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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, April 28, 2003

At noon, Barbara confronts Dusty in his hotel room about his lack of romantic progress with Rose. As Dusty is assuring Barbara that Rose actually is interested in him, his phone rings with a call from Rose. Rose agrees to come upstairs from the restaurant, where she is having lunch with Dusty, to get the check she needs for the contractors. Dusty asks Barbara for the money he needs to write Rose the check, Barbara retorts that he will get the money only when he gets Rose into bed. then Barbara leaves the room. When Dusty hears Rose knocking at his door, he takes off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest. When he offers Rose the explanation that he hurt his shoulder, she offers to rub liniment on him. Unable to tear her eyes away from his skin, she rubs his shoulders, then he massages her tired hands. Recovering her composure slightly, Rose asks Dusty for the check, but he temporizes. Rose blurts out her fear that she will lose Paul because of Henry Coleman's accusations. Dusty huskily tells Rose that Paul would be a fool to let her go, as the two gaze into one another's eyes. Shaken by her feelings for Dusty, Rose starts to leave the room. Dusty stops her and warns her that, if she tells Paul that she kidnapped his mother, things will never be the same between Rose and Paul.

As soon as Rose leaves the lunch table, Paul calls Molly and asks her to come meet him there. When Molly joins him for a martini, Paul asks her if it is true that Dusty and Rose were together the afternoon of May 10, when Barbara was kidnapped. Molly checks her day-timer and finds that she herself was with Dusty that entire afternoon, so Dusty could not have been with Rose. Molly tell Paul that, in her opinion, if Rose kidnapped Barbara, it was divine retribution, and she reminds him that Barbara was not hurt at all. Paul responds that, even if her opinion has merit, his best friend should not have lied to him. He jumps up and heads upstairs to confront Dusty. When he arrives, Dusty yanks the door open, thinking Rose has returned. Paul asks him point blank why he and Rose lied to him with the fake alibi.

Hal comes downstairs at his home, having slept past noon. He tells Emily that he will ethically have trouble asking Jack to bury the evidence that Emily replaced the watch she lost to Barbara, and he is even more shaken when Emily tells Hal that Carly also has asked Jack to bury the evidence. Just at that moment, Barbara bursts in their door, closely followed by Jack. Barbara dramatically demands that Jack be taken off her kidnapping case. At Barbara's insistence, Jack admits that Emily bought a similar watch, but he insists that that is not enough evidence to build a case on. Hal gapes in surprise at Jack's statement, but puts on a stone face when Barbara whirls to confront him. Accusing the two policemen of closing ranks to form "a blue wall of silence," Barbara declares that she has an eyewitness who will name Emily and Rose as part of the "cabal" that kidnapped Barbara: "Eyewitnesses, unlike watches, can't be buried!" Hal and Jack together tell Barbara that they have already questioned Henry Coleman, who, they surmise, is her eyewitness. They inform Barbara that Henry is completely untrustworthy and they even accuse Barbara of bribing Henry. After Barbara storms out, Hal and Jack decide that Dusty is the only person who can stop Barbara in her tracks. When Jack leaves, Hal tells Emily that she is off the hook for now, and they embrace. After Hal leaves for the station., Rose arrives and Emily joyfully tells her that they are in the clear. However, Rose confides to Emily that she fears that she will lose Paul because she lied to him.

From her hospital bed, Jessica weakly begs Ben to call Marshall to an help Bonnie by telling her what to say. Evelyn Hart, the district attorney, has pressured Margo to help her find evidence that Bonnie pulled the trigger on the gun that shot Jessica. The two women arrive at the hospital and confront Ben, demanding to question Jessica. When Ben explains that Jessica has a dangerous lung infection and is too ill for questioning, Evelyn insists to Margo that they go directly to see Bonnie. Ben decides that he must honor Jessica's request and get Bonnie to talk to Marshall, so he asks Kim to sit with Jessica while he is gone. Meanwhile, Bonnie is at Java Underground, protected by the loving Isaac. Marshall comes in the door, telling Bonnie, "I am her to save your hide." Bonnie does not believe that Jessica would send Marshall to help Bonnie, and yells at Marshall, "I hate you!" However, Isaac insists that Bonnie listen to Marshall, who instructs Bonnie to say that she didn't remember how the gun got into the room. Bonnie should say that suddenly the gun was in her hand, then it went off. Ben arrives and also urges Bonnie to listen to Marshall. To show Bonnie that he is trying to protect her, Marshall shows her the tape recorder she left in his room the night Jessica was shot, and he insists that he will not give the recorder to the police. Bonnie accuses Marshall of pretending to help her in order to keep himself in Jessica's life. At this moment, Margo and the district attorney arrive, and Bonnie instantly says that she will tell them everything.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ben tries to convince Bonnie that Jessica wants her to lie to the police, but Bonnie insists on talking with Jessica first. Meanwhile, Jessica has taken a turn for the worse. Margo is convinced Bonnie will tell the truth and leaves with Evelyn. Isaac squares off with Marshall and orders him to leave town. Meanwhile, a groggy Jessica urges her daughter to lie to the police. Ben agrees and Bonnie goes to the police station and with much regret, lies to Margo and Evelyn. Later, Bonnie breaks down to Isaac that she's gotten away with near murder and it's killing her. Rose is worried that Paul won't forgive her. Emily comforts Rose and encourages her to come clean with Paul. Rose thinks it is too late and reveals that Barbara has told him of an eyewitness. The two women believe it's Henry but feel that ultimately no one will believe him. Paul challenges Dusty about the false alibi. Dusty tries to get out of it but Paul is not having it. Paul then confronts Rose, who admits the truth. Rose accuses Paul of not being supportive and orders him to choose, her or Barbara. Molly alludes to John that Dusty isn't who he is pretending to be. Later, alone with Molly, Dusty says that she is talking too much. Molly thinks Dusty is threatening her. Dusty smoothly claims that he was afraid their business arrangement would cloud their relationship and she reminds him that they are over. Dusty tries to seduce her but Molly declares that she wants her money back or she'll tell everyone who he really is. Susan is thrilled that Rick is applying for a job at Memorial so he can stay in Oakdale. Susan introduces him to Nancy and Kim, who think he's charming. Susan invites Emily and Hal to dinner and Emily is surprised at how young, handsome, and crazy about Susan he is.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Dusty and Molly are having words when Barbara walks over to them. Molly starts to tell Barbara about Dusty but he interrupts her. Molly ends up leaving and Barbara tells Dusty he'd better watch himself because Molly was his "cover" and now she wants nothing to do with him. Dusty assures Barbara that he will follow through with their plan and Barbara says she deposited money in his account.

After telling Paul the truth about his mother's kidnapping, Rose tells him she is not sorry she did it and if he wants, he can turn her in. She walks away very upset and goes to see Dusty. She finds him in the lobby of the Lakeview and tells him that she and Paul are through. She starts to have a panic attack so Dusty takes her up to his hotel room. Dusty tries to reassure her but she is so upset because she thinks Paul won't forgive her. Then, Dusty kisses her and she kisses him back. He apologizes but she asks him to just forget it ever happened and then she runs out of his room.

Holden and Lily see Paul at Java Underground and he explains the situation to them. Holden says Craig is responsible for the kidnapping and is tired of Craig always getting away with things. Holden calls Aaron and tells him that Craig is missing so Aaron calls Lucy and then goes over to see her. Aaron is so excited that Craig is not around that he loudly proclaims his love for her and she does the same.

Rosanna is frantically making calls trying to contact Craig. He hasn't called her and Lucy and they have no idea where he is. Emma comes over and tries to calm Rosanna down. Emma says that Craig is spoiled and rotten. Rosanna wonders if Craig called Carly and decides to go see her.

Carly is doing a fitting for her new line. Jack comes to see her and tells her that the designs are great. Carly says she has Rose and Emily to thank. Jack says that the focus of the investigation is changing and he hopes to get Rose and Emily off the hook. He asks Carly what she knows about Dusty and also asks if she knows where Craig is. Carly says she hasn't heard from him. As they start to kiss, the phone rings and it is Craig. Carly hands the phone over to Jack who tells Craig he should come home because he is under investigation for Barbara's kidnapping. Craig hangs up the phone. Later, Carly has a daydream with Jack taking pictures of her. He hands her a crown that she has won for designer of the year. Craig calls back and says, "This time can we not play pass the phone." She says she won't cover for him. He warns Carly not to let Barbara near her work. Carly tells Craig it was rotten to walk out on his wedding night. Rosanna walks in and hears Carly on the phone with Craig. She grabs the phone but it is too late - he has already hung up. Rosanna gets very upset and starts to agitate Carly when Mike walks in and tells Rosanna to get her hands off of Carly.

Paul goes to Jack and wants to talk "off the record." Jack tells him that Dusty and Barbara have a connection and plays him messages that Dusty left for Barbara asking for money. Paul says that Dusty also lied to him about Rose. He says he'll discuss it with his mother and Dusty.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Mike walks into the office of Monte Carlo to find Rosanna shaking Carly. When he tries to separate the two, Carly is thrown to the couch. Mike and Rosanna stop and look at Carly. Mike asks if she is ok. Carly tells Rosanna that she is crazy and she tells Mike to get Rosanna out of her office. Mike tells Carly that if she starts to experience any trouble to call him or Jack. Carly promises to do that and Mike and Rosanna leave. Carly goes to the phone and dials *69 to try to get Craig back on the phone. It doesn't work and Carly thinks that he must be out of the country. Carly says, "Where ever you are, you better come home soon before your wife does something really stupid." Later, Carly is working and Molly shows up. Carly is surprised to see her estranged cousin. Molly tells Carly that she didn't know where to turn. Carly can see that Molly is upset and gets her to sit down. Molly fills Carly in on the trouble that she had run into with Dusty. She tells Carly that there is someone following her now and she is scared. Carly walks over and hugs her cousin. The two start to talk about men. As they are discussing the men that Molly has been involved with since Jake died, a man walks up to the door and listens to the women talk. Finally, Carly tells Molly that she is going to call Jack and he will know what to do. Molly thanks her cousin for her help. The mysterious man walks away as Carly calls Jack. Jack arranges for a police officer to escort Molly home. While the two women wait for the police officer, Molly tells Carly that she almost didn't come into the office. She reminds Carly that this is where is all began. The whole mess. Carly takes her cousins hand and tells her that there is nothing that they can't get through together. The police officer walks in and Molly shows Carly that she isn't shaking any more. Molly kisses her cousin good-bye and leaves with the officer.

When Molly gets back to The Lakeview, she asks the bartender if the creep that was asking about her earlier had been back. The bartender says that he hasn't. Molly orders a cup of very strong coffee. As she waits for her coffee, a man sits down beside her. She looks up and it is the man that was following her. She starts to scream and he tells her to be quiet. He opens his coat and shows her a gun. He tells her that they have much to discuss.

Chris Hughes visits Alison at the correctional facility. He tries to reassure her to hang in and things will be getting better. Alison tells him about being worried about the other girls. She tells him that they go by and yell out death threats and slip notes under her door. She says that if he keeps visiting her, maybe she can get through it all. As they are talking, a guard brings Alison her lunch. When Alison lifts the lid off her food, there is a piece of paper lying on top of the food. Chris asks what is that and he picks up the paper and opens it and reads it. Alison puts her tray down and asks what the note said. Chris hands it to her. Alison reads the note out loud, "No mercy for squealers. You're leaving here in a wooden box." Alison picks up her tray of food and throws it across the room. Chris tries to calm her down. She yells that they want her dead. Chris reminds her that the warden is going to try to help her. Alison asks Chris to promise that he won't desert her. Chris promises and they two hug. It is time for Chris to leave and Alison tries to kiss him. He turns his cheek to her. They have made a new deal. No kissing on the lips, only on the cheek. Alison says, "You can't blame a girl for trying." Chris walks out in the hall and the warden closes and locks Alison's door. Chris asks Hal how his visit went with the warden. Hal tells him not to say anything, but Alison is getting the biggest break of her life. He adds, "She is going home."

Kim is surprised when she sees Bob at the hospital. When she questions Bob, he doesn't understand why Kim is surprised that he is there. Kim reminds him that he had an appointment to interview Dr. Rick Decker at The Lakeview. Bob smacks his forehead and makes an excuse that he has been so busy he forgot. Bob kisses his wife and says that he is going to The Lakeview to see if he can catch Dr. Decker. After Bob leaves, Kim has a worried look on her face.

At The Lakeview, Dr. Decker is sitting with Susan waiting for Bob. Finally, Bob shows up and the two men go off to have their interview. Emily shows up and sits with her mother. Susan tells her daughter how excited she is about Rick wanting to move to Oakdale to be with her. Emily tries to tell her mother about Alison, but Susan is too excited to hear about her daughter. Emily asks her mother if she is thinking about Alison and Susan says that she is but she is just taking some time for herself. Emily tells her mother that she is happy for her but they need to discuss Alison. At that moment, Rick and Bob come back to the table. Bob tells Susan that Rick has some news for her. Rick announces that he has accepted a position in the geriatrics department at the hospital. Susan is very happy and congratulates Rick. Susan suggests that they order a bottle of champagne to celebrate and she invites Bob to stay and celebrate with them. Bob says that he has to get home to his wife and leaves. Emily leaves the table to call Hal. When Susan and Rick are alone, Susan tells him again how happy she is that he will be in Oakdale. Rick says that he has to find a place to live and Susan tells him that The Lakeview has some beautiful suites. Rick tells her that The Lakeview is nice, but it is a hotel. Susan, before she thinks, tells Rick that he could move into her house. Rick looks at her and then says, "Dr. Stewart, are you asking me to live with you?" Susan is shocked and takes back the offer. The two are embarrassed. Rick says that he has some calls to make and he needs to get back to his room. He kisses Susan on the cheek and leaves. Emily comes back to the table and Susan tells her daughter that she just made a very stupid mistake. She tells Emily about inviting Rick to move into her house until he finds something of his own. Susan adds that she thinks he took it the wrong way. Emily asks if her mother is trying to drive the man away. Emily tells her mother that she needs to go talk to Rick. Susan agrees and leaves to track down Dr. Decker.

Susan finds Rick at his hotel room door. She explains that she didn't mean to imply anything when she offered her home to him. He tells her that he was about to take her up on her offer. Susan is surprised. Rick tells her that he insists on paying room and board and he will be a model tenant. He says that he won't get involved in her family business. Susan says that at the moment, there isn't much family business going on. She tells him that even if they shave some time off of Alison's sentence, it will be a long time before she comes home. Then Susan asks if they should draw up a contract or something. Rick suggests that they seal the deal with a kiss. He leans in and kisses Susan.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna walks in with Mike right behind her. Rosanna tells Mike that he can go because she doesn't need a babysitter. Mike sits her down and gets her to settle down. He asks her if she has had anything to eat. He answers for her by saying that he knows she didn't eat at the wedding reception and he is sure she didn't eat a few days before that so she would look fabulous in her dress. Rosanna gets a smile on her face. She tells him that he can always make her smile. He tells her that he will get some food for them to eat and she can get a bottle of wine and they will meet back in the living room in ten. After Mike walks out, Rosanna walks over to the desk and picks up some pictures of her and Craig at the wedding. As she is looking at the pictures she says, "I am not going to cry over you tonight." She throws the pictures down on the desk and walks out of the living room. Later, Mike walks in with a platter full of food and yells for Rosanna to hurry or he will eat the whole platter. Rosanna walks back in wearing a short black lace nightie with a short robe hanging off her shoulders. She says, "You said you will always have a special place in your heart for me. Did you mean it?" Mike, with his mouth hanging open, says, "Rosanna..." Rosanna stops him and tells him that he doesn't need to turn her down. She is going to stop this because she thought she could go through with it, but she can't. She asks, "Why can't I be more like Carly? When ever she has a fight with Jack, she rips off her panties and jumps on you." Mike asks if she is trying to get rid of the last friend that she has. Rosanna hangs her head. Mike tells her that Craig is an idiot and she should stop all this before things get worst. Rosanna asks if things are going to get worst. Mike smiles at her and says that things are only going to get better. Mike says that he will get the wine for them. After he leaves the room, the phone rings. Rosanna rushes to the phone thinking that it is Craig calling. She answers the phone and it is Craig. Rosanna is happy to hear his voice. He asks, "How is my blushing bride?" As Rosanna and Craig talk, Mike walks back into the room talking about the wine that he picked out. Rosanna turns to Mike and tries to get him to stop talking. It is too late. Craig hears Mike's voice. Craig tells Rosanna that he is glad that she is not alone and miserable. He says that he is sorry for interrupting and he was just calling to tell her that he will be back soon to take care of the mess that she made. Craig hangs up on Rosanna.

Friday, May 2, 2003
by Andy

Outside Dr. Rick's suite at the Lakeview, Susan fumbles with her set of house keys. Acting like a nervous schoolgirl, she hands the keys over to him to make copies since he's moving in for a few weeks. They kiss good-bye promising to meet up later. Soon after Rick leaves, Hal and Emily find Susan and tell her the good news that Alison will be released, "tonight." Hal says Alison will still have to check in with a parole officer, but her sentence will be commuted to ‘time served.' Susan says, "Wow! That is that last thing I expected." Susan, clearly stunned, tries to think about how she's going to juggle her daughter and her new man living under one roof. Emily senses her hesitation and asks her mom why she isn't happier about the news. Susan tells Emily that Rick will be moving in after all. Emily tells her to try to get out of it. Susan says, "What do you want me to do? Un-invite him?" "Yes!" Susan takes a moment to think about it, but says, "This is my decision. Rick is moving in. He and Alison will get along just fine." Emily knows her mother has made up her mind, and advises her to tell Alison as soon as possible.

Later, everyone arrives at the prison to give Alison the good news. She's excited about leaving, but doesn't show the same exuberance she brought in with her to prison. She has grown up a little since her incarceration. She hugs her mother and says that she never wants to argue with her "ever again."

The Alison entourage arrives at Susan's home and Alison breathes a sigh of relief. She wants to go to Al's Diner to grab a milkshake, but Susan wants to talk with her first. Before Susan has a chance to explain, Dr. Rick lets himself into the house bearing a bottle of champagne. He apologizes for interrupting and says, "I didn't know you had company." Alison looks at him and says, "I'm not company. I live here. What's your excuse?" Susan, Emily and Rick's mouths drop in awkward silence.

At the hospital, Kim asks her son to push Bob to get an exam regarding his recent memory lapses. Chris promises to say something and later finds his father where he presses him to get a check-up. He tells his son to convince his mother to stop worrying and walks away. Later, Katie attends to a patient who needs new bedding and finds the patient dead. Dr. John urgently tries to revive him, but it's too late. Later, he reviews the chart with Bob, the patient's attending doctor, and finds the medication was recently doubled, probably causing the death. An autopsy is ordered. John convinces Bob to take a few days off, and Bob offers to resign from the hospital if the autopsy suggests Bob is to blame. Chris overhears Bob ask John to keep this quiet until the results are official.

Jessica tries to catch her breath after Ben proposes to her at her bedside. Ben asks her if she needs more time to think about it, and she says, "Didn't I say yes already?" He gently reminds her she hasn't responded yet, and she says yes over and over again. They embrace and kiss. Jessica feels remorse over her past indiscretions, but Ben says he has a few mistakes he'd like to forget also. They both vow to look ahead, leaving Marshall in the past. Outside the door, Marshall looks on holding a bouquet of flowers. Ben says, "Whatever happened, it happened to bring us here." Just then, Ben is paged and leaves to attend to his patient.

As soon as Ben leaves, Marshall enters Jessica's room. He presents the flowers, but she doesn't accept or deny them. He just sets them down. Marshall says he spoke with the DA and it looks like that Bonnie will be offered some sort of deal. Jessica thanks him for not pressing charges against her daughter for pulling a gun on him in his room. Marshall says, "I won't ever do anything to hurt you or your family again." Jessica accepts this, and calmly says, "I won't ever forgive you for what you did to me." She shows Marshall her new engagement ring, and Marshall is taken aback. He says, "I didn't think Ben had it in him." Ben returns, and Marshall says, "I was just leaving." Ben says, "Don't let me stand in your way." Marshall starts for the door, but Jessica stops him. "I think you forgot something." She looks at his bouquet he left. He walks over, picks up the flowers, and leaves the two alone.

Molly threatens the man who stopped her at the Lakeview bar that she will call the cops if he doesn't stop harassing her. He tells her to back off and explains that he's a special agent from the FBI in town investigating Dusty Donovan. He wants Molly's help catching Dusty in a sting operation. She says she won't help and tells him about the thugs sent to scare her. The agent tells Molly they think Dusty was working for a Chicago crime syndicate, laundering their money through the stock market. When some of his transactions didn't pan out, he ended up owing them a lot of money. Molly asks, "Are you telling me Dusty Donovan is a professional crook?" He pushes her again to help with the sting, but she tells him, "Let me give you a counter-proposal. You take this arrangement and you arrange it someplace dark and warm because I don't want any part of it." He stands up drops his card on the table in case she changes her mind. Once he leaves, she immediately calls Mike and asks for his help. He doesn't answer his phone, and she picks up the FBI agent's card and studies it.

Dusty asks Jack who summoned him to the police station, when Paul and Barbara wander out of the interrogation room. Paul says, "You lied to me once. This time I get the truth!" All three of them seek the privacy of the interrogation room where Paul plays the tape of Dusty calling his mother frantically asking her for money so he can fund the construction of Rose's beauty salon. After hearing the tape, Barbara takes a few quick breaths, and looks to Dusty for an answer. Paul asks Dusty to comment on the tape, but he clams up. Barbara doesn't say anything either. Paul slams a chair to the floor and says that no one is leaving until he gets answers. Dusty finally says that he was running low on money, so he went to Barbara for help. He maintains that he's rich, but he says that a lot of his net worth is tied up on paper, so he's not as liquid. The reason why he sounded frantic was because he didn't know she was kidnapped. Barbara chimes in and confirms the story. Paul still doesn't buy their story and vows to get to the bottom of all the lies. Dusty asks Paul that since he's tried them in his own little court of law and found them both guilty, "What are you going to do now?" Paul says that he's going to tell Rose to sever all ties with Dusty, then he disgustedly walks out of the room. Before Dusty leaves, Barbara says, "You better find your money somewhere else, because you're not getting another cent from me!" Dusty swivels around to fight back, but decides finding Rose before Paul is more important. Jack pops his head into the room and asks, "Everything OK? I sensed a little tension." Babs presses Jack to arrest Emily and Rose in connection with her abduction. But he tells Barbara to back off or else he'll make an issue out of her secret relationship with Dusty.

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