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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Emily and Alison leave their wedding-planning meeting to meet their partners and search for the key. Emily and Chris are the first to deduce that the Lakeview hotel's wine cellar is the hiding place for the key. Unfortunately, after they find the key, they discover that Lisa has unknowingly locked them in the wine cellar!

In the Lakeview dining room, the departure of Emily and Alison leaves Susan and Kim alone with Tiffany Gable, a wedding planner. Susan loses her temper when Kim presents her with a guest list of over 250, and when Alison returns from her treasure-hunt absence, the wedding planner warns her, "Listen, honey, I've got some advice - elope!"

Don Creel, Lucy's tattooed kidnapper, calls Craig and demands $1 million for his silence. Craig agrees, then puts his plan into action. First he calls Lily in the main house and asks her to bring him some clean towels. He hangs up the phone, grabs his gun, and leaves, saying to himself, "Do or die." When Lily comes to the guest house with an armload of towels, she hears the shower running and hears Craig singing, "Home on the Range." She leaves him a note on his desk and returns to the house. Lucy arrives at Lily's, and Dusty sneaks into the house to see Lucy after she distracts her bodyguard. Lily walks in to find Lucy in Dusty's arms. Dusty leaves after receiving a call from Sally, a waitress at Yo's, who tells him that she followed Creel across the street, where he took an elevator to the top floor of an abandoned building. Dusty goes to the metro, where he calls Agent Nikki Munson, and tells her where Creel is. He grabs his gun and rushes out.

Craig meets Creel on the rooftop of the abandoned building, and Creel is angry to find that Craig brought only $250,000. Craig pulls his gun and demands that Creel take the money and leave. Creel sneers, "You don't have the guts....You're nothing but a joke!" A shot rings out. Dusty arrives to find Creel dying, but Creel revives long enough to tell Dusty who was behind the kidnapping, "Lucy's father." Agents Fox and Nikki Munson arrive on the rooftop, where Dusty tells them that he knows who was behind Lucy's kidnapping. After Agent Fox agrees to give Dusty immunity from the money laundering charges, Dusty warns Hal and Nikki that Creel's partner is still at large and that Creel identified Craig as the person behind Lucy's kidnapping.

Craig walks into metro just in time to see Dusty leave, and Craig says to himself, "I got back just in time. That was close - too close." Craig returns to the guest house and turns off the tape recorder and the shower. He destroys the tape and puts it into the wastebasket, then collapses in the chair, asking, "What have I done?" Craig then goes to the main house where he embraces Lucy and promises to support her and to help her and Dusty however he can. Lily looks on skeptically.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Margo ends up in the hotel room that Doc was registered. She is talking with one of the maids. The maid tells her that she even remembers Margo being there. Margo questions her as to whether or not there was another woman there with Doc. Margo shows her a picture of Ben, Jessica and Tom and herself. She tells the maid that the picture is of her very best friend, and she is trying to find out about who she is seeing. Her best friend has a husband and she doesn't want to watch her destroy her marriage. The maid tells Margo that she was there.

Kim and Susan argue while the wedding planner and Alison stand there in amazement. The planner tells them that Alison should forget the whole thing, because of how the two Mother's are acting. After the planner leaves, Alison asks the two of them to please put their problems aside and think about the wedding. She would like both of them to have a part in planning the wedding and getting Chris and her off to a good start. Later, Kim and Susan try to work on the wedding together. Alison tells Chris and Susan, that she knows what is going on between them. They are both surprised and look at each other in astonishment. Alison tells them that they went off to get a wedding surprise for her. She questions Chris as to what it is. Since the answer given is enough to satisfy Alison, Emily and Chris let the subject drop.

Chris and Emily were previously trapped in the Lakeview basement after finding the key to the contest. While down there, they share some wine from off the shelves. Chris tells Emily that he wants to be a husband like his Dad is, a good role model. He tells Emily that Hal is one also. Emily tells him that right now they are having some unsettling moments. Nikki, Hal's daughter and her are not getting along. Chris tells her there must be some kind of misunderstanding because Emily is always so helpful. Lisa comes in and finds Chris and Emily in the basement. They make Lisa promise not to tell anyone about them being partners in the contest and trying to win for Alison and the wedding of her dreams. Lisa says that she will do it in the name of love. Chris discovers that everyone has been looking for each of them because they had appointments that they either didn't keep or didn't call about.

Dusty tells Hal and Nikki that he thinks Craig is responsible for Don Creole's murder. Hal tells Dusty that Craig will do a lot of things but he wouldn't commit murder. Dusty tells Hal to look at the facts. First, Lucy is kidnapped on the way to the airport, when she is trying to leave Craig. Second, she is kidnapped, and therefore cannot leave Craig again. Dusty also tells him about Don telling him with his dying breath that Lucy's Dad was responsible. Doesn't it make some kind of sense that he could be involved. After explaining all of this, a report is brought in to Hal. Hal is forced to tell Dusty that the bullet that killed Don Creole came from Dusty's gun.

Craig walks back into the room where he is staying. He is somewhat dazed. He begins to envision seeing Don Creole. Don is telling him that soon everyone will know about him. Craig receives a knock on the door and it is Hal. He has come to question Craig. Craig is playing innocent. Hal says there was an apparent homicide. One of the guys involved with Lucy's kidnapping has turned up dead. Hal wants to know if Craig has an alibi. Craig asks if he needs one. All of a sudden, Lily comes in and says that she is his alibi. He called and had run out of towels so she was bringing some over. When she got there, Craig was all ready in the shower and singing. They do not arrest Craig because he has an alibi.

Jessica is terribly upset. Ben tries to reassure her and calm her down. He figures it is because of the news about the baby, and the wondering if the baby will be all right. She tells him that he will be the only man she will ever love. Ben leaves. A knock on the door brings Doc to face Jessica. She is guilt-ridden and does not want to see him. He tells her that he is there for a legal reason and she is his attorney. Doc finds the book on pregnancy and picks it up. He starts to question Jessica, who puts him off. He tells her that Jill is threatening his job. Doc tells her about the blackmail. She says to get another lawyer, but gives him a word of advice. If she has threatened all of these things, she is dangerous. He better watch out. Later, another knock at the door brings, this time, Margo. Margo looks at her, and says, "You did sleep with Doc."

Lucy calls Dusty. He is at the police station. Lucy wants to know why and says she will come down as soon as she can to help him out. Dusty says not to come, that he will get in touch with her as soon as he can. He gets off the phone and is then asked, "what are you going to tell her, if her Father is involved? How is she gonna feel then?"

He is at a loss.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Margo enters Jessica's and announces that she has just come from the Bay City Hotel. She tells her that she knows she was there. Jessica tells her that she went there to plead for her friend. Margo asks why she found it necessary to hide in the bathroom, if that were the case. She felt that she did, because Margo did not sleep with Doc. Margo grabs Jessica and says, "but, you did." Margo tells her that she remembers seeing the bed rumpled. On top of that Jessica was seen coming out of the room with her clothes all disheveled and she was flushed. Margo forces her to admit that she slept with Doc. She tells Margo how she ended up in bed with him. It wasn't love, it was frustration and anger. She was angry and he grabbed her and they took it out on each other. Margo replies with the fact that it seems like her first encounter with Marshall. Jessica admits that she feels very ashamed. She didn't tell Margo, because it is difficult to try to tell someone you care about, something like that. Margo makes a statement that she is carrying Doc's baby. She remembers all the phone calls and crying she did when she was trying so hard to conceive. Margo says, "what if the problem wasn't yours, but Ben's?" Jessica tells her she will go to her grave before she hurts this innocent child or Ben. Margo calls her more selfish than she ever realized. Margo turns to leave and walks into Ben as she opens the door. Margo looks at Ben and says, "Ben, I am so sorry."

Jordan holds Cabot. Jennifer brings Cabot an early birthday present. It is a bear for his first (1st) birthday. He also gives Jennifer a gift. It is plane tickets. They will use them after everything is settled and then he can show her how much he cares.

Carly and Jack plan to spend the evening together. Rosanna interrupts their cozy plans, saying that she needs them at Barbara's for a party that night, not for her, but for Cabot. Carly asks what Barbara has to do with Cabot. Rosanna says she doesn't know yet, but, she wants to keep Cabot safe. Rosanna tells Carly and Jack all about the suspicions they all have about James. They are all on the lookout but she would feel better if they would attend the party with her. They agree and Jack even says that he will have a patrol car in the area.

Walker enters and sees Barbara preparing for the party. He tells her to calm down and the party will be a huge success. Barbara is remembering James' comments from behind prison bars, that she should stick around and enjoy the ride. If she knew everything, life would not be worth living. Walker gets her attention once again, and asks her about Paul. The doorbell rings and it is Paul and he has brought someone with him. A security guard named Sean, who is going to check the place out. That whatever madness Barbara has planned, he will be there to see it doesn't happen. Barbara starts to speak up when Walker suggests that Paul and he show Sean the place and everyone can feel safer and more secure. The phone rings as they leave the room. It is James and he tantalizes Barbara about her party. He speaks in riddles about what he has planned. He hangs up leaving Barbara frustrated. Barbara goes to the door, once again, to greet some more of her guests. This time it is Jennifer, Jordan and Cabot. Later, Rosanna arrives and behind her enters Jack and Carly as a stunned Barbara looks on. Rosanna apologizes but says that under the circumstances she felt it was necessary for Cabot's protection. As the evening wears on, Rosanna places Cabot in a bassinet, as Walker prepares to toast Barbara. Barbara has told Jack that she is in no way involved with what has happened to Cabot recently. Jack tells her that if she is, he will hang her. Barbara thanks Walker for all the nice compliments and the toast. She tells everyone that he is the man who is making all her dreams come true. Suddenly all the lights go out, and Rosanna screams.

Hal tells Nikki that she made the assumption that Dusty was telling the truth about what happened. He was found standing over Creole with the gun that killed him. Dusty reminds Hal that he told him he was going back to the club to get the gun in case he needed to protect himself. Why would he call if he was going to shoot him? Besides, says Dusty, we all know who did it. Lucy bursts into the room where Dusty is being questioned. Lucy asks Dusty how he is. He tells her that he did not want her down there. She says she had to because he is in trouble. Lucy wants to know what this is about. Was it Don Creole? She says he was dangerous. Lucy offers to get Dusty a lawyer, but, he refuses. Hal asks Lucy to leave so that he can talk to Dusty alone. Dusty tells him that Craig hired Creole to kidnap his daughter. Creole admitted that to him before he died. Then Craig shot him. Lucy, outside the office, tells Nikki there are a lot of people that knew about the gun being in the club. Inside, Hal tells Dusty he has to hold him until everything can be cleared up. Dusty tells Hal to keep Lucy safe and away from her Father.

Wade, (Creole's other partner) comes to Craig's door. Wade tells Craig that Creole is dead and Craig killed him and now he is going to pay. Wade wants the money Craig was going to pay Creole. Lily knocks at the door and needs to speak with Craig. Wade hides, and Lily enters. She tells Craig that Sierra is on her way, and, that Lucy is down at the police station with Dusty. She leaves and Wade tells him that because all the money wasn't there, he now owes him $2 million dollars. He has 48 hours to get it. He leaves Craig in a pretty big heap after throwing some punches his way. He vows to tell Lucy about her Father, if he doesn't get what he is owed.

Ben is having a conversation with Jill at the club. He wants to set up a party for his wife. Jill hands him a menu and wine list and when she notices Doc come into the room, walks over to him. She asks if he is there to see her. Doc tells her that her letter to Kim cost him, his job, and his last warning to her, is to stay far, far away. Not to be intimidated, Jill turns to Ben and asks him if he has heard the latest gossip about Doc having a very steamy affair with a red headed law enforcement officer by the name of Margo Hughes. Jill's boss, comes out and tells her to get her things and get out before he calls security. She's fired!!! Doc turns to Ben and apologizes for her outburst. He hopes Ben will be discreet. Ben tells him it is a little late for being discreet. Tom all ready knows and now half the club does too: It's a small town and news travels fast. When you make a sport out of going after other men's wives, it isn't just the women who get mad. Jill confronts Doc as he is leaving. She blames him for losing her job. She tells him he will pay the price for everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Margo was at Ben and Jessica's house when Ben arrived home. She told him she was so sorry. He asked what she was sorry about. Margo wanted to tell Ben about Doc but decided against it. After Margo left, Ben told Jessica that Jill threw a fit at the country club and told everyone that Margo and Doc were having an affair. Ben said that Doc was probably messing around with a lot of women. Jessica followed Margo to Java and thanked her for not telling Ben the truth. Margo said she did it for Ben. Margo didn't want to hear anymore justifications from Jessica about sleeping with Doc. Jessica warned her that about Jill making a scene at the country club. Margo was incensed. Jessica said that they needed to turn to each other in their time of need, but Margo wanted nothing to do with Jess.

Craig worried about how he would get $2 million to pay off the thug who knew he killed Creel. Suddenly Sierra and Lily arrived at his door and Craig said that Sierra had arrived just in time. Sierra wanted to know what he meant by that but he just said that Lucy needed her mother. Alan arrived just then and Craig told everyone that Lucy was at the police station with Dusty. Sierra wanted Alan to come but he didn't want to.

Meanwhile, at the police station Lucy insisted on helping out Dusty even though he said he didn't need her help. Dusty made Lucy promise to be careful and not trust anyone. They held hands. Dusty refused to tell Lucy that Craig was Creel's killer. Dusty later told Nikki that if they could find out the time of Creel's death it would prove that he hadn't been there when Creel was killed. Lucy talked to Hal about Dusty. She was firm in her belief that Dusty didn't kill anyone. Sierra and Craig arrived at the station and Lucy asked Sierra to help Dusty. Once they left the station, Dusty vowed that he would find a way to prove Craig was guilty for the crime.

Across town there was a dinner party going on at the Lakeview. Barbara and Walker were throwing the party. Carly, Jack, Jennifer, Jordan, Rosanna, Cabot and Paul were present. The lights suddenly went out. When the lights came back on Cabot was missing and Rosanna panicked. Paul tried to reassure her that they would find the baby. Rosanna accused Barbara of arranging Cabot's kidnapping. She attacked Barbara. Paul confronted his mother about her possible role in the kidnapping. She didn't say anything.

Suddenly, Rosanna got a phone call from Phyllis, her housekeeper, saying that Cabot was at Fairwinds. Rosanna, Paul, Jordan, Jennifer and Jack raced over to the mansion. Paul said his father, James, was responsible for the kidnapping and pressed Jack to do something about it. Jack was sorry to have to inform them that there was nothing he could do w/o proof. The baby was dressed in a clown costume. Jennifer and Jordan took Cabot upstairs. Jordan said he would do anything - lie, cheat, whatever - to protect his son. Meanwhile, downstairs Rosanna told Paul that he should move out to keep James at bay. Paul said no - they were going to work through this mess together. Just then a man dressed in a clown costume arrived at the door with a card and balloons. They were from James. Paul vowed to protect Cabot.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Dusty tells Hal and Nikki, that when he got to Creole, the blood from the wound was all ready dried. Time had passed since Dusty got back. Craig had time to put gun back at the club. Nikki tells Hal outside, that she thinks Dusty is innocent. He is telling the truth.

Craig receives another short visit from Wade. He tells Craig that he owes him two million dollars or he will tell his daughter everything. Sierra arrives and they share small talk.

Paul brings in the present for Cabot's birthday. Rosanna is moving around gifts. Paul tells her that he has one for her also. He's going to go and see James Stenbeck and tells him how it's going to be from now on.

Jordan tells Jennifer that he is going to go and give Cabot some fresh air. He has packed up some of Cabot's things. He says that if Jennifer asks about Cabot to tell her that he took him for a drive.

Lily and Holden tell Molly that the children can be a handful. Holden reassures Lily that it will be all right, so they leave, and Molly is in charge. Starziak is at the window peering in at Molly and the children. Later, a knock comes at the door and Molly opens it to find Starziak. He allows Molly to get Faith out of the room. Starziak tells Molly that if she testifies against him she will lose her life, and perhaps her daughter Abby and maybe even Holden, the owner of the house in which he is standing. He walks out the door and Molly immediately calls Abby to check on her. After the call, she breaks down, and in enters once again, a comforting Holden. Lily appears also. Starziak posed as a TV repairman to get entrance, and Holden decides to call Jack. Lily has made it very clear that she wants Molly out.

Craig and Sierra share tea and sympathy. He tells her he is recovering from divorcing Rosanna and almost losing Lucy. Sierra is on to him though. She wants to know what he wants from her. A knock at the door brings Lucinda. She begs Sierra not to trust a word Craig says. She says she can take care of herself. Craig escorts Lucinda out the door. Lucinda realizes what just happened. She played right into Craig's hands. He orchestrated the whole scene that they all just played out. When Lucinda walks away, Craig peers in the window to discover Sierra looking through whatever it was that Craig planted for Sierra to see. In walks Craig and chastises Sierra for looking at his personal property. She tells him that she and Alan have found happiness and she wants the same for him, but, he might not be able to do that with all his financial worries.

At the station, Nikki tells Dusty they will have the lab results soon. She receives a call giving her a tip.

In the meantime, Lucy meets with Lily. Lucy wants Lily to pay for a good lawyer for Dusty. Lucy wants a cutthroat lawyer who can get him off. Lily tells Lucy that everyone knows the kind of man Dusty is and she should stay away from him.

At the jail, Jordan sees James and the two get along well. While there, Jordan tells Paul, that what he does, is not his business but, he needs to get a life. Jordan asks James to promise not to interfere with Cabot or him again. Paul tells James he will go after

Craig reenters and sees Sierra looking at his notebook. She tells him how she saw his legal fees for his divorce and wrote him a check. Craig calls Wade and tells him he has his money.

Lily tells Lucy she will write a check for him but she wants Lucy to understand what this guy Dusty is all about. Everyone that knows him, knows that if she gets involved with him, she will be making the biggest mistake of her life.

Paul tells Jordan to explain to Rosanna where he's been. Rosanna claims he has lost his mind. Jordan says that maybe using a little respect towards James will help. Paul claims Jordan knows nothing about James Stenbeck yet. Jennifer, you know what that man has done to my life and to my Mothers, says Paul.

Jordan says his entire life has been, chosen for him. Jordan says that his entire life up to now has been nothing.

Lucy comes back to see Dusty. This time she has some good news for him. Lily and her are going to get him the very best attorney around. The medical examiner's report stated that Creole was killed at approximately 9:30p.m. or 45 minutes before his death. Dusty had been seen at 10:00p.m., and therefore has proven his innocence. Hal has all ready called the D.A. and told them, they have the wrong guy.

Jordan lets James hold Cabot. Paul removes Cabot from James' arms and tells Jordan that he can't wait to see him explain this to Cabot's Mother. Back at Rosanna's place, Jordan is forced to tell Rosanna what actually happened. After calling Jordan crazy, she takes off to check on him. Jordan asks James to promise not to interfere with Cabot or him again. Paul tells James he will go after James himself if he doesn't stay away from Rosanna.

In Cabot's room, Rosanna looks lovingly at her little boy. She goes to touch him and discovers a note to her from James Stenbeck.

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