probably pushed him away, but she wouldn't. Brian didn't believe her, but finally grabbed her, kissed her, and told her he would kill her.

Rae hadn't realized Brian was in so much pain, but told the rapist it wasn't possible to force people to love someone. She would protect him. He finally agreed to go out, but looked out of it. He pushed Rae out ahead of him, holding a gun to her back. Rae started calling for John. Suddenly, John darted out and wrestled Brian to the ground with the help of another cop. He read Brian his rights and cuffed him.

Jess and Will talked about the magazines with the missing letters. Jess denied that her mom would do that, but Will said he'd heard all about Viki's previous problems. He thought it was possible, and he knew that Jess was thinking the same thing. Viki arrived home from the Banner, and Ben greeted her. He filled her in on Dorian's visit. She burst in on the young couple, who had been talking about the situation. Will had stated that he would destroy the magazines and would take care of Jess and her mom. Viki wanted to know what was going on.

Kelly was very upset. She had trusted and believed in Brian, but Joey had been right. Rae said, "We all make mistakes." John thought that Rae was the real hero. She admitted that she had never seen any signs in any of the three cities where they both had lived. She broke down in John's arms.

Grace appeared at the Banner; she'd had a great dream about Kevin. They were happy to be together.

Sam wouldn't tell Nora what he'd learned about Asa but said he sure would like to see Asa's face when he found out. It would win Will back.

Thursday, September 23, 1999

John and Rae spent the night at the Buchanan lodge, and watched the sun rise over the lake, but Rae wouldn't leave until she "can remember the way it all happened." Rae was overcome with guilt because of the women Brian had raped in three cities and felt she was a "bad shrink" for not reading his "cries for help." John told Rae that Brian was "manipulating" her, not crying for help. Brian had "played" her, and the rapes were not her fault.

John credited Rae with stopping Brian and saving Joey's and Kelly's lives. Rae responded by telling John that he had saved her life. John invited Rae to accompany him on his vacation to "an island off the coast of Maine," but she turned him down in favor of "unfinished business," stating, "I'm going to find Daniel and ask him what went wrong." Later, Rae confided that she was going to Pine Valley to follow a lead on Daniel's whereabouts.

At the Llanview Police Station, Bo was holding a press conference to release the information that Brian Harris had been arrested and had confessed to the rapes in Llanview, San Francisco, and San Antonio. Grace asked why Brian had been released before, and learned there had not been enough evidence to charge him; Kevin asked how the hostages, Rae Cummings and John Sykes, had been freed. After the conference, Dorian interrupted Lindsay and Bo to show Bo the threatening note she had received. Bo had "had enough of [her] theories," so before Dorian could tell him who she thought was doing the "haunting," Bo took the note and promised to call Dorian when the forensics report was in.

Later, Lindsay apologized to Bo and said she didn't want the Will/Asa issue to get between them. Bo asked, "If anything was going to come between us, don't you think it would have happened already?" Later, cuddling with Lindsay in his office, Bo shared his frustrations: "I hate that there are killers, rapists, and thieves out there, and I can't arrest them...because these parasites prey on the hard work and the good nature of innocent people. I really hate that they use the law I'm sworn to uphold against me. I think we need a whole new set of rules...or we need to try to find a new way to make the old ones work."

Skye accused Viki of making a "personal decision" to cut her article from the day's edition of the Banner, but Viki insisted that it was purely "editorial" and had been a big news day; Viki added that personal would be "if I fired you." Skye replied, "There is nothing between us that isn't personal." Viki reminded Skye that if she wanted "out of here," all she needed to do was "sign the divorce papers." Later, Skye went to Kevin, seeking his opinion about her article. He told her if it were up to him, he would have "jerked it out indefinitely, not just today's issue."

Viki was pleased when Jessica, her "calming influence," stopped by. Speaking of her feud with Skye, but complicating the "who's really haunting Dorian mystery," Viki said that she'd learned one "can't run and hide when people you love are attacked; you fight back with everything you've got." As her mother talked, Jessica held a tape of a baby crying that she had taken from the library at Llanfair. Joey and Kelly, and then Grace, also stopped by. While everyone fussed over Joey's injury, Kelly told Grace not to "waste time playing games" with Kevin like she had with Joey.

Sam stopped by Buchanan Enterprises to check out Will's "new digs" just down the hall from Sam's office. Although Sam said he just wanted Will "to be happy," he reminded Will to think about why Asa had "set this job up." Will told his father he was "not an idiot," although Sam had to show Will how to use the intercom on his phone when "the master's voice calls."

In Sam's office, Sam shared with Ben the information he had obtained in Las Vegas. Although it was "Asa's long arm," Sam told Ben that Skye had2 "had a hand" in getting his medical license revoked. Sam hoped to have the "paper trail nailed down very soon" and then he promised that "you'll have a divorce, and I'll have my son back." Ben called Skye, told her he hadn't "treated you the way you deserve," and asked her to meet him at Sam's office. After she agreed, he told Sam that she had "bought it."

When Ben tried to thank Sam, Sam replied, "I get something out of this, too. I get to make Asa Buchanan sorry for the rest of his miserable life." Later, Ben and Sam confronted Skye with the fact that they knew she had been the "bag lady" for Asa's payoff to the Nevada medical board. Ben threatened her that if she didn't give them what they wanted, Sam's proof would "go to Commissioner Bo Buchanan and you, my dear wife, are going to jail."

When Dorian arrived at Will's office at his request, she "warned" Will that "when Asa Buchanan is through with you, you'll be searching through garbage dumps, not files." Will didn't want her "opinions" though; he wanted to make her a deal: "forget your suspicions, forget about Viki, and I'll drop the civil suit; otherwise, the person Asa will have in the garbage dumps will be you." Dorian laughed and told Will he was "already acting like Asa Buchanan, Jr.," by making deals and threats in the same breath.

Will told Dorian that he wanted to "protect Jessica from a war between you and her mother." He felt that Dorian "owes it to Jessica and Megan to do this," and Dorian agreed, giving Will his "deal." She warned him that if there was a next time for any of the incidents, she would go straight to Bo as well as have Kelly print all the details in the Sun. Later, Jessica stopped by to see Will in his new office. Before she went in, she put the tape of the baby crying in her purse.

Will told Jessica about the deal he had made with Dorian and asked Jessica to help him with the details. To prove to Dorian that it wasn't Viki who was haunting her, Will had made reservations for Ben and Viki to go away to Palm Villa. When he had convinced Dorian that it wasn't Viki, Will planned to reinstate the civil suit. Jessica said that it "sounds convoluted" and "isn't fair," but she would try to convince her mother to go. Will said that "deviousness is sort of what you breathe in the air around here," but he promised "this will all go away" as he hugged Jessica.

Friday, September 24, 1999

Asa walked into Will's office and found Will and Jessica hugging. He commented on how hard it was to find Jessie all grown up. Asa said he needed to speak with Will. Will said that he'd talk to Asa in a few minutes when he was finished speaking with Jessica. Asa left, and Jessica was clearly impressed by Will's ability to stand up to her grandfather. Will said that maybe it was time more people did.

The conversation turned to Will's plan to get Viki out of town in order to convince Dorian that Viki wasn't haunting her. Will had bought the plane tickets and made the reservations. Jessica voiced her doubts that the trip would work out. Will insisted that Jess could persuade her mother to go. He kissed her on the cheek and reminded her that her mother would do anything for her. Jess reluctantly agreed, and she left. Outside, Jess took the tape out of her purse and held onto it.

Later, Asa returned to Will's office. "I love that granddaughter of mine. But take it from me, women can be a real distraction from work," he told his young employee. With a smile, Will commented that he knew because Jessica had told him how many times Asa had been married. Will mentioned that he cared about Jessica a lot. Asa thought that Jessica needed nothing more than a friend at that moment, but Will disagreed. The foundation for Megan was helping both of them move on. Asa asked about the other part to Megan's memorial -- financially ruining Dorian. Will said that he had postponed the meeting with the lawyer.

"So here's the deal. Sign the divorce papers, or go to jail," Sam told Skye in his office. She refused to sign, and Sam reminded her that she had bribed a member of the medical board, which was a felony. He had a signed affidavit from the board member. Sam asked her again if she was ready to sign. "Do you really hate me this much?" she asked Ben. He told her that while he didn't hate her, he didn't love her, and he definitely didn't want to be married to her. He would send her to jail if necessary.

Sam added another part to the deal -- in addition to signing the divorce papers, Skye had to agree to testify against Asa in court. "It's nonnegotiable," Ben said. Skye cleverly put another deal on the table: she would either sign the papers or testify against Asa, but not both. Sam laughed and reminded Skye that she was the one who would go to jail. Skye didn't seem upset about that -- "So send me to jail. That way," she said to Sam, "you won't get the dirt on Asa, and you," she turned to Ben, "won't get your divorce." Sam told her to leave the room so he and Ben could talk it over.

Once Skye was gone, the brothers discussed the situation. Ben was concerned that Skye might actually be okay with the possibility of facing jail time. Sam thought she was bluffing, but the most important thing was that Ben get the divorce from her. Ben believed that they should try to get Will back so their family wasn't destroyed again. Eventually, they decided to call her bluff. They had her called back to the office and were surprised when Asa walked in. Asa had helped Skye escape, and she was already on her way out of town.

Nora arrived at the Banner to speak to Viki. Viki was surprised to see her. Both women said that they'd missed their friendship. "Everyone is entitled to a defense, even Dorian," Viki admitted. Nora said that she was amazed the judge had let Dorian off so easily, too. Nora then brought up Dorian's latest problem and asked if Viki was haunting her. Viki was upset that Dorian had left Jessica to die in the road.

As Jessica listened from the doorway, Viki said that she wanted Dorian to pay. However, she was not the one terrorizing Dorian, although she was capable of it. Nora excused herself to take a phone call, and Jessica emerged from the doorway. She said that she had a surprise for Viki. Nora returned, and Jessica managed to be pleasant to her.

After Nora left, Jessica said that she had an "engagement" present for Viki and Ben -- plane tickets and reservations at the Palm Beach Villa. Viki was pleased, but she didn't think she could get away. Jessica said that Viki and Ben just needed to get away from everything. Jessica's persistence paid off, and Viki agreed to go, if she could convince Ben. Later, Ben went to the Banner and filled Viki in on the situation with Skye. Viki told him about Jessica's gift, and Ben thought it was a great idea, and they should go.

Officer Liz had returned to work at the police station, and she and Julie were talking to Bo. Téa arrived and told them angrily that there was no public defender to take Harris' case. The court would assign an attorney from the private sector to the case -- one who would be able to provide a better defense for Brian. Liz asked who the defender would be, and Bo said it would be whoever was next on the list.

Julie and Liz went to set Liz up with a desk, leaving Bo and Téa to discuss Téa's investigation of Judge Peterson. Téa was afraid that if Dorian's sentence were revoked, Peterson's prior cases would be affected, too. Nora showed up and told them that the court had called her because she was being assigned a case that the public defender couldn't handle. Bo and Téa told Nora that she had to take the Harris case. Nora was upset. She hadn't taken a rape case since she had defended Todd, and that case had really destroyed her. Nora was also afraid that she would find a way to get Brian Harris off.

Sam arrived at Will's office and found Asa there. Sam informed Asa that his game wasn't over yet -- Sam had gone to Vegas and found some very interesting information. Leaving Asa with that thought, Sam walked out. Asa called Skye, who was at the airport and was leaving for Palm Beach in half an hour.

At Llanfair, Will wanted to know how things had gone with Viki. Jessica informed him that their plan had worked. She was still adamant about her belief that Viki was innocent, and Will said that he agreed with her -- Viki was not the one haunting Dorian. Will went back to the office. Jessica then shut the door and took something out of the bookshelves. Later, she sat at the table, humming "Rock-a-bye Baby." She was pasting letters onto a thank you note that read: "Dear Dorian, I'll never forget what you gave me. - Megan."

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