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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 7, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, January 7, 2008

With Kit in jail, Carly and Sam are left to run Metro on their own. The two are busy getting the nightclub back in order as they begin to happily recount their successful New Year's Eve opening. Carly thanks Sam for saving the New Year's event at Metro by singing and compliments Sam on his musical performance. She asks Sam if he would be willing to stay a little longer and perform at Metro again and Sam agrees. In the midst of their conversation, Carly comments that poor Kit must have been lonely on New Year's, but Sam remarks that Kit always makes the best of her situation and he doesn't seem to be worried about his girlfriends incarceration. Later, Sam asks Carly whether Jack is going to have a problem with him sticking around and Carly explains that Jack wants the club to be a success. As their conversation continues, Carly explains how she ruined Jack's chances with Katie, but what she really wants is for Jack to be happy. As Sam continues to ask about Jack and Katie, Carly is curious why he is interested. Sam claims that he is just worried about their business, but Carly assures him that she won't let her troubles with men get in the way of making Metro a success.

As the two continue their day at Metro a man arrives looking for Sam. When Sam sees the man he is shocked and asks what he is doing there. Carly overhears the man asking Sam to accept his offer, but Sam sternly tells him that he won't go to Texas. The man asks Carly what she is paying Sam and is shocked to learn she isn't paying him anything. The man tells Carly that Sam has just turned down a very handsome offer to play a gig in Austin. Carly is surprised and tells Sam that he should take the offer, but Sam thanks the man and turns him down. Carly is curious why Sam didn't jump at the chance and Sam explains he is staying in Oakdale for her. He explains that she gave him and Kit a chance when no one else would and wants to repay her. Carly apologizes for not being able to pay him what he deserves, but Sam explains that there is a way to pay him back, but Jack won't like it. Sam tells her that he wants her to let him stay at her house just a little longer, but Carly is worried that with Sam at her home, Jack won't let the kids visit. She is grateful for Sam's help with Metro and decides to let him stay with her and explains she will handle Jack. Carly kisses Sam on the cheek and tells him he is a good man.

Out at the farm, Parker comments on Jack's bad mood ever since his failed date with Katie on New Year's Eve. Parker believes that either Carly or Brad are to blame, but Jack tells him that neither one had anything to do with him and Katie not being together. Jack takes responsibility for his failure on New Year's and confesses he doesn't know if he can win Katie back. Parker tells Jack that he knows just how to get Katie back; by inviting her to a hockey game with the tickets Parker won in a school raffle. Jack isn't convinced, but Parker talks him into going to Katie and asking her to the game.

At the Lakeview, Jack runs into Henry, who tries to deter him from going to Katie's room. When Jack phones the room to talk to Katie he hears Brad and Katie in what appears to be an intimate moment and he rushes upstairs to stop what is going on.

At Katie's room at the Lakeview, Brad accepts a delivery from a bellman and quickly hangs a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door before dashing back inside. Jack arrives at the door and demands to see Katie, but Brad yells for his brother to go away because they are in the middle of something. Jack hears what he thinks are Katie's screams of passion and kicks down the door to find Brad and Katie fully clothed playing a video game. She asks Brad to give her a minute alone with Jack, so Brad goes to the lobby.

Down in the lounge, Henry invites Brad to have a drink with him and toast Jack and Katie reuniting. Brad is not amused and accuses Henry of sending Jack to Katie's room to ruin things between him and Katie. Henry points out to Brad that Jack loves Katie and they belong together. Brad rants to Henry that he stopped trying to win Katie over with sex and felt it was working. Brad explains that with sex out of the picture he sees Katie as a "wonderful, gorgeous human being." Henry is surprised and realizes that Brad really must love Katie.

After having the door repaired, Jack apologizes to Katie. He tells her that he wasn't trying to control her, but was trying to prevent her from getting hurt. Katie tells him that she and Brad are no longer trying to get pregnant and says it was Brad's idea. Jack tells Katie that it was actually his idea; he told Brad on New Year's Eve that he couldn't win her over with sex. Katie admits to Jack that she was using Brad to hurt him. Jack tells her that not having a baby with Brad just proves what a great mother she is going to be someday. He tells her what a strong heart she has, but she tells him that it isn't strong when she's around him, so she needs to stay away from him.

Jack asks her if she still has feelings for him and she admits she does, but says she still needs to stay away from him. She tells him that when he asked her to dance on New Year's Eve she felt all fluttery inside, but then he ran off to Carly. Jack tells her that he doesn't love Carly, but Katie believes she can't trust him anymore. She explains to him that whenever she sees him she feels scared that he will hurt her again. A devastated Jack gives her the hockey tickets from Parker and warns her to watch out for stray pucks if she goes to the game and then leaves her crying alone. Jack heads home and explains to Parker that Katie needs to be with someone who makes her happy and that it may be Brad.

Brad sees Jack leaving and realizes that Katie must have told him to leave. He goes up to the room but Katie doesn't want to talk; she tells Brad to make love to her. Brad tells her that he really wants to, but it isn't a good idea to make a baby now. She tells him this isn't about that- she just needs him right now. They kiss, but Brad stops and tells her he can't. He explains that he doesn't want her to do something she will regret. Katie tells him he is being just like his brother and throws him out. Outside in the hall, Brad practices what he wants to say to Katie and admits that he is in love with her.

At the Lakeview, Paul meets Meg to find out what she wants to tell him about her baby. She tells him that she believes the DNA results were switched, but Paul doesn't buy it. Meg explains that Craig has been treating her and the baby indifferently and his recent behavior has made her think more about the DNA test. Paul tells her that he needs proof before believing again that this is his child, so Meg tells him they can get it easily by going to the hospital and take a blood test. Paul doesn't want to face being hurt again, but Meg convinces him to face the fact that her baby may be his. Meg finally convinces Paul by asking him Paul if he would want Craig to raise his child. Paul grabs Meg's hand and takes her to the hospital to find out once and for all if the baby she is carrying is his.

At the hospital, Meg asks Susan to approve the blood test but Susan turns her down. Susan sees Paul and lashes out at him, condemning his past treatment of Emily, her daughter, and the women in his life. Meg tells Susan that she suspects her baby may not be Craig's and Susan tells her that after the switch with Jennifer's baby, she and Paul deserve it. Meg reminds Susan that her baby is innocent in all of this and deserves to know his father. Susan finally agrees to the blood test.

After sending the samples to the lab, Meg asks if Susan could expedite the results, which Susan tells them she already did so she can be assured that Paul will never bother Emily again. Just then they hear Craig shouting from the hallway as he is trying to find Evan Walsh. He tries to enter Susan's office where Meg and Paul are, but Susan meets him at the door and prevents him from seeing them. Inside the office Meg is visibly shaken by the ordeal and Paul wants to know what Craig did to her. Meg denies Craig has done anything to her or the baby. Paul tells her that she must be prepared if the test shows the baby is Craig's, but Meg tells him that she is sure it is Paul's and that she has always known. Just then Susan returns with the preliminary DNA results: the baby is Paul's.

In Old Town, Margo and Daniel run into Craig sitting alone on a bench. Margo inquires about Craig's infected hand, but he dodges the question, knowing that the infection came from trying to poison Meg. He asks Margo how she is able to love a child that isn't her own. Margo explains that she loves Daniel despite Tom's infidelity. She asks Craig how he and Meg are doing and Craig declares that they have never been better.

After his conversation with Margo, Craig heads to the Lakeview for a drink and thinks over his sister's words of wisdom. He decides to accept Paul and Meg's baby as his own and happily calls the designer with plans for a huge nursery.

Meg and Paul arrive at a bar and announce "They are having a baby!" They happily embrace and kiss, but Paul is worried about Rosanna. He explains to Meg that he cares for her and doesn't want to her hurt her. Meg speculates that Rosanna was the one who switched the test. Paul doesn't believe it, but Meg points out Rosanna's weird behavior and that she admitted to Meg that she went and saw Craig. Paul is angry and wants to call Rosanna home from her business trip, but Meg says no. They both agree not to tell Rosanna or Craig yet. Paul convinces Meg to stay away from Craig for a while and they plan on telling Craig that Emma needs her at the farm for a few days. They kiss and dream about raising their family.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Noah meets Luke at the diner for breakfast, and Luke tells him he's going to enroll at Oakdale University and plans to live in the dorms. Noah suggests they look for an apartment together, and Luke is stunned but pleased to hear that Noah feels that strongly about it. Noah begins looking at ads in the paper and leaves to go check out some of the apartments. Henry, who had overheard Noah's proposal while serving the boys their coffee, tells Luke that Maddie always asks about him whenever she calls. He asks if Luke minds some unsolicited advice, and then tells him he overheard Noah's idea about Luke moving in with him, and he says, "Don't do it." Henry sits down and tells Luke he's young and should take a while to experience college life like a carefree young man, not an adult with responsibilities for rent, utilities, and groceries. He says there are some things you shouldn't rush into, and Luke shouldn't miss out on the courtship part of his relationship with Noah because it's an important part of it. Luke thanks Henry, and later, Noah comes back, and Luke tells him that after talking to Henry, he thinks maybe they should reconsider the idea of the apartment. Luke is afraid Noah's still trying to prove something to his dad, even though his dad's not around anymore, like when he moved in with Maddie. Luke thinks they can be together in the dormitory, but Noah has a real opposition to that, eventually telling Luke that what he really would like is a sense of family, like he felt when he was out at the farm for Christmas, and that he can't get that living in a dormitory. Luke privately makes a phone call, then tells Noah that he talked to Emma about this, and she's agreed that Noah can come out and live with them at the farm, saying Faith and Natalie will just move into a room together to make room for him. Noah can't believe it, and they hug, with Noah excited that he'll have a built-in family now. Luke gives Noah a key to Emma's place, making it "official."

At the farm, Holden and the girls are talking about how long winter break seems to have been this year, when Bonnie arrives with her DVDs of all episodes of the "Twilight Zone," since she knows that Holden and the girls didn't get to watch the marathon on TV on New Year's Eve. Holden invites her to stay to watch the DVDs with them, and she accepts. Faith and Natalie suggest that they bake cookies, and Bonnie lucks out when she finds a roll of cookie dough in the refrigerator; Holden says Brad left it there last time Emma was out of town. She bakes the cookies and takes them into the TV room.

Lily, who has just picked up a prescription medicine, runs into Lucinda in Old Town and tells her that she and Dusty are over. Lucinda is nice to Lily about it, saying she knows Lily just needed someone to hold her and Dusty probably did, too. Lily asks who will hold her now, and Lucinda says she has 4 wonderful children, plus a mom. She hugs Lily, who says she thinks she'll go to the farm to see the kids. Lucinda leaves, and Lily takes one of the pills from the pill bottle, then goes to the farm. She kids with Holden about the store-bought cookie dough at Emma's, and then Bonnie walks into the room, followed by the girls, and Lily loses it, accusing Holden of not even waiting for the ink to dry on their divorce papers before moving on with his lawyer. When Bonnie tries to take the girls into the other room, Lily yells at her to stop telling her daughters what to do. Bonnie says she'll leave, but Holden tells her to stay and firmly tells Lily to step outside with him. There, he yells at Lily about having yelled in front of the kids about their relationship, thereby dragging the kids into something they didn't need to be involved in. Lily realizes what she did was wrong and apologizes, saying she doesn't know what came over her. Holden says this is a moment the girls will always remember, unfortunately, and Lily says that lately, everything she does is wrong. She says everything has just been too hard, and Holden says he knows that, and he wants it to stop being hard for her; he says he has faith in her, that she can get past all of this, and Lily says that makes one of them. Holden goes back inside, and Lily follows a moment later, telling Holden she thinks the girls need to hear from her. She apologizes first to Bonnie and then to the girls, saying she doesn't feel very good and took it out on the first person she saw. She asks if they can all pretend this never happened, and the girls can get back to having a fun day with their father and his friend. The girls agree, and Lily hugs them and asks Faith to call her tomorrow so they can all do something together. Faith responds, "I'll try to remember." Lily says, "You never forget." Holden follows Lily outside and tells her she handled that well. He says he's worried about her, and she says that's supposed to stop now that he's her soon-to-be ex-husband. Holden says just because you no longer live with someone doesn't mean you stop caring about them.

At the Lakeview, Chris tells Emily he'd like for them to find a new place to live. Skirting the issue, Emily says she has to get to work. Downstairs in the lobby, Dusty is met by a man who is trying to analyze whatever was in Dr. Bob's coffee cup. The man tells him it definitely was more than milk and sugar, but he says it would be faster if Dusty simply got the medical records from Bob's admission to the hospital, when they ran toxicology tests. Emily overhears and walks over, demanding to know what Dusty's up to. The man leaves, and Dusty says he's trying to find out exactly what happened to Bob. Emily says there's no conspiracy and that Dusty needs to leave Chris alone. Just then, Chris walks up and tells Dusty that if he thinks he has some kind of evidence, he should take it to the police. Dusty says he's not ready to do that quite yet, and he leaves. Evan Walsh walks up and tells Chris it's time they announced their research to the public with a cocktail party for all the movers and shakers in Oakdale, but Chris says the timing isn't right yet, since Bob is still hospitalized. Evan goes ballistic, telling Chris he promised him everything, and he can still take his research elsewhere. Chris asks how many times he's going to threaten him with that, and Evan apologizes but says the party really needs to happen. Chris tells Evan to call his assistant and find a good date to have some type of press party. Appeased, Evan leaves. Emily tells Chris she doesn't think it's a good idea to have the party now, and Chris wonders if Dusty got to her. Emily insists he didn't and says she has complete faith in Chris. Chris is paged to go to the hospital, so he leaves.

Meanwhile, Dusty has gone to the hospital and found Alison. He asks her to please keep an eye on Bob and Chris for him, and she asks why. He explains that he thinks Chris did something to Bob, and Alison says that speaking as someone who almost married Chris, she knows he's not capable of doing something like that. Dusty says he wouldn't be too sure, but Alison accuses him of really just trying to win Emily back. Dusty says if he's right about Chris, then Emily could be next. Alison assures him that Emily's not in danger and that Chris makes Emily happy. She walks out of the room where they were talking and sees Chris, who smiles at her. Then, after Alison leaves, Chris sees Dusty come out of the same room; they glare at each other, and Dusty leaves. Chris finds Alison and asks her what Dusty wanted; Alison says it wasn't anything important, but Chris says Dusty is out to get him and fights dirty. Alison says of course he does, because he's in love with Emily.

Dusty runs into Emily again and says he has proof someone induced Bob's coma. Emily says that may be, but it wasn't Chris. He asks her if she has any doubts about that, and she says no. He tells her he can see it in her face, but she says he's just seeing what he wants to see, and Dusty walks away.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brad and Katie prepare for their show at the station when Brad comes up and tells Katie she is "amazing." Brad questions if Katie is alright after her run in with Jack and she admits she is done with Jack and ready to move on. The two get ready to do an interview with a lingerie designer when Brad starts dropping hints he is ready to sleep with Katie again. As the interview continues Brad begins to fantasize about Katie modeling each sexy outfit and when Katie asks his opinion about the designs he blurts out that he can't wait to sleep with her again. After the two finish taping their show, Brad tells Katie he is ready to help her make a baby again, but Katie shoots him down and says they won't be together again. Brad chases Katie down and questions why she changed her mind. Katie says she doesn't want to have a baby unless she is in a committed relationship and she doesn't think he is the guy for her. She goes on to say that if Brad is her friend he will let her move on and find someone to be with. Brad offers to take her out for a drink to figure out their friendship and Katie explains she has a date.

Katie heads to the Lakeview where she bumps into Vienna who questions why she is all dressed up. Katie explains she is there for a speed dating event and hopes to meet a new Mr. Right. Vienna is shocked and encourages Katie to give Brad another try, but Katie disagrees and heads into the event just as Brad shows up and asks Vienna where Katie is. Vienna tells Brad all about Katie's dating and agrees to help him get into the event. Brad sneaks into to take part in the speed dating affair and immediately sits with Katie who is shocked to see him. Brad explains that he is there legitimately as a suitor and when the bell rings the two head off to meet more people. Brad suffers through the event watching as Katie enjoys her mini-date with a local firefighter, Joe. At the end of the event, Brad tries to persuade Katie's date that she is high maintenance, but he still wants to meet her again. When his first plan fails, Brad enlists Vienna to help him distract the host so he can change the cards and list himself as Katie's only choice for a date. They give out the results at the end of the dating party and Katie finds that no one picked her accept for Brad. Vienna encourages Katie to give Brad another chance, but she tells her no way. Discouraged, Katie agrees to let Brad buy her a coffee and as they walk through town Katie sees the firefighter she met at speed dating and questions why he didn't want to take her out. He admits that he wrote her name down and Katie quickly figures out that Brad must have put a stop to her meeting someone new. Katie and Joe agree to go out on a date and Katie heads into Java to tell Brad he is "busted." At first Brad plays dumb, but Katie finds the torn up dating cards and tells Brad she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Gwen and Will take Hallie in for a routine physical and run into Chris Hughes who offers his congratulations. After learning Hallie's name, Chris questions if their adoption was an open adoption and when they confirm it was, he explains that he thinks he met Hallie's birth mom. He details his run-in with Sofie last week and explains he believes she is missing the baby.

Meanwhile, Sofie and Aaron get coffee at Java and Sofie explains she is happy to be back at the Lakeview at her old job, but she doesn't think she will be able to stay in Oakdale much longer. When Aaron questions why she is leaving if her baby is in Oakdale, Sofie explains the heartache she has when she sees Hallie. He encourages Sofie to think hard about leaving and admits he will miss her if she leaves. He heads out to run an errand and leaves Sofie to think about her decision. As Sofie prepares to leave, she runs into Chris who reintroduces himself and explains he hopes he didn't upset her at the hospital earlier and offers support if she needs any. He wishes her well and gives her his card in case she needs anything.

Gwen and Will head into Old Town and Will leaves Hallie with Gwen so he can go to buy his books for next semester. Gwen runs into Sofie and tells her about Hallie's physical and offers to let Sofie hold her. Sofie is slow to accept, but finally agrees and sits with her daughter. Aaron returns and sees Sofie with the baby and they watch as Hallie gives Sofie a smile. Gwen repeats that Sofie is always welcome and even invites her and Aaron to dinner for the night. Gwen heads home as Aaron encourages Sofie to be involved in her baby's life.

Sofie and Aaron arrive at the Munson house for dinner and Gwen encourages Sofie to feed Hallie. When Sofie sits down to feed her, Alison arrives with gifts for the baby and is a little disheartened to see Aaron next to Sofie on the couch. After dinner, Gwen and Alison discuss Sofie's presents in Gwen's home with Aaron. Gwen admits it worries her at times, but she promised Sofie she could be a part of Hallie's life; while Alison admits that it is hard to see Sofie and Aaron hanging out together. Both women admit that it is difficult for Sofie to be around, but they know it is for the best for everyone. As she is leaving Gwen's house, Sofie breaks down and tells Aaron she can't keep seeing Hallie because it hurts too much.

Parker runs into Sam at Al's Diner and when Sam offers to buy him a milkshake, Parker tells Sam no and remarks that he doesn't like him. Sam continues to try to get Parker on his side, but Parker doesn't believe him and is relieved when Sam walks away.

Jack shows up at Metro to talk to Carly about trouble with Parker. Jack gives Carly Parker's report card and explains he is failing two classes and is distracted at school. Carly says they will get Parker help with his school work, but Jack explains he think it is more than just school. The two decide to work together to get Parker to work harder and back on track, but Jack admits that Parker knew his grades were coming home and he has disappeared in hopes of avoiding trouble. Sam has arrived at Metro and offers up Parker's location.

Carly and Jack find Parker at Al's and try to get him motivated about school. Parker is defiant and smug with his parents and when they ground him from friends and hockey he lashes out at Carly. She explains that all actions have consequences, even hers, and he needs to live with his mistakes and make them better. They send Parker to the farm to get to work and Jack, impressed with Carly, tells her that he thinks she got through to him. When Jack says they will always have to be a team where the kids are concerned, Carly takes the moment to ask for more time with her kids. Jack repeats that he is uncomfortable with the kids being around a felon like Sam, but Carly pleads her case and Jack relents.

Parker doesn't head back to the farm; he goes to Metro and confronts Sam. He tells Sam he doesn't trust him and he wants him to leave him alone and stay away from his mom. After Parker storms out, Sam is left alone with Cowboy Jack at Metro and he dialogues with his dummy about how to get Carly to notice him.

Jack brings Parker and Sage over to Carly's for their first night back at their mom's house and Carly invites Jack to stay for pizza, but when Sam arrives Jack decides to head out. He reminds Parker to be polite and leaves, but stops to look in as the kids eat with Sam and Carly.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carly screams and runs into her living room wearing only a couple of towels. Sam comes in and tells her that he has repaired her faulty water heater and she now has all the warm water she needs. "It's nice to have a man around the house," comments Carly. They discuss Kit, and Sam apologizes for imposing on Carly's hospitality. Carly tells him he is earning his keep and she wants him to stay. They agree that the towel incident will stay between the two of them.. She gives Sam a hug and leaves for Metro.

Katie scolds Brad for manipulating the results of the Speed Dating. He has brought a pastry as a peace offering, and it looks as if it is working until Joe the Fireman, Katie's match in the dating, shows up with a beautiful bouquet. Joe asks Katie if Brad is his competition, and they continue getting to know one another. At one point, Katie flashes back to a good memory of Brad.

At the Snyder farm, Meg gets a call from Craig who asks if she is avoiding him. Holden hears Meg lying to Craig and questions her. Meg tells him she and Craig are over because Paul is the father of her unborn son. She also confesses that Craig tried to kill the baby using a drug but that Holden must never tell that to Paul.

At Fairwinds, Paul relives his conversation with Meg in which he realizes he is her baby's father. Rosanna arrives home early from her business trip and Paul tells her to get away from him because he knows everything she has done concerning switching the DNA results. Rosanna tries to cover up her misdeeds, but Paul tells her he has taken another DNA test and the results are conclusive. Rosanna finally admits that she changed the test and pleads with Paul not to leave her. She declares her motive was love, but Paul isn't listening.

Katie and Joe compare love histories and Joe asks if she is still in love with her ex. Katie explains that part of her will always love Jack. They finish up, but Katie has changed her mind and tells Joe she is not ready to date yet. She calls Brad and asks to meet him for a video game challenge. Brad is elated!

Rosanna asks Paul for forgiveness but Paul tells her that is not possible and he wants a life with Meg. Rosanna shouts out in anger that she wishes Craig had been successful in killing the baby, and Paul asks for details. He walks out on Rosanna.

Holden tells Meg they need to keep her and the baby safe from Craig. Meg tells him that she and Paul plan on going away together, but Holden argues that Paul isn't much better than Craig. Meg prays that Paul never finds out what Craig tried to do to the unborn child. Holden goes outside to do chores, leaving Meg alone in the kitchen.

Paul runs into Barbara and tells her everything that has happened. Barbara is horrified at what Rosanna and Craig have done, but warns Paul not to go after Craig. Barbara reminds him how dangerous an enemy Craig can be.

Craig appears unexpectedly at the farm and tells Meg how sorry he is for his actions. He swears on his life that even though he has now lost Meg, he will never allow Paul to have her. Craig grabs Meg and only releases her when he notices Holden standing there with a rifle trained on him.

Friday, January 11, 2008

At Metro, Carly finds out that Sam has been running ads in the college newspaper, which he's paid for himself. Jack stops by with the kids, and once again, Parker is rude to Carly, so Jack pulls him aside and tells him that Carly would walk through fire for him, and he needs to give her a break. He tells Carly he's got to go to the station for a little while and is leaving the kids with her. Sam entertains Sage and JJ with Cowboy Jack, magic tricks, card games, and his guitar, even teaching JJ to play a chord, while Carly sits and talks to Parker. He tells her there's something creepy about Sam, and it's not just the dummy.

At the station, Jack talks to Margo, telling her he was tough on Parker, but she tells him not to worry about that, that he needs it. Parker calls and asks Jack when he's coming back to pick them up, saying, "Dad, I hate it here." Jack says he'll be right there. He asks Margo if there was anything in what she saw of Sam's record that was alarming, but she says no, just annoying. He's worried he and Parker are overreacting to Sam because of Simon Frasier. As Jack leaves, Tom comes into the station and tells Margo that he got a call from the Department of Corrections saying they're having a hearing about an early release for Casey. He's upset that Casey didn't mention this to them, but Margo defends Casey. Tom tells her she needs to stop feeling so guilty because Casey senses that and uses it to his advantage. Margo finally admits she's scared of what will happen when Casey does come home, and Tom says he is, too.

Back at Metro, Parker watches as Sam teaches Sage and JJ how to play poker. He also watches as Carly takes a wad of cash and puts it in the money box on the bar. Carly sits down with Parker to talk some more. Jack returns, and Carly asks him if she and Parker can have more alone time some time, and Jack agrees. As the kids get ready to leave, Sage watches as Parker leaves one of his books behind on purpose. After the kids leave with Jack to go to the diner to eat, Sam asks Carly to let him know if he's coming on too strong with Sage and JJ, because it seems like the more they get along, the more it bothers Parker. Carly tells him not to worry about Parker but says maybe he needs to step back a bit overall, and Sam says he figures she means that he's coming on too strong with her. She says he wouldn't want to get involved with someone whose life is as chaotic as hers is, and then she leaves. Sam picks up the dummy, who tells him he wishes he could switch places and take over for once so that things would go right. Parker comes in to retrieve his book in time to hear some of this "conversation," although when Sam sees him and tells him he was practicing some new material, Parker says he didn't hear any of it. Carly comes back into the room and Sam leaves to go for a walk. Parker tells Carly that Sam was talking to his dummy about her and says again how creepy he thinks Sam is. Carly tells him that she thinks Sam's a nice guy who's lonely and longing for a family, and she says she's already spoken to him a little about backing off a bit. She tells Parker it's her problem, not his, and she'll handle it on her own. Then she tells Parker how glad she is that they're talking again and that she'd like to do it more often; he agrees. She gets a phone call and has to leave to go to her office for a minute; with no one around, Parker goes to the money box and takes all the money out of it. He stuffs the money in his backpack and picks up one of Sam's magic props and puts it in the empty money box, then leaves. Back at the diner, he tells Jack that he and his mom talked, and he doesn't think Sam will be a problem for much longer. Meanwhile, Sam returns to Metro, and Carly asks him to go run an errand, but when she opens the money box to give him some cash, she tells him she thinks they've been robbed.

At the farm, Holden is holding a shotgun on Craig as Craig tells Meg the only thing that matters is her. Holden steps outside and fires the rifle, coming back in to tell Craig that now he knows for sure the gun is loaded. Meg tells Craig that thinking about and trying to kill her unborn baby was disgusting, and nothing he can say can ever make her forgive him for that, even though he didn't go through with it. She says the only kids he cares about are the ones he's fathered, and she never wants to see him again. He leaves, saying, "I am sorry." Holden comforts Meg, telling her he can't wait to meet her baby, because he has such a great mom.

At the Lakeview, Paul waits in the lobby for Craig to return. When he sees him, Paul follows him to his suite and breaks down the door. After Paul lays into Craig about trying to kill his baby, Craig tells Paul nothing he says or does can hurt him more than Meg just did by saying she never wanted to see him again, and he tells Paul his opinion of him is meaningless. When Paul says he'll make sure Craig pays for what he did, Craig yells back that Paul can't take the moral high ground and lecture him, because "you are not better than me. You and I, we're the same!" Paul throws a punch and knocks Craig down. After Craig takes care of his injury, he asks Paul why he's still there, saying, "You think I'm bad, I know you're an idiot --- I don't find our conversations productive." Paul threatens to kill Craig if he goes near Meg or their child, and Craig points out that that's Paul's style. He tells Paul he thinks he's scared of what he and Meg had together, saying they were happy, and that's why Paul doesn't want him to go after Meg, "but what happens when she comes after me?" Paul again attacks Craig, and Meg walks in and tells them to stop. She tries to get Paul to leave, but Craig tells her about Paul's threats and says Paul went after him because he told him they were exactly the same. He tells Meg she deserves better than either of them. He says she knows Paul can't control himself and that he resorts to violence; he points out that Paul let her marry him (Craig), which Craig never would have done, and then dropped her when she didn't grieve long enough to suit him when she thought he was dead, and that he didn't try to get her back until he found out the baby was his. Craig says she knows Paul can't change, but that he did change, because of her, because he loved her, and that's the difference between him and Paul, and she loved him for it. He tells Meg, "Do not listen to what the man says; look at what he does. You're better off alone!" Meg says they're leaving now, and as they do, Craig can't resist one last barb at Paul, telling him, "You will screw this up; you're not man enough for her." Paul turns and attacks Craig again, and as Meg walks up behind him and tells him to let Craig go, Paul forcefully shakes her off, hitting her in the process and knocking her down. When the paramedics arrive, Meg asks one of them to keep Craig and Paul away from her. At the hospital, with Holden beside her, Meg tells the doctor that she fell and then started bleeding. Holden leaves so the doctor can examine Meg, and Paul and Craig pounce on him trying to find out what's going on. Holden tells them that Meg told him what happened, saying they both did this to her. The doctor comes out and pulls Holden aside; after they speak, Holden goes into Meg's room, where she hugs him, sobbing. Craig asks the doctor if his wife will be okay, and the doctor says physically yes, but emotionally, it will take some time. Craig asks if he can do anything to help, but the doctor says, "I think the 2 of you have done enough."

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