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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 6, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rosanna and Carly chatted in the kitchen, and Rosanna noticed that Carly was shaky. Carly's excuse was that she had stayed up half the night finishing her wedding dress, so Rosanna asked to have a peek at it. Carly stalled and said that she had some details to finish before anyone saw it. A cheerful Craig walked in and wanted Carly to accompany him to the florist in order to pick up and transport the flower arrangements to Margo's house. Carly said that she couldn't go because she had too much to do on her dress, but she suggested that Rosanna go with Craig.

Rosanna declined the invitation, but Carly pled with her, so her sister finally agreed. Rosanna and Craig left, and Carly immediately pulled out a bottle of vodka, which she had stashed under the couch, and she added several ounces to her coffee. She drank it all at once and then replaced the bottle under the furniture. She grabbed her car keys and took off.

Casey and Luke met at Java, and Luke said that Noah's dad was moving to a maximum-security prison that day. Luke asked if Casey had ever found out who Riley Morgan really was, but Casey said no. He was still irritated, however, that Margo thought that "Riley" could do no wrong. Luke thought it odd that Margo had asked Casey not to tell Tom that Riley was not who he pretended to be. Casey got the idea to ask Luke to tell Tom, but Luke did not want to get involved in family business. Casey wondered aloud if Noah might still be in some danger because Riley had been working with Colonel Mayer, and Luke changed his mind and agreed to mention it to Tom.

At home, Margo and Tom talked with Riley, who was looking for a job in the classified ads. He said he was interested in a career in law enforcement, and Tom approved. He also suggested that Margo, who was itching to get back to some police work, give the young man a tour of the station, and she agreed. Tom left to go to the Lakeview for a meeting, and Margo lit into Riley and told him that he was crazy to think he could ever pass a police background check. She suggested that he go back to music, but Riley said he was done with that. He only wanted his mother to be proud of him again.

Rosanna and Craig knocked on the door, bearing flowers. Margo realized that she really was hosting a wedding at her house, so she invited them in, as she and Riley left for the Oakdale police station. Craig asked Rosanna if it would kill her to sometimes crack a smile, and he also accused her of being glum. Rosanna said that she was concerned about Carly's sudden mood swings, but Craig assured her that the marriage was exactly what Carly needed. Rosanna listened to Craig's platitudes before he left.

Carly shopped at Fashions, but as she was leaving, she spotted Craig walking through Old Town. She waited until he went by before she went home. She took a beautiful white dress out of the bag and tore off the price tags, stuffing them into the cushions of a chair when she heard someone on the porch. It was Rosanna, who immediately saw the dress and admired the intricate beadwork. She could not believe that Carly had produced such an amazing gown in only two days.

Carly wanted Rosanna to have a special dress, as well, and she was sorry that she did not have time to make one. She offered her sister her credit card and told her to pick out something she really liked. Rosanna really wanted Carly to go with her, but Carly said she had too much to do at home. Rosanna begged, so finally her sister gave in. Rosanna took her directly to Fashions, but Carly was reluctant to go in and deal with the same sales clerk who had sold her the white dress.

She made an excuse that she needed to pick up a wedding present for Craig, and she arranged to meet Rosanna after she had made her dress selection. She also said that she would pay for it. Rosanna was disappointed, but she went into Fashions, where she immediately saw Carly's "hand-made wedding dress" displayed on a mannequin. The clerk told her that she had just sold one of those earlier that day.

Luke found Tom at the Lakeview and expressed his concerns that the Riley Morgan living in their house was a liar and a fraud. He said that he had seen a photo of the real Riley, and he looked nothing like the young man at the Hugheses' house. When Tom questioned Luke about the source of the photo, he declined to give it.

At the police station, Margo asked Riley how he liked it, and Riley mentioned the memorial to Hal Munson on the wall. He still wanted to be a cop, but Margo cautioned him that they could not risk it. Tom walked in and asked to speak privately with Margo. They went into the interview room, and Tom told her that Luke had approached him at the Lakeview about having seen a photo of a different Riley Morgan. Tom was afraid that they had an imposter in their house. Margo scoffed at his idea and said that she could not believe that Tom had fallen for an unsubstantiated accusation. Tom said he had not, and in fact, he had asked a friend who worked with the armed services to send an official photo of Riley Morgan to the police department.

Margo said that Tom had done the right thing, but she was clearly worried. She suggested that they not wait for the picture to arrive and that they go home, but the photo came through. The photo was clearly not of their houseguest, but Margo attempted to make excuses. "Riley" walked into the room and looked at the photo. He declared that the photo was, indeed, Riley Morgan, so Tom asked him "who the hell" he was.

Riley answered that the photo was a likeness of how he used to look before he received new knees and a completely new face after the bombing in Kabul. He explained how his face had been severely burned, and how a lot of operations and grafts had provided him with a new one. Tom bought the whole story and apologized for doubting him.

Carly pulled a small bottle of vodka from her purse and drank it in Old Town. Then she was surprised to run into Craig and Parker. She asked Craig to go into Fashions to pay for Rosanna's dress, and he agreed. Craig also suggested that Parker accompany his mother on her errand to the jewelry shop. Craig met Rosanna as she left Fashions, and he mentioned that their paying for her dress was "a nice gesture" on Carly's part. Rosanna disagreed and called it "covering her tracks." She explained that Carly had lied about making her wedding dress, and Rosanna was determined to figure out what was wrong.

Back home, Rosanna showed Carly's dress from Fashions to Craig, but he was in total denial. Then Rosanna noticed something stuffed into the chair cushions and pulled out the price tags from Fashions. Craig continued to make excuses for his fiancée, but Rosanna was not convinced. Craig dismissed all of Carly's "quirks" as wedding pressures. Rosanna accused Craig of doing all of Carly's talking for her, as well, and also of always keeping her in his sights. Craig blamed Rosanna for allowing her own feelings for him to intrude on her relationship with her sister. Craig took a call and had to leave, but not before he begged Rosanna to "just let it go."

Craig and Parker got home, and Rosanna said that she had found not only her dress at Fashions, but Carly's, too. She confronted Carly about buying the dress at Fashions, but Carly denied it and claimed that she had merely copied it. Rosanna produced the price tags, and Carly snatched the dress away from her sister and got belligerent. Rosanna wanted to know what else was going on, but Carly blew up and accused Rosanna of trying to ruin her wedding. Rosanna begged Carly to talk with her, but Carly answered her phone instead. The caller was Craig, who was asking Carly to meet him immediately at Metro, and Carly agreed over Rosanna's protests, and she left.

Rosanna returned the wedding dress to the couch, and her foot bumped against something. She got down on her hands and knees and felt under the couch. She pulled out an almost empty bottle of vodka and thought about it a minute. Then she jumped up and ran to the kitchen where she began pulling the groceries off the shelves and searching the lower cupboards. She found bottles of vodka stashed everywhere.

Margo went to Memorial and confronted Casey about sending Luke to talk with Tom. Casey could not understand why Margo was so determined to protect Riley, and he reminded her how evil Adam had been just before he had left.

Margo went home and told Adam that she had talked to Casey, and his anger had greatly upset her. Adam urged her to lie down and rest, so his mother went upstairs. Casey walked in, and Riley/Adam accused him of making life difficult for their mother.

Carly walked into Metro and was surprised to find that Craig had arranged a "private party" for the two of them. Craig said that he had never proposed properly, and he brought out a very large diamond ring. He made a heartfelt speech and promised that he would love Carly and take care of her the rest of their lives. He put the ring on her finger and formally asked her to marry him. Carly accepted, and they kissed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Due to CBS News coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial, As the World Turns did not air today. The show was preempted nationwide, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the special news coverage.

Regular programming will resume on July 8, and picked up where the July 6 episode concluded.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At Margo's, Craig fussed over last-minute wedding arrangements, as Margo teased him. She was surprised that Craig had not ordered champagne, so her brother explained that his nuptials were to be alcohol-free. He claimed it was because there were children present, and Margo thought that was very considerate -- for Craig. Craig decided to throw caution to the wind and see his bride before the wedding, so he left to check on Carly.

Carly opened the oven in her kitchen, searching for a bottle of vodka. Rosanna walked in, holding one that she claimed to have found there. Carly's rationale for opening the oven was that she wanted to bake cupcakes for Sage as an apology for yelling at the girl. Rosanna did not buy that lame excuse, so Carly tried another tack. She claimed to have stopped drinking entirely, but Rosanna demanded to know why it was the first time she was hearing of a problem. Carly assured her sister that she had already solved the problem.

Carly swore that she had gotten rid of all the alcohol in her house, as Rosanna brought in a shopping bag full of empty and partially full bottles that she had found all over the house. Carly said it had not been that hard for her to quit drinking, but the pressures of the impending wedding had made her edgy. Rosanna was concerned, and not about to drop the subject, but Craig called out from the living room that he had arrived. Carly begged Rosanna not to tell Craig that she had slipped off the wagon.

Carly went to greet her groom, and they hugged. Rosanna joined them, but she was obviously torn between her sister's request and doing what would be best for Carly in the long run. Craig announced that he was there to pick up Parker, his best man, so Carly asked Rosanna to get him from his room. Craig noticed the tension between the sisters, but Carly dismissed it. Craig told Parker how handsome he looked, and Craig and the teen prepared to leave. Craig reminded Rosanna to get his bride to Margo's safely.

Carly thanked Rosanna for keeping mum, but Rosanna urged her to reconsider "rushing into marriage" with Craig. She began asking Carly about the symptoms of alcoholism and brought up the fact that Carly's father "was a drunk." Carly argued that Craig made her life easier, and described how awful her life as a single parent had been. Then she got angry and went off on Rosanna and accused her of making ridiculous claims about Carly's state of mind.

Rosanna remarked that they should call Craig and tell him that Carly was drinking again, and she picked up the bag of bottles. Carly accused her sister of leading a "charmed life" and promised that she would stop drinking permanently. They continued to argue while Rosanna asked Carly to look her in the eye and tell her that she was not an alcoholic. Then Rosanna dumped all the bottles on a table and asked her sister to admit what she was. She vowed that she was going to stop Carly from killing herself, but she did agree to stand by her sister in the wedding. Carly asked Rosanna to go to Margo's instead of staying to help Carly. After Rosanna left, Carly went straight to the bottle in her purse.

At the Snyder farm, Janet fixed Sage's hair while the girl complained about her dress. Jack walked in and asked Sage what was bothering her. His daughter said that she was worried that Carly would marry Craig and then go away with him. Jack told her that would never happen, and he assured her that Carly's marriage to Craig was not at all like when her mother had run off with Simon Frasier. Sage was also concerned that Carly was acting strangely lately, and she cited the fact that Carly had bought Sage a dress for the wedding instead of making her one. Carly's yelling at her had also disturbed the girl.

Craig, Parker, and Johnny arrived at Margo's, and Craig handed his sister a gift for allowing them to use her house for the wedding. Margo opened the package and found a lovely picture frame. Craig suggested that Margo put a photo of Adam in it and keep it on her desk. He talked about how difficult it had been for him when Bryant died. Johnny interrupted by saying that he wanted some cheese fries, so Parker offered to take the boy to the diner for his fries, but he promised to have him back in time for the wedding. Craig reluctantly agreed, and then he and Tom greeted Jack, Janet, and Sage, who were arriving.

At the diner, Parker got Johnny settled with his snack when Liberty walked in. Johnny lost a bout with the ketchup dispenser and ended up with the front of his shirt covered in it. Liberty attempted to lessen the damage, but it was hopeless. She and Johnny thought the red-stained shirt was funny, but Parker was fearful that Craig would kill him, and he panicked. Liberty suggested that they take Parker to Craig's room at the Lakeview and change his shirt, so they hurried out. In the hotel, Parker apologized to Liberty for being mean and jealous when other boys paid attention to her, so Liberty suggested that they not label their relationship, but just "be."

Jack and Craig had a discussion on Margo's porch, and Jack thanked his nemesis for making Carly a better person with his support and encouragement. He asked Craig for a promise to always take care of Carly and the children whom Jack and Carly shared. Craig gave that promise, and a truce prevailed.

Liberty, Parker, and Johnny showed up, and Parker explained why Johnny was wearing a different shirt and tie. Craig thanked Parker for handling the wardrobe malfunction so well. Rosanna knocked on the door, but she was alone. She told Craig and Parker that Carly had not ridden with her. Margo offered her guests something to eat, as Craig motioned Rosanna outside for a private chat. He demanded to know where Carly really was, so Rosanna told him that she and Carly had argued, and Carly had thrown her out.

Craig insisted on knowing the details, so Rosanna said she had just found out about Carly's drinking problem, and she accused Craig of helping to cover it up. Craig called Rosanna a liar, but Rosanna said that she had seen all the vodka bottles. Craig said she was mistaken, but when Rosanna described where she had found them, Craig was stunned speechless.

Carly got dressed by herself and went to take another drink from her stash, but the only bottle she had left was empty. She called to check on the status of the limo she had ordered, and casually inquired if it had a bar in it. When the limo arrived, Carly got in; she immediately found the bar and poured herself a big drink. The driver commented that it looked as if she had already had a few, and Carly asked if he had a problem with that. She asked him to start driving, as she sipped her drink. Carly arrived at Margo's and walked up near the porch in time to hear Craig chewing out Rosanna for making up stories about Carly because Rosanna hated Craig so much. He accused her of planning payback for him, but Rosanna denied it. Carly turned around and left.

Craig and Rosanna went back inside. Everyone asked about Carly, especially the judge, who was on a tight time schedule. Parker was upset, but Craig reassured everyone that Carly was just running late. He took out his phone and called Carly, who did not answer. She was in the limo drinking, and the chauffeur was driving aimlessly.

The children became restless and did not understand why the wedding had not started. Parker agonized that his mother was not going to show up, and he stormed upstairs. Liberty followed to console him. Craig went outside to wait, and Jack cornered Rosanna and asked her bluntly if Carly had been drinking. Rosanna answered that she had not seen Carly drinking, but she had found evidence in the house. Jack, Janet, and Sage went home, as Craig continued to pace on the porch. Everyone left except Tom, Margo, Rosanna, and Craig, who was still declaring that Carly would arrive any minute.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving day finally arrived, and at Java, Luke asked Noah if he was ready for them to be living together. Noah assured Luke that he was ready for the change, in spite of his recent difficulties with his father. Luke was excited that their dream was finally coming true, and the boys agreed to meet back at Java after Noah had cleaned out his dorm room.

At the Worldwide offices, Lily asked Damian if they could take a break from foundation business so that she could go to her storage unit and pick up some towels and household items for Luke and Noah's new place. Damian agreed and said that he was fine with Luke's choice of a life partner. Luke appeared and asked for money to pay the movers, so Lily gave him some cash. Lily was very pleased that Damian had accepted Luke's lifestyle so graciously. She admitted that she was glad that Damian was back in her son's life.

Rosanna and Craig talked on Margo's porch, as Margo went upstairs to rest. Craig still maintained that Carly would show up and the marriage ceremony could go forward. Rosanna thought that they needed to find Carly, and the first place to look would be in the bars. Craig objected and asked why Rosanna thought her sister was still drinking. He still refused to believe that Rosanna had found all the liquor bottles in Carly's house. The two of them started their search at Yo's, but the bartender had not seen Carly recently.

Craig blamed himself for not seeing what was happening to the woman he loved. He kicked himself for buying Carly's story that she had beaten the problem without the help of a program. Rosanna tried to talk him into continuing the search, but Craig mused that he had enabled Carly by not confronting her when he suspected she was drinking. Rosanna disagreed, however, and she called Craig "not an enabler, but a predator," who used people to get what he wanted and to assume control.

Jack, Janet, and Sage went home to the farm, and Sage was obviously pleased that the wedding had fallen apart. Jack took a call from Craig, who recommended that they all begin looking for Carly. Jack chose to stay at the farm, as Janet needled him that he knew Carly better than anyone else, so she asked where his ex-wife would go if she was desperate. Janet was afraid that Carly might show up at the farm, because she always turned to Jack when she was in trouble. Jack thought that would not happen this time, but he still called the police station, which had no news of Carly.

Sage entered the room and asked if her mother had called. She claimed that she had always known that Carly didn't want to marry Craig because she was sure her mother still loved Jack. She was sure Carly's unhappiness was what made her drink all the time. Jack sat with Sage and explained that Carly was ill and could not stop drinking without help from professionals. Janet also assured the girl that she and Jack would do whatever they could to help.

Parker walked through Old Town with Liberty on his heels. He told Liberty that Carly was a drunk and that he was frightened. He agonized that he had protected his mother for his own reasons, primarily to save his "own butt." He thought everything that had happened was his fault

Holden worked on his laptop at home when he heard a disturbance outside the front door. He found Carly there in her wedding dress, and she had collided with a potted plant. She told Holden that she had not known where else to go, and she asked for Lily. Holden told Carly that Lily was at her office, so Carly asked to go inside and sit down. Holden took her into the house and correctly surmised that Carly had bailed on her wedding. She blamed Craig, Jack, Rosanna, and especially Parker, and Holden realized that none of those people probably had a clue where Carly was.

Holden suggested that Carly call Craig, but she said that she could not go home and face people, so she was hoping that Lily might loan her some clothes. She asked Holden to give her a break, and he agreed to gather up some clothes of Lily's to loan to Carly. As soon as Holden left the room, Carly spotted the bar and quickly poured herself half a tumbler of vodka. She finished it off as Holden appeared with a bag of clothes. She asked him to give her a ride to an unknown destination, and a reluctant Holden agreed. As he looked for his keys, Carly deftly slid the bottle of vodka into her bag of clothes. She directed him to the Wagon Wheel Motel, which horrified Holden, and then Carly asked him to stay and keep her company.

At Java, Luke waited impatiently for Noah to return. He kept checking his phone, and then he ran out. Meanwhile, Noah was carrying out a box from his dorm room when he had a thought and stopped. He put the box down and took out one of his father's military medals. He abandoned the box in the hall and ran away. A frantic Luke showed up in the dorm soon afterwards, but he could not find Noah. He called Lily and described how he had found a box of the colonel's belongings just sitting in the hall. Damian offered to help, and he offered to go to the dorm right away and pick up Luke. He had an idea where Noah might have gone.

Damian and Luke found Noah sitting on a bench on the former military base where Colonel Mayer had been captured. Noah was afraid that he had been deluding himself by thinking that he could put his father behind him. He complained that Colonel Mayer was in his head all the time. Damian offered to help, so he called Lily and asked her to meet them at the pond. He began talking about how the Vikings had solved similar problems.

Craig and Rosanna went to Carly's, but no one was home. Craig contacted the limo company that Carly had hired, but the dispatcher only told him that Carly's driver had dropped her off "per client's instructions." When Craig pushed for details, the dispatcher could only give him the vicinity of 4th and Sagamore Streets.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Carly brought out the bottle from Holden's house and confessed that she had "borrowed" it. She showed him that it was nearly empty, and she cajoled him to consider going shopping for her at the liquor store across the street. Holden refused, however, and helped her to sit on the bed. Carly waxed melancholy and told him how wonderful he had always been to her, but Holden suggested she take a shower and attempt to get sober. Carly then planted a big kiss on Holden's lips, but he pulled away. She prevented him from calling Jack, and then she passed out on the bed.

Holden called Jack anyway and explained what had happened. Jack agreed to help, but Janet got angry. Jack asked Janet to track down Parker and tell him what had happened. He wanted his boy to be at the farm, so Jack would know he was safe. Janet agreed to do that, as Jack left in a hurry. Janet called Liberty, who was still with Parker in Old Town. She asked Liberty to take Parker to the farm, and told her that Jack had gone to help Holden with Carly.

Jack arrived at the motel, and Holden reported that Carly was unresponsive. Jack was afraid an ambulance would take too long, so the two of them took Carly to the hospital, where doctors pumped her stomach. Jack called Janet and told her to keep Parker there until he knew if Carly was going to make it. Parker demanded to know from Janet where his mother was, and Janet said that Carly was with Jack. Parker knew things were bad, but Janet assured him that his mother was safe and being cared for. Parker said he could not sleep, so Liberty offered to stay up with him all night.

Craig and Rosanna showed up at the Wagon Wheel after a tip on the phone. Rosanna found no one there, but she did find Carly's purse. Craig found the empty bottle of vodka, also. Janet called Craig and told him that Carly was at Memorial, so he and Rosanna ran out of the motel.

Jack sat with an unconscious Carly and gave her a pep talk. He went out and talked with Holden, as Craig and Rosanna ran in. Jack told Craig about the stomach pumping, and Rosanna went in to sit with her sister, while Jack and Craig exchanged many nasty words in the hall. Carly came around and apologized to Rosanna. She began to remember some of her earlier behavior and then asked to see Craig. Against her better judgment, Rosanna went to get Craig. Out in the hall, Rosanna chewed out Jack for abrogating his responsibilities to Carly.

Carly told Craig that she had been frightened by the wedding, and she would not blame him if he walked out the door. Craig said that he was not going anywhere.

At the pond, Damian showed Noah how to build a small sized replica of a Viking raft, and they piled it high with dead wood and set in on fire. Damian promised it would help release the hold that the colonel had on Damian's mind. Lily complimented Damian for being so caring, as Noah began feeding mementos of his father into the fire. He first burned the DVD of his movie, and then the colonel's medals. Noah said he felt good about it, and he gave the raft a shove out into the middle of the pond. He was only sorry that the film had been his senior project, and he no longer had anything to show for it.

Lily went home to find a rattled Holden. He told her about his frightening experience with Carly, and Lily was shocked to hear about Carly's drinking problem. Holden told her the whole story, and Lily smiled when he got to the part where Carly had kissed him. She embraced Holden and gave him kisses of her own, and said she couldn't wait to tell him about the Viking funeral she had just attended.

Friday, July 10, 2009

At the diner, Vienna tried to rest her back by lying on top of some tables. Henry joked with her that if she didn't get up soon, he'd have to put her on the "specials" menu. Vienna got up, just as two women walked in, wearing Geneva Swift buttons on their blouses. Henry was taken with the buttons, but Vienna was angered and showed the women the door. As the door closed, Vienna had another back spasm and winced in pain.

Henry took Vienna to the hospital to be examined. As a nurse wheeled Vienna out of the room for an MRI, Henry took the insurance forms to complete, and assured Vienna that he would be there when she got back from her tests.

At home, Brad lay with his head on Katie's abdomen as Katie read from a pregnancy book. Katie felt a twinge, and Brad insisted they go to the hospital to have it checked out, even though Katie said the doctor had told her it would happen all the time. After they met with the doctor at the hospital, Katie assured Brad that the doctor was right, that the pain she had felt was just ligaments stretching to accommodate her growing belly. However, the doctor wanted to run some tests, and they had to wait for the test results before they could leave.

Brad got a call from Kim, who told him she needed him to go to the studio because they had lost 40 seconds of audio on a segment they had filmed previously. Brad told her he was at the hospital with Katie and couldn't get to the station, but Katie grabbed the phone and told Kim that Brad would be there.

Brad didn't want to leave Katie alone at the hospital, but he agreed to leave. As he walked out of the hospital room, he encountered Henry. They both explained why they were there, and then Brad asked if Henry could keep an eye on Katie while he went back to the studio for a reshoot. Without waiting for an answer, Brad thanked Henry and left. Henry went in to see Katie, and as they talked, he received a text message from Kim, asking "Geneva" to go back to the studio. As Henry complained about it being his day off, Katie said, "Welcome to show biz!"

Henry called Kim, and, using his Geneva voice, he tried to get out of making an appearance at the station. Kim reminded Geneva that her contract stated that she had to be available any time the show needed her to shoot retakes. "Geneva" told Kim that she would be there. Henry hung up and deliberated about what he should do. Katie told Henry he should forget about the taping and stay at the hospital for Vienna's sake. Henry asked if Katie would ever stand up to her boss like that, and she replied that she was too professional to do that. Henry said that perhaps Geneva wanted to be a professional, too, but Katie retorted that Geneva would do anything Henry told her to do, since Henry was Geneva.

The nurse entered the room to let Katie know that her tests had all been negative. Henry asked about Vienna, but the nurse said she wasn't back from the MRI yet. After the nurse left, Henry begged Katie to stay at the hospital to wait for Vienna, so that he could find some clothes to wear and go to the studio to work. Katie tried to say no, but Henry didn't let her, and he left.

When the nurse took Vienna back to her room, Vienna found Katie waiting there. Vienna asked Katie why she was there, and Katie told her; Katie then asked how Vienna was. Vienna replied that her back was in bad shape, and she asked whether Katie had seen Henry. Katie had to tell Vienna that she wasn't sure where Henry was.

Brad waited anxiously at the studio with Kim, complaining that Geneva was unprofessionally late. Kim said that Geneva was still new to TV, and because Geneva was a "ratings rocket," they would "ride her as long as we can." Brad asked Kim to find another way to put that, and Kim agreed, smiling. Geneva arrived, exclaiming about the hot weather, and said she was ready to reshoot the segment on fish oil. Kim told Geneva and Brad that she had changed her mind, and they weren't going to film the fish oil segment, after all. Instead, she had something more interesting planned, but she didn't want to tell them what the subject was until the cameras were rolling.

Kim stood between the two and counted down the segment. When the cameras began rolling, she announced that the segment was about "sex after 40." Brad laughed and tried to stop the filming, but Kim let it continue. Brad told Geneva that the segment was perfect for them, "Because I've never been over 40, and you've never had sex!" Geneva assured Brad that she was indeed familiar with her sensual side, and in fact, she stated that sex after 40 was better than before, because she was so familiar with her body and a man's body. Brad suggested that Geneva sounded like a "cougar," but Geneva replied she was a lioness, and she proceeded to roar. She encouraged Kim to roar, and Kim, who was enjoying the segment immensely, humored her by roaring, too.

After that, Kim called, "Cut!" and Brad realized that everything they'd just said had actually been taped. He was shocked that Kim wanted to air the segment, but Kim thought it was ratings gold and that women all over Oakdale would be roaring after they saw it. Brad then stared at Geneva and said he couldn't believe he hadn't realized it before. Henry/Geneva looked very nervous, wondering if Brad had figured out who Geneva really was. Brad said he had been missing the obvious, which was that Geneva had a thing for him. Geneva was floored and insisted it wasn't true, but Brad was equally insistent that it was. Brad reminded Geneva that he was happily married, but he said he was sure there was someone out there for Geneva.

That made Henry remember that Vienna was waiting for him, and he left the studio quickly. He called Katie and found out that Vienna was okay, although worried about where Henry was. Katie told Henry that he had to spend some time with Vienna, because Vienna was concerned that Henry might be having an affair. Henry told Katie that he had to change clothes, and Katie said she would get Vienna home.

Henry went to Brad and Katie's house and let himself in. After he made sure that no one was there, he began to take off his Geneva dress, but Brad walked in suddenly. Brad was stunned to find Geneva Swift in his house, undressing herself. Henry, trying to cover quickly, told Brad he'd been right, that Geneva did want Brad. Brad was horrified and wondered if Geneva was crazy. He asked her to leave, and Geneva did, telling Brad to let her know if he changed his mind.

Henry arrived back at the Lakeview, where Vienna was waiting for him. Vienna wanted to know where Henry had been. Henry made up a story about a demented woman collapsing into his arms and dying at the hospital. He said he had felt that he needed to be there when the hospital staff informed the woman's family of her death. Vienna kissed Henry for being such a sweet person, but she realized there was lipstick on Henry's mouth. Henry quickly said it must have gotten on his mouth when he tried to give the dying woman CPR.

They sat down to watch the segment of "Oakdale Now," but Vienna couldn't stomach it and turned it off. Vienna told Henry that regardless of how her back felt, she was going to the station the next day, to keep Geneva Swift off the air.

At Brad and Katie's, Katie arrived home. Brad asked where Henry was, because he had asked Henry to stay with Katie. Katie didn't answer his question but said that both she and Vienna were fine. Brad then told Katie what had happened during the television show segment and at home afterward with Geneva. Katie laughed and told Brad he was crazy if he thought Geneva Swift was after him, but Brad said he knew what had happened, and he wasn't going to let Geneva get away with it. He left to go to WOAK.

Katie called Henry and asked if he had really tried to seduce Brad. Henry told her he hadn't had a choice. Katie said, "This has to stop." Henry, however, insisted that as long as Vienna wanted to be on television, Geneva would stand in her way.

Brad went to WOAK and told Kim he was going to file a sexual harassment charge against Geneva. Brad told her about finding Geneva in his house. Kim said she couldn't believe it, but Brad said he knew that the victim in a sexual harassment case got the benefit of the doubt, and he would tear the station apart until justice was done.

At the shipyards, Paul encountered Meg as he was leaving the Grimaldi Shipping area. Meg was with a friend from the hospital named Pam. Meg informed Paul that Pam had invited her and Eliza out on Pam's boat, and Meg asked Paul what he was doing there. Paul dodged the question by asking Meg if she was sure it was safe to be in the area, since Dusty had tried to blow up one of Damian's ships. Meg said that she was certain it was safe and that her visit had nothing to do with Damian. Paul turned to leave, but almost ran into one of Damian's employees, who had previously seen Paul the day Paul cut the fuel lines. The man looked at Paul and asked, "Don't I know you?" Paul said, "I don't think so," and quickly returned to Meg's side.

Meg's friend discovered a crack in the hull of her boat, so Meg's sailing trip was cancelled. Meg was disappointed, but Paul pointed out that it was better that they found out before they set sail, or they would have ended up in the water. Meg glanced at Eliza and realized that the baby was beet red. Horrified, Meg told Paul that she hadn't put any sunscreen on the baby, because it wasn't a sunny day, but it appeared that Eliza was sunburned. Paul tried to reassure Meg that she wasn't a bad mom, and he offered to take Eliza to his car and turn on the air conditioning to cool the baby down.

Bonnie met Dusty at the Lakeview and told him that her meeting with Damian hadn't gone very well. Dusty expressed his disappointment that the only thing he could get out of Damian would be a monetary settlement, telling Bonnie that it wasn't very satisfying. Bonnie told Dusty that if he wanted satisfaction, he should buy a puppy. Bonnie then stated that even if Damian had cut his own fuel line to set Dusty up, as Dusty believed, it would be difficult to prove such a thing in court. Bonnie didn't think that made any sense, and she told Dusty that she had some ideas about who might actually have committed the crime.

Bonnie arranged for a sketch artist to meet with her and Dusty at the Lakeview, and she also arranged from the shipyard employee who had spoken to Paul to meet them there. The man said he hadn't actually seen someone cut the fuel line, but he had spoken to a man just before he discovered that the fuel line had been cut. Bonnie asked him to describe the man to the sketch artist.

Damian went to Lily's house and told her that Dusty was suing him for the money Worldwide had supposedly lost after Damian allegedly stole Dusty's laptop computer. Damian reminded Lily that he had already tried to make peace with Dusty, but Dusty had thrown it back in Damian's face. Damian told Lily that he saw no other choice but to destroy Dusty "once and for all." Lily warned Damian that Meg wouldn't like it if he went after Dusty, but Damian said that Meg had made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with either Dusty or Damian anymore. Damian told Lily that it no longer had anything to do with Meg, and he wasn't going to let Dusty destroy a business that the Grimaldi family had spent generations building.

Lily reminded Damian that Worldwide was her family's business, and the business deal they had lost because of the perception that the company was unable to keep its data secure had represented a big loss for Worldwide. Damian told Lily that he hadn't stolen Dusty's laptop, and he reminded her that even she had agreed that he wouldn't be stupid enough to stash it in his hotel room if he had stolen it. Lily said Dusty wasn't stupid enough to cut a fuel line on one of Damian's ships, either. Damian asked who else would have done it, and Lily replied, "That's what we need to find out."

Lily took Damian to the Worldwide offices, where security had downloaded video from the day that Dusty's laptop had been stolen. From the video, they could see that Paul had impersonated Damian. Dusty and Bonnie arrived, and Damian told them that he knew who had taken Dusty's laptop. Dusty held up the sketch artist's drawing, which clearly showed Paul Ryan, and said that they knew who had cut the fuel line, too. Damian and Dusty realized what Paul had done to both of them, and they both wanted to go after Paul. Lily told them not to, saying they should go to the police instead.

Neither Damian nor Dusty wanted to wait for the police to handle the situation, but Bonnie told them that with the evidence they had and Paul's history of mental and criminal activity, Paul would be locked up until a trial could be held. Reluctantly, the two men agreed to go to the police together and to drop the lawsuit and criminal complaint they had against one another. Dusty, however, wanted to visit Meg first, to warn her about what Paul had done.

Lily and Bonnie went to Metro to wait for word from Dusty and Damian about Paul. Lily thought that Damian had agreed to go to the police to please Meg. Bonnie asked whether Lily thought that was why Dusty had agreed, but Lily said she wasn't sure. Lily realized that Bonnie liked Dusty, and Bonnie agreed, saying it wasn't the smartest thing she could do. Lily said that being smart didn't have anything to do with it and that she thought Bonnie would be good for Dusty, although whether Dusty would be good for Bonnie was another question.

Paul and Meg took Eliza back to the farm and cooled her off. Meg was still upset with herself for letting her baby get overheated, but Paul was very supportive. He told Meg that he would keep trying to show her that he was on her side and Eliza's side. Paul and Meg heard the screen door opening, and Paul looked out and saw Dusty on the porch. He offered to handle Dusty for Meg while she took Eliza upstairs. Meg gladly agreed and went upstairs with the baby. Dusty was surprised when Paul opened the door. Dusty asked for Meg, but Paul informed him that Meg didn't want to see him.

Dusty gave Paul a hard time, but Meg walked into the kitchen and told Dusty that Paul was right. She asked Dusty to leave, and he did, telling Paul to enjoy his situation while it lasted. Dusty left and went to find Damian. He told Damian that Paul had stopped him from talking to Meg. Dusty then said that Paul always got away with things when the police were involved, using his insanity to walk away from any punishment. Dusty thought that he and Damian should take care of Paul themselves, and Damian agreed. The two men shook hands on it.


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